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cdNf<)MiE D ommmto 


German Naval Staff 
Operations Division 

DOUS 3WWT.W45. y K 

^^ DA . t~27-£7 


AUGUST 1 943 




1 Aug. 1943 

Items , of Politi cal .. Imp ort ar ce 

The government of the U'. S SVr. has addressed the governments of ■ 
Turkey arid Sweden, arid the British government has addressed the i 
governments of Turkey, Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, Sweden, and 
t^e Vatican, , demanding that i ussolini, or any other Fascist leaders 
or war criminals, be refused the rirht of asylum. According to 
Neuter, General Giraud has been apoointed Commander in Chief of all 
French Armed Forces, 'while General de Gaulle is to be appointed Presi- 
dent of the National Defense' Committee. 

Concerning the situation in' Italy, the Naval Attache, Home reports: 

"The general impression since 25 July is that the Officer Corps 
of the Italian Navy wants to continue the war on our side, but 
that the senior officers clearly realize the Government's diffi- 
culties in the face of the external cneav and a critical internal 
situation. The latter is especially serious since a large section 
of the population is laying its fondest hopes for peace and an 
increase in food rations on the Badoglio Government and, in addition, 
there arc symptoms of rising Communism. Senior naval officers 
express the unanimous f!ear that the Badoglio government will not 
b*' itself be strong enough to deal with these difficulties. They 
even go so far as to state that only 'with the strongest and most 
loyal Gorman support will their willingness to continue the w-ir, 
as mentioned above, have any prosoect of success. While I can 
make no conclusive assessment of the attitude of Armv and Air Free 
officers, I haye' hot noted, from the sources available, anything 
cohtrarv ' to the above views," 

, i 

Paval Staff, Operations Division, has advised Chief, Natal Staff, 

at 'Fuehrer 1-eadquarters of this assessment, 


Spec ial Items 

I. At the request of the Fuehrer, Chief, Naval Staff, has ayain left 
for F -lehre.r headquarters. Chief , !%val' Staff , Operations Division,' is 
accompanying him.* 

,-i : > ' • , : 


11. The order of Armed 'Forces^Higfi' Command, Operations Staff, for 
the 305th Infantry Division to be advanced to the Franco-Italian 
frontier, and the order issued at 0930 to Commanding G neral, South, 
and to Italian Armed Forces high Command, informing them of the German 
measures o n d the reasons therefor, are contained as per l/Skl 2188/43 
Gkdos. Chefs, in file l/S' 1.1 op II, 17. 


cq.- l: : t ial 

1 Aug. 1943 

III. Directions from Arned Forces High Command, Operations 3taff , 
concerning measures to be taken upon codeword "Achse", are contain- 
in the same file. For copy as per 1/Ski„2i79 Gkdos.Chef s, see War 
Diary, Part C, Volume XIV. 

I _ • 
Tnese directions outline the tasks of the Navy as follows: 

. To execute the evacuation from Sicilv end Sardinia and nro- 
ie r,ea transportation to Corsica from non- French portc* 

To establish coastal traffic along the Italian coast as re- 
quired by the land operations. 

To assume control of Toulon, 

To assume the naval duties of coast defense in the sector 
of the Italian 4th Army and to take over Italian naval vessels and 
merchantmen and prevent them from going ever to the enemy by the use 
'of submarines and PT-boats. 

In a further directive^ -Armed Forces High Command, Operations 
S^aff, advises that code-word '' ; A chse :f will presumably be issued short- 
ly. Inconspicuous advance measures, ' which would gain time, will be 

permitted. T^e Navy's tasks are; 


To take over all Italian naval vessels and merchantmen and 
prevent them from deserting to the enemy; to maintain essential sea 
traffic and assume naval duties ; for the* "defense of the coastal sectors 
hit'herto occupied by the Italians, 

7or copy of the directive as per : l/ c >kl 21:0/43 Okdos.Chcf s. , see 
I ar Diary, Part c 5 Volume XIV. 

IV. ,Th,e proposal of M aval Grown ,• Vest, concerning the .employment of 
naval, artillery battalions in the areas of Toulon and Italy Was dealt 
with' "bv Naval Staff, ^-jartermaster Division. For copy as per l/Skl, 
2189/43 Gkdos. Chefs., see War Diary, Part C, Volume XIV C At the same 
time, the Group asked for confirmation of the fact that the old Franco- 
Italian frontier forms the area boundary between the Group and the Ger- 
man Naval _ Command , Italy. 

coi T Fi o:: ti/j, 
, — . 



I Aug. 19/.3 

Naval c taff, ''Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobili- 
zation Branch^ approved the ^roup's plans (see ' ar Diary of, 31 July) 
^or tho reorganization of ; German ".Java! Command, Toulon, -into an Arsenal. 

The following matter is still pending: • ... 

.' • ■ ■ • 

In a personal, letter elated 23 ''ay. Chief, Armed Forces High 
Connandi drew the attention cf Commander in Chief, Navy., to . the fact 
that the situation in th^ r'eciiterranean 'theater demanded a ; speedy and 
substantial reinforcement of German forces in Italy and the I tali an- 
occupied zones in Southern France and the Balkans, Independent of 
any final directive, Which would be issued by the Fuehrer, the Navy 
should prepare zo defend the coasts of the Italian mainland and Italian- 
occupied .France (codeword "Xiarieh" Gkdos) and of the Italian-occupied 
Balkan areas (codeword "Konstantin" Gkdos), by coastal artillery at 
. strategic points and by defense forces in coastal waters.. 

Lqter, on ?S '-'ay, Naval Staff reported readiness for oioerations 
'lAlarlch! 1 ' and "Konstantin. 11 



On 5 June, Chief, ■•-Armed Forces High Command reported that the 
Fuehrer had approved the reported plans arid fcur 1 decided that the four 
medium batteries available for operation "Konstantin" should be trans- 
ferred to the Southeastern area at once. Furthermore, on k June, 
Armed Forces High. Command, Operations Staff, issued instructions for 
the necessary preparations to be made for the taking over of Toulon 
with its large installations „ This is to be carried out by the Havy. 
For the time being s no direct cooperation was to be established be- 
tween Commanding General, West, and Group Vest on this matter* 

On 15, July, for the further \ reinforcement of the coastal defense 
in the Straits of Kess-ina, the Fuehrer ordered that two of the three 
15cm. or 15.5cm, batteries allotted for' "Alarich" on the Dutch coast 
be transferred to the South immediately for installation on the main- 
land side cf the Straits of Messina. According to his reoort of 16 
July, CoTnandinr General, South, obtained the approval cf the Italian 
Armed Forces High Command for this move and suggested that a naval 
officer- be assigned as- artillery officer for the Messina Straits strong 
Doint. The transfer of eight <?lcn. runs from Army Group North into 
the' area of Naples has already been fe nor ted. (See !ar Diary of 17 
:July). - ; 


. -3- 



i Aug, wm 

• 'On 23 July, Armed Forces High C'ojumancli Operations Staff was inform- 
ed bv Maval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization and 'Mobili- 
zation Branch in regard to the status of readiness for operations 
"Alaricr" and "Konstantin 9 " 

On 26 July, in viev; of the changed situation in Italy, all naval 
material and troop transports assigned for the coastal defense of 
Southern. ■ Italy were halted.. Group West received instructions to con- 
centraie all forces in the 1 area 0^ Toulon, 

i On 28 July, Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization and T 
I-tobi") i.zaticn Branch, reported advmce plans -for the organization of 
the South coast of France in case -the Italian - occupied areas were 
taken over. On 30 July, Armed Forces Nigh Command ordered that, owing 
to the transportation difficulties in Italy, the coastal artillery ship- 
ments .which had not yet entered Italy should be provisionally transfer- 
red to the area of the Italian 4th Army and .used to strengthen the coast- 
al defense units. Their subsequent forwarding to Italy would be decided 
in accordance with. the development of the situation. In this matter? 
Group r est received the ad iitional instruction that for the time being 
the German Naval Command, Toulon., will remain in existence with that 
designation, its staff being assigned to naval shore duties. 

The complete corresnondence with the .resulting sep' rate instructions, 
is< contained in file l/Skl I cp 2/17, . ' 

V, y.On 30 July,-, Armed Forces High Command,. Operations Staff, issued 
instructions that the b Alarich y initial assembly plan' be put into 
effect. ■"A'--day is 30 July,; the -general, transport movement si not yet ; 
under v/ay will ( start on 31 July. Task '-Kopenrmgen" is to be carried 
out only on soecial orders; from .Armed; .Forces I' igh Command, For. 

directive, see files l/Skl I, ; .op l*iL/|6 ei , ,. r ■ 

' • ■ • '■■ • 

.. ■. 

■ : y ■■ ',: . r-r r. 

1 . . 

' ' ' ■ -1 : -r ,■ *-#• '.' ' J. ... ' .. .''... : 

VI $ On 3 July, Groun South -received instructions to establish at 
once a Naval Shore Command for r ,.'estern Greece under the ' sereen design 
nation of German Naval Command, Greek West Coast, and to place the 
forces in use there under the command of the Navy. Commanding Admiral, 
Aegean, will head this new Command. Naval Staff, Operations Division, 
has informed Armed Forces High Command accordingly, 




1 Au*. 19/3 

VII. iMaval 'Stiff , Operations Division, 'informed "aval Staff, Quarter- 
master Division, and I\ : aval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization 
-^nd Mobilization Branch, as to the disposition of Italian naval forces. 
T'-(j following vessels we're reported to be north of the line Leghorn- 


G enoa : 

La S oezip; 

Leghorn : 
Elba j 

I battleship^, 3 light cruisers, 4. auxiliary cruisers, 

& destroyers., 1 heavy ' cruiser, 3 light cruisers, 

II des trover s, 

1 auxiliary cruiser, 1 destroyer, 
1 auxiliary cruiser, 

Trieste: 1 battleship. 

?ola; 1 battleship/ : - ' 

Flume : 1 auxiliary cruiser, 1 destroyer. 


2 destroyers. 

In regard to the holding of these ships and their possible use, 
Naval Staff, Operations Division, evaluates the various types in the 
following order: 


1. Gorve'ttes 

2. Torpedo boats and large FT-boats „ 

3» Staall vessels such as motor minesweepers . and nazal landing craft 

4. Submarines 

5. Destroyers 


.. ■;. > I 

.'. i A 

• I ■ ' ■ . '> 

Any subsequent 'use Of battleships and cruisers is excluded from, 
the start. 


coi t ^idh;*tial 



1 Aug. 1943 i 

VIII. According to a report- from. Ilaval Attache,- Home, Admiral P.iccarcii 
has 1 resigned Ms office as . Commanding Admiral As no successor has 
been appointed, Admiral De Courten is at present holding the combined 
offices of Minister of I arine and Chief of Ilaval Staff. 

IX. According to information issued by Armed Forces Migh Command at 
0310, the Director of ^isoners cf War- has ordered maximum readiness 
in the guarding of Rus ian prisoners and laborers from the east; as 
they allegedly in+end to make a large-scale breakout in the coming night, 

Situation en 1 'UiRust 


War in Foreig n Waters 

V.o snecial reports have been received. 

I I • Situation lest Area 

1. Encmv Situation 

4.6 enemy planes in action were observed in the Bay cf Biscay 
The escort plane belonging to convey OG 91 was detected several times 
at 1500 in grid square BE 20, uoper third*--.? British vessels v/ere located? 

1140 in AL 9360 
1946 in BE 5610/20 
2130 in BE 6350/60 
2004 in BE 3260 
2329 in BS 68 

Our air reconnaissance detected mincstofceping activities in the 
area around the Isle of V'irht and at 1355 sighted fourteen steamers 
escorted by three patrol boats le°ving the Solent in a westerly 

co: t fi?e.tial 




i to. 1943 ;; • - 

2 • Ov/n Situation 

Atlantic. Co^st : 

One £i r A mine vaJ swept off Le Touquet and one ELT/J ^ino 
near, "• . ..rzaire. 

CV-'>nael jOnst. . , •■ 

Fro'-l 0137 to D14.S, ,t.hree vessels o" the 2nd ;Artillery 
b'erry Jiarge flotilla forthwesi of r ' report, erigageO an enemy motor gun- 
boo;!, which withdrew un-ler a smoke screen . 

Surcial Items 


.The Fiona is closed to traffic Ions. 'ialoa Caalon because 
of o floating; -nine which "struck the lock at Gi^;ny. A'c to the fall in 
the water level, the slipway at Chalon will be unserviceable for 10 to 
20 days. T.otpr minesweepers -R "190" and -,R "191" onrou'c.e to the i v .cdi~cr- 
ranean", h- ; d not yet passed the piece of. the damage and are held up in 
Auxerre . 

m * ^o^th Sea . ;^orw v.. ^Northern Waters . 

N orth ?eo . 

,.; . •■;•...;••••: .-(, • 

A. total of, £iv$ i ;I' /J "liner were swep;t ne r [fer schilling, iRote 
'San T ..i>i'hthous ( e, n nd "'eli' eland.' Vhae'anish sjboamer ». OP M\DI3 s-nk in 
the Elbe following, a coll isi pa with. .a Opich stc. ier. 

Patrol position I'Rprn" had a ch.prt engage lent at 04.25 with thieo 
r neir.y "'.'-boats which withdrew .ftcr beia^ fired on. Two men on patrol 
boat VF "1/1.2" were wounded. Convoy 4.53 Elber-Hool. arrived with six 
stealers at 130Q. ahe steamer ISiYP. convoy,, escorted by nine ain^sweeeers 
Irft V'Odl< ? or the Elbe. Payal Comrrjapd., aiorth, reports that the tonnage 
limitation of under 3,000 GTl "or vessels in the i^Offcfcerdorn traffic was 
ogrced uoon between the local o^ :, ice of the fteic'' Co^m is. loner for 





1 Aug* 19/3 

Maritime Shipping and the 5th Escort Division. Vhe steadier HARN 
FRIT ZEN has beon attached to today's convoy. 

Intensified convoy traffic to Rotterdam .can begin. Special importance 
is attached to the restriction in the size of steamers which", if pos- 
sible, is not to exceed 2,500 CRT, since the intensification of traffic' 
is .already provoking incroased PT-boat and air attack. If it is nec- 
essary to escort larger steamers to Rotterdam, it is considered that 
motor minesweepers should be used for escorts os they are the best 
defense against ^T- boats. If the number of steamers is increased it 
will be necessary to place further escort vessels at the disposal 
of Commanding Admiral, Defenses, North. 

Norway d N o~-lthern_J at erg , 

1 . Ene rgy ... Si tuation 

Air activity over the North Sea wa§j on a emcCJ, scale, only 
six planes being detected „ One of our meteorological planes reported 
at 07/^5 three destroyers on a northerly course proceeding at high 
speed west of the Far-roes Islands , 

* ■ 

On 31 July, at 2235? three PT-boats on a southerly course at high 
speed were sighted south of Gaasvaer. Our forces are searching for them. 

- -Bf .f ■ 

2 . Own Situation 

On 30 July, Russian batteries on .the Ribachi peninsula fired 
three rounds on an incoming steamer, 20 rounds on. a traffic boat; and 
30 rounds on one of our batteries,, 4.2 rounds were 1 returned. One., gun 
of battery Sensenhauer is out of action,, Two mines were cut off Vardoe. 
T-'ine sweeping in .the Kongsficrd was continued. Destroyer Z"29 ,f and repair 
ship HUA9QARAN left' Trondheim for the north on, .31 July. 

Naval Command, Norway, reported details of personal performances . 
in the action against the enemy PT-boats by Commanding Admiral, Defense 
West Coast Norway > and the capture* of a,FT-boat. on 29 July. ,For copy, 
see teletype 0919. . . 

The escort service is accompanying 31- ships to the north end 33 
ships to the' south. 




1 Au«. 194.3 

• Oofnmanler, Submarines, Nortiajr has submitted the following schedule 
in connection vdth the air ooorations in the Kara 3ea: 

1. 3 Aug: Reconnaissance or larding place 3 on the northwest side 
of 'Fowaja Semlja by. submarine U "601 e " 


°. 6 Augj Arrival of the second combat submarine, "302", in the 
operational area. 

3. 4 Aug. Start of the first BV 138, after submarine U "255" has 
report sd- readiness. 

■ ■ 

4. 5 Aug: First reconnaissance operation. 

Grouo North Fleet has agreed vdth the plans, 

i ining operations in Petchora Bay were cerried out according to plan 
by two submarines. 

I V o Skaporrak. Baltic Son . Ent ranc e s Ai Baltic Sea 

1 • ^n.emy, Si tuation 

On the evening of 31 July, a I-.-class submarine was sighted leav- 
ing Kronstadt in a westerly direction. Air reconnaissance was especial- 
ly active over Tytters and Tallinn. Our, formations, as well as the town 

nd harbor of Tallinn, were attacked. The coastal area of Xronstndt 
Bay and our rear positions were also attacked vdth bombs and, _ .^unfi re . 
1 firii^er was shot down by. our anti-aircraft artillery. 

■ i ■ 

■ . 


2. Own Situation 

Vo special incidents' occurred in. the area of Commanding Admiral, 
De n ences Baltic, One new! .'-laid /'ussian I' OS mine with anchor was re- 
covered west of Tytters. The Tallinn-Baltic Port coastal route was 
checked without result. 

In an air raid on one of our formations on the night of 31 July, 
minesweeper H "15" \-i:-s hit by, a bomb. Among the four killed were the 
Flotilla Commander and his Mjutant. In another attack, casualties wore 

) -9- 


I Aug. 19^3 

suTered on minesweeper "' "4.590 1 ' The Commander was wounded, Three 
of the -attacking planes were shot dov/n In this engagement* For the 
first time j h&rvy d -.image was caused by the attack on Tallinn.' The 
engineers' supoly dump was destroyed with- all equipment and material, 
Two boats of the HSTM'P.K River -olice were damaged. Three enemy 
planes were brought down in the Tytters area. 

■: As a snecial war experience, Naval Command, Baltic, reports that, 
in the Kiel area on 31 July, a new kind of white cot'eon wool bails 
and fluffy material was observed, in the air, A tuft of the cotton 
wool was recovered and found to contain brown spots „ The balls did 
not contain eithsr poison gas or explosives. Further examination is 
bein^, made at the Bacteriological and Plant^biology Institute at Kiel. 
The new material had evidently been drooped by single reconnaissaace 

^ • Submarine JJarfare 
1 . Enemy Situation 

No special reports have been received. 

• C" rn Situati on 

A steamer of 5,000 G U .T was sunk in ?R 3372. One steamer of 

7 ; 000 GRT A r as sunk from a convoy in KP 3755. 

Two of the scheduled mining operations on the American ecst 
coast have been completed. 

Enemy air operations against submarines in the Bay of Biscay were 
unusually active. Submarine U ' ! 107 !i was attacked in 3 V 47 and sub- 
marine U "106 : ' in BE 69 = 

During July, five submarines in the Central Atlantic have been post- 
ed as missing with no clue as- to the cause of their loss. It is pos- 
sible that a surprise attack was made by carrier planes. The air threat 


co-ms. TIAL 

• ■ • r ' 


■ - - - ■ ■ : , ! v 


1 Aug. 1943 

ir. making submarine warfare increasingly difficult. The loss of the 
two tanfcer-subnarines, U "4.37" in the operational area and U "4.59" 
outward bound in the Bay of. Biscay, has made it necessary for a total 
of 13 submarines to return from the Southern operational area ahead 
of schedule. As nothing more has been hoard from the . two tanker-sub- 
marines U "4.6l !l and U U /Jr>2 } ^ they must be presumed to have been lost 
in the Eav of Biscay* Vore boats will be forced to return prematurely 
and therefore there will be only eight submarines still able to continue 
operafons for about 14. days. As the Xonsoon submarines, now on their 
way out, are in the traffic-free area of the South Atlantic, and as 
five more boats in the North Atlantic cannot be supplied and will there- 
fore be unable to reach the southern operational area and the boats in 
th 3 Cape Town-Mozambique area will also soon be forced to return, no 
more submarine successes against merchant shipping can be expected 
after about 10 \ug. The departure of further submarines by day through 
the Bay of Bisc y is extremely dangerous owing to the present defense 
situation and the tactics of the enemy. Safe departure at night will 
not be possible until the matter of radar interception receiver gear 
is cleared up. The Submarine Division has therefore had to instruct 
Commander, Submarines, r est, not to- ■dispatch any more submarines until 
further notice. Consequently, submarine successes will shortly drop 
to a very low level which, at the present stage of the ^ar, is greatly 
to be deplored. 

VI, Aeria l V/ arfare • _ 

British Is l es a n d Vicinity 

3rd Air ?orce had 32 planes in operation in the v est Area and four 
in the editerranean. 

A Catalina flying-boat was shot down by a Ju 88 360 miles South- 
west of Brest, 


Snemv air activity in the '.est Area was on a small scale during 
the day. On the nipht of 1 Aug., only 41 incursions on the west coast 
of France were reported, probably .for the purpose of raining the sea 
area of ^t. I'azaire - La .ochelle-, ....... 





Air ~:r^e carried out recor. ei^eance in t area as 

"t as Bizerl 

3n the n~ht of 31 Jul:', 73 be 2 sent out against the port 

i town of Pal: 3ne steamer .: f 7 sunk* three steaners 

-. .- :!_■._• 17,000 G3T were si: od five st s for 16,000 

ire iamaged. Fires were obsei i in the port and the tovr.. 

Durin t e clay, the shemy made fighter- bomber a" : on S 

liovnnriij sssina, and ilazzo. : tinuous i ons were flown 

against our : *fic In the 3traits of :: Ir.a. In an a* on 

Papl - :i bass aft -.-..-.. the rman and the Italian workshops were 
da-" - "5 of our planes are destroyed, including tuelve Ju 52. 

Four of the attacking plaj shot down? In the afternoon, an in- 

-- ■':.-. into F aania by 130 Liberators was re] -_-. :-d. The oil district 
:: Ploesti-Campina was aive-bombed by two waves of 20 tc 

~i"-c refineries were set or. fir planes r. , 

according to reports so far received 

is attac>-d "07-' snail forces or. the night of 1 lug. ae of 
- v r at acking plan 3s was shot down* 

L^sterr. ^rcr.t 

sneny were shot dovn on the ^rnry front on 30 Jul/. 

'— • ir:"er^ ir ~' -.e Mediterranean and 51 gel-: >:i 
l s 5 :-— LandJng^Ja_ ^ci l3; 

_~ _• i t i : r~ Z" lend 

the attacks launched in the afternoon against rroina by 

lv-rr: :.~ -- enemy forces have sc far been repulsed in heav fi 
' sever Lties. -he arrival of further ene . :rr: 

c:"g i3z:i:Ai 
-1 - 

1 Aug. 1943 

indicates that an attempt v.dl] be ioorle to force ;a break-* through via 
^roina and Mrano tovrards Randaazo. If it. becomes impossible to hold ■ 
the key-point at Regalbuto, our left' wine? will have to Withdraw to 
the bridgehead posit: on. 

Situation at S ea 

h decrease in landin,£?-cr -ft tornape has be^n noted in the sou .horn 
and e .item ports of Sicily. On 31 July, an enemy cruiser .shelled the 
coast at and to the west ■. of- r ant ' Agata. It was forced to withdraw by 
our bombers* Tie east coast between Want's eria la Seals and 
Acicastello ,7 as also bombarded f ro q the sea. During the ni'bt of 31 
Jul TT , Crotone bombarded, presumably 'by a task force of four 
cruisers and four destroyers which was sighted at 0511 by our rT-boats 
40 niles erst of Cane Spartivento. On the same nipht, the coast near 
and north of Vibo tfalentia was also shelled presumably by destroyers. 
• : otor-^inesweepers 21 miles south of : essina had an engage mertt during 
the same nipht with two < enemy destroyers which probably 1 mistook our 
boats -for PT-boats and disengaged themselves. On ,1 Aug* at 1110, the 
Italians reported 10 unidentified vessel's on course east 35 ; ^iles north- 
west of Cape Orlando. 


FT-boats operating off the east coast of Si c.ily, encountered enemy 

destroyers 10 niles east of Syracuse and were pursued'by them fqr a 
short, -time. Our units scored no successes. Four FT-boats put into 
Vibo '/alentia' at 0930. Three of them are ready for action against an 
expected enemy landing operation. At 14-00, • Co'-mandina General, South, 
ordered first decree of ; alarm.' There will be no P!>bo&t operations on 
the nipht of 1 Aug. a.s the Taranto group had only' + hree operational 
boa'ts available and 'reconnaissance results for- the east' coast of "icil; 
are lacking. 

The dock at "ilazzo" ..was damaged by a direct, hil durine an, eneay 
air attack on 31 July, kn Italian Pi'-boat was set on fire b r fiahter-' 
boibers. According to an Air Force report, the coast or "alerno was 
shelled by three submarine &+„ >[ o reports on this have bern received 
from German ^aval Con: and. 

Five Italian submarines were reported in the operate' onal area, . Our 

'c :.,.;' t: fr jariiAL 


1 Aug. 1°43 
own submarines have been assigned to the following attack areas: 

Submarine U "4.53" between Taormina-Licata and around Malta, 

Submarine IJ "W between the longitudes of CO 4665 and 5585. 

Submarine U "73" south coast of Sicily 

Submarine U "593 ,: between the longitudes cf CJ 8934 and 9735. 

Submarine D ;: 371" between the longitudes of CO 7865 and CH 9665= 

Submarine U "616" westwards to the longitude of CH 9445. 

Ho success reports have been received from our submarines, 

2. Enery Situation elsewhere in Mediterranean 

The aircraft carrier docked in Gibraltar is probably the FORMIDABLE. 
Her damape includes a v ery large hole in her starboard side aft, mad" 
by an aerial torpedo, A DIDO-class cruiser left port for the Atlantic ^ 
at 1700. On beard the SIRIUS, which pat into Gibraltar from the Medi- 
terranean on 22 July with damaged guns, all barrels have been replac- 
ed by smaller calibers, The cruiser left port again on the night of 
29 July. 

On 31 July at 2115, our air reconnaissance observed 10 unidentified 
ships 70 miles north of Algiers on an unspecified course. No other 
sightings have been reported from the 1r estern Mediterranean, 

Submarines were renorted on 1 Aug. east of Nice, west of Leghorn, 
end 65 miles west cf Nettunia.'*' 

On 24 and 29 July, radio intelligence identified five American 
destroyers by name off the south coast of Sicily. 


A steamer of 6,500 GRT and two small naval vessels were in Tobruk 
at 1437, 

No shipping traffic was noted in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

C 'I?! jE' r i I AL 


1 lug. 1943 

According to an intelligence report from Vienna, dated 30 July, 
the High Command of the r erbian' partisans has information to the effect 
that British troops, as veil as the Anglo- American Fleet; in the Medi- 
terranean, will start landing in Albania and Dalmatia across the 
straits of Otranto, regardless of further developments in the Italiin 
situation. Several minesweepers units have been sent. into the Straits 
of Otranto for this purpose, 

3 • Own , sit uation clsownrre in the , Mediterra ne an; 89a Transp ort 

Three torpedo-boats, three submarine chasers, one anti-aircraft 
corvette, five uotor-mineswocpars, and five auxiliary mot or*- mine- 
sweepers were engaged in escort service. Four steamers and one tank- 
er were escorted in the Island traffic and two off the Italian west 
coast. Aviso 3G "13" has arrived at Genoa* Otherwise there is noth- 
ing special to report. 

4« Area Fav p l Group S o uth 

Aegean Sea . 

A surfaced submarine was sighted close off the harbor cf Tenos 
in the night of 30 July. Enemy reconnaissance planes were over the sea 
area of Serif os.- Sifnos at noon. The harbor of Tares was attacked by 
two enemy planes in. the afternocn and a small vessel was sunk. 

The Italian torpedo boat SAM MARTINO has now been finally trans- 
ferred from Taranto to Patras as replacement for the destroyer H£??MJ5S« 
M Q" ship GA n '43 n sailed from Piraeus on a special mission into the 
northern Aegean. The steamer KARI ran aground south of Chalkis. 
Attempts are being made to tow her off. Otherwise the escort service 
v/as carried out according to plan and without incident. 

5 . Black Sea 

Enonv Situation 

According to air reconnaissance, there were five small armed 




1 Aug. 1943 

vessels 15 miles southwest of Atschujew on a northerly course at 0530, 
putting to iriuorsko - Achtori. No naval forces were seen in the 
central and western part of the Black Sea, According to radio intel- 
ligence/ there was only one submarine in the northwestern Black Sea. 
At 0930, two torpedo planes made an unsuccessful attack on oiip. of our 
C TiStnncsa -' Sevastopol convoys 10 miles south of Eupatoria. Rumanian 
fighters report that both planes were shot down. 

Own Situation 

On the night cf 30 July, Mariupol was shelled by four enemy boats 
from an easterly direction. Fire was returned. On 1 Aug,, 4C rounds 
were fired from Otechakow on the Hariupol - Taganrog convoy. Three 
shells fell in Taganrog town. i he harbor of Taganrog v/as bombarded 

from the land side. No losses were caused, 


The operation against Primorskc - Achkari was carried out accord- 
ing to plan by the formation of Commander, 3rd Motor-minesweeper 
Flotilla in the night of 31 July. The plan to lure out the enemy light 
naval forces was successful. 3ix enemy gunboats left the harbor when 
cur formations shelled the port and were attacked by the participating 
units of 1st PT-boat Flotilla The withdrawing enemy vessels were 
pursued by our dive bombers. Our formation returned to Kertch in the 
afternoon without damage or casualties. For the brief report on, the 
engagement by Admiral, Slack Sea, see teletype 0955 « 

The ecursc of the engagement, which lasted several hours, proved 
thit, due to their low speed,- the artillery performance of the naval ' 
artillery barges is inadequate for effective combat against ship 
targets at long range. The use of PT- boats in this action was there- 
fore of the greatest value. 

At 1825, three: boats of 1st PT-boat Flotilla enroute to the operation- 
al area were attacked, several times by two flying-boats with bombs and 
gunfire but without results, ., 

Three boats of lith PT-boat Flotilla carried out a submarine hunt 
south of Cape Meganon on the night of 31 July. No special incidents 
were reported. 



1 Aug. 1943 

The patrol line off Temrjuk had, an engagement withreneqy gun- 
boats at 0200 and was at the same tine shelled from the coast. Mo 
damage or casualties were sustained. 

The 2nd Group of Italian midget submarines arrived in Sevastoj: ol 
from Constanza. 


Group South reports that the situation urgently demands the im- 
mediate appointment cf a Li a ison Officer each from the Army and Air 
Force to Naval Group Command, South. In spite of several months' 
effort, neither Army Group East nor Air Force Command, Southeast 
have so far been able to release the requested officer from their 
^ully-nanned staffs. As a last resort, the Group therefore requests 
that Naval Staff should intervene with High Command Army and Commander 
in Chief, Air Force, and stresses the urgency of the natter. 

Commanding General, Southeast, has advised the Naval Staff that, 
on the basis of experience in Sicily, a further allotment of naval 
landing craft is regarded as of the utmost importance. While 8C 
craft of this type were allotted to Commanding General. South, only 
16 have been made available to Commanding General, Southeast, 
Commanding General, Southeast therefore . ui gently requests the trans- 
fer of another 30 naval landing craft, as they, would be of .-decisive 
Importance' in the supply and combat readiness of troops engaged in 
Southern Greece and on the islands, (See teletype 17J0) . 

VIII, Si tuation East As i a 

No special reports have been received. 






2 Aug. 1943 

Items o f Political Importance 

Tho call-up of the -classes 1927 J i& 1942 is to be maintained by 
the new Italian government t 

According to Domei, the government of the new independent State 
of Burma has declared i^ar on Groat Britain and tho U.SeA. 

Conference, on the Situati on , w ith. Chief of Staf f, Naval Staff 

Io Naval Staff, Operations Division, proposed that the reinforce- 
ment of escort forces requested by Commanding Admiral, Defenses North 
as a result of intensified traffic to Rotterdam (see War Diary of 1 
Auge)i b° effected by the assignment of t,he 21st yotor-minosweepcr 
flotilla. The first two boats of this formation will be operational 
by the middle of August 5 the others will follow at the end of the 
year. Chief of Staff, Naval Staff , agreed. 

II. In view of newly-assigned tasks, Commanding General, South, 
urgently requests that sailing permission ' ; be' : granted not only for • 
naval landing craft and barges but also for mine vessels becoming 
operational, motor-minesweepers* and PI -boats, as well as submarine 
chasers and other naval vessels. 

Chief of Staff, Naval Staff, approved this request in the follow- 
ing directive to Commanding General, South, Group Vest, and German 
Naval Command, Italy: 

"In accordance with the- proposal of Counanding 'General, South, 
unrestricted sailing permission is granted immediately to all 
operational war ships. Attention is drawn to the necessity of 
retaining sufficient forces for duties in the areas of the south 
coast of France, west coast of Northern Italy, and Corsica." 

III. The Japanese have expressed their desire that the design of the 
FAT torpedo be released to them. It can no longer be expected to 
remain secret 3ince it has beon in use for several months. Naval 
Staff, Operations Division, will obtain a decision in the matter from 
Conmander in Chief, Navy. 

-18- ■ 


2 Aug, 19/+3 ' 

• i 

i' r . Group We"t , r proposal that the repair of rdne-exploding vessels^ 
in the Western area be given the sane priority as that of submarines 
is tikoi.ise subject to the decision of Commander in Chief, Navy* The 
request is in complete conformity -with the interests of the submarine 
campaign j especially since toved cylinder gear can be us:;d effectively 
only in good weather. 

V. Chief, Faval Orarance Division, Bureau of Naval Armament j called-' 
attention .to the serious effect cf the. enemy air offensive on our 
armament production,- which will be still -further hampered by the 
evacuation of the Ordnance Department from Berlin, end appealed 
strongly to the operational forces to limit their demands to the 
strict essentials, The situation is sncli that we could live only 
from band to mouth. - ,. 


Chief of Staff, Maval Staff, coumented .that jtho Kavy's claims, in 
e-"-ery respect . were always very reasonable, The Chief of the Air 
'Force General Staff has not yet replied to the oersenal teletype sent 
by Chief of Staff, Mevul Staff, via Naval Staff , quartermaster Divi- 
sion, on the srb.iecc of 2cm, ammunition. Chief, Naval Staff, 
Operations Division, will ncproach General Jcschouek on the matter* 

Chief, Ivival Ordnance Division, Bureau of Naval Armament, describ- 
( . ed the very considerable, effect of the increase in production of 
"Zaunkqenig n torpedoes, as ordered by Chief:, Naval Staff, which gives 
rise to some anxiety because +he armament production ■ industry may 
■ become overload ad. Chief, Torpedo Branch, Bureau of "Javil Arrrancht, 
' "s left by, plane for Fuehrer Headquarters .to report there to Com- 
mander in Chief, Navy, that the August deadlines ordered canrot be 
met. . 

Special Items 


I. On -'he basis of conferences held -between Cot sanding 'General', 
South, nd Italian Armed Forces High Command on the morn-mig of 1 
Aug., firmed Forces' fyigh Command- Oo-rations Staff has ordered that 
movements across the Italian frontier be continued for the time be- 
ing.- Vital points on the Srenner Pass will for* the present be 
protected jointly by Gorman and Italian forces until the locel com- 
mands can guarantee protection of these objectives against air attack 
-aid sabotage* 



2- l -Aig. 1943 

II In regard to the request of Commanding General, west, for permis- 
sion to use, in case of need, the naval detachments (Naval Artillery 
Battalions) temporarily located ia the area of Aix les Bains, Naval 
Staff, Operations Division, referred Naval Group West (with a copy 
of bis co.'iiipunication going to Arned Forces High Cdnnand, Operations 
Staff) to the directions of Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, 
organization and Mobilization Branch concerning Naval Group West's 
proposali (See War Diary of 1 Augo). This gave orders thats 

1. The 116th Naval Artillery battalion will remain in Italy. 
The following units will reinforce the coastal defenses in the area 
of the Italian 4th Arrays Naval Artillery Battalions 612, 662, bat- 
teries 7/201 and 9/202; railway battery "Gnciscnau^" and five 21cm 
rains from the Army, The personnel strength of Naval Artillery bat- 
talion 618 will be studied. 

2. Batteries Zoutclande 202 and Scheveningen North 201 will be 
assigned to permanent duty in the Toulon area, 

3. Crews for the five newly-assigned 21ct, guns will be provided 
by the Bureau of Naval Administration. 

4. The 3rd Naval Operational Motor Truck Ootachmcnt will remain 
in the Toulon area. 

"> • ! i 

5. The area limit between German Naval Comr.iand, Italy, and group 
West will be for the present the old Italo-French border. 

6. One 10 o 5 cm. battery of four guns (without crew) is now being 

re-routed to the Vest area. 

. "■> ■ •■'. i 

Naval Staff, Operations Division also reminded Group West of the 
fact that the Navy's main task in that area was still the safeguard- 
ing of the submarine base at Toulon. 

Ill In order to ensure adequate personnel requirements for the 
new tasks, encroachment on the personnel reserves of other areas will 
be unavoidable. Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division plans: 

a. to cut down coastal defense* (but not anti-aircraft) ' " 



2 Aug, 1943 

personnel in Oslo Fiord} Denmark, the Netherlands, and France 
(except for the south coast) by ten to twenty percent of the nominal 
strength; to decommission three heavy batteries on the Channel coast; 
and to draw personnel from rear area services, 

b. to make organizational economies by: 

1. combining the two Commands of North and South Jutland; 

2. combining two Naval Shore Commands in the Channel Cotst 

3. Unification of the coastal defenses areas, Western Baltic, 
Pomerania, and Eastern Baltic into a single area; 

4. combining Naval Shore Commands Tallinn and P. 

Group West and Naval Commands Norway, North, and Baltic have been 
asked to submit comments. Correspondence en items II and III is 
contained in file l/Skl I op II, 16 and 17. 

I'/, In accordance with an inquiry from Naval Staff; Operations Division 
of 10 June, the Bureau of Naval Armament-. (Research, Inventions, and 
Patents Branch) has submitted a summarized report on the organization 
of German Oscillation Research for submarine warfare, the progress of 
work in the field of underwater acoustic technique, and the develop- 
ment of equipment. For copy as per l/Skl 21621/4.3 Gkdos, see War 
Diary Part B, Volume V. 

/. Naval Attache, Rome, reported on 29 July on the failure of the I tali- 
an coastal defenses at Augusta c For copy a s per l/Skl 21729/43 Gkdos, 
see War Diary, Part C, Volume XIII. The report describes the Italian 
Navy's attempts to defend itself against accusations which might be 
raised on this matter within Italy. Any impartial evaluation of the 
case is, in the circumstances, naturally excluded. 

VI» The course of the landing operations in Sicily has proved that the 
use of naval forces for coastal bombardment is of great importance in 
the support of an invasion. Naval Staff , Naval Intelligence Division, 


2 Aug, 1<K3 

has a s'lort survey of the tactics evolved by the Americans on the 
cooperation between a landing fleet and naval forces* For copy, 
as; per l/SkI= .23 : 506A3 Gkdos.. , see 'far Diary,. Fart. B, Volume V, 

Situat ion on 2 August 

— Mi ■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■ I * ^KM . I I ■■■■■! ■ ■ ■»!> N 

I» ^dJl.-n foreign Water a 

li 5;nouy, Situation 


No special reports have been received c 

2 C Own S ituati on 

t . Haval Attache, Tokyo, reports on 2 Aug* : 

a. :: The AQUILA II arrived in Singapore, at noon on 1 Aug... :! 

b e i: The BRAKE -roved on 30 July froprj Singapore t.o.,^papan 
for bunkering and will go from there ( to Jakarta v/hera she v/ill 
be ready, x,o sail on about 8 Octo" 


c c "If '.the diving tests of AQUILA III with and without bunker 
oil cargo are successful > she will be ready to sail after ll if 
Aug.. The BOGOTA is ready to sail, except for the T Dismulganas ' 
of AQUILA II. Request orders. " 

On 29 July, Naval Attache, Tokyo, reported on the Italian 
situation as follows:- .... 

a, Qn;..the basis, of reports from the representative- of the 
Reich Air Ministry, the- Japanese Naval- Staff is firmly con- 
vinced that Italy will soon, ask for peace terms- and has 
expressed great concern as! to the .future of the Italian 
Navy which would undoubtedly be offered to the enemy in 
order to obtain better terms. 

b„ . The. freight of chartered., Italian, ships here has-been 
changed from coal; to ore in-order to make escape- impossible. 





2 Aug. 1943 

c. The AQUILA submarines will receive no oil without prior 
German consent. 

Naval Staff Operations Division has replied to Tokyo's inquiry 
about operational area limits by radiogram l/3kl,177 Gkdos. For copy 
sec War Diary, Part C. Volume I. 

For information on enemy situation, see teletype 1627. 

H • Situati on Ves t Area 

1 . Enomv Situation 

32 enemy planes were .detected in the sea area between 45 and 48 
north, 6 and 13 west. Two planes were attacked in BF 4284 and 4-251 . 
by five Ju 88. At 1545 » a plane reported three NARVIK-class destroyers 
in EF 4559 on course 300 . Our torpedo boat formation was continually 
detected up to 1801 on a westerly course. At 1315, British vessels 
again contacted it and reported the formation in BF 4492 on a westerly 
course; at 2025, in 3F 4493 on a northerly course* at 2029 on a south- 
erly course; and at 2031 and 2043 again on a westerly course. 

Radio intelligence also intercepted at 0355 a report from a British 
vessel on six planes: 'Shadowing convoy "Faveur !; in. BF 4457 on course 240 
speed 10 knots; at: 1445, the position of the British formation "Gibson" 
in BF 4532; at 1828, an attack on this formation in BF 4634, course 
240 by four of our planes; and at 1930, another attack by one of our 
planes in BF 4556. In addition, six British vessels were located at 
1010 and between 1802 an<* 2112 in BE and BF. 

Our air reconnaissance sighted at 0841, four light naval vessels 
on SW course, in BF 44-28, and shot down a Hampden plane in the vicinity. 
They also reported at 1535, two corvettes and one plane on course 100° 
in BF 4272. At. 2147, air reconnaissance reported five destroyers at 
high fe'peed in BE 9332, course 260°. 

One of our submarines reported sighting a destroyer, at 0700 in 
BF 4454. 

Some of these many reports on the enemy were evidently connected 
with the combat operation against submarines U "383" and U "106" and 
the dispatch of three boats of the 5th Torpedoboat Flotilla to their 



2 Aug. 1943 

assistance. However, the respective information gained by radio 
intelligence shows that the enemy had ncrb formed a clear picture of 
dut situation. 

2 » Own Situat ion 

Atlantic Coast . 

On 1 Augr, submarine U " 106 ,; reported being attacked by planes 
in BE 69 and subsequent shadowing. Submarine U "383" -reported heavy 
damage by air attack,. Three boats of the 5th Torpedo Boat Flotilla 
left Brest at 0530 to assist the submarine in BE 4.4-53 where they were 
due. to arrive at 1500 „ A FW-200 plane which took off at daybreak 
with rescue gear for the submarine is overdue. Nine «Tu-88 were as- 
signed as close air cover for 0800.-, .Neither they nor the torpedo • 
boats have found any trace of the submarine and it must be presumed 
lost. In the meantime,. submarine U "106" reported reported another 
air attack, stating at first that she Was completely, and later, 
partially unable to submerge. At 2009, she reported yet another at-' 
tack. After an unsuccessful search in BE 4-4-60 and 4-4-50 for survivors 
of submarine U "383",' the 5th Torpedo boat Flotilla made for BE 6940 
to assist U "106" but received orders from Group West to discontinue 
operations in view of. the threatening enemy situation reported by air 
reconnaissance at 214-7. Destroyers Z "32" and Z "37" were transferred 
to Rcyan Roads as a support group in immediate readiness, and proceed- 
ed at economical speed to BF 4950 from which area they were to take 
action, as necessary, to assist U "106" at dawn. 

Shortly before 2300, the returning 5th Torpedo boat Flotilla found 
36 survivors of U "106" and took them aboard. The submarine had been 
sunk in the last reported air attack „ Further particulars are not yet 

About 2100, four enemy heavy bombers 'made a surprise attack with 
gunfire on the two patrol boats VP "409" ' and VP "420" off the Gir'onde 
estuary. One pf the attacking planes .was shot down certainly and 
another probably. Patrol boat VP '"420" sank two hours later owing 
to damage sustained. Patrol boat VP "409" was only slightly damaged. 
Of the, two killed on Patrol boat VP "42Q. : 1, _ one was the Commander, The 
survivors, including seven seriously wounded, .were rescued by a mine-' 
sweeper. . '., 





2 Aug. 194-3 

Commanding Admiral, Defenses West, has advised Naval Staff, 
Operations Division, for information, of his views on the clearance of 
routes "Ingeborg" and "Gartenbank" and has proposed thst these two 
routes te stricken from the sweeping list as they cannot be kept 
free of mines with the available forces and are also highly vulnerable- 
to naval and air attack. For copy, see teletype 1620. 

Group West has submitted a separate report on the views of Com- 
manding Admiral, West, on the subject of escorting outward and home- 
ward-bound submarines through the Bay of Biscay. See the Group's 
War Diary of 15 June. 

In regard to measures to be adopted against Spanish fishing vessels, 
Naval Staff thinks it would be advisable to embark German agents on 
Spanish fishing steamers and to interrogate the Spanish crews at 
tbeir heme ports in order to gain a clear picture of the extent to 
which the enemy is making use of Spanish vessels for locating and 
combatting our submarines. A suggestion to this effect was made to 
Group West on 31 July with the request that the matter be taken up 
directly with the Intelligence Service and arrangements and plans 
reported to Naval Staff. 

In this connection Group West reports: 

"The Group made representations en this matter to Intelligence 
Headquarters in Paris 14. days ago. Agents are being used on 
Spanish fishing steamers out of Vigo. Agents will be engaged in 
Spanish fishing villages. A French steamer which is fishing out 
of Concarneau and is sending us weather reports, will also ke^p 
watch on Spanish fishing boats. Up to the autumn of 194-2, un- 
r3gistered Spanish fishing vessels were occasionally observed in 
pairs sailing to and from English ports. The Intelligence Service 
must now establish if and where .these fishing vessels are still 
operating. Spanish fishing on the Sole bank is currently sus- 
pended due to the British threat. Consequently, recent air and 
naval reports indicate that Spanish fishing boats are found only 
in the inner Bay of Biscay. Nor has the French tuna fishing in 
the outer Bay of Biscay been started due to the frequent British 
air attacks on fishing vessels. The Group regards this as proof 
that England is at present interested in having no fishing vessels 
in the Bay of Biscay. It is therefore felt that the intelligence 
measures now under way have poor prospects of success." 


2 A; . 1943 

Channel Coast 

• Four. ELM/A nines were' swept north of Ostend. A tug en route 
m Guernsey to Jersey ran aground and 3anko At 1335, 'the outer harbor 
of Dunkirk was ineffectively attacked by 12 enemy planes c . -At 1516, one 

Bh fighter was shot down at that pert ~oy a .harbor defense boat, 
it 1700, a fishing cutter struck a snagrline nine three niles north- 
east of Nieuport and sank. It ~2A5, one Mosquito plane was located 
by radar near Cape de la Hague and shot down. 

III. North 3ea. Norway, and Ncrthern Waters 

North Sea 

• Convoy 453 was attacked near Texcl at 1137 by 4O to 50 : 
planes of which two-thirds were torpedo pianos or bombers and one- 
Lrd fighters. The steamer FORTUNA (2.700 GRT), leaded with ore, and 
atrol boat V? : V!.108 ,: were sunk by torpedoes . Patrol boat VP !i 1305" 
was badly damaged by a bomb but was towed into Den Holder. The other 
escort vessels were only lightly damaged. Personnel casualties wore 
also suffered. Altogether ten of the attacking planes were shot down, 
Two cut of four of our fighters which went into action were lost. 
The remainder of the convoy dropped anchor at 1530 off Den holder an 
proceeded to the Hook at 2200 c For interim report by Commanding 
iralf Defenses North, see teletype 2359. 

Convoy 1159 (steamer ISAR) sailed according r to plan from the He k 
to the Elbej Qfie ELM/j mine Vcis swept north of Ncrderney and south- 
west of Heligoland. . , ■ 

Commanding Admiral, Naval Establishment, Hapaburg, reports that 
his establishment is. largely destroyed, including nearly all the files. 
A reception station has been set up ! at Reinbek-. Tihe pi :g Depart- 
ment iranofa and accomodation ships QXHOEFT and JUPITER were located 
in Hamburgh Th e quarters of the Hamburg ' shipboard : antiaircraft 
detachment were, completely destroyed. The staff and Lit':, sompanies 

n lodged in the Nouhof barrack camp. At the Anti- 
aireraft Brigade, North, less destruction v.^s caused. A transfer is 
lanned. • 1 



2 Aug, 194-3 

Naval Staff, Quartermaster T)ivision, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch, has decided that fundamental considerations prevent compliance 
with the request cf Admiral, Landing Craft and Bases, that his 
organization be transferred. There is no objection to transferring 
the staff out of Antwerp into the immediate : environs. 


N orway and Northern Water s 

1. Enemy Sit uat ion 

18 planes were detected over the North Sea but no act- 
ivity by, the Iceland squadron was noted. Our air reconnaissance 
produced no special information. 

2 . O wn Situation 

On 1 Aug., two Russian type -31 mines were cut north of 
Vardoc and two more floating mines were exploded by gunfire. 

On 2 Augc, Destroyer Z "29° left Tromsoe for Alta and the HUASCARAN 
entered Bcgen Bay. 31 ships were escorted to the north and 26 ships 
to the south. A northbound convoy was attacked at 1345 off Lister by 
three Hampdons with three torpedoes which missed their targets. 

Naval Command, Norway, reports that valuable material was taken 
on the captured MTB "345" and requests that no information of any kind 
be published for the time being. 

IV. Sk acerrak. Baltic Sea Ent ra nces, and Baltic Sea 

1 . Enemy Situation 

Air activity in the Tytters area was on a large scale. 
About 54 planes were noted in this area in the night of 1 Aug. and 
about 35 on 2 Aug, ■ Our vessels south of the island were bombed. 
Shipping traffic to Lavansaari and Seiskaari was very active. ; In 
the course of the day, weak" harassing fire was directed at our 



2 Aug. 1943 

2 „ O wn Situa tion 

A Danish Lieutenant and an Ensign of the Danish Navy escaped 
to Sweden on 1 Aug. while on a sailing cruise. The mine carrier 
LINZ is to be put into service on 3 Aug. She will transfer to Korsoer 
on 5 Aug. The cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER has left Swinemuende under escort. 
Numerous enemy air attacks were made on the Seeigel and Mashorn. barrage 
patrols. Four Russian mines were swept by the 1st Motor Minesweeper 
Flotilla in submarine operational area Seeigel, 

V. Submarine Warfare 

A steamer on a westerly course 4-00 miles southeast of Capetown 

Wr-s sighted by one of our submarines. Air attacks were repulsed by 

U " 572" in EO 16 and by U "107" in BF 47. The fate of submarines 


a li 

U "106" and U "383 n is reported under "Situation West /ire 

VI. Aerial Warfa re 

British Isles and Vicinity 

3rd Air Forces had 173 planes in operation in the West area 
and five in the Mediterranean. -There was lively enemy air activity 
in the Western France area, where several air bases- were attacked but 
no special damage caused. F r attack on Dunkirk, see "Situation West 
Area." For attack en our convoy near Texel, see "Situation North Sea. !i 

On the night of 3 Aug. about 350 to 4-00 bombers flew into the 
Kiel-Luebeck-Hanover-Bielsfeldt area. ^ Bremen , Kiel, Wilhelmshaven, 
and Noumuenster were attacked by small forces but Hamburg w a s again 
attacked by strong forces. For particulars, see "Daily Situation^ 11 
Mines are suspected to have been dropped near Brunsbuettel. The 
enemy has announced - the loss of 30 bombers during this night. 

According to an intelligence report from Portugal, the, British 
steamer EMPIRE BRUTUS of about 7,000 GRT was' heavily damaged by German 
planes on 30 July and .was- beached in the Tej,o. Two other steamers, , are 
said to have been sunk. The crew of a German plane which was shot down 
was picked up by a British destroyer. This report confirms our own 




o : * 



2 Aug. 1943 

Mediterranean .T barter 

The activity of cur Air Force was on a small scale. In the 
afternoon the enemy attacked the harbor of Prevesa. One plane Was 
shot down by Italian anti-aircraft guns. The number of American 
planes destroyed by the Ploesti defenses has risen to 39 of which 22 
were brought down by anti-aircraft fire and 17 by fighters, 

E astern Front 

84. planes were shot down on the Army front on 31 July. One 
enemy torpedo plane was brought down by fighters during an attack on 
wne of our convoys in the Stavanger area. 

VII, Warfare in the Medite rranean and Blac k S ea 

1. En emy Landing i n Sic ily 

Situation en Land 

The strong enemy attacks west of Troina and on the south 
wing of the 15th Armored Division were repulsed, with many casualties 
to the enemy, four kms. north of Troina; the situation is still unclear. 
The "Hermann Goering" Tank Division held its positions against strong 
enemy pressure. It is expected thgt the enemy will continue to attack 
on 3 Aug. with the aim of breaking through towards Randazzo. Persistant 
^nd heavy enemy air attacks were concentrated on our supply lines. It 
is planned to withdraw the bulk of the "Hermann Goering" Tank Division 
to the final bridgehead positions on 3 Aug., leaving a strong rear- 
guard to hold back the 'enemy. 

Situation at, Sea 

On 1 Aug., increasing shipping traffic was observed off 
the north coast of Sicily. In Palermo, in the morning, there were 2 
U. S. cruisers, ife destroyers, 11 LST, ind othur small vessels. 
According to photographic reconnaissance, there were no chips in the 
ports of Termini, Sciacca, Mazzara, and Marsala. In Trapani, three 



2-Aug, 1943 

largo and five small ships wore observed. These wore probably wrecks, 
so that this port toe seems to be em-jty. The number of ships in the 
eastern ports on the evening of 1 Aug., was substantially unchanged. 
The report at 1110 on 1 Aug. of ten vessels northwest of Cape Orlando 
was probably erroneous. The bombardment of "Salerno by three submarines 
at 2345 on 1 Aug. has been confirmed. 

• - According to an Italian report at 1110 en 2 Aug., there were a 
number of unidentified vessels ten miles cast of Crotone; possibly 
this w«is a cruiser formation, It was on a northerly course. 

A submarine was reported at 0711 30 miles south of Naples. Ac- 
cording to our air reconnaissance, there were 60 ships on a northerly 
course 'at 1815 ten miles north of Bizerta, In the night of 1 Aug,, 
three motor-minesweepers were on patrol in the Straits of Messina. 
The order for first degree of alarm was countermanded by Commanding 

tieral, South, at 2200 on 1 Aug. As planned for the night of 2 Aug., 
PT-boats put out for operations between Cape Colcnne and Punt a Stilo 
acting simultaneously as distant protection for the Italian mine 
operations. Commander, 1st PT-boat Division has orders to proceed to 
Salerno after completing the operation. Commander, Patrol Boats, 
"traits of Messina, is also to transfer to Salerno with Aviso SG il 14. n 
and four motor-minesweepers on the night of 2 Aug. Both measures n re 
: r the purpose of special missions; evidently mining operations for 
the Italian Naw. . >., 

Enemy Si tuation -?lsewhore in the Mediterranean 

A piDO^elass cruiser left Gibraltar, .direction unknown, 
on the night of i Aug. (& cording to an intelligence report, provi- 
sional repair's ' on the FORMIDABLE in Gibraltar will take eight weeks 
and the final repairs in Philadelphia another eight weeks. 

No other sighting reports have been received from the Western, 
Central or Eastern Mediterranean. 

Aa a brief for the Chief, Naval Staff, Operations Division who is 
at Fuehrer Her-dquarters for the Fuehrer, conference .of 3 -*ug. ; a summary 
of the status 'and .distribution of epemy naval and merchant vessels and. 
of army troops in the Mediterranean area has been forwarded. This, . 




2 Aug. 194-3 

ertiratcs that 6 battleships, 1 aircraft carrier, 3 monitors, 16 
cruisers, 55 destroyers, ard 50 submarines are located in this area. 
Most of these are in the Malta - Sicily area where three of the battle- 
ships as well as the aircraft carrier are definitely Imown to be 

The estimated total of- landing vessels is: 

153 LST 
160 LCI 
313 LCT 
about 1000 smaller vessels 

About one-third of these are thought to be engaged in the Sicily 
operation while the rest are in the North African jump-off harbors. 
Details of distribution are unknown. 

Merchant ship tonnage is estimated to total 3,94-0,000 GRT includ- 
ing 57 transports of 780,000 GRT, 540 freighters of 2,800/300 GRT ; -and 
^4 tankers of 360,000 GRT. Of this 'tonnage, 290,000 GRT is thought ■ 
to be in Gibraltar, about 750,000 GRT engaged in the Sicily operation, 
ard 600,000 GRT in the 'Eastern Mediterranean^ most of the remainder- 
is believed to be in the Algeria - : Tunis area. 


Army troops in North Africa are estimated at 844-, 000 men made up 

214,000 British 
316,000 Americans 

314,000 French 

In Sicily, it is caluclated that there are 337,000 men comprising; 

136,000 British 

2.1,000 Canadians 
180,000 Americans 

In the Eastern Mediterranean countries thure are estimated to bo 
573,000 men comprising: ; r , , 

205,000 British 

28,000 Canadians 
42,000 South Africans 




S7,OCO Indians 
33 y COO Americans 
32,000 Greeks and Poles 
8,000' Native- troops' 

• ; In regard to composition, it is thought .that the British have 11 
Infantry Divisions, 5i Tank divisions, and 1 Airborne division's the 
Americans, 8 Infantry divisions, 2 Tank divis ions , 2 Airborne divisions, 
and 1 Ilarine division. The strength of the Army Air Force is estimated 
at 80,000 men in the North Africa -Sicily area and 3 5 , 000 in the Eastern 
Mediterranaanc For copy of teletype from 3/SkI as per l/Ski 21 702/32 
Gkdos, see War Diary, Part D > "Material on Enemy Situation.;, '{ 

Cfen_ Sit uation els ewhere in the Mediterranean 

Torpedo boat TA "11" arrived inToulon on 1 Aug, Five tank 
barges and two landing craft, escorted by five naval landing craft, 
sailed from Toulon for Savoria<> Two destroyers, one torpedo boat, 
three -submarine chaser, one anti-aircraft corvette, and five motor- 
minesweepers were engaged in escoib service A total of four steamers 
was escorted = Tanker ftC84AjGENA (l,Z$l6 G-RT)^ en route to Cagliari under 
escort of two motor-minesweepers and five auxiliary motor-mine sweepers, 
sank a b 0325 six miles southeast of CagJiari after striking a mine i 

It is feared that it ran on to one of our own minefields A stearijer 
en -route from Maddalena to Leghorn turned back to Maddalena due to "the 
sighting of enemy pianos. Aviso SG ,! 13 l! transferred from Genoa to 
Imperia, escorted by two motor-minesweepers 

For a brief report by Commander, 2nd Landing Flotilla, on the 
engagement with enemy PT-boats near Strcmboli on 26 July, see teletype 

4o Area N aval Grou p So uth 

: Aegean Sea ' ' 

The harbor of Pareikas on Paxos was attacked by enemy, 
planes in the afternoon of 30 July., Two motor sailing vessels were 
damaged o 

■A boat of the Lemnos coastal defense flotilla a P^ met or ship 
23USA are overdue from Sunion to ChalkiSo The steamer KAP.I has been 
refloated,, Otherwise, no special incidents have been reportedo 

-32- * ~ r 


2. Aug. 19A3 

Bla ck., Sea 

Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence, no large surface vessels 
or submarines were at sea. Snail vessel traffic on the east coast and 
in the Sea of Azov has increased. Air reconnaissance of the Gaucasicn 
coast as far as Batum revealed small patrol boats and two barge trains, 
one off Geiandzhik and the other off Tuapse. Photographic reconnais- 
sance of Suchum on 1 Aug. shewed ore damaged tanker of about 7,000 GRT. 

Own Situation 

On the night of 1 Aug., two enemy Pf-boats, 3000 meters 
northwest of the mole at Anapa, were driven off by gunfire. South of 
Mariupol on 1 Aug. } 22 fishing boats were ineffectively bobbed and 
strrfed by four enemy planes. 

From 2 Aug to 4. Aug., a submarine hunt was carried out by two 
Italian midget submarines in the sea area off the southern tip of the 
Crimea and by Ship "19" in the sea area vest of Supatoria. i'.ine sweeping 
in the traffic routes in the Sea of Azov, the Kertch Straits, off the 
Crimean coast and on the Danube, produced no results. Five boats of 
l3t Pi-boat Flotilla are scheduled for operations northwest of Tuapse 
on the night of 2 Aug. 

On 29 June, Naval Group, South, requested that the possibility of 
transferring transport and tank barges from the Seelowe stock to the 
souther stern area be investigated. 

Ten vessels each were requested for Admiral, Black Sea, and Admiral, 
Aegean, liaval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Shipoing .and Transport 
Branch, has been following up this matter and on 31 July informed Group 
South that the Reich Commissioner for Maritime Shipning has issued 
instructions to transfer 21 tank barges from France to the Black Sea. 
This transfer is now under way. The vessels will be accepted by the 
Representative of the Reich Commissioner for Maritime Shipoing, Bucharest. 
Tho Reich Commissioner for Maritime Shipping has also ordered that 20 
freight barges be disassembled in France for transfer to the Aegean nnd 





2'AJp. 19^3 

that rail transportation via Trieste bo arranged. The possibility of 
forwarding these barges by road from Bnmbcrg to the Danube is now under 
oxanination - 


\rLIIo Situation East Asia 

No special reports have been: received, 

' . 

■* >. • 



• ' , v-): 

-'■•■] +•;■■■ I 

•■ ,- ; ■■■' • 

i ■ 

r ,..-■■■: 

! --, 

i .. : ■ 

•• ' ; I 

. • ' r <■' i -': •■ ;;:.;,' ..< ■ i 

' '.'. • • 

v . 

■ I • 'if 





. ■ 




.:• * - 



3 Au^. I9/43 

Items of Poli tical Im portance 

In regard to the situation in Italy, DHB reports that durinc the 
first few days after the. change of government, big demonstrations were 
held in J: T ilan and Turin, Quiet and order were speedily restored. The 
incorporation of the Fascist Militia into the Armed Forces was accomplish- 
ed without disturbances. Italian newspapers underline the fact that 
absolute quiet prevailed in Trieste, A special committee is to be ap- 
pointed. to work out the law for the election of a Cabinet \:hich will take 
place four months after the end of the war. According to a report from 
the Mlitarv Attache* Ankara, based on a conference with the Turkish 
General Staff, the events in Italy and their possible repercussions in 
the Eastern '■;editerrariec.n and Balkans will not alter the Turkish attitude. 
The Turks are fully conscious of the fact that Germany is also fighting 
Turkey's battle in the East *, They will do nothing to make this bottle 
more difficult but vail do everything in their power to resist any con- 
trary pressure from the other side. Preparations to this end have al~ -~~ : 
ready be^n made. 

Conference on thp_ Sanation .with Chief off ?taff. Naval. Staff 

I. In regard to the transfer of some of our PT-boats to Salerno, 
Chief, Operations Branch, Naval Staff, Operations Division, reported 
that according to information from Commanding Adrr.iral, German. Haval 
Command, Italy, the withdrawal of all rT-boats from the western Italian 
area would arouse Italian' suspicions and thus is inadvisable at this 

II. Ctiartermaster General j- Naval Staff reported that after' the expiry 
of the German- Swedish transit agreement scheduled for^l. Sep. of this 
year, sea transport tonnage will have to be increased by 14 ships. The 
metter is now under consideration by Supply and Transportation Office, 
Armed Forces Overseas.; The question of strengthening the escort forces 
will also be raised in this connection. ■ v - < 

C^uartermaster General, Naval Staff also stated that according to 
preliminary reports, 19 ships have been sunk at Hamburg? it has been 
possible to transfer 59 to the Lower -Elbe. The enemy mine-layin r ' 
off Brunsbuettel (see t-Jhr Diary for 1. Aug.)' evidently has some con- 
nection with these measures. Damage to the yards at Hamburg is not 



3 .--, 1943' 

as ertensiv first believed. The greatest difficulty is the dis- 

1 1 rorkers* 

Ihe pre auction deficiency of the refineries in the rloesLi area is 
javsr.-as 75%= Armed sprees High OoGmand believes that this ga;; car. be 
brl -_ the .Humanian oil supplies, 6% went to the Navy (for Group 

S^uik), 2£>% to the Air Force, and 60% to the Army* The Italian Navy is- 
alsa affected as deliveries were still a ending. 

In a Hiaa lv ?. eatricted Circle 

III, Ir. :~-i:r. with rare] : s for: code-;erd "Achse^" the matters 

_ as-si siiicer personnel and protecting our supply and maintenance 

izatians independently of the Italians were discussedo Chief of 5:_ia~h 
aval 3cmmar-d ; Italy, is expected in Berlin tc prese nt the I ase 
requirements of his tiding .-.aa.iral. See also, "Special Items, Koi I* B 

xi . 1 _ ~— •- Haea.s 

Ic Armed Farces High . relations Staff, /.as informed C 

general, South, that the presence in Sicily of strong forces that have 
t s a far been employed ana aiail^r information, indicates that it is 

extremely likely that enemy landing i ations in Calabria are iaaaaediately 

iaarinant : general instructions have accordingly teen issued for the re- 
inforcement of the Calabrian caasaal iefenses c 

li. Far codeword "Achse," Chief. Armed Forces High ■.Command, has issued 
sial orders governing matters of 1 supply and administration. When the 
- is given, the supply of all three branches ; of the Armed Feraes • 
r constners -..aill be taken over by Army C-roup 3 (0 Q) c Armed 
7:rces High Command, Operatians Staff, Quartermaster Division, also order- 
ed that upon codeword ".-.chse/ 5 the functions of the Armistice Gcaaaiseizr, 
will be extended to -/the area east of the Rhone* 

! ending lenaral,. Sauzh has reaarted tc Arm&d Farces High Camssa.nd : 
Rati oa Staff } that it is estimated that Sicily could be evacuated 
wit.. an five days 11+ days must be allowed for the evacuation of Sardiiiia 
This could be reduced by bringing up shipping from the Straits cf Kessina, 
The supply of Corsica ill s-.-asa.e ia..Gssible as soon as the enemy occupies 
Sardinia B .a .a. ei Flea is indi spensible a Commending General South 

requests Aimed Forces High Command ,to establish,; the -jurisdictional limits 
between Haval Jrioup, '.."est, .and- Qe.rman h aval Command, -Italy, and to prepare 




confide; T I AL 
3 Aug, 1943 , 

the timely transfer of personnel for. the manning of naval and merchant 
bhips. The northern ports nnis't be protected by Amy Group B so that 
the ships can be seized. Our light naval, forces could not do much to 
prevent the Italian ships from leaving the ports. 

All the above teletypes are. contained in File l.Skl. op lie 16, This 
also contains the following situation survey by Admiral, Aegean: 

"It must be definitely reckoned that the Italians have realized 
the German intentions so that eo surprise can be achieved. Their 
attitude has already stiffened. VJhen the time comes, considerable 
resistance is to be expected, the outcome of which cannot be 
forseen as the Germans are strongly outnumbered in this arca 
Commander in Chief, Southern Greece, fully shares this opinion. 
I therefore feel that consideration should be given to the pos- 
sibility of reaching a direct agreement between the Ger?ian and 
Italian authorities in this area before the codeword is issued 
in order that the Italian war equipment may bo a-jquired by fair 
means better calculated to achievejthe desired purpose." 

Upon instructions^ of Chief of Staff, Naval Staff. Commanding Admiral, 
i oval Group South, has beon requested to come to Berlin for conferences 
and further information. . 

Naval Staff, Operations Division, has advised Naval Staff, ^juartcr- 
r.aster General, and Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization 
and Mobilization Branch, for information (; as follows: 

■ • i (.. 
"Commander in Chief, Navy, has, again pointed out the special 

urgency of providing for the supply of our naval forces, naval 
landing craft, etc, in the ..Italian area and especially in Cen- 
tral and Southern Italy, independently of the Italians. Supplies 
should be forwarded in s\ich a way that the flotillas etc. may 
have their own stocks of fuel, provisions, and general stores 
v/hich may, nerhaps, best be, provided in the form of floating 
storehouses on naval landing craft or barges. In this con- 
nection, Commander in Chief, T1 avy, has raised the question of 
whether there are sufficient stocks on hand at Marseille from 
where these supplies would .have to be sent. If not, the stocks 
must be made .up.. It is al3o probable that, in the near future, 
the traffic to Corsica will have to rely largely on Marseille." 

Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, has relepsed two 4-gun 15cm t 




. 1943 

itt riea -rr.l one 3-gun 13cn. battery prep r_d Tor operation "Gise-Ia" 
For 'he Stew tasks of Naval Artillery Battalions 612 md 682, and has 

Ivis ad Group ..'est and the Ins doc tor ate of "aval Ordnance Depot, 
See- berg; according! 


Gr est's attitude towards the plaas for econoroies in shore con- 

naxkXs and [ nel is' contained as per l.Skl. 217/43 Gkdos, in file Id.-:!: 

I op II; 17. = Group d~es not believe any further dcubiing-up of 

naval shore c od arias to be possible, If case of emergency, Naval 

Shore Goenand, CI -..el Islands, ~.i :ht bf censiiered. Concerning 
economies ir. personnel, Group West proposes tc ^ra v or. hone formations 
but in no case Dust the nir.c r of an ^eo* ~ . n in the operational seeders 
be encroashed upon. 

III. Ir. accordance with Group South' 3 suggestion, "aval c taff, Operations 
Division, has approached High Corasand, Ar\y, Per. 1 Of ice, and Ccr- 

nder in Chief,- Air Forco. Operations Ftaff, with the urgent request 
it in view cf the current situation, a Liaison offipef fro: each the 
I the Air Force be shed to Raval >cup Corroand, *outh, c ca- 

rting it is not essential foj then to be trained General S?tafT 

fleers. For* c^py ; see teletype 1719. 

I7 e In regard to Naval Group, est, proposals fcr the iraj it of 

the dockyard situation in the "-.esc arc th a view to the ui rent re- 

puire~^nts for vessels (sc-: r Clary 24. July), Naval Staff, Cperotions 
Division, takes the following stand as against "aval Staff, uartor- 
gaster Division: 

1. a, Aj Corananding Adniral , Submarines, is interested in using 

the K5CTCS0N3 end . :-".' PUD in ho-e -water, those ships should be 
transferred and retained :r. eer-icc. 

'- . 


b. Of the supply ships, ouxil-ir^ suj: -" ships, pnd escc. - 
tankers now in the ' est area, Naval Sxaff. - .: tiens Di on A 
requests that -contrary to -previous require Bents in this . ".atter 

- pctlii ry Sup 1-yship : { ' Z, 

be retained in service and left in the Wist area ir. order to 
relieve, the position in .the .d"^..- eras. : 


- ' 

c s Naval Staff* Operations Division ,_ cor.sif.ere it n:c_=.-ry 
to r carry out Group West's proposal -"or rr-inferc: ::.t :f the anti- 
aircraft defenses of the bases along the; lines suggested. 




3 Aug. 191,3 

2. Continuation of the building of the new large freighters J 
"11" and TT "11" at St.- Nazaire can not be dispensed with. . 

3. i T o operational demands have been raised regarding, the continued 
construction of now tankers at Rouen and oilers at Caen. 

(., Naval Staff, Operations Division, is not interested in the 
conversion of the accomodation ship USARANO in Eordeaux. 

5. The question of continuing construction of the ships TEKERIFE 
and QLINDA as well as the construction plans of the Reich Commis- 
sioner for *fariticie Shipning will hove to bo settled with the Reich 
Commissioner, . . 

"laval Staff, Operations Division, has advised Armed Forces High 
Co~-and, Intelligence Division, Counter Intelligence Section, of its 
attitude as in para. 2. It is evidently planned to use the two now 
ships in the blockade running service. 

Supplementary advise has boon forwarded to Group West on all the views 


V. There have been several recent cases of advance reports on important 
incidents, combat actions, etc., being sent only to Chief of Staff, 
Commander in Chief, Levy, Administrative Staff, and not .simultaneously 
to Naval Staff, Operations Division, Naval Staff has advised the Group 
Commands, Naval Co. nanus, and German Naval Corvand, Italy, that the con- 
tend Posts nust a] so be advised in advnnce of events of such importance 
as to warrant advance reporting for propaganda exploitation. 

Situation 3 "oigust 1QA3 
^ • ■ ar in For c ign . Wpters 
1 • Enemy Situation 

Mo special reports have been received, 
2, Own Situation 



3 AU-. -■•1943 

ival Attache, Tokyo, his already been instructed (see War Diary f or 
2 Aug.) to hold tho AQUILA III under pretext until the general situation 
has be.n clarified. The departure of the 80COTA is to bo similarly 
postponed* As s^on as sailing penaiasddtt is given by Naval Staff, the 
sailing dates should be fixed according to the judgement cf Navel Attache, 
Tokyo; In tfaval Staff's opinion, BOGOTA should sail a few days ah^ad 
of AQUILA III so that there hay be no obvious 'connection between then. 
"OGOTA vail. receive sailing orders for the rendezvous from "aval Staff 
after s^e is at Sea". As n general instruction she is to be told to 
make for area "Seehauson,'-' 'Naval Attache, Tokyo vri.ll also be informed 
•chat the AQUILA IV and IX will be held in western France for the tine 
being. For cepv as per 1/SkI. 2226-43 gk. Chef 3. see V.ur Diary, Part C, 
Vol. I. 

Tftd delivery of the newly-developed radar 'equipment for ,: Flieler" 
..ill be delayed for technical reasons. The Japanese Naval Attache will requested to advise "Flioder" that, for this reason, it 
will not be possible to deliver the gear on board at the established 
rendezvous earlier than 18 Aug.' Naval Staff recommends that "Flieder" 
should wait in the vicinity of 20° North, 35° West until advised of a 
new rendezvous. According to experience to date , this area is little 
frequentejlj but it is nonetheless reconaended that a careful watch bo 
kefct for carrier-borne planes. Laval Staff has requested that "Fiieder ;i 
report by radio in the ease that hor fuel stocks should net be adequate 
f cr .such a wait. For copy of letter as per IcSkl. I opa 2209 A3 $ Gkdcso 
Chefs". ; sec War Diary, Part C, Vol„ I. ' ■ ° 

The* status of the AQUILA -submarines Ss at 31 July was' given in 
renorVT. Skl 5 21783-43 Gkdos. For copy ■. s^e War Diary, Part C, Vol.. 
x 3 Cf the original 9 boats, 2 were lost before being put into use as 
transports, 2 are presumed missing on their Outward voyage, 2 have 
arrived in Singapore, 1 is en route to Singapore,' and 2' are ; in ! Bordeaux. 

German Naval Command, Italy, has reported the position of the re- 
patriation ships VULCANIA and SATURKIA at 14-00 on 29 July as 11°25 ! North, 
2A°52» West. 

-I . Situation V/est Area 
!• Enemy Situation 


3 Aug., 19/,3 CONFIDENTIAL 

33 pianos were detected in the Bay of Biscay. 

Jritish vessels were located by direction finders at 0218 and 0753 
in BE 6650 and 6890 respectively. 

At 0830, our air reconnaissance reported two destroyers in BF 4-826 
on course 24.0°. The position of the "Gibson" formation was established 
by radio intelligence. 

At 0853, one vessel was detected in BF 4530 by direction finders. 

At 0920, our air reconnaissance reported one heavy cruiser and four 
destroyers in BE 6962 on course 110°, and at 0932, one heavy cruiser and 
two destroyers in BF 4-74-1 on course 90 . According to radio intelligence 
at the same time, a British vessel reported one of our shadowing planes in 

BF484I. ,: 

Other British vessels were located up to 1225 in BF 4731-4-3, 1770, and 

2 . Own, Situation 

Atla ntic Coast 

In the morning situation, Group West reports that on 2 
Aug 1 . , 5th Torpedoboat Flotilla was ordered to break off its submarine 
assistance action as the enemy situation was such that even if the sub- 
marine were picked up, it would be impossible to bring her in. 

At IC.4Q, destroyers Z"32". and Z "37" were called back to the Gironde. 
5th Torpedoboat Flotilla arrived in Brest at 1715 with 36 survivors of 
submarine U "106". For a brief report by 5th Torpedoboat Flotilla see 
teletype 2250. 

The Flotilla *s mission was well fulfilled by this 'successful rescue. 
Escort and convoy services were otherwise carried out according to plan , 
and "-without incident . 

C han nel Coast 

At 0115 and 034-2, patrol boats from Boulogne were ineffectively 
bombed by enemy planes. Harbor Defense boat F0 "19" Caught fire after 
being strafed by two fighters during the morning and had to be beached enemy 
near Dunkirk. Further air attacks were made during the evening on units 
of 38th Minesweeper Flotilla 6ff Le Havre and Harbor Defense boats in 
the Seine Bay. FH "016" was damaged and beached. Casualties were sus- 
tained. One attacking plane was shot down. 


3 ?.ug. 1°43 " 

2nd and 6th PT-boat 'Flotillas left Ost nd -t' 224.5 for artillery raid 
pedo oi-GF';ticns ap-inst enemy -petrols on the c°st const. Owing to , . 
continuous rain and poor visibility, the operation h°d to be cancelled. 

One ELM/j . mine . was. sw ( ept off Dunkirk.. .Three patrol positions were 
:n ut). Escort service. and channel sweeping were carried out without 
special incident. 

III. No^ th^ Spa, Norway, Northern Waters .. 

1. North Sea 

One FLU/ J was swept south of. Heligoland. Accomodation fchip NYASSA 
and the new gun depot were. damaged. in an enemy air raid on Wilhelmshavcn 
on the night of 2 Aug. ^he chain-test station was destroyed. 'For details, 
teletype 0S00. 

Convoy 4.53 arrived in Hook. 

Commanding Admiral, Defenses North, reports that during July 194-3 > 
14.0 mines were swept, 14. planes shot down in 13 air raids, and 5 enemy 
PT-boats were sunk in 12 PT-boat engagements. 

Our losses were two patrol boats., the Swedish steamer VIDAR (2,104. 
GRT), and four fishing vessels. Navy casualties? 18 killed, 32 missing, 
124. wounded. Merchant marine casualties: ■ 3 .killed and 10 wounded. 

Escort was provided for 3^4- merchantmen totalling 685,039 CRT of 
which 57 ships of 91>668 GRT were in the. Holland traffic. Short distance 
escort was provided for 8 naval vessels of which 6 were submarines and 
Ul supply shins. (See teletype 1957) . 

The Reich Commission for Maritime Shipping has agreed with the pro- 
posal of Commanding Admiral, Defenses North, for intensification of the 
Rotterdam, traffic but requests that ships, of .2,500 to 3 ; 500 GRT be employed 
in spite of the greater risk involved",, For pertinent instructions to Com** 
manding Admiral, Defenses North, see teletype 1 Ski II 21747 A3 Gkdos. 
Copy in War Diary, Part C, Vol. XT. 


2., Norway and Norther n . Waters ,< 
Encmv Situation 



3 Aug., 1943 

Two Russian submarines were detected operating off the Norwegian 
Arctic coast. .20 planes were' detected in the morning and 15 planes in the 
afternoon over the North Sea in the direction of the Norwegian coast and 
northwest of Scotland. 

Naval Intelligence Division has made a critical assessment of available 
information as of 27 July regarding invasion of the Northern area, and 
summarizes its conclusions as follows: 

"In England and Iceland, preparations are being made for an 
operation which will probably be directed against the Norwegian 
coasts; the exact direction and time of- attack are net yet evident, 
but Trondheim is the most likely target. 

"There is nothing to indicate that the preparations are com- 
plete or that the operation is imminent or whether it will be a 
large-ocrle and decisive action. The emphasis on certain points 
found throughout the enemy reports indicate that the main object 
is primarily to tie down the German defense forces by planted in- 
formation. As far as troops are concerned, the enemy is in a 
position to undertake operations on any scale* ' According to 
General Staff, Army, Foreign Armies, West, there are ready in 
England: 38 Infantry divisions, 2 airborne divisions, 8 Tank 
divisions, 7 Infantry and Tank brigades; about two- thirds of 
these troops are in the area south of a line between The Wash 
and Bristol, and the rest are in northern England and Scotland. 
There are about 60,000 U.S. troops and A, 000 U.S. Army Air Force 
in Iceland. 

"As regards freight space, the location of about 1 million 
GRT is net known, but may be in British ports. There is believed 
to be sufficient transport tonnage available for a large-scale 
operation. No definite information is available as to' the amount 
and distribution of landing ship capacity in England* With the 
very high output, in America and - on the basis of occasional re- 
ports received, it may, however, be assumed that there is also &n 
adequate number of special landing boats ready for a major oper- 
ation in England." 

For copy, see War Diary, Part D "Material on Enemy Situations" 


-A3- ' 

3 Aug. 1943 . 

Ovn Situation 

Throughout the day and night of 1 August,, Russian batteries 
on the Ribachi peninsula and our Sensenhauer, Pexsamo, Liinahaanari^ 
and Ristinicmi batteries exchanged fire; no results we're observed. 

Further regarding the raid in the Kcngsfiord^ more Norwegians suspected 
of espionage, including some probable ringleaders, have been arrested. 
This action is continuing. 

One Hampden plane Wo S probably shot down during an attack on one of 
our northbound convoys near Lister on 2 Aug. 

18 ships were escorted to the north and 23 to the south. 17 ships 
wore held up in the Arctic coast area due to lack of escort vessels. 

IV. Ska^erra k, Baltic Sea E ntrances . Baltic Sea 

1 . Enem y Situa tion 

There has been nothing unusual to report from Kronstadt Bay or the 
area of the islands in the eastern Gulf of Finland. 

2. Own Situation 

The cruiser EMDEN has left Copenhagen. The ADMIRAL 3CHEER is en 
route through the Sound to Copenhagen. The_ SCHL'ESIEN is en route from 
Siepaja to Gydinia. 

Mine clearance vessel ;! 11" has completed work on the Sound-South 

Otherwise there is" nothing "special to 'report. 

• : ' • - ' ' • •■- 

V. Submarine Va^ f^c 

-V. ; ' . ..-■ 

A submarine reported a CONCORD-class cruiser in ; EE 9338 on course 
310 . "-In the area southwest of the Azores, a surprise attack with bombs 
and gunfire was made on U "66" in CD by two carrier-borne fighters ap- 
proaching out of the sun. Heavy casualties were inflicted and the Com- 
nder was seriously wounded. The submarine is not fully able to 



3 Aug. 194.3 

submerge. U "117" with a doctor on board has been ordered to her 

,. In the area northeast of Mozambique, U "196" in LT sank a steamer of 
10,000 GRT and torpedoed and probably sank another steamer of the same 
size in a convoy of three steamers and four escort vessels. 

In the operational area south of. the coast cf Guinea, a submarine on 
convoy patrol submerged in front of a destroyer and has not answered any 
call since. The patrol area has been broken up. Four boats have been 
ordered to return due to their fuel situation, and the fifth is to continue 
independent operations. 

VI . Aerial Warfar e 

1 • British Isles and Vicinity 


There were only a few enemy incursions into the West area. No 
other special reports have been received. ; 


2 . Medi terr anea n Theater • 

■ - . ■ . - i 

On 2 Aug.-, our Air Force carried out photographic reconnaissance 

of Bizerta and the ports of Haifa, Beirut, Sidon and Tyro. Five sub- 
marines were observed to be in Beirut. No other special information was 
obtained . 

In the Straits of Messina,' an 'enemy plane Was shot down by anti-aircraft 
guns near. San Giovanni. ;. r 

' 'v ' ■•■ \ 
On the night of 3 Aug., our heavy bombers are 'Scheduled to attack 

ships in Palermo. 

....3. . E astern Front 

101 enemy planes were shot down on 1 Aug. en the Army fronts. 

VTIsk Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

1 . Enemy L a nding in Sicily 



3. Aug. 19 A3 ; 

Situation en Land 

„ I Catania was evacuated, in the course of , the withdrawal cf the 
left wing of the "Hermann Goering' 1 (Tank EiviEion to the final bridge- 
head positions. Heavy enemy attacks along a wide front are being made 
against .the positions of the 15 th Armored Division, .Our last reserves 
have been brought up to check the break- through. Details of the situation 
are not yet clear, /Jest of Troina, the enemy has assembled strong 
artillery forces 

The island of Micudi (Lipari Islands) is probably' occupied by the 
enemy., M 

According tc Reuter, Churchill announced in the House of Commons that 
the general offensive had begun in Sicily on 1 Aug*, and was in full swing 
by 2 Aug. Centurine and Eegalbuto had been occupied. American troops 
were marching into Troina. 

Situation at Sea 

Heavy convoy traffic was observed on the northwest coast of 
Sicily in the evening of 2 Aug. There were 12 merchantmen and 2 patrol 
boats oh an easterly course northeast of Palermo en 3 Aug. Three of our 
PT-boats put cut from Crotone in the evening of 2 Aug. The planned' es- 
cort task was cancelled as the Italian mining operation has not been 
completed. The boats passed Messina towards the -north early on 3 Aug. 
PT-boat S "36" joined. them off Vibo Valentia for the journey to Salerno. 
Aviso SG "14" and three motor minesweepers transferred at the same time 
fr-m Vibo Valentia to Salerno to refuel at -Naples. No special incidents 
have been reported. 

2. Enemy Situation elsewhere in Mediterranean 

According to an intelligence report dated '30 July, a vessel of 
the KING GEORGE V. Class is expected in Gibraltar for docking and re- 
placement of her medium artillery. It is also* said that the NELSON is 
to be sent home to repair her heavy guns, 

On 2 Aug. at 1800, one destroyer and two submarines passed Cape da Gata 
to thg west. According to the preliminary evaluation, there were in Bizerta 


-46- ■■■ a •;. 

3 Aug, 1943 

en the morning of 2 August: 1 monitor , 3 destroyers, 2,, 12 
small naval vessels, 1 repair vessel, 15 LST_, 46 landing boats, 1 
large and 3 small transports, 11 tankers, and 44 freighters totalling 
about 330,000 C-RT of merchant shipping. The eastbound convoy reported 
on 2 August north of Bizerta was not re-detected on 3 August* According to 
German Naval Command, Italy, it is probably sailing to Alexandria, 
Helta, or Sicily a 

• Submarine positions were reported south of Genoa, south-southwest of 
Hestia, northeast of Brindisi, and northwest of Durazzo. 

According to an Italian report, in the afternoon of 2 Aug. a FT- 
bcat with strong fighter protection was searching the sea south of 
Cagliari for six British planes which had been shot down, but withdrew 
when fired on from the coast 

In the Eastern Mediterranean, on the afternoon of 2 nugust 12 escort 
vessels were sighted 16 miles east-northeast of Sidi Barrani sailing 

Only a little coastal traffic was observed off the Nile Delta 

Photographic reconnaissance of Cyprus in the afternoon of 2 August • 
showed three freighters and three small landing vessels in Famagusta. 
Mo landing vessels were visible betxveen Paphos and Famagusta, There were 
no ships in Limasol 

3o Own Situation elsewhere In the Mediterranean, Sea Transport 

The mine-carriers BRANDENBURG, and PCfcMERN sailed at 2000. from 
Toulon for Maddalena. 

Four Italian torpedo boats were engaged in escort service. Two 
steamers and one tanker were escorted. 

Commanding General, .South, has reported to Armed Forces High 
Command, Operations Staff, and Naval Staff that from May to July, deliveries 
of small vessels have fallen behind schedule as follows: 

Scheduled for delivery . Not yet delivered 

War Freighters: 5 2 

Naval landing craft: 96 31 

Siebel ferries: 40 28 


3 Aug. 1943 -- 

This is estimated to amount to a shortage of 39,000 tons cargo capacity 
cvur the thrre month period. 

U • Ar e a_yav3 l Group" South 

Ae gean So a 

On 2 Aug. single enemy planus were in operation over Kilos, 
Rhodes and Prevesa, and over Crete, Rhodes and Skarpanto during the ni^ht, ' 
On 30 July,- two naval landing craft and four assault boats were attacked 
by enemy planes while en route from Brindisi tc Patras. A few casualties 
were suffered. An enemy submarine was sighted off Rhodes at 1300 on 3 Aug. 

The overdue coastal defense vessel and motor ship MEDUSA had dropped 
anchor south of Chalkis owing to engine damage. 

Fscort duties were carried cut according to plan and withe ut incident. 
-*■•-•■ ■• '•- '■ 

Bla ck Sea ' ■'-'' -•' 
Ene my Situation 

The tanker intercepted in Suchum and torpedced by submarine 
U "24." can be regarded- as'<lestrcyed. .' 1 

-*■ .■-■'■' { ■ 

Ncvorossisk w^s "bombarded by mortars and heavy artillery during the, 
night of 2 Aug. From 2200 to 2400, 14 vessels were observed standing 
off landing area B and were shelled by our artillery. 

No ship movements were noted during the day by air reconnaissance 
in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. According to radio intelligence, there 
were no large vessels at sen. One submarine was detected .in the southeast- 
ern Black Sea. , ... 

Ow n Situation 

The operation by 1st PT-boat Flotilla north and south of 
Olgrinskaya Bay wn's carried out according to plan on the night of 2 Aug. 
No enemy forces were sighted. On the way in," it was found that the 
weather buoy, which had- sent nothing since an enemy submarine was located 
in that vicinity, is no longer in position. It has probably been dis- 
mantled from the still-existing mooring buoys. __;-_ 






3 Aug. 19A3 

Cn 2. Aug.-, the lighter PIERRO 'was sunk southeast of Otschakov and the 
■ motor ship -IMANUEL southeast of Mariupol, both by mines. Seven AT mines 
1 -'- were swept. The coastal route was partly closed. 

Owing to weather conditions, no naval forces were sent out on combat 
operations on 3 Aug. . ., • 

r; • Other activities were carried out without special incident. 

VIII. Situation East Asia 


"•' ! ' .' 

No special reports have been received. 

i J 




i . 

4 aug 1943 

Items of Politi cal Impo rtance 

according to Renter,, Mr,, Eden, stated. ;in : the House of Commons that 
Great Britain reeds Italy* s unconditional surrender in order to combat ,; 
Germany still more vigorously,. 

United Press reports from London: 

Authoritative military observers in London believe an Italian 
break down to be imminent and are convinced that the Allies" all- 
out attack on H.itler*s European fortress will start this fall 
They all agree that the following chain of developments is to be 
expected t 

1 3 Military occupation of Italy at lea,yt as far as the Lonbardy 

2. Occupation of Sardinia and perhaps also of Corsica, 

3o Oocupa.tion of the Dodecanese 

4a Attack on the Balkan.?.* 

5» Crushin.g air raids on Germany,, 

6 A further great retreat by the German Armies in Pais si a„ 

Any extensive invasion of the continent from England this winter is 
considered unlikely although it is thought highly possible that one or 
more comparatively small-scale attacks may be made on the European north- 
ern coast in order to keep the enemy engaged and divert his attention 
On the other hand 5 it is stated that the invasion of Italy is rjamir-ent 
and that the resumption of Allied air raids on Italian towns would most 
likely be the prelude to the attackc The Strait of Messina :ls consider- 
ed to be the simplest invasion route bringing the Allied armies directly 
in to Calabria where ,, due to the lack of defense installations, air bases 9 
and highways., the invading Army's operations would be much easier than in 
Sicily, even if the Italians were to put up serious resistance, which is 
considered unlikely 

Mr <, Churchill admitted in the House of Commons that the USA is making 
150 to 200 ships available to Great Britain, Deliveries <> which wi.11. take 
ten months have already started 3 By means of these ships the British 
reserves of trained seamen will be made use of and the economic resources 
of both countries will be enabled to serve the war effort 




U Aug. 1943 

The Canadian Government is preparing a similar arrangement on a large 
scale for vessels built in Canada. 

According to the official German News Agency it is authoritatively 
stated in Rome that quiet and order prevails throughout the industrial 
cities in Northern Italy. The Italian press stresses the need to con- 
tinue the war. In the telegrams exchanged between the new Italian and 
Japanese Foreign Ministers, the cooperation between the two countries 
under the Tripartite Agreement is underlined. 

Conference on the Situation with Chief. Naval Staff 

I. Quartermaster General, Naval Staff, reported that the cruiser 
LEIPZIG was put into service on 1 Aug* 

Swinemuende has been designated in place of Hamburg as the oil- 
supply distribution base in Home waters. 

The steamer LAS PALMAS was to have delivered practice ammunition 
for the formation of Commanding Admiral;, Cruisers, from Hamburg to 
Northern ^Norway at the end cf July. Owing to her hasty departure due 
to air attack, the ship had taken on only two- thirds of the ammunition. 
The remaining third can still be transferred over land to Aarhus .by 
the Inspectorate of Naval Ordnance Depot, so < that the complete cargo 
will be delivered. Of course, due to these circumstances and to load- 
ing other ammunition for the Army to be discharged in Tromsoe, consider- 
able delay has been caused. 

Chief, Naval Staff, ordered that the serious extent to which 
military interests have been compromised, should be drawn to the attention 
of the Reich Commissions for Maritime Shipping. 

II. Chief, Naval Ordnance Division, Bureau of Naval Armament, expressed 
the fear that if it became necessary to transfer the High Command, the 
Navy will find itself at a disadvantage as against the other services, 
and that preparations so far did not appear to. have been- adequately 

Chief of Staff, Commander .in .Chief., Navy considered such apprehension 
unfounded and reported on. the plans for emergency accomodations. In 
case of immediate need, Naval Staff, Operations Division, and parts of 
Naval Staff Quartermaster Division are to move provisionally to the 
Ahlbeck command post. As from 20 Aug., the Naval (Ship) Construction 


4 ^ug- 1943 

. ..•■ \ 
Division, Eberswalde, whore 3 Amy regiments are now vacating the 

barracks^ Will also be available for •' Naval -Staff , Operations Division-;., 

Naval Staff, Quart jmastsr Division; and High' Command,:- Navy s Naval 

(Ship) Construction Division will be accomodated in the area of 


The- installations at Bemau will be read}/] to accomodate the Sub- 
marine .Division in a few ' weeks 3 Final preparations for the. accomodation 

the whols'of Naval Staff are expected to take' six month s, .,:. 

■ . 

Chief. Naval Staff emphasized that there is no ground for apprehen- 
sions of the type mentioned and strongly approved of- the preparations 
described by Chief of Staff, Commander in Chief, Navy c 

TTTc Chief, Naval Ordnance Division, Bureau of Naval /.rmament, report- 
ed that the first five "Zaunkoenig" torpedo launchings were made with- 
out mishapv • A detailed report: has riot yet -been received^ 

IV, Chief, Naval Staff, Naval Intelligence Division, presented a checked 
list cf sinkings for July 1943 o It amounted to. a total of 164 ships 
for S35,069 G33E - of these 59 ships for 309,520 GRT^ were destroyed by 
our submarines, For report wi&h map^, by Naval Staff, Naval Intell- 
igence Division, 13854/43 Gkdos^, see -'"ar -Diary:, file "Enemy Shipping 
Losses 1943 JI ' - ; ' . : ■ 

•'■•■' . . ., , _ ■ ■• •, •■■ - - ; 

I n a highly restricted -circl e r i . r 

7 3 Since the number of Jaoanese submarines in the Indian Ocean is 


greater than was originally intended, the advisability of using the 
"Nonsun 1 ' submarines in the Cape., -Town aj^ea^ merits consideration. The • • 
shorter outward and- homeward .journey offers the advantage of -a longer 
operational period in this no^- -unproductive .area^ , 

Special Items . -.r ,-!-.• iy- ' • . ' . " . :." 

I. The Air F/orce General .; attached.. to ,Ccmmander. in Chief, Navy^ and 
Inspectorate.. (Sea) -are .preparing to transfer .their staffs to .operational 
Harbor (Sea) Selent near Kiel e The requested permission has been granted 
by Naval Staff, 

r'"> e l v-iifO nl t ■ ' : 

Ho Preparations for. Operation^." Alarich' 1 ' rand, ("Konstantin " 

. '■'■■■■■ ' :-t ■■ ,n • 

A. • haval Staff, , Operations., Division: hap • forwarded the request 
submitted by •■Ccr.manci t Lng Genera 1 5 South ^(seerNar Diary 3 ^ug) to Naval 




4 Aug, 1943 

Staff , Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization Branch, for 
further action and has. "laid 'down the following principals for further 
development : - 

1„ a, All naval tasks in the area of the 4th Italian Amy up to 
the former French/Italian frontier will be handled by Naval Group West; 
east of the frontier they will be handled by German Naval Command, Italy* 

-■ bi The supply of the Italian. Islands, including Corsica, will 
be handled by German Naval Command, Italy c 

: .i. 

2 3 a The taking over of merchant shipping will be the responsi-" 
bility of the Reich Commissioner of Maritime Shipping^ 

b„ Decisions in regard to taking over war ships will be made ' . " 
later by Commander in Chief, Navy e 

B. Naval Staff, Operations Division, has compiled a list of priorities 
for the areas and has forwarded it to Naval Staff, Quartermaster Divi- 
sion, Organization and Mobilization Branch, f or use 'in planning the new 

establishments. For draft order see: 1 /Skl, I op 2230/43 Gkdos„ Chefs Q Also 
see file 1 Sklo I op II, 17 o 

C. Naval Staff's final order in regard to the organization of the French 
South Coast (Skip Qll A II 2213/43 Gkdos. Chefs,) is also contained in file 
l./Skl. I op II, 17. 

III. A. Summary of reports on the enecy obtained by radio decoding and 
radio intelligence from 20- July to 1 August is given in Radio Monitoring 
Report .No, 31/43. . 

Note :- . ..- ■ 

lc Intensification of enemy FT -boat operations in the West Area„ 

Pages 6 to 9. 
2. Appearance of the 10th Fleet in the South Atlantic Page 12^ 
3o Landing operations in Sicily a Pages 13 to 17. 
4» Transfer of Russian ice breakers to the Kara Sea, Page 18,. 

Situation on 4 August 

I. Wa r in Foreign Waters 

-— — 13 , j. — 

Enemy Situation 

Naval Attache, Tokyo, has forwarded an intercepted telegram from the 
Associated Press correspondent in Chunking according to which the exist- 
ence of -traffic between Germany and Japan by submarine has been confirm- 
ed by the arrival by submarine in Singapore of Bose and pro-Axis 
Indians. The correspondent assumes that German long-range submarines sail 

--•- -53- 

" • -• CONFIDENT I J. - 

4 Aug, 1943 ? "" ' 

direct to Singapore and draws- attention to the fact that an increase in ,tho 
number of Geman technical experts in Japanese aircraft factories is 
evident from the improvement in Japanese planes and the appearance of 
Hesserschnddt in China* This proves that Geman techimcal 
assistant is" being given to Jagan in exchange for .delivery of raw 
material:: •" 

This enemy statement demonstrates in itself the importance of our 

According- to an, intelligence report received via branch office 
Cisneros, one merchantman and two destroyers sailed on 3 August from Port 
Stienne for Casablanca „ There was considerable air activity which indicates 
that new convoys are being assembled on the Western .african coast 3 

Qui Situation 

No reports 'have been received from our, -own vessels, Naval Staff 
f or warded . information on camouflage-ship-types- for the t&VELLaND to Naval 
attache Tokyo, by te3.etype 1415c 

^" Sfl &uafcion VJest ; Arjea - , 

Enemy Situation 

31' planes were detected up to 1230 over the outer 3ay of Biscay. 
At 0950 radio intelligence intercepted a report from a plane on the 
sighting of a destroyer with Spanish markings in BF 882.6 and a 75/T 
guard ship with convoy ON 195 in AL cd British vessels were detected 
in BF 4280 at 1717 and at 2054 in BE 6955 * 

Own Situation 

. - L • 

A tlantic Coas t , f . j 

■'• ■ • •• - 

The number of planes shot down during the enemy air raid on 

Brest airbase at 2100 on 3 August has risen to eight 

One ELM I mine was swept off Lorient and one /off ^St/ Jean_ de.Luz _ . 
Destroyers Z "32" and Z "37" arrived at 0400 in Le Verdon and proceeded 
to Pauiilaco For brief report on assistance to submarine U---''10£ 5 - ! ' see^ . 
teletype 1615 q - ->■ • -• - 

- . Torpedobcat T "23-" -will proceed -from La.-Pallice to [Bpest in the 

-- . ■ ~ . .... 



4 Aug. 1943 

afternoon escorted by forces belonging to Commanding Admiral, Defenses 

Channel Coast ■ - 

Cne MM/ J mine was swept northeast of Dunkirk and one EFA nine 
northeast of Calais, 

Tne interrupted action of 2nd and 6th PT-boat Flotillas is again 
planned for the night of 4 August*, 4th and 5th FT-boat Flotillas will 
transfer to L'Abervrach as a base for future operations off Falmouth 

The buoy-layer ROCKEMQNT and two motor-minesweeper escort vessels 
were attacked at 0352 off Dunkirk by three enemy FT-boats with torpedoes, 
which missed their target „ Tho FT-boat s were driven off by strong 
defensive fire,, It is probable that hits were scoredo 

Three of our own minesweepers were attacked by two Spitfires at 
06l8 near Boulogne „ One of the planes was shot down Q 

Other ineffective bombing raids were made on our motor-minesweepers 
near Calais between 0020 and 0240 „ 

III. North Sea, -Norway, Northern Uaters 

North Sea 



Patrol position "Bingen" 'had an engagement with eight enemy FT- 
boats at 020-6 near Terschelling Two FT-boats were certainly sunk, a third 
probably sunk -and a fourth damaged Our boats suffered no damage c Another 
FT-boat was sunk in a further engagement with four FT-boats at 0523* (See 
teletype 1105) «> According to radio intelligence, at 1246 MTB "604" was 
being towed by IZT-B " 617" : -and requested tugs and pump's <> 

One ELM/j mine was swept northwest of Borkum 

Convoy 454 Elbe-Hook is to . sail at noon on 5 -^ug. Naval Command 
North reports as : of the evening of 2 August two cases of sabotage against 
harbor and ; traffic "-'installations at Esbjerg, \,3ee teletype 0711 »') 

Norway, Northern Haters 

Enemy Situation 

Twenty planes were detected in the area of the Shetlands but 




4 ;,ug. 194.3 

no activity by the Iceland squadrons was noted,, 

^ir reconnaissance reported at 0610 cne freighter (5000 "GOT^" one'*" 
escort vessel ^ and one pD.ane- on course 320° 30 miles east of Sideroe 


Submarine sounds were detected off Stavanger at C7C0 C 

Four planes flew into the area of Korgofiord, nine into the area of . 
Berlevaag* and one into the area of Vardce 

According to a submarine report , no traffic was observed in the 
eastern entrance of the Denmark. Strait 

In the forenoon of 30 July^ the Intelligence Service transmitted a 
report from a reliable agent in England which states; 

'"The events in Italy have pat the. in 7a 5 ion of Norway into 
the backgroundc All political and also military efforts are 
now. being concentrated on the break-- down of Italy and its 
military consequenceSc. In British military,, naval, and political 
circles it is felt that the Allies are at presexit too occupied 
to start an action in Norway with prcspectt: of full success? Never- 
theless,, preparations in Northern England are being continued 
though no large troop movements have been carried out in the 
last ten days The transfer of units of the B C C. to the north 
has also ceased British navel circles therefore believe- _ 
.-,.... exc- cut i en. ci a Norwegian operation by -exclusively .^nerrlcan forces 
to be impossible, sincj- the ^shipping requirements for Italy will^ 
in any pase^.bc extremely high; and- will not -be sufficient for .two 
mior operations.," - \ 

• '■ ; . . ;' - - 

Italian information" r> cm a source in England, suspected of being in 
the enemy's service, states that, eighty-two.. 3.S-? transports., 513 merchant- 
men., and 21 supply ships were ass einb led in English North Sea ports at 
midnight on 31 .July* One. battleship division^ the 2nd and 4th cruiser 
division;' 1 aircraft carrier divisionj .the -l^th, 17th, 21st," 23rd and 
26 Destroyer Flotillas; 32rd to 34th. .seaplane wings. and nine submarine . 
flotillas were also standing by "All formations' "were said to be ready 
to saile . , . 

• .■ 





4 Aug. 1943 

The first- mentioned, -report should be regarded as the more reliable. 

Own Situation 

The usual moderate exchange of fire took place between the bat eries 
of both sides along the Arctic Coast. 

Submarine U "636" has reported completion of its mining task. 

At 0700 on 4 Aug. a E7 138 started oiling tests in the Billefiord 

31 ships were escorted to the north and 24 to the south. Owing to 
the shortage of escort . vessels, 19 ships were held up e 

IV. Skag errak. Balti c °e a Entrances.' Baltic Sea 

A Polish Vi 08 mine was recovered, off Gydinia. 

The heavy gun carrier OST sank south of Ty.tters after striking a 
mine, 28 men are missing. 

The cruiser SCH^ 1 R has arrived in Copenhagen. 

Otherwise no special events have been reported. 

V. Submarine Warfar e 

No special reports have been, received,. 

VI . Aerial Warfare 

British Isl es and Vicinity 

Two of our air bases in Northern France were attacked dur- 
ing the day by enemy fighter-bomber formations. At 1926 strong enemy 
bomber formations at + acked the yard at he Trait, where 74 bombs were 
dropped without any anti-aircraft reaction. Nearly all the sheds were 
heavily damaged, and work has had to-be stopped. No ships or French 
submarines under construction were damaged. 


: . . . : 


U Aug. 1943 

Single harassing missions into the Reich area were reported on 
the night of 4- Aug. 

Mediterranean Theater 

On the night of 3 August, 125 of our bombers were sent out against 
the harbor of Palermo „- .Fierce fires were started in score houses 
and harbor installations, One destroyer was sunK, one cruiser was 
damaged, two steamers (total 13,000 GRT) were sunk, and eight more 
steamers (total 30,000 GRT) were damaged. 

In the af "ter noon r the enemy attacked Naples with 77 Fortresses and 
dropped 300 high explosive bombs on the inner town where heavy damage 
w,n S done to buildings* One cf the attacking planes was shot down by 
anti-aircraft guns, No fighter - activity has been reported. 

A Mustang ™^~s shot down during a bomber-fighter attack en Milazzc, 

Continuous fighter- bomber attacks were made -on San Giovanni from 
0900 to 1700, Two planes were reported shot down by anti-aircraft. 
Strafing and fighter -bomber attacks were made in the Straits of Messina 
as en the previous days. 

No enemy air activity over Italy Was reported on the night of 4-. Aug. 

Eas t er n_Fr on t 

141 enemy planes were shot down on the Army front on 2 Aug. ; 
and 122 on 3 Aug , 

Eight enemy planes attacked one of our convoys 'at' 14-25 off Floroey, 
according to a report from the 5tn Air Force. In the Kola Estuary, 
fighter-bombers sank one coastal freighter (900 GRT) and one FT T ,oat 
pnd one motor boat were set afire by gunfire c 

VII. . Warfa re in the Iiedit9rrai7e.an_.and' Black Se a ' 

1 . En emv Landing in S icily . ; • 

S itu ation on Land 

A local enemy break-through in the area of Troina was 



4 Aug. 1943 

, ■ ' 
mopped-up* Counter measures have been started with our last reserves* 

Fighting was still going on in the evening at the southern edge of 

Catania.o It is planned to evacuate the town on the night of .4 August,, 

Situatio n at Sea 

On the evening of 3 August lively shipping traffic was observed 
along the north and east coasts A landing place was spotted south of 
Marsala, According to air reconnaissance, early on 4 August one cruiser 
and one destroyer were seen on an easterly course at 0740 north of Cape 
0rlando o Probably the same cruiser with ti^ro destroyers was sighted en 
a westerly course at 1605, 25 miles northwest of Cape 0rlando o 

In Palermo at 0633 there were eight freighters, one tanker, one L3T, 
1 auxiliary naval vessel and eight large landing boats; two cruisers, and 
one LSTj were off the port,, 

' ■ 

In an engagement between two Italian PT boats and probably five enemy 
destroyers at 2230 on 3 August near Cape Orlando, one Italian PT boat was 
sunk and the other was damaged,, Hits were probably scored on two enemy 
vessels r, 

The, report on the bombardment of Salerno on the night of 1 August by 
enemy submarines was based on false observations of eight bomb impacts 
and observation of light signals at sea, which caused the coastal batter- 
ies to open fire„ 

According to photographic reconnaissance, there were large numbers 
of vessels in the ports of Syracuse and Augusta in the : morning of 4 August* 

A battleship and two destroyers shelled Taormina at 1145o 

At 1255* there vrere three large naval vessels 40 miles southeast of 
Syracuse on a northeasterly course and three small naval vessels eight 
miles east of that port on a northerly course. 

In La Valletta the RODNEY, the NELSON, one WARSPITE- class and one 
TTJjUSTRIOUS-class vessel were sighted as well as four cruisers and. 22 
destroyers. Tank barges in the Straits of Kessina were destroyed by 
direct bomb hits on 3 August o The number was not reported,, 

Aviso SG M 14" and 3 motor-minesweepers were in operation on 
the night of 4 August transferring troops from Salerno to Sicily, and 5 


4 Aug. 1943 

FT boati' carried out, a night operation off the. north coast of Sicily. 
Further reports have not yet Wen received, . . 

2. Eremv Situation el s ewh ere in Mediterranean 

A convoy of 13 freighters.. left, Gibraltar at 063.0 for the Kediter- 
ranean. From' the eas.t arrived, five apparently empty^ transport and four 
freighters, "three of them in ballast, , put .in to port from, the East, and 
five loaded freighters' from, the West. v Hew information on the ILLUSTRI- 
OUS-class carrier in Gibraltar 'indicates- it is not -the. FORMIDABLE but 

At 0730 on 3,. Aug..., ..there were 17 freighters with three destroyers 
on an .easterly ao^ar S3, north of Cape Bon and at 1735 there were 20 
freighters including small ones, 25 miles east of Bi-gerta. At the sair.o 
time, 17 other freighters were leaving Bizerta. Only a few ships were 
in the. harbors of Tunis and La Goulette* Enemy submarines were again 
reported on 3 Aug, 150 miles southeast of Kalta^.on 4 Aug. south of Genoa, 
off Bastia and south of Cape Colpuaa. 

No sighting reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean ; 

According tc an Intelligence report from London via Madrid dated 
25 July, the "12 th Submarine. Flotilla "Victory" left Liverpool for 
Gibraltar' on 20 July destined for the Near East. 

In regard to war material transports in .Alexandria and Port Said 
during. .July '43* see teletype 1830, 

3 o Own S ituati on elsewhere in Me diterra nean, Sea Transport Situation 

Two .tank, barges ran aground on 3 Aug. in the. southern 
entrance of the. "Strait of Messina while en route to the Aegean. .. One 
boat was refloated immediately j the other is being salvaged. 

Five motor minesweepers and two submarine chasers were- employed on 
escort service", protecting four steamers and one tanker ia. the Island 
traffic. The steamer CITTA DI ; :C'.l' AN-JA (3353 GRT). was sunk" by ^an- enemy 
submarine 11 miles northeast of Brindisi at 1100 on 3 Aug*- 

German Naval. Command,, Italy,. reports .tfcie. following .readiness status $ 

- r ■ ■ r,.. ■"<' ■"-'■' '■■,":.■- i ■ .. 



4 Aug.. 1943 

1. With the exception of PT boat S "56," 3rd PT boat Flotilla 
is ready for subsequent trarsfer to the Aegean. PT boat S V C\5" 
;.;••) is already in Salonicaj after her .next operation,. PT boat S "36" 
will also go there for major overhaul, Due for immediate minor 
ov-rhaul are PT boats S »30>" S "33" and S "61"; also due after 
three operations, is PT boat S "5&<j" Overhaul to be done at 
Taranto. Overhaul time will depend on arrival of the second work- 
shop train. If the Kalamata workshop train is: already in operation, 
two boats could be transferred there, PT boats S "57," S "60" and 
S "54-" remain ready for action in Southern Italy after becoming 

.-' 2. The 7th FT boat Flotilla will be out of operation for a ' - 
considerable time,., At Toulon:. PT.boat S "151," 3 "1£5," 3 "157," 
and S "158 ,; ; after, one operation, PT beat S "152" is. due for minor 
overhaul at Toulon. Ready for action and rezdy for subsequent 
transfer to x-he Aegean^PT boat S "154" j after mid- August, PT boat 

S "153r" 

3. A decision in accordance with the political and military 
situation is requested in regard to the minor overhaul, of four 
boats of 3rd PT boat Flotilla at Taranto. If the second work-shop 
train arrives in time and if one engine per boat remains operational, 
.' overhaul time will not be less than four weeks. 

, 4» Area Naval Group South 

Aegean 3ea 

Enemy Situation 

On 2 Aug. an Italian PT boat w a s ineffectively 
attacked by -enemy, planes near Cephalonia. Pamphlets dropped over 
Rhodes were intended to incite the Italians against the Germans and 
announced a landing on Rhodes. Local landing activity and sabotage 
of .cables is reported from the island. . 

One of our Arados was shot down by enemy planes at noon on 3 Aug. 
off Chania and another seriously damaged. Three reconnaissance planes 
were over the area Crete/Rhodes on the night of 3 Aug. 



4 Aug, 1943 

. ', . ■ i . 

Reconnaissance of the Syrian coast, off the 'Nile Delta to Benghazi, 
and over the western Peloponnese by ten- of our" planes produced no tactical 

r ' - . i 

Own S?.tu ^ t ioft ■ 

i Wo'' special* incidents have been :reporbed 

Special It 5ms 

Group South has forwarded a report from Admiral, Aegean accord- 
ing to which^ the Italian Commander in Chief, Vecchiareili, stated. that 
the latest ' directives of the High Command unequivocally conf im the 
intention ; to continue the war on tke r i German side c 

'Naval Staff, Operations Division', has advised Armed Forces High 
Command, Operations Staff, Navy,, 

Black Sea • ' > ' ; 

''■■' i ; 

^ISS^-^^Mii !-; -."-,. v ' ■ v- ; 

One submarine was located between Svllna and- <Eupatoria in the 
evening of 3 August According to serial photographs there were in Jei^k 
six small armed vessels and in Achtari , seven small! armed vessels© 

Own Situation 

A heavy air raid was made on Yalta at ; i820 o Six naval personnel 
were killedo Further details have not yet been reportede 

'"•'■'•■• '■ ' '. . ': tS. ff/S .: l ''Ji , k " 

No Naval Forces were sent out 'on .'combat -.operations owing to weather 
conditions^ '• •■,"•-■; e'Jd . -. i ';-.■-- r c ; L*i : 

brf.- I" •■•-■A ,zobotUi to ' •■ ■: 

Supplies delivered to the ''Gouenkepf?' s&tftfJfwSsfl amounted- to a : i : 
total of 120.859 tons, of which 72,47& tons were for the Navy., For 
details*, : see teletype 2315 b ' ■ • : " T 3 v?j nwof) J"o«fa •-'•:•: :-:■ 

&'w l *-'l ->:;' r-r ... ■• ■ . , j '.'i^ismaJJ •••;Iatro.r , T<- -; " i ■'' ' 

VIIlo Situat ion Ea st _Asia '• ?d.1 no p.»Lo.«M '-■•;':■ ■ ■■ ■ .; 

: .Italian /^sic^ troops have reached the Kunda air base according 
to American reports© 


5 Aug* 1943 

Items of Political Importanc e 

In a statement to the press, the Swedish Foreign Minister stressed the 
fact that it is extremely important for Sweden to maintain the best 
possible relations with the USA C The political principles of ^h,e USA 
and its attitude to international problems makes it seem only natural 
that the Nordic countries, and not least among them the Finnish nation* 
should have especially close ties to the USA 

This statement, like others that have been made^ is an indication 
of the Swedish appreciation of the general war situation, the practical 
effect of vnich is evidenced in the termination of the Transit Agreement 
with Germany P 

An official Swedish Communique announces .that the transport of German 
troops and German war materiel ■ through Sweden will cease as from 20 Aug 
Details are given in War Diary,- Part C, Volume VIII, 

Alleged Russian terms for a separate peace with Finland, recently 
published in a Swedish newspaper* have been denied by Tass„ 

According to an "Exchange" report, the Argentine Government has 
again given permission for Argentine ships to sail to New York» 

Commander in Chief, Navy, is absent from Berlin on official business 
in Angers and Paris 3 

Conference on the Situation with Chief of Staff, Naval Staff 

lo Chief of Staff, Naval Staff ordered that the. request from the 
2nd Air Force for the transfer of two ship— based aircraft squadrons (Arados) 
to the Mediterranean theater for anti-submarine operations should be 
complied with 

II. Armed Forces High Command, Operations Staff, Navy, has asked for 
an explanation of the striking increase which has allegedly been' late- 
ly observed in the Norwegian traffic. and of how it has been possible to 
release the' additional shipping space. 

The fact is that the figures have not changed greatly since May of 
this year e Both in May and in June, they amounted to 450, CGO tons; in 
July and August (according' to the requirements report) there .were 470^000 

-^ -7,1 





5 Aug, 1943 

tons per month, since August 1942, the corres^o-nding-^f-i'giires-have 
decreased gradually frora 625,000 tons (in September 725,000. tons) to 
413,000 tons in April 1943. ' '" 

It is- still -obscure how Armed Forces High Command Operations Staff, 
de'rived the impression of a ^'striking increase."' 

III. Quartermaster General^ Naval Staff reported - oh* the damage to the 
Blohm and Voss dockyard at Hamburg: 

.:. - 

One -third -of all buildings, store houses etc. are destroyed j the 
rf 'complete destruction of the cable-store -is particularly serious. 
The three power plants are largely undamaged but it is impossible to 
estimate when they can be put back into operation due to the destruction 
of cables and lack of replacements. Of the new submarines launched, 
■'-one has be oh sunk and two have been damaged.. The Submarine slips re- 
ceived three direct bomb hits but apparently- no serious damage was dene. 
State of docks; 

Dock 1: in working : order . '■''•* 

Dock 2i split and sunk 

Dock 3* damaged, Destroyer ZH 1- now in dock will'- be removed 

after emergency repairs 

Deck 4: can be put into working order* 

Dock -5* can be put into working- orders 

Dock 6; split and sunke 

Dock 7* sunk. 

The gate' of the large building dock was damaged and the dock flood- 
ed. Ship f1 5/" which was in the deck, went afloat undamagedv 

■ • Chief of Staff ^ Naval r Sta£f 'ordered that 'only -sufficient personnel 
are to be kept on ship "5'i to transfer her to the Eastern Baltic' 

IV,'-- With 'regard ^o the eomplain£ ; "of Dockyard Control Staff, Greece, 
as -to" the unsatisfactory supply of foreign exchange, the -^aval (Ship). 
'Construction Division, Supply add Finance Branch, sub-section- U, has 
stated that according to information from 11 the German Ambassador in 
Athens, the Navy : s requests for foreign exchange have always been met, 
'-ev'e^n when this 1 has involved s^cme difficulty* -Therefore, there is no 
ground for the' -complaint- that was submitted,- Hie matter will have to 
"V'b>- looked ihto by Naval (Ship)' ; Gonstruction Division, 




5 Aug. 1943 

Preparatory measures have been initiated. In order to postpone 
the weakening of the'coastal defenses as .long as possible, it is 
planned at first only to designate personnel but not to make any actual 
assignments* Special- attention is drawn to the time required for--de- 
tacn'ing the- designated personnel, assembling them into units, grouping 
them for transportation, and preparing for their local employment. 

c. Group South requests that the advisability be examined, in 
accordance -with the development of the political situation^ 3f appointing 
.immediately one. Naval Transport officer (Later to be ^Transport Office 
Commander) to each of the proposed Naval Transport offices, ThS'se 
officers acting provisionally as Liaison Officers for the Adriatic- 
Aegean traffic, could help to expedite 1 - it and maintain- continuous watch 

on transport movements. Naval Staff y -Operations Division forwarded the 
teletype to Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Shipping and Transport 
Branch and Naval Staff, and. bo Naval Air Section, Foreign and Own Air 

d. Naval Staff ; Operations Division has advised the Group Commands, 
Chiefs of Department, Naval Commands, Commanding Admiral, Northern Waters 
and Commanding Admiral, Cruisers on the Italian, situation^ as follows: 

No conclusive assessment of developments in Italy can yet be 
made; There are increasing indications of a firm intention on the 
part of government authorities to continue the war on the side of 
Germany. This, however, does not yet exclude the possibility of a 
political development in another direction. Future trends will' depend 
largely on the measures' taken by the. enemy. ..'The. 'increase of our own 
forces in Italy is continuing according to plan and is helping to 
strengthen the Italian power of resistance. The possibility of sudden 
developments must be continually kept in mind. In regard to co- 
operation with Italian authorities in all areas, the current general 
directives remain in force. 

u. Group South has received orders from Naval Staff, Quartermaster 
Divison, Organization and 'Mobilization Branch to appoint the Special Duty 
Commands necessary .for operation "Achse" in that area. The task is to be 
undertaken only, in the Greek area. In regard to further inquiries Group 
South has again been referred to the Armed Forces high Command directives 
on operation "Aches " at the headquarters of Commanding General, South 


5 Augo 1943 

f. An overall report on'the verbal instructions, etc., given to Chief 
of Staff, German Naval Command. Italy in merlin will be issued in due 
course e . 

^aval Staff confirms the new directives issued by -Chief, Naval Staff 
to German ^aval Command, Italy, as follows: 

"In a suitable manner and as quickly as possible, German ^aval 
Command Italy will transfer up to 5Q% of the tonnage employed in that 
area to the Aegean Sea." 

II. Iri view 'Of the diverse trends in regard to the purpose of further 
prosecution of the war which, according to information received, are 
current in Japan, Chief, Armed Forces High •Command has directed that 
all G-erman Military establishments that are called upon to cooperate with 
Japa'n, should act in accordance uith uniform principles. Chief, Armed 
Forces High Command conveyed an order from the Fuehrer to the -effect that 
all inquiries and representations from Japanese authorities in regard to 
; the views of the German authorities on Japanese strategic plans are to 
-be referred exclusively to Armed Forces High Command. If, in exceptional 
cases; it is impossible to avoid answering Japanese questions of this 
kind, the following general line should be taken 

Japan must count on an eventual Russian attack, To anticipate 
this attack with sufficiently strong forces would be advantageous. 
The use of weak forces, which could net -.succeed, would be 
: prejudicial. It would create a "new force-consuming front \ As 

we have not sufficient knowledge of Japan's military condition, we 
•' 'can give no advice * 


III, Note by l c Sklo -I b (Kr.) 2285/43 gk> Chefs, on the Fuehrer's 
•statement (reported in War Diary, 29 June) in regard to previous negli- 
gence with reference to the unfortunate -outcome of the African campaign, 
see War diary Part B, Volume XIV. 

IV e Naval Staff, -Submarine 'Division has- Submit t-od, for information, 1 "the 
considerations en 'the convoy battle '•-' Convoy Operation No, 4," which have 
been issued for the personal use of submarine cbmmanders 3 For copy as' 
per 1 Ski. 2257/43. Chefs, see War diary/ Part B, VolumerlV, The* directive 
takes under consideration the new "attack and defense weapons which will be 
made available to the submarines for the resumption of operations against 
convoys and the continuation of anti-merchant ship warfare c 


5 Aug. 1%3 :: ; '-• • Mc-i, 

In a Highly Restricted Circle 

V. The Reich Commissioner for J^ritime Shipping has advised that the 
port of Hamourg is again available and that commercial traffic has 
been resumed. 


VI, German Naval Command, Italy, has reported increased activity by 

the Italian Navy, which plans to use cruisers for minelaying and of- 
fensive operations and to lay extensive barrages off the Calabriun 
Coast and in the Naples area. Garrisons on the islands around and 
north of Naples have been strongly reinforced. An order from Com- 
mander, Submarines, Italy states that an operation by Italian cruisers 
and destroyers from Maddalena against Palermo is scheduled for the 
night of 6 Aug. 

Naval Staff has informed, Armed Forces High Command, Operations 

Staff, and Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters, of these indications of a- 

more serious effort to prosecute the war. The already mentioned re- 
port from Admiral, Aegean on the order of Italian Armed Forces High 

Command, bears this out. Of less positive value is General Ambrosio's 

proclamation' to the Italian Armed Forces, which contains only vague 
generalisations e 

Special Items 

I, Preparations for Operation "Alarich" and Konstantin" 

. J ;'..: - ""ACHSE" 

a. In order to secure the necessary personnel, Naval Staff, Op- 
erations Division, has among otner measures agreed to make us.o ef 
the Naval Liaison Officer with the Army High Command, LaplatKU- Naval 
Staff, Operations Division is of the opinion that the Operations Officer 




5 Aug. 1943 

and possibly one officer from the A-IV section can be spared from the 
staff of Naval Group Worth Fleet, 

- ■ 

b, i\iaval Staff has reported to Armed Forces High Command, Opera- 
tions Staff, that personnel requirements for the new tasks cannot be 
filled without , taking special measures „ The new organizations cover 
large areas and^ require, according to preliminary estimates, at least 
23,000 men (not- counting ships' crews) including about 450 officers and 
14,000 naval artillery personnel. Apart from the personnel kept in readi- 
ness to commission' submarines and s urface warships, no reserves worth 
mentioning are available. This gives rise, to the following situation: 

1, The Navy cannot put the. measures' as' ordered, into effect with 
its own forces A prerequisite to all the planning is that the scheme 
under which. Wavy personnel is being released to the Army in exchange ,oi 
for 10,000 soldiers with technical training, must be abandoned. 

2. Even so, there will still, remain a requirement for approxi- 
mately 45.0: officers and 13 .,000 ratings. The withdrawal of 20$ of" the 
coast defense (sea targets) personnel from the areas of Norway (except 
Arctic Coast), Denmark.* the- Netherlands^,. France, (except the Channel 
Islands and the South Coast) and the withdrawal of a certain number from 
the Home war theaters, as discussed here, would provide about 8,000 men. 
.extension of the 20$ withdrawal to the ether occupied areas is impossible 
due to the strategic situation. Similar iaeas with regard to Norway have 
already been discarded here due to the force of circumstances c The Home 
theater has already been almost stripped of sea-target coastal batteries, 

• ,.,.•■■ . -•■■ 

3 c An effort will be made to fi : H. the remaining requirement of 
about 5*000 men from the personnel made, available to the Navy by Armed 
Forces High Command from List Z- etc „ It Will be extremely difficult to 
find the officers. ' 

1 ■■ '" ' l " " ~ ■■• ■ 

,4. A .20$ reduction. in. cqast defense forces as suggested in 

paragraph' 2. in the* areas -.mentioned,., constitutes so- great a diminution' of 
defensive- strength, that Naval Staff cannot assume the sole responsibility 
for such a s-tep, - Armed Forces High Command, Operations Staff will there- 
fore be asked to confirm the fact that its implications are fully realized. 

5o 15 it should become necessary to provide ships' crews, it will 

be possible to do so only by abandoning any planned commissioning of new 

surface vessels. 



— ri iPT 

5 Aug. 1943 

Sit uation on 5 August 1943 

_ — o — i -x-*- 

I, War in Foreign Waters 

j . 

Enemy situation 


No special reports have been received, \- 

Own Situatio n 

Naval Attache Tokyo reports as of 29 July that Captain Von ftuckteschell 
has arrived seriously ill on the BrtAKE in Singapore and will not be fit 
for duty in the Southern area. Replacement is requested at the next 

opportunity, ■ ' ' . 1- 

i ": : ■ . ■ . ■ . 

Naval Staff has informed Group West that at the instance of Naval a 
Staff, Naval Special Services Department, Bordeaux has received orders 
. from Armed Forces High Command, Foreign Section 111, to remove the of- 
ficial mail f rom AQUILa II and AQUILA IX on the pretext that, as their 
departure has been delayed, the nail should be secured on land where there 
is less danger of air raids. Private mail for the merchant raiders, 
blockade runners^ and the Etappe is to be left on board for the time be- 
ing. The Group has been instructed to reconsider whether the AQUILA ' - 
submarines should continue to berth in the Lower Gironde or be retransfer- 
red to Bordeaux, using the pretext of the delayed departure in order to 
arouse as little --suspicion as possible, . . i. . 

Information on the enemy situation has b^en issued to all ships in 

foreign waters by- teletype 2047. ' '" 

. ■ i "> ■ 

• • : t'.i ' -v. \ 1 • . .'.' ■ . . 

■ . . \. 

II; Situation -1 "West Area 

.•'...' . x. 

Enemy Situation J 

46 enemy planes' were' -detected over the outer Bay of Biscay up to 
about 13 West. During 1 ' the day, several planes escorting the Admiralty" 
convoy "Seacock" in the* NOrth Channel were detected by radio intelligence. 




^ug. 1959 

Several other planes escorting the Admiralty convoy "Ren bane'" Were also 
detected in aL 96, AM 74^and AM 7S, British vessels were located during 
the afternoon in Bt 1926, 1210, 2170, BL 6768, and' AM 2380, 7172, ■ and 
7475 • The locations in AL and AM are probably connected with the above- 
mentioned convoys '' 

According to an intelligence report, Spanish fishing vessels on 28 
July NNW of Cape Penas sighted three British heavy cruisers accompanied 
by seven to eight planes. 

Own Situation 

. Atlantic Coast .' " ~' ; ' 


une ESJa/j mine was swept north of La Failice. The transfer of 
torpedo boat T "23" with minesweeper M "24" and aviso SG "1" to Brest has 
peen completed. 
a- • ■ 

Naval Staff, Operations Diviscn has been investigating the problem- of 
how an enemy mine -laying offensive in the E^y of Biscay for "the purpose of 
closing the sea routes to and from the Atlantic could be effectively counter- 
acted c Naval Staff, Operations Division, Mine Warfare arid' Ant i-Submarine, has made a detailed report on .this question and Commanding Admiral 
Defenses West and Naval Group West have been given the opportunity to. 
state their views en the subject. Beth of them have been requested 'to 
establish the -relative tactical, technical, and organizational demands,' 
sad report-. on the number of forces required," Prom the 'investigations made, 
Operations Division has reached the conclusion that the greatest threat 
to submarines would come from the use of ground mines in the outgoing 
route close in to the bases, whereas, if* : moored- mines Were 'u ; sed the threat 
could be effectively counteracted by the available means'. '"'Every possible 
technical device must be devoted to combatting the ground mine threat and 
new tactical and organizational possibilities must be sought in order to 
reduce the danger for submarines as well as to provide improved protect- 
ion for minesweeping vessels. In addition,, air defense measures must be 
taken to prevent or render more difficult the mining of the sea routes. 
Naval Staff, Operations Division has informed Naval Staff, Submarine 
Division, and Bureau of Naval Armament, Underwater Obstacles Branch, of 
these views and will advise further Sf tor 1 receipt of information from 
Commanding Admiral, Defenses 'West arid IMaval Group West. 


-70-' * 


5 Aug. 1943 

C hannel Coast 

One ELM/j mine was swept off Calais and one between Ostend and 

uwing to weather conditions, the transfer of 4th and 5th PT boat ■ 
Flotillas did not take place as scheduled, 

I. " 

Operations by the 2nd and 6th PT boat Flotillas on the night of 4 
Aug, were carried out according to plan. Enemy patrol boats were con- 
tacted 25 miles east of Harwich, One enemy vessel-was sunk (according 
to radio intelligence, the minesweeper RED GAUNTLET), The attack ha-s. 
resulted in- a>n increase in enemy sea-rescue and minesweeping activities 
due to suspected mine-laying c Our boats suffered no damage or casualties. 

■ ■ ■ . 

For brief report, see teletype 1850. 

' ; - ; - 

III North Sea>, Norway, •■i\lorthern Waters 

' ' ■ ■'■ • 

1, North See. . 

Five ELM/ J mines were swept north of T^rschelling. Convoy 454 
Elbe - Hook completed its run according to plan. ' Convoy ll6l Hook-Elbe 
arrived with six steamers at 2200 in Hook and dropped anchor for the night 
off Den Holder. 

ifo'-tfther events of special interest have been reported, 



2. Norway/Northern Waters 

. .: 

-i^ uemy ■ Situation 

29 planes were detected in operation over the North Sea; no 
planes of the Iceland squadrons were noted. Air reconnaissance reported 
at noon one freighter and two patrol boats on course 150°, 35 miles 
northeast of KANIN .N03S; one tanker, one freighter, seven patrol boats on 
a westerly course; and one freighter on course 200° of f KANIW N033. 

According to an intelligence report from London dated 27 July a 
convoy in which two Special Marine Infantry Divisions were embarked ■ left 
Scapa Flow for Russia on 23 July escorted by two cruisers and six Sunder- 
land planes. 



5 Hiig. ^943 

J "• . 
Own Situation 

One of our J fighter. groups, was attacked at 1150 by ten enemy plarte's ':; u 
40 miles north of Vardoe„ IV aer+al tor pedoe 3 exploded, on shore e One 
of the- attacking planes was shot"d'owno : '^Thfe-enemy, .gained no success in 
the attack on one of oihS /Sio+ith bound convoys off Fierce, already report-. , 
ed en 4 Aug. One plane was probably destroyed. [ • . 

31 ships were escorted to the north and 25 to the southo 18 ships' 
. were held up due to lack cf escort, 

Destroyer Z "28" left Trondheim in the forenoon of 4 Aug. southward- 
bound < 

Commander, Submarines, Norway reports the following distribution cf 
submarines as of 4 Aug,; 

a. In the Kara Sea U "255 -> ,: as main tanker' for 3V I38, is on station 
in AT 3278; U ''601; l! as secondary tanker is north of Noyaya Zemlya (also 
performing ice reconnaissance) 3 U h 71I" as combat submarine, in operation- 
al area AT 6264 rf 6$* U l &02 n as combat submarine, is enroute to operation- 
al area XA 7475. U "354" 'is enroute to operational area AS 4243 , 

b. The operational areas between Bear Island and Spitsbergen are 
covered by U "277/ BO?;/ "3 8 7" and "7130" 

c. Employed on mine operations are: U "625" off the eastern entrance 
to the Straits of Jugor and U ''629" in the Petchora Sea : U "636" has 
completed its mission and is on its way back from the Petchora Sea. 

ci. The position north of . Iceland is occupied by U "269r" 


Naval Group North Fleet /has submitted operational orders for- weather 
observation ope ration "Bassgeige c ; r '* jt weather ooservati^ori' ship, still 
to be assigned, will be ordered to deliver material at "the top of the 
Skaerfiord on the east coast of Greenland for setting" up a Weather- 
ob serration station, and, to return, if possible, to Northern Norway. 
• The .-operation will - be . directed "by admiral, Northern v/aters. 

/ : 


5 Aug. 1943 

Waval Command Norway points out that, in view of the cessation of the 
Swedish Transit Traffic, the increased sea traffic will probably be 
exposed to a greater air threat, and. that reinforcement of fighter pro- 
tection and escort forces is urgently necessary in order to safeguard 
the convoys to Norway. Flanking minefields will also gain in importance 
in the protection of the sea routes, 



.'•■... • 

IV, S kagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

^nemy situation 

It has bsen established that the Russian vessel which struck a mine 
on the night of 26 July was the MO "12o" 

Lo other items of interest have been reported. 

Own Situation 

Altogether, three ELr/J mines were swept west of SKagen and in the 
Great Belt, 

In the kernel Deep, submarine U "34" was rammed at ^155 by the tender 
L^CH in a depth of eight meters and sank. . 

No special reports have been received from the Eastern Baltic or the 
Gulf of Finland. 

Transport and convoy traffic was carried out without incident through- 
out the Baltic Sea area. 

V. Submarine Vfarfare 

One of cur submarines sank the steamer DaLFRAM (4>458 GRT) enroute 
from Laurence iarques via iiauritius to the Mediterranean in KG 8555. 

U ,, 732" reports as of 2 Aug. the sinking of a merchantman of 7,000 
GRT and the torpedoing of a second merchantman from a convoy in Di\I 73&1 
on course 170°, 




5 Aug. 1943 

U "185 ;I and U "604" suffered damage and casualties, when attacked by 
enemy planes. 

As carrier .planes . are to be expected within the Worth and. Central;, 
Atlantic, the order to pass west of the Azores when traveling either north 
or south has been countermanded, 

According to a statement by ^aval Staff, Quartermaster Division, the 
total number of combat submarines dropped by 23. between 1 July and 1 Aug-, 
During this month, 2? submarines were posted as missing, 8 were put out 
of commission, 26 were put into service, and 4 joined the combat units.-., 
The total number of submarines in commission on 1 Aug, was 423, ijJL.* 
one boat less khan on 1 July 1943.. ; This month's losses in the Atlantic , 
amount to 29$ cf the submarines sent into action during July, and in the 
Mediterranean to 33.^ of the submarines in operation. 

— • Ser ial Warfare 

1' British Isles and Vicinity 

The 3rd Air Force had 104 planes in operation in the. West area 
and 12 planes in the Mediterranean. .a*\l. i 

No special events were .reported during the day, , 

j^nemy air activity ever Germany was also on a small scale during the 
night. .; . ■ . . , 

2 Mediterranean Theater 

Photographic and general reconnaissance of Algiers and Bizerta was 
carried out by our Air Force. 

During the day > small enemy. forces attacked the harbor of Olbia in. .- 
Sardinia and tried to damage one of the antiaircraft command posts with 
incendiary bombs equipped with time fuzes, 

d special reports have been received «, 




5 *ug„ 19 A3 

VII o Wa rfare in the Medit erranean an d 31a ck 3ea 

1 Enem y Landing in Sicily 

Sn tuatibn on Land 

On the. central sector of the front, the enemy continued his 
attempt to break through with undiminished violence, The attack was 
mainly repulsed in hard fighting in xvhich heavy casualties were caused,, 
Catania was evacuated in the early morning, In view of. the enemy's 
great numerical superiority, and our complete lack of reserves, the 
14th Tank Corps has decided to start falling back gradually on 5 &ugc 
along the whole front on to a shortened bridgehead position along a general 
line from ten km. SW of Cape Orlando to five km. south of Cairo 3 This 
movement will probably be completed by 12 Aug„ 

Situation at Sea . 

According to photographic reconnaissance, no enemy landings have 
taken place on Alicuri or the Lipari Islands as previously reported 

8 large transports and 6-10 smaller vessels were sighted in Pa*.- • 
lermo and one heavy cruiser or battleship and 35 large or medium-sized ves- 
sels off Palermo. 1 cruiser, 3 destroyers, and 1 transport or another 
cruiser were, reported entering the harbor 5 destroyers shelled the coast 
18 miles north of Catania at noon. At 1127, 10 miles south of Syracuse 
Submarine U "453" sighted a battleship with 6 destroyers and fired a fan 
of 4 torpedoes at the port-side escort. 8 minutes later, 2 detonations 
were heard. 

,• • On the night of 4 August, during operations by 5 of our PT boats 
off Palermo Bay, a torpedo was fired at destroyers. The torpedo missed 
the target,, and the destroyer gave chase,. Our PT boats lost sight of 
the enemy due to -poor visibility after having vith drawn eastwards as far 
as Termini. Commander, 1st 'PT Boat Flotilla believes that traffic is 
carried on only during the day with patrol service off the ports at night. 
The PT boats returned to Salerno. Aviso SG "14" and three motor-mine- 
sweepers carried troops between Salerno and-Vibo Valentia according to 

According to photographic reconnaissance of 4 Aug <> there were 
about 22 L3T, and 134 LCT in the Sicilian area, and 40 LST and 137 LCT 
in the Tunisian area, Most of the remainder are probably in the Western 
Mediterranean, as reconnaissance of the Eastern Mediterranean shows no 
landing craft, or very few of them, in .the ports, Fewer freighters are 






5 Aug- 1943 

are also being used in the Sicilian area e 

Naval Staff, Naval Intelligence Division calculates that, in -.the 
course of the Sicilian Operation, 20 L3T, 45 LCT> : and 50 merchantmen 
of approximately 300 5 000 GRT have been lost or heavily damagedc Naval 
Intelligence Division also estimates that £00,000 GRT. of shipping space 
'.i:.t. left, the Mediterranean through the Suez Oanal„ 1 -■— yg "ohese deduct- 
ions into account, the total number of landing craft is estimated to bo 
14 13;:, 133 1ST, 459 IGT/l-i and 2,000 small landing boats- Of the LST, 
17$ are presumed to be in the Sicilian area and 30$ in the 'Tunisian area; 
of the LOT, 29.3 are presumed to be in the Sicilian area and 30$ in the 
Tunisian area The remainder of both types are presumed to be in ohe 
Western Mediterranean c 

Shipping in Gibraltar and in tha Mediterranean is estimated at a 
total of 44 transports for 564^000 GET, 467 freighters with 2,417,000 
GRT, and 51 tankars for 324,000 GRT, for a grand total of 562' ships 
(3 ; 325,000 GET). "Of this tonnage, about 10$ is in the Sicilian area, 
15$ in the Tunisian area, 23$ in the Eastern Mediterranean^ and 52$ in the 
Western Mediterranean. 

2<, Enemy-. Sit uation el sewhere in the Mediterranean 

: .- - — v.- ■ ■ - — 

Four large transports with troops on board left Gibraltar an 
the evening -of 4 August for the Atlantic „ 

A DIDO-class cruiser, which arrived in port from the Mediterranean 
on the night of 4 August sailed again for the Atlantic in the morning 

.t 1712 cur air reconnaissance -spotted 30 lar^e merchantmen' and ffomeifeus 
escort vessels on a westerly course 1 20- miles 1 ^Algiers and 12 light 

naval vessles 35 miles east of "Algiers, also- on a' westerly course 

Photographic reconnaissance of Algiers at 1704 showed 2 battleships 
of unidentified types and 1 battleship of- the -TEXkS -class, 1 cruiser, 9 
destroyers, 1 1ST, and 22 freighters, ■"• and, off the pori^ 26 freighters and 

2 tankerso 

According, to visual.. observation at,. Bone in the- morning there were- 
onl.y a few ships in the', port. In Biz ert a at noon -there were 1 monitor^ 

3 light cruiser's, 6 destroyers, a number, of light auxiliary war vessels, 
24 LjT, 6 LCT/LCi'/13'LC:, 317,000 GRT of freighter torirage^ and 9g,000" 
GRT of tanker tonnage. 


5 Aug, 1943 

According to an intelligence report from Italian Amy Intelligence, 
an enemy landing will shortly be made on the. coast line between waples 
and Salerno. The same source states that in Tunis and Algiers the enemy 
has more than 20 divisions available and ready for immediate action, 
including 4 tank divisions and 2-3 airborne divisions with French forces 
among them. 

Anotner intelligence report states that submarines have been cruising 
between Imperia and Cape Corse i since 2 Aug. 

No submarine positions have been reported today. • 

Our air reconnaissance reported at 0715 40 medium sized merchantmen 
and 10 escort vessels on a southeasterly course NW of Bengasi „. 

•according to photographic reconnaissance, there were no landing, vessels 
in the iviarsa Matruk the forenoon of 5 '.Aug, 

According to radio intelligence, merchantmen sailing under US control 
from the Red Sea and South African ports to the U.S. have been going via 
the Mediterranean since 27 July. .. . 

3' Other items of the erranean Situation 

Sea Transport Situation 

At 0500^ the Italian corvette GAZELLE sank in the Gulf of 
Animara presumably after striking one of our own mines. 

Three Italian steamers and three barges were sunk on the afternoon 
of 4 Augc during an air raid on Naples. PT boat S "155" was slightly 

A supplementary report states that one naval landing craft was de- 
stroyed at Paola by a direct bomb hit on 3 Aug, 

2 torpedo boats, 2 submarine chasers, SGC^and 1 motor-minesweeper 
were engaged in escort service. 4 steamers and 1 tanker were escorted. 

Naval Staff has instructed Group South and German Haval Command, 
Italy that as soon as boats of 11th ilotor-i-iine sweeper Flotilla that be- 
come ready for action begin to arrive in the operational area, a cor- 
responding number of the remaining boats of 12th iiotor-riinesweepir 
Flotilla will be sent to the Aegean. 



5 Aug. 1943 

Aege'ah' Sea 

■ ' ' i.n . . . 

4e A r ea i Ja val Gr o up .South 

In Piraeus, a sabotage attempt was made on the steamer TAM13 .,*"•' 



which .suffered insignificant damage from an explosive charge, 

l\lo other reports of special interest have been received, .,;. 

Black oea . . 

Enemy Sit uation 

According to air reconnaissance, 1 PT boat was observed ,off ., 
Sotschi, ■■ South of Adler 4 coastal vessels and 3 escort vessels were sight- 
ed and off Atschujew 3 motor minesweepers., 


0*0 Situation 

Ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch was hampered by weather 
conditions, No special incidents were reported, 

Admiral, Black Sea reports that operation -ef 11th PT boat Flotilla 
are now greatly restricted and will soon become impossible as the boats 
are materially worn out. For details see teletype 1745. 

VIII', Situation East Asia 


■■-.» «■ 


According to an American radio report^ 1 at j 190G the Americans 
captured Munda . 


'I : I 

d6 }\ 


I ■ 

• .1 ■ 



6 Atig * 1943 

Items of Political Importance 

In the British House of 'Lords , the speaker announced that the Soviet 
Government has expressed full approval of the policy of demanding Italy ! s 
unconditional surrender. Stalin has 'been kept informed in regard to the 
military operations and the Russian Government has been kept up to date on 
all matters concerning Italian policy. The lull in aerial operations 
against Italy during the past six: days has been primarily due to the 

It was also stated in the House of Commons, by Eden, that the political 
aspects of the Italian situation have been discussed in close consultation 
v/ith the Soviet Government,, 

The House of Commons debate on the war situation has been postponed 
until the autumn „ 

A new meeting is expected to take place between Roosevelt and Churchill, 

In the session on 5 August the Italian Council of Ministers dealt only 
with matters of internal policy 


Conf erence on the Situation with Chief , Ilavol Staff 

I The Italian Naval High Command has called the attention of German 
Naval Command, Italy to the fact that the transfer of torpedoboat "TA- 
10" to the Aegean should not have been made without the prior consent of 
the Italian, Naval High Commando Under an agreement of 17 Iiarch between 
His Excellency Riccardi and Grand Admiral Doenitz^ this boat was temporarily 
manned by a German crew and had been expressly provided as escort for the 
Tunisian traffic, and for this purpose only, without prejudice to Italian 
rights of cwnership. For copy of letter as perl. Ski, 21725/43 gkdos see 
War Diary, Part C, Volume XIV, : 

V f 

The view of the Italian Naval High Command., Navy is justified It 
is scarcely likely, however, that any action in this respect will be taken, 
even by the Italian Naval High Command, 

II, Chief, Naval Staff does not wish that the Japanese request in regard 
to the release of the FAT torpedo , should be refused,, It will be some time 
before MARCO POLO II sails „ Furthermore the development of the FAT 
torpedo is not yet completed,, 

III, Quartermaster General, Chief, Naval Staff decided on the proposal 
of Naval Staff that the further delivery by the Navy of 10,000 tons of 
fuel oil per month from German home production should be postponed for 
a few days until Italy's attitude is further clarified, 



6 Aug, 1943 


IV. Naval Staff, v. Quartermaster General;, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch reported on preparations so far made for operations ''Alarich 1 ', 
''Kor/stantin" and "Achse" in accordance with recent statements in the War 
Diary^i Chief, Naval Staff approved all the measures. 

Spec ial Items : 

Armed Forces High Command, Operations Staff, Navy is being informed 
that Naval Staff has so far given orders for the transfer to the Aegean of 
50%- of the German merchant ship tonnage , The remaining boats of 12th • 
Motcr-Minesweeper Flotilla will also be transferred as soon as boats of 
11th Flotilla arrive in the operational area. The boats of 11th Motor 
Minesweeper Flotilla are already beginning to arrive „ 

II, Chief of Staff, Navel Staff and Chief, Naval Staff Operations 
Division held a meeting on 5 Aug. with Vice-Admiral Abe 'and Rear Admiral. 
£okoi ; mainly on the situation in Italy. For copy as per 1. Skl c I opa 
2261/7,3 gkdos. Chefs, see War Diary, Part C, Volume JOT, 

On this occasion, Vice-Admiral Abe stated that the Japanese forces had 
evacuated Kiska unobserved by the enemy > . and requested that the Japanese 
submarine FLl£iD£R now enroute-t-Q -^ur-ope-/- -should ■• not be kept waiting" too 
long. The reasons for the delay were explained to him, 

III, The- Naval Liaison, Of fic'et 'to High Comnahd, Army r ( General' Staff ) has-'.: 
forwarded to Chief of Staff,- Naval Staff a survey made' by " H foreign Armies •;,;• 
East" of this c^uestionf 'M/tould -Japan 1 $' gentry'' into the" war, against -the 
Sov±et Union afford any -appreciable- relief?;; ". In this' study, the answer 

is inrthe negative. The-S'tatemerit i'3 '-filed " as, per I^okI. 22p2/43 -'Gkdos c 
Chefs, in War Diary,. Pari'€ f 3 'v^6lumV aV, ^ Thfe views of ".Chief of Staff, Naval . 
Staff, which differ on sorn^ -'-points with those of the study, are shown thereon 
in marginal notes, 

IV, Armed Forces' High "Command,. Operations Staff, has issued the following 
order concerning the discontinuance of Armed Forces Transit traffic 
through Sweden: 


The German-' and Swedish Governments, have agreed'. to cancel the leave 
and war material- transit ^traffic- through Sweden, It .is therefore ordered 
that: r ' y " 

1 3 Leave traffic through Sweden will cease as. from 20 Aug. 1943.- 

... " , ■ ■ , - » V* * - 



• * 





6 Aug, 1943 

2 Transit by members of the Armed Forcjs in civilian clcthes 
' . holding special identification carl "N", and by civilian person- 
nel of the Armed Forces in civilian clothes holding valid travel 
orders, will be permitted as heretofore. 

3. Courier travel by rail and the field postal traffic will be 
arranged separately.- 

4. Transit of war material will be discontinued as from 15 Aug. 
1943* Transit of supplies of a civilian nature for the Arm-id Forces 
(provisions, provender, coal, cement, motor vehicles etc.) will 
continue as heretofore. All military markings, including the sign 
"Wh,," must be removed from motor vehicles shipped through Sweden. 

5. Transit of mineral oil and mineral oil products will continue 
as before, 

6. The technical details of discontinuing and re-routing trans- 
ports will be ordered by Operations Division, Home Staff, Overseas, 

V. In Summary of Information on the -knemy Situation No. 15/43 , Naval Staff 
Naval Intelligence Division reports or: 

1. Radar location gear (radio direction finding and ranging.) 

2. British submarine losses since the beginning of the war 

3. V/ar ship construction in the USA " ■ 

4. Personalities in the British Navy 

For copy as per 1. Ski, 23745/43 geh. see War Diary, Part D, "Material 
on the iinemy situation 1943." 

Situat ion on 6 August 1943 

I. ■ War in foreign maters 

" &nemy Situation 

No special reports have been received. 


'.' • 

mi. :_. 




6 Aug. 1943 

Own Situation 


No reports regarding our ships in foreign waters have been 

In reply to inquiry, Naval Attache, Tokyo reports that after first 
objecting to publication of the visit of Ship "10" to Japan, because of 
misgivings in regard to Kussia, the Japanese iM avy has now consented and 
has asked for advance notice of the date on which publication is planned 
in Germany, - ' ''•'•... 

II. Situation West Area 

Enemy Situation 

■ > ■ ), 


41 planes were detected in the .Bay of Biscay. Our air recon- 

o / 
naissance reported at 1108 4 destroyers on course ■ 210 ■, -in BE 9613. Group 

West does not think this sighting has any connection with the location of 

a British vessel by radar in BE 4980 at 1401, 'Six 1 ' mare.. British vessels 

were located by radar in BE, BE and AL between 1703 to 2319. For details, 

see "Daily Situation u " , . ■ f 

Own Situation 

Atlantic Coast 

> H ' 


On 4 Aug, at 0800, two mines attached to a '"parachute were 
apparently jettisoned near St. iMazaire by an enemy p^ne after being fired 
upon* The mines were recovered. One ELM/' J mine was swept off' St. Nazaire- 
on 6 Aug. 

No. convoys sailed due to the stormy weather. ' \-,. L 

The tanker NuftD ATLANTIC, transferring under the direction of Naval 
Attache Madrid from Vigo to Si Ferrol struck bottom while avoiding enemy 
planes at 0800 on 5 Aug. off Carainino-and sprang a leak. After vain at- 
tempts to tow her to El Ferrol the tanker was beached in Caramino Bay, 
Part of the cargo of fuel oil ran out. Attempts are being made to salvage 
the general cargo with Spanish help, ■ Details are given in War Diary, Fart 
C, Volume VIII t 

Channel Coast 

Owing to weather conditions, no convoys sailed except those in 
the Channel Islands area. 



6 Aug. 1943 
III. North oea. Norway, liorthern Viators 

1. North Sea ' 

r.\ro EL¥i/j mines were swept south of Heligoland and one zLa/J mine 
in AM 9694. 

Convoy Il6l was unsuccessfully attacked by 6 Spitfire planes' at 1635 ' 
off Den Kelder. From shore observation it is suspected that aerial mines 
were dropped although it might have been jettisoning of bombs. The convoy 
continued on to the Elbe in the evening. Owing to weather conditions, no 
patrol positions were taken up on the night of 6 Aug. - ; 

More acts of sabotage have been reported from Esbjerg. Fish shipments 
for Germany were damaged by a large fire in a packing house. A Danish lorry 
used by the Todt Organization, was damaged by c.n explosive bomb. 

One enemy' plane was shot down near Den Helder at 2107 on 5 Aug. 

2, N orway/Northern Waters 

anemy Situation 

Normal air activity by ; 18 planes was detected over the North Sea; 
the Home squadrons of the 15th Group flew numerous missions whereas only, 
slight activity by the Iceland squadrons was detected. 

Complete air reconnaissance by our own forces of the Banak - Bear 
Island - South Cape - Glockensund route on 5 Aug. produced no tactical results. 

According to photographic reconnaissance on 4 Aug., there were 6 . 
coastal freighters ranging from 250 to 1,500 GRT in Beluschja, and on $ Aug. 
3 merchantmen,, 1 tanker and 7 patrol boats on a southwesterly course off 
Kanin Noss. 

A brief report from Commander, Submarines, Norway contains the results 
of reconnaissance by submarine U "335 n °f "the Western Coast of Spitzbergun 
from 13 July to 2 Aug, For copy, see teletype 2000. 

According to an intelligence report from England via Norway, dated / 
Aug., intensive preparations for an invasion have been made in parts of 
Northern Scotland by troops of all the services which are concentrated in 

-83-' ~~" 


6 Aug. 1943 

this area, Numerous planes and gliders were observed, 

; ijvm Situation r 

24 ships were escorted to the north and 37 ships to the South. Other- 
wise no special incidents have been reported.. 

IV c Skagerrak 9 Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

■ "™~ ^— — ■" — — — — — »•— —————— — — — — . 

One rJLM/j mine was swept off Fuenen, one in AO 7424 and one near 
Seelandsrev, ~ •- .*iL . : , 


Destroyer Z "28" has arrived in the Baltic Sea Area. 

■ 1 ■ - 

No ether incidents of importance have been reported. 

V. Submarine Warfare 

• In the Atlant ic,-' .U "566" in CA : 81$ sank one destroyer of' the SOiMiS- 
class; U "185" torpedoed in FK .6272 a steamer of 5,000 GAT' and subsequent- 
ly sank it by gunfire j U "757 :: in ST 4418 sank the steamer" FiitNKILL (4,116 
GP.T) en route from Liverpool to Buenos Aires , 

In the Indian Ocean the Bachstelze plane from U "177" sighted the 
steamer &THAL1A i<iAliI on 5 , Aug. 150 miles, northeast of Fort Dauphin (riada- 
gascar) and the submarine sank her.. 

No reports on air raids have been received today. 

..• , . 

V - 1 - • L.1I i^-- Warfare 

1« British .Isles and : Vicinitx. , 

•The ; 3rd A'ir Force had 40 planes in operation the Western Area' and 9 
planes in the kediterranean, 

A sailing vessel was sunk by our- fighters southeast of Start Point. 




6 Aug. 1943 

Moderate enemy air activity with gunfire attacks on military instal- 
lations and transport equipment was reported over the west Area during the 
day. Four locomotives were damaged and one dredger was sunk in the Seine. 
Two of the attacking planes were shot down. 

Enemy air activity G n the night of the 6th was limited to an 
incursion by 8 planes over the Duisburg area and 25 planes over the coastal 
area of La Rochelle - Gironde where gun fire attacks were reported. 

2 . iyl editerranean Theater 

German Air Forces and an Italian cruiser formation carried out com- 
bined operations on the night of 5 Aug. According to an Italian report, 
the cooperation was good. 

An enemy bomber formation, approaching Naples at 1430, was driven off 
by our fighters before attacking. . 10 to 15 Wellington bombers dropped 
explosive and incendiary bombs en Naples at 2115. 

Our heavy combers scored a hit on a large steamer off Augusta during 
daytime on 5 Aug. and destroyed 1 flying-boat. 

The attack on the port of .Syracuse on the night of 26 July was made 
by 37 bombers and 21 torpedo planes type 350. Evaluation of 'photographic 
reconnaissance shows that one corvette and one tanker (7,000 GRT) were sunk 
and five freighters (3/*, 6(30 GRT) damaged. It is reported that the bombers 
scored hits on 3 steamers, but no results by the torpedo planes were observed. 
It will therefore not be possible- to establish the proportion of the successes 
due to bombs and to aerial torpedoes. This information from Commander of the 
Long-range Combat Force, 2nd Air Force, does .not - confirm the assumption of 
Fuehrer Headquarters that the port had been rendered unserviceable by this 

3. Eastern Front 

On 4 Aug., 189 enemy planes were shot down on the Army front. 

VII. Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

1. Enemy Landing in Sicily 

SitiLMt'icn ''on-'' land • 

There have been no changes of note, 



6 Aug. 1943 

Situation at Sea ' .. . 

Two unidentified . vessels shelled St. Agata on the north coast of 
oicily at noon on 5 Aug, Taormina was bombarded from the sea at 0400 on 

6 Aug . • . 

.A .reconnaissance of Palermo at 1822 on 5 August showed 3 cruisers 
(including 1 anti-aircraft cruiser), 7 destroyers, 2 escort vessels, 4 
lST, 8 large landing craft, 1 tanker and 2 freighters. There were no ships, 
seen at this time in Marsala or Trapani.- On 6 Aug, at 1630 our air recon- 
naissance sighted 7 merchantmen and. 5 escort vessels on a westerly .course 
•° 10 "miles east of Palermo; 

The Italian cruisers CADORM and 3CIPI0NE AFRICANO were engaged. ,by un- 
indentified. enemy vessels off Cape Rissuto south of Crotone' at 0442, 
Particulars are not yet known J. .'The cruisers EUGENIA DI SA'VOYA and MONTE- 
CUCCOLI, en route to bombard Palermo at 0431, were sighted by enemy planes 
and returned to Naples without . completing their 'mission. 

Two Italian destroyers completed a mining operation in the southwest- 
ern part of the Gulf of Taranto on the night of 5 Aug. 

:,, , , . - ; ' " . , .ii>> •■ 

A minelaying operation by Italian cruisers in Squillace Bay is .planned 
for the night of 6. Aug. '' Five of our PT boats trahs'f 'erring, from Salerno to 

'Taranto will be used as flank protection..: Four of' our Pr boats are also 
scheduled for operations in the Palermc-rTremini" area during the night 

'and have already put'ftut. In the circumstances, the activity of the .... 
Italian Fl^et is specially satisfactory as ••it proves that "the new Fleet 
Pprnmahd is really serious in it's desire, t.o continue the war against the 
Anglo-Americans,. 'at 'least for the time being a 

Besides the losses already reported in the enemy air raid -on Naples 
in the afternoon of 4 Aug., the destroyers PALL/DE was sunk and the mine- 
layer \/IESTE was damaged. Cargo discharge .in the Straits of Messina was 
considerably delayed throughout '4 and 5 Aug, due to continuous enemy air 
attacks on the ferry traffic. One Siebel ferry was damaged, 

■ ' 1 

2, Other items of enemy situation in the ■Mediterranean 

The arrival of one tanker and five freighters from the Atlantic 
is reported from Gibraltar. 



6 Aug. 1943 

The westbound convoy of 30 vessels reported ofi' Algiers in the after- 
noon of 5 Aug. has not been seen again. 

At Eone, in the morning, there were 6 freighters and at Pnilippeville, 
6 freighters, 1 destroyer, 3 PT boats and 2 landing boai<s e The number of 
ehi r s in Bizerta was approximately the same as before 

On the evening of 5 Aug. enemy submarines x^ere reported 20 miles 
west of Valona and 80 miles east of Minorca, At the latter position, 2. 
unidentified vessels on a. southerly course were reported at the same, 
time. On the morning of 6 Aug, there was one submarine off brindisi and. 
one off Taranto, and in the evening, one off Civitavecchia and one off 

~ Off Cyrenaica, U "81" intercepted an east bound convoy in CO 5474 at 
0955 and fired four torpedoes, Four detonations were heard bub no ef- 
fects i^ere observed,, 

3 • Other items of ow n situation in the ^mediterranean. Sea Transport 

2 destroyero, 2 motor minesweepers, and 2 auxilliary minesweepers 
were engaged in escort service; 4 steamers and war freighter "11" vrere ' 
escorted in the island traffic without incident. 2 barges were destroyed 
in the southern straits of Messina, by fighter-bombers. 

The mine carriers BRANDENBURG and PQMMSRN left Naples at 0230 for a 
mine laying operation. 

For report on status of barges, see "Daily Situation, VJest Area/', 
Altogether 75 tank barges and 12 freight barges have left Toulon and 
the Mediterranean up to 6 Aug.. 

-- -• 

4. Area Naval Group South 
Aegean Sea 
Enemy Situation 

.. . . :■■*• .■• • in 

"Foreign Armies west" -has forwarded a report dated 6 Aug, 
obtained by an agent from Turkish '.Embassy cireles in Budapest. It 
states that military circles in TurKey believe an Allied invasion of 
Rhodes and Carpathos, from Cyprus, Syria and Palestine, to be imminent'. 

Own Situation 


6 Aug* 1943 

Owa Situation 

Sea Transport was carried out -without incident r 

Group South has advised Naval Staff ? for information.., of directions 
to admiral,. Aegean in regard to mining tasks in the Northern Aegean, which 
have been given priority under- an agreement between the Group and the Bul- 
garian Navy, and are to be laid as single-row angular, minefields in the Bay 
of Orfano ; off Kavalla and off Dedeagatscb Tnese -are requirements already 
approved in principD.e by Naval Staff which are new advanced due to the changed 
situation-/ Group Soutm also reports that according to information from 
the Naval Liaison Officer with Army Group E the -Chief Quartermaster of .this 
group considers that if" the Eastern Adriatic Coast is taken over the sea- 
borne supply of Da.lnatia, Albania, and Western Greece areas would be of limited 
va3.iio- r Group South correctly describes this view as incomprehensible , 
since the railroad and road nt-vb works in this area are very sparse and are 
continuously endangered by partisan activities which will increase still 
further as soon as enemy operations begin,. Under no conditions can the Navy 
dispense with seaborne supplies for the coast defenses,, The Navy must 
demand that the shipping space required 'for this purpose ranain in the 
Adriatic or be transferred from the Italian area in good time a This view 
of Group South is f ally concurred in 

: - ■ ■ - ■ ■ .;c'£ii; ■! & 

. Black Sea • . < 

Enemy Situation -. .• 

Radi6 intelligence detected no large vessels at sea but two .submarines 
were detected in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, two in the area 'of 
the Crimea^ one in the southwestern part of the Black Sea and one at an 
unidentified position^ ol, 

PT boats were picked up by hydrophone, apparently on a northwesterly 
course , five miles off Anapa at 2225 °n 3 Augustc 

Submarine U "19" reported .a tanker and three escort vessels 30 miles 
southeast of Tuapse at 1925 on 6 August 

Owq Sit uati on 


The tanker FIRUS, in a Bosporus , convoy y was torpedoed by an enemy 
submarine five 'miles- north of the Bo.sp.orus. at 1330, but put in to the 
Bosporus- under its- own power,,. The^l63rd Anapa-transport was attacked by 
12 Russian ground- attack planes with, bombs and gunfire at li+45 in the 
southeastern part of the Straits of Kerch One motor-minesweeper was 
slightly damaged by fragment s c 




6 Aug. 1943 

Submarine U "20" is on its way back from the operational area to 
Constantsa via Theodosia, 

The 1st PT boat Flotilla is to operate in two groups of three ^oats 
each off Gelendjik and southeast .of Idokopoa si in the night of 6 Aug„_, and 
three boats of the 11th PT boat Flotilla are to* operate west" of NOvorcssisk, 

Supply and ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch has been carried 
without special incic 

II Situation Fast Asia 


out without special incident 

b- No special reports have been received 


A ' * ■ ' - * 

. I* 

■■■-■■■ '■ • 

• jJJ ' • ■ 1 ' ' 



7 Aug. :-,;- 

-"f:.? ::" .-'liiical Inr - r I ^ v r^ 

...f fritish Press defines the cessation of the transit traffic through 

3 ^n -as" the firs - , heavy blow against the "Axis by a neutral kurc 

vrtry, -This reflf difference between the military situation now 

.and -in .19-.:. - 

-fv.tsr announces that another, adr raid v.-as mads or. .-.: 


According to the official German News Agency, 2a3, the Italian Govem- 
rert has relinquished the Prot set ;rate of Dalmatia aw has 5 uli ordinal. fed 
the Prefects of f palate . Zara, and Cattaro directly to the ministry of 

the Intericr . 


l.e Italian Press reflects : ing ietermination to continue the 
war, particularly stressing the mendacity of the Anglo— Saxons who at 
first declared that the war was aimed only against Fascism and which uc 
demand inconditional sv.rrer.ier, C e same trick was played on the jerman 
bioa in 1918, 

Conference on the 3:.tva:icn with Ir.i-: 4 . ajra 1 ctaff , 

val 3taf: ; i^puartennaster General, reports that difficulties in 
regard to a financial settlement have arisen on the delivery of the first 
PI boats to Spain. 

:f ; quartermaster General, also reported 4 coastal warning 

installations had not been allowed by the Italians to cress the frontier. 
~-rman i*aval Command f Italy is intervening in t vis matter. 

Commanding Admiral, v :_ . :rth called attsntion to the fact that 
the provision and training of personnel for the increased PT beat forces 
is of ecmal importance to the manning of submarines, arder in Zhief, 
Navy, agr^sc with this opinion as being self evident, 

II. r.vief, .>a"-l ^rltavce livisicr- rureau :i .,-v^l .-.r.-amsr.t 

a. Construction of the fortifications along the Dutch Coast 
is again being held up following the withdrawal of the Todt Organization 
personnel. The fodt Organization does not approve of .»aval Command, 
North's plan to use naval construction battalions and Dutch laborers 
to continue the worK, as iodt Organization projects should in principle 

::. .--i - :i.-. i 


7 Aug. 1943 

be accomplished only by their forces. Commander in Chief, Navy will 
speak personally to responsible officials (Ministerial Dire&tor Dorsch) 
in Speer's Ministry 


■ L . b c In view of the difficulties experienced by Naval Ordnance 
Division . . in. regard t'ovprQductipn > Chief , Naval Ordnance Division, Bureau^ 
of Naval Armament intends." to write a personal- letter to Minister. Speer' 
requesting that this extraordinarily important group of manufactures be 
given his special •attention. No request for allotment of a special 
planning number for Armed Forces made, for the time being. 
Commander in Chief , Navy agrees, 'J - : 

c. A proposal from the Reich Minister of Construction and 
Ammunition has been submitted in regard to the new organization of 
weapon manufacture which fails to consider, various points of importance 
to the Navy.. Chief, Naval. Ordnance Division, intends to submit a 
counter proposal' to- the; Ministry, A joint conference is planned for 
10 Aug. under the personal supervision of Commander in Chief, wavy, and 
Minister Speer. 

Commander in Chief, Navy approved aid ordered that the letters 
specified in b, and c be submitted to him. 

III, Chief, Naval Staff, Naval Intelligence Division , reported that 
the food' situation has developed extremely favdrably in Great Britain 
due to a large accumulation of stocks during Kay and June, In addition, 
the harvest this year is expected to be well above average. No ether 
shortages now exist. Prices on the .black market have dropped by 50$, 

■■■* •' • . 

IV, Chief of Staff, Commander in Chief Navy',' stated t.iat preparations 
for the transfer of the High Command, Navy, to tiberswalde . or Neustrelitz 
in case of emergency, have been completed. 


In a highly restricted circle --' • 

a \: ■ 
V. Report by Chief. Operations Branch ., Naval Staff, Operations Division 

a. Directions by Armed Forces High Command concerning 'transit traffic 
through Sweden are. in 'accordance with the report in War Diary of 6 Aug, 

b. Chief, Air Force General otaff has forwarded an extract of the 
program of Ccmmander in Chief, Air, dated 30' July for Air Force opera- 
tions against Great Britain and over the sea, which has been approved 


CO] pi TLAL 

7 Aug, 1943 

in principle by the Reich tfershal. The program provides that all measures 
for operations in regard to. the preparation of ground organization, com- 
munications , training, and adaption of armament be taken without delay, 
with the assistance of 3rd Air Force Command. The general directions on 
execution of the order emphasize the necessity, for future operations of 
the whole German Air Force to be concentrated against enemy shipping. 
"Whenever German air forces are not -indispensably heeded .to. assist the 
army or for direct defense against major enemy landings on the European 
coasts - ; they are to be used, according to their range and with all availa- 
ble weapons exclusively against enemy supplies; i,e, naval yards, harbor 
installations, .ships in port, and ships at sea a Tl'.ese general directions 
correspond almost word for word with the recommendations previously sub- 
mitted to Operations Staff, Air Force, by the Na\ral Staff. Naval Staff's 
proposals have been extensively incorporated therein. It is a matter 
of particular importance that, for the first time, methodical training for 
sea operations is to be given a The far~-r earning orders in this particular 
sector clearly reveal the extent of the hitherto existing gaps. 

Copy of the directive of Commander in Chief, Air Force, Chief -Of 
General Staff, as per 1 Ski 2195/43 Gkdos, Chefs, is filed under 1 Ski 
IjL 2 Volume VI., with photostatic copies in War Diary Part C, ' Volume V. 

As a Naval training center for the Air Force, the Air * or ce. .Training" 
Staff, suitably reorganized for the purpose, is- being considered V "Mayal 
Staff, Operations: Division has Conveyed its views and desires- in this 
respect to Naval„ ; Staff, 'Quartermaster Division which will take over all' 
handling of the matter. ' 

Chief, r.aval Staff was notified of the order of Air Force general 
Staff and of the measures planned by Naval Staff by copy as per 1" Ski 
2195/43 Gkdos, Chefs, • • " 

c. In regard to the incident involving the tanker NORDAr^ANTIC, see 
relative report in the War Diary of 6 Aug. 

- - 
R eport by Naval Staff, Quartermaster" Gene-gal--, 'General Section en .. 

measures for training '__ naval "knits' in land combat and. .on instructions px 

importance to coastal defense, 

• ' CGNFIT&TIM. i 


7 ikugo 1943 

VII c Report, by Kine T .Iar:are Section,.. Inti Submarine Section Naval Sta ff, 
Operations Division on status and planning of mining operations in the 
Kara Sea., 


V III c Further report'" by Chief ? Operations Branch, Naval Staff, Operations 
Divis ion 

a t Commanding Admiral, Cruisers $ has suggested Fleet operations 
against the Spitzoergen coast in August » : -The feasibility of the plan 
will depend on prior investigation of the fuel situation and of its 
adjustment with plan 'JWunderland II," Further report is postponed until 
these investigations have been made 

bo On the proposal and justifications; of Commanding Admiral, Defense 
West, for abandoning routes "Ingeborg" and "Gartenlaube" from Brest j as 
per report in the War Diary of 2 August 3 Chief, Naval Staff has agreedo 

Sp ecial Items 

I. Preparations for operations "A larich" and "Kor start in" 

lo As a. result of Naval 3-taf f ' s instructions to German Naval Command 
Italy to transfer $0% of the shipping available in the western Italian 
area to the Aegean See., the Commanding General, South, has reported to 
Chief of Operations Staff, ^rmed Forces High. Command, with copy to Naval 
Staff, that the remaining 50% is not sufficient to carry out the nev/ 
tasks., All the small ship space, with the exception of a few barges ^ 
is needed, Commanding. General, Armed Forces, South evidently considers 
these instructions as an encroachment on his authority since he attached 
to his report a query to Chief of . Operations Branch, Armed Forces High 
Command as to whether the general orders to Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South has been modified without his knowledge, and requested that 
any Naval Staff orders to German Naval Command, . Italy, on similar basic 
military matters be sent via ■' Commanding -Gene ral, "Armed. Forces, South 


■ ■■-<: Juc 


Chief, Naval Staff plans- to discuss this matter at the Fuehrer 
Headquarters on 9 August*. 

2 1 In accordance with instructions, German Naval Command, Italy, 
has submitted organizational proposals providing for one Naval Shore 
Commander each at Spezia, Trieste, ,/mconaj 7 1Q port captains for : Imperia, 
Savona, Genoa, Spezia, Viareggio, Leghorn/ Pola, Trieste, Venice, Ancona; 
3 Naval Artillery battalions on the west side ; and 2 Naval' 'Artillery 
battalions on the east side. The only new demands for 


COlMFIftflh'TI AL 

7 aug. 1943 _ . . "" . ; -•■ 

personnel are the three Naval Shore Commanders The rest will be drawn 
from the present Sea Transport organization. For the time- being, " the 
Naval Shore Commanders will be employed -'-as Liaison Officers to the' 'Army. 

"The 25 opecial Services Commands will be distributed as follows: 
To s^a transport offices (6 Srezia, 5 at Tarantc, .1, -at Legjhbrrij: /j. at 
Trieste, 1 at Brindisij? to ship board anti-aircraft formations (4 at 
Genoa and 4 at Naples )„ 

3 Quartermaster Division, Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Com- 
mand, Administration has issued "Special order No. 2 ~ for-- direct !->:;■?. nc« 
43 !i (codeword "Achse") dated 3 -Aug c ,- regulating the inclusion of ."areas 
now- occupied by Italian forces in Greece, Albania, and Montenegro as 
well as the whole of the Croatian State into the German area of Command, 
For~ccpy as -per 1. Ski 2242/43 Gkdoss Ihefs, see fi].e 1, 3'kl -I op--fi;'16 Q 

II. Naval Attache, Madrid has forwarded the following information' which 
the Military Attache there received from the Spanish General Staff: 

lo From a reliable source: After capturing Sicily, the Anglo- ■„ . 

Americans plan to occupy Southern Italy (if Italian resistance continues) 
approximately' up to the line as a base for an attack on 
Dalmatian coast. The rest of Italy will not be occupied due to difficulty 
of supply, but unrest will be fermented there with the assistance of the 
leftist parties. 

2c Jtynbarkatlon and disembarkation exercises are now being carried 
out in England in the presence of General Anderson. As similar exercises 
were held in June for General Montgomery, it is concluded that further 
Anglo-American' Landing operations are planned under command of General 
Andersonc ; The British Press is not allowed' to mention anderson's 
presence- ; ; at the time,' it was not 'allowed to mention Montgomery's. 

' " _ _,.. . K . 
III According to radio intelligence, special radio. traffic, similar to 
that noted during the British Prime Minister's last journey to America, 
was noted from 0240 on, Mr° Churchill may oherefore be .making anothe r 
trip The unexpected development qf''^Snei J 1t6^j^^^^^J^iii0 1 ^.y require a 
new meeting, between Churchill .ajnd Roosevelt 'in '.connection with' the "break- 
down of '/the FaGCist :: system and the;att>'itud"e' : of the new Cabinet towards £ 
the cpnti-nuation o-f the' wai'o '• , .'."•■' -• l " *■" " " £ ■ - •'"' " ' 

; ... . ■ ■ ' .- 






7 Aug. 1943 

Situation of 7 ^ugust 1943 

I. '\i!iz ' .in Foreign waters 

1, ^nemy Situation 

- ■ ■ 

' ' ivio special reports, have been received. 


2, Own Situation 

i\io reports have been received concerning our own ships in foreign 

To an inquiry from fcaval' Attache, Tokyo (see Iv'ar Diary 6 Aug.), iMaval 
Staff has replied that the date of publication in regard to the visit of 
ship . "10" to Japan has been fixed between the Japanese i-aval attache, 
Berlin, and Adoainistrative Staff, Armed Forces High Command, and will be 
transmitted to Tokyo b;y the Japanese iMaval Attache. ■ 

German IMaval Command, Italy has reported that, the homeward bound 
ships VULCAWIA and dATURiMlA were at Gibraltar en 6 Aug. and left port 
at 0900 on 7 Aug. eastward -bound. 

II. Situation kest Area 


1„ i^nerny Situation .,. ./ 

■'- ■ w 

35 planes were observed in the outer Bay of Biscay up to 45° 

north and 11° west. 

Our air reconnaissance reported at 1712, 1 destroyer on a northerly 
course in BF 4757, and at 1735, 1 merchantman and i torpedo-boat on 
course 20 in BF 7129. ; Our air reconnaissance also sighted at 1832 
one submerged submarine in BF ^856 on course 50° and at 2224 1 submerged 
submarine on course 60° in BF 5715. These are most unlikely to be our 
own submarines. 


rtadio intelligence intercepted at 1000 a report from a British vessel 
on the sighting of 4 planes in.BF 7265.. ..The report may have, come from 
one of the vessels sighted by our own air reconnaissance. 


7 Aug. 1943 

A report on shadowing planes and air attack on- convoy' "Favour ;i in 
tiF 7316 was intercepted by radio intelligence. In addition, 7. British 
vessels were located in AiA, bF and AL between 1502 and "2?5£~ 

According to an intelligence report via teadridj dated 30 3o3y'^ an 
important troop convoy has been assembling in the Bristol Caanuel since 
20 July, The convoy will reportedly sail between 15 and 17 Aug a f or Algeria- 

2. G»-m Sitiiat.ion 

: Au] ant.- id Coast 

. _. Small . enemy air forces were over the .area of St, i\iazaire 5 La 
Paliice- .aV.dR6yan._Cn. the night of 6 Aug c , . 

■ ' \i ... - 

1 erieiijy plane was shot down by one of our petrel boats off the mouth 
of the Gironde r 4 enemy planes made a low level attack en mine sweeper" 
.. '4402" at noon and caused slight damage by gun fire 

Aviso "SG "l"' struck a' ground mine' at 2032 near St, Nazairs but was 
able to proceed, 

It is planned to transfer 4th and 5th PT boat Flotillas from Peter- 
port to Brest on the might of 7 Aug 

Destroyer Z "23" reports leaving dock at 2100 after the raising of - 

the dock gate £ She will not be fully operational until the end of the 

year after a new electric diesel has been installed but limited readiness 

will be established in about six days D 

1, .... 

C hann e l Coast 

Patrol positions we're not taken up owing to weather 1 conditions"". 
Convoy traffic was' only carried out in the" area; of the 'Channel Islands „ 

One ^LIv/a mine was, swept northwest of Ost'ehp.. '" • 

1 . ■ j- ...... . . 

■ " ■ 

III. iv ffrth Sea , hto rway , Nor th ern W aters ''* 

~^^-~ ,..._ j, ~ ■ ./■ ; _ is ■;■■ at* -:^^,,}rj . 
Patrol positions', were .not' take'n'upl owing., ,tq 'w.eath'er cohditions. 

_ 9 6- -?■-- 

7 Aug. 1943 

Two TZjh/j were s:. r ept north of Terschelling. Convoy " 11631" sailed 
from Hook to the hlbe without, incident. 

Cancellation of- transit traffic through Sweden has created a new 
situation in regard. to convoy traffic in the Norway area. The plan to 
attach the new 21st Motor Minesweeper Flotilla now being sent " provision- 
ally to Commanding Admiral, Defenses North in order to reinforce the 
protection of the itotterdam convoys, cannot now be effected. Correspond- 
ing 'instructions will be issued to i\iaval Command, iviorth and to Commanding 
Admiral,- Defenses North for informaticn r For copy see teletype 1717? 

Norway /N orthern i/ater .s 

tinemy Situation ■ 

■ i i ■ — 

11 planes were detected cvex j the l\icrth Sea, 9 cf the Home squadrons 
were on mission^ and 1 plane of the Iceland squadrons was in operation. 

According to radio intelligence, 1 submarine was reported by radio 
station Dickson at 0310, without data, Presumably, exercises began in 
the Scapa Area at 0912^ but no location details are known* 

Ow n ^Situation 

The 19th Mountain Army Command has concluded its search for agents 
in the inner Varager peninsulas The Patrol of the western Kors-fiord, the 
eastern Sylte-fiord, and the northern Kongs-fiord is being continued. 
So far, 41 persons have been arrested^ 

Single enemy planes were reported entering the areas of the Polar 
i.orth and ..est coasts on 5th and 6th Aug. 

22 ships were escorted to the north and 36 ships to the South. 

IV . Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrance. Baltic Sea 

1. -t^nemy Situation 1 h >; 

Wo new information was collected in the Bay of Kronstadt.. 

2. Own Situation 

One aLm/j mine was swept on the ferry,, route Korsoer - Nyburg. 
Throughout the Baltic area troop transportation and leave traffic 



7 Aug. 1943 

was carried out according to planv 

According to a Finnish report, the anti-submarine net has broken away 
at its northern end near Pcrkal'la. The damage is being, investigated. 

No ether incidents of importance have"- been reported, 

Commanding Admiral , Defenses JiaSt has submitted operational orders 
for Barrage XVIII operation, codeword "Lithium.;" as reinforcement of the 
Skagerrak declared area, The operation is to be performed by 2 mine- 
layers and 7 esccrt, vessels under the command of Commanding Admiral, 
Defenses Baltic en board FR- H A r A, The forces for. the. operation vail leave 
from Christiansand Souths Naval otaff has no comment c 

- 'in v 



Vc Submarine Warfare 

U "6'6" and U "IQL.7" were ineffectively attacked by carrier-based planes 
while engaged in supply operations in CD, ■'•he rendezvous point- had to be 
shifted to another place. 

As U ,I 6C4" was so badly damaged as to be unable to return to base, she 
has been ordered to scuttle herself after transferring the" crew 'and the 
most important- equipment to submarine U ''172" and U P185q" 

.•---,- ■ ■ • 

VI, Aerial Warfare 

■■ ■ ■■. • 

1, ■ British Isles, and Vicinity 

■ ■ . ■■■ ii .i i — J ■ ■■■■ » ■■ I ■■■■■■ — ■■■■■■i. - •m j tm 

'' '■'■ ' " ' '■ ; ' . ■-- ■ 

60 planes of ^rd Air Force were iri Operation in jthe. viest Area and 
10 in the i^ed,iterranean 

2 Enemy planes were shot down during the day in the West Area. 

During the night of 7 Aug s about 120 enemy planes "were "reported to 
have passed over Western France enroute to Italy, iEurin^ Genoa, and 
i-iilano were- attacked* . 

- • •■'*-•" '.;•: • ,-..- - • ■ 

.eight enemy incursions were made into the Reich area south of Cologne 

f% ._, ■-••■• *• * ■ — 

• -98- ' "*" ■"'• ; •'•^ if""": 



7 Aug. 1943 

2. mediterranean Theater 

In the area of Sicily, our air force carried out photographic 
reconnaissance of mlta and Benghasi. - 

Small enemy forces attacked Cristerx in Sardinia during the day; during 
the night of 7 Aug. there were apparently no actions. - 

3. Eastern Front 

Mo special reports have been received. 

Special Items 

Due to the air situation in the Home area and the shortage of personnel, 
Air Force Operations Staff has had to refuse Naval .Staff 's request for 
more Freya sets to be sent to the Crimean South Coast. However, they 
recommend that the possibility of removing Freya sets from navy-manned . , i" 
air defense areas, which are much better equipped with such gear than the 
other areas, be reinvestigated, (see teletype 2250). 

This matter will further be handled by Quartermaster Division, Naval 

VII. Warfare in the hediterranean and, Black Sea 

.^nemy Landing in Sicily 

Situation on Land 

Our withdrawal, which is being carried out according to plan, is be- 
ing followed up only slowly by the enemy. ■- u" 

>' ■ 

Situation at Sea ■ ■ < 

Only a little shipping traffic was observed off the north coast of 
Sicily. Ait enemy cruiser shelled the t. coast near Cape- Orlando at.OS55. 
At C345> there were 25-30 ships on an unspecified course 20 miles south- 
east of Syracuse; at the same time, 5-S ships were reported, un- 
specified, 45 miles east of mlta. Operations by our PT boats off the 
north coast were unsuccessful* 

confidentia l 


7 Aug. 1943 ' 

After refuelling in Naples, the 4 PT" boat's- trransf erred to Salerno 
and left Salerno again .with 2 core beats at -I4CQ. f or Taranto r During 
the transfer, a short thrust into the .- i^usta/Syracuse area is planned, 

. I*o farther details have been reported in regard to the engagement 
of the 2 Italian .cruisers during the .night of 5 a\~%^ in the Bay of 
Taranto >m 

2 c J frieiny Situati on_ el s ew here in the mediterran ean 

a convoy consisting of 4 probable transports escorted by 2 
destroyers passed Tangier at 0455 bound for the Atlantic, 

": According to eva3.uatioia of photographic reconnaissance of Biaerta on 
••o. 6 '■Aug,^ there- are sufficient landing graft in this port for- about 2 Ameri- 
u*»rL can Divisions. Tonaage in freighters aril tankers has increased by about 
7o,000 GRE'es coLipared ■ \iitjn. 3 Aug, 

Submarine positions were reported in the morning, 63 miles northwest 
of Trapani and 1?. miles southeast of Marseille. No mere sighting reports 
.ve been -received o 

according to an intelligence report from taonaco, enemy commando troops 
are planning to lend by sea and air at Piambinc a 

3 • Own situation elsewher e in iiQditer ra nean/S ea Transp ort Situatio n 

tor Minesweepers R "1" and R I; IQ" have left .Toulon for the east c 
Contrary to the sailing prohibition viiich'"is""st.tll~irr*xcrce.' the tanker 
PaLLaS left Toulon for Genoa en 5 Aug under escort, of .3 naval landing 
crafts ~--- " 

Torpedo boat TA n 9" escorted steamer .CHATi^aU. La ROSE en route from 
-rseille to Ajaccio,, The ship put into Ciotat in the afternoon after 
sighting a submarine. J-'orpedoboat TA "9" continued pa •_ submarine chase c 

Other vessels engaged in escort service were Aviso 3G "10 j." 2 sub- 
marine chasers > 3 motor minesweepers, and. 2 auxiliary motor minesweepers. 
3 merchantmen and war freighter K.T. !i li"' were escorted enroute /to jilba 
and Sardinia „• . .... ; . 

v ; ."V"- 




7 Aug. 1943 ... ,. 


4'i -Area Nava T 'Group South' ' ' ' 
' '"- Aegean Sea 
"Enemy Situa tion 

»^— ^ IllMl ^ ■ — III I ■ ■ ■ I 

■"*. ' 

According to a report from the Italian Attache in China, 4 American, 
2 British,, and 2 Greek divisions together with a strong French formation £.nd 
sdiie 'tank and artillery brigades, have been assigned, for operations in "the 
Aegean, These forces are to be sent out from Cyprus and Fort Saido The eneny 
estimates our own available forces in the Aegean at 9 infantry divisions/ 
1 light tank brigade, and 700 planes On the enemy side. British;. French and 
Greek Naval Forces are assigned to the operatioxi as well as 4 cruisers, 12 
destroyers 5 8 submarines, and 2 auidJLiary aircraft carriers cf the U.S. ■?. 
Navy Greek crews are said to have been sent to the U. S. to take over 5 ■■■■ 
destroyers, 2 submarines, and 6 escort vessels. 

Own Si tuation 

Transport traffic was carried out according to plan, Ccnvoy 
NANTAISE/THISEE was attacked by an enemy submarine at 1300, 15 miles south- 
west of the Dardanelles entrance,, Steamer NANTAI3E (179# GRT) was sunk;, 

•The views of the Italian High Command, Navy on the matter of anti- 
submarine operations in the Aegean put forward by Chief of Staff, Naval 
Staff, were forwarded by German Naval Command, Italy by teletype as per 
1, Ski 2221^/43 C-kdos„ For copy, see liar Diary Part C, XIV a j Italian High 
Command, Navy suggests a conference 01 Deputies from- all interested" com- 
mands-, (karimorea; Admiral, Aegean; LJariegeo) for the purpose of reaching 
a definite agreement. 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation . 

iHo movements of large surface vessels have been noted,, 

Small ship' traffic on the east coast and in the Sea of Azov was on a 
small scale Radio intelligence again detected a total of 6 .submarines „ 
Two explosions, probably mines, were observed off Gelendzhik, and 3 vessels 
leaving port in southeasterly direction were also seen» 

According to intelligence reports received by General Staff of Armj 

■0-i -101- 

7 Aug. 1943 

Foreign AiP.i,)S East en- 29 -July, ..large newly established yards in Suchum 
and Poti' are occupied almost exclusively in the construction ox invasion 
crB.flj.:l,e.- ;. small wooden barges 9 to hold 10-12 men; larger ships, similar 
to"- ferries :,/ to held 100 men; and special boats' for carrying- tanks and . 
ai-cJJJLeiyo-,-_vThe larger s3if -propelled ships are fitted with cranes All 
•vessels are of the same type of construction as- the American-produced 
landing. crafb c These Russian preparations are aimed either against the 
Crimea .or against the Bulgarian and Rfimanian Coasts Foreign armies 
East adds that this confirms the ac sumption that Russia is making large- 
scale preparations for invasions although there is nothing to indicate that 
such, operations are imminent Plans will undoubtedly depend on the success 
of the enemy offensive against Army Group South or on an Allied operation 
against the Balkans . ■'.-. .:-_..-._.■. 


... Own Situation 


The steamer FIRUZ entered the Bosporus under its own power. Sub- 
mar ine.':hunt; in the area where she was torpedoed, has so far been unsuocess- 
fulol Submarine chaser ZANT2N was unsuccessfully attacked by an enemy 
submarine, during this operabicn/ r . ,- 

-lz':'i~:~ , '. _' ,. ir-jK 

■ -Convoy PRODOliOS - CASSA was bombed by planes while en route from ' ,,.i 
Sevastopol to Constantsa at 0630, 300. miles east 'of Sulina„ At the same - 
time, a torpedo track originating from a submarine or plane was sighted/ 
A plane of the close air eseorb shot down one of the attacking planes 
and dropped bombs into the torpedo track sighted, presumably sinking the 
torpedo c A submarine chaser has been sent out from Sulina./ .-.•_.. 

South of Taman, Anapa transport No r 164 was attacked ~b^r strong enemy 
air forces at 0620.-, 3 °f the attacking planes were certainly shot do-wn 
by our fighters and another probably was- An additional report on the 
previoasly-*reported attack on Anapa convoy No c 163, states that 2 enemy planes 
werer sii-otv.down : by our figbters .••-■'- '-'■- 

•-....- , . ' '■ ■ Z "; ■» . -■•.-- 

In the Ray of Taganrog, during the morning /our •teJrie sweeping -forces 
were shelled without effect by shore artillery,, One fishing- vessel . sank.' 
after striking a mine 3 miles off Taganrog on 6 August 

The 1st FT boat Flotilla was out on the night of 6 August, but the 
northern group had to break off operations at 2030 owing to weather 
conditions o" 

The southern Group sank a coastal vessel (600 GRT) east of Idokopas 
and broke off operations at approximately 2300 owing to the weather-, 




• l 


The 11th FT boat Flotilla sighted no enemy vessels soutn of Anapa. 

On thj night of 7 Aug., 5 boats of 1st PT boat Flotilla were in 
operation off the Caucasian Coast, and 3 boats of the 11th PT boat Flotilla 
were engaged south of Anapa;> 

Ferry traffic across the Straits of ^erch and the Crimean convoy 
service were carried out according to plan.- 

/; . In connection with the report from Admiral,- -Black Sea, concerning the 
worn-out .condition of the boats of the 11th PT boat Flotilla, -i^aval Attache. 
Rome reports that the first consignment of spare parts has gone to Munich 
by transport plane . The matter can be speeded up if reimbursement of 
costs i's immediately promised to the- Italian firms and the necessary raw 
material sent to them. (See teletype 122C). 

VIII. Situation aast Asia 

1. According to an intelligence report from Bangkok dated 3 Aug., 
the Chinese are expecting an all-out outflanking attack by the Japanese 
from Burma and French Indochina ^ against Yunnavfu c The Japanese think 
themselves strong enough to break any British attack on Burma and then 
to launch an offensive against India, Japanese supply difficulties in 
this area are extremely serious. 

The newly-established Indian National Army in Iralaya is considered 
to be of little fighting value. 

The Japanese estimate the total strength of the enemy air force in 
the South Pacific at 3000 to 4000 planes and are of the opinion that the 
present American system of advancing from one island to another calls for 
a five-fold superiority for the attacker e Fighting continues with alter- 
nating success and heavy casualties on both sides. 

2. On orders from Chief, i\iaval Staff, an investigation has been 

made as to the extent to which the Japanese Kwantung Army could supply it- 
self from the hinterland now at its disposal in case of offensive opeations 
against Soviet Russia in Liberia. The supplies would necessarily have to 
be brought by sea. A minimum amount of shipping would have to be trans** 
f erred for this purpose. 

The investigation shows that: 

1. A very considerable amount of sea-borne supplies would be needed. 



7 Aug.. 1943 

. 2, About 1 59^000 GjRT of freighters and 100". 000 GUT of tankers 
would be required^ 

In spibe of the capture of nia&erous eneiny ships, Japanese tonnage ha3 
not ris-^n above its former level of 6 million G-?.T since, the. start of the 
war, since little new building has been done and Japanese losses have been 
heavy c .Although the position in regard to shipping space is very strained^ 
it would ., however,,- be possible to ensure the supply of "the Kwantung Amy = 

".-■•" '- ' 
For detailed notes on the Investigation, see 1, Ski la 2241/43 in 
War Diary , Part G^ Volume XV' 

■ - — • 

" ■ ■ < . . 

' . 






8 Aug.- 194-3 

Items of Political Importance 

Renewed pressure towards establishment of a second front is evidenced 
by an article in the Moscow military wews which says, according to "Tass" : 

' "For the second year the Soviet Government is shouldering the 
whole burden alone. In 1942 two documents were published containing 
agreements reached between J3ir, nolotov and the British and Americans. 
But even these did not help. In February, Churchill stated that the 
second front would be set up in the course of the next nine months. 
In the meantime, the Soviet Union has been sacrificing her best forces 
upon the altar of the struggle for the. common allied cause, thus tie- 
ing down the German forces, "It should not be forgotten that allied 
operations in the Mediterranean were successful only because the Red 
Army was engaging the main. German Armies for two years and holding 
them off , - As Stalin has "said, no second front will exist until the 
enemy has been forced to send about one-third of his. troops from the 
east to the west e . The opening of a second front would, in any- case, 
shorten the war and perhaps end it even in 1943. " 

The enemy view is expressed in a speech by Admiral King ; Commander in 
Chief of the U fl ->. Fleet, in which he states that the aim of Allied strategy 
is '"to keep China fit to oppose Japan and to make every effort to assist 
Russia by diverting German Troops from the Russian front. 

Diplomatic circles in Washington are convinced that another Churchill/ 
Roosevelt meeting will soon take place since the political situation now 
offers the opportunity to accelerate the military tempo. The main subject 
of discussion will undoubtedly be the renewed Russian demand for a second 
front. : 

In Italy, a state of war has been decreed throughout the entire country, 

On 7 Aug. Allied Headquarters exhorted the Greek and Yugoslav popu- 
lation, by broadcast proclamations, to be r patient for a short time until 
the hour for general action should arrive. ••••:> i 

Special Items 

I. Preparations for operation "Alarich," "ivonstantin " 





8 Augo 1943 ~~ 

lo Group West has advised Naval Staff, Operations Division, for 
information; of a directive to the effect that. any further participation 
of Admiral, French -Southern Coast is unnecessary, as transport movements 
from the Toulon area have been provisionally suspended 3 The intermediate 
position of Admiral, French 'South Coast is no .longer .necessary, so the 
command of all troop formations in the Toulon. area will pass at once to 
Naval Group ".."est acting through German Naval. -Command, Toulon, 

2 Nayal Staff, -Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch has ordered that the reduction of personnel for the purpose of ful- 
filling' other requirements is to be extended to- Admirals, ".Jest and South 
Coasts of Nor.rn.y~, 

3> Naval Staff has given unrestricted sailing permission from South- 
ern French ports for merchant ships cf all 3 The -order to hold ships 
ready to sail in Southern Fiance- is th-s countermanded for war ships, 
merchantmen^ aid vessels of all types, Commanding General South,. Naval 
Group ".."est, and German Naval Command Italy have been instructed accordingly „ 
Order 1, Sklo I op 22235/43 Gkdos is filed under 1„ Ski, I op, II, 16, 

II Compander in Chief, Naval Group South was informed at a personal meet- 
ing with Naval Staff and Chief of Staff, Naval Staff situation in 
general and on Naval -Staff ' s views on the situation, and. probable develop*- 
ments in the Mediterranean in particular 

No important new viewpoints emerged- at this .confe.rence.c 

• - - - • . 

III, Group North Fleet has advised Naval Staffs, Operations Division about 
for docking the units of Commander 5 Destroyers, which 
11. be handled by Naval Construction Division, Engine Maintenance Branch, 
High' Comma rn. Navy, - Commander 9 Destroyer s, criticises the general tend- 
ency to delay as long as possible the transfer of destroyers and torpedo- 
boats' into home waters for docking-,. For details, . see teletype 1230o 

i . 




8 Aug. 1943 


Situat ion on 8 Aug, 1943 

I , War in Foreign Waters 

1 . jbneny Situatio n 

No important news has been received. 

2. Own Situation 

The BRaKF, received instructions by teletype 1607 not to count on 
lea zing port before 21 Aug. 

II . Situation We rt Area 

1. -^neiay Situation 

Radio traffic revealed 52 planes over the bay of Biscay. Convoy 
"Favour" reported sighting one shadowing plane at 1852 in Bti 9623 and another 
^|) at 2209 in LF 7164* A. plane escorting an unindentified convoy was detected 
at 1546 in Bii 3590o Three more units were located during the afternoon and 
evening in Iki and CG» 

Our air reconnaissance reported at 1845 1' destroyer and 1 corvette on a 
northerly course in BE 9392; at 2005, in B& 5996, 1 destroyer on course 50°; 
at 2204 in B'il 9362, 1 destroyer and 1 warship ori alternating courses; and at 
2235 in BF 7129,, 1 cruiser and 1 probable destroyer on a northerly course. 
The reports at 1845, 2204 and 2235 appear to be on the same units. 

2. Own Situation 

1 ■ ■■ 1 ■■ ii A, 

Atlantic Coast 

Two iiLh/j mines were swept off ot. wazaire and one off Lorient.- 

■ ■ > f • 

Channel Coast "■ ■ ttV 

Owing to stormy weather, convoy • traffic was maintained Ipnly in 
the Channel islands area. ■ 



8 Aug 1943 

At 1700, 20 enemy planes attacked the radar position 93&8a$3J&F8&3. (19 

miles east of 3t« halo). Living quarters were set on fire. 

III. North S ea, No rway, northern Waters 
1 3 North Sea 

■ ■ II 1 IM 1 

Owing to weather conditions, mine sweeping activities were suspended. 
imO patrol positions were taken up at night. Provocative gatherings in -the 
city, and. .friction between civilians and .members of the Armed Forces are 
reported" from Esbjerg oh 7 Aug. On 8 "Aug., a boiiib exploded in a Danish 
police garage, 

2 e Norway/ Norths rn Waters 

i-ne my Si tuation - ■" - • -- " '" J 

Twenty planes were detected over the North Sea, 

' Our air' reconnaissance sighted in the Hvalfiord, 2 destroyers or light 
cruisers, and 7 merchantmen; in . Reyk. j avik^ 11 merchantmen. No ships were 
seer, in the other ports on the west 'coast' of Iceland, Two small snips were 
reported, one on a southerly and the other on a southeasterly course, 80 
miles north of the Seydisfiord. One submarine was at a position 180 miles 
north of the North Caoe on course 30 at about midnight of 8 Aug, 

oeriscope was sighted -in the Tanafiord by an auxiliary PT boat at ■ 
21024. on : 7 Aug, '.•-.-. _■ ■ 

• -• ■ -. _ . .. ...... ....... , 

- , - '■ : . •„ , 

The Intelligence Service forwarded on 7 Aug. an extract from reports by 
Portugese consulates in England in regard to troop concentrations in North- 
ern Scotland, Norfolk, and Suffolk^ For details see teletype- 111£* 

Own Situa tion 

Russian batteries on the Fisher Peninsular fired ineffectively on 
one of our picket beats and at Liinahamari, Bactery Petsamo returned one 
round,, On 6 Aug. enemy planes bombed the Vardoe area without -re suits. On 
r ~ i-.ugo one of our: convoys was autacked near Havningsberg at 1531 by an 
enemy submarine "with "two torpedoes'both' of which missed. On 8 Aug. an 





Cm f IDnj, f IaL 

8 Aug. 1943 

unsuccessful aerial torpedo attack was made by 4 Hamptons- 15 miles south 
of otavanger at 0952. The escort service took 27 ships to the north and 
22 ships to the south. 19 ships were held up due to lack of escort. 

Commander Submarines,- Norway has submitted operational orders for mine- 
laying operations off the oamojeden .Coast by submarine U ,! 21^ H (codeword 
"Veilchen"), submarine U "636" (codeward "Rose" ), submarine U "639" (code- 
word "uarzisse"') . 

no a 

The cperatioris > have already been completed, For copy of order as per 

l\ 3kl. ''2309/43 ^kd^s-'Chefs. ^eee^r^iaiy, Part 0. Tel IIa c 

IV. Skag er rak c Balti c Sea En trances., Baltic Sea 

1, Siiemy. Situat i on 

i ■ ■ ■ 

Lore acts of sabotage have been reported from Denmark, -he living 

quarters of the -Lisvilde observer post was burnt down on the night of 7 
Aug. Other fires were started in the harbor cf Aalburg and in a Danish 
textile factory operating for the German Armed forces, where the use of in- 
cendiary material was definitely established,. Adhesive mines .were apparent- 
ly dropped into the harbor in front of steamer BAHIa. nore small fires were 
started in the western part of the port and in a glass factory in Aalburg 
on 8 Aug. 

1*0 important changes have taken place in the situation in Kronstadt Bay 
or the Gulf of Finland. 

2. Own Situation 

■x . 

k German schooner struck a mine south of wo en. waval landing craft 
toFP "147" was heavily damaged by a collision at Pillau. waval Command, 
baltic plans to reinforce the oeeigel barrage between Vigrund and Great fylters 
against small enemy vessels by a minefield to be laid in several auxiliary- 
mine sweepers operations. Ihe minefield will be 3.2.5 miles long with depth 
of setting of 0.5 meters and a medium distance-between the mines of 48 
meters , waval Staff has approved in principle The allocation of further 
mine-mate rial j however, is impossible*. - waval Command i^ast has 'therefore 
been instructed, that the requirements must be filled from the Command's 
remaining stock. 

„ -., .: ^••' CdKFIDiiMTIAL 

:. 1 


■1 - Jfcj 


8 Aug. 1943 

V e merchan t Shipping 

armed Forces High Command, Operations Staff, Quartermaster Division 
Training Branch has advised Naval Staff for information of the renewed 
position, of Chief, Operations Staff in regard to the .use of ships in the 
Adriatic," as represented to the Reich Commissioner of r.aritime Shipping 
(Deputy for German Sea Transportation in the Mediterranean); 

For copy as per 1. Skl 22254/43 see War Diary, Part C, Vol. XI, 

VI c Submarine ■.- ■ ay-fare • . 

1— -^nemy Situation ...... . '. I 

According to an intelligence report from Lisbon^ British submarine 
chasers are working in cooperation with an auxiliary aircraft carrier which 
is stationed 450 J to 500 miles northeast 'of Feyal, 

2, ; Own Situation - - 

No special reports have been received from the Atlantic. 

VII. Aerial Warfare ■ -c 

1. British Isles and Vicinity 

■ - j • • ' . . ' ...-;- 

air Force Commander Atlantic reports a remarkable increase in the 
stability of enemy planes. It took 27 attacks, from all sides, by 8 JU 88 
before a Liberator was shot down at 1148 in the area northwest - of Cape 
Ortegal. At 1245;. a Sunderland plane disappeared into the clouds after 
having been attacked eight times and receiving numerous: hits -. 

Only slight enemy air 'activity was 'reported from the : .;est. Ar.ea during, i 
daytime t In a surprise low level attack oti-Rennes," numerous bombs were; n'- 
dropp'ed en i\avy and army supply dumps „ "■'-'- - .,-■•... 

• " 

2\ ' Mediterranean Theater - " . 'i 

" ' . . . 

Our air force was engaged iri- reconiia'isscinee-- operations * On 6 
aug., our ground attack planes damaged 1 heavy cruiser and 1 freighter 
near St. Agata. On the night of 6 Aug. 220 of our bombers were sent out 

— , :.r_ CUivFID.fcA TIAI 


C01\iFID£l. tial 


8 Aug. 1943 

against Bizerta u 1 cruiser and 10 freighters were hit and more or less 
heavily damaged, on 7 Aug„ our ground-attack planes caused heavy 
damage to 1 destroyer and 1 freighter off the north coast of Sicily. On 
8 Aug, at' 1350, 25 enemy planes attacked the adr base at Tico 
Valentia. i^Jo damage of importance was caused. - 

3 • eastern Front 

">' .• 

86. enemy planes were shot down on the Army front on 5 ^ug., 55 on 
6 Augc, and 9'1 on 7 Aug. 

Special Items 

v , 


In agreement with Naval Staff, as reported. Commander in Chief, rd.r 
Fore e, Operations Staff has instructed the Air Force General attached to 
Commander in Chief, i^avy to transfer 6 aR 196 planes of 2nd Ship-borne 
Squadron 196 to 2nd Air Force in Venice for use on. submarine escort and 
short-range sea reconnaissance duties. 2nd Air Force is required to give 
assurance that the squadron or single planes thereof can be transferred 
back at any time on short notice if they are required by Commander in 
Chief, ^avy oh board ship, and that' the technical and other supplies for 
the squadron can-be guaranteed, 

VIII. Warfare in the hediterranean and Black oea 

1. -^nemy Landing in Sicily 

Situation on Land 

. -. ■ -■ 
The enemy has succeeded in cutting the coastal road near St. 

Agata. An enemy commando group of 300 to 400 men, which; was landed north- 
east of St. Agata in the early morning had advanced by the afternoon to 
the vicinity of St. Arco. a counter-attack is under way. hnemy attacks 
were effectively supported by bombardment from the sea and by strong and 
continuous attacks by low flying fighter-bombers and bombers. 

Situation at Sea 

Final evaluation of photographic reconnaissance of Valet ta as of 
7 Aug. shows that besides 4 battle-ships, 1 aircraft carrier, 6 light, 
cruisers, 26 destroyers, and 5 submarines^ thero is also. t present the 






8 Aug, 1943 

r ■ • 

strikingly-high - number of 45 PT boats as well as 27 steamers {totaling 
about 150,000 Giti'), 5 landing-boat-transport ships, and approximately 120 
landing vessels of all types. 

On the afternoon.of 7 Ayg*^ j._raid by_ 9 enemy Dombers and 20 fighters 
on Vibo Valencia was driven off by defensive fire from aviso oG "14", 
auxiliary moi-or minesweepers, and by 3 of"_ pur fighters. One tank-barge 
was badly damaged .- 

During enemy air attacks en ports and ferry traffic' "in"the Straits of 
nessina on -6 and -? -hU§ , -. 1 Sielbei cf er<ry was burned out and 1. German and 1 
ItalMan-navSl-'-la^.air^g-rcraf't were '.sunk, -.fu^t her, -casualties were caused 
- whe-n'^ ^German" naval "landing-craft- carrying wounded, were bombed' and'strafed 
.. -hv€" -bombers^' .The hcspital'.ship &tj;fA also suffered damage and 
casualties When attacked by enemy ;planes north of the Straits of nessina. 

On the night of 7 - 4 -Ug«, 6 of our Pi' boats had to break off operations 

at midnight 17 miles off Syracuse owing to bad weather conditions. The 

boats arrived in Taranto at C800 o 
■••- 'j- . ' ■ . .. 

a "8 J Capet wrlahdo was bombarded from the sea at 0500. At 0650, chere were 
3 large' ships seen on an easterly course and 2 ships on a westerly course, 
10 miles northeast of Termini. «.s before, there were no ships in the 
--^.pcr-t&.-Q-f Termini, Sciacca^and J>iarsala 3 Un the other hand, a great number 
of ships was seen in Augusta, Syracuse^ and Licata 

2 . .anemy Situation elsewhere in mediterranea n 

On 7 ^ug,, a unit of 4 minesweepers flying the Greek flag entered 
Gibraltar from the .Atlantic, as well as 2 patrol boats and 4 ?T boats c 
A convoy of 13 freighters and 2 tankers, with 7 escort ships^ left port 
at noon on 8 Aug, for the Atlantic * 36 freighters, 3 tankers, and 6 escort 
vessBls from a convoy arriving from the east, joined the Atlantic bound 
convoy, while its remaining 12 freighters and 3 escort vessels put in to 

/tt 0955, air reconnaissance north of Cape Bon spotted 32 freighters 
but no details were observed. 

Submarines were still reported on 7 ^-ug, at positions south-southwest 
of Cape Kizzuto and north of Palermo; on 8 Aug., 30 miles southeast 




8 Aug. 1943 

of Toulon, north-northeast of Ustiea, east of Bastia, and northwest of 

wo reports have been received from the Eastern mediterranean. 

3 . Ow n Situation elsewhere in me dit erranean (Sea Tran spo rt Situation) 

On 7 ^ug, submarine U "371" intercepted an east-bound convoy and 
probably sank one steamer of 5 COO GRT. 

Enemy planes attacked Turin and Genoa during the night of 7 ^ug. and 
large fires were started in the port, of . Genoa. The destroyer FRiiCClA was 
sunk and 1 German naval landing craft. was slightly damaged. A munitions 
dump was hit. 

The Italian steamer bRIisiDISI (1976 GRT) was sunk by an enemy submarine . 
7 miles off Bari at 2215 on 6 nug. 

2 diebel ferries and 5 infantry boats were transferred from Marseille 
to Toulon under escort of 2 naval landing craft. 

Group West has- advised Naval Staff, for information, of a communication 
from the German Liaison Staff attached to the Italian l±th, Army Command 
stating that the Italian General Staff has granted permission for the 
transit. of 2000 German naval personnel for the. defense of -the Calabrian 
Coast. The General Staff requested that instructions be issued that, 
for operational reasons, no intermediary stops are to be made, in .La Spezia 
or iMaples, even by v small detachments. Aie Italian 4th Array Command has : 
also given permission. for the 4th iviaval Operational motor-Truck Detachment 
to begin the overland journey on the assumption that the personnel of this 
detachment are included /in the above-mentioned 2000 men. It remains td' 
be established whether the present assignment of one company of 4th 
i\laval Operational motor Truck Detachment to each of the ports. o£ La Spezia, 
Maples, and Reggio can be maintained under these circumstances. 

The Group has. informed the German Liaison Staff that the further 
control of the overland march o£ l+th iviaval Operational, motor Truck 
ije.tachment will be governed by orders issued by German iy, aval "Command, 
Italy in agreement with Italian Armed, forces High Command. For copy see 
teletype 2100. 




8 Aug, 1943 

Torpedo boat Pa "9/ avisos SG "10" and SG "11. " 1 motor-mine sweeper j 
and 2 auxiliary motor-minesweepers were engaged in escort service and 
accompanied a total of 5 steamers, 

4* Area lMaval Group South U! - - . . ... , 

Aegean Sea 

An enemy submarine was sighted at 1820 in the Worth Aegean near 
the coast off Kassandra. Fishing and small ship traffic were halted in 
the area of Naval Shore Command., Salonica. Escort service was carried 
out according to plan. 

For reports en sea transports in the Aegean during July 1943; see 
teletype 1945. 

Black Sea 


air reconnaissance sighted a submarine on a west-southwesterly 
course 60 miles west of Adler. Our planes attacked it with bombs, but 
without result. According to radio intelligence, there were no large 
vessels at sea 5 . 3 submarines were detected in the Joosphorus area, l.i.n 
the northwestern Black Sea, and 1 at sea, position unknown On the night 
of 6 Augc-, ; "Taganrog was ineffectively shelled from the land side and by 
an armoured train. On the night of 7 Aug., 5 vessels were observed off 
the beach-head, At 0630, 8 planes attacked the 165th Anapa Transport but 
we're prevented from bombing or strafing by accurate anti-aircraft defense,, 
A -few' bombs, causing no particular damage were dropped on Anapa on the night 
of 7' Aug* '..: . j * 


' Ovjh- <S i-tuat Ion ...-•■ 

Group I of 1st rT boat Flotilla, •consisting of 3 boats, observed 
no shipping traffic of f • GelendLhik-I v ^schako on the night of 7 AUg but 
at 0135 ep&n&d -close -range fire on a patrol boat which succeeded -in 
escaping,' under ..cover of fire from the 'coastal batteries. . On the way 

back., the -unit was ineffectively bombed by two planes, 

■ ' ■' ■ j • .... 

■ X 

• I * * ' 


CU.FlD^i. TIaL 

8 Aug. -1943 

Group II of the .flotilla, consisting of 2 boats, was unsuccessfully 
bombed on its way out by 2 heavy fighters. The group sank two coastal 
vessels totalling 1400 GRT carrying ammunition and was then driven out : . 
to sea by searchlights and patrol boats,, 

3 boats of the PT boat Flotilla west of tooworossiisk made no contact 
with the enemy. The flotilla transferred with 3 boats from Anapa to 
Kamysch-iBurun on 8 Aug. 

Submarine U "20" arrived in Constant za on 7 Aug. Submarine U "23" .'. 
will again become operational on 10 Aug,. 

ho other events of particular interest occurred. 

For report by Group South on Sea Transport performance during July 
of this year, see teletype 1945. 

4 more armed fishing vessels have been put into service in Varna so 
that there are now 10 of these vessels in service. With reference to 
Admiral, Black Sea's report on the state of wear of 11th PT boat Flotilla 
(see War Diary 6 Aug,)., Group South has ordered that if the flotilla is 
fit for only limited use, it is to be put out of service as quickly as 
possible and the valuable personnel employed elsewhere. (See teletype 

Group South has reported a plan for laying a deep anti-submarine bar- 
rage off the Bosphorus against Russian submarine activities, and has ask- 
ed whether there is any objection to laying such barrages inside the 10 
mile limit as far as territorial waters. Naval Staff has advised the 
group of its approval in principle with the comment that the laying of 
deep barrages off the Dardanelles approaches and off the Eosphorus will 
be permitted provided that the mine-laying is done unobserved, that ter- 
ritorial waters are strictly respected, and that any threat to surface ves- 
sels is excluded. 

Special Items 

Commander in Chief, ^avy has ordered tne following teletype to be 
sent to Group South and Admiral Black Sea?. 



8 Aug, 1 : ~3~ 


•The sinking of a coastal freighter on 6 Aug. is another commend- 
able result of the active naval campaign in th.e Black Sea, I am 
especially gratified since I know . with --what limited means .you are 
working. The sum of the damage inflicted on the enemy by the trust T 
ed PT boats, submarines, and motor minesweepers; the defensive and 
offensive success of the naval artillery bargesjand the indefati- 
gable, work of all the convoy and escort vessels play a decisive 
part in the attrition of the enemy. Carry on strong and deter- 
mined, " 

IX. Situation jLast ^sia 

No special reports have been received. 

■ ■ i ■ 

• ■ - 

- - . . ■ - - * 


i s 


• ■ 

cg;-;fij-. mi 




9 Aug. 1943 

Items of Political Importance 

The Russian remarks in regard to the second front have again brought 
to the forefront in London the question of effective coordination between 
London, Washington, and Moscow. In this connection the British press 
expresses regret that both in Washington and London the Russian govern- 
ment is at present, and will probably continue to be for seme time, 
represented only by a Charge d' Affaires. The long absence of Litvinov from 
Washington and Maisky from London gives food for conjecture, In Washing- 
ton too, according to the Times-, speedy solution of pending interallied 
problems is considered necessary. This noticable Anglo-American uneasiness 
undoubtedly shows clear traces of a political situation which, in certain 
circumstances, might assist us in finding a solution for the whole war- 

According to the Official German News Agency, political circles in 
Rome state that reports alleging enemy propaganda unrest in Italy are noth- 
ing but blatant lies. Another Official German Lews Agency report states 
that in Portugal, too, the insidious enemy agitation has failed to arouse 
rebellion. Thanks to energetic action by the Government the internal 
political situation has down again. On the whole the Government 
has the upper hand and hopes to be able to restore a completely normal 
state of affairs very shortly. 

Chief, Naval Staff., accompanied by Chief, Naval Staff, Operations 
Division has left for Fuehrer Headquarters. 

Situation on 9 August 

I e War in Foreign Waters 

Lnemy Situation 

According to an intelligence report received via Oslo, shipping 
traffic in South African ports dropped heavily during June and July, 
as many ships are already being escorted via the Mediterranean to the 
Middle Last and India. 

Own Situation 

No special reports have been received. 



II c Situation ..est ^rea 


i£nemy Situatio n 

38 planes were detected over the Bay of Biscay. 5 British vessels 
were detected by radar in BE and AL. 

Own Situation 

■itiantic Coast 

Two ELM/ J mines were swept off St. i>azaire. 

Channel Coast 

Owing to weather conditions, no convoys were able to sail with the 
exception of traffic between the Channel Islands = Patrol positions were 
not taken up. 

The Group has compiled a report on escort and patrol activities in 
July 1943. For copy of report, see teletype 1150, . Group adds the follow- 
ing special remarks: 

1. A'T-mine barrages have been discovered off Ostend and 18 miles 
off Cape Ferret (Arcachon) , The Arcachon minefield was laid by submarine 
(--riitK T III mines). There has been great mine laying activity with G-- 
mines in the first half of the month. Successes in clearing G-mines^ 
especially in the second half of the month, indicate the use of more 

period-delay mechanisms and delay clockworks. 

... --- • 

2. Lnemy destroyers reappeared off the north coast of Brittany in an 
engagement on 10 July 1943 « PT beat and gunboat activity has revived in 
the Channel. As a result, our gun carriers had their first skirmish and 
off Cherbourg has occurred a successful motor minesweeper engagement. 

3. The laying of a flanking minefield off the southern French coast 

has been completed. 



4. For the first time our own flanking mine fields were swept in the 
Channel, northeast of Cherbourg. No mines were found, 

5. There has been a continuation of enemy night air raids in the Channel. 


• • 

9 Aug. 1943. 

6. There has been a heavy strain oh minesweeper forces because of O- 
mines and submarine escort' duties in the outer sea. area. x'j ■! ii. 

III . North Sea., Norway, North ern W aters 

N orth oea 

Escort and patrol -services were hindered by weather conditions. Patrol 
positions were not taken' up during the night of 8 Aug. ,.- 

. . ■■■ ••.< 

Further riots are reported from iCsbjerg on. the evening of 9 Aug. The 

streets were cleared by Danish police r 

Norway/ N orthern Waters 

h nemy situation 

Only 10 planes in operation were detected over the North Sea. On the 
morning of 8 Aug 1 , air -reconnaissance sighted west ,. of Kanin Noss 4 freighters 
on course 90 , and v north of Kanin Noss 8 coastal freighters on course. 80°, 
Off Polarnoje 1 probable destroyer and 2 freighters were sighted on course 

Own Situation . • .•■ . 


90° c 

.. .7 r 

i v iinesweeper M "5602" was sunk at 0012 in a collision with submarine U 
"212 u Submarine U "212" proceeded to' Bergen: inside the Schaeren. -. c \- 

" -'■' •'■.... • r'r ' ■ 

Submarine chaser "1706" ran aground at 0440 south of Stadlandet. 

18 ships were escorted to the north and 37 to the south. 18 ships, were^ 
held up due to lack of escort. 

IV. Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic oea 

Enemy Situation 

No special reports have been received. 

,•!'.■• ■ ».*;: .-. .. r 

• 1 ■ -■*' 

' ./■.,....'» 1 




9 kug. 1943 

Own Situation 

On the basis of intelligence reports received during the last few days 
in regard to movements of Norwegian ships in Goteborg (which , although in 
part retracted, cannot be disregarded in view of present conditions) Naval 
Command., East reports that; 

a» the, patrol ldne east of the Skagerrak mine area has been rein- 
forced from 3 to 4 boats and 

b evening reconnaissance between Virga and Ursholm on the Swedish 
coast and morning reconnaissance of the Skagerrak mine area by 5th Air 
Force has been requested and promised, These measures wiil.&e continued" for 
a few days and will then be gradually decreased if no new and positive 
reports are receivedo Naval Command s East has also suggested the use ""of 
Intelligence Service cutters as during last year and has asked that the-. ■ 
attention of the intelligence offices in Sweden be drawn to' the import- 
ance of quick and reliable reportimgo - 

v - - ' - * ' '-•< 

k mine was exploded by a Danish boat east of Langeland* 

A presumably Swedish plane flew over one of our patrol boats north of •-._._. 
^.rcona on 8 August Our vessels have again been instructed to open fire 
without quarter on any planes -which is not identified beyond doubt as one of , 
our own c 

i:inesweeping ship MR "12" continued clearance work in the Irben 
Strait s 

The Finns swept 3 niines in an enemy 'minefield near Tytters- 1st Motor 
Minesweeper Flotilla is engaged on a full clearance sweep in the submarine- 
chasing area near the "Seeigel" barrage 8 

Vo Su bmarine Uarfare 


Enemy Situation 


No special reports have been received 

■ ' '-' ■ 
Own Situation ' 

Before starting to fuel submarine U "664*" submarine U "262" was 
attacked by two carrier-based planes with bombs and gunfire,,- One of the 

- ... 


9 Aug. 1943 

attacking planes was definitely shot down; the other one probably. Oil 
traces from U "262 rr after the air attack, led to a depth charge attack by a 
destroyer which caused further damage, so that, after refueling two more 
submarines, she had to return hcr.e, 

At her point of rendezvous with U "117 [? :I U"66" was forced to resubmerge 
by destroyers and planes. The boat's return is questionable. It is neces- 
sary to disembark the commanding officer who was wounded. 

Submarine U "257" must be presumed lost. 

No successes have been reported from the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean. 

VI . Aerial Warfare 

British Isles and Vicinit y 

152 planes of the 3rd Air force were in operation in the West Area and 
13 planes in the Mediterranean. 

Two enemy bomber formations with fighter protection entered the area of 
Cassel-Eethune between 1800 and 1930 and dropped four explosive bombs on 
the Bethune steel plants without special effect. 

Approximately 300 planes entered the Reich area in three groups on the 
night of 9 Aug. The first small group made nuisance raids in the Oberhausen- 
Duisburg area* the second and strongest group raided the area south of 
Frankfurt, Mannheim, and Metz, concentrating on Mannheim-Ludwigshafen. 
Numerous industrial installations were hit. Traffic installations suffered 
heavy damage. For details see "Daily Situation I! The third group consisted 
of single Mosquito planes scouting the area of Giessen. 

In Western France, the 3t. Didier air base was attacked without great 
effect. No reports have yet been received on the shooting down of planes. 

Mediterranean Theater 

Our Air Force carried out reconnaissance. 

On 8 August off the North coast of Sicily, our ground-attack planes 
scored hits on a destroyer and probably on a cruiser, s^nemy fighter-bombers 



. I 


9 Aug „^ 1%3 

arid bombers were in action during the day against our supply routes in 
3icily and in the Straits of Messina area, and carried out reconnaissance 
activities duririg .the night. 

Eastern Front • 

110 enemy planes were shot down on the Array front oh 7 Aug, 

VIIo VJarfare in_ th e_kediterr;anean 'and Bla ck Sea 

1 c EnGrrgr Landing in Sicily 

Situation on Land 

During the morning another weak enemy attempt to make a landing 
northeast of St Q Agata and an attack along the coastal highway were re- 
pulsed^ The northern sector of San Marco was recaptured in a counter- 
attack against the enemy forces which landed there on 8 Augo On the left 
wing of the "Hermann Goerlng" Tank Division^ enemy pressure was intens-ifi.edc 
The.^ enemy air attack was again concentrated on our supply lines c Several 
bridges were effectively destroyed., Taormina was again shelled from the" sea 
during the evening,: The High Command of the XIV Tank Corps plans to with- , 

draw to the final bridge-head position on the night of 9 Aug, According to 
statements from prisoners, the landing operations on 8 Aug^ were carried out 
by parts of an American Infantry Division and not by commando troops 

' Situat ion at Sea . ; 

The heavy air raids on the Straits of Messina and the Calabria coast 
have caused increased loss of small shipping between 27 July and 9 Aug, 
A total, .of 4 ftaval landing crafty 1, Siebel ferry, 7 barges ^ and 1 landing 
vessel has been destroyed,, and ,7. naval landing crafty 2. Siebel ferries, 
1 tank lighter., and 5 infantry boats damaged« 

There were still numerous ships in Augusta., Syracuse, and Licata on 
the morning of .9 Aug, Very active shipping traffic was observed off the 
ports, No ships were seen in Trapani, 9 minesweepers were sighted south 
of Marsala, There were 4 large ships in Palermo in the morning and 1 cruiser, 
7 large ships, and 1 motor -minesweeper were seen off the porto 3 probable 
PT boats were sighted 10 miles northwest of Palermo making for the porto 

-Our. PT boats were not sent., out on operations, 

; ... . • -• • ■_ • -i .... 



■■ ■ 1 . ' . 

,3 : •- ' * COigFIDSi.TlAL 

9 Aug. 1943 

At 1625, Q^r reconnaissance planes sighted 4 light cruisers and 4 
destroyers on an east-northeasterly course 12 miles northwest of. Trapani. , 

2 • -^nemy Situation elsewhere in the Mediterranean 

1 French transport, 1 freighter, and 3 escort vessels entered 
Gibraltar at noon from th'e Atlantic. Tangier observed at 1445, in poor 
visibility/ 31 leaded freighters approaching from the Atlantic, of which 9 
entered Gibraltar at 1845. The, remainder was reported from Ceuta as 17 
ships on an easterly course. 5 freighters and 1 transport from Gibraltar 
joined this formation. 

At 2100, 3 auxiliary aircraft carriers with 4 escort vessels arrived 
in Gibraltar from the Atlantic. 

Radio intelligence detected 2 planes from the Gibraltar squadron and 44 
planes from the North African squadrons in operation. 

According to photographic reconnaissance of Bizerta on the morning. of 
8 Aug., there were 284,000 GRT of freighters and 68,700 GRT of tankers in; • 
port. 5 light cruisers (including the school or office ship VINDICTIVE) p 
1 monitor, 6 destroyers, 1 submarine chaser, 16 MTB, 10 MGr-B^ 38 L3T, 175 
landing boats, 24 landing bridges, and additional smaller vessels were also 

At 0840, there were 5 PT boats 20 miles northeast of Cape Serate on a 
southeasterly course ." • ., r , 

Submarines were reported 40 miles west of Naples arid 5Q.niiles southeast 
of Marseille, . _ 

No reports have been received from the Eastern 'Mediterranean, 

3. Own Situation elsewhere in the Mediterranean (Sea Transport Situation ) 

Submarine U "37-1" -fired a spread salvo of four torpedoes on a west- 
bound cruiser north of Cape de Fer, all of which missed their mark. .However, 
4 explosions were heard from a westbound convoy in the line of fire, which 
might have been either hits or the detonation of the torpedoes at the end of 
their run. The submarine is returning t-o Toulon since it is suffering from 
some damage. 



CON FipiiffT IAL 

9 Aug. 1943 

During enemy air attacks on ferry traffic in the Straits of r.essina on 
7 and 8 Aug, a total of 5 planes was shot down. 

3 i^aval landing craft ran aground on 8 Aug, 1 naval landing craft sank, 
1 tank barage was destroyed 'by a fighter-bomb er y - -■ 

•A- harbor defense boat was unsuccessfully attacked by a submarine east 
of fiastia at 1140. on 8 Aug. 

In accordance with directions from Naval Group V/est, /"reriran Naval Com- 
mand, Italy has designated Leghorn, Salerno, and Palmi 3s the. new stations 
for 4th Naval Operational Motor Truck Detachment. Their prompt departure 
is urgently necessary ..< La Spezia, ^ome, and Naples are. to be by-passed. 
German Naval Command has requested Commanding General, Armed Forces, South 
to approve the new stations and marching orders. 

On 6 and 8 Aug., 2 tank barges, 1 freight barge.} and 3 "Seeloewe" barges 
were transferred under escort of Italian submarine chasers from Toulon to 
3'avonao ... 

2 destroyers-; avisos SG "lOi" SG "11": 2 submarine chasers;, and 11 
motor minesweepers were engaged in escort service. 

=r freighters KT "8" and KT "31" and 9 steamers were escorted in the 
Island traffic. 

•= ... 
4. A rea Naval Group South 


A egean Sea 

On 8 Aug., a factory on Kassandra was shelled by an enemy submarine. 
Having completed their patrol activities in the Doro— Channel; 2 "Q" 
ships are transferring to an operational area in the Nortnern Aegean. 2 
pLher_ "w" ships will be employed in the Southern Aegean. 

It is reported that an enemy air .attack with bombs and gunfire was made 
,"'on an Italian : submarine chaser on the afternoon of 7 tug. in' the Peloponese 
.. area, exact position unspecified. The submarine chaser was slightly damaged; 
1 plane was set on fire by gunfire r ... ... ,,'_.' 

^ c. 

2 enemy planes attacked the harbor and the Italian battery Cython' in 
the Southern Peloponese on the afternoon of 8 Aug. A small naval vessel 
was sunk. 






9 Aug. 1943 

On the night of 8 Aug., 3 enemy planes flew over l/estern Greece into 
the Northern Balkan, area v .ancL- 2 reconnaissance, planes flew into the Gulf of 

In regard to the teletype from Naval Group, South concerning the sea- 
•. borne supply of the Dalmation coast (see War Diary 6 Aug), Commanding 
General, nrmed Forces,- Southeast- has reported -to Armed Forces high Command 
and to Naval Staff, for information, that the statements are based on a 
misunderstanding. Commanding- General, Armed Forces, Southeast considers, 
on the contrary, that large ship tonnage cannot be allocated for the sup- 
ply of this coast, but that, in certain circumstances, the small vessel 
tonnage available on the Dalmation coast should be, appropriated and used. 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

"According to radio intelligence, no movements of larger vessels were 
noted. 7 submarines were detected at sea. : .. , 

On 8 Aug., 2 enemy ..planes., bearing German identification markings made a 
lew-level gunfire attack on Novo Petrovka, northeast of Berdjanik. 

. • L ,: '"j 

Taganrog was ineffectively shelled several times from the land during 
the evening of 7 Aug* > an d the morning of 8 Aug. 

Own Situation 

5 boats of 1st PT -boat Flotilla and 3 boats of 11th PT boat Flotilla were 
in operation against enemy supply traffic off the Caucasian coast and between 
Gelendjik and MyschakOv respectively, during the night of 9 Aug. 2 naval 
artillery lighters-arid 1 motor mine-sweeper are laying, mines off Jaisk work- 
ing out of -Mariupol; ""•• Ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch and the sea 
and Crimean convoys were carried out according to plan and without incident. 

VIII. Situation East asia . 

— -*•••■* ' **- ..'.". 

No special reports have been received,, 




10 Aug. 1943 

I tems of Political Import a nce 

No special matters of naval interest have been received. 

Conference on the Situation with Chief of Staff, Naval otaff ' ■ 

quartermaster General, Naval Staff pointed out that the delivery of small 
ship tonnage to the Italian area which had fallen behind by 39,000 tens . 
capacity, and about which Commanding General, South had made representations, 
is not the responsibility of the Navy but of the Reich Commissioner of 
i>.aritime Shipping. The remarks of Commanding General, South -are therefore 
directed to the wrong addressee insofar as High Command, Navy is concern- 
ed. Chief of Staff > Naval Staff agreed that this fact be called to the 
attention of Commanding General, Armed Forces, South and the other re-'"'' 
cipients of this teletype (oee War Diary for 3 Aug.), It was further 
noted that the shipping space actually available had been- more than adequate 
for the transport demands and that, on the contrary, vessels occasionally 
offered could not be used due to the lack of supply shipment s„ 

No other special, statements or decisions were made. The following is 
supplementary to the "Conference on the Situation with Chief, Naval Staff" 
of 7 Hug . : > • • . : : 

R eport by Chief, Naval Staff, Operations Division 

In a letter to Chief of Staff, lyaval Staff, dated:- 5 Aug., 
the Naval Liaison Officer to High Command, Army stated out his 
attitude to Commanding General, Southeast ' s survey of -the 
situation forwarded to Armed Forces High Command Operations 
Staff and to Group South on 19 July. The views of Chief of 

Staff, Naval Staff and Chief, Naval Staff, Operations Division 

were given in marginal notes on the report, the conclusions of 
which. are .criticized with some justification .by the Naval Liaison 
Officer to High Command, Army since they evince misunderstand- 
ing of the basic principles of British war- methods -and van .at- 
titude governed solely by considerations of land warfare. 

Special Items | -•.•>.£■: 

I. Preparations for operation "Konst anting* "Alarich? 1 ' ("Achse" ) .;".... 


1 i V, V- 



i _ 



10 Aug. 1943 

j/Si^Cff-es yjMun \^l : :i;.- aej/Id Mi'.i.:..-.u>. .;: fey* . ^.Md'-icdjf: li^a'd .['.'..■ 

, /. i • ;'; v? ■ fid ■• : : i . - :/£ --. ' 

1„ In connection, with the. report from Commanding General, .Aimed 
Forces, South regarding the instructions of Commander in. Chief, Navy for 
the transfer of. • shipping to the Aegean. Sea (see liar Diary for 7 Aug.), 
the following order has been issued by Armed Forces High Command, Opera- 
tions Staff s 

1 1 & 


(1) Previous regulations^' uhder^WLacii Commanding South 
was responsible for the employment" of all- shipping in the Western and . 
Central Mediterranean no longer correspond to the requirements of the 
general situation inasmuch as the distribution of available shipping 
space to the various sea areas, must be. handled by a command which is 
responsible for all sea areas in quest iono. For this reason, Commander 
in Chief, Navy has been charged with regulating the distribution of 
shipping space for the sea areas west and east of . the : Straits of Messina 
in accordance with the general directions of the Fuehrer, and has been 
directed to transfer to the east a portion of the shipping space 
presently in the Tyrrhenian Sea while the military situation still 
permits. High Command, Navy has been instructed that all orders issued 
to subordinate commands are to be passed on to Commanding General 
Armed Forces, South, 

(2) The withdrawal of 50% of the German shipping (large ships) 
available in the Tyrrhenian Sea, as ordered by Commander in Chief, 
Navy, must be adhered to as there is also a great shortage in the 
Eastern area and, once the Straits of Messina are cut off, it will 
be impossible to send replacements, On the other hand, a reserve 
is available in the Tyrrhenian Sea consisting of the remaining 
French and Italian shipping which has not yet been taken over Small 
ship tonnage (naval landing craft etc) in the Tyrrhenian Sea will be 
brought up to the established amount by the next deliveries. Further 
deliveries will be transferred to the Eastern area so far as still 
possible. For order Ski. Qu. A, I k 10401/43 Gkdos, as per 1,,/Sklw 
22577/43 Gkdos, on the completion of coastal defense in the Aegean Sea 
and the Crimea see file l/Skl. I op II, 17. 

(3) The same file contains order Sklo Qu. A II org. 2317/43 
Gkdos. Chefs, on the plan for organization for the North Italian area e 

(4) Group West has requested approval for the establishment of 
Commanding Admiral, Southern French Coast, with headquarters at 
Cavaillon, to be effective as of 1 Sop. 1943.-. For justifications sco 
teletype as per 1,/Skl, 2297/43 Gkdos. Chefs, in" file l./Skl, I op 
II, 17. Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division has approved the request. 
The new Command will be subordinated to Group T Jest, 


10 Aug. 1943 

Naval" Shore Command, Languedoc and German Naval Command, Toulon 

with all their subordinate units including those units newly assigned, 

will be subordinated to the now Commando ; ' I 

. '.' . . . ■ - ' 

,11.. Naval Staff ^ Quartermaster Division has ordered that coastal PT boats 
KS "1," "2," ,i 9/' "10," "11," »12, fl "15" and ,i l6 ,J vdll form 21st PT boat' 
•■Flotilla and coastal PT boats KS "17/ "18," "19, n "20," "2L," "23, " ""24," 
"'"31" and "32" will form 22nd PT Boat Flotilla 

■ ' 

The, establishment of 21st PT Boat Flotilla effective 1 Sep has been 
apprcvedb Coastal PT boats KS "9" and "25" will be .the first boats to 
join the flotilla and will first be assigned to the FT Boat Training 
E Flotilla in Swinemunde,,- r .-. 

"IIIo A letter from the Italian Admiral attached to German-. Naval. Staff 
regarding torpedoes for Italian PT boats in the Black- Sea (see Uar : Diary 
for. 13 July, Special Items, Para IV) confirms the reply received on 13 
July that the Italian Navy is prepared to furnish torpedoes to 11th FT 
Boat Flotilla in the same proportion as for one year of Italian operations * 
It is asked that requests for engines, and spare parts be restricted as 
much as possible* • For copy of letter as per l /Skl 22410/43 'Gkdos. 

' see. War Diary, Part C,' Vo'l XIV 

IV „ Naval Command, Norway has submitted^ a ■ report .from Admiral, 'West 
Goast on the -evaluation of documents on communications traffic, principally 
radio, captured on MTB "345c/" /For* copy as per 1/Sklo 22398/43 Gkdos. see 
War'lDiary, Part -B, Volume VI ! 

■ ■ ■ 

A further evaluation will be made "by. Chief , Naval Communications Divis- 
ion, Naval Staff .• ' ' \. . 

. .. •■ -'■ ••' ■'•■'- - ■ • 

. ■ . ■ ■ ' . . ... - : i • ■ ... ' -j ., 

V A. report from the Military Attache in Buenos Aires, dated 9 June on 
American Armament Production ( up to the ' end,, of Kay 1943 was forwarded by 
the Foreign Office on 10 August „.; For' copy -as per l/Skl. 24219/43 Gkdos a 
see T /Jar Diary, Part C. Volume ' XVIPo . !.V.,." ' < -<•■•■ 

• Situa tio n on 10 August 1943 ' 

Io W ar . in Fo reign Waters • 

, — ^__& , — _ 

Enemy. S ituation 

No special reports have heert 1 received© 

.... • 



~: . _ 

' . 

. . . ■ ■ • 




.". " 


10 Aug. 1943 ' »'* < • r • l" 

C vT. situation 

- • • ' ■■.'...•. 
The LiAd08 POLO arrived ' in Kure on 7- Aug. 

The'Bi^A'KE has received the following additional instructions: ,; 

: " 
"Leave port in such time to reach the western limit of Tiergarten 

•oh 9' Sept. Take outgoing route as advised- by Naval Attache Tokyo, 

Details in regard to time and pLace of rendezvous will follow. Prob- - 

ably only 5 boats are to be supplied,, After completion of, .supply 

operation BjRaKE will remain in the waiting area for a second supply 

operation which' is still to be arranged,," . ; t; 3/i s j a 

For copy of teletype 1. /Ski „ I k 2320 gk. Chefs, see .^r Diary, Part 
"C, Volume I c 

The Japanese Liaison Officer has forwarded a teletype from the FLIEDER, 
stating that provisions on board will last until 5 Sept. and fuel will 
last another 20 days at a cruising speed of 12 knots, The submarine dees 
riot consider supplying to be necessary, but requests permission to ; . enter 
.port not later than the end of August «, Naval Staff, Operations Division 
has informed Submarine Division accordingly, 

■ ■* 

Naval Staff, Operations Division has requested Armed Forces High Com- 
mand, Intelligence Division, Counter Intelligence Section, to inform the 
Director of Lilitary affairs in Tokyo that submarine U "178" (Type IX-D-2) 
"plans to arrive in Penang about the beginning of September for a minimum 
period of rest and refitting of four weeks. For preparation of supplies, 
see letter l/Skl 22418/43 gkdos. Copy in .Jar Diary, Part C, Volume IX. 

II. Situation T .Jest Area 

Enemy Situation 


Over the Bay of Biscay, unusually few planes of 19th Group were - de- 
tected in action -4 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 1 in the even- 

;r -One British vessel was detected by radar at 1715 in AM $430/8510, one 
at 1927 in BF 1020, and one at 2055 in BF 4240. 

.Own Situation 
Atlantic Coast 




10~Aug s 1943- 

One FLM/j nine was swept off Brest, one off Lcrient, and one off St. 

4th and 5th PT 3oat Flotillas totalling 7 boats, are scheduled to 
transfer from Brest to L' «.bervrach on the morning of 11 Aug* 

Group '.vest and Commander, Submarine s i "/."est have been instructed as 



It is expected that- the Japanese submarine, codename "Flieder/; 
. will arrive approximately 28 Aug 6 -'The submarine, like the "Musenberg 1 !, 
is to be brought in under the protection of a strong escort force 
Details are to be arranged between Group "..est and Commander, Submarines, 
T .."est c As Liaison Officer with "Flieder 4 ' the "Japanese Commander " 
Taniguti is to embark on one of the destroyers Group ".."est will advise 
when Ta.iiguti should reach Group West for briefing and embarkation,, 
For copy of teletype 1 /Ski I k 2913/43 gk Chefs see T .Jar Diary, Fart 
n-j VqIwq EE c 


Channel Coast 

An enemy bomber -v/as shot down by a pair of patrol" boats off Le-Touquet. 

Group 'Jest has advised Naval Staff, Operations Division for information 
that 3rd Air Force has ordered 2nd Fighter Command to hold in readiness 
Until further notice 2 groups of 2 -planes each for the immediate investi- 
gation of unidentified explosions,- and- "that 2nd Escort Division and the 
appropriate Naval Shore Command have been ordered to submit reports on. such 
matters, under codeword K Kr.aIikcpf>A direct to- 2nd Fighter Command in.- the 
future For copy see teletype 1710 o'-- '■-- - 

III, North Sea, Nr.rv-'ay, Northern Waters 

North Sea 

■ _ 

Hack - Elbe convoy 13.63 sailed at 2200 c 4 boats of 9th FT Boat 
Flotilla are transferred, from Elbe "to Hook* . 

----•• . .. • .. - . * 

One EU'i/j mine was swept north of Ymuiden. 

'-During the day, 2 -planes were fired -''oh >~ hear Flushing and 4 •near Den 
Helder, • • ' . i - 





... " 

10 August 1943 i . CONFIDENTIAL 


Naval Conmand North has submitted a, list as -of 4 Aug. of the planned 
mlnelaying operations and relative mine requirements- up to the end of the 
fifth year of war: 

1. For new minefields l'fftv 13& -, 9b, 6b, and 5b, to replace and 
reinforce the northern West wall system, 3*790 EKC mines ar,e required with 
appropriate anti-sweeping devices • ■" • -■ *■ l : 

" U 'AJ. ' 

2„ For new minefields Ujix 9 4c- .SVM7, 3W 16, 15^ and 14, in the southern 
and 'southwestern -sect ions of the W^stwall,,, 3<320 UMB mines with 650 snag 
lines for barrage 4c are required;, 

3o For controlled minefields (type 1- indicator minefields: type... ..<• 
2 - alarm-switch minefields; and type 3 - alarm^bouy minefields) Naval Command 
North requests 594 RM mines and 541*000 meters of cable Q r . .'•.'' ■ j.-. 

■• ft} 
4o The operational reserve held at Wilhelmshaven is to be kept 

available for quick reinforcement of the southwestern mine fields a ..-::'."" . . ._. -. ; .-j.,., . - 

5o The RMa-mines 'allocated to the Dutch area for alarm an^ v ij^ntro.lled 
minefields will still be required* 

" • V ) N 

'6c -In case of emergency, it will be permissible to draw en mine depot 
stocks fori-ipurpeses of harbor and waterway defense and for the demolition . of 
harbor installations at any time and without special request o-., . 

"- f\ y v • •■■.- - -a .. " 

To this statement, Naval Staff, Operations Divisibn r 'c'6tnments.t. : ±\ 

■•■■i-- k8[Ao..l and ^2 : f ''''' l '; J - ./■."..,;.'.' 

The minefields "planned cover., practically -the whole coastal shelf 
of Naval Command, North, and at some points extend right, up,, to L the' t eastern . 
edge of *the de.cj.ared.. zone A decision on the"*dfet'a.ile'd- positions J 6£ the 
minefields .cannp^ be 1 ; made until: /final., plans have been submitted. 'The'' mine 
requirements rexceed the 1 efe&iriiate r( 59QQ mines) of Naval Staff, Operations 
Division. -by. approximately' %0% o The- possibility of ^^ increasing 'the output 
of mine's. will;- have to be examined rafter 'tb,e' requirements of the other areas_ . 
have been, submitted p •" :*'• .-....• ." '. '/""■■' -■'-■■ _., 


- 7„ 

' ' ' As to 4 and 5 : ; ' •'•„...."' "- 

"•• • No, comment. ■ • - '"..•■ 

- '•'■ "' ' - • • i 

No special mine material is kept' on hand for demolition 'purposes^ 
The use of any stores that have not been removed for, -demolition in 6a se .'of 
danger is_ .a matter of course, However, orders for such demolition and - 


r . a 

■ -' 

10,^g^^L943/ J ':?J^ • S^U jzblerx*v ■ V G QWIDI*ITIAL 

mining should not bo issued by subordinate commands but must be provided' for 
in advance in accordance with over all considerations, 

fog to" 3: '""" : 

The. suggested subdivision of . controlled minefields appears suitable to 
" Naval Staff, Operations Division, 




Naval Staff," Quartermaster Division, Fleet Branch, has been notified 
and has been instructed to investigate whether the' -production of Wl mines which 
was suspended in 1940, should be resumed if practical tests show that Li-i 
mines are unsuitable for use in controlled minefields in areas of strong currents. 

Bureau of Naval Armament, Underwater Obstacles Branch has been given 
preliminary -information on the general situation,, 

Norway /N o rthe r n. Uat er s 

Enemy Situation 

24 planes were detected operating over the North Sea, 

Own Situation 

An exchange of fire between battery Sensenhauer and an enemy battery on 
the Hibachi peninsula on the morning of 8 August was. .reported* Submarine 
chaser "1706" was refloated on 9 Aug. with,; th e aid of tugs. The task force 
reports the arrival of tanker ALTENGAME .in.Alta on 9 August with 4,000 cubic 
meters of fuel a f' " " 

-■ ' • . 

34 ships v/ere escorted to the north and 20 to the south. -Southbound convoys 
were held up in Stavanger by bad weather. In the Arctic Coast area, 12 ships 
were held up due to lack of escort, 

• •■ .-'._•'-_-' 

Naval Command, Norway reports that in view of the growing importance of 
sea-borne supply and the cessation of transit traffic through Sweden, 5th Air 
Force applied to Commander in Chief, Air Force,; Operations Division on 2 Aug. 
for reinforcement of the anti-aircraft protection at Oslo and Christiansand. 
He desires the transfer of 4 mixed anti-aircraft battalions and 1 searchlight 
battalion \ the establishment of a night-fighter 'command in Oslo; reinforcement 
of the anti-aircraft protection at Aalborg; and an increase of convoy protect- 
ion by means of ships' s anti-aircraft guns and fighter cover Naval Staff, 
Operations Division has been asked to support these demands (see teletype 
2000)o Naval Staff will approach Commander in Chief, Air Force, Operations 
Staff on the matter although the situation regarding anti-aircraft material 
has already been severely strained by the defense requirements of German 
cities and armament plants. 




10 August 1943 , » CONFIDENTIAL 

Group North/Fleet reports that as 3 submarines are out of action (1 lost 
at Trondheim and 2 undergoing engine overhaul) and a fourth* "has been detached 
to the Denmark Straits, it is doubtful whether the submarine operations planned 
in the Northern area can be executed,, The Group urgently requests • the 
temporary assignment' of 3 more submarines until about the end of October 3 The 
17 submarines that are presently operational are 'distributed as follows: : . 

4 -in the Bear Island patrol' position 

5 in the Kara Sea . 

5 completing the second minelaying task 

2 enroute to relive the patroI c '.:'..• L 

1 enroute from Germany 

The request will be recommended favorably and submitted to Chief-,- Naval . 
Staff, by Submarine Divisions For group's teletype as per 1„/Skl 9 2323/43 •■'■ 
gkdos Chef s» '.'see War Diary,. Part C, Volume II a, " ; .c< 

'■ " ' ','■■ ■''...- 1 

IV, Skaperrak. E n .ltic Sea, Entrances,, Baltic Sea 

Enemy Situ ation ..."-'.. 

Air activity in Kronsi-adt Bay and the islands area was particularly heavy 
and was carried out by . relatively strong forces However, no great success 
was achievedo It is reported that' -enemy' planes again approached Tallinn in ■■.'. 
the evening and mines are suspected to have been dropped in the harbor entrance,, r'r 

Patrol boat and shipping traffic was on the usual scale 3 

50 PT boats and patrol boats were observed at Lavansaari in the forenoon / . 
by Finnish air reconnaissance," 

According to a report from the Finnish Naval Staff, a submerging submarine 
was sighted 8 miles, southeast, of- Helsinki light- -ship at 1525 on 9 Aug. and 

submarine sounds ''were'- located at 2200 east' of Porkalla, 

- ro.r ■ ■■ 


Naval Command East has forwarded the statements of Army Command and." Admiral, • "« 
Baltio Countries, as requested by 18th Army Command on the position in the 
Oranienbaum pocket and the area of the Russian- Islands in' the Gulf of Finland, 
18th Army Command reports strong .concentrations of forces, in the western part 
of the Oranienbaum pocket, and' anticipates an of fensive" operation in the direction" ''■ 
of Narva with simultaneous surprise raids frcm the sea against Luga and Narva- 
Bay (coastal oil district) 

- .'•> ., ■_ • .,■• i. . ., .. . f , 

Naval Command East submits its own estimate of the situation as follows: w 
Recently, the Lavansaari/Seiskari'" traffic has increased, thrusts by • 

: ». ... - 


10 august 1943 CMFLO^TIAL 

enemy small-boat . formation? into the "Seeigel" area have been more frequent 
and sometimes success:? jl, and the enemy air forces at Lavansaari and Seiskari 
have been reenforced St A have been generally more active „• With regard to 
the Island traffic, s»rock -piling of supplies Land material would appear to 
indicate plans f or ar operation'' rather thin provisioning for. the winter. 
Landing in" Luga^-Bay is -'difficult and-possible only, with small vessels, owing 
to shoals; the supp?y of large equipment is impossible There are only weak 
forces on the Kurgcxowo peninsula 2 Commando and raiding troops could land 
in Narva Bay only In small numbers andfrom small, fast, vessels .which would 
limit the amount rf supplies that could be landedo There is -the long. approach 
route to be considered and the "Seeigel" barrage which it is planned tc 
reinforce by a shallow minefield as well as the problem of breaking through 
cur patrol lines,, Of course our air force is at present weak andnaval 
patrol activities, are restricted due to losses and damage and the detachment 
of 25th Mine sweeper Flotilla in the middle' of August Under the general 
conditions the 18th Army Command believes that operations against the coast 
are possible and may have some nuisance effect, but in the long rim will have 
no important influence on the general situation on the Eastern front. However. 
air attacks and raiding operations ..against^ the oil districts are to be taken 
core seriously. As already reported, enemy planes cculd operate frcm"the • 
Russian Islands under favorable conditions, shortening the approach by 
approximately 200 km. We agree with this assessment of loth krmy Command-. 

Group North/Fleet has been similarly informed. This appreciation of the 
situation is fully concurred in • 

Own Situati on - ' su - • - 

!■ 1 I _ H_ . * 

12 vessels were engaged on channel sweeps in the area of Commanding 
admiral, Defenses Baltic, Owing to the weather, minesweeping planes were.. 
unable to take off a 

The cruiser SCHEEft has left Copenhagen. under escort for Swinemunde e 
according to a report fromLNaval Command, East, the cruiser's visit,., -while, 
on a /training cruise, went off as planned due to the excellent behavior of 
the crew.*' ' • ■- -' .;.:•• 

: ' r " '■ ' ..-■. 

Two floating mines were exploded by-' gun fire west of-Fehmarn 8 

•'• • " .UJ "'-..!, ::: . •. ire 

On the night of 10 Aug, ^2 enemy -planes ent&cedr the t Zee-land area presumably 
to' land agents* -. • , 

■ ■• 
One tug and one salvage vessel are in distress near Darsser 0rt o Assistance 
has been sent out. 

Transport and escort service was 1 carried out /according to plan- and without 


10 nugust 1943 • • ■•- ^ C ONFIDE NTIAL- 

incident throughout the Baltic area 9 

Minesweeping in the Irben Straits was suspended due to 1 stormy weather,. 
Clearance sweeps in the submarine- chasing area near "Seeigol" were continued. 

Anti-submarine, barrage , ( and net patrols were carried out by 34 vessels, 

V, Submarine Warfare 

, -: j . 

The rendezvous of submarines U ' '"I§5/ U. "172% and -U "604" -in FD 9555 
was located and attacked by enemy planes for the third time, A "Liberator" 
plane attacking with bombs and gunfire was shot down by U "185.," The crew 
of U "604" was taken aboard U "185" o A new rendezvous has been assigned -for „ 
U "172" and U "185" » Enemy planes have obviously been making systematic-' 
searches over the whole sea area, A report from an agent in the'-USA states 
that for several months, the Americans- have allegedly been able to pick up 
our submarine radio traffic. Although this is very improbable, a most careful 
check and investigation is a,ga in being made c - ■ ■ 

Submarines U "647" and U "489. '» outwardbound for the Atlantic from ; home " 
waters, have so far failed to submit their passage reports in spite of requests 
for position reports '" ~" ; " 


VI, serial Warfare ■'- 

■ 11 




British Isles and Vicinity 

3rd -Air For cq had 13 -planes in operation 'in the West Area and 13 in the 

Only, minor air activity, and- no attacks wore reported" during the day c 

On the night of 10 Aug„ Nurnberg" was attached by 150 to 160 planes, some". . , ( , 
at low altitude, Huavy damage- was caused t-o^ houses, 'Further details and 
the number of planes shot dovn are still awaited. 


-• • • ••• . . • 

Mediterranean; Theater- .^ :'•'.••"• ■ 

About 150 enemy planes attacked the ports of ••Messina, Reggie, and Farro 
on the night of 9 Aug, Our anti-aircraft forces report that one plane was 
shot down. On 10 Aug J} only a nuisance 'raid w£thi'gunf ire. was made bri-^ur 

airbase at Vibo Valentia, ---' 

. r . >. , - . 

The total number" of planes .in Sicily is established s at 850 fighters and 
150 bombers. 


10 August 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Beside reconnaissance tasks, our iiir Force carried out the following 


t- • 

On 8-.AUg c ,. 16 bombers attacked the ports of Augusta and Palermo and 
shot down one _ enemy fighter,, 

On the night o| 9- Aug , , .56 bombers raided Augusta and 72 raided Syracuse, 
10 freighters and 1 naval vessel were damaged more or less heavily* 

On 10 Aug .10 ground-attack planes attacked ship targets.riear Saint 
Agatha damaging 3 freighters and. several landing boats 9$ enemy planes were" 
reported shot down on the Army Front on 8 Aug-, 

VII, Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

1. Enemy landing in Sici ly 

;. , 

Situation -or.'. Land 

The withdrawal of XIV Tank Corps "to the shortened bridgehead .position 
has been carried, out according to plan. Enemy pressure increased only on 

the two : flanks. '' '■■ '■' ' 

Situation at Sea 

Taormina was shelled from the sea on the evening of 9 AUg» Salerno and 

Castellammare (near Naples) were also bombarded or, the night of '9 Aug. At • • 

0250 on 10 Aug,, there were 4 cruisers and 4 destroyers on, a westerly course, 
at high speedy 11 miles south of Ustica, This may have been the fomati on,- -re- 
ported on the evening of 9 Aug a as approaching west-" of Trapani, returning 
from the bombardment of Salerno a 

^cdording to an Italian report'^ there wa£ 1 heavy. -cruiser 15 niilo.s south 
of Messina at 0220; no course was specified,. In the morning there were reported 
to be 11 merchantmen and 1 cruiser in Syracuse;" in Augusta,, about 35 large 
: .-.rchantmen and warships including '2 probable- battleships, 

Our fighters reported sighting 8 vessels at 1310,, 12 miles east 
and northeast of Crotone, Unfortunately, further details are lacking, 

j' ■ ' '. 

Our PT boats were not, '-sent out, l; - 

2, -Enemy situation 'elsewhere in the 'Mediterranean ' ,:: = • 

'On the evening of 9 Aug., 2 destroyers entered Gibraltar from the 
Atlantic and 1 destroyer and 4 corvettes' from -'the Mediterranean-,,. 5 steamers 



• •..*•-■- -*• * ■■■- ' „ ■•> 

' -««, ' .*.-'-■--** - ■ ' . » 

* .-. ;.-■'*' * 

10 August .1943 • >■ ,>l '"\: ' ■"•• "■ CONFIDENTIA L 

. v • • • -.. • ' -■; . -. fj 

and 2 escort vessels., left Gibraltar for the Atlantic * 

>f . On 10;Augo, a FIJI - class cruiser' entered Gibraltar from the Mediterranean 

presumably with rudder damage as she was towed in from the Bay/"' •-••. 

• ..■'■" 

Ajt 1200/* our own air reconnaissance sighted 35 vessels on an easterly- 
course approximately 95 nilos west of 0ran o •••' '- 

- Submarines were reported 120 miles west of Spezia and 14 miles south of 
Genoa on the evening of 9 Aug .-, 

NO sighting reports were received from the Eastern Mediterranean 

According to an intelligence report from Portugal dated 9 Aug 8 , an Allied 
action against Sardina is expected in the. second half of August. Sardinia and 
Corsica are to be used as air bases for attacks on Southern France. and Central 
j-T<aj_yo •• • ','.<■. 

3 o Own situation elsewhere in MediterraneanfSea Transport Situation ) 

A tank barge ran" aground near Vibo Valentia on 9 Aug,/ 

Torpedo boat TA '*9/'' 2' anti-aircraft corvettes,, 3 submarine chasers., and 
6 notur-minosweopers were engaged in escort service and accompanied 6 steamers 
and 1 meter sailing vessel in the Island traffic . 

The st earner . GOLLEVILLE enroute from Maddalena to- Bastia was unsuccessfully 
attacked at 1000 by 8 torpedo planes 40 miles south of Bastia. One of the 
attacking planes was shot clown 6 



One convoy returned to^Ajaccio owing to weather conditions; another 
convoy returned. to Genoa 'because of submarine danger*-. - ■ 

r ■ 0& 

4» Area Naval Gro up South ■...■ •.'•''-■ 

aegean Sea '- "■' - * . . * : * . : 

on 9 

Enemy Situati on . . ..,, • ,-. . /■• - . ' L -i-X>. 

Several ' enemy planes were observed during the , day in the - Rhodes areata io; 1 
xiugo . No attacks were made,,. .•' : ■ ' .. :.rr "•^' ! 

According to intelligence reports from Istanbul, contacts of British 
Military Attache have stated that an enemy action in the Aegean Sea will 
definitely take place within the next few days ' Preparations for a surprise 

. » -» ■ .i 

,i | ■ 



10 ~ugust 1943 gpNF3DL;TInL 

attack on Chios are roportecJU It is stated that Turkish-Anglo-American - 
military consultations in regard to preparations for a Balkan action are to be 
held. in -which a Turkish general, whose name has b^en mentioned, will take 
parte In spite of. "British -.pressure, Turkey wants to. remain neutral but is 
demanding the Dodecanese in exchange for the use of Turkish territorial waters, 
.. British action against .the Dodecanese and Crete employing six divisions 
is- "possible between 10 and 15 ^ug, . all Greek units -are to be transferred to 
Cyprus as well as one brigade of the 2nd Polish Division from Tripoli and 
American and Indian troops from Latakia, besides which a -.convoy with- Anglo- 
Indian Divisions is expected to arrive from Suez about 1U Aug, 7C Flying 
Fortresses and 50 Liberators are said to have landed in Cyprus e 

Own' Situation 

• The DftrvCHS and BULGAftIA with 2 submarine chasers and '2 motor minesweepers 
left Piraeus for a minelaying operation on the west coast of Greece, 

No other incidents of particular interest have b;een reported t 

Black Sea 

EnegjjT Situation 

'according to radio intelligence and. acoustic bearings it is suspected that 
aerial mines have been dropped in the area west of Anapa, 

No sightings were reported by our air reconnaissance on 9 Aug; 

Own Situation 

.ip "19 V has been combatting a submarine south of Cape Eupatoria . since G440, 

Mausi planes (mine sweeping planes) completed clearance work in the Danube 

5 boats of 1st FT Flotilla operating off the Caucasian coast encountered 
no traffic on the night of 9 Aug, The same formation will be operating 
40 miles northwest of Tuapse on the night of 10 Aug. 

Except for very livaiy enemy air -activity,, no special" incidents 
were reported by 2 boats of nth PT Boat Flotilla operating in the area 
west of the Kyschako bridgehead on the night of 9 Aug, 

During the same night, Naval artillery --lighters :i J ."■' and "2" and foreign- 
built motor minesweeper HA ,: 56" laid twelve 3£3-mines- in the area 3 miles 
west of the Jeisk harbor entrance without being observed. Three and a 
half hours later, 2 explosions and the glare of a fire were observed in 
the direction of the minefield. The cause is not yet clarified, 



10 August 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Naval Artillery lighter ML "314" and foreign-built .motor mine- 
sweeper RA ,I 56" bombarded the enemy Mius fronton the "night of '2D' '"Aug c ■- ■ 

In the afternoon -of 9 Aug the Kerch -..-Temrjuk transport was unsuccessfully 
bombed. Early r>n 10 Aug .,.a .low- level attack .with bombs^ gun fire, and. 
phosphorus incendiary bombs .was made, on.the l67th Anapa - transport in- the south 
southeast em :'part of the -.Straits of Kerch ,. without any special effect. • 

-■ lo t;:.. 

The steamer B0I-FLDDEi*3EN (6,689 GAT) was torpedoed by a torpedo plane-, 
at 20 50 > 20 miles west-northwest of Cape Tarchankutski, but remained afloat 8 
One plane was shot down 3 An effort will be made to tow her in to Sevastopol, 
The Submarine-chaser escort proceeded on to Constantza, 


.Jji-the f orenoon :of 8 Aug., unsuccessful enemy air raids on Berdjansk, ■]' 
and another Ineffective bombardment of the port of Taganrog from the land was 
reported 3 ...... . ,, 

■The ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch was hampered by delays in 
unloading owing to shortage of freight cars in Taman. 

S pecial Items 

Admiral j Black Sea reports that according to information from the Naval 
Liaison Officer attached to Army High Command General Staff , Army Group A is try- 
ing to get Fuehrer direction no, 40 modified so as to place the coastal artillery 
under the control of the Divisional Commander. Admiral, Aegean has referred 
the Naval Liaison Officer to Naval Staff and reports that as there is a definite 
understanding between the Navy and Army Commands in the Aegean that coastal 
defense is to be controlled by the Navy, any alteration would be highly un- 
desirable and prejudicial to naval interests. From the Naval Liaison Officer's 
statements, Admiral Aegean has gained the impression that neither he nor 
Armed Forces High Command, Operations Staff, Navy is sufficiently active in 
representing the Navy's interests (see teletype 1920), 

VIII o Situation East Asia 

Armed Forces High Command, Intelligence Division, Secret Intelligence 
Section has forwarded another urgent request from the Japanese General 
Staff that secrecy be maintained by the Germans in regard to the evacuation 
of Kiska, as the American Air Force raided Kiska again on 7 Aug, even though it 
was evacuated on 30 July„ 

No other special reports have been received* 


11 ^ug. 1943 

It ens of Political Importance 


Further statements have been made in Moscow advocating the prompt* 
.establishment of a second front in Europe «, An English newspaper 
reflects this fact by remarking that in Moscow it is thought that the 
allies would miss the greatest opportunity of the war if they failed 
to act Immediately and with the utmost resolution,, The Russians consider 
that without -a second front in the west a victory over Germany is out of the 

In London it was officially announced that Churchill has arrived in 
Quebec o He is accompanied by the Chief for Combined Operations/ Lord 
Mountbatten, as well as by the three Chiefs of the British General Staff, 
President Roosevelt announced to the press that he will meet with Churchill, 
but that Russia will not be represented at this conference The presence of 
Russian representatives, however, would be welcomed by him and Churchill, 

In the new Italian Cabinet, the post of Minister of the Interior has been 





11 Au go 1943 

Conference on the Situation with Chief of Staff, Naval Staff 

I. Chief of Staff, Naval Staff pointed out that the striking drop in- 
the number of British planes detected in the Bay of Biscay., insofar as it 
did not seem to be a matter of chance, might again raise the ■ suspicion 
that the enemy has some means of gaining knowledge^ of I the orders issued 
to our submarines, (Tr N c : Remark added in pencil by Chief of Staff, - 
Naval Staff reads "as at present there is almost no submarine traffic in 
the Gulf of Biscay ") The necessary measures have already- been taken as 
reported in another connections 

II A diagram of our own and Allied merchant shipping losses for the 
month of July is contained as per 1„ Ski. 21905/43 Gkdos. and 1, Skl in 
Var Diary, i^art D, "Own Shipping Losses " There were no other special 
reports and decisions „ 

Special Items 

^Supplementary to. the overhaul plans of Commander, Destroyers, sub^. ,.,- 
mitted'by Group North/Fleet (see War Diary 8 3 8 ), Group North/Fleet has '' 
forwarded a further report from Commander,, Destroyers strongly opposing 
the delay in docking GALSTEil and JACuBI„ The engines :.of both units ar ( e in 
such a state that any great strain will result in serious breakdown, 
(See teletype 1748.) 



Situation on 11 August 1943 

.n \ii\i 

- ■ 

War i n fo reign Waters 

' .■ ■ ■ . r , ■■ ~ 

- • i 

L. Enemy Situation 

No special reports have been received. 

2, Own Situation 

Naval Staff has informed Naval Attache, Tokyo, by telegram 
1200, that the AQUILA VI is at present refueling from a German combat "sub- 
marine in the southwestern Indian Ocean and that no more boats are on the 
W* '. .. w 

All ships in foreign waters were infonned, by radiogram 1£40, 
on -the enemy situation, with regard to merchant shipping movements "between 
the U.S.A. and the Red Sea 




11 Aug. 1943' CGvrlDZrTIAL 

li e Situ -id on '.Test A rea 

lo E nemy Situation ~ ' 

29 planes 'were detected over the Bay of Biscay,, One British 
vessel was detected e.t HI 53 in BF 48?0 and one at 2243 in BE 3350 

2. O wn Situation 

- Atlantic Coast • • 


A motor barge carrying gravel sank at 1235 south of La Pallice. 
>ause c; less is aBkaiewjEfe. '.-.". - 

i&roup Jest reports that destroyers Z ,! 23/' "32/ "37" with CONDOR . 
and MOEWE will carry out firing practice on 12 and 13 August oh route "Step-, 
pengras" under the command of Chief 8th Destroyer Flotilla c Z ,: 23" will also 
carry out engine tests 

3» Channel Coast • 

' At 0930 , a low level attack was made :on the 7 Boats of /jtfe and 5th 
PT Boafc: Flotillas stationed in L'Abervraeh by 6 British bombers ar.d 25 fighters* 
PT Boat S~l£ was sunk*. All the other boats, were slightly damaged, 
Repairs will require cne to three weeks The attack was made, in -two waves 
and came as a surprise e Shore-based anti-aircraft defense 'was inadequate. 
The flotillas were later transferred to ?eterpcrt 

Four boats of the 9th PT Boat Flotilla and one boat of the 4th. PT 
Boat Flotilla will transfer from Flushing to Ostend during the night of 11 
August o 


Ill, North Sea, I'orwa.y, Northern Waters 

1. North Sea -.■- *•• 

One IXli/j. mine was swept :nortn pfv.Terschelling and- one north of 
AmelajacU t . ,;i .: • . 

Convoy 455 (Elbe - Hook), consisting of 5 vessels^put cut at 12C0 but 
turned back at 21C0 owing to bad weather , 

Convoy H63 left/ .Den Helder-for the ; Elbe- at 1800 * 

5 PT boats, en route from Flushing to Boulogne put into Ostend, 

-141--*. - CONFIDENTIAL 

11 Aug, 1943 CuNFJJBNTJEaL 

Many Danish workers in Esbjerg went out on strike in Esbjerg on 
10 August o The organizations are urging them to go back to work Commanding* 
General, Armed Forces, Denmark is resolved to reject all demands 9 

2, ' Norway /N orthern Waters *, 


Enemy Situation 

13 planes were detected over the North Sea but there was no 
activity by the Iceland squadrons c 

*'" Air reconnaissance reported at 2130 on 10 August two large PT 
boats 50 miles west of the North-fiord entrance j upon sighting our* planes, 
which attacked with bombs and gun fire, they made off to the west e 

Four destroyers -wore sighted at 1005, °n 10 August 120 miles 'west 
of the Faeroes and again at 0825 on 11 August ?0 miles west of this position 
on various courses 3 

Photographic reconnaissance of Scapa on .10 August showed two 
battleships, one probable battleship, one heavy cruiser, one probable heavy 
cruiser ^ and four large vessels of unidentified type. 

According to a sighting report at 2030 : . on 10 August there were probably 

12 PT boats 35 miles south of Stadtlandet on a southerly course at high speedo 
The number reported is improbable, Further investigation is underway, 

3, Own Situation 


At, 2130 on 10 august the minelaying formation consisting of KaISER 
and USTi v iAHK with six minesweepers was detected by Russian planes while en ; * 
route to the Barent Sea, Three torpedo planes which attacked out of low 
cloud3were driven, off by accurate anti-aircraft fire, Fo-;r 
torpedoes were evadecU One torpedo plane was shot down byour fighter pro-r 
tection (see teletype 2020) '.-'"'"' 

Commander, Submarines, Norway reports that with the conclusion 
of mine mission "Lilie I" by submarine U "629j :: the first operational sector, 
which has required 8 minelaying missions, has been completedc 


34 ships were escorted to the north and. '38 ships, to the south 

Group North/Fleet has forwarded: a report from Admiral, Northern 
' T aters stating .that/. the -Air Force "has installed automatic weather-observation 
equipment on the South Cape of Spitsbergen 'arid in Diana r Bay, Southeast Land, 


11 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIA L ' 

and that' it plans to Let up & manned station at the .latter, site. The Air 
Force also intends i^J> land an Arado 23 plane on Bear Inland and install - instru- 
ments 60 miles northwest of station "Robert," In this connection it is 
stated that there is no doubt that station "Robert" can be seen from the air 
Admiral, Northern Maters has suggested that., if the Air Force has established 
the possibility of. landing, perhaps Navy weather equipment could also be 
installed and the transfer of the naval weather station to the northern coast of 
Spitsbergen completed by Arado 23 plane. He requests that the possibility 
be examined-. Oroup North/Fleet comments that duplication of the same type 
of work in the same area by the two Services seems inadvisable and recommends 
that the suggestion of Admiral, Northern waters be urgently considered with 
a view to relieving 'the demand on submarines, ,,The matter will be dealt with 
by Naval Staff , ^Hydrographic and Meteorological, Division,, 

IV, Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

1, Enemy Sit uation 

According to a Finfiish report- there were 12 vessels of unspecified 
type on a westerly course east of Schepel at 2030 on 10 Augusta There was 
considerable air activity n-ar Tytters on the evening of 10 August. 

Enemy planes again approached Talirm 

"2 a Own Situation ,-■ 

22 planes and 4 mine sweeping planes were employed on mine patrol 
in the area of Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic, 

Several balloons were sighted in the. area of Samsoe; a drifting 
balloon with an attached explosive charge was shot down, 

. : is: r- "■-.:.' . ' 

At the "southern end of Hiddensee, two parachutes, probably with, 
aerial mine's,'- came down- in the water,;. 



The German motor sailing vessel HELENE sprang a leak near Marien- 
leuehte and-'feank- e ' ' -. 

Naval Communications Officer* .Ruegen: has noted a radio transmitter 
which has been communicating with a British station since 29 July. The trans- 
mitter* is probably located in the Lymfior.eL Intelligence ..has, been informed. 

Troop transportation and escort service was carried out without 

incidentiihroughout the Baltic Sea. .., • 

. . ■ '•■ > 


11 Aug, 1943: -' 1 . CONFIDENTIAL 

No further information has been received on the submarine reported. - 
by. the Finns near Helsinki on 9 August 9 

: '~ ■' • - ' '• ' -' ." ■ ., . -•■' 

The dropping of aerial mines was observed 'between Baltic Port and \ the night of 10 August* 

j -• • - 

'• A In the course -'of the day 40 : enemy planes flew into the area of • the 

Islands and repeatedly bombed and strafed our forrasst-iLons near' Vigrund -during 
the afternoon Other bombing raids were made by eight planes north of Hanger- 
burg and north of Cape Kurgalbw during ! the 'morningv ' r - ■•" 

. .t ■ 

' The sound of a mine detonation- in the vicinity of enemy motor, mine- 
sweepers sighted east of Tytters was picked up. 


' '" - In the evening -four bombs were'Wopped'near Liporov;6.> v: _ - . •■;•. 

"-'^ "- V'.:. ' ' ..; . - - : :r ; 

Two Submarines putting out from Leningrad were shelled by art-illery 
from 2258 3 No results were observed owing to poor visibility. Our radar was 

jammed by enemy planes •'■' ' ' - ■ -' 

■ ■•■ - ■ '■■■■■ ■ ,- • ..". . '. . - . 

All our batteries on the Kronstadt coast were 'heavily shelled by 
artillery,, One 2 cm. anti-aircraf b gun of battery "Bluecher 1 ' was destroyed,, 

• ■ V« Submarine Warfare 

; U "181" reports -from KR 231$ sijiking^'the steamer CLAN M(3 ARTHUR (10,528 
GRT) after' a 15-hour chase This success bf'in-gs Lieutenant ■Commande'E-'-Lueth's 
score up to 46 ships (total of 257,000 G^T> v sunk in 12 operational cruises , 
For this excellent achievement he will be awarded the diamond-studded oakleaves 
with swords of the- Knight *s Cross of the Iron' Cross, and will be the first 
member of the Navy to be so honoredo'- '-N 6 further reports of interest have been 
received from the Atlantic or Indian Ocean,, 

VI. Aerial' ' Warfare -"-'-' tS&o-x 

1, British Isles and Vicinity -""'■ '■■'■•' a •".-. »v* » ■..<■>'..- &sw 
■'■ .-•■/> 1 i<»v ■ '■ -..- • ;;.; ■*.-• *- ( iftjt r vi9s 

On the night of 10 August eight He 410 were sent out on- long-range 
night pursuit against returning enemy bomber formations and to attack ground 
installations in the Cambridge districts j.i.: W. ' 

One 4. - engined' plane of a returning enemy formation was shot down 
over the coast at 0415c 

The above mentioned air base installations were attacked vhile enemy 
planes were landing, Effective explosions were observed inside the air field 



11 Aug, 1943 CuNFIDMNTIAL ' 

and between "taxyiiig pianos,. *,teajnr; o . , - • .- 

■••*-- • i 

Three enemy planes , including one \ los quit o and pne Sunderland were 
shot dovcn over the Bay of Bis cay . 

- '. ft V J 

During the day, five Mosquitos reconnoitered the area of Colmar. 
One of the planes proceeded on over Lake- Constance and Innsbruck to Brenner, 
presumably to Northern Italy r , 

■ _ ■. ■ . ■ 
Heavy air activity has been reported from Northern and Western 

France". "Bomb and gun fire- attacks were made on traffic installations and 

airfields. Two planes were shot down by anti-aircraft and one by fighters 

For attack on PT boats near L'-Abervrach-y see Situation .vest Area, 
On the night of 11 August 15 enemy planes carried out nuisance raids in the 
Ruhr district o 50 planes made gunfire attacks and : dropped isolated bombs in 
Western France c - Naval-' antivair craft guns shot down one plane t 

On the same night 48 of our bombers went out against Plymouth 
where hits and fires were observed© Another attack by smaller forces was made 
on Bornemoutho Strong enemy forces attacked Bonn, Siegburg, and Luedenscheid, 

2. Mediterranean Theater 

-"' '-'Industries at Terni, northeast of Rome, were attacked at noon by 72 Flyii 
Fortresses, with only minor, results. Our fighters shot do v,n 8 planes. On 
10 August 10 of our. ground-attack planes scored one hit on a destroyer and 
on a coastal freighter in the Augusta area* 

i .- . • 

After 'checking, the successes of our Air Force between 1 and 10 
August ars • reported as 6 ships for 13,900 ORT sunk and 48 ships for 215,000 
GRT damaged c 

Commanding General, Armed Forces, Southeast reports that 500 partisans 
attacked the Sarajevo air base during the night of 10 August. .The attack 
was repulsed. Five of our planes were destroyed and 12 to' 15 damaged by in- 
cendiary bullets. Railroad tracks were blown up so that our armored train 
cannot be used as planned. 

3. Eastern Front 

67 enemy planes were shot down on the Army front on 9 August, 
VII, ~.. r arfare in the Mediterranean -^and Black Sea - 
1. Enemy Landing in Sicily 



r r 
11 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Situation onLand . . 
. , 

A counterattack has bsen launched against enemy troops which 
landed near Brolo, Results have not yet' been reported.,: 

• ; '0n the right wing,'.the> enemy pushed ahead from the west up to: the 
road south of -.Nasc. The right wing of the- 29th Armored -Division, had to" be 
withdrawn to the Ba'cha-sector. The enemy attack was supported by naval artill- 
ery and large numbers of planes, particularly American dive bombers c 

b-i-'' ; Or the rest of the front there was great artillery activity*' 

i» l Situation at Sea 

i-' ■ ' —• 

Numerous movements of cruisers and destro3*ers were observed -off 
the north coast of Sicily throughout the day. There were 1 cruiser, 8 large, 
and 25 smaller' ships in Augusta .at^.H0O 8 2 torpedo boats and one PT beat were 
lying northeast of Catania , Another PT boat was- reported .south of Syracuse 
on a northerly course'o The battleships reported in. -..Augusta on 10 August have 
been identified as monitors^.::—' -»;. 

. -According to an intelligence report from Gibraltar,' enemy casualties 

in Sicily are extremely high \ ■■- 

o- ■ " ' ■ ' 

Our PT boats were not sent out v"-" 

In the ..evening, Submarine U "73" 30 miles east of Palermo probably 
sank an American Brooklyn class cruiser by two hits from a spread salvo of 
four torpedoeso" . . .• ■'■"'■ 

■ %^\ \ '■ 

According.. to a supplementary report- from. 4th- Landing' Flotilla two 
enemy fighters were shot down near Cape 'Stefarjic' on 23 O^alyi 

«i;3 '■• >.■■,• . 'I'-f* ■'"' ..... \ ■ \. 

According to an intelligence'' report, Stalin is said to. .have once more 
repeated to the Allied Governments on 4 August that he did not regard the- 
Sicilian operations, asv the 'opening of a second front and to have requested • 
that the control of Sicily be transferred to a joint Anglo-rfcussian-American 
Administration • The reply was that his demands would be examined:, The*, same . 
report states that operations on Sardinia will be launched by landings at 
three places. For details see teletype l650«- .■•' - 

2, Enemy situation elsewhere in. -the Mediterranean 

In the evening^ the FIJI class cruiser with damaged stern was towed 
to the northern entrance of Gibraltar It is believed that she will leave 
port during the night of 11 August* 

r ■■' " 



11 Aug* 1943 ' CONFIDENTIAL 

Our air reconnaissance sighted, at 0908, 20 to 25 ships on a south- 
southwest course 50 miles north of Algiers and on 10 August at 1900, 1 heavy 
cruiser on a westerly course 20 miles northwest of Tabarca The number of ships 
in Bizerte was substantially unchangedo 

— Submarines were reported on the evening of 10 August northeast of 
3rindisi-3 and on 11 August west of Kettunia, northwest of Trapani, and south 
or- Toulon* - c 

According to photographic reconnaissance there are no landing 
craft in Tobruko Only a few ships were in porta 

No further reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean, 

3 c Own . Situation elsewhere in the Mediterranean (Sea. Transport Situation ) 

Two Italian, cruisers completed minelaying operations in Squillac.e Bay. 

.-r Two. Italian minelayers. Sire operating east of Taranto* 

Enemy submarines sank the destroyer GIOBilrRTI at 1830 on 9 August 5 
. miles, southwest of La Spezia and the refrigerator ship kSi-Udk on 10 August 
off Brindisio 

Hinecarriers B^IvDENBUPlG and PQIIJ^TN are en route from Naples to 
Toulon to take on mines 

!. • ... ....... 

In .the convoy service, 8 steamers and war freighter AT "31" were 
escorted by a total of 2 torpedo boats, 1 "anti-aircraft corvette,. 3 submarine 
chasers, and 8 motor minesweepers The repatriation ships SATURNIA and VULCaNIA 
have arrived in Taranto 

4© Area Naval Grouo South 

. Aegean Sea l ° •'- 

■ . - ..' .' . . ; • •■; ■ t: . ..- ........ 

. Ln the night of 10 August two enemy planes flew, in to the .Southern 
Peloponese .to ; s up ply ^partisans. Six were seen over Central Greece and two . 
reconnaissance planes over Crete - Rhodes*, • .... 

The mineships D,IACHE V aha BULGARIA have completed mine laying ou the 
southwest coast according to plan and are returning to Piraeus 

. Escort service was carried out without incident. 

* - - ' ■ -■ J: ■■ 

■ •■'• .? 


.. L JL 


11 Aug. 1943 • ' CONFIDENTIAL 

In connection with Group South ! s report regarding urmy group, ,A:Ks : 
efforts to have Fuehrer order No 3 40 modified (see "Jar Diary for 10 August), 
Group South has been instruct 3d to forward immediately, by courier,, detailed 
justification in writing of Admiral Aegean's criticism of- the Naval Liaison 
Officer attached to Army High Command and of Operations Staff, Armed Forces 
High Command Navy. 

5-. Black Sea 

Enemy Situatio n 

fiadio intelligence detected small-vessel.. movement off the Caucasian 
coast (mostly FT and patrol boats). In addition, four submarines were detected 
sjTj sea a 

One of our submarines reported sighting a towed convoy at 0830 
on a northwest course off Suchum 


Taganrog was again shelled by heavy artillery on the night of 9 
Own Situation 

During the night of 10 August 1st ?T Boat Flotilla was in operation 
off the Caucasian coast between Wulan-Tal and Gelendjik and was unsuccessfully 
attacked by an enemy plane while en route Due to searchlight spotting and 
fire frcm shore, the flotilla had to make frequent position changes and at 
0300 it was engaged by a motor gunboat and two FT boats The gunboat and one 
PT boat were destroyed; the second PT boat was hit but got away 

While returning to base, the flotilla was unsuccessfully attacked 
by fight -r bombers with rockets and fragmentation bombs Naval artillery 
lighters MAL "3" and "4" and foreign-built motor minesweeper RA "56" 
carried out the sixth bombardment of the enemy Mius front according to plan, 
MAL "4" and motor minesweeper RA "56" suffered slight damage in attacks by 
ground-attack planes e Our fire, the effect of which remained unobserved owing 
to bad visibility, was ineffectively returned by three enemy batteries, one 
of these batteries was silenced by a concentration of 30 rounds from the naval 
artillery barges t 

No operations are planned for the night of 11 August „ 

The Steamer BOY FEDDErtSEN sank 20 miles northwest of Sevastopol at 
2300 after vain attempts to tow her to port. 

No other events of special interest have been reported, 


11 Aae 1943 


' 7111 >• Situation East . Asia - 


The Naval; Attache reports that the present Commander in Chief of. the Southern 
Fie §t 5 Kondo, ' and. Vice-Admiral Nomura have been appointed to the" 
Supreme '/ar Council.-* Admiral Nomura will welcome the liAACO POLO upon "her 
arrival in Kure on 15 August* 

•v- T 


LI ' U 






.•j i. 



■- ■ 

:•. ■■ 


. >. , j... 



: ■ - 



j.. . 


•-. .. V 


..... J' : 

v . 

■ -r,v., .. -. 

C b.tfc' ■ ■" ' 

■ , ■ '.' 

, $~soo Cv/ ia . : 

• •• > .- 

. ,' 

■. ."' : '" . | ; I ' '•M • ■ 



'. 4>i„ 

* i e ■ . 

12 Aug 1943 '• ■' ■'■; " CONFIDENTIAL 

■'"•'■ ' '■ 
Items of Poliiiical-. Importance . . 

Stalin received the 'British, arid American, Ambassadors in Moscow on--il 
Aug, This very important fact is proof- of .the diplomatic, activity which 
is again 5 noticeable within the Allied ■' coalition /and -which- has s' led to a. sixth 
conference between Churchill- and Roosevelt, There is no doubt that the 
swift development of the Mediterranean- situation is responsible for this r ; 
burst of political activity on the -'part of the -enemy,- The fact that a "-v 
special point has been made of -representing .'the meeting. in America as a 
Council of War and not as: a diplomatic step , v make's this no' ; less true, .How 
far this effort is connected with Stalin's recalcitrance. ..'in regard to inter- 
allied conferences can only be'' presumed, ' Even if . many, things- ; go to indicate'-; 
tha£, in the final analysis,, the' political aims of .the Anglo-Americans arid 
the ""Russians are not identical, so that as the war progresses- even ,tne" -^'.' 
strategical aims of both groups appear to be already diverging, -.this, should;.-, 
in rib '' circumstances'-, delude us;,. in/bo' thinking that any interibional.^relief "for 
Germany might be "expected from either, On. the contrary, we must clearly-' • 
realize that,- in the still latent, twofold struggle for entirely opposite 
war aims in Europe, it becomes increasingly vital 'f or both 'the Russian's .and 
the Briti-sh ".-to outdo ^a^d surpass each-. other in the overpowering of Germany,?; . 

If this view' is correct, 3.a^ -; Russian, success against, us even new will 
mean a victory over the -enemy 'pf s -t-omorrow + - ..the British - and vice ->"-ersa. 
It is obvious, that in such circumstances, "it would become increasingly. diffi-jV 
cult for -us to substitute a-, military solution of the war by a political one, 
In aiiy° c'&se such, a solution, insofi&rVas it is still conceivable/,.; could only: 
* . ,.;b^ sought- so long as ^ev^Jio^m^To^DC^^pf* "fche Allies still counterbalanced 
c '':r r each^ other, and -so. long as we Ourselves Were able to with stand, the pressure 
of "the 1 Russians,. a;s Well ras that of the Anglo-Americans, on ail fronts, 

:!*££*£ ' '■'•■■!' '■ :,r-. ' '"■ ' : . ••■■'/ 

.■,-,. Chief, Naval Staff and Chief y -'Up era tf Ons Division, Naval Staff have '■' 

..; 1 ..r^t'urned!-''tO Berlin from Fuehrer Headquarters 

'."' 1 " ' ■ L~- r ■■■ ■'--'' i: lit 
"■• -. . - ... • • V.! '■ L - • . 

and dockyards at Hamburg 

,,_,,■,- 1 '." Cfrief •, • Naya % r Sta£ £ v will ins£e ct'-:riayai f ormati ons 

•> -.-.on ly Aug;-- ■■ ,- /■*";';;-'. :--'ir; L - ' "' . ;l :-':„ tri, 

"" ; - r li&tir ' ' '■•■•/ ' ' . ' ; ' '-' . 
Special Items .-■?- '• ' : - . '■ •'•' 

^ v -« ...: 

- •■''". . • ■ r r- ,. -U77' 

-I„ ' Mediterranean Sea Cc '- r ■ ,"..''-•"' ; -■: ■ ; ; '''" ■-'■■: -.-, *-V r ' J'' ;:;; ^ 

-■><J '■ ■■',- ... - A '. . , 

-lo ■ -Naval Attache Rome reports on H Aug: 

Today's conversation with;- the t)e'puty Ghi.ef of 'Naval./- Staff , Admiral 
Sansonetti, as to the probable liiA*BifbdjOn9|'''"V^ ? *HiKie- >^ggfep^"^l^ittX^ JL^f^^^ 

impression that the Italian Naval Staff definitely arjd s* ,-ilnt 6nds to 
continue 'the struggle on our side even if Italy should hoe jrae ajj,n r .of -. 


12 Aug, 1943. CONFIDENTIAL 

Sansonetti assumes that Sardinia will bo the enemyj.s next target* -His reasons, 
given below j coincide with my own assumption as reported on 27 July, that 
Sardinia- -vri.11 be. the enemy's next aim: 

.: • '... a For a landing attempt/on Sardinia,, the' enor-y/dll require almost 
the' same number of landing vessels as for Sicily> perhaps fewer, An. extensive 
landing of strategic scale on the mainland would be many times more costly, 

. • . - ''.:,•' v 

b In the invasion of Sicily, the greater part of the enemy troops 
were brought from Malta, ie_eo_ the shortest .possible distance for transportation 
-"of the- main body* The concentration of enemy troops in the Bizerta ~ -Bone area, 
now observed, may therefore indicate plans for .landing in Sardinia, but hot 
for invasion of "the Naples - Gaeta' area, since the distance for the.main 
transport would be very considerable. If the -enemy intended to land in the 
■ Naples - Gaeta area,'' the assembly of the main body would probably take. -■■-. 
'i place in Sicilian ports 

. ■ . . ' ' 
c A landing in Calabria could. not be regarded as of more than minor 
.'"strategic, importance 3 Although it would be possible to destroy the railroads 
«-"from there, road communications for our countexmeasures would remain .; intact. 

1L- do Altogether, an attempt to o.ccupy Sardinia would appear bo be 
.less costly for the. enemy in men and materiel. than a landing on the mainland, 
.i'land would be particularly advantageous. Strategically in bringing .military 
, and jiioral flanking pressure upon Central' Italy and. tin removing the- last-- - 

obstacle to the IJest-lkst' route from Gibraltar „feor Alexandria » 

~ . ; ".. .' . " • \ V . '-■ ': :-- L 

e. In operations to date, the ; British have shoxjn that they attach 
the. greatest importance to the occupation of key positions as opposed 
to the theory of land warfare ;jhich aims at the occupation of land areas. 

- . "• " :.' * : ■'. '■ -. ■ .. -i ; . ■ •..■ / . 
2 e German Naval Command, Italy, report s- ; that_*lear : admiral Meendsen - Boh Ik en 
assumed "the duties of Commanding Admiral on 12 August during Vice Admiral Ruge's 
. absence on leave. $ ' - . • . .-. . . ,- ... ..*! 

3o Naval Liaison Officer to High Command, Army has advised Naval Staff, 
Operations Division, for information, that High Command, Navy, Naval Personnel 
Office has been asked whether a Naval Liaison Officer could be appointed 'to 
the newly-established Quartermaster General branch office in Munich for the 
purpose of safeguarding the Navy's interest in matters" "of 'supply, as requested 
by Quartermaster General. .(See teletype 1455)<* -,..--. 

km Jith reference to Naval Staff's order to move ■ bi.£! ship tonnage 
from the Tyrrhenian, to the Adriatic Sea (see ;",a.r -Diary 11 Aug*)? German Naval 
-Command, Italy reports: Transfer; of. large ships from; the Tyrrhenian to the 
Adriatic would mean a total loss for. the f ollo./in;. -reasons) ; 



• J 


■> . . 

12 Augo 1943 CQNFIDSKTIAL 

a All available escort vessels should be engaged in the evacuation 
of Sicily, 

b;, The war situation makes it impossible for merchantmen to break 
through the Straits of Kessina to "the east - 

Co To -ev-iiCed phase of the noon . •. . • 

It is assumed that the natter ./will be discussed with Vice Admiral * 
Huge while he is in Berlin,? . Reference is made to the telephone conversation .• 
between Chief, Naval Staff 9 Operations Division and Vice Admiral Ruge .+ 

Immediate decision is requested as ships in question are allocated to or 
engaged in Sardinia traffic y 


5= It is understood that in the event, of Achse, the only one of the 
Ionian islands that the Army plans to occupy is 1 Cepha.lania, but neither ..Corfu, 
Levkas, nor Zante where italso :is intended to install naval : coastal, batteries , .- 
Should this actually be the case,, a speedy adjustment of Army and Navy plans 1 , 
is urgently required* Group South has been instructed to clarify this question 
with CoLmanding General, Armed Forces, Southeast, Army Group E and;, if 
necessary, to take any necessary steps. For copy as per l/Skl , 23 6X/A3 gkd'os, 
Chefs see War Diary , Fart C, Volume XIV , • / 

IIo For attitude of Naval Staff > Operations .Division, to the request of Naval 
Command, East for the extension of the Command area of Commanding Admiral, 
Defenses Baltic, See-" l.Sklo I op.:22 539/43 -gkdo.s • ".Jar Diary, Part C, 
Volume III; 

No basic objections are raised to the amalgamation of the present command 
areas of Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic, Admiral Denmark and- the- three 
Coastal Defense Commands into one defense area.) 

Hie Information so far received in regard to the labor situation' at the" 
Blohm & Voss dockyard since the air attack on Hamburg show tha^t there ^ 
possibility of Ship "5" being completed on schedule Q 

■ ■. . - - 

Naval Staff, Operations Division is anxious to Keep 'this valuable ship' as 
an auxiliary cruiser, but has waived the requirement for the, ship to be completec 
in the fall of 1943 a The use of 'Ship "5 li as an auxiliary cruiser in the 
fall of 1944.S if "the. situation permits,.is being considered^. Naval. Staff, 
Operations Division has. therefore! ordered Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division 
by letter l/Skl„ I k 21871/43 gk- to complete the .ship as an auxiliary cruiser , 
to be us-ed for the meantime' in home, waters, and' temporarily to reduce the ., ■ 
creWo 'Copy in Uar Diary, Part G,l Volume I 

' ; : »..iftfc*J 

'."J "p ." •«• • -i , ,' 

I . 1. - I 


12 Aug.. 1943 


IV. Naval Staff's estirate of mine requirements for the 5th year of the 
war amounted to 60 ,000 units .which it was planned x,o cover by a monthly 
production of 2,000 EMC, 1,000 '&&, 1,500 UHB,and 500 D&& mines 

Demands received from the war theaters indicate that the production of 
_i-C and 1MB mines is not adequate Bureau of Naval Armament, Underwater 
Obstacles Branch has therefore been instructed to arrange for an increase in 
monthly production of J&G mines from 2,000 to 3,000 and of UMB mines from 1,500 
to 2,000 c 

V A summary of sea transport performance for June 1943 is filed as per 

1/Skl. 24388/43 geh 3 in War Diary, Part C, Volume XI. 

VI. A summary of information on the enemy obtained between 2 and 8 Aug 
by radio decoding and radio intelligence is contained in radio intelligence 
report Nr e 32/43 „ 

Interesting Item s 

lc Sicilian operations, page 15 et seq c 

2 C Special security in regard to radar equipment, page 19. 

3c . Russian submarine operations in the northern area, page 20„ 

Situation 12 Aug. 194 3 - 
I_. War in Foreign Waters 



Nothing to report, 

Situation West Area 

i ... U 

Enemy Situation 

40 planes were detected over the outer Bay of Bis cay Radar 
locations were made at 1902 in BF 1£9&, at 1926 in CF 3730, and at 2024 in BF 
4920. Our' air reconnaissance in the -Channel sighted .at 0800 several PT bo&ts 
off Landsend, at 0820, 1 transport and 1 patrol boat off Lizard Head; also, 
at 0800 10 merchant ships in the Solent and at 1226, 10 merchant ships east of 
rortland, as well as 7 merchantmen, 1 destroyer, and 1 patrol boat off Start 
Point at 1917 o 



12 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

The following sightings are reported from the Atlantic: 


1320: 3 light cruisers and 3 destroyers on course 90°, 110 miles north- 
west of 0rtegal a 

1918 i 36 steamers j 1 cruise r ; and 9 patrol boats on a northerly course 
300 miles west-northwest of Lisbon, 

1937? 2 destroyers on a northerly course 190 miles northwest of Ortegalo 

- .'. o 

2002 r 2 destroyers on course 110 <, 150 miles northwest of Ortegal; 

2c Own Situation 

Atl ant ic Coast 

Incursions by mine laying planes into the Brest aroa w ere reported dur^ 
ing the night of 11 August <, At 0143; 1 enemy plane was shot down over lie de' 
Croix by naval anti-aircraft,, Aerial mine-laying was observed near lie de ■ 
Croix and off Loriento One KLK/j mine each was swept off Brest and Nantes 3 
Mine expoding vessel "19" shot down another minelaying plane near lie de Croix.-, 
Gunnery practice by destroyers Z "32" and "37>" CoNDOi^and MOEIffi has so far 
gone according to plan 

3° Channel Area 

' Casualties suffered. in the- sinking of PT boat 3 "121" at L'Abervrach 
on 11 August amounted to 12 killed and 2 -woundedc, The FT boats were again 
attacked at 2005 on 11 August by gunfire from 4 fighters at an- altitude of 
500 m Q> and suffered further casualties One plane was shot down by ship- 
anti-aircraft c .At 2300 a small fire was started in the Naval construction 
office .Boulogne^ presumably due to arson . 

1 '■ ' ' ' - ' I 

■Three patrol 'boats were attacked by planes near St* Brieux at .0353' en 
11 August o Patrol boat VP "2211" was hit by a b.ombj causing casualties, 
The boats put into 5t c r-ialo 


At 2325^ 2 harbor defense boats were attacked off Calais. FB , !27" 
received bomb; -and machine gun hits but ..remained afloat This vessel a^.so. .;.-;..;;. 
suffered .casualties., - h ■ ■ 3 

Probable aerial mine-laying off Le Havre is repdrtedc 

At 1625^ 2 fishing boats were sunk off Cstend after striking a snap line 
mine<, kore of those mines have been sighted east of the same spot 


12 Aug, 1943 


5 FT boats will move from Peterport to Cherbourg during th.e night 
of 11 August e 

III 3 ItQrbh 3ea 5 - Norway, Kor'heT-n Later s 

1 Enemy Situation. 

Air reconnaissance sighted 25 to 30 ships on a southerly course off 
Lowestoft at 1930 c 

2 Own Situati on 

Convoy 1163 left port at 0500 from Den Helder to Elbe • One SLM/j mine 
was swept ahead of the convoy by 27th Minesweeping Flotilla north of Terschell- 
ingc Elbe - Kooke Convoy left port again at 1200 <> • 8-10 enemy planes were 
reported in the evening passing north of Heligoland over Scnleswig into the 
Berlin area a Aerial mines are suspected in the area Heligoland/V/angei-oog: 

. 2 N o rwa y/li o rb he m Lat e r s 

Enemy Situation 

19 enemy planes over the North Sea and 2 planes of the Iceland 
squadrons were detected in operation c Our air reconnaissance reported at 
1930 on 11 Aug a, in aE 5345 (east of Iceland) 1 probable whaling steamer 
(6 -.8,000 GAT) on course 20 > and at 0830 on 12 Aug , 4 des.troyers at. low 
speed on a south-southeast course, 190 miles west of the Faeroes As soon 
as weather permits, 5th Air Force will make systematic air reconnaissance 
of all fiords -on the north coast of Iceland, if possible including photo- , 
graphic reconnaissance „ In addition to gathering information on shipping ' ■ 
traffic and ship assemblies- it is intended to establish whether there are any 
large installations or construction in this ar-ea 

■ .- . — ■•' ,.' ' ' ; . . ■;. 

Own Situation 

The submarine sent to check the.. weather reporting equipment on Bear 
Island, reports that the instrument is out of action. Dismantling has been 

32 ships were escorted to the north and 20 ships to the south c ; ,6 

ships were held up due to lack of escort 

: .i . . ■: 

In connection with 'his: investigation of the transition of Command 



12 Aug* 1943 £«J£ S S^ 

between sea operations a;jd coastal waters^ Croup, North Fleet suggests that ' 
for security reasons, all vessel. s operating in Norwegian waters should be. 
equipped wi'.-h the so - called tJ CIe£.ter.'." charts, as used by the Austrian Navy 
in World War I, rather than with niineiield and batter/ - position charts 
Naval Staff has no basic objection to the introduction of such charts c i 
The matter ?.s to be farther taken tap- by. Naval Command, Norv/ay in cooperation 
with Naval Staff ^ Kydrographic and Meteorological Division, 

3.\Tc _ Skagorrak 2^altie_ Sea Entrances ^ Baltlc_Sea 

lo Efogmy Situation 

No important reports have been receivedo 

^ a Own Si tuatio n 

No special incidents have been reported from the area of the Commanding 
Admiral,, Defenses Ealtic c In aecordauee with the preliminary views reported^ 
Naval. Staff. Operations Division has Instructed Naval Command, Baltic to 
contact Commanding General, Armed Forces,, Denmark and Commanding General-, 
Air Force immediately in regard to the question of securing the Danish 
Navy in case this should become necessary Such an action must be thoroughly 
thought out in advance and prepared as for a mobilisation^ It is essential 
that knowledge of the plans be restricted to the higher Staffs and Commandants 
only., Naval Staff, Operation Division comments that it is unlikely that any 
further requests for troops in connection with these plans would be granted; 
Naval Staff is to be kept advised of the progress of the talks and the various 
measures taken a ■ . ■'"■ 

Order 1„ Skl I Nord. 2308/43 Gkdos' Chefs gives' the basic reports 

from xidmiral Denmark and Naval Command; East and is contained in War Diary, 

Part C, Volume IIJ 

...... ■ .-. 

On the basis of battle reports since received., Commander Minesweepers, 
Ealtic assumes that the enemy submarine attacked on 17 July. near Vairidlo 
was probably destroyed and; the enemy submarine attacked on 27 July near ' 
Revalstein ivas certainly destroyed. In both cases, submarine chasers were 
guided by reconnaissance planes 

Transport and convoy traffic was carried out according to plan and. <• 
without incident throughout Baltic Sea area, Repeated air attacks on our 
"Seeigel." barrage patrol results in some casualties The hea vy gun-carrier 
ROBERT MUELLER was damaged by a bomb hito 

1st Minesweeper Flotilla is sweeping the Hogland submarine-chasing 
area -, 




12 Augo 1943 

V-. Submarine T "arfare 


One of three "attacking eneir.y planes -was shot down by submarine U "$66 ;i 
in C~ 6 385 en T August e 

U n j60 :l repulsed one Consolidated plane in CC 5180 en 12 August but 
sustained heavy casualties; 

Tanker - submarine U "107" h&s not arrived at her rendezvous with U "66:," - 
It is feared that she has been sunk by carrier - based planes r This means that 
the only tarker submarine at sea has been lost so that two IX C combat sub- 
marines will have to be used to refuel the 12 submarines now retumir.g to tase c 

The enemy's attacks on our submarines at the supply points, which have 
recently been so successful^ create a new_, difficult problem in tne prosecution 

of the submarine campaign^ 

Investigation "has led to the conclusion that the special threat to tne 
rendezvous points has arisen since the beginning of Augusts Since code 
security may have beer compromised since that time, an entirely new code for 
ciphers and secret chart-codes has been put into effect 

Statements from prisoners of war have confirmed that the British have 
been using the radiations from our radar apparatus as used to date as a 
guide for target approach and submarine location, All submarines have there- 
fore been ordered to make no further use of Metox gear- Exhaustive tests 
are being carried out in regard to the radiation of the Hagenuk wave-length 
indicator 3 It has already been established that the radiation is considerably 
less, The first submarine equipped with this gear (U :i l6l") has passed the 
Bay of Biscay and reports one short location transmission on l/£) cm c The 
instrument is working perfectly a This short location transmission would 
probably not have been picked up by a normal Metox apparatus- 

Naval Staff, Operations Division has forwarded to Submarine Division 
the experience reports of Japanese submarines in the northwestern Indian Ocean, 
furnished on 12 August by the Japanese Liaison Officer, together with further 
questions to i^hich the Japanese Liaison Officer has been asked to reply 

Eor copy of letter l c Skl u I opa 22521/43 gkdos c : see ;. T ar. Diary u Part C, 
Volume IV o •■ 

Vic Aerial Warfare 

1 .British Isles and Vicinity: 



12 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

During the day there was very great enemy air activity,, From_08C0 on,, 
approximately 300 planes (Fortresses) in groups of 30 to 40 each flew . 
into the Reich area between Amsterdam and Ostendo -. Concentrating their attack 
on Bochum and Bonn as well as Hagen, Altenessen, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, 
Duisburg, Oberhausen s and Muehlheim Q For damage, see Daily Situation, 37 
planes were shot down c '"-'-. 

At the same time, air bases in France were attacked byfigh-ter- 

bombers and light bomber formations without any great effect e Smaller 

harassing groups were reported over the Berlin, Stuttgart., and Colmar areas 

on the night of 12 August, Two planes flew into the Bergen — Stavanger 

area a • < •. . 

.' ■■ • 
From 2230 onwards, 200 planes passed over Western France on their "way 

to and from Northern Italy where Milan and Turin were attacked and considerable 

damage was caused. 

Besides this a total of about 60 to 70 planes dropped mines in the 
areas of Brest, St Nazaire, and Bordeaux, Five parachute jumps southeast 
of Saumur were reported. 

Over Western France, 4 planes were shot down by anti-aircraft and 1 
by night fighters. 

During the same night, 4 °f our planes made nuisance raids on Col- 
chester and 7 were sent out on long-range night attack against enemy planes 
returning to base, 

2 Mediterr an ean The ater 

Our planes carried out reconnaissance tasks in the Sicilian area and 
off the coast of Cyrenaica, Ground-attack planes damaged an enemy destroyer 
off Catania during the day, 

Cn. the night of 11 August 125 of our bombers attacked enany air bases,, 
in Eastern Sicily with observed success 10 of our planes failed to return.-. 

During the day, the enemy made heavy attacks on our air bases near 
Crotone* and Maples without causing any important damage, 7 enemy planes were 

shot down c 

■-•-. . • '- 


It is reported that 10 single enemy planes flew into the ' Balkan area 
on the night of 12 Aug presumably to supply partisans, 

3, Eastern Front 



12 ~ug 3 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Cn 10 August j 51 enmy planes were shot dovn en the Army front 

VII j Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 
1 Enemy Landing in Sicily 

m-j «— —■ ■ ■■ ' ' ■ n »— *»— ^k^— i ui m 

Situation .on Land 

Enemy naval forces have again been shelling the north wing of the 29th 
Armored Division since early mornings Otherwise, there have been no special 
developments daring the day 

. ' 


Sit uation at Sea 

According to an' intelligence -report of 7 August from a reliable agents 
it is learned from diplomatic sources in Barcelona that the Allies are 
planning a landing on the Italian mainland near Reggie di Calabria and near 
Taranto in order to accelerate operations in Sicily and have assembled 
troops and Anieritfan warships for this purpose in Malta 

Group South requests an estimate of the situation since the unusual 
increase in landing -vessels in Augusta and Syracuse and the repeated bombardment . 
of the coasts and railways -in Calabria, as well as the sudden great increase 
of shipping space in Ferryville, indicate that landing operations in Southern 
Italy/Calabria arc intainentc Tlae presence of numerous landing vessels in 
Augusta and Syracuse is revealed by photographic reconnaissance made on 11 August 
81 vessels, mainly LCT r s r are to be seen in Augusta and 59 vessels, mainly 
ana 11 craft, in Syracuse '.' 

In the forenoon of 11 Aug , the coastal road near Melito (south coast 
of Calabria) v/as shelled by enemy warships and the coast north of Catania 
was shelled at noon, _. : j j_ . -, . 

Early on 11 August enemy forces landed near Cape Orlando from about 
12 landing boats, ■ At 0£C0, mere -ships with ■ landing, boats were observed 
north of the Cape c At noon, .20 miles northwest of the Cap e^ 1 cruiser ,. 6 
destroyers, and several small vessels, probably a covering formation for the 
landing operation^ were reported, 27 small ships were sighted close off the Cap6 
in the eveningo . 

These reconnaissance reports are so meager that no clear picture 

of the action can be gained from them, At 0.500 cn 12 August there was a . 

Turther unspecified number of unidentified ships 15 miles north-northeast' of 

-159- C0K T FLD3?TIAL 

- ■• ■ • 


12 Aug. 1943 

Crctone on a northerly course, and at 1150, 4 merch ntncn wore sighted 
west of Trapani on an oast-northeasterly course . 

Enemy air attacks on traffic in the Straits of Messina, harbors 
north-northeast of Messina and the southeast coast of Calabria have continued 
with undiminished intensity,, The road and railway bridge near Catanzaro 
were badly damaged The operation scheduled for our PT boats off Syracuse 
had to be cancelled as one of the 4 boats was out of action,, 

The second PT boat assigned to the Aegean, 3 "36," left Taranto 
for Salamis on the evening of 11 August <> 

a brief report; has -been forwarded by German Naval Command* Italy 
on the thrust scheduled to be made frcm 4-6 August against Palermo by." 
Italian cruisers, which was broken off owing to contact with 2 enemy ?T • 
boats near Ustiea, For copy, see teletype 0900 o 

• ■ '' 
German Naval Command, Italy also reports that, according to radio 

intelligence, Usti'ca and the Lipari Islands x^ occupied by the enemy 

in the afternoon of 11 «.ugust Confirmation by air reconnaissance is still 

awaited > 

2 Enemy Situa tion elsewhere in the Lediterr a nean 


k convoy of .59, freighter s, 3 tankers, and several escort vessels- 
passed through the Straits of Gibraltar towards the east at 2200 t On 
Gibraltar itself, no special reports have been receivedo 

Commanding General, Armed Forces, South has forwarded -to" Naval Intelli- 
gence Division an intelligence report (Mario) on the general trend of 
convoy movements, which will be evaluated by Naval Intelligence Division,, 
According to this information, 3 convoys with troops left Liverpool and 
Bristol for the Mediterranean on 12 and 13 August s For .details, see 
teletype 1845 o 

Another intelligence report dated 31 July, forv;arded by Armed Forces 
High Command, Foreign Intelligence Division, indicates that an enemy attempt 
to land on the French Mediterranean coast will be made, at the end of AUgusto 
The reporting office classifies the report as highly probable since the same 
agent received correct information on the landing in Sicily, from the same 
source, two days before the operation started*. 

The reported sighting on 11 August of 30 to 40 vessels west of 
Nettunia and a report that several vessels had been s ighted at 04C0 on 12 
August off Cape Circeo have not been confirmed 'by any other source,, 3 
warships at high speed, on course 2Q°, were sighted southwest of Cape Palinuro 
(south-southeast of Naples) at 1338 on 11 August „ Mine laying operations 
are suspected ., 

Submarines were reported off Crotone and Ajaccio on the afternoon 
of 11 ^ugusto 


12 Aug. 19^ ' CONFIDENTIAL 

At 0?29 on 12 August vradio intelligence pieked.up the re-transmission 
of the codeword "George" sent fronuBiaerta- via -Malta, and addressed to 
British warships 


-Thereevrer-e 15 -merchantmen, and 6- escort vessels northwest ofyDerna at 
1700., on a. westerly course.- No special conclusions can be drawn from the 
small number of ships in the port of Tobiuk. on 11 August 

3o Ov.n Situat io n elsewhere in the J- ed:t erranean/Sea Trans por t Situation 

The iiiANDENBUHG and PCtokiLffll arrived in Toulon. from Naples during/the 


...... -.. - - 

Torpedo boat Ta "9^" 1 Italian torpedo boat, 2 .submarine-chaser Sj iand 
5 motor-minesweepers v. r ere engaged in escort service and accompanied 6 
merchantmen in the Italian Islands traffic without special incident 

4c Area Naval Group S outh'' 

Aegean S ea 

The DiACHE and BULGAxIIa have arrived at Piraeus from Patras. It is 
planned to wipe out an enemy submarine base, believed to" exist on the island 
of Kinaros, on 14 August, Torpedo boat. Ta "10", 2 Q-ships, l.sulaaariner- 
chaser., 3 coastal defense boats, and. 1 naval, landing craft will be used 
Escort service has been carried out according to plan<, 

5." Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence 6 submarines were at sea e No sight- 
ings have been reportedo 

- Own -Situation 

r : : r 

operations by 1st ?T Boat Flotilla off the Caucasian coast were 
broken off in the- -evening due to bad weather • ' 

No other special reports have beeri received 

From 1 -'10 August a total Of 46, 046 tons of supplies were transferred. 
across the Straits of Kerch to the "Got en" bridgehead of. .which 27,710 tons ; 
were carried by the' Navy Group South has submitted a survey of performance, 



12 Augc 1943 


result s> and losses in the Group area for the month cf July For' copy/ see 
teletype Ikl'.Oo 

VIII t Situation East Asia 

No special reports have been received: 

■ i . 

^- . 

i. . 




■ > 1 


• . • 

j .-. *— - 1 ■ 

i : . 

>o . 



13 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Items of Political Importance 

Churchill has temporarily left Quebec in order to meet Roosevelt at a 
place near Mashin^ton;, The final discussions,, in i^hich Roosevelt veil 
participate ^ will be held later in. Quebeeo 

A Tsss statement regarding the regret expressed by the Ar.glo-Americans 
that Stalin is not participating in the discussion is of interesto It 
laconically notes that the Soviet government did not receive an invitation 
to the conference and that Reuter's report totho effect that the Russian 
Military Attache would attend the meeting in Quebec as an observer is based 
on a misunderstandingo 

The growing chorus in the British Press emphasising that unless absolute 
harmony is established between ffcussian and Anglo-American policy, both the 
victory and the peace will be compromised^ is an only too cbvious attempt, to 
conceal the actuallv increasing tension and. can be evaluated, in accordance 
with the proven methods, as a customary requisite in the diplomatic game 3 (Tr ; 
No Marginal note by Chief of Staff of Naval Staff; T . r e should not count too 
much on this) Without doubt _> the indisputable Russian success on the Eastern 
Front cannot have failed bo impress the British statesmen, as it might well 
bring into close range the moment when both parties will have to reveal 
their true aims in. regard to Eurcpe ) 

According to a report from the Naval Attache, Helsinki, the Swiss Military 
attache there has informed the German Assistant Military Attache that 
negotiations have been going on for some time between Russia and Finland^ 
apparently through the agency of the uMS e A,, and have already passed the 
first stage The Swiss attache claims to have obtained this information 
from Allied sources in Stockholm at the beginning of August and finds 
corroboration for his statement in the journeys made by Russian, Finnish; 
and American diplomats and attaches which in their timing could well be 
indicative of a coordinated activity The simultaneous presence in Helsinki 
of Marshal Mannerheim and the Chief of the Finnish Department of Foreign 
Affairs is also nctedo The German Embassy has no information such as to 
confirm these reports 

Co nference en the Situation with Chief of S taf f, Naval Sta ff 

lo The following order has been issued by Armed Forces High Command, 
Ope rat ions Staff _> Quartermaster Divisions 

Due to a steady increase in consumption in several of the war 




theaters, and especially due. to the. operations in the East, the position 
in regard to fuel has now become so critical that .it" is absolutely essent- 
ial for demands to be i-cFtr\Gi..ed 5 Over and above current production, 
the reserves of Armed Forces High Command have been so heavily drawn on 
that, unless decisive steps are taken to reduce consumption to a marked 
. extent, they will be exhausted by the beginning of September,, 

Unless eunomies are made, . the possible effects on all future operations 
are not difficult to foresee^ 

It therefore is necessary to take the critical fuel position into 
still more serious consideration in all operational planning and -go 
effect the utmost economy in fuel consumption© 

" ■■ ■ 

■ The. question of moving large armored and motorized forces over ■ 

land, and the use of large transport space and motorized supply services 

must be most carefully weighedo The exact wording of this order is not 

to be given further distribution^ 

Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division will follow up this matter 

lie R eport by Quartermaster Gene ral, H :-T?.l Staff 

a c Group South' 'reports that with the arrival of S more naval landing " 
craft frcm the Black Sea in the : Aegean _, 24 of these. vessels will now. have been 
transferred according" to plan 

bq, The representative of the Jr. Commissioner for -Maritime,. Ship pdng, 
._ Mediterranean has reported : that in cooperation with ..German Naval Command,. •Itali- 
an 'attempt to .transfer small-ship tonnage from the Western to the Eastern Medi- 
terranean has been made but has. failed* '.'- Both tank barges were destroyed by 
enemy torpedo planes on 6 'August In this connection it should be noted 
that delivery by sea is strictly a matter for the Navy and not for the 
Representative Mediterranean . . .' " . ... 



IIIV According to' reports from troop commanders there is great uneasiness- 
among the troops in regard to the evacuation, which has begin, -of. a number of 
German towns and naval bases, since it is alleged that National Socialist 
Organization for Public ". T elf are is, depriving the .evacuees of the right to 
dispose of their homes and furniture until the "end, cf the. war 

In the interests of the military personnel concerned. Chief of Staff, 
Naval Staff has ordered Bureau of Naval Administration to clarify this matter, 
Such treatment would have an unfavorable effect on the morale of the troops 


13 Aug, 1943 CONF3DE3KTIAL 

I? f In a highly restricted circle 

Vice Admiral Welch old reported on "the rejection cf Naval Group West's 
suggestions in regard to the eJmployDieht of snail battle units (camouflaged 
fishing vessels) in the Gibraltar areata -In a detailed discussion it was 
pointed out that? 

Every possibility to damage the enemy should cert ainly be turned to 
account c Any new initiative in minor operations of the kind mentioned 
has been welcome but 'unfortunately- ha <;- not been taken', At the end- of 
the fourth year of war, the position in regard to personnel and material 
was so strained that even the very limited demands that \jould be for 
the special ope rati oils suggested could only be satisfied at the expense 
of other nc— less-regent tasks It was therefore necessary tc consider 
whether- the expenditure Has justified by the prospects of sofcoeea'o 
In the case of the Gibraltar operation under consideration, the answer 
was in the negatived Chief cf Staff, Naval Staff had therefore decided 
that the matter be cropped c Naval Staff *s interest in this sector will, 
however, be communicated to intelligence Division which has the Branden- 
burg regiment at its disposal for such purpose s 

(Tr > No Remark in pencil by Chief of Staff, Naval Staffs Comma-liter in Chief; 
-lavy has been informed*) 

' _ Report by Chief, Operations Branch » Naval Staff, Operations Division 

a Beferonce is made to the arrival of "Flieder 1 ' under destroyer escort 
in accordance with the War Diary entry of 10 August c 

bo German Naval Command "., Italy has raised the subject of transferring 
Headquarters to the north,. Due to their political importance , only theoretical 
"reparations can be made' for such measures',, No steps must be takers Chief cf 
Staff , Naval Staff ordered that the inquiry be answered to this effects 

Italian Armed Forces High Command has submitted to Armed Forces High 
n ommand; Operations Staff , via German General attached to Italian Army 
headquarters j, a proposal for the reinforcement of the German submarines and. 
rT boats in the Mediterranean,. For copy as per l "SkI 22738/« , s3 C-kdos see 
■far Diary, Part C, Volume X*£W 

"Due to the prospective development of the naval campaign in the 
Mediterranean, the Italian Armed Forces High Command considers it 
urgently necessary to reinforce the submarine and PT boat formations, 


)V. ... 

"J u 




% * i* 

13 Aug 1943 COKFIDENTlAJ-, fe,! 

as these are the-, on? y craft /that can be used continuously and with good 
prospects cf e^e^ess.) especially if the situation should become still more 
unfavorable due to the loss of Sicily and the great aerial superioiity 
of the enemy, The Italian Navy^ on ios part ; is making every effort to 
accelerate ■■new construction, ard to improve the repair accommodations in 
the yards Owing to the.iTiJupord.j'le difficulties in regard to raw mater- 
ial, '.not mere than about 9 deep-sea. submarines and 6 PT boats will be 
built in the next few months, which 'is insufficient even to replace the 
probable losses In this '..situation, therefore } further support from 
combat units of the German Navy is indispensable in order to be able 
to oppose the enemy effectively at sea c Such support must consist of 
the assi.giiment of at least 15 new submarines and the greatest possible 
number of PT boats 9 manned by German crews c It would also be desirable 
to send engines so that the Italian PT boats could be speedily put into 
coxidition, If this request of the Italian Armed Forces High Command is 
approved,, the two High Commands ,, Navy must establish direct contact in 
order to clear up details and designate the bases for the German sub- 
marines in the Hediterraneano ,, 

. This step by the Italian Armed Forces High Command is seen fir-st 
and foremost as another proof of an ear-nest and loyal desire to fight. 
In dealing with- the request,, the gra-y.e military considerations which 
dis council its approval, must therefore be most carefully weighed.-, 
against the concomitant political ■ considerations 

e It was proposed to issue the following directive in regard to the 
objections of German Naval Coi/imand, Italy to the transfer of large-ship 
tonnage to -the Aegean Scja (see War Diary 11 August): 

"The difficulties and dangers of transf erring large ships from the 
Tyrrhenian to the 'Adriatic:. Sea' have been' taken into account "by 
Naval Staff o It is impossible to lay down any directives from here 
as to the execution of the transfers*, Shortage of shipping space in the 
Aegean, however , makes it essential to 'send reinforcements .This can 
only be done from the : T^aliar, area« German Naval Command, Italy must 
therefore spare no effort to effect the transfers so long as it is in 
anyway possible ' r Chief of Staff-,. Naval Staff concurredo 



do lo The date of LlETZOW'a transfer is governed by the requirement 
that she must be ready for use as a training ship by 1 February 19A-4c 
As at least three and a half months are required to put her into condition, 
the dockyard period must start by. 1 October 1943 at- the latest « 

2 The transfer of TIFPIT3- depends entirely on operational aorisidfj 
ions g The season (duration of daylight and weather conditions) Will permit 
operations- by the Task ?oree into tne rachth of October, It is not until 


13 Augo 19 A3 C ONFID.^NTIA L 

about the middle or end of October when the nights begin to lengthen quickly, 
that the operational conditions for battleships will become so unfavorable 
that the- weakening of the task fcrce by the. withdrawal of the . TIRPITZ can 
be permitted;. This makes it desirable to postpone the ship's transfer, »' 
and in addition, the longer nights will be favorable for her return voyage 
On the -other hand tco long a postponement is inadvisable' with' regard to the 
state of readiness of the ship and dockyard situation at home 9 From the 
above considerations it follows that the TLiPITZ would have to be transferred 
home in the second half of October (New moon 20 October) a 

3o This makes it necessary for the ships to be transferred separately , 
Naval Staff considers this not only possible. but also advisable It will be 
jest to transfer the ships by a through run. from ALlA to a home port:, 
■ ''■-' - 

4o About 4 destroyers are considered necessary as escort for the 
LUETZUIJ* With a yiew to fuel consumption and in order to avoid an unneces- 
sary weakening of the destroyer force in the northern area, it should be 
investigated whether the transfer of the destroyers that require docking 
and of the two torpedo-boats could not be postponed until the return of the 
LUJT-.0.; r , i e e to about the second half of September,, This is to be done if 
the condition of the destroyers and torpedo-boats will permit; dockyard 
periods will have to be planned as well as may be Q 

5c For the transfer of TIRPITZ , about 8, destroyers will be requiredo 
(For the first part of the route, roughly between Irandheim and Christiansand 
North, a smaller number is believed sufficient ) 

6 The return of the TIHPITZ is an -operation of such great importance 
that the necessary destroyers will have to be made available regardless 
of the fuel situation, the planned shipyard transfers, or the. unavoidable temp- 
orary weakening of the Task Force in the, north; if necessary,, the northern 
area will have to do without any destroyers at all for the time being e 

7o Chief of Staff, Naval Staff concurred , ', The relative directive 
to Group North/Fleet is to be submitted to Chief, Naval Staff, 



• - 

So The TIBPITZ is scheduled for Gydinia and the LUETZOW for 

Special Items ; 


I The Fuehrer has ordered that construction of the East Wall be 
started iramediately Naval Liaison Officer to High Command, Army, General 
Staff Army has 'forwarded' /the: plan in accordance with Fuehrer order Nr, 10 
dated 12 August; it has • been, entered as per 1 Ski. 2368/43 gkdos Chefs 

; ■ . t _ .. . 

-16?- . .. -..; . CONFIDENTIAL 

13 iiugo 1943 ■-> ... CONFID JNTIAL 

in Uar Diary,, file lt Barbui-03sa^ n The line runs from Kerch via Gomel, Pleskau,, 
Peipussee to Narva This could create a completely new situation for .the 
naval compaign in the eastern gulf of Finland and hence in keeping open 
the Baltic 


ll* The Air Attache Tokyo has reported to Commander in ^hief 3 Air 
Force that f the Japanese General Staff is concerned over the air situation 
in Europe and is doubtful about the German propaganda announcing a new 
air offensive*, The Chief of the General Staff has requested authoritative • 
information „ The Naval Attache adds that the Naval Staff has instructed 
the Naval Attache in Berlin to make similar inquiries s as the information 
received from Admiral Nomura was out of date and regarded as too vague 
Both Attaches have asked for instructions as to the official line to be 

III 3 The 4 r emaining FT boats for delivery to Spain left Swinemuende 
on 9 August for Bordeaux Delivery will presumably be made before the 
established date of 24 August High Command, Navy, Bureau of Naval 
Armament is anxious that the boats should be turned over to Spain without 
delay as soon as they reach Bordeaux so that the crew may be released for 
further duty without waiting for the conclusion of the 'business transactions 
between the governments c "■ 

IV 3 Armed Forces High Command., Intelligence Division quotes a report 
dated 6 August received via Ostrow from England from a very reliable agent, as 

Conferences of high-ranking officers of the three services in London 
on 30 and 31 July 1943 produced the following results % 

1 Developments in Sicily and Italy are to be awaitedo A diversionary 
operation against the Channel coast in the Bay of Biscay was postponed;. 

2 The Army and Royal Air Force formations standing by for this 
operation will remain at their bases of departure in full readiness „ 

3o Operation Viking,, i^e 0> a large-scale action against Norway, 
. is to be postponed until the next Combined War Council meets (probably 
10 August). 

4o The decision concerning operation Black Prince is to-be made by* 
a Special Committee which. is to meet on 9 August Black Prince is 
the codeword for an operation against the continent ' 

• i- 

V Naval Staff 9 ■ Quartermaster Division has decided that the steamer 
SPAflTA (1,724 C-RT), released by- the Reich Commissioner of Maritime Shipping 
and now at Genoa, is to be converted into a small mine exploding vessel 

a ' 

-168- CONFID-NTifAl! • 

13 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENT Ia L 

at a yard in southern France , in spite of the fact the conversion is expected 
to take 8 month s e . 

VTc Operations in t he Northern Arcti c 

1 According to radio decohering, since August 2 enemy planes on 
convoy escort in the Kara Sea have been detected for the first time. There 
is an air base at the mouth of the Kara Ust - Kara (AT 8990) 

2 3 Group North/Fleet has submitted as cf 4 August the operational orders 
of Admiral, Northern .Waters for operation "Husar,"' and the operational 
orders of Commander, Submarines, Norway on the use of submarines on '.Jest 
Siberian sea routes ; 

For copy as per 1, Sk e 2258 and 2248/43 gk Chefs c see file i e Ski, 
I op VIII, 21* 

Naval Staff discussed the orders thoroughly on 12 August with Command- 
ing Admiral, C-roup North /Fleet, They extend Commander, LUSTZ0W J s authority 
over combat submarines to cover ail submarines in the operational area 

VII o Preparations for operations "Konstantin" and Alarich" __ 


1 According to statements from the General Administration Bureau, the, 
disptach of personnel for the new tasks was conditioned upon the counter- 
manding of the order for 10,000 men to be turned back to the Army As it 
has not been possible to do this, there is a shortage of 8,300 men v^ich, 
by making use of the full 20/£ cuts in all areas, could be reduced to 6,400 o 

As this shortage cannot be filled by Bureau of Naval Administration, 
the Chief of that office has asked the General Administration Bureau to 
investigate whether the total requirements can' be adjusted to the personnel 
available, as otherwise shipboard requirements^ including those of the sub- 
marine branch, will be compromised,. Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division will 
make corresponding investigations 8 

2 a Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch has issued a summarized order for special operation "Achse", dated 
12 August, to Group Commands Uest and South; Naval Commands North Sea, 
Baltic Sea, and Norway? and German Naval Command, Italy a For copy as per 
Ski, Qu, A II. 2322/43'gko c hefs see file l c Skl„ I op II, 1? ' " 

3o In connection with the new regulations on command in the Southeastern 
area, Group South reports that it is urgently -necessary to attach a Naval 
Liaison officer to Army Group F Naval Personnel Office will take care of this 
matter „ •-....... 


13 &ug a 1943 CQ NFIDSiiTIA I 

Situat ion 13 An gp- 1943 

■ ■ .. > • • 
Io "*ar in Foreign \ ; a te.ra . 

1» En^roy Situation ■•..•''-■ 

According to an intelligence report from Portugal dated 12 August, ■ 
American Naval forces including the- cruisers W QBLZms, PuRTIAND^HiCENK^ 
3 destroyers^ and 7 submarines have been identified in tne area north, of the 
Azores since 27 .July The vessels' are said to serve as relay escort for 
convoys from the U,S a c to the Mediterranean 

2 Q Own Situation . 

Naval Staff has advised Naval Attache, Tokyo, that, submarine U "1?8 H 
has reported completion of the refueling of AQJILA VI and that both boats 
were enroute to the submarine base and would arrive at the reception point 
one hour after sunset on 26 August- 

Tokyo is to issue the necessary instructions for their reception*, 
In addition, Tokyo is to report whether the order regarding' firing permission 
in the routes of approach are the seme for submarine U "178" as for the 


Naval Attache, Tokyo has also been infoimed that the ammunition 
delivered by the BriAiCE for Ship h 23" is also suitable -for the guns of Ship 
"10 »" In addition, Tokyo is to confirm that Naval Staff's instructions to 
the BjIAvE (see ,: Jar -Diary, 10 August) were -picked up in Tokyo so that the 
corresponding directives can be issued from there , Ho special reports have 
been received from our ships in foreign -waters or .from Ship '"10 = " . 


Situation T Tcst Area: 


la Enemy Situation 


One of our submarines .reported at 2135 on 10 August that it was 
being followed in ;3E 5872 by a submarine whose.';, conning' tower had been 
continually visible;.- this is the same grid-square in which one of our sub- 
marines reported being attacked by a six torpedo salvo on 13 July- 
Air reconnaissance at 1340 sighted a convoy consisting of 38 vessels 
with 9 escort vessels and 1 cruiser in CF 3613 on a northerly course At 
1328 in BF 47?2, 6 destroyers on course 20° with 1 flying boat were also 

J '" 



13 Augc 1943 CONFIXA 7 TIAL 


It is possible that the formation is identical with the group reported 
on 12 August consisting of 3 light cruisers and 3 destroyers, i Radio intelligence 
detected 54 planes ovor the outer Bay of Biscay In addition,, one British 
vessel was located at 1935 in BF 4853o 

According to an intelligence report via Cstrow, dated 9 August, 
a large train of 80 to 90 towed barges of American make again passed Fal- 
mouth going east on 7 August This information might be of significance 
in connection with the recently reported heavy concentration of naval 
forces and other vessels in southeastern" England© ' 


Own Situation 

Atlantic Coast 

Altogether six ELM/j mines were cleared off the ports 

Around midnight on 12 August 2 enemy planes were shot down along 
the. coast-, one near Brest and one near Concarneau.j The destroyers and 
torpedo-boat exercises were carried out and completed according to schedule 
The destroyers have anchored off Royanj the torpedo-boats have put into 
La Pallicoo 

Channel Coast 

Route "Herz !i has been partially closed owing to the presence of 

snag-line mines a Shipping traffic is thus prohibited until further notice ; 


The planned torpedo operation by PT -boats was abandoned after the 
air raid on L ? Abervrach, Commander, PT Boats is now preparing as many 
boats as possible for mining operations at the end of August* 

In view of the intensification of the enemy air attack on escort 
forces which resulted in casualties of 27 killed and 24 wounded between 
8 and 12 August alone, Group West has again called for an increased allot- 
ment of protective shields for the escort forces in the area of Commanding 
Admiral, Defenses Vfeste (Sse teletype 2050) 

III- North Sea, Norway, Northern Waters 

lo North Sea 

""V . • 

Nothing to report 



13 ikgo 19.':3 CuFFgDENTlAl, 

l!^ e S£. Sit uation 

14 pianos iii cpor.rbicri v;6ro dote c'J-'od. over. fcno 1' ^.th Sea c 

Two PT boats eiitered Ytire and Hovdevag Bay at 0222 and left 
again at O338 The boats evidently laid mines, as a Norwegian motor 
cutter ran en to a chain-f loading-mine at 0o05 near Hoof den and sank 

As planes were sighted over Karmsund at an altitude of 10 - 20 
meters,, it is suspected that aerial mines have been dropped there 

Own S it uat ion 

Shipping traffic was closed between Stadtlandet and Bergeru Tne 
KarmsUnd was also closed owing to suspected mirieso At 2300 on 12 August 
a fire broke out in the closed hatches on the steamer AfLJUS (3,143 GitT) 
at HoJiinbukto It is net yet clear whether this was due to spontaneous 
combustion or to sabotage 

The steamer, which was loaded with anmiriition for the Air Force, 
esqploded and sank at 0030 on 13 August with heavy casualties to the crew 
and to Air Force personnels Due to danger of FT boats ^ shipping traffic was 
suspended in the West coast area from Aalesund southwards ^ 

The escort service accompanied 26 ships to the north and 22 ships 
tothe-southc In the Arctic coast area, 5 ships are held up due to 'lack 
of'- escort o 

I V a ' Skagerrak , Baltic Sea Entrances , Balt ic Sea 
--o Enem y Situat ion 

No special reports have been receivedo 


2 ' Own Situation 

. 1 ; 


No special incidents in the area of Comn^nding Admiral. Defenses 

Baltic o 

.••■•- • 




In Aalborg, the engine of patrol boat Vr "1205 11 was damaged 
during basin trials by a foreign substance in the lubricating oil- Sabotage 
is suspected 3 

":rk in the area of Commander, Minesweepers, Baltic was partially 
hindered by bad weather 

In. view of an enemy air raid on a Finnish steamer west of Talinn, 
shipping east of 21° has been advised to sail in company: 

Vc Submarine "■ fe.rf are 

Nothing to report a 

As a contribution to the .Jar Diary., Naval Staff, Submarine Division 
has made a survey of the general submarine situation. In the first place,, 
attention is called to the extremely high losses which are not counter- 
balanced by corresponding successes c The loss of 34 boats in July was 
largely attributable to enemy superiority in the air n In connection with 
this, the inadequacy of our radar equipment probably played a decisive 
- part o 

Besides this,, it is still suspected that the enemy has some kind of new 
weapon, abide from the hedge heg, about -which nothing' yet is known c 

A number of the submarine losses have also renewed the suspicion of 
sabotage. The report goes on to discuss the situation in the -Bay of Biscay 
where an improvement is soon expected from the installation of the new 
Hagenuk-wave indicators (Tr No A device that replaced the Metox c ) 
Beside this an attempt will be mads to use the Spanish coast for the 
return voyage of the submarines at sea_= thus affording them some cover 
from location o 

The Capetown - Madagascar area has proved to be favorable for 
operations o However, its exploitation is restricted by the necessity 
to supply all boats with the exception of IX D2 submarines It is 
expected that there will very soon be a noticeable drop in traffic in 
this area due to the reopening of the Mediterranean route 

The supply situation for operations in the American and African, theaters 
was seriously aggravated by the loss of the tanker, as reported in detail a 


33 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

With the tankers still aval] able , only the most essential supplies can 
be handled,, and even the'tie only on the cue, ward voyage 

Of the 11 minslaying operation;: planned- as a. substitute for alternative . 
offensive possibilities j 2 have so far been completedc' Cf the other, boats,, 
2 are s ! : ill on the way out, 3 have been lost., 3 have had to turn back because 
of damage^ and 1 has had to be detached from minelaying f or use as a tanker 

Zi° — Ae rial'' vfagfare /' ■• ■ ■■rV ■ ' - - ■■'■-■■ ■ 

1„ Bri tisji Is les and Vicinity 

During the day^, only small '-enemy forces flew into the VJeot area. there is nothing to report* 

2? Medit err anean Theater . 

'" ■ ■ ; ." 

Our Air Force carried out reconnaissance of the Sicilian area "and or 
the nar-bors of -Bizerta and Ferryville c In addition, our reconnaissance at 
0829,' 50 miles east of the Straits'. of Gibraltar^ spotted an sastbound convoy 
of 70 ships of which one-third were tankers tota]in^ about' ; 350 > OCC - jJO^COO 
GRT^ protected by patrol boats^ corvettes,* and destroyers^ 64 torpedo planes 
attacked this formation at 2100 in the sea area west of Oran According to 
preliminary reports, 2 destroyers were sunk and. 10 steamers' of 5^000 - 
12^000 GRT were so heavily damaged that- most of them may be presumed to have 

15 of r our -planes, have rot yet 'submitted, action reports c Up to now, 4 
of our planes are missing. This is- the first time that large forces have been 
employed in a torpedo operation^ and can already be evaluated as a. great success. 


Shortly- before .-noon _j about 100 enemy bombers attacked the air bases" 
and rail\;ay stations at Rome causing cons.idera.ble damage in the target are&Sa 
Jjncng other things P 9 planes were destroyedo One of the attacking planes 
crashed o The air base at Pratica di Mare -was also attacked, 

■ - „< '...;. 

An effective raid was also made between 1345 and- 1417 <> on. the Air 
Force "industries at .VJeiner Neustadt by 2 formations cf 25 planes each whiob 
presumably ' came from the Mediterranean area via the Corfu - Nisch air routes 
50 plane's on the airfield were more or less heavily damaged Personnel losses 
were heavy "'Fighter protection by 4 BV 109 td achieved no results. 

• ' ■-. "' '. , 

3o Eastern Front 

Along the Army Front g 63 enemy planes v/ere shot do'wn on 1.1 August ' 
and 71 on 12 Augusta 

-174- CQNFipaj'L'i/ii , 

13 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENT IA.L 

Vil ? W arf are in th e Med iterranean and Black Sea 

l r Enemy Landing in Sicily. .'./■• 

_ ........ ■ • • . 

Situation on land 

According to the situation report from Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South, the evacuation of Sicily is proceeding according to plan 3 At 
present , the enemy is not following up the withdrawal movement of the XIV 
Tank Corp.; 3 

Naval Staff has as yet no knowledge of an order for the evacuation 
of Sicily 3 Inquiries are underway 

Situation a t Sea 

Enemy air attacks were repulsed during the forenoon by aviso SG "14" 
and motor-minesweepers near Vibo Vaientia One of the attacking planes 
was shot down 1 naval landing craft and 1 infantry boat were sunk in fighter- 
bomber attacks on the Straits of Messina during the day and night of 12 Augasto 

During 13 August, the enemy Air Force extended their attack on the 
Straits of Messina to Calabria, where supply routes were attacked in continuous 
waves and at times interrupted* Cur groundrattack planes encountered no 
ship targets along the north and east coasts of Sicily . 

Detailed information en photographic reconnaissance of Syracuse and 
Augusta on 12 August is contained in teletype 2050 u It confirms an increase 
in the number of landing craft •, 

Visual reconnaissance shox^s no change in the number of ships in 
Catania Q 3 PT boats are scheduled for operations in the Syracuse area on 
the night of 13 August • 

2 C Enemy situation elsewhere in the., Mediterranean- 

According to an Italian report, a destroyer with an apparently damaged 
bow arrived in. Gibraltar from the. Mediterranean,, 6 ships and 3 escort vessels 
from the eastbound convoy seen coming in from. the Atlantic on the evening 
of 12 August, put into Gibraltar " 3 freighters from. Gibraltar joined the 
rest -of the convoy The convoy, was- spotted hy our air reconnaissance at 
1500, 35 miles north -northwest of Cape Tres Forcas.and was attacked by tor- 
pedo planes in the evening, as already. me ntionedo 


No other shipping traffic was observed in the Uestern Mediterranean 


13 Aug, 1943 CONF IDENTIAL 

Fcr interpretation cf photographic reconnaissance of Bizerba and 
Ferryvil? e on 12 August- see teletype 1450c 

" ■'•'■'.'.' 
According to the information of' Naval Staff, Intelligence Division., 
as cf 12 August, the total number of landing beats in the Mediterranean 
amounted to 14 LSI, 133 IB'H S 460 LCI and probably 2,000 small vessels. 
Of these,, 1/$ of the LST and 2t$ of the LGT/'l are in Sicily/ while the freighter 
tonnage in this area amounts to 1>6 ships for 621,000 G-tfT'j including 2 
transports o This is 20% of the total of 534. ships for 3,103,000 GR? 
established in the Mediterranean 


The number of vessels in the Tunisian area was still high, ammounting 
to yZ% of the LST, 17$ of the LCT/I, and 26 landing stages as well as about 
410^000 GAT cf shipping-/ The approximately 3>0,000 tons of shipping in 
Algiers and the 800,000 GRT in the Western- Mediterranean* including Gibraltar £ 
is regarded as normals The 'remaining freighter tonnage, ' amounting to about 
900,000 GRT, is assumed to be in the Eastern Mediterranean 

'. j. 

According to intelligence reports, landing operations against 
Corsica, for which troop movements to the east have already begun are expected 
at any moment .' '■ 

3 o Own situation elsewhere in the Medit e rranean 

Sea _ gnd^ Tra n sj^:r^Situati on '••■' •-. n , .. , 

Motor minesweeper R "6" was sunk in an enemy air raid off Civitavechia 
at 1159 e 2 destroyers, 1 Italian torpedo boat, 2 anti-aircraft gun corvettes , 
2 submarine- chasers, 3 motor-minesweepers, and 2 auxiliary motor-minesweepers 
were engaged in .escort service ~ 7 steamers and 1 tanker were escorted,, 

In regard to the status of the barge 'transfer;, Group West reports that 
the following; left for. Italy;. ' h 8 naval landing- craft, 12 motor-mine™ 
svjeepers, 82 tankers,- 18 freight and 13 "Seeloewe" barges.- For further 
details, see tele t$pV 3320b < , . 

According to a further report from Group West, shipping traffic in 
the Center canal is- -suspended for about 10 days owing to mine sabotage •. 
This will not affect the barge- transfer • 

' P*'*.' ■ ' " ; . - 

4° Area Naval Group South 

Aegean Sea ... 

On the evening of 12 August, light enemy air forces attacked 

" J 1 


13 Aug, 1943 CONTIlJiNTIAL 

Prevesa and a seaplane base on Corfu t . In addition, reconnaissance planes 
-ere over the sea area west of Syra and west of rihodeso 

• . 
The operation against the suspected enemy submarine base had to be 
3tj r.od. because of bad weather; 

FT boat 3 "36" has arrived in Piraeus from Taranto 

5, Bl ack Se a 

'Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence, there was moderate FT boat and 
patrol activity off the Caucasian coasto 4 submarines were : detected at sea 
Air reconnaissance sighted one submarine 30 miles south-southwest of Yalba 

Own Situation 

On the night of 11 August,, the enemy carried out a heavy bombardment 
of the town and harbor of Taganrog by armored train, land artillery., and 

ground attack planes „ 

The 38th Th eo do sia-Taman" transport was attacked on 13 August; 1 
ferry was damagedc 

An air raid on the town and port of Yalta caused only slight damage 
and no naval losses 

A motor lighter was badly damaged by an explosion south-southwest 
of Odessa on the night of 12 August and had to be beachedc It is not yet 
known-, whether, this was. due to a mine or torpedo.,, 

Our naval forces undertook no .combat operations en the night of the 
13th owing to weather conditions,. Supply and ferry traffic across the 
Straits of Kerch was carried out according to'plan 

Group South has urgently, requested the assignment cf a heavy-lifting 
JU 252 plane for the shipment o'f arms", radio equipment, and engines iii the 
Black Sea and Aegean area in view' of the development of thie situation in 
the Adriatic, Western Greece, and the Aegean Naval Staff, Quartermaster 
Division will deal further with the matters 

VIII, Situation East Asia 

'■■ ■ 
Nothing to report „ 


1U Augo 19 A3 CCNF_IDEKTL\L 

itecis of Political Imp ortance 

Intelligence reports from China, dated 5 August, describe the panic 
allegedly aroused in Japanese circles ir. China by Mussolini's overthrow,, 
There is speculation in regard to a political, trend towards an approach 
between Japan and "Russia intended as a means .of easing Germany's position 
or to avoid being left to face the Anglo- American. power alone if Germany 
collapses o The Chinese coast has always been known as a hot bed for the 
wildest rumors and speculate oris 

The Foreign Office has forwarded information given by the. Italian 
Commandant of Toulon, General Farnia, to the French Liaison Off icer there . 
This is to the effect that the British and Americans have renounced the 
execution of their previous Balkan plans, as the Russians regard the 
Balkans as their cwa reserved area, In order not to lose time, the Allies 
plan to give up the operations against Sardinia and Corsica and to attack 
Toulon and Marseille direct, simultaneously seizing the Balearic Islands 

An, intelligence report from Gibraltar via Madrid dated 8 August states , 
on the other hand, that, -if things go well in Italy, the Allied General 
Staff plans to attack Sardinia and Corsica but if political developments 
fail to mature, to turn the attack against Crete and the Dodecanese 

Officers arriving from London and Gibraltar are said to have stated 
; th 
spring 3 

that the main s.ttack against France on the Channel coast would start next 

It is understandable that the effort to solve the puzzle of the next 
target should produce this kind of luxuriant speculation which has been 
flourisning increasingly during the past few weeks. Likewise it is self- 
evident that, accordfeg'to the methods of the enemy coalition, political 
considerations play a!n important part in the establishment of strategic 
policy, so that the speedy magnification of the alleged plans and their \ 
multiplicity is ( easily explained,, Besides this, a great .deal of information 
along these lines is planted by the enemy. In making our..ov/n assessment, , 
therefore, only strictly military facts should be taken seriously,. From 
such facts, there is, at present, no. definite conclusion- -to be drawn, 

■• : 

C onference on the 'Situation -with Chief, I'la vaj Staff 

I Chief, Operations Branch, Naval Staff, Operations Division made. -a report 
on special directive Nr 3 in regard to instruction Nr, 48 concerning the ■ 
regulation of Command in the Southeast area, in accordance with teletype 
from Operations "Staff, Armed Forces High 'Command dated 7 August as per l/3kl 
22 571A3 gko Copy 'in Uar Diary, Pa-rV'C, Volume XIV 


14 Aug.- 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

■ - 

lis Rep ort by 'Quarterm aster General » Naval Staff 

• - . 

- - . :. 

a« In regard to the planned investigation by General Von Unruh 
of the areas of Naval Command* Norway, and Admiral Denmark- it was reported 
that both areas hSye a^r^tdy been thoroT^XY d in a special Navy 

inve sti ticn. Itc&i iral Hartmann ) 


b 3 Examination of the cotton pads found near Kiel has shown, that they 
had no connection with, bacteriological or similar types of warf are but 
were flakes from the fires at Hamburgc 


Co The question of placing all naval establishments under a single 
command with headquarters, at Hamburg was examinecL 

d. At the suggestion of Naval Staff/ Chief , Naval Staff decided that 
the smoke-laying .units are to be .withdrawn from Lorientu Naval Staff, 
Quartermaster Division and Naval Staff, Operations Division are to investi- 
gate the matter of employing them elsewhere 

e Transports to Italy are now going via Marseille, as the Italian 
rail communications can only be. used with, great difficulty-, 

f fl It is proposed to put the SCHLESUIG H0L5TEIN, HIPPER and the 3 
sailing school ships into service as a training formation,, 

Chief, Naval Staff concurred,, 

IIIo On the proposal of Chief, Naval (Ship) Construction Division, 
Commander in Chief, Navy decided that the construction of new merchantmen 
to be used as blockade-runners should be d is continued The necessity for 
continuing their construction is. to be investigated in each case and ruled 
on separately,. It is also to be. examined whether new ships already 
completed can be used by the Navy; if not, they may be turned over to the 
Reich Commissioner for Maritime Shipping 

The further employment of the two new ships VIKTORIA. and FLORIAN^POLIS , 
both at Hamburg, is to be examined at once as the Reich Commissioner for 
Maritime ->hi jping attaches special importance to these ships e 

Chief-, Naval Jtaff alsc decided, on the proposal of Naval Staff, 
Operations Division, that: -■* 

' " . . • .. .. 

It is unnecessary for Ship "5" "to\be entirely completed for use 
as an auxiliary cruiser' in the Atlantic; i^e the camouflaging, for 



14 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL, 

example, r.eed not be done . The ship, should , however,, be made fully 
navigational and" have sufficient armament installed for her to be used 
-. as an auxiliary cruiser in homo waters 3 The ship is to be moved from. 
Hamburg to the Baltic Sea as soon as possible. Naval Staff, Quarter- 
master Division was asked to report their plans for .the. further 
operations of the shir to MvaH Staff « Operations' Divisicri« 

In a highly res tricted Circ le 

IV o R ep ort by C hief, Oper ations Branch , Naval Staff, Operat ions Di vision 

a ° Operation •' £pi x . ?,ber ge n 

On 5 August , the Task Force put forward a proposal to Group North/ 
Fleet and Admiral Arctic Ocean, by radiogram,, for the annihilation of the 
enemy base on Spitsbergen by the Task Force minus LUZTZO'" either instead 
of, or in the course of the August exercises,, The plan is for TIRPITZ,. 3CHA3N- 
HOiiST and at least 10 destroyers to approach aG 78 and from there, in 
the early morning, to detach l f - 6 destroyers each carrying 75 Army personnel, 
to attack Barenisburg, ^valbard radio station and Langyeardbyen (air base 
and radio station) , re embarking the troops again not more than 12 hours 
after the attack, The Task Force will stand off Eisfiord as support group 
and, if necessary will support the landing by heavy artillery bombardment 
of Longyean and 3arentsburg 

The return voyage will be used for exercises or for operations 
against enemy counteractions as reported and in accordance with the situation^ 
The Air Force will be required for special target reconnaissance on the 
eve of the action, for flank reconnaissance before and during, the" operation, 
and for submarine chasing and close cover',."' 

Group North/Fleet welcomed the plan for this additional .operation 
(codeword n Sizilien :i ) by the Task Force especially on. psychological grounds,, 
but pointed out the difficulties in regard to oil and the possible 
repercussions on operation "Husar" and on weather operations" as well as 
the risk involved if the enemy, with superior ,£orce§ and aircraft carriers, 
should accept the challenge to battle with out "our reconnaissance being 
able to guarantee the Task Force against surprise,,, 

"' ' '" "' '' ; * •••••_: " ■ . L 

Group North/Fleet therefore recommended 'that the proposed operation 
be postponed until definite reconnaissance information was receiyed on 
Spitzbergen and "Husar" was completed 

On 7 August, Naval. Staff forwarded its views to Group North/Fleet 
as follows;' \-' ' 


.-*«- ... -, ■ - • 

14 Augo 1943 CO^IDJmAL 

lc The proposal of the Task Force merits consideration 3 Even though 
the ta : sk force is being employed in a Iflnit'ftfl efgortj the operation is f ^1 1 y 
in accord with the views >r i. Naval Sta££ ft 

2 U The decisive factor in the possibility of execution is the 
fuel' question. According to our calculations, at least 8,000 tons of fuel 
will be required (if 12 destroyers are used) As only 2,500-. tons were 
allotted for the exercises, there would be a deficit of at least 5j500 
tons which would have to be drawn from the oil reserves in your area 
It is probable that in the near future oil supplies to Norway will be delayed,, 
Hamburg is currently out of operation as an oil—transiJ: .port Because cf 
air attacks on the Ploesti oil fields oil deliveries from 'Rumania have be«n 
temporarily suspended* It is therefore an especially bad moment tc draw on 
the oil stocks in Nor way a 

3o Your opinion that reconnaissance results on Spitzbergen should 
be awaited is fully concurred in 3 In starting an operation against Spitz- 
bergen, account must be taken of the fact that if by chance, enemy ships 
should at the same time be on the way to supply the bases there, air 
reconnaissance might not spot them m time c Such ships would probably be 
escorted by at least several destroyers c . Operation Spitzbergen must 
therefore not be attempted with too weak forces-, It must also be kept 
in mind that the strength of enemy for3es on Spitzbergen cannot be very 
accurately established by air reconnaissance, so that, on these grounds too, 
our own force must net be too small a If the operation is to be carried 
'out, complete success in any event must be ensuredo 

4o It is obviously necessary for operation Spitzbergen to be 
coordinated with "Dudelsacko" However, it is not considered necessary to 
wait for the completion of "Dudelsacko" If both operations were to 
start at the same time, it might serve as effective camouflage for "Dudelsacko 11 
The overall situation must also be kept in minds Enemy landing attempts 
may be imminent; in Norway, Operation Spitzbergen might serve to. check 
the enemy landing plans,. 

5o Summarizing, Naval Staff is of the opinions 

(a) That forces for an operation against enemy bases on 
Spitzbergen could not be too strong 

(b) That the proposal of the Task Force should be 
carried cut if the oil position will in anyway permit;, 

6© Further views'/ especially on paragraph 5o(b) in respect to the 
arguments in paragraph* 3 and 4 were requested*. Cn 11 and 12 August, the 


14 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

.■-.■_-.■' ' ' . 

matter was further discussed at a meeting with Chief -)f Staff Group North/ 
Fleet o In the meantime, the Task Force reported on 9 August that preliminary 
talks had been opened with the Amy. and with Squadron Banak and that the 
oil required over' and above the August qaota was calculated at about 2,000 
to 2.200 cubic meters On 11 August Naval Staff decided as follows; 

(a) The decision as to the execution of operation "Sizilien" 
is postponed until the end of August or beginning of September, Due to 

the still very low oil reser/es, earlier execution is inadvisable especially 
since it may be necessary for the Task Force to be used in connection with 
Operation "Husar-o" The LUETZ0VJ and the Task Force are to be provisionally 
kept in readiness for "Husaro" If the scheduled oil supplies for the 
Arctic area have arrived by the end of August,, it may be possible to carry 
out Operation "Siaitien" in September 3 •- Preparations should be made for. 
leaving at short notice 

(b) Operation "Sizilien" will be carried out either by the whole 
Task Force cr by submarines o The use of destroyers only With the LUETZOVf, 
or destroyers alone, or an operation by fishing steamers is out of the 

Group North/Fleet has asked Naml Staff for information 
in regai'd to the participation of Army troops of A:;med Forces High Command 
in operation '''Sizilien, 1 ' so that preparations With the Army may be run 
smoothly - 

Furthermore, in agreement with Naval Staff and in order to 
ensure its own freedom of decision in regard to the fuel. oil situation^, 
the Group "has cancelled the August exercises of the Task Force, All teletypes •■ 
on the planning of operation ''Sizilien" have been filed in l/Skl I op -VIII, 
2 "Spitsbergen" Vol, 1 3 Chief, Naval Staff concurredo < .1 ■ 

bo Chief, Naval' -Staff concurred with- the escort of "Fiieder" cj 
destroyers as discussed in the War Diary for 10 August,, 


V Chief, Operations Division, Naval Staff reported on information 
received frcm Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters to the effect that the Fuehrer 
considers it desirable to 'reinforce' the submarines in -the Northern Area, 
Chief, Naval Staff made the provisional comment that all submarines be <.'?i 
transferred to Norwegian bases Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters also reported 
that the Reichsmarshal has expressed a x^ish to discuss the common combat 
tasksin the 'Test with Commander in Chief, Navy at the beginning of next 

As Chief, Naval Staff has arranged for an imperative official trip to 
the North Sea and Baltic coast which -'cannot be postponed, this conference 


14 Aug, 1943 CO NFIDi^TTAL 

cannot take place before the end of next week c 

VI 3 Quartermaster General} Naval Staff reported that en 13 August 
part of the 25 special service commands which were being .held ready at 
Munich were recalled by Commanding General, Armed Forces, South. 

VII, Chief of Staff, Naval Staff obtained the agreement of Chief, Naval 
Staff to the decisions made in regard to operations with small battle 
units (see "Jar Diary 13 August) « 

Special Items 

I, Preparations for operations "Alarieh. 11 "Konstantin 11 

I ■- - . . 1 ■__■ III! - II || || 


la Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division has ordered that, in the case 
cf "Achse," the area limit between German Naval ' Command, Italy and Grcup 
South/Admiral Adriatic be moved to the west of Trieste Establishment of 
the final area limit will be made later „ 

2 e Group South reports that the information according to which the ; 
Ionian Islands (including Corfu), which Commanding General, £nfied Forces, • 
Southeast also regards as particularly threatened, are to be left unoccupied 
in case of "Achee, :! has been found to be incorrect Cephalenia is already 
occupied. It is planned to occupy Zante, Levkas and Corfu, with only 
small forces for the present c According to a report from Admiral, Aegean - 
it is true that the Italian 11th Army High Command has refused to transfer 
mere German troops from the mainland to the islands, but this will only • 
apply to the period before the start of operation "Achse*" - 

Naval Staff 'las advised armed Forces -High" Command, Operations Staff, 
Navy accordingly,, 

3<> Armed Forces High Command has' asked Naval Staff to answer seme 
questions in regard to shipping space available for the evacuation of 
Sardinia. Naval 'Staff has "forwarded the questions by teletype l/Skl I a 
2395/43 gko Chefs, -to German Naval Command., Italy for reply For Copy, . 
see "ar Diary. Part Gy Vol., XIV e 

.. ■' 

4* For reasons of ~ security, J7 aval -Staff has requested confirmation 
m Group "Jest and Commander Submarines Italy, with copy to German Naval 
n , Italy, that Commander, Submarines, Italy is informed on the mine 
Situation alon^ the French 1 South Coast : and that the submarines are Su$pli 
with the 'necessary- data --to enable them to put into other ports in Southern 


14 Augo 1943 CQilF Lx.NTRL /L ; ' 

France, besides Toulon, in case of neecL (See Teletype 1313) o 

5o Naval Attach Rome reports that on 12 'August, on the occasion 
of the presentation of - a picture of Commander in Chief > Navy, the former 
Minister of Marine,, Riccardi, made some frank and sceptical comments on 
the present reliability and military value of the Italian Fleets The 
details are as follows? 

''He saw no solution for 'Italy 's extremely serious situation 
General developments would force her out of the war as an active 
partner o The position in the three services ; 

Air Force ; Practically non-existent s 

Army: Very little armament- very little confidence in the 
combat strength of the Army 

Navy: A certain number of vessels are still capable of action, 
mainly large ores which will shortly be joined by the battleship ROMA 
upon completion of repair s c In his judgement, however, the value of 
the fleet as a weapon had declined since the political upheaval in Rome 6 

The position of the Italian Fleet today is comparable to 
that of the German Flert in 1918-- It would not go to Scapa Flow but 
ity'was possible that it would end by scuttlingo He hoped that before 
this happened there would be a last battle at sea, 

VJhen I asked directly whether, by his comparison with the 
German Fleet of 1913, he meant to indicate the possibility of a revolut- 
ionary movement in the Navy^ Hiccardi replied, that this could never 
be so long as the' Head of the State was personified by the Royal House 

. •'■ ' • " ■ 

Passing to the reliability of the crews, Riccardi described ( 
the spirit of the Navy as still unshaken But one must not be 
blind to the fact that the political- upheaval in Rome had also had a 
military effect on Fleet personnel. The crews had their own opinions 
on the events in IRprasj and' they knew that it was no longer any use 
to go on fighting except to defend the honor of. the Navy..' In this 
connection Riccardi mentioned that the Minister of Marine, de Courten, 
was in La Spezia today 

The King's desire that Fascism should cease to exist., has 
caused no b .'sic disciplinary difficulties in the Navy The transition 
was eased for the Navy by the fact that the oath of. allegiance .; Was 
always, made to the King and that the King 'was still the Head of the 
State, In addition, Badoglio's Military Government has the full authority 


14 Aug, 1943 ■ /; CONFIDENTIAL 

and confidence of the Armed Forces In this, situation, they obeyed 
■■, the King ' s orders, and no active support is to be expected from the 
Navy for any attempt to reinstate Fascism although an inward sympathy 
with Fascism still exists among some of the personnel,; " 

III:, According to statements from Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, 
Fleet Branch, 10 Siebel ferries of the new building program will be ready 
for shipment at Antwerp by the end of August, 20 by the end of September, 
and the remaining 10 by the end of October 

Naval Staff, Operations Division has decided that all 40 vessels are 
to be used in the Adriatic and the Aegean*, Assembly will therefore be 
done only at Trieste and, if necessary, at. Salonika, if this would save 

IV ft Group North/Fleet has submitted a summary of Situation Reports for 
July 1943= For copy as per l/Skl 22666/43 Gkdos a see War Diary, Fart B, 
Vol, V. 

In regard to the morale of the men, the Commanding Admiral and Chief 
of the Fleet reports: 

The men's morale is still goodc However, the demoralising effect 
of the bombings at home merits attention,. Events in Italy, for -which, 
of course, no definite explanation can be given, are also causing 
preoccupation both at home and at the front 

Apart from these worries, the depressing accounts brought back by 
men returning from home leave have a bad influence The handling of 
such matters calls for watchful attention and particularly understand- 
ing leadership on the part of the Officer, a task -which I am at present 
making my special concern by means of encouragement and guidance, 
This is a problem which will -.require especially skillful handling as 
. the length and the hardship of the war increase, and whose importance, 
even now with the present seriously- strained ^military situation, it is 
impossible to overestimate;, Commander in Chief , Navy will endeavor 
to keep in ■ continuous personal touch .-.with all front r Iine and. -home 
establisiiments in regard to the morale of the- men rj 

V. In view of t&e ammunition situation of the Danish German-manned 
batteries, Naval. Staff, Quartermaster Division has ordered the immediate 
re-equipment of 2. batteries in the -.Denmark area c 8 - 12o7 cm SK c/34 
guns, -which were allotted for re-equipment in. Norway in September and October, 
are available for this purpose Q :. ;.j. 


14 Aug, 1943 


Situation I k. Ana., 1943 

I~ Vlar in Foreign Waters 

Enemy Situation 

Nothing to report 

•> ■•.'■• 

2 Own Situation 

The enemy blockade of the Bay of Biscay is at present so strong that : 
the entry of the blockado-runnsj's from Japan must be postponed until the 
darkest months Naval Attache,, Tokyo has therefore received instructions; 
in modification of present orders, to have all blockade-runners ready to 
sail in the Southern area not before 20 October in order to avoid unnecessary 
-waiting in the Southern ar@a The ; ships should leave. tne Japanese ports at 
inbervelso Plans are to be reported in good time For copy as per radiogram 
1/Skl 2373/43 gl-c Chef So. see War. Diary , Part G ? < Vol, I . . >. 

By letter l/Skl 2365/43 gk'= Chefs , (Copy in War Diary , Part C, Vol I) 
the Japanese Naval Attache in Berlin has been asked to inform the "Flieder" 
as follows s 

"The rendezvous with the German submarine is to take place on 20 August 
at about 1200 . German of ficial time, at 39° north.,, 32° 30' west, that is, 
1 east of the originally agreed' position* Attention is again drawn to 
the danger of enemy carrier-based planesc 11 

No reports have been received from our ships in foreign waters 

II -v , • . v S ituati on lie st_Area 
lc ,,' .Enemy .Situation.. _,, 



Only 7 planes were detected in operation over- the -Bay- of ■' Bis A cay.- 
One British vessel was detected at 1219 in BF 7420, at '1452 in 'BE 9l'40,andi 
at 1948 in BF 7570 o Our air reconnaissance reported at 1146. in -BE r9413 1 
light cruiser, at 1210 in BE 8398 a convoy of 38 merchantmen with 10 escort 
ves se Is,, and. I, cruiser on course 30 9 and ; at 143Q in BE 9848 aoceaftvoy of 45 
merchantmen and ,14 ; . escort vessels including .,1 probable- cruiser, probably on - 
a southerly course? ^ addition -6 destroyers., were reported at .1316 >. 170 miles 
northwest of Cape. Grtegal on course -20 , with, one, Sunderland plane; ^ and a 
broad oil trace 'was observed at 1432, 140 miles northwest of this Cape,. 

According to an intelligence report from Portugal, Portugese fishermen 



14 Aug. 1943 CGN?iri:~l.-x 

reported that 12 British fishing steamers, 5 sea-going tugs, 2 freighters, 
7 corvette s^j and at least 2 destroyers were seen on a southerly course at a 
speed of 12 knots 62 miles west of Carvalhoe on 13'" August at 1500, Central 
European !ime 

In intelligence report from London via Madrid j iat ~ - August^ frcm 

the same source that correctly .forecasted "..- Sicily operation^ states fckat it 
is still planned to make an attack this summer against France, with landings 
between Biarritz and Etang de Biscarrosse in the area of 3eziers and at ~."ar- 
bonne o A total of 800,000 men is said tc be assigned for the two operations - 

2- Qm Situation 


Atlantic Coast 

rwd more ZILM/j mines were swept off Lorient on 13 Au^ 

Destroyers Z ,i 32 li and Z "37 ,r transferred from Royan to "rauillac 
and Z "32". later proceeded to Bordeaux to complete minor repairs 

Ch annel Area 

Nothing to report o 


Patrol boat "positions were not taken up due tc bagd vrtather- 

III- North Sea, Norway, Northern ~. T aters 

lo North Sea 

One HI./J mine was cleared north of -Tersche-llingi- •'P-at,f s ol boat positions 
were not taken up owing to weather conditions ._ I-.inesweeping operations were 
cancellede 4 boats of 27th i-iinesweeper Flotilla sailed from Helder to Borkum 3 

2 5 Norway /N orthern ".'aters 


Enejtay Situation 
— iXf 1 1 — • 

9 planes in cp^raticn over the North Sea and 3 planes' of the Iceland 
3quadron were :cted. Slight artillery activity was observed in the 

--etsano ares, during the nlc-hi of 11 *.ugust and on 12 August.,, ^n 13 ^ugast the 
- carried out a f ev, r recdnnaissance flights in the Banak .- V^rdOe area e 
air recch'nai ie evening of 13 august on the east coast of 

Scotland produced no special tactical information,, 

-187- cc. ~:itiai 

14 Augo 1943 C ONFIDENTIAL . - 

-■* -' 


Shipping traffic of -thr* Aalesund was resumed at 0700 o 17 ships, were 
escorted to the north and 22 ships to the souths 

In the Arctic coast area c 12 ships were held up due to lack of escorts 

Group North /Fleet has drawn the attention of Naval Command > Norway, and 
Quart a master Division,, Naval Staff to the fact that, for- operational reasons, 
,/the August quota of fuel oil ; amounting to 12 ,,000 cbm, must reach Alta by ^he 
, end of August* 

5 submarines which are unable to leave for the Atlantic as they .have 
not yet been equipped with Hagenuk apparatus, are being held in the port of 
Bergen until further orders 3 The boats are ready for action in case of 
invasion cr other operations in the Norwegian Area After being equipped, v 
with Hagenuk sets they will leave for the Atlantic as soon as a corresponding 
number cf submarines from home waters arrive to replace tham in Bergen » 

IVo S? eager rak , Baltic Sea En trance s, ic Se a 

1 a ^J ie my Situation 

Nothing to report from the Eastern Baltic Sea c . 

^ a Own _ Situation 

16 vessels were employed on channel sweeping in the area of Commanding 
Admiral, Defenses Baltic Activities were hampered by bad weather 

A fishing steamer reports the explosion of a ground mine in its nets 
north of Arkona,, Convoy and transport traffic was carried cut according to 
schedule throughout the Baltic Sea and -without incident.. 


1-b.n 3 sweeping operations in the Eastern Baltic Soa had to be 
broken off duo. to weather conditions.- 

34 vessels were out on net, barrage, and submarine patrol, A gap 
150 meters long has been made in the west net' by weather damage It will be . 
repaired as soon as the weather improves 

V_a Submarine W arfare 

1° Enemy _ Situation 

According to radio intelligence, fast convoys in the North Atlantic 


14 Aug, 1943 . - - '.::':: i 

cross at intervals of 8 days and slow convoys at intervals of 10 days 
Traffic is again going by on the great circle rente, In the Mew Sbrk - 3-ibralt; 
traffic, sic--: convoys cross at intervals of 14 days and fast convoys every 

2 3 days, 

srial convoys between England anc tar sail every 15 
days, and trocp transport conveys every 30 days The northbound Gibraltar 
convoy now enroute is sailing .c:i course 15 west thus holding to a line about 
120 miles west as has recently been usual e The reason for this is evidently 
the intensification of air attacks 3 

Traffic between England and Freetown is still sailing at 15 day 
intervals in spite of the reopening of the Mediterranean route 

:.lar convoy traffic through the Mediterranean to the Red Sea 
and back has not so far been observed,, 

2« Qv.n Situa tion 

Nothing to report; 


71 > Aerial ".."arfare 

1 • Bri".i-: .-. Isles and 7 i y 

3rd Air Force had 33 planes in operation in the ::est Area and 8 
planes in the Mediterranean 

In a frse pursuit on 13 August , one Wellington and one Sunderland 
were shot down .by a JU 8$ in the Bay of Biscay a 

The north bound convoy of 38 merchant ships (See "Jar Diary 13 
gust, "Enemy -it v:-.t±on "Jest Area") was attacked by a PW 200 on 23 August 
(Tr Ua obviously mistaken in date) without observation of results c The plane 
had to make an emergency landing at La Coruna owing to damage received 
during the attack,, 

On 14 august only a few strafing attacks by single planes en railroad 

trains -..-ere made in the occupied "test Area during the day c Also during the 

night only one - plane harassing or -reconnaissance flights were reported 
from the Reich Area 

Jin the coastal areas of Holland and Northern France, small forces 
dropped a few bombs 


14 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Approximately 120 to 150 planes flew across Uestern France to and 
from Northern Italy 

Milan was the target of attack* 1 plane was shot down near Dijon 

2 o M editerranean _Th eat er 

Our Air- Force carried out reconnaissance in the area of Sicily 

The attacked ease bound convoy was reported at 1620 to be composed - 
of 40 vessels with strong air protection; about 10 miles east of Tenez a 
40 He 111 torpedo planes and 24 JU 68 torpedo planes were sent cut for the 
attack en 13 Augusta 59 planes attacked^ 

The final report on results claims hits on a total cf 25 vessels 
for 176,000 GRT^ 1 tanker and 2 destroyers were observed sin'-dng and 
about 3 -4 merchant ships l*urnlng During the attack corvettes attempted 
to smoke-screen the convoy. 

Throughout the day, enemy fighter bombers and light bombers attacked 

Messina and the Straits Q 

An attack was also made on the air base at Vibo Valentia at 1420 c 

During the night of 13 August single enemy planes from the south 
flew into the Balkan area as far as Nisch c Apparently only pamphlets were 

3 "Eastern Front 

On 13 August, 65 enemy planes were shot down on the Army front „ 

VII - VJarfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

3-0 Enemy Landing in Sicily 

SJ tuation o n Land 

Little fighting took place 

Up to the evening of 13 August, 14,916 men, 1,300 vehicles, 21 
tanks, 22 assault guns and other equipment of the XIV Army Corps had been 
withdrawn across the Straits of Messina 3 

Situation at Sea 


14 Aug, 1943 CONFIDSMTIAL 

Only a "Little shipping traffic was observed in the sea area of Sicily? 

1 cruiser and 2 destroyers were seen in the morning on- a westerly course,, 

west, of Milazzoo . 

. - 

One destroyer was sunk by an Italian torpedo plane off Palermo at 
2200 on 13 Augusta The coast south of Messina was shelled at 1415 by 2 
cruisers which were in company with 3 large steamers, 

A thrust, by our PT boats during the night of 13 August into the area 
of Syracuse produced no results a The boats arrived in Crotone during the 
morning o 

A mining operation was carried out, in the same nighty off Crotone by 

2 Italian cruisers and 2 destroyers 

Owing to continuous air attack on Vibo Valentia and bombardment from the 
sea by 3 probable destroyers, aviso SG ll i4" and 5 motor-minesweepers have 
transferred temporarily to Cap - ?.;.:. 

2- ^^y„^tu/\ti;-^i_cji.: ro^jn'jthe j&edit er raneali 

According to an intelligence a convoy of appro_:x^itely 40 

freighters and 10 tankers, with a strong escort? including several aircraft 
carriers left New York on 1 August for Gibraltar and North Africa^ 

2 auxiliary aircraft carriers entered the Mediterranean via Gibraltar 
during the morning and went back again in the evening c 

In the afternoon, a convoy of 32 freighters and S escort vessels left 
Gibraltar for the Atlantic „ 

A convoy of 12 freighters arrived in Gibraltar from the Mediterranean,, 
Three of these vessels joined the west bound convoy mentioned above Q 

Our own air reconnaissance sighted at 1823 ; 1 tanker and 3 destroyers 
north of Cape Bougaroni on a westerly course, and at 1835 , 8 freighters 40 
miles north of Bone on an easterly course 

The number of ships in the ports of Bone and Bizerta was essentially 

According to radio intelligence the Commanding Admiral of Task Force 
H was at sea 

For the first time in a long i^hile, air reconnaissance in the area 


14 Aug 1943 CONFI DENTIAL 

of the Southern Adriatic. and the Straits of Otranto was detect ed 

Submarines were reported, in the afternoon of 13 August ,, south of 
' Pr-nta Stilo and east of Brindisi; and on 14 August at 0?'00 ; 15 miles northeast 
of Basiia and at 1029 north of Phi.lippTo.lle, The submarine reported near 
Bastia was sunk at 0100 by the Italian corvette MINERVA „ Most of the crew 
was captured^ 

No sighting reports have "been received from the Eastern Mediterranean '- 
According to radio intelligence, a wost bound convoy reported on 12 August 
near Derna, is making for Malta c 

3 o QiAfn Sitvati on el sewhere in th e Med iterranean/Sea Transport S.i tuatlon 

2 destroyers 3 1 anti-aircraft corvette^and 1 Italian torpedo boat 
were engaged in escort service and accompanied 5 steamers in the Corsica 
traffic; No special incidents were reported. 

According to the Weekly Report Of German Naval ,, Command, Italy for 
the week of 5 to II August, the mining of the Bays of Naples, Salerno, Taranto, 
and Squillace is being continued* The Straits of Messina patrol formation 
had to be temporarily assigned to escort duties-. 

The number of hospital ships available is insufficient An attempt 
to take wounded across the Straits of Messina by naval landing craft had to 
be abandoned due to enemy, air attacks Cooperation with the Italian Navy is 
still goodo 

.Mine ships BRANDENBURG and POMMERN, with 200 mines each, left Toulon 
in the evening. for Maddalenao 

■. •' 

2 motor-mine sweepers left Marseille in the morning for Genoa and 
Leghorn o i 

4? Area Naval G roup South ' 
Aege an_S ea 

+. • -■ - i • 

.1 r. 


. J ■- • 

... .', K > 

Nothing to report « 7- r • 

5^ glack'Sea 



E nemy Si tuation 

No new information' has been gainedo Air reconnaissance of the 



14 Augc 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Caucasian Coast is being made only every other day by one of our planes 
due to the shortage of air craft a Cover is therefore very incomplete c 

Own Situation 

Due to the weather > the moon phase^and the fuel shortage,, our 
FT boats .were net sent into operation,, 

Submarine U ,: 19 il is returning to Theodosia from the operational 


. ■ / 

Enemy planes attacked the Yalta and Theodosia convoy at about noon 
without success c Otherwise^ there is nothing to report a 

Special Items 

' In regard to the report from Commanding General, Armed Forces, South 
on the new deliveries of small vessels (see -Jar Diary 3 Augast), Naval 
Staff established that the reported deficit was incorrect a The actual 
figures are: 1, not 2, war freighters and 19, not 31> naval landing crafto 

In the case of Siebel ferries, the Air Force was responsible up to 
the end of July Up to that date, the Navy had taken over 21 Siebel ferries a 

Chief of Staff, Naval Staff forwarded the corresponding corrections 
to Chief of Staff, Commanding General, Armed Forces, South and Armed Forces 
High Command Operations Staff, with copy to German Naval Command, Italy 
and the Deputy for German Sea Transportation in the Mediterranean, with 
the comment that the form and content of Commanding General, South : s 
complaint was, such' as to create a false impression at the receiving offices 
was suggested that ; in the future, such matters be clarified with High 
Command, Navy before other offices are informed,. 

Chief of Staff, Naval Staff also stated that s so far as 'is known, 
the small shipping available has not always been fully utilized owing to 
lack of deliveries by land. In reply, Chief of Staff of Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, South justified the need ror the report by the fact that 
the transfer of troops and the supply of the islands would undoubtedly 
have been carried out more quickly and completely if a greater number of 
small vessels had been available at an earlier date.., 

The incorrect information has been supplied to Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, South by the Reich Commissioner of Maritime Shipping, Deputy 
for Gorman Sea Transportation in the Mediterranean,, 


_~* 'J 


14 Augo l?/ : .3 

VITIo Situation East Asia 


The Military Attache, Tokyo was informed on 9 August by Deputy Chief 
of Staff and Chief of the' European Office in regard to the situation in 
ilast Asiiao 



The Japanese plan: 

lo Purely defensive measures throughout the greater captured area 
for the present o 

2 3 Reinforcement of the Japanese Armament and war economy by ensuring 
the cooperation cf the entire population of the greater area 

3o Holding of the greatest possible number of enemy forces in order 
to relieve Germany 

The report will be continued.. 

■■ - 

• "- 


.'■... ; 

• • .. 





■-. " 






• . 

15 Aug 3 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

* ■ 

Items of Political Importanc e 

Radio London quotes the Commanding. General of the U-.SoAo troops in 
Great Britain as stating \ 


"The day or the night will ccme when we shall cross this harrow 
strait and all cur available forces will be loosed upon the enemy 
This invasion will be continued until the German Armies have surrendered 
unconditionally a ;i 

iteuter reports that -all signs indicate that a second front as desired 
by Stalin, will be opened in the near future Most observers believe that 
an offensive from Great Britain against the West Kail will be enough to 
satisfy strategic requirements e This attack will be in full- swing before 
the end of this year 

Other press reports give details of alleged indications of an - imminent 
large-scale operation from Southern England 

According to a Swiss press report from London, the Moscow statement 
regarding Russia's non-participat/ion in the Quebec conference has had the 
effect in England of a cold showers Even pessimists were convinced that a 
spirit of strategical co-operation^ aiming at the earliest possible creation of 
a powerful front for the relief of the Soviets, would prevail c Informed London 
circles regard the rumor of a possible separate peace between Russia and a 
German Military Party as a trial balloon a 

A great deal of space throughout the presses of neutral and enemy countries 
is devoted to the discussion of Anglo-American/Russian relations,, 

Canada is taking part in the General Staff conferences at Quebec as a 
fully qualified partner Informed circles in Washington affirm that the 
conference is of a purely military nature*, No official statement on the 
highly controversial subject of policy towards North Africa, Italy, and 
Germany can be expect ed 

According to the New York Times, Eden is expected to attend the conference 
and later to visit Moscow 

On the second anniversary of the Atlantic Charter, Roosevelt issued a 
statement in which he said! 

The UoS.A«, is resolved to gain a total victory over her enemies 
He would like to stress two principles of the Atlantic Charter? 

lc Respect of the right of all nations to choose the form of 


15 Augo 1943 CONFIDENTI AL 

"r-f '.j. >:S 

government binder which they wished to live c Through the advance of the 

Allies, this aim is becoming reality 

c -•... 

2c Co-operation of the whole world towards the establishment of securifc 
for all, improved labor conditions, economic justice and social security? 

Reuter quotes a communique issued by Roosevelt and Churchill to the *.r- J0 

effect that 90 German submarines were sunk by the Allies in May, June and 
July e 

According to Stefani, the Italian Government lias declared Rome an open 
city This would appear to be a most serious step in more than one connection 
In any case, the Angle-Americans will try to make capital of this first 
step on the way to unconditional surrender^ 

The appointment of a new Minister for Education is the second change 
to be made in bhe personnel of the Italian Cabinet The new Minister, 
Galli, . was a member of the Italian delegation at the Versailles conference 
in 1919 o Prominent Italian emigrants, including Count 5f orsa, have arrived 
in London from America c 

Qonferenc e on ^ e Si tuation _with _Chief _, Nav al St aff 

Naval Attache Tokyo reports; 

Xo Admiral Kojima has advised that very promising deliberations 
are underway with a view to sending two Japanese transport submarines, to 
Europe witn rubber, one at the end of September and one in October ; -'• 

• , 
2 If necessary Kojima xtfould come on one of the submarines to . j 
relieve Yokoi 

3;o Kojima. specially requests': that the Japanese mission in- Berlin 
should not . be .informed of , paragraph s'~l. and 2 

There were no other special' reports Or decisions ' 

■ ■ • ■• •■• ■ 

Special , Xt eg gr 

I. Vice Admiral Huge" paid a call orr 'Chief/ Naval Staff , prior to the start 
of his convalescent leave In his verbal situation report he stated that 
the present attitude of the Italian Navy made a thoroughly good impression 
Activity had visibly, increasedo. Admiral de Courten was a personal supporter 


15 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

of Hussolini, The new appointment of younger and energetic staff officers 
to various posts in the Navy High Command has an urmnista'kably stimulating 

Activity was evinced by the start of mining operations, sometimes in 
cc-operation with German forces. Co-operation was good:, 


Ferry traffic across the Straits of Messina had been successful 
beyond all expectation,, In four weeks, approximately 40,000 tons of cargo 
were brought over in converted shipping space c 

The first codeword for the start of the evacuation from Sicily to Calabria 
and Sardinia had been issuedo 

Some increase in morale was also noticeable in the Italian Army, though nott 
everywhere to the same extent c 

The Italian Air Force was tired of combat and was now of little fighting 
value fl 

lie From the situation report of Commanding General, Armed Forces, South 
it is understood that the evacuation of Sicily is being carried out e Naval 
Staff was not advised cf this decision c In view of the far reaching con- 
sequences Naval Staff must insist on receiving information and has requested 
armed Forces High Command, Navy to f orward data on the decisions taken and if 
possible the estimated duration of the evacuation*, 

For copy as per radiogram l/Skl I a 2405/43 Gkdos Chefs see War Diary, 
Part C, Vol XIV 

IIIo German Naval Command, Italy has replied to Naval Staff's questions as 
follows : 

J a a Shipping for simultaneous evacuation is not available within the 

required time as the steamers are loaded with Italian cargo „ After dis- 
charge there will be adequate shipping, provided it can still be used c 
There will be sufficient small ships after the evacuation <ȣ Sicily and 

; transfer to Sardinia is complebedo 

b The large ship tonnage is at present employed in traffic between 

Sardinia and Corsica c Small ships would have to be withdrawn from .the 

i. — 

Sicilian traffic 

j ■. . 

Co For escort duties, 3 submarine chasers and 2 avisos are available 
in this area Hotor-minesweepers will not be available until operation 


15 Aug 19 '-'3 CONFI DENTIA L 

''Eiche ,! is completedo BRANDENBURG and POMfo be available after 
completion of their mining tasks o . . 

In regard to Naval Staff's query which was brought to his attention by 
German Naval Command, Italy, Chief of Staff, Commanding General, Armed Forces , 
-South' has advised Chief c'f Staff, Naval- Staff that a systematic evacuation of 
the German forces en Sardinia with the remaining means is at present quite 
impossible a Commanding General, Armed Forces, South will report to Armed Forces 
High Command the ' date oh which this operation can be startedo Armed Forces High 
Command, Navy has advised of both these reports c 

IV e ' Chief, German Naval Command, Italy reports in accordance with instruct- 
ions i>- •'•.'. e' ^;» o.. the first big. ship to the Aegean,, probably the steamer 
PORT DE BOUUis being arranged As it is not possible to send her unaccompanied 
and as all available es3ort forces are at present needed for the evacuation 
of Sicily, it is -planned to' transfer har when that operation is completed. 

'•Vy In reply tc German Naval Command's inquiry regarding transfer to 
the north, leaving small operational Staffs with the Italian High Command, 
Navy (see liar Diary 13 August) Naval Staff has decided as follows: 

'■Plan basically approvedo Preparations and execution however are 
possible only in agreement with Commanding General , Artmed Foi ces, -South 
who is commander of the Italian -area until further. notics n 

VI. Naval Staff has proposed uhat, regardless of the., actual plans f 
Armed Forces High Command, Navy should send the following reply to the Italian 
Armed Forces High Command in regard to their, desire for reinforcement of the 
German submarines ana PT boats in the Mediterranean? 

"Orders have teen issued for the transfer of further submarines to 
the Mediterranean c Transfer of further PT boats depends on -completion 
of the conversion of a large number of boats which are being given 
armor protection. Date of transfer cannot be definitely indicated 
Delivery of engines for Italian PT boats, which has been "delayed for 
technical reasons, will again be given the most careful and speedy 
consideration o Results will be announced shortly P n 

Naval Staff, Quart ermaster Division has been advised accordingly,, 

VIIo Naval Staff has again brought to the attention of Armed Forces High' 
Command, Operations Staff and High Command Army, General Staff, 
its views, as already stated several times before, in regard oo the con- 
templated organization of a line to economize forces on the East Front, which 
will affect the Navy's interests in the ••■Baltic and the Black. Sea (See War 
Diary 13 August) 

For copy as per teletype l/Skl I a 2397/43 Gkdos, Chefs c see War Diary 
i -File "Barbarossa " 




Naval Command Baltic and Naval Group South have been advised, by copy^ 

cf the developments concerning their areas 

7III a Ccmmander in Chief, Navy has ruled that; 

1 3 The submarine building program is to change over to typo XXI 
and XXIII submarines. 

2 C Type XXIs Atlantic submarines; type XXIII: coastal or Mediterranean 
submarine So 

3o Type XXI will replace the present combat submarine types 
VJJj IX; -the first batch of type XXIII is to number 120 submarines to be 
built at the rate of 20 boats per month as from >iarch/April r . 

4c The submarine building program is to be kept at a level of a 
total of 40 boats per month „ The change-over in type must not be allowed to 
create a gap in production; the monthly deliveries of each type are still 
to be fixedo It is estimated that 20 type XXIII submarines will cost 
as much as 5-6 large submarines,, 

5o Construction of type XVII (Walter) submarines is to be continued,, 
- boats are planned, ?evelopmerit will continue c 

6 r . Type XVIII (large Salter) boats: construction of the two 
experimental boats is to be continued 

7o Construction of type VII C/42 is to be abandoned in favor of 
type XXIc 

S ituation 15 Aug c 1943 

I 3 "Jar in Foreign Waters 

lo Enemy Situation 

according to intelligence reports from Portugal, it is rumored in 
England that a large convoy with war materiel and food stuffs with very 
strong escort is to sail at the end of August from Vancouver to Ayan in the 
Sea of Okhotsk-, 

, • '' 
2 j Own Situation 

No reports have been received from our ships 



r <c.f- . ■ 

15 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

II. ■ Situ at ion- 1 lest Area 

1 , En emy Sit uation . .. 

Air reconnaissance observed: 

At- 0701 in 3F 1545^ 1 heavy cruiser on a westerly course; at 1146, 
convoy "Parole" of 30 merchantmen with 1 cruiser and 6 escort vessels 
in CG- 421S, on course 160 <> which, according to radio intelligence,, 
was attacked at 1946 in CG 4567 by 16 FW 200 planes and called for 
fighter protection from Gibraltar; at 1 510 in BF 4118, 2 corvettes on 

course 20°j at 1525 in BE 6365, 1 cruiser on course 270 

■ • .' 

The 2 corvettes and the enemy cruiser- probably belonged to the escort 
forces of the north-bound convoy of j>& merchant ships reported on 14 August 

Aerial minelaying west of He de Croix and in the sea area off Brest was 
observed on the night of 15 Augusta 

There were 38 planes over the Bay of Biscay at 12 west, at various times 
of the day British vessels were located between 1747 &nd 1924 in BF 17 
and CG-1690* . 

2 Own Situation 

Atlantic Coast 

Destroyer Z "37" has arrived in Bordeaux a Two ELM/j mines were 
cleared off the Gironde 

'.- . . '■' . \ >*■ 

Channel Coast 

Owing to weather .conditions, no convoys sailed except for th se in 
the Channel Island traffic * . .Patrol. positions 'were- hot taken up„ '. .'...>+ 

The coastal motor-sailing boat .XHIS was strafed and set on fire by 11 

enemy fighters east of Cherbourg* , ShVsuffered -heavy casualties and had to 

be beached. r ■"•'■• .--'■ 

■ L 

IIIo North Sea, Norway, Northern Maters 

1. '' North 'Sea - fi ,... 

Minesweeping planes cleared one EIK/J mine north of Borkum and one 
north of Norderney 

■"• — ••' . . .i . ■ 

' ■■■ . . . 

- ■ 


15 Aug.'i9.o camnmiiL - 

An enemy patrol was shelled by naval anti-aircraft .guns at 1205 in the 
area of Flushing, 

At 2030 j Flushing was attacked "by ICO enemy planes 34-th Minesweeper 
Flotilla and 20th Patrol Boat Flotilla sustained no damage to boats cr 
quarters .in this attack, but they suffered some casualties. 

Due to bad weather, only the patrol positions off UjS -, ..-.d and Hcek van 
Holland ware taken uo c - 

Convey 1165 Hock - Elbe, consisting of 3 steamers,, sailed at 2200, 

.. Aerial mines were probably laid in Terschellmg and Borkura areas oa ohe 

night of 15 August, 

■ . 

• - 

2. Nnrwa^/Northorn Wnte^s 
Enemy Sitv ati e:i 

11 planes in operation were detected in the morning over the North 
Sea and 2$ planes in the arte:: noon „ 

Tho ni$it :i 15 August j two planes approached the are : Z.rgcn- 

One of them, a Hampden, was shot down by a haibor defence boat : while attacking 
patrol beats in the Korefiordo Ships in the pert of Lervik were unsuccess- 
fully bombed by one plane, . • '. ■ * i> •. 

According to photographic reconnaissance of 1U August, there were 3 
flying boats at the seaplane base at Vaagoe, According to sighting. reports, 
there were k probable minesweepers; and 1 merchant ship in Thar shaven, and 
U minesweepers „ 1 freighter and 1 probable destroyer in Skala ; Fjcerdur, 

1 FT orMt was sighted in the area between the Ribachi peninsula and 

the Kola estuary^ 1 cutter and 1 coastal, freighter in Ei-na ! Bsy/ : 'a5id 1 cutter 

in Mctka Bay,' T 

•5 • . t i. .. ■ : 

Own Sit nation 


19 ships were escorted to the north and 26 ships to the south. In 
the area of Admiral, Arctic Ceast, 13 ships were held up due ito lae'lt of ' 

....... •• : •: fa 

IV, Ska ge rrak. Baltic Sea Entrances. Baltic S< 


1 «, Enemy Situation 


15 Aiigo 1943 CONFIDENTIAL- 


According to phonographic reconnaissance, there were 3 submarines 
at Kroi.i.stadt 9 2 of which were new ones 1 torpedo boat was noted in the 
shipyard canal 

There was no change in the number of ships in Lavansaari and Seikari c 

2 c Ovin Situation 


15 planes were emplo3 r eu checking the channels in the area of 
Commanding Admiral 9 Defenses Baltic. Off Cape Kulm, the troop transport 
convoy from Stettin to Oslo ws circled by a plane of unidentified nationality 
which turned off towards the Swedish Coast : 

No special reports- have been received from the areas of . Commander, 

Minesweepers, 3a]tic ard Admiral, Baltic Countries 


V n Submarine Warfare 

•. •■■ ■ 

Nothing new tc report a 
VI.- A erj*al_ Warfare 

1° British Islej_ and Vr. clnit.y 

No operational reports have yet been received on the mission of a 
strong FW 200 formation against a south-bound convoy off Lisbon,, 

In the Bay of Biscay, 4 enemy anti-submarine fighter planes were 
shot down without loss to ourselves, 

At about noon, light enemy bombers attacked the air base at St Gmer 
as wall as a dummy' air field and caused damage to the runway 

During the evening several enemy formations flew into the coastal 
areas in Holland and Northern France „ An attack on the airfield and the 
northern part of the city of Flushing caused some damage to runways and heavy* 
damage to buildings in the town a 63 of our own fighters were engaged in 

r Operational reports have not yet been received,. 

Around 2200, other attacks were made on a number of airfields in 
Belgium and Northern France, in some cases by very strong enemy formations 
According to reports so far received, 4 of the attacking planes were shot down 
by our guns and 2 by fighters-, 2 more crashed,, It is a] so reported that 
the sea-area between St lMazaire and Lorient was mined by 40 planes and the 
coastal area off Brest by 5 planes c 


15 *ugo 1943 CONFIDENTIAL . 

During the night of 15 August, a total of 12 Mosquito planes entered 
German area dropping 3 flares and several bombs on anti-aircraft positions 
in the Berlin area. It is also reported that 5 enemy planes mined the area 
bet.v,peiv|Terscheiling and Borkum c ; 

71 DO 217 planes raided the town and port of Portsmouth during the 
night of 15 August c Fires were observed in the center of the town 9 

2 Mediterranea n Th eater 

n - " ' . . ■' 

Bae east bound convoy which was successfully attacked in the : . Jest em 

Mediterranean has not been picked up again and has probably put in to Algiers 

During the noon hours, the enemy made nuisance flights over Rome c 
In addition,, Prevesa, Viterbo, Ostia and Aquino were raided by small forces 

On the night of 15 august, Milan was raided by 80 to 100 enemy "planes" 
which approached via Western France,, Considerable damage was done to build- 
ings in the center and western part of the town 

3 9 Eastern Front 

Nothing to report 

"' . ... 

VII o ",'arfare in -the Mediterranean and. -Black Sea 

, i ■ in - i i r ■' - ii- i 

lo Enemy Landing in Sicily 

The enemy followed up our withdrawal movement with strong forces 
only- along the northern coastal roacL The massed air attack on the island, 
the Straits of Messina and Southern Calabria was intensifiedo The evacuation 
of our troops and materiel from Sicily will be practically completed in the 
course of 17 August, j- according to a report. from Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South. An effort will be made to hold out xdth rear guards until 
about 20 August in order to get as much materiel away as possible Q 

Situ ation at Sea p 

There were 9 freighters, 6 LoT and 12 .minesweepers in Palermo on 
the morning of 14 August o 2 cruisers, 3 destroyers, 11 loaded LST, 17 
landing boats, 7 probable motor-minesweepers , 5 submarine chafers, 1 hospital 
ship and 2 freighters were lying off the porto \ 

■■■ t ' ' ' , - • 

.-.c cording to photographic interpretation, traffic on the North Coast 

of Sicily was otherwise slights 


15 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Several small vessels were reported in Ustica by aerial reconnaissance,. 

The number of vessels in the Lipari Islands is not yet known,, 

At 0145 °n 15 August , there were 2 merchant ships 35 miles west of 
Cape Vatioano on an easterly course r 

During the night of 14 August the coast near- Scala was shelled ; 
probably by a cruiser formation sighted at 1C15 on LL August s 50 miles north- 
east ox Palermo on an easterly course. One of our PT. boats sighted at 0153; 
4 unspecified vessels 26 miles south of Salerno^ probably MGB*s escorting 
the above mentioned cruiser formation. In addition, a little village noith 
of Vibo Valentia was shelled twice from the sea by four unidentified vessels . 
Our 8 e 8 cm gun fire drove the enemy off • 

A bombardment of the North coast of Sicily in the vicinity of Kilazzo 
is reported by Commanding General, Armed Forces, South on 14 August* 

During. the night of 14 August enemy naval forces advanced from the' • ^ 
south up to. fieggio and at 0200 shelled both sides of the Straits of Messina 
One vessel, probably- a 'gunboat, v. as sunk/,, 

Three of our- PT boats made a sweep into the sea area of Syracuse 
during the night of 14 August Detailed reports have not yet been receivedo 
The boats will return to Salerno 2 other PT boats advanced from Vibo 
Valentia- towards Cape 0rlando o Reports on results have not. yet been received. 

During the PT boat mission on the night of 13 August a short thrust 
in the direction of the located vessels produced no results* , .. 

The motor-minesweeper group was employed protecting the Straits of 
Messina o 

According to a report from Commander, Escort service, -/traits of 
Messina it is practically impossible for motor-minesweepers to break through 
to the , south o 

; t- 


In the air raid on Vibo Valentia during the night of 14 August, one 
naval landing craft was damaged and beached,. 

The steamer CENO (l,446 GPJT) was seriously damaged,, 

„ Naval Staff has drawn the attention of German Naval Command, Italy 
to the fact that some of the sightings reported by our air reconnaissance 
are based on completely unreliable observations by fighter planes which 


15 Augo 1943 CONF I D^NTIAL 

even the Air Force does not use for evaluations German Naval Command 
has received instructions to forward sighting reports from fighters only 
if the observations are known to be reliable 

Commanding General, Arwd Forces , South reports that as a count er- 
measure against coastal bombardments, landings on the Ca.labrian coast, ana the 
infiltration of enemy naval forces into the Straits of- Messina, the Italian 
Navy has assigned 2 submarines each to the north and south of the Straits , 
inside the range of our. batteries, by day and by night, and has ordered PT 
boats to standby at Capri and .Grotone There are also fixed and mobile 
torpedo batteries in the Straits of Messina for use as assault weapons c 

2c Situation elsewhere in the M editerrajiean 

Not 9.o but 25 freighters with 14 escort vessels arrived in Gibraltar 
from the Mediterranean on 14 August o 2 damaged freighters were towed in during 
the night of 14 August 

A DIDO - class cruiser and a convoy of 17 freighters and 5 escort 
vessels left on 15 August for the Atlantic© During the day, 2 auxiliary 
aircraft carriers with destroyer escort were again at sea for several hours 
east of Gibraltar o 

No shipping traffic was observed in the Western Mediterranean » 

According to' an intelligence report from Southern France, dated 29 
July, the Allies plan .to land, simultaneously at the Spanish/French frontier . , 
near Port Bou and Cerbere, and to the south of Bordeaux,, 


Other intelligence reports from Gibraltar state that all available - 
planes, tanks, guns and ammunition have been shipped to Sicily 

It is alleged that when the- Sicilian, operation is completed a beada- .j- 
head will be established in Calabria c :,-,■ . ; -hi 

Losses in Sicily are said to have been heavier than was expected, 
so that reserves, which had been assigned for other operations, had to be: 
brought up© - j ■■_■ . v. --,: u 

Assault groups are said to have, been set up, in connection with the. 
"coEBnrjados for bacteriological and gas warfare* 

Submarines were reported, during the. evening of 14 August north ox 
Stromboli and on 15 August off Brindisi - 





15 Aug j 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 


No reports have been : received from the Eastern Mediterraneano 

3i Qwn Situation elsewhere in t he Mediterranea n /Sea 

Transpo rt S it uation 

Italian torpedo planes sank a tanker of 10,000 GRT off Bizerta 
durijng the night of the 15th, An Italian. PT boat sank a cruiser at Q507 on 15 
August 15 miles east - northeast of .Cape Spartivento 

Mine-carriers BRANDENBURG and POIitERN have left with 1 Italian destroyer 
to carry out mining tasks. in the Gulf of Gaeta 

4 Italian torpedo boats and 1 anti-aircraft corvette were engaged 
in escort service,, accompanying 1 steamer from Corsica to Italy and 4 
steamers off the Italian West Coast 

At 1805 PT boat S »152 M reported a submarine southeast of Toulon, 

3 freight barges, 1 "Seeloewe" barge, and 1 tank barge left Toulon 
for Italian ports c 

4-° ^X'giL lift v^-^ffii gup^ S out h 

Aegean Sea 

The naval landing-craft convoy between Zante and Patras repulsed 
several enemy air attacks en the evening of 14 August 

Motor ships Di.iACH.iC and BULGARIA left Piraeus to execute a mining task 
in the Gulf of Arcadia in the western Peloponese L Convoy traffic in the Aegean 
Sea was carried out according to plan and without incident 

5 Black Sea 

Enem y S ituation 

According to radio intelligence, there was 1 destroyer in the area 
of Gelendjik at 1750, and 9 submarines at sea 

Taganrog was bombarded on the evening of 14 August Air attacks 
were made on Berdjanskj 

O wn Situati on 

In view of the dstected enemy destroyer, 1st PT boat flotilla war. 



15 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

placed, at immediate readiness, the Anapa transport "was stopped, a naval artillery 
barge and a motor-minesweeper were assigned to guard the southern cutlet of 
the Kerch Straits, the South Crimean Coast was alerted, and night air reconnais- 
sance was ordered in the sea-area of Gelendz*ik/Theodcsia 

L-LLne sweeping operations produced several results, a total of four 
mines being cleared in the Danube estuary, Zj.0 north-northeast of 
Sulina.and in the southern entrance of the Straits of Kerch 

Due to leaks, the cause of which is unknown, DELPKIN-boat D VI, 
sank 40 miles south- south west of Odessa en route from Sulina to Odessa 
without loss of life 


Submarine U "24" is returning from the operational area having 
exhausted her fuels 

Supply and transport traffic was carried out according to schedule,, 

Villa Situation East A sia 
Nothing to report 


16 Aug 1943 .' CS^FJD^iJTI^ 

Items of Political Import ones ■ • 

According to Neuter, the announcement on' submarine warfare signed by 
Churchill and Roosevelt states,, in parts 

'■The sinkings by German submarines in the month of July had 
little effect on Allied warfare July has probably been the most 
successful month as imports were largpy shipping losses' moderate ; 
and submarine sinkings high In the Invasion of Sicily, over 2 S 500 
ships have taken part of which only about 80,000 tons have been lost 
In the months of nay, June, and July more than 90 submarines were 
suiiko In the first six months of 19 }£ 9 the number of vessels sunk. I 
by submarines amounted to only half the figure for the last six months 
of 1942 and to only a quarter of those sunk in the first half of 1942 c 
Allied vessels completed in the year 2943 exceeded the 'total losses ' 
in sinkings by all causes by more than 3 million tonso Nevertheless. 
it must not be forgotten that the enemy still possesses large submarine 
reserveso It is therefore necessary to prepare for an intensification 
of the war- at sea and of the ship building effort;, and to use shipping 
space very sparingly:," . . ,' 

According to United Press,; it is widely believed that;, as a result of 
the Quebec conference, Italy v.ill be invaded within 10 days and Western 
Europe within 90 days Q .. i;t 

Con fer ence on the S ituation wi th_ Ch.i ef. Naval. Staff 

I Report .by Chief /.-Naval Communications Division on pending questions 
regarding naval tactical radio services • . .- 

. * 


Self-radiation. of Met 6x apparatus o ; Tests with '3-4 captured enemy 
radar setc Delay in. testing our. defense .equipment through lack of 
planes at Communications- Equipment Testing- Commando The first of 10 
high frequency research institutes planned nas been opened and will 
work for the Navy., ' - ■ ■•-+ ; ' ■ 

' ' : : ' ' ' '" " 

Chiefs Naval Staff ordered submission of a report on the status 
of research work and development, of equipment and- if necessary, 
proposals for changes in organization He also instructed Naval 
Staff to take steps to see that planes were made available for testing 
and training purposes A delay of several weeks was absolutely 

II o Report by Quartermaster Genera l , Naval Staff 

a D It is planned to disband 8th Minesweeper Flotilla in order 



16 Ai^c 1943 O0MFSBIT1AI. 

to increaselst to 7th FlotHlas to 8 boats each The flotilla command 
will be used to commission the new 12th i-linesweeper Flotilla c 
in Chief . Navy agreecU 

b The 4 naval truck formations, each of a capacity of 1,000 tons 
useful load, are at present distributed one with Army Group A, one in the 
.-.-gean area, one in Southern France, and one en route to Italy, 'Operations 
Staff, Armed Forces High Command has ordered that the Navy should procure 
another 1,000 tons of truck space for war transport, 

Co The increasing FT boat and motor-minesweeper losses, including 
the delivering of 6 FT boats to Spain," now almost equal the output of new 
const rue ti on o 

IIIo Chief Naval Intelligence Division stated that a. report had been 
received from General Staff Army, Foreign Armies West, on the subject of the 
concentration of troops and equipment- in Southeast England, stressing the need 
for increased vigilance along the Channel Coas 

IV a Chief , Naval Staff again expressed his views on the evacuation of 

S icily c 

The following instruction was sent to Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters , with 
copy to Operations Staff, nrmed Forces High Cowitiaryj^ Navy: Commander in 
Chief, Navy desires that the Fuehrer be informed as follows: 

l a s noteworthy activity of the Italian Navy ind? s a willing- 

ness to fight which has lately been strengthened by the successes gainedo 

- • 
2. With the evacuation of Sicily, which -is apparently about to be 
completed in the next few days, the Straits of Messina will become 
impassable 3 This creates, the following situation: All operational German 
light naval forces at present engaged on operation l! Eiche " This also 
necessitated the transfer of 3 PT. boats from Taranto. to.TSalemo, which 
has just been effect 3d c East of the Straits of Hessina there are now 
only 4 non— operational PT boats at Taranto, and 2 more undergoing engine 
overhaul in the Aegean^ So far, only 5 boats of 12th Motor-Minesweeper 
Flotilla have been transferred- besides torpedo beat la "10 " "After the 
evacuation of Sicily., further PT boat and motors-minesweeper transfers are 
unlikely to be successful; Transfer of cargo ships and small vessels will 
no longer be possible* If operation "Eiche" were suspended, it would 
at least, be possible to transfer the ligjri naval forces* 

-210- ^7::^::z^i 


l6~Afcgc 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Special. Item.! 

-• ' '■ 

I Mediterranean Theater? 

lo Chief, German Naval Command,. Italy reports that the boats of 3 r d PT 
boat Flotilla have been, transferred from Taranto to Salerno in accordance 
with verbal orders delivered by Captain V,. Kamptz<> Therefore, it will rj...a 
not be possible to put the ships in Taranto out of actioh or to mine the 
port if the boats, are not transferred back in time* 

2 Operations Staff , Armed Forces High Command has replied to Naval 
Staff's query in regard to the order for the evacuation of Sicily (See 
War Diary 15 August; as follows: 

Commanding General,, Aimed Forces, South ordered the withdrawal 
of all non-combat forces from Sicily^ as a first stage of evacuation, 
on his own initiative^ The measure has been appro ved This part of 
the evacuation was scheduled to take 3-4 days so that it mast now ' 
be practically completedo , For the evacuation of the combat troops 
about 5 days will be requiredo The order for this has not yet been 
issued- Naval Staff will be kept informed;, 

The periods have meanwhile been modified as shown in the Situation Repoit 
of Commanding General, South o Further particulars on the situation resulting 
from the order for evacuation are contained in a letter from Captain Junge 
to Chief of Operations Branch, Naval Staff, Operations Division, dated 16 
August, which is filed in VJar Diary, Part C, Volume A„ 

3o Commanding General, ^raied Forces, South has asked Operations Staff, 
Armed Forces High Command to approve the transfer to Italy of the 5 remaining 
21 cm guns still in the French area These guns are especially suitable for 
use in Italy because of their mobility and the speed with vhich they can be 
put into action© ' It, is- planned to use them in the Salerno area^ If permissior 
is granted, High Command, .Navy will be asked to transfer the corresponding 
personnel as soon as possible c These guns had already been assigned for use 
on the coast of, the French, Riviera Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Comma - 
has' therefore advised Commanding General, Armed Forces, South that it is not 
planned to release them for use in Southern Italy, 

4o Naval Staff, Operations .Division has. requested Naval Personnel Office, 
.Naval. Staff,,. Quartermaster Division, ' Organization and Mobilization Branch 
to appoint a Naval. Liaison Officer to' Army Group F drawing attention to the 
special importance of this post as regards to command, organization, aha supply. 
For copy of letter as per 1« Sk I. op 22963/43 Gkdos, see War Diary, Pa'rt C-, 
Volume XIV c Order in file 1 Skl I opMI./J.?.-, ■ i - V J '-,.,' 




16 „ug I£43 CONFIDENTLY 

5o Operations Staff, ^rmed Forces High Command has replied to the radio- ' 
gram' from the German General attached to the Italian ^rmed Forces General Staff, 
concerning the reinforcement of submarines and PT boats in the Mediterranean 
as suggested by Naval Staff For copy of teletype as per l 6 sk„ 22934/43 Gkdos, 
see Mar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV „ 

6j On 9 August, Italian Admiral attached to Naval Staff transmitted a 
note from the Italian Navy High Command to the effect that the reported plan 
of German Naval Command, Italy to transfer both the German PT boat flotillas 
to the .Aegean in the .case that the Straits of Messina shovJ.d be blocked, . 
must evidently be a misunderstanding as no word of the transfer had been 
received from Naval Staff If the Straits of Messina were blocked, the Italian 
Navy High Command recommended that the flotillas be transferred to the Salentine 
peninsula so that they would be able to operate against Sicily and if need be, 
also avail themselves of the opportunity for withdrawal to the Aegean Sea 3 

Naval Staff has sent the following reply? 

The German Naval Command, Italy was instructed by Naval Staff to trans- - 
fer the PT boats in that area to the east of the Straits -of Messina, because 
from there they would have better possibilities of attacking the enemy 
supply traffic on the East Coast of Sicily than when they had to break 
through the enemy patrol lines south of the Straits of Messina each time. 
The transfer would also mean that if the Straits of Messina were closed, 
the boats would be available for common operations in the Ionian Sea and 
the waters of Western Greece The date of the transfer was left to -. 
German Naval Command, Italy a German Naval Command;, Italy was to coordinate 
the transfer with the operations planned by the Italian Navy of which 
details were not known in advance by Naval Staff, . High Command, Navy had 
therefore not forwarded direct word of the transfer, as German Naval 
Command, Italy was charged \dith keeping the Italian Navy High' Command 
currently informed of such instruct j .oils » 

Naval Staff, does not plan to transfer; the boats to the ^egeah immed- 
iately after passing through the Straits of Messina They. are. to remain 
available as they are now prepared for operations in the sea areas of.. 
Southern Italy and Sicily, working out of ports of the Straits of Messina » 
Naval Staff agrees with the view of the , Italian Navy High Command that it 
is possible, in case of need, to., withdraw, the boats from these ':; ports to 
Greece at any time, 

. ■ ■ 

7o On 15 ^ugust, the Italian i admiral attached to Naval Staff. drew the 
attention of Ch'ief of Staff, Naval Staff to the fact that neither he nor the 
Italian Navy High Goirmand liad. received .any information from German." sources in 
regard to the establishment of . German Naval Command, Patras, and proposed, if 
necessary, to provide foran Italian Chief .of Staff* 


16 Augo 1943 : CONF IDIOTIAL 

Naval Staff, Operations Division will hasten to furnish the lacking 
information,, It would be preferred if German Naval Command, \Jest Greek Coast 
could be incorporated into the Staff of Italian Naval Command,, Korea in 'such a 
■way .that the Chief of that Command would become the German Chief of Staff 
to"' the Italian Naval Command Morea .-..--•■ 

For related letter l.Sko 23066/43 Gkdos see file l,Skl 3 I op II, 17 
Copy in War Diary, Part C, Volume XIV 

II- With reference to the reported experiences of Admiral, Aegean and the 
Aegean Dockyard Staff $ Naval Staff has also brought the relevant War. Diary of 
Admiral Aegean to the attention of Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command, 
Navy, which has been confirmed by statements from the other services iV Armed 
Forces High Command has again advised the Foreign Office that the Greek firms, 
yards and factories working for the naval establishments could only with the 
greatest difficulty be persuaded to cany on as they had received no payment 
for six months and had practically exhausted their credit Furthermore , 
the firms had lost all confidence in the German service establishments* 

According to Admiral., Aegean, the suspension of important work is 
consequently to be expected c As the Chief Superintendent of Comrrand±ag 
General, Armed Forces, Southeast is at present in Germany, Armed Forces High 
Command requests "that a departmental conference be held as soon as possible > 

III a In order to ensure the necessary lines of communications in case 
cables should be interrupted, Chief . Naval Communications Division, Naval - . t 
Staff has arranged for a radio network between places where important commands"' 
are located^ For relative decree as per ToSl-l.. ££794/43 Gkdos see War Diary ; 
Part 3, Volume V 

Situation on 16 Au gust 1943 , . f»\ 

• - ; ■ •'■'-■ . ' '>■ ~, ■ mi cw*"- "-•'- 

• ; f; Til , ■ ■ 
t y eli- 
te " ' ■-. . :■'. '•'" " ;v ' " ;, ."ti." 

War in Foreign Waters r ;- a «i i-yoriJ.^ 

Enemy Situation 

i_£ ■. -.f ■ . .. , ■ • • j 

<,.. . . ... 

_A summary of- reports on the enemy situation in the West Atlantic, 
Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea has been compiled by Naval Intelligence' 1 
Division., 1st Echelon Command according to the status as from 15 July to 1 
August 1943c For copy as per i..3ki., 23096 and 25103/^3 Gkdos sec War Diaryv 
Part D, '^Material on Enemy pii^tipni" ... 

,c. ; 
2 Own Situation 



16 Aug. 1943 gONgropTIAL 

Nothing has been heard from Ship U 2B' A since the QQQ report of 30 
June. West of Perth a Naval Scafi' is not- anxious about this, as operations 
were expected to cover a large area and take some time u This view vdll be 
transmitted to Ship "23" by teletype 2325 o 

All vessels in foreign waters have been informed of the enemy sit- 
uation by teletype 2148 

II a Situation Uest A rea ' .. 

1° Enemy Situation 

Over the outer Bay of Biscay 35 planes in operation were detected up 
to about 15° West, mainly between 1300 end 2300 At 1321, the trawler VIZALMA 
was located in AL 84 and at 2133 and 2138, 1 British vessel each in BE 6610 
and CG 2490 

At 0340, cff the coast north of Fecamp, 2 PT boats were located and 
sighted, but withdrew when fired on by the coastal batteries 9 

^ Own Situa-; .ion 

Atlantl c .Coast 

Another ELM/j mine was swept on 15 August off the Gironde 

Channel Goa gj. 

'Nothing to report 

■ . 

II.I3 North Sea ? Nor way, Northern Waters 
lo North Sea 


■ j 



One ELM/j and one ELM/A mine were cleared north of Ymuiden and Borkuqi 3 

Convoy II65 sailed from Hook to Elbe without incident;, Owing to bad weather, 

mine sweeping activities were broken off during the night 

For particulars'" of the enemy air raid on Flushing on the evening of 15 
August, see teletype 0724 j 

2 C Norway/Northern Water s 

According to radio intelligence, Russian submarines "436" and "438" 
were en route from Arkhangelsk to the Strait of Yugor on about 15 August Q 



16 Aug, 1943 CQNFIDEN TJAL 

In the North Sea _, 19 planes were detected en reconnaissance in the 
morning and 13 planes in the afternoon u 

Our air reconnaissance sighted at 1020 in aF 7539.? 1 light cruiser 
and 2 destroyers on course 180° at medium spesdc 

4 destrovers were sighted by air reconnaissance on 10, 11 5 and 12 
August in AS 89 5 8$, and 86 on northwesterly and northeasterly courses; 
Group North/Fleet suspected that the enemy is using naval forces on sub- 
marine patrol!, in the area between the Faeroes and Iceland, .in the same 
way as in the Bay of Biscay This suspicion is confirmed by radio intelli- 
gence;, since ;/ in messages dealing with destroyer escort, the formation name 
'■Peacock- 1 ' which has also been picked up in the Biscay area, has appeared 
in connection with submarine sightings© The formation also apparently 
comprises fishing steamers and planes* 

Or: 15 August air reconnaissance reported a con /oy of 6 freighters cf 
up to 3^000 GR'.r 1 with 5 escort vessels arriving in the Dwina estuary. 

Otherwise _> no naw tactical information was gained by reconnaissance 
of the Northern area G 

The dropping cf sack-like objects by a circling Catalina flying boat 
was observed off Mc As of 14 August reconnaissance by small forces of the 
Banak ; Kiikenes, Petsamo and Nordvaranger areas was reported,, 

3 . Own Situ ation 

A PT boat hunt North of the Sogn.ef iord;has been arranged- ; 

About 3.0 men lost their lives in the fire on the steamer ArtGUS 
reported on 14 'August It is possible that the fire was due to the spcn->: - 
taneous combustion of wet jute sacks- '•! t' 

■ .. : ; ■■.■> ; •• . 

17 ships were escorted to the north and- 16 ships to the. south . 13 
ships were held up in the area of Admiral ^ Northern Waters due to lack of ■• 
escort o 


The execution of , the mining task in the Kara Sea 'by submarines is 
going according to plan 

IV o Skagerrak* B altic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

lo En emy Situatio n , , ; 


16 Auge 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

South of Nargoen, one of our steamers observed 2 aerial mines 
being dropped by -planes cf unidentified nationality An oil patch was 
sighted North ci.Xockskaer probably on the site of a former action,, Otherwise, 
nothing to report 

2 ° Ovvti. Situation 

Nothing outstanding occurred in the area of Commanding Admiral, 
Defenses Baltic or the western Baltic 

- - . - 

•The Swedish steamer SWEA (122 GRT) sank north-northeast of Memel 

The channels into 'and out of Tallin have been closed due to suspected 
mines 0= 

- — 

Kiriesweeping 'work in the area of Commander., Minesweepers , Baltic was 
hampered by bad weather u 

Vo Merchant Shipping 

lc In agreement with Home Staff Overseas and in modification of the current 
regulations, the Reich Commissioner of Maritime Shipping has ordered that 
unless otherwise instructed, all freighters going through the Dardanelles 
towards Varne are to load chrome ore 

2„ $a?al Intelligence Division, 2nd Echelon Command has issued a report- 
dated 14 August on enemy merchant ship traffic in the Indian Ocean -For copy 
as per 1 Ski, 23001/43 Gkdos see VJar Diary, Part D, Volume "Foreign Merchant 
Shipping o M 

It is calculated that 1,229 ships, freighters and tankers, totaling 
about 7^300,000 GRT are engaged in Empire and overseas traffic-, 

The opening of the Mediterranean route would theoretically reduce 
the shipping space in overseas transit traffic by approximately 1 2 to 2 
million GRT, but would have little effect on Empire traffic However, 
these changes would not affect the Indian Ocean for some time, especially 
since 'regular traffic in both directions, through the. Mediterranean is not 
expected to start before the end of September,, The report includes some 
very important data which are of great value in connection with the anti- 
merchant ship campaign in the Indian Oceans 

VIo Submarine arf ar e 


• '• - : 

No special reports have been- received from the Atlantic or the Indian 
Ocean o 



% 16 Aug b 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

VUc J^TJglifarfare 

Air Force Commander, Atlantic deports the results of the attack on 
a south-bound convoy off Lisbon made by 21 FW 200 from an altitude of 2,500 
to 3,500 meters between 2010 and 2140 on 15 August, as follows: 

• 3 merchantmen. totaling 25,000 GRT sunk; 2 merchantmen totaling 
21,000 CRT damaged; 2 more merchantmen totaling 15,000 GRT probably 
damaged o 

One of our planes was damaged by gunfire and' had to make an 
emergency landing at Santiago*, 

4 planes were shot down in a free chase by 7 Ju 88 over ..the . Pay of 
Biscay on 15 August without loss to ourselves. ;. 

On the same day, 2 FW 190 and 1 Spitfire were shot down over the 
sea 20 miles North of Brest in an aerial battle between our awn and enemy 

On 16 August the enemy made a large number of incursions; 

7 planes carried out reconnaissance in the Reich territory in 
the morning advancing to HalLerstadt , Bad Wildungen, Nurnberg, 
Kadersleben and Recklinghausen,, 

In Belgium and Northern France, 3 strong enemy f ormations with 
fighter ., protection attacked 2 airfields causing some damage,.. 

Airfields in Western France were also attacked by several 
formations comprising about 400 planes and 60 - 70 fighters . The 
heaviest-. attack was made, on the' Le Bouget airfield where considerable 
destruction was caused; 2-3 planes were damaged, and 30 to 40 

soldiers killed including the Air Base Commander 

... : . . . •■ ■'- 

For. details of raids on 7- other airfields in Northern Fiance, 
• see ."Daily .Repor to": 

According to reports so far received, 16 enemy planes" were shot 
down by fighters, 7 FW 190 were totally lost and 10 more are missing, 

. . : / ; ... ■' -• ••• . . 

During the night of 16 August, small enemy forces again attacked 
airfields and anti-aircraft gun positions in! Belgium, Northern and • • 
Jestern France,," 210 planes flew over France' : to : Northern Italy to 
attack Turiiic 


16 ~ugc 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

2 e Medite rranean Theater 

The east»bcund convoy which had not been spotted since 15 August was 
sighted, again aj lyOO en 16 Augvsx near Philippeyille and was successfully 
attacked by "Italian torpedo planes 

The mission of 11 of our bombers against ship targets off Augusta on 
15 August resulted; in the damaging of'--l transport of 5>000 GAT and a freighter 
of 5;0C0 - 6,000 C-FuT 


A transport of 4.^000 GAT was also heavily damaged in an attack on 
ships off the north coast of Sicily 

Continuous enemy attacks were made on the Straits and town of Messina 
during the day, Attacks were also made en air fields, in the Foggia area 
where 3 Ju 3S' were destroyed and A more 'or less seriously damagedo The 
airfields Viterbo and Aquino were raided during the evening,, 

"' 3o Eastern Front ■ 

On the Army fronts 126 planes were shot down on 14 Augusto 

V J.I.I c V/arfare i:i the M editerranean an d Black S ea 

1 Enemy Landin g -in Si cily 

Situ ation on Land 

Gur rear guards were engaged in- heavy defense actions against strong 
enemy pursuit in the Divieto area 

No special actions are reported from the east coast „ Enemy long range 
batteries have been • shelling the Straits of Messina since morning without any 
particular effect a " 

Commanding General, Armed Forces, South expect. s to have completed the 
evacuation of Sicily by 17 Augusts Parts of the 3rd USA Infantry Division 
are said to have entered Messina ct about 2000 on 16 Augusto 

Situa tion at Se a 

Numerous enemy shipping movements were reported in the afternoon of 
15 'August off thenoirth coasto - At 1805 there was 18 transports/ possibly 
LST, with 1 (Sestrbyer and 1 patrol boat ""10 miles ivrth of. Cape Cefalu on a 
northeasterly 7 course probably making for the Lipari Islands 


16 Aug e 1943 CONFI DENTIAL 

On 3.6 August at 0300 the coast near Cetraro and Vibo Valentia was 
shelled from the. sea and simultaneously attacked from the air« At 0735 
there were 3 destroyers on a north-northeasterly course 11 miles west of 
Cape Vaticano, 

At 0320, 30 ships were sighted off Cape MHaSzo on a westerly course, 
and at 0430 > 1 cruiser and 2 destroyers were sighted off Cape Orlando, '■' ,»\ 

Lively destroyer activity was reported on 16 August in the area of 
Cape uriando. 

Lively traffic of war and merchant ships was noted during the after- 
noon and evening along the east coast of the is land According to a reconnais- 
sance report there were 1 battleship (more probably a monitor) , 1 cruiser. 
and 4 escort vessels in the southern part of the Straits of hessina at noon<> 

--In Augusta, in" the evening, there were 1 probable monitor, 4-6 
cruisers and 8 - 10 destroyers 

During a thrust towards Syracuse on the night of 16 August 3 of pur 
PT boats had an engagement with 3 destroyers south of Cape Spartivento at about 
midnight; one torpedo hit was scored on a destroyer 2 more of our PT boats 
were pursued by MGBs. from Milazzo but shook them off near Cape Vaticano 


During the same night, 4 motor minesweepers, patrolling the Straits 
of Messina, had a brush from 2305 to 2325 with 3 British gunboats all of which 
received hits- A MOB probably sank after an explosion 

"fhe destruction of an MGB in the Straits, of Messina reported" On 15 August 
was accomplished by coastal artillery In the continuous air attacks against 
ferry traffic in the Straits of Messina on 15 august, 1 Siebel ferry and-l : - ' 
landing boat were put out of action No damage was sustained by our PT boats 
in air attacks on the pert of Vibo Valentia 3 , 

A supplementary report of 12 August states . that, naval landing craft'. 
MFP " 411 ,"> -engaged in the Sicilian traffic^ has definitely shot down 4 en-ferny 
planes ; " .\* *ri? " 'i : 

2 o Enemy Situation Elsewhere Me d iterrane an 

On 15 August at 2230, a convoy of 11 freighters left Gibraltar for 
the Atlantic a On 16 August at 0845 > an auxilliary aircraft carrier with 3 
destroyers left for the Mediterranean and returned to port at 2100 c 

In the attack by Italian planes on the east-bound convoy, 1 steamer of 
12,000 GRT was sunk off Cape Bougaroni and another was damagedc 





16 Aug. 1943 

Compared with 12 August, the number of ships in the port of Bizerta 
3hcw a decrease of 90 small landing craft but is otherwise unchanged. 

Final interpretation of photographic reconnaissance of this port 
shows freighter and tanker space of 450,000 GET and landing 'boat space 
sufficient to embark 4 - hi British landing divisions 74 LST alone were 
counted o 

Submarines were reported at 0450 south of Marseille ard at 0900 
southeast of Marseille .•","* 

No reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean 

The Intelligence Division reports from a reliable source the substance 
of a conversation overheard between two members of the British Embassy at 
Lisbon on 2 August to the effect that, in view of the irresolute attitude of 
its government, further military pressure was to be brought against Italy e 
A large number of landing craft were said to be stationed in Algiers and Bone 9 
Between 1.5 and 20 August, landing operations were to be carried out against 
Sardinia and Corsica, followed by further operations in the .Mediterranean,, 
Sardinia and Corsica would not be defended? large contingents of German troops 
were already withdrawing The landing units of the British 8th Army had 
already returned to Tunis and Malta after completing the Sicilian operation, 
and were now preparing for the action planned against Greece 

3 o Own Situati on elsewhere in Mediterrane an /Sea Transport Situation 

Submarine U n 6l6" scored an observed hit on a large naval vessel 
in a west-bound convoy 40 north of Bougie, and heard the explosions of 
two more hits, one on each of 2 unidentified vessels o 

Mine carriers BKANDENBURG and POMMEftN. were attacked by 8 enemy planes 
while performing their mining task in the Gulf of Gaeta; they evaded the runs 
of 4 torpedos, shot down 4 °£ the attacking planes and heavily damaged a 
fifth* The task was carried out according, to plan Q 

2 Italian torpedo boats^, 1 submarine chaser and 3 motor-mine sweepers 
were engaged in escort service,, - • "~ * •-••■• 

They accompanied 1 steamer in the Italian / Corsipa traffic and 3 
steamers along the West Italian cbast« c1 



16 Augo 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

About nrjonigh^ of 16 August . ore of these steamers was .unsuccessfully 
attacked by torpedo planes southeast of Gaeta ± 

. The tanker, CL3C0 . (6l6l GRf). was torpedoed. by a submarine off the entranc 
to Brihdisi at 1050 on 15 Augusts *Tno 'canker was towed in to po:rc 

The steamer GOGpLiN..(l93Z J GP.T^. under escort^ was,elso corpedoed by an 
my submarine on th.e evening, of." 1£ Aygjist 27 miles' east, of Bari, and was .- 

.A submarine, hurt, for an e r iiemy submar ins .south of La Ciotat carried out 
by our planes and 1 submarine chaser produced no "" results P 

A harbor defense boat was strafed by enemy planes off ( Marseille- 

German Naval Command; Italy has requested that .the delivery of the 
requested' and allotted 4-iO EMC mines for the new mine operations ,.by the 
BPANDI1BUHG and FOMw-^N in the Straits of Bonifacio be speeded up so as to 
arrive at Toulon not later than 2.3 August- ■ The minefield., which has been 
ordered oj Commanding General, Armed Forces, South, is to. be laid in the 
western exit of the Straits of Bonifacio for use against surface vessels 
Naval Staff has dispatched the 200 EMC mines currently available, as requested, 

4 o Area Naval Croup South 

Aegean Sea 

Enemy submarines were reported on 15 August at 2335 on the north 
coast of Scarpanto and on 16 August from GAO? south of Siros 

On 14 August, 1 Italian torpedo boat and 1 motor minesweeper were 
ineffectively strafed by enemy planes cast of Zanto„ Cne of the attacking 
planes v/as 'damaged.. 

Enemy air attacks with bombs on a convoy between Milos and Crete 
during the night of 13 August, and on the evening of 15 August on a convoy 
east of Hydra were likewise unsuccessful 

Low - level bombing and strafing attacks were made en ship targets near 
Prevesa at noon on 15 August c 

8 enemy planes flew into Greece to supply partisans c 

An iicreasing number of raids on supply roads are reported by Commanding 
General, Armed Forces, Southeasto 



16 Aug. 1943 

Black Sea 


* At C055j> a submarine was sighted by one of our planes off the western 
tip of the Crimea and was bombed^ The effect was not 'observed,, 

One of our convoys en route from Sulina to Odessa reported a submarine 

contact on th 3 afternoon of 15 August,, 

Taganrog was inef fective?_y shelled by land batteries during the ndght 
of 15 Augusta Phosphorus cans dropped over Mariupol by enemy planes caused 
no damage e 

At 1900 the Mariupol - Taganrog convoy was attacked by enemy planes 
without damage^ 

Own Situation 

Submarine U i,: 19 :I arrived in Theodeca at 1830 and is scheduled to leave 
again on a short mission on 18 Augusts 

'Italian midget submarines CB "l" and "6" were sent out on submarine 
hunt south of Cape Saratsoh,, and CV "3" and ''4" in the Bay of Eupatoria 
One mine was swept off 'Sevastopol by a mo tor -minesweeper MFDK ,, 6 rt was not 
sunk; as reported on 15 August,, but was towed in to Odessa The damage was 
presumably caused by striking a wreck Nothing further to report 


Situation East Asia 

Nothing to report, 

c •. 1 

•■ - '.so 







17 KUgo 1943 • , ; 



I tems of P olitical Importance 

- • . -'•• •-.-■''''■' 
After a 3 day absence, Churchill has returned. to : Quebec where "Roosevelt 

is expected to arrive" during the week* The First Sea Lord and the Chief 

of Staff of the British Air Force are also taking part- in the conferences* 

Roosevelt and Churchill are said to have decided at Hyde Park that Eden '•>•> 

and Sumner ■ Telle s should go to Moscow, , According to press commentaries, 

no official statements on the results of the conference are expected. to c 

be issued. The military" operations to which it would lead,, would speak 

for themselvesp + 


According to the Official German News .Agency DNB^it'has been of f icially 
announced' in Oslo that Norwegian officers are again to be held as prisoners 
of war, since the freedom granted to them by the Fuehrer's dispensation 
has been increasingly misusodo 

Commander in Chief,' Navy is absent from Berlin on inspections at Kiel 
and Kamburgo 

C onference on the Situat io n with Chi ef of Staff , Naval Staff 

No special reports nor decisions,, 

S pecial Item s 

Io The situation in regard- to fuel, as described by Operations Staff.. 
Armed Forces High Command (see T Jar Diary 13 August), will inevitably 
affect the' Diesel oil supplies- The. Diesel: oil consumption of the German 
Navy in the first six months of this year amounted to. an -average of 5~ 1 - 5 ?000 ' ' 
tons per month c "This amount is covered by corresponding monthly allotments 
from Armed, Forces High Command of which 20,000 - 24,000 i;ons per month ' 
wore used by' submarines «. -Naval Staff, Quart erma,ster Division, Supply and • 
Fuel Branch has already been warned- by Armed Forces High Command that ~ 
as oarly as September , it will probably not bo possible to provide the 
whole, of the usual monthly allotment, and that consequently it is - necessary 
for the Navy to make drastic economies The furnace oil supply is not 
expected to be directly affected for the present,. However, as according 
to Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Supply and Fuel Branch,,/ the re is . 
likely to be an increasing tendency towards deterioration in the furnace 
oil situation in ,1944^ while deterioration in the diesel oil situation 
may be less marked, the advisability of restricting furnace oil production 
in favor of diesel oil may have to be considered 

IIo As it is believed the coastal minesweepers could be profitably 
used as torpedo carriers also in the Gulf of Finland, the possibility 
of adapting the boats of 31st Minesweeper Flotilla that are still under 


17 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

construction is being reviewed, as suggested by Naval Command, Baltic „ 
There are 6 coastal minesweepers with -which this could be done Naval 
Staff, Quartermaster Division has therefore issued a supplementary .crxier .-■-■' 
for the equipment of these boats as torpedo carrier s For copy of decree 
as per i Skl g 2330/43 Gkdos see T iar Diary, Part B, Volume V " " 

IIIo Group South has submitted detailed proposals for. the .organization 
of the Eastern Adriatic Coast, the West Coast of Greecepthe Peleponnese 
and the Dodecanese as announced on 29 July* For copy of. draft- 2 as per. 
l,Skl 3 219a-/4JGkdos Chefs -. see file l Sk Io.op II, 17 c : '' : - 

Naval Staff ., Operations Division will undertake the further evaluation 
of requests for mine and other barrage material Other matters will be 
handled by Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division including the participation 
of other departments of Armed Forces High Commando 

Examination of the reported minefield plans has shown that the requirement 
of mines, amounting to a total of 6, .500 HiC mines, 1,000 UI"jF mines and 
4,000 cutting floats, could be reduced by including in the plan the already 
laid Italian minefields which have not been taken into account and by- 
increasing the average distance between mines The first requirement 
:cvJLd be met ycHj by drawing on stocks and- suspending .£ Ian s. in the areas • - : - : - ; - 
of Naval Command;, Faltij, Naval Command, North, Naval Command^ Norway. 
Group North/Fleet aril Group West* If this were done, 2, 5'C0-KM£- -mines'".' : " 
sould easily be procured fro? the Adriatic, 

However, in view of the general -war situation the .minefield plans of 
the above named Commands cannot be lightly upset Q Under, no circumstances 
can mine stores be withdrawn from the Baltic, where, on the contrary, they 

must be increased Nor can the North Sea plans be entirely abandonedo 

■ ■■■•. •..>••••■ _ , ., 

Naval Staff, Operations Division has therefore provisionally advised 
the groups and Naval Commands of • the measures which : might necessitate economies 
in their areas in. .order -to "procure the requirements for the Adriatic Sea 


Group South and German Naval Command, Italy have received the following 

a G Gro up South —.',..' ■ ~' 

■ • ' • - '"'" '" 

1 Adriatic minelaying approved in principle; however, a protective 
barrage for Istria will not be necessary until a withdrawal up to the - 
level of Ancona is prospected 



17 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

2 About 2^.500 Eli C' mines will be released from the remaining 
stores in the -Baltic Sea y. Norway and West Area for your first require- 
ment So Delivery can be made as soon as information on ports of dest- 
ination and mine carriers is received,. No UKB mines are at present 
available,, Due to low mine stocks, it will be necessary to lay the bar- 
rages less' thickly; an average 'distance of 50 to 60 meters between mines 
is believed' to "be sufficient «, 

3o The Italian submarine barrages off Trieste and Pola and the 
surface minefields at Fiume and Spalato were not taken into account 
in your plans Admiral Aegean has received -information on them from Naval 
Command, Italy*, . . . • . 

4«. German Naval Command, Italy has been requested: 

(a) To obtain information from the Italian Navy High Command 
on the efficiency of the. Italian minefields (type of mine, density, 
depth- setting, age) and forward it to you 

"•■ ■ (b) Kake preparations . for minclaying operations on the west 
side of the Ot rant o Strait'So- : ■ ' 

b Ger man Naval Command Ibaly. ' 

1 Obtain information from Italian Navy High Command on the 
efficiency of the Italian minefields off the Eastern. Adriatic Coast 
(type of 'mine, density, depth letting, age) and forward same to Naval 
Staff and Group South - 

2 Make preparations for mine laying operations on the west side 
of the Otranto Straits ; . For order l '-SEl» I S 2326/43 Gkdos-« Chef£c 
see file l Skl, I E op 14, M, 

IV o Naval Liaison Officer to High Command,,- Army/Army General Staff has 
informed Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch' of Army Group's proposal fo-r modification of Fuehrer instruction 
no, 40 <> as announced by Admiral, Black Sea (see T Jar Diary, 10 August) 
The matter will be followed up by Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, 
Organization and Mobilization Branch, which-- on 13 August furnished complete 
information on the cr-ganization of coastal defense to Naval Liaison 
Officer to High Command, Army, A decree of Commanding General, Armed Forces, 
Uestj dated' 27 July conveying a very clear picture of the matter and giving 
full weight to the Navy's interests has been forwarded by Naval Staff, 
Quartermaster Division to the Area Commanders concerned,. For copy as per 
1 Ski. 24255/43 Gkdos see liar Diary,. Part C, Volume X, 


17 Augc 1943 CUNFID liTIAL 

V Naval* Staff Had advised Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command; 
Naval Lic-'ison Officer with Commander . in Chief; Air Force; Naval Liaison 
Officer, High Command, Army, Army. General Staff • and. Group North/Fleet 
and Naval Command^. Norway, for information- of the plans for operation 
"Sizilien^' as fo"ilows: . 

. .-..' lo. - After -eliminating- the -German meteorological station in Northwest 
Spitsbergen, the enemy set up his own base on Spitzbergen; according to 
air reconnaissance, it appears that coal mining has also been resumed 
at Spitzbergeiir 

2o ' Naval Staff plans to seize the enemy base on Spitsbergen about 
September, if the oil position and the enemy situation permit 



(a) .4-6 destroyers will enter the Icefiord and will land 
Army .shock troops (about 75 men per destroyer) Targets of attack: 
Barentsburg with Svalbard radio station and Longyearbyan (air field and 
radio station) „ The task force with TLRPITZ, SCHArlKHO.iST "and 4-6 
more destroyers will stand off Icefiord to support the landing operation j 
If necessary, the landing operation will be supported by the battleships' 
heavy artillery ~X the oil shortage makes it impossible to use the 
Task Force, smaller independent operations will be carried out by 

4io Preliminary discussions have been . smarted with Commanding. 
General, Armed Forces, Norway and 5th Air Force, Reconnaissance is 
being made by the Air Force and by submarine c 

5o In default of the above operation by the whole. Task Force, 
Group North/Fleet considers the following would be possible: 

(a) Capture of the base by 6 destroyers carrying a landing 
detachment o When the destroyers arrive at their target the Task Force 
will sail for exercises, acting simultaneously as .a suppc rt force.. 

Start of the operation /w^uld be dn^ispj cj/uous { Furnace- oil would b~ econo- 

to .v ..'■■> '•••'-' •- •■'■■' 

(b) Execution by submarines only, coordinated with air attacks 
on base, as a partial solution. 

r 6, Admiral, Northern Voters has received orders from Group North/ 
Fleet .to submit operational -proposals for all three cases after discussion 
with Commanding admiral, Cruisers, ..Investigation of the possibility 
of using special raiding-fishing steamers for similar operations is 
to be continued, 

"226- - 

17 Aug, 1943 CONFIDakTLiL 

7.o Naval Staff is doubtful whether the support for the destroyers 
as in' paragraph 2 C (a) would be adequate and considers an operation by 
the whole task force' 'to be prefer able 


This opinion is supported by the Task Force, which considers 
direct cooperation by the battleships to be necessary in view of the 
suspected presence of medium coastal artillery east of Cape Linne 
and so that the ships' planes may be used in support of the Army. 

The submarine operation must be discarded as the Army plans 
call for the use of at least 500 men,- several anti-tank guns^ trench 
mortars aid a large number of rubber dinghys and assault boats ' The 
Task Force considers that combat missions by 5th Air Force are neither 
necessary nor desirable In view. of the known enemy situation, they 
urgently dis council any partial solution or any action by inadequate 
or unsuitable f orces c The operational order has already been prepared 
by Commanding Admiral, Cruisers and will be distributed on 19 or 20 
August 3 

\flo" Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch has ordered the establishment of the 31st Submarine Flotilla Command 
effective immediately,. The submarines previously attached to the Hamburg 
base will be assigned to; this flotilla The Hamburg base will become an 
independent establishment 3 

VIIo. According to intelligence reports from reliable sources in Lisbon ; 
mainly based on a .^efbori'-'-f rom the Portugese Consulates in England dated 
5 August," ah. ^AnglpT-ArAe'ri can attack on Northern and Central Norway, in the 
vicinity of the French /Belgium frontier^ and probably also on Denmark, is 
anticipated in the second half of August, Embarkation ports for the Norway 
action are given as Peterhead, Aberdeen, Montrose and Mary Port, Areas 
of assembly for the Channel operation are Norfolk- Suffolk and Davenport© 

Very fast mosquito-type landing craft and about 50,000 men including . 

Canadians with ski outfits, are said to be standing by for the Norwegian 

operation » A new type of anti-tank gun with shells- of- over - 8 Kgs in weight, 

about 500 tanks of 13, 30 and 70 tons, and approximately 1,000 smaller tanks 

are reported concentrated on the east coasts of • England and Scot land <> 

(see teletype 2030)=,' -'••' - — .- 

tli V'f-' 


tr. , • .,• «* Ui 

Situ ation on 17 August 1 9V3^ 
lc I'farii Foreign Waters 

... ^* 

Enem y Situati on 


17 Augo 1943 

1, Enemy Situation 


Nothing to report 

Own Sitiiatj on 

Naval Attache, Tokyo considered it inadvisable for all the blockade 
runners to be assembled in the southern area as from 20 August and requests 
permission for than to leave from Djakarta as follows: 



20 October 
20 October 
2? October 
4 November 

Naval Attache Tokyo further reports that the orders on permission 
to attack and routes of approach for submarine U '•T7£" are the s^me as those 
for MafiCO POLOo Tokyo believes that both boats will cress the equator 
at 89 east and make for the rendezvous point at 06 10 north and 94 50' 
east, where they will be picked up one hour after sunrise on 26 August by 
the ERITREA. and Japanese Naval ForceSc The ERITREA will then make for 
Singapore with the AQUILa. VI. and the Japanese Naval Forces will. put into 
Penang with submarine U ,l lJB a u 

For operational reasons, Naval Staff Operations Division has modified 
previous orders regarding the dates of sailing readiness of the blockade 
runners as follows: 1st Group; FUJIYAMA, HIMALAYA, TANNENF^LS , DRESDEN 
on 20 October 1943 c 2nd Group ; ELSh E3SBERGER, KUIiL^iL.ND, PIETRO 0R3E0LQ, 
0STFRIESLo\"D on 20 November 1943 o 

Armed Forces High Command, Intelligence Division, Counter Intelli- 
gence Section, and Special Staff for Mercantile and Economic "Warfare will 
be advised, and instructed that the information is not intended for other 
offices but only for the purpose of facilitating their own arrangementc 
Group ""est has been informed by' Naval Staff, Operations Division, Auxiliary 


Situation West Area 

1« Enemy Situation 

21 planes were detected in operation over the Bay of Biscay, One 
British vessel was located at 1347 in BE 2430 - 90 - 2510 - 70 „ 

Our air reconnaissance reports on 16 August at 2055 a half mile south 
of Plymouth, 1 heavy cruiser or battleship with 3 destroyers on course NW- 



17 Aug, 1943 COKFIB - ^TIaL 

and on .17 August at 2110 250 miles wast - northwest of Lisbon^ a northbound 
convoy of 34 merchantmen with 1 cruiser and 6 escorts 

2 3 Own Situation 

Atlant ic Coast, 

Aerial minelaying was observed off Brest and Lorient during the 
night of 15 August c 

On 15 August one ELM/j mine was cleared off St, Jean de Luz 

and on 16 August two ELM/ J mines off Br-jst* The entrance tj. . 

St Jean de Lui and- channel "Hem" .between points 4.52 and 456 have been 

closed due to AT mines 

Channel Coast ■■:■ 

At 1210, the dropping of 19 aerial mines was observed at sea 
South of Boulogne and at 0545 the crew of radar station Arcmanches (Seine 
Bay) shot down one fOJC.^^.i^L.r.ioi enemy bomber At 1315.? 6 enemy bombers 
with fighter protection attacked Calais without causing military damage 

IIIo N orth Sea, Norway. Nor ther n Waters _ 

1 9 North Sea 

Enemy Situation 

Approximately 40 vessels, were sighted at 0030 in the Thames 

estuary o - 

J ' ■■> -■ j'...f. -. . ^ 

Own Situation , . . 

On 16 August P fishing boats off Ymuiden were unsuccessfully strafed 
by 3 enemy planes c Three ELM/ J mines were sx-zepb north of Terschelling c 

Convoy 456 left Elbe- for -{took with 4 steamers' at, 1200 . 

2 Norway/North em \ Ja t e rs 

E nemy Situation 

40 planes carrying out very active reconnaissance over the North 
Sea and 2 planes of the Iceland squadron '-'were detected.^. No new. tactical 
information was obtained by our air reconnaissance in the area of 5th 
Air Force o 


17 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Own S ituation- 

On 15 August only slight artillery activity on both sides was 
reported from the Petsamo area Battery 'Kiberg and the Svartnes airfield 
were attacked during the nighc of 15 August by small enemy air unit s 
Damage and casualties were light 

19 ships were escorted to the north and 18 ships to the south. 

In the North Coast, area, 10 ships were held up due to lade of escort; . 

• ■..»• c 

IV « Ska.^ e rrak, B a ltic Sea En t rances, B alti c- Se a 


li Enem y Situa tion • 

■ . . ■ ■ 

Heavy artillery frbm Leningrad, presumably from Petropalowsk 
shelled our coasts Fire ivas returnod 

Lively air reconnaissance over the islands was observed,, 2 
planes were shot down by Finnish fighter s„ On the night of 16 August 
Tallin was attacked by weak forces Without any great effect,,.' aerial 
mines are suspected to have been dropped west of Tallin. . 

2- Own Situation 


No special reports have been received from the area of Commanding 
Admiral, Defenses Baltic,, Western and Central Baltic Sea D 

Depth charges were dropped at the site of the oil patch reported 
near xievalstein without any result being observed.- ' 

Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic has submitted operational orders 
for mining operations 5nthe reinforcement of the Skagerrak declared area, 
for experimental minefield Caesar, codeword "KaLUV'and for mine-field 
XIX Codeword "Natrium,," Naval Staff has no comment therec'n 

V, Submarine Warfare 



Submarine U "179" sank the British steamer .EI ft> I rE STANLEY (6,900., 
GRT) on course $0° in KQ 6676 (South of Madagascar) 

Nothing to report from the Atlantic, 
V I o Aerial Warfare 

lo British Isles and Vicinity 

1 ■ ■ 


r - r 




17 Augo 1943 

On 16 August at 1925 > a Halifax plane was shot down by a Ju 88 
100 miles west-northwest of Cape 0rtegal o 

On 17 August the enemy developed lively raiding activity over 
Reich territory during the day and nights 

: . '- .• ■ 

A formation of 150 bombers, protected by fighters, flew into Belgium 
and attacked the Messerschmidt plants near Regensburg with very considerable 
effect o 

- „ -.••'■• ' f vJ ' 
A second formation of 250 fortresses protected with fighter cov;.r- 

flew into Holland and ^carried out a heavy attack on the western part of 

Schweinfurt where serious damage was caused in industrial plants,, particularly 

the ball bearing works «, 

Besides these flights into Reich territory, light bomber and fighter- 
bomber formations attacked airfields in Northern France, Belgium and Holland 

with only slight effect „ J ... 

■•;.. ■"" '.' ... '....••• ■ ■ 

35 enemy bombers were shot down- ift~at tacks on Bavaria a . 

Strong enemy formations from the south also raided airfields in the 
Karseille - Salon area a The auxiliary airfield at Istres was heavily dam- 
aged and a large number of our planes , including freight glider Sj> were. . » 
destroyed or damaged,, The airfield at Salon was also seriously damaged and 
cannot be usedo Casualties at both places were heavy. For further particulars 
see Daily Situation* •' 

No reports have yet been received on.thet results<- : of our defense against 
these raidso t vi • - ;;1 ^ ' a '"' 

- . ■" * ' - * vV ■ ■•■•*■ '.,•*■ 

At 2300 on the night . of 17 'August _, 200 t,6' 300 planes in several waves 
began to fly in from the. Heligoland - Esb'erg area. via the' Baltic Sea towards 
Ruegen, TJellin, Frankfurt/Oder, 1 south of Leipzig, Goslar, Hannover and north 
of Emscheido 10 to 20 of these planes made harassing attacks on Berlin causing 
little damage,, The bulk of them assembled north- of Berlin for a concentrated 
raid on Peenemuende and Karlshagen, while approximately 200 of our fighters 
stood by over Berlin for def onso Details of the apparently very effective 
attack on the war establishments have not yet been received,, According to 
preliminary reports, 36 enemy planes were shot down by night fighters. 

One Halifax plane was shot down by anti-aircraft guns over the 
occupied West Area, 

During the same night, 55 of our bombers were sent out against 



17 Aug c 1943 ::::::.::-: 

Lincoln, 15 fight er-bcmbers and 13 heavy fighters against Colchester 
and 5 fighter-bombers against Brighton,, 

2, Mgdlte r ranean Theat er- 

Cn the night -f 16 August our torpedo planes were sent cut against 
the east-bound convoy in the Bone area but failed to find the target. 
As an alternative, a westbound convoy 25 miles west of La Galite was: 
atiackecV .1-^ship was sunk and another damagsdg 

Our Air Force. also carried':cut-- reconnaissance' tasks -in the.. area- - 
of iialta- * TtinisV ,1 

During the day, small enemy- "forces' attacked ;the'"a infields at iTrvs'enza 
and, -can" the fSflgmf of 17 August,' took supplies to the partisans 

in the Balkan area : 


3* Zastoyn : Front : 

- - 

Cn 15 August, 57 enemy planes were shot down on the army fronts 


VIZ,-. "." g rfare in the M editerranean and Black Sea" 
' 1* Enemy Landing in Sicily 
Situation on Land 

Fighting on the island has ceased; 
Situatio n a t Sea . ~ 

'■■■■■■ » ^ . — m u ^ i — ^— i i 

German Naval. Command, Italy reported at -0630' that the evacuation of 
14th .Tank Army Command had been successfully -completed thanks to the_good 
work of the landing and escort flotillas Cn 16 and 17 August; 4~riivar- :: - 
landing r sraft, 1'Siebel ferry and 4 landing '% oats were damaged, seme ~of- thai 
heavily, by bomb hits 2 landing Hot ilia s are continuing to supply the west 
coast of Calabria, The Siebel ferry flotilla is transferring tc the 
Straits of Bonifacio, Motor minesweepers are being used to .protect the 
landing flotillas, 3 PT boats will transfer at 1230 from Taranto via Crctone 
to Salerno* 

Naval Staff has advised Group Commands; Naval Cohaandss Commanding 
.imiral Cruisers; admiral Northern Maters; and Ccirmanding Admiral, Submarines 
on the situation, as follows: 

' ' 

. - • ■ 



- r -232- ' 

■ .j - i -> - ? ' " 

- - 


17 Augo 1943 ■ CONFIDENTIAL 

In SioUy^ the' Onega's- superiority oh 'land- and in" the' air has ; in., 
the few days, increasingly restricted our bridgehead^ thus eliiajnating 
all possibility of being aide to hold our position on the island without 
continuous and heavy casualties,, Despite the fact that 'it would have been 
strategically advantageous to tie dovjn the enemy as long as possible 
on a land front in Sicily, the bridgehead had to be abandoned in order 
not to lose valuable and indispensable troops c ■ 

The withdrawal across the Straits of Messina has been largely 
successful 3 the evacuation is expected to be completed by 17 Augusts 

It' was impossible to bring up reinforcements for the bridgehead 
because of the transport situation in Italy arid especially in Calabria,, 

C onclusion s ' 

The transfer of naval forces, except for special cases., and of freighters 
from jtfye;\i fes-tem to the Eastern Mediterranean, is no longer possible, 

The enemy will now be able to stait new operations > the target for. which 
may, from the current distribution of landing vessels, be Sardinia or Calabria/ 
Lower Italy., No accurate indications are on hand,. 

2. Enemy Situation Mediterranean 


In regard to the attack by the Italian small battle units on 3 
August against ships in the Bay of Algeciras, the-- Military Attache Tangier s 
reports as of 13 August that 1 Norwegian tanker of 14,000 GRT x^as damaged 
and is beached in shallow water, and that 1 British and 1 US freighter 
were slightly damaged and have been toxired into port and unloaded., 

On 17 August, 3 auxiliary 'aircraft carriers and 6 destroyers were 
at sea east of Gibraltar throughout the day e . 1 DIDO class cruiser, 1 French 
destroyer and 2 ILLUSTRIOUS class aircraft carriers 'arrived in Gibraltar 
from the Atlantic ., 

According .to air reconnaissance, there 'was a westbound convoy of ' 
28 ships at 1205* 25 miles northeast of bi^erta, and an eastbound convoy of 
44 merchantmen at 1800 ,,< 20 miles west of Bougaronii ;i P convoy of 16 merchant- 

00 10 miles east of la Galita' oh an easterly course,, 

men was reported at 1200 10 miles east of la Galita' on an easterly course,, 

jht of 16 August an Italian ^torpedo plane scored 
)f 15,000 GRT in a large c^voy near Cape Serrate 

Photographic reconnaissance of Bi.zerta (except Ferryville). on 

During the nigh 
hit on a merchantman of 


. P.P.^P™jAL 


17 Augo 1943 CC! :?::- ".. tl-.i 

16 August showed an" increase of 29,000 GRT in tankers and 34,000 G£T in freighter 
tonnage, as compared with 13 August, In addition, 75 L5T, 105 LCT .or LCI, 
50 LC-, 3 LCG and 26 landing gangways were also present,, 

According to aerial photographs made on the morning cf 17 August 
there were in Valetta: 4 battleships, 1 aircraft carrier, 3 cruisers, 
of vdiichone was in dry dock, 15 destroyers, 8 escort vessels, 18 patrol 
and motor-minesweepers, 3 submarines, 1 tanker, 1& freighters, 1 1ST, 
and 32 LCT or LCI etc 

Marsa Shirocco r was not co-vered; 

Cne submarine ---as located at 2025 10 miles north-northeast of Bastia c 
Convoys were detected by radio intelligence on the afternoon of 16 August 
in the Tobruk, Alexandria and Cyprus areas c No sighting reports were 
received from the Eastern Mediterranean en 17 Augusts 

3c . Own S ituation Medite rranean/Sea Trans port Situatio n 

On the night of 16 August one of the coastal patrol boats destined 
for the Aegean sank off ?ao!e» 


1 : 

On 15 August an enemy submarine was probably sunk by an Italian 
corvette off Brindisi 

2 anti-aircraft gun corvettes, 5 Italian torpedo boats, 3 submarine 
chasers, and 2 naval landing-craft were engaged in escort service,* 1 tanker 
and 9 steamers were escorted, A steamer ran aground off Bastia but was 
refloated e 

The shelling of a harbor defense boat off Marseille as reported on 
16 August was not done by enemy planes. This was an erroneous report cf a 
machine-gun test by one of our own Arado plane s 8 

2 naval landing craft left Marseille for Genoa on 17 Augusto 

• ■ 

As the Hie mines stored in France are equipped enly with IOC-meter 
anchor cables, they cannot be used for the mining plans of German Naval 
Commando Group '."est has therefore been instructed to make up the shipment 
now being sent to Toulon for the KiiKDEN3lJ3G and FC:i::?iT with 210 EMF mines 
with 200 meter anchor cables e German Naval Command, Italy will be informed 
accordingly c 

4c, Area Naval Group South 

.-.egeji Sea 

1~ : zs 


17 Aug, 1943 . , CONFIDENTIAL 

■ • • . 

1 Italian steamer was damaged and 1 Italian vessel sunk in enemy 
air raids on the port of Missoianghi during the night of 15 August and the 
afternoon of 16 August* An Italian minesweeper with troops was unsuccessfully 
attacked off Corfu. 

The DiteCHE and BULCWIA, with submarine-chaser "2104", arrived 

in Piraeus having completed a mining mission 

No submarine hunt could be carried out due to bad weather 

2 Swedish steamers arrived in Piraeus from Canada 

Naval Staff considers that the proposal made by the Italian Navy 
High Command on 7 August in regard to submarine chasing in the Aegean Sea 
contains some practical suggestions a Group South j Admiral, Aegean^ and 
German Naval Command, Italy have been instructed to discuss the matter witri 
Italian Naval Connaand Morea, Italian Admiral Aegean, and Italian 
Naval Command Aegean as soon as possible German Naval Command, Italy i.s 
to advise Italian Navy High Command of Naval Staff's opinions 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence on 16 August, there was 1 submarine 
west of Eupatoria and 1 southwest of Sevastopol, and 2 submarines at sea 
at unidentified positions c 

The Thsodosia - Yalta convoy sighted 1 submarine northeast of Yalta- 
A depth charge attack produced no re suit s On 17 August a submarine southeast 
of Odessa was bombed and strafed by one of our plane s; effects were not 

On 16 August, Taganrog was again shelled from land during the day 
and bombed from the air at night On the evening of 16 August 2 planes 
approaching from the east flew along the Rumanian/Bulgarian frontier, crossed 
the Danube near Ostrow, and returned via Calarari It is probable that 
aerial mines were dropped c 

O wn Situation 

Submarine U "24" arrived on 16 August at Theodosia from the oper- 
ational area c 4 Italian midget submarines were sent out on submarine chase 
along the Crimean Coast 

14 miles east of Sulina^ Convoy Constantza - Odessa cut five mines 
which were probably UMB mines from our own minefield 




17 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Owing to a change in supply arrangement s_, transport traffic to the 
Ctotenkopf is to be reduced as from 17 August* 

VIII . : . Si tu ation £sst A sia 

Ncta-"\ng to rep cr t„ 

. : :. ■ 

•. ' -' - 




•■-' ' 


r . 


■ ■.' 


.:,.}■ j ■ ■ ... 

-> . / 

.} .: 


■ • 

18 Aug. 1943 .••■ CONFIDENTIAL 

• -. ... 

\if m ~: ■ •: 

Itsms of Political Ijoportance 

Reuter reports that Roosevelt has arrived in Qu.ebec No authentic 
information on the course of the conference has been received, 

Corir e r ei] c e on the Situation with Ch^e.?.- N aval Staff . 

To , ■ Qiartermaster General, Naval i Staff 

a It is suggested that the matter of assigning better and faster planes 
for naval anti-air craft exercises be taken up with Commander in Chief, Air 
Force- at Fuehrer Headquarters 

;\b c The liability for military service has been extended to men from.. 
50 to 59 years (Reservists) The decree "will not be publish ed 3 . • '-,: 

c ; The decreased fuel allotment will not affect submarine supplies as 
suspension of the blockade runner service will save 3^CC0 cubic meters 
per month 3 

'.-.,. do No more furnance oil is being delivered to Italy from the Navy's 
quota Italian Navy stocks amounted to 71^000 cubic meters on 1 August and 
monthly consumption to 51,; 000 cubic meters c Eesides this,, ih*=re is some. 
oil still in the. ship's bunkers 


f-.i •_. 

e c The expansion of the smoke making formations is feasible as- regards 
to material c The personnel question is causing some diff iculty . " - &:•"- 

■ il » Ch i ef : - B 1 1 reau '.of , Naval ArJm in i st rati on 

The raw material allotment r for the, present quarter has- not-' yet' been 
fully delivered o This is' affect ing ; mainly 7 the production of armored- -cupolas 
for coastal batteries It will not be possible to make an estimate of require- 
ments-needed for the- fourth quarter .until September 

In regard to the facilitation of torpedo recovery by improvement of the 
^identification markings ,of training torpedoes y Commander in Chief., Navy has 

decided that production is to be" continued on the present scale until the 
<-.-• results of the improvements have be en' "established 3 

c In a Highly Restricted Circle . 

— — " -r**.' '"M 

IIIo_ Report by Chief, Operations Bran ch. Naval Staff. Operations -Division 

-•'--■ • : (. ... • i .., 

a The proposals of Commander j, Submarines, Norway in regard to base 
facilities at Trondheim and Bergen and to bringing the flotilla components up 



~236~ A 


to establishment ' will be considered in cooperation with Submarine Division, 
Naval Staff and Quart srmastjr Division, Naval Staff, Submarine Branch 

Commander in Chief, Navy has decided that the matter is to be dealt 
with within" the frame work;, of overall submarine plans, 

b Documents concerning ship "28" and reception, of uaRCO PuLO in Penang 
and Kure are filed in : Jar Diary under "War in Foreign '«.'aters," 

IV o Report by N aval Air and Air Force Liaison Section, Naval Staff v . Oper at- 

ions Division 

The Air Force plans to discontinue construction of seaplanes except for 
type Arado i960 BV 138 planes will therefore be available for only about 
another year and a half Of the larger planes for anti-submarine operations 
support, 7 type BV 222 will be completed, 2 of them gasoline driven and 5 
diesel driven, 5th Air Force will have to decide whether land planes can 
be used in Norway instead of the BV 130* s,-, Of the larger types, the JU 290 
and later the JU 390 will be available, the latter with almost the same range 
as the BV 222 

Commander in Chief, Navy considers the decisive factor to be when the 
new types will be available,. As BV 222 planes will come out a year ahead of 
type JU 390, the Navy must adhere to its demand for BV 222 planes This makes 
it necessary to renew the demand for adequate air' defense, against carrier planes 
in the Atlantic Commander in Chief, Navy will discuss this matter with 
the Reich Karshal a Field Marshal Milch will also be approached by letter on 
this subject 


Chief, Operations Branch^. Naval Staff, Operations Division reported that, 
according to information from Brigadier - General Harlinghausen, the production 
of aerial torpedoes for the Air Force has been reduped from 3*000 to 1,000 
per montho Any subsequent return to higher .production will be difficult to 
accomplish. _~ 

Commander in Chief, Navy would like to confer with Brigadier General- 


V As briefing for Commander in Chief, Navy's conference with the Reich 

"■shal, Mine Warfare Section rind Anti "Suftit-'arin 3*' Section, 'Naval Staff, .Operations 
Division gave a report en the employment" of mines with the new firing device 
The Air Force has agreed with Naval Staff's plans in accordance with the 
Fuehrer's basic orders, and has issued orders to -Third Air Force,, -which has - 
reported its concurrence, but, has pointed out that planes, especially of 
the types that could reach Liverpool^- are -la eking 6 Commander in Chief, Navy 

■ t '. - r-r 

- - » a ', . 

• t r 




18 Aug c 1943 CQIJFIDEiiTTAL 

maintains that the dangerous new weapon must be employed against overseas 
traffic also and not only against coastal and Thames traffic To plant 
2,, 500 mines in the enemy area, a continuous assignment of 250 planes will be 
needed^ As there are only about 70 available in the West Area ; the Reich 
Marshal will have to find an additional 2C0 so that the plans may not be 

After briefing Commander in Chiefs Navy on the technical details of the 
new mine P Chief^ Naval Staff, Operations Division remarked that it must be 
made clear to the Reich Marshal that the means of achieving a great strategic 
success lay in his hands c The Air Force must be persuaded to make the great- 
est possible effort along these lines c 

Chief of Staff, Naval Staff did not doubt that the Air Force would do 

everything in its power Perhaps the current situation in the east and south 

would not permit a sufficiently strong effort in the wost-. It might therefore 

be well to consider the. advisability of waiting -'for a mere favorable 
development of the overall situation; 

Chief , Naval Staff, Operations Division asked that the minimum number 
of planes that would be acceptable be investigated and established c 

Commander in Chief s Navy stated that : .he would agree to an- even smaller 
number provided the mission off Liverpool were, in any case carried out 

Special Items "is. 

'■"■•■ ••-..... 
Medi t er r an n a n Th e ater 

I e Italy 

a With regard to the further command of the German troops in Southern 
Italy which Commanding General, South has combined under the Commanding General 
10th Army, the' Fuehrer has issued the following order: 

It is to be expected that, sooner or later/ in one form or another, 
Italy wili capitulate to the pressure of the enemy 

The grouping and the movements of the ICth Army must take this prob- 
able development into account The Army must be prepared to keep open the- 
loads of withdrawal to Central Italy, also in the case of an enemy landing, 
if necessary, to d eal with -passive active Italian resistance^ Central 
Italy, and the area around Rome in. particular, must be held until then 
by Commanding General, Armed Forces, South with- the remaining German 
Fci'ces in that area 


-23 ft- 

is iiug. 1943 confidential 

A strong group oj? at least 3 motorized formations of the 10th 
Anoy is to be provisionally assembled, as speedily as possible, in the 
most seriously threatened coastal area from Naples to Salerno All 
^rmy detachments that are no longer in a mobile status are also to be 
sent to this area. Fully mobile detachments of the two remaining 
motorized formations am to reEia:Ln for the time being for mobile us 3 
between Catanzaro and Castro villaxd.^. . 


Parts of the 1st Parachute Division will be used bo protect the 
air bases aroimd Fogg-ia* The area around Naples and Salerno is to be 
held against an enemy landing; south of the -Castr-ovillari Pass only 
delaying actions are to be fought., -• 


The escort forces available in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the shipping 
in the Western Mediterranean are to be used principally in the. traffic 
to Sardinia and Corsica and later for the evacuation of ■ Sardinia.-, 

In addition, coastal traffic is to be continued as replacement for 
overland supply transports 

Ai r Forc e 

The Air Force will concentrate on supporting the 10th Army in the 

performance of its tasks and to this end must be especially prepared to 

oppose enemy landing operations in the Naples - Salerno area* Host of 

the formations of 2nd Air Force are to be grouped with a view to 

this mission The campaign against enemy shipping is to be prosecuted. 

with all available means 

Sardinia . »A. 

Sardinia must remain prepared for def ense u Evacuation to Corsica 
is contemplated only in the case that Italian -troops should fail completely 
against an enemy attack or if prerequisites for a prospective successful 
defense of the island should be out of the question even before an enemy 
attack,, due to further developments of the situation in Italy;. : 

The preparations for this possibility and for evacuation in case 
of "Achs.en are to be disguised, even as regards our own "troops J as a 
regrouping;. Resultant measures in regard to the supplying of the islands 
of Sardinia and Corsica will be regulated, by Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, South., Occupation of the island of Elba, to protect 
communications between the mainland and Corsica is to be prepared-:, , 
Plans are to. be reported© ■ 




- • ■ 


18 Aug. 1943 • CQivTIieiTI-J 


.' All prisoners taken. by Gorman troops will remain in German custody,-, 
VJhere the guarding of prisoners in Italian custody is abandoned., they 
are to be taken over at o.aoe . 

If political developments should make it" impossible to continue 
the battle in Southern Italy, proceed in accordance with the orders 
for operation 'lAchse^ 1 ' • ... . 

b Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command issued orders on 16 
nugust .regulating the .spheres of command; between Commanding General;, Armed 
Forces, South and Army Group B, in whi.cii the current, restrict! on-3 in regard 
to mobility and designation are cancelled. For copy as per L.Sklo 2326/43 
Gkdoso see T .!ar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV The order also calls ,upon r .2ud Force and German Naval Command, Italy to cooperate with Amy Group. 3 . r 
and holds both establishmants responsible for clcse liaison with the group o" 
There is no change in.thw regulation for Commanding General, Aimed .Forces 
South in regard to liaison with the Italian Armed Forces High Command' 
and his authority over German Naval Command , Italy 9 2nd Air" Force* the. 
German General attached to the Headquarters of the Royal ..Italian Armed Forces 
and the Royal- Italian Air Force, and the Mediterranean representative of 
the Reich Commissioner of Maritime Shipping e For the rest, the service 
regulations of Commanding General, Armed Forces, South will be similarly 
applied to. his new command _ area.,. .- Mat, tors of supply and of %axj-xi^r :/:.!: authority 
are also regulated , " j 

Co Group South reports concurrence with the proposals cf Naval Staff, 
Operations Division as transmitted to Italian Navy High ■Command, la regard 
to the organization of command in the area, of Italian Naval- Command j. ,- Korea p - 
(See T . Jar Diary, 19 August)- The advocated solution would make it possible, 
to assimilate more closely the area of Marimorea which the Italians .have 
always kept deliberately apart from Admiral, Aegean since the German Chief 
of Staff with Marimorea would be likewise subordinated to admiral, Aegean 
as Chief of German. Naval Command., Western Greek Coast o- 

lie For. considerations regarding the establishment of ..a fletilla E ;>.-.■ ,', 
consisting of naval artillery barges and coastal defense -boats: for --operations 
on Lake Peipus in the coming spring see 1 Skl» I op 2368/43 Gk. Chefs 
Copy in..War ;Diary, Part.C, Volume III .■ 71.. -, 

IIIo Enemy' Situation Report No. <> '.16/43 .'from; Naval Intelligence Division-- dated 
15 August states as follows; - ...••• • 

The development of the situation in the Mediterranean has led to the 
making of new or supplementary plans by the enemy, as '"evinced "by 
Churchill's trip to Canada and the USA and the. Anglo-American 7 General 
Staff conferences,, Noteworthy points ares 



18 aug. 1943 Cv/..7i ..".:t:,.i 

1. The continued concentration of en any naval f cr ces and landing boat 
tonnage in the area cf 3iz?ri,a - Sicily (preparations for a rev: operation?) c 

2 C No large shipment s have taken place in the Mectrt e^ranean area 
apart from the military supplies for the troops and., the supply require- 
ants of the population- 

3c There has been no increase in the number of troops in the 
fditerranean since 27 July e 

- 4o The mass of -unconf irmable information in regard to preparations - 
for operations from the area cf England/Iceland $ 

Obstruction of the enemy's operational plans due to shortage of 
freighter tonfiags if becoming lesV" narked. 

~s of 1 August 1943 9 the enemy had 13,5 million GRT of freighter 
space (not counting " troop transports and tankers) Of this,l6,2 million 
GRT is employed in supply traffic (including military needs) as long 
as the -.eiiterranean cannot be freely used, and l c 4 ndllion GET are 
being used for operational purposes in the Mediterranean, leaving still 
free 1 4 million GRT C When the Mediterranean can be freely used, 2 c O - 
million GRT ccn be released from the 16 c 2 million employed in supply 
traffic, sc that there will be a total of 3«»0 million GST available for 
operational purposes: 

This freighter space could still be increased by approximately! to - 

3 million GRT by temporarily cutting, down the' supply traffic which would 
be possible, for example, with the supplies presently accumulated 
available freighter tonnage is also augmented by the new ship surplus 
which, under present conditions, is estimated at 0<,5 million GRT per 
month b 

The enemy is therefore at present in a position to place at least 

4 million GRT into use for new operations, For copy as per l e Skl 3 23318/43 
Gkdos see "ar Diary special file "Enemy Situation Report - Naval In- 
telligence Division* 11 

■ '. . . 

IV o summary of Reports on the Enemy, compiled by Radio Decoding and 
Radio Intelligence for the period 9 to 15 August is contained in Radio 
Intelligence report Nc 33/43 < (Note: For ''Situation of Northeasterly Sea 
Route, 1 ' see page 2-2, \ 


."J on 18 August 1 94^3 
Io ., T ar in Foreign Waters 



— — r 1 

18 Aug, 19/ ; 3 CONFIDENTI AL 

Enemy Situation, 

Nothing bo report, . 

Own S itu ation . . 

The following short signal was received by Norddeiclv at 0237 from Ship 
"28": ^ ' ; ' 

"Position large grid square ?Q U Transferring operational area to 
sea area of Northern Chile Intend to return via ^lorth- Pacific to 
Japan, Radio reception conditions .bad« M 

Reception -was 'confirmed by Naval Communications Officer, Berlin .by 
teletype 0425 

At 1827 the following radiogram, which had already been issued prior 
to receipt of the short signal, was sent ~ty Naval Staff tu Ship 28i 

"With the present blockade in the Bay of Biscay, break-through by 
surface vessels will probably be possible, if at all,; only at the darkest 
time of year Before Ship "28" comes in, a blockade runner will attanpt 
a breakthrougho Ship "28" wi]l therefore not be picked up before January 
at the earliest, The operational period in the Pacific will bo extended 
accordingly D The matter of supplies is being investigated© Further 
instructions thereon will followj' 

Ship "28" later received the following directive, by teletype 23'17: 

"From your short signal, Naval Staff concludes that operations 
so far been unsuccessful and that Ship "28" is drawing in towards 
South America-, Return route approved Report departure in good time c . 
Unlikely that Japanese will permit free operations in North Pacific 
Refer to teletype 1827 of today? s date e " : 

For information on enemy situation, see, teletype,. 1j151o Naval Attache, 
Tokyo reports that the MaRCO POLO was given an extremely Warm welcome in 
Penang D Preparations had' been made with special care on the part of both 
Germans and Japanese On the other hand, the welcome, at Kure by 4 Japanese 
Admirals was more formal in character - * : '""" 

II o S ituation U est _A rea 

Ene my Situation . .■• - ' 


43 planes were detected over the outer Bay of Biscay, most- of them 
during the evening hours Between -2021 and 2313., one British vessel was ... 



detected at each of- -five- positions in EE 16 and 28, and in B^ 62 and 63 o 

according to air reconnaissance,, at 1730 there were 1 light cruiser and ■ 
2 destroyers sailing west on course 30 in BF I+J66 c 

12 freighters were reported at 0750 off the southwestern tip of Ireland.,, 
course and size unspecified,, - -•"-'" 

According to an intelligence report from Portugal, a few hundred French 
and Belgian refugees liable for military service will be picked up at 
Setubal by t.vo passenger steamers which are due to arrive on 19 August at 
04CC and will leave again at 1900 GHT 

Own Situation 

Atlantic Coas t 

On 16 August, another ELM/ J mine was swept off Lorient and on 17 
August, two ELM/j mines were swept off Brest and one ATE mine off St c Jean 
de Luzo Suspension of traffic- ^was revoked on 17 Augusto 

C hannel Coast 

Nothing to report * 

Group West has submitted plans for the closing of enemy minefield gaps 
in the Channel and has re'quested permission to release the necessary 25C 
UMB mines with mooring lines from their own reserve Code word for the 
easterly minefield gap is "Tellereisen^" for the westerly "Leimruteo" 
With "Tellereisen 11 it is planned to-make a simultaneous diversion attempt 
with FT boats 

Naval Staff has approved the plans and released the required mines from 
Group "Jest's stores,, At the same time Group T . /est was instructed to examine 
the possibility of laying ^'mine -traps" 'in the vicinity of our own .routes 
using short-delay ZE (Magnetic regulating ring)o 

III, North Sea, Norway, Northern Haters 

North Sea 

— — — — 

Two ELM/A and one ELM/j mines were swept north' of Borkum-, 

Convoy 456 Elbe - Hook started to return from Helder at 21C0 o Escort 
has b .en reinforced by 9th Motor-Minesweeper Flotilla* 

The Artillery Administration building on Sylt was heavily damaged by an 







f - £■■ 

IS Augo 1943 '■ ?I CONFIDENTIAL 

fJ ftf v. 


enemy plane which was shot down in flames a " -Casualties were caused in Den 

H elder and Ymuiden when a high -explosive bomb blew up while being transported 

together with scrap metal and' a mine 6 


.:•> .N'orwa y/N or the'rn , ■ I la t e r g 

' Enemy Sit uati on 

' • j. ' . ~ l " ' • . --:.■:' 

According to radio intelligence-^- a Russian reconnaissance plane. 1 ." reported 
one of our convoys off Nordkyn in the forenoon Russian submarines in the 
operational area were advised : ' ThV Chief of the ihite ,.Sea Fleet made an 
inspection tour Jon 10 August on board minesweeper "32"'"'along the northern 
sea route. The report indicates that traffic on the northeasterly route is 
now beginning to run properly 

;)o;r:i -.- , ( ,. u _ . . . . -*; -■ 

6 planes in. operation were'^detected over the North Sea 

■■ *■' " ■ ■• • — >jjj*j 

Air reconnaissance spotted an airfield on Jan Mayen The take-off of 
a' probablb" fighter, plane was noire^do -.Two hangars and three anti-aircraft 
•'" gurrpositions were identified oh' the -airfield,, 

'* y . '". ". ' -'•- ' ■• . '•-" 

6 Beaufighter planes "flew into the Soghefiord area and 2 'enemy planes 
each flew over the Lister and Christiansand Soath areas " ,' 5'- unidentified 
objects were dropped.,, " ' ■' 

—'■-... Z * ' 

' • • t , - . .-/... 

Own Situation ' : '- L .U-oc-, .1 .:''' ' 1 ■ ■ ■-. 

— ■ ' i.Qc£ — ■:■: 

- .«• . . - -, 
28 ships were escorted to the north and 29 to the" 'south „ 12 ships were 

held up :ln the area of the Arctic Coast due to lack of escort '•"''-■ '.<j 

■ '• T.I 

Naval Command, Norway has advised Commander Armed Forces.,. J^prway, and 
Naval Staff for information, that consultation with i 5th. Air Force has shown 
that , ■ in respect to the anticipated enemy counteractions-fighter protection 
J-. ■ for the leave traffic from Oslo -to- Denmark, and back, which is to be intens- 
ified as from 21 August, is inadquate Naval Command,- Nor way suggests 
that in the interests of the^Armed Forces, a ruling .be. requested," -if 
necessary, from Armed Forces 'High Command, Operations' Staff , since" the with- 
drawal of fighter forces from the southwestern corner of Norway to the 
... r . north for the protection of coastal channels and patrol of air - approach 
routes ovor the Skagerrak does not appear advisable .'""(See Teletype 1920) o 

On 16 August Naval Command, -Norway again requested the laying of mine- 
fields N.l 36 - 40, 45 % n d &k$ a s the shipping "traffic, most of which sails 
unescorted because of the shortage of. escort vessels, urgently requires mine 
protection, especially since -with cancellation of transit through Sweden, 
leave traffic by sea will soon be starting between Narvik and I-iosjoen or 
Tronheim The 116 EIIC mines required will be drawn from the reserve stores 
in Norway 



18 .xug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

As further justification, Naval Comriiand a.lso reports on 18 nUgust that 
5th Air Force' was informed on 17 august that, the lack of forces makes it 
impossible- to carry out the convoy traffic as heretofore and ^:t v/ill 
therefore have to be drastically reduced 'f or thv.ithc " J " 

Although not operationally concerned in the plans, Group Worth/Fleet 
supports the request in view of the reasons adduced by Navil^.fionarsaiido 

Naval Staff has approved the minefield plans but draws' attention to the 
Tact til at when the remaining mine stores in, Norway, are exhausted no further 
allotments can be -expected before spring of 1944; ch* e to the rising demand 
in the Mediterranean and the drop in production 

Naval 'Staff assesses the oosition as follows j 


The enemy plans a decisive large-scale operation against Norway:; 
the greatest threat will be in the southern area It is possible that 
landings may be made in Jutland for the purpose of putting the air-fields 
out of action- and closing the Kattegat . preparatory to or simultaneously 
with the "first landings on the south coast of Norway ;■/ 

The Skagerrak minefields, even if reinforced, would be of only 
limited effect .as an. obstacle Nor can the coastal batteries in south 
Norway and northern Jutland prevent the enemy from breaking into the 
Skagerrako In case of such enemy operations, therefore, the use of '- 
naval forces acquires special importance^ 

Group North/Fleet has therefore been instructed to give the matter advance 
consideration and to report possibilities and -plans as soon as possible , 
For copy of teletype l 3kl*/ I op £3082/43, Gkdos/see War Diary-, fart C, 
.Volume IIa t 

• IV, Skagerrak , Baltic Sea. -Entrances', Baltic Sea 

Enemy Situation 

A westbound convoy. of. 20, vessels was sighted in the evening leaving' 

: Kronstadto There were 9. PT boats' northwest of Lavansaari during theJ night of 

18 August o Lively air activity prevailed in the coastal area of the £\\Lf of 

. Finland o "Tallin was attacked by small forces* 

- ■ .•''•■.■•. 

Own Situation 

:■■:... -'" ' 

■ — 

Two mines were swept... in the Little Belt* A Danish fishing cutter sank 
north of Lealand on 17 August after striking" a mine, » -' .. . 

....'■' . , 

' Sxtensive strikes have broken^out in Odense* , Investigation by the Command- 
ing 0f:icer of clashes between German ijrmed Forces and Civilians "in Svendborg 
has shown the behavior of German Navy personnel to have been unimpeachable „ 


18 Aug, 1943 CuMFIDUJTIAL 

No special reports regarding the situation at sea have been received from 
the rest of the Baltic Sea Apea or the areas of Comcander Minesweepers Baltic 
and Admiral Baltic Countries 

Coastal Defense Commander, Pomerania reports s 

..- y A heavy air attack on Peenemuende largely destroyed the Army Experi- .< 
mental Station East o The electric plant. was; : B&% destroyed, the finishings 
•. plant, -30^ the Karlshagen quarters, $G% and- the Trassenheide quarters^ n,: 
100^ 9 .Approximately 200,'persons were killede (See teletype 0800a) 

4 * • 

• > ... — .* . ' 

Naval Command, Baltic reports that 20 planes were shot down». • ■ 

In agreement with Commanding. Admiral Defenses Baltic, Naval Command, 
Baltic submitted on 8 August. 2n assessment of the situation resulting from 
the cessation of the Swedish, transit traffic and the consequent increase in 
the Oslo scuadronso For copy as per l. ; Skl<> 2307/43 Gkdos e Chefs see War 
Diary, Part C, Volume III*,: In orde^ to perform the augmented tasks, Naval 
Command, Baltic plans or requests the following measures: 

-.: . -.'.;/.' ■■■ .-:■■ 'it ,;.fx. "; : 

•..-- r - (l) Immediate assignment of 25th Minesweeper Flotilla to Commanding 

Admiral, Defenses Baltic? ,. - ■ . 

(2) Immediate return of the 2 boats of 17th Escort Flotilla, which 
had been placed at the disposal of Italian submarines, for reinforcement 
of the escort service 

(3) Resumption of reconnaissance in the West, which was postponed by 
5th Air Force ... 

(4) xteaesignment of K. "1" and K "23" to the Skagcrrak patrol 3 

(5) Barrage measures: ... 

(a) Minefield XXI to be laid as planned in autumn of this year 

• . . ... > :• '■;■•">■ i' . ; ■ f ! 

(b) Abandon the plan for minefield XXI, blocking passage through 
the Hanstholm gap, and lay, minefields XXV, XXVI and. XXVII in such a way 
■that th« rout© from Tybo'roen to: Hanstholm will, form an-, enclave Wiich it 
is planned tjjf seal off by minefield X^^VUX to -be., laid by naval landing 

'. . V '■ ■ I 

craft standing by at Tyboroen 

'■ '-•*_•< 

Finally, Naval ' Command.,-- -Baltic -again rrequest<s a decision on the proposal 
in regard to unified command for..,all minesweepers and escort forces in the 
Baltic Sea area 

In regard to the last point, Naval Staff Quartermaster- Division had mean- 
while approved the proposal of Naval Command, Baltic 


18 Aug. 1943 CON FIDENTIAL 


In regard to the proposals as per paras 6 1 - 4* Naval Command, Baltic 
has been advised by telephone that 25th Minesweeper Flotilla will be 
transferred to Commanding Admiral, Defenses .Baltic; that the matter of 
returning the 2 boats of 17th Escort Flotilla will be 'cleared up with. Command- 
ing Admiral, Submarines; and that 5th Air Force will be contacted through 
.Group; North/Flee to Naval Command;,' Paltic was also informed in. regard to the 
.readiness status of K "1", ,r 2" and "3" and that they could, not be released 
to Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic at present-: 

In regard to para, 5; Naval Command, Baltic has received the following 
teletyped order; 

(1) Naval- Staff is anxious that the minefield system in the Skagerrak^ 
for protection of the Oslo traffic, be strengthened. in so far as, avail- 
able means permito 

(2) Mainly .due to the low mine stocks, possibility of execution is 
greatly restricted; this is not too serious so long as no definite enemy 
plans against the Skagerrak are indicatedo 

(3) The possibility of nines being available for the laying of 
barrages XXI, (and XX), during this autumn, is very questionable a 

(a) 'The positions- of minefields XXV, XXVI and XXVII restricts our 
own freedom of movement over a coastal strip 40- miles long and 5 miles 
wide, and endangers our own naval forces in foggy and stormy weather 

(b) The effectiveness of the firing - device, against the anticipated 
targets (destroyers) cannot be expected to be very great at depths of 

20 to 26 meters o 

(c) An enemy approach close inshore; along ; the coast within range 
of our radar equipment and artillery is unlikely 

(d) The minefield plans are therefore not approved 

------ •'.,• 

(5) Up to .15. Oft.I'l.H'. mines will' be .provided, under codeword Otto 26 
for the closing of the Hanstholm minefield gap.;- the position, of the 
barrage must' be reviewed in accordance with the modified overall plana 
It is not possible to assign naval landing craft to act permanently 
as mine carriers in Tyboroen; in case of need, a mine carrier from that 
area must be 'assignedo : - < ■ 

" ' ' ' ' '"'" *' ' ' r ; . ?•• • ■ 

V .' Submarine Warfare .. 


Nothing to repprtc 





18 Aug o 1943 . ^1 _.:.-...... CONFIDEN TIAL 

VI ? A e r ial : Warfjir e • ■- 

l j British Isles and Vicinity 

3rcTter Force-' had 56- plan es- in: operation- in ; the "Jest. Area/and 5 
in the Mediterranean* ■'-•-- . . • . &r ...... 

Air Farce -Commander "^Atlantic? 'report's, that an a mission against a 
north-bound convoy- on -'17 August -Z5Q r miles ; w^st-norVnwest of Lisbon, 1 Fartin 
flying boat uas shot down in aerial combat and 1 steamer (15,000 GRT) was 
set on fire (probably by a FW 200) which had to make an emergency landing at 
2051 near the convoy 9 , :„, .■ . 

In a free chase over: the Bay of Biscay. on 18 August, 7 Ju 68 shot 
down 1 Wellington, 1 Liberator and 1 Sunderland planes Another Liberator 
was badly damagodo 

During the course of the day, two airfields were attacked in the . 
'Test Area,, Single reconnaissance planes flew into Reich territory to Greifs- 
wald - Vienna Neustadt, Eisenach, and Cassel 

The number of planes shot down in enemy incursions on 17 August 
against ffcgensburg Schweinfurt has risen to 51* ; Air Force Commander, 
Center reported on 17 August that 742 alert take-offs were made by our own ,A,- 
fighters. Only a few air incursions were reported from vie stern Germany - 
during the night of 18 Augusta 

Speci al It ems 

. . -- '•■' 

Naval Staff has advised Commander in Chief . Air Force, Operations Staff 
that Group West and Commanding Admiral, Submarines., have expressed the 
following wishes which should be taken into const "deration by Air Commander. 
Atlantic in setting up new operational directives:' ' 

a c In principle, the present procedure whereby Naval Group West 
and Commanding Admiral, Submarines present their wishes, in the form 01 
demands, direct to Air Force Commander, Atlantic; with copy to 3rd 
Air Force, should be maintained:, This direct cooperation has proved 
in practice to be the prime basis of successful team work 

b c Tasks of Croup West 

: (l) In so "''far. -as- possible, to scarry out daily long-range armed 
reconnaissance to the West for the purpose of locating enemy naval forces 
and convoys r (This provides the basis for assessment of the enemy 
situation with a view to execution of submarine escort, submarine 
assistance and blockade-runner operations ) 

■ • 


.8 Aug c 1943 - - CONFIDENTIAL 

(2) To attack enemy naval forces and to keep enemy ant i- submarine 
groups out of the Bay of Biscay, 

(3) To attack enemy reconnaissance and fighter planes off the 
Biscay Coast and in the further inshore waters, so as to support and relieve 
our naval forces on escort and submarine assistance duties 

(4) To provide fighter escort an&'"close air cover for destroyers, 
torpedo boats and forces of : Cdnima^ding ' Adrrtlr ! ai J Defenses West and for 
merchant ship convoys in inshore waters <, 

- ' • 

c c Protective Tasks of Commanding Admiral, Submarines 

z '■ (l) To keep the inshore waters and the Bay of Biscay up to about 

; 17 west clear of enemy anti-submarine planes by day and by night 6 

(2) To protect and escort damaged submarines and to protect 
especially important submarines in the Bay of Biscay c 

(3) To keep the Bay of Biscay clear of enemy submarine chasers, 
forcing them out to at least 13 west. (See also B 2) 

(4) To carry out air reconnaissance for the location of enemy 
submarine-chaser formations in the' Bay of Biscay a - 

d. In cooperation with submarines 

(l) Anti-convoy reconnaissance? 

■ t- 
... . . 

(a) In the sea area between Newfoundland - Greenland -■ 
England for America -England convoys, as far to the west as possible 
in order to detect incoming convoys as early as possible,, 

(b) In the sea area between the Azores and England, for 
convoys from England to Gibraltar' and Sierra Leone * 

(c) In the sea area west and south of the Azores^ .'for America 
-'Gibraltar convoys^ .' 

' ! , ' ' ' / ...... C . ' ' >..',. 

J * 

(2) To attack in coordination with .submarines ,and give locations 
of convoys immediately upon contact 

(3) To support submarines in th'e^Hdc'inity of a' convoy by attacking 

the enemy escort plane s 

...... ._. 

2, Kedithr^inean Theater ' ;; - . . 

*. - I . ' 

86 bombers were sent out against ship targets in the port of Bizerta 
on the night of 17 August. 'Hits were scored on 25 vessels for approximately 


- , -24?- 

18 Hug. . 1943 ... _ . C^'JFIjJvTIaL 

108,000 &£B. V On the-rright of 18 August 12 torpedo planes were in operation*, 

r); , - I " > >\~~ 'The enemy continued, the attack on the area of the Straits of Messina 

and ovoir Calabria e ■ ■ 

IjF • . '• - 

3« E astern Front 

73 enemy planes were shot down on the Army front on 16 August and 
60 -on 17 August, 

VII, Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea " • ' •■'-%• 

■■■ l e ... Enemy Situation . . . , ... r : . - " J,; . .,- 

At 0815, an ILLUSTiilu US- class aircraft carrier with 4 destroyers 
left 'Gibraltar for the Mediterranean and 3 destroyers left for the Atlantic, 
A CnLtO-class cruiser arrived in the port from the Mediterranean,. ,- . • 

In Gibraltar, at- ; 1300,, there were 2 ILLUSTRIOUS- class aircraft carriers 

of which 1 was in- dry. dock-,. 3 auxiliary aircraft carriers, 1 DIDO-class 

cruiser, 45 freighters^ 11 tankers, 11 destroyers, 8 corvettes, 7 esco ^t. 

vessels, etc, and a total of 271 planes, 

. •* ''- " • ' n ; " ■•• •• • 

; • ~-* : .- • . ' 

Atv>145> a convoy I0 of 43. freighters with 16 escort vessels passed. 

the Straits of Gibraltar to the east. It was joined by 3 tankers and 2 

freighters from Gibralter 

No sighting reports have been received from the Western Mediterranean, 


In- the Central Mediterranean, in th?e Messina area, 1 monitor and. ,3 
cruisers were sighted entering Augusta en the evening of 17 August . ;j There 
are thus 7 cruisers now at Augusta, 3 cruisers and 2 destroyers were noted 
in Catania for the first time, :i 

..< - According t,o vi sua X,.,r$connai.s sane e at noon on 18 August there were 
only a few ships in the ports" of" Messina ;a!nd Catania. ' 60 miles .west 
of Trapani there were 3 merchantmen 'bn^a westerly course and 1 on-. a- south- 
westerly course. No shipping traffic "was'* noted 'along the north and east 
coasts of "Sicily, ^' ; -, ... 


According to an Italian"' rep drT; c, tfte coast hear Cape Palinure was 
shelled at about, 0225' on. the night of 17 August by 4 unspecified vessels. 

Submarines were reported' off Civitavechia and east of Brindisi, 

"' ' ' '■ " ■'-' ■ T. -r: •:.-.... 

According to-. an intelligence report from Corsica dated 13 August, 
submarines were in operation off the French Riviera Coast for the purpose 



18 Aug. 1943 • ~ - CONFIDENTIAL 

of sinking the steamer nONA : LISA "after her : departure from Monaco. . ""■ r . ■ 

Lively British air reconnaissance -was-" detected by radio intelligence 
in the Eastern Mediterranean over the Greek coast, and reconnaissance ' : ■-- '■■'■ '- vo 
reports on movements in the Gulf of Arta, Patras and the Zakynthes canal 
were intercepted,, .. •< 

From the further increase of landing craft in Bizerta, Commanding 
General, Armed Forces, South concludes that Bizerta will be the starting ""■ "*■ '-- * 
point for new operations and that therefore the target will most probably 
be located in the Western Mediterranean* .'__.-... ._ ... . '■" :- 

2, Own Situation elsewhere in Mediterranean; Sea Transport Situation 

i — O — 

Ferry traffic across the Straits of ^Messina ceased on the morning 
of 17 AugustV The withdrawal of the loaded' : fe'rr r ies from the "Straits of 
Messina is going according to plan » ~" L ' ••.'•.■ •- ■,., t,rjic- 

So far as is known, the evacuation -of Sicily 'has' been carried out - 1; 

successfully according' to plan and without significant -losses., 60,000 --'••' 

German and several thousand Italian soldiers- with ali'theii 4 wea-poris" -and gear ' - ./:•'- i^-c 
have been transferred to Calabria by Navy f erries'-ahd' combined ' op era'tions *•'•-' " ^ ---"•••-' v 
craft in the course of a few days. The transport and escort formations that 
carried out the operation merit high commend a tion Their -performance will 
be individually acknowledged© >.' J - 

According to a report from German Naval Command, Italy, the transfer 
of the 3 PT boats frcm Taranto to Salerno through the Straits of Messina 
can no longer be accomplished* 2 of the boats have returned to Taranto 
while the third has put into/.Qrotone with engine damage* In the opinion of ■'■■■ 
German Naval. Command "it will no longer be possible for the motor-minesweepers^ ei&zwio 
avisos, and torpedo boats to break through the Straits of Messina to the Aegean- -~' r 9 *- 
Sea e • * " :±ncj.- Z 

* -'- vj 

2 motor-minesweepers have been assigned to protect the Straits of 
Bcnifacio 3 The 6l6th Naval artillery Battalion has'been attached to the 
29th Infantry Division on the South Channel -Coas'tiT v ' 

At about 1800 on 12 August, Submarine-chaser "2210" probably sank- an - : bJ&r; 
Italian submarine northeast of Porto Ferraio, 

Early on 17 August -two 'Italia h^crM-sfcrs laid mines according to -'plan 
west of Cape Alice (east coast of Calabria) „ 

Recent losses in the Straits of Messina are now reported to include 
3 Italian naval landing- craft' in an air raid 'on -fteggio and the tanker 
BEitTHA in an air raid on Scaiea' ' : -■'-■>> i™^'- 

._ , vr- ~ .i <LJ . CONFIDENTIAL , 


18 Aug, 1943 


In the escort .service, steamers and 1 ..motor ship were protected by 
a total of 5 Italian. torpedo boats, 3 motor-minesweepers, 2 anti-air craft 
corvettes, 2 submarine-chasers',' 2 auxiliary minesweepers and 2 landing- craft <, 

According to a report from Commanding General, Armed Forces, South, 
single-track raili/ay traffic through Rome is expected to be resumed on IS 
August and double-track traffic on 19 August 

With the aim of establishing coastal defense flotillas in the- east 
Italian area, Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division has asked Naval (Ship) ; 
Construction Division, Bureau of Naval' Armament to make a careful investi- 
gation of the building facilities for all kinds o.f coastal defense and 
coastal combat units in the Adriatic For copy of order Skl c Qu A I 2423/43 
Gkdoso Chefs S'eerWar Diary, Part C, Volume XIVY 

3 o Area Na val Grou p South 

Aegean Sea' 

Cn the night of 16 August, 14 planes were reported supplying partisans 
in the Greek- Albanian area of revolt „ 

Slight damage was done to Italian planes in an air raid On Argcstoli 
on 17 August, 

An attack on Zante, and one on Syra on 18 August were ineff ective» 

.. Jin Italian action. against a suspected enemy submarine base onoKinaros 
by 1 destroyer, 1 naval landing craft, 1 FT boat and 1 seaplane was unsuccess- 
ful. '* 

No submarine-chasing was,, carried out .in. the Central Aegean because 
of bad weather ' The escort service was also in part delayed by stormy 
weather o 

Increased partisan activity has been noted on the .west coast of the 
( Volos Bay ff Nea Mi^ela^is in the hands of the" rebels 2'- coastal - defense ' 
boats of the Coastal '^Defense Flotilla . Macedonia- are on duty off Nea Mizela, • 
and 1 naval landing craft and another coastal defense boat off the exit "to 
Volos Bay 

Black r Sea 

i t <:...•. •- 

Enemy Situation . + ,. 


Nothing to report < 

Own Situation 



- • — 



• -252- 

,3 no;Q -- COUFIDOT'IhL 
18 Aug, 1943 ■ 

. - - 

Convoy MAL ,! I" and MAL "3" with one tug and one barge en route from 
Taganrog to Mariupol was attacked at 0100 by 3-4 Russian- motor gun boats c 
2 of the attacking beats were sunk by MAL "1" and MAL "2„ n Among the 4 
prisoners captured .were a Lieutenant (s g c ) and a ten year old boy 

Submarine chase in the Bay of Eupatoria is being continued, by two Xtalian 

midget submarines, 

. - • ■ - 

Submarine U "19" and U "24" left Theodosia for a joint operation with 
submarine U M 23 : ' in the sea area of Tuapse — Suchum, . 

. 2 PT boats have been transferred from Constantsa to Theodosia, A new 
Russian anti-submarine lead-hooded mine was cleared south of 0dessa 3 

Inline sweeping off Sevastopol was continued-, . _-. _-. . .. 

Supply traffic is being carried cut according to schedule c 

Operations Staffs Armed Forces High Command reports that it is planned 
to "move the 13th Tank Division from the Crimea to behind the Mius front., 

lo The renewed strong attacks by the Russians on the r Mius front are 
regarded by the Army General Staff as a permanent threat to the open sea 

Naval Staff has reminded General Staff that .naval artillery barges 
are available in the sea area of Mariupol - Taganrog*, A further transfer 
of Naval artillery barges is therefore likely c 

2 Group South is astonished at the meeting called at -Vienna by Armed 
"orces High Command in regard to measures for the protection of Danube traffic^ 
which', "f rem the mouth to Belgrad, had., up till now,, been the task of Group 
South in cooperation with the Rumanian and Bulgarian Navies ? For further 
details-, see War Diary > Part C, Volume VIII C 

3o Group South has requested permission to put 2 vessels of 11th FT 
boat Flotilla out of service and to cannibalize them in order to keep in service 
the remaining 5 boats in which it is also planned to install 2 Ford V-8 
motors each that were taken from coastal minelayers „ 

The matter will be followed up by Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division c 
VII I t Situation Last Asia 

Nothing to report ~ • CONFIDENTIAL 



.Naval Staff has instructed Admiral,, Black Sea, with information copy to 
Naval Group South to examine the possibility of carrying out part of the 
transport across the Sea of Azov in agreement with the competent Army Generals, 

•: - '•' • ' ' " ■ ■ < - 

Special It ems 

19 Aug 19 43 - • CONFIDENTIAL' 

Items of Politica l Importan ce ' ' 

There is still no authentic information on the Quebec' conference^, 
Information and commentaries appearing in the press are gradually developing 
the theme of the "unparallod war of propaganda" which is allegedly planned 
with the aim of bringing about, a moral collapse in Italy and Germany c 

More diplomats have arrived in Quebec 

. . . . ■ ' • .•■.■:._. 

: 0hie'f , Naval Staff 'has left for Xhe Fuehrer Heaiiquart^r^j accompanied by 
Chief, Naval Staff Operations Divisions 

Conference on the Situa tion with Chi r.f o f Staff, Naval Staff ' 

No special reports or decisions were 

Special Items " : llx " -' . ■• - 

Ic Medit e r ran can Theater 

' ■. . .. -i" 'ST. ' "" ,-• ■"" I tF -•.•■'•; 

Xe Group South has called attention, in a detailed teletype, to the 
need for a considerable increase of the sea transport tonnage in tho 
Adriatic and the Aegean Since the evacuation of Sicily no more transfers 
can be made from Western, Italy or France, and; except for a few naval artill- 
ery lighters,; riq. shipping can. be spared from the Black Sea. c The Group 
fe therefore requests' that' immediate and vigorous steps be taken to forward 
groups of vessels via Trieste or the Da'nube to the Black Sea, before the 
development of the Italian, situation in the Adriatic or the freezing . •-■ 
of the Danube makes it too late The Group considers the requisitiorr'Of ' 
vessels in other areas to be as justifiable as the. withdrawal of 2C$ of 
the coastal artillery personnel in the Adriatic area "•and expects in 
addition the release cf the naval larding craft built in the Adriatic f cr 
Italian a c count 


The matter will be followed up by Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff, 
Group South *s -request is fully justified,, Requisition of shipping, , and ,, 
especially of small vessels, in the Adriatic is already underway, as' is the 
transfer of disassembled, and assembled vessels and new construction in 
the Adriatic 'aria Black Sea areas 

■ x' h r ■■ : ■ ■■-, , • ' ''■■: 

£ Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command, Navy. has. advised Naval. 
Staff , 'for '.information, of the following directive to" Commanding General^ . 
A rme"d Forces", ' South and Army .Group : B'; . 

"On 17 August under threat of violence,, an Italian. general demanded 
the handing over of American parachute troops that' had" been taken prison- 
er by a German detachilient in North' Italy The Fuehrer,' s order of IS. '•' 
August 1943 > under -which all' prisoners "taken by German troops were ic ., , 




19 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL . 

remain in German custody, thus acquires special importance and should 
be made known to alL. troops immediately., If necessary, this order will 
be implemented by force 3 n 

■ - ■ - : 
'•'-■.-... ' " 

II 3 A well-informed and so far reliable agent reports on 19 August 
from enemy sources in Lisbon as follows;' 

1, Complete agreement has not yet been established at the Quebec 
conference i- The British want a direct attack on Italy but the Americans 
want to occupy Corsica and Sardinia first* 

2„ There will be operations a-gainst Europe immediately' aft ^r the ■ 
conclusion of the conference.-, 


3o There are 1+8 steamers and 7 tankers in Liverpool, and 29 
steamers and 19 tankers in Cardiff and Newport in readiness status 
for the coming operation 3 

4o A large number of landing craft and small vessels are at East- 
bourne, Brighton and Hastings; north of the Isle of Wight and in Southampton 
waters there are 12 large troop transport „ There is a large 3 orient ration •, - 
of cruisers and destroyers off Sheerness* 

5c Considerable numbers of British and Canadian troops have been 
transferred to the South and East Coasts of England especially into the 
Great Yarmouth and Bornemouth areas " 

Situation on 19 August 1943 



Io W ar i n Foreign Waters 

' ' ' 

. .-. 

Enemy Sit u at -■:?,. :tT 

No thing to report* 

Own Situation 

■ '• 


Naval Attache, Tokyo has been directed to continue to hold the ...,,,+ 
AQULLA submarines under pretexts, without revealing that it is being 
done on Naval Staff's instructions, y Naval Staff has approved the departure 
of the BOGOTA two days ahead of the AQUILA, as soon as ordered,- and the 
planned sailing dates for the blockade runners 3 ("ee "Jar Diary, IS Augustc) 

Similar instructions were planned by Naval Staff a (~ee Teletype 1925c) 


In the meantime, a report has been- received from the ■ Military Attache, 
Tokyo that the EiUTREA and : AQUIL~ Ili'^ili'sail on 21 August and the BOGOTA 
will leave via the Suhda Straits on 23 Augusta It is assumed that this 
arrangement can still be cancelled 



-'255- ' 



19 Aug„ 1943 ;Oi\fFID£NTIAL , : . 

II n . . Sit uation West Area ' • 

1 e Enemy Situa ti on 

,. According to an intelligence report;, the transports reported on 
18 August, in- Setubal, are said, to be embarking 1,200 Belgium" and French"." • 
cit4-7^ens liable to military service For details, see teletype 1820 = 

An intelligence report sent by radio from London via Madrid states 
that preparations are being made in Southampton- for an; attack on France;, j... 
these consist of a new and well-cemouflaged camp of tents ready for 40,000 
men, reinforcement of anti-aircraft defense, completion of loading ramps and 
the setting up of a new camp for troops north of the town 

Radio intelligence detected 3& planes over the Bay of Biscay up -to 
13° 40* west, mainly between 1000 and 1300, Between 1747 and 2350, 9 
British vessels were located at positions in AM 74 j AL 92, B^, BF and BD 
For particulars, see Daily Situation aeporto 

.Our air reconnaissance .reported; at 173 5> 6 destroyers on 'a southerly 
course in BF 7-525; at 1810,. 3 destroyers on a southerly course in BF 7423; 
at 2012 > a convoy of 20 merchantmen with 5 escort vessels, on course 170°, 
in B_, 8349; and at 2030, a convoy of unspecified strength on course 20°, 
450 miles nor th- northwest of Ortega! ~ 

2 Own Situation 

Atlantic Coast 


Four iCIM/j and one ELM/A mines were cleared off the Gironde,, One 
ELM/j mine was swept off Lorient and one off St. Nazaire c -. 


4 boats of 4th. Torpedo Boat Flotilla left Brest at 2100 for exercises 
in the ; ." Point Liebe" areav: It i,s planned i or them'to return- on' the 
morning of 21 August ., <: r .~ . v' 

..■I ■ -i -■: -.' Jo"M 

Channel Coast 

Two .liiM/j mines-- we;re, swept .-off- L&stend'd' •• '"'■' 

: ..At. 1551;, Battery Gris-Nez -.fir e r d' 22- 17 cm shells at -a range of 16,000 
meters, on 6 British single-funnelled, two - gunned vessels' without 
results being observedo The target ships put up a smoke screen and withdrew 

t\e<, : ' ... .: - ' 

Harbor defense boats' F~C *" 62"" 'and 'fc'"" 65" were sunk off Quistreham 
at 2120 by gunfire from 7 enemy fighters 11 men were. killed or are 

S« i •'■••■ c I 

■"-- • ■*■ -255-A- 

19 Aug, 1943' • - CO NFIDENTIAL ( 

5 boats of 9th PT boat Flotilla transferred at 2200 from Ostend to 
Boulogne e 

Just after midnight on 20 Augnstj two beat? of the 2nd Meter Mine- 
sweeper Flotilla was attacked by fighter-bombers while channel sweeping 
off Boulogne and lost 2 units, R "84" and R^81/-' by bomb hits. Motor 
Minesweeper R "29" of 8th Motor Minesweeper Flotilla -.struck a mine off Ostend . 
but was supported by slings and towed into porto 

III a North Sea , Norway, Northe rn . later s 

1, N orth Sea 

One ELM/j mine was swept north of Terschelling and one north of 
Norderney c .. - 

Convoy 456 Elbe -.. Hook was unsuccessfully attacked by enemy PT 
boats at 0230 in AN 8530 «, 

At 0530.; another attack by 4 PT boats was succ ess fully repulsedo 1 
PT boat exploded after being hit* In addition, the convoy escort shot down 
an enemy plane at 0053 and captured 4 Canadians The Convoy reached its 
destination undama^edo Our casualties amounted to five men wounded 

< r 

2 Norway, Northern \ later s 

Enemy Situation 

Seventeen planes were detected over the North Sea 

Own Situati on 

' A small phosphorus bomb made of glass was found on board the 
steamer BaERENFZLS while she was discharging cgal at Tromsoe on 17 August,..- 
On the morning of 18 August^ 8 enemy planes circled low over the hospital 
ship GLUECHaUF near Askevold, without attacking 

26 ships were escorted to the north and 23 ships to the south* In 
the Arctic Coast area, 13 ships were held up due to lack of escorto 

On 19 August at'lolO, submarine- U '219 1 ' reported- being shelled from 
the coast near Larviko •-':'. ~ 

IV 3 Skagerrak. Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

v "> • ■ ;; - .. 

1, Enemy Situation 

There was lively air activity during the day in Kronstadt Bay and 



19 Augo 1943 _ CONFIDEN TIAL 

in the area of the -islands.. One. torpedo-boat left Knpnstadt Bay The convoy 
of 20 vessels reported on 18c August was west- of .Seiskari at 0430 e 

2 a - . Own Sit uatio n • 

A Danish motor sailing vessel sank in the Great Belt after striking 
a mine- In the area of Commanding Admiral,, Defenses Baltic, 1. steamer, 1 
tanl:er and 8 troop transports were escorted as well as 2 submarines, - ■•• 

Two SIM/ J mines were detonated off Crydinia Aerial mine -laying 
was observed west of Tallin J 

The Finns report a successful engagement .between Finnish and Russian 
patrol boats east of Seiskari 

In view of the increase in the Norwegian. traffic , Naval Command^. • • 
Baltic has requested that transport and escort vessels be equipped with 
barrage balloons and rocket missiles in accordance with the experience 
of Commanding Admiral,, .Defenses north a Naval Command, Baltic reports further: 

Evasion into Swedish territorial waters , i c e, frcm Oslo to Morup- 
stange or,, by returning unaccompanied ships , through the Swedish 
skerries , is being considered as an additional precaution,,' 'Commanding 
Admiral, Defenses .Baltic would furnish protective forces from Morupstange 
onwards This question .was raised by representatives of Armed Forces 
Liaison Staff at a meeting convened by them at Copenhagen on 13 August/, 
of which we were not advised, and examination was promised c Naval Staff's 
views are requested,, 

Naval Command, Baltic- assesses the current situation as such that, while 
the demand for escort or continuous fighter protection by the Air Force is 
entirely justified, it ,can, in view of Air Force's critical situation, be 
postponed for the time being, until the oiemy's reaction to the increase . 
in the Skagerrak traffic compels its fulfilment „ The greatest immediate 
threat is to the southwestern corner of Norway which is where the Air Force ' 
will have to concentrate its operations for the time being 

Of greater importance, in the opinion of Naval Command, Baltic, is 
the resumption of western reconnaissance which has been suspended' since the 
springs The matter is being, discussed wit h, 5th Air -Force, It is not con- 
sidered proper to approach Liaison Operations "Staff, Armed Forces High 
Command direct from here in regard to reinforcement of air protection,, 

Vj ^Merchant Shipping , . ..,. ............ ... . ■ ., r * 

The good results of convoy protection in the North Sea recently, justify 
the maintenance, of convoy ; traffic, to Rotterdam^. Naval Staff therefore 



19 Aug, 1943 „ CO NFIDENTIAL . 

revokes its previous demand for a further- reduction: of .shipping on the 

Potterdam run and is prepared -Xo .'continue it. to. the extent stipulated^arid . 

-._. :h .certain provisions as laid down in the letter to the Reich Commissioner 

for Maritime Shipping 1 Skl c II 22131/43 Gkdos For copy see 'Tar Diary ^ 

Part C, Volume XI 3 ■-•■.-• 

"■"-.■■.■ ' • • ■: 

. ■ -'■ -•■''.''....' 

VI o Sf bma rii? e .^aff ffe /a , r. • ; 

< ■ " ~. ' . .... . - ' ■ 

Situation unchanged^ 

•■'-• • •" ,>•'■' ' • . - 

V II _ Aeria l W arfare 




1° British and Vicinity ■" 

During the morning and afternoon; the enemy continued the attack 
on airfields in the West area S of the attacking bombers and 4 fighters 
were shot down. ; On the night of 18 August small forces of light planes 
attacked the greater Berlin area without special effect 1 plane crashed 
near Weselo 5 * In lie stern France four high -explosive bombs, were dropped on 
Tour s„ 

- - < ,'■■•* . . . ■' • 

2 < Me<^erjansan ; .T^._ e ^g*j : ''"'■.'- 

»• t •IC'i.Ui ■■: - 

■ ■ j- . ... . . j, . . , 

Final reports have now tee en received from, 2nd; Air Force on ..the results 
of cur raids on Biz ert a "during*:. the nights ..o£-J-^.and^ 18 August .and of the 
aerial torpedo attack on the '--large convoy .,/For Retails see -Daily Situation 
Reporto "-' ' - \ ' .:.: ..:•:;; ; .. ... 

Cn 19. August ; our fighters shot down 9 Mustangs off Cape Vaticano^ 
and 12 Fcrtres3es^'*3 ; 'ii^^tors^and-4-lig^tnings over ;J Calabria* j. ■ 

: - - ; ' : -- ; tji - i >ti&3 ■ .-.:* - .. - 
During the- : day and'- nigh-i:< M-, 19 ' Awgus t> [ very heavy .attack s were, made 

'- i. r . 



. . 

on railway in-st alia ticns - and"' a irdTields t at ' F oggia ,*. \ .. The. : raijLway installations.-. 

were seriously damagedo '-'•'-;• sfcKi' - •.::•::.;•_ \ %*£ ..;..V ... . • \, / ''"J. '" 

3o Eastern Front psj/j.i'&rf ?if:; • W.t - : ,. v ; ■ ., , .., . . . -. ■. . "" _;. 

Nothing* to reporto 

'• <o.:;'-. ;- ■,... - 


_ ,_. j _ _j. ^._ _ . n • rr, _ ._i * n _*_ ■ . • - - • 

. * ■:- ' • : 

VIII o W arfare jn the Kedtt err anean a.rd I '^Lag>4. Sea- ....■■•.;; ... ?.. - 
lo Enemy Situation Mediterranean -■ 3 ■}.-.. ,x 

Four- more freighters with 7 escort vessels arrived in Gibraltar 
cn the evening cf 18 August 

**i . .'.:■ ■ :•;. ■ 

Cn 19 August 3 auxiliary aircraft, carriers with 6 escort vessels 



. - ■ 

19 Augo 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

were at sea east of the fortress throughout the day 1 CA L10- class cruiser 
left for the Mediterranean,, 

The east -bound convoy which entered the Mediterranean on the evening 
of 18 August was picked up again £t"l627 approximately. 85 miles east 
of Gibraltar i.i a strength o£- L& merchantmen with 10 escort vessels a 

At Djidjelli 60 landing vesssls were noted and in Bougie an increase 
of 14 landing vessels and 3 landing stages a 

Cn the afternoon of 18 August there were 2 light cruisers and 2 
destroyer'^ 30 miles north of Cape San Vit-o on course for the Lipari Islands 
at high speedo Marat ea in the Gulf of was shelled from 0200 to 
0400 on 19 August, presumably by this for-mation By the time the reconnais- 
sance was received it was no longer possible for our naval forces to 
take action, - 

Only a few light naval foe ces were sighted off the Sicilian Coast 
during the night of 18 August A convoy of 4 ships was west of Marsala at 
0250, presumably e:i route from Biaerta to Paleiqao.* 1 heavy and 2 light, crui- 
sers and 2 destroyers were reported at noon eff Ripest o, coming from the ' 
direction of the Straits of Messina on -southeasterly course Photographic 
interpretation of the east coast ports showed an increase in freighters and 
landing craft and a -floating dock at Augusta 

Submarines were reported in the evening of 18 August, southwest of 
Ostia and on the morning of 19 August at the northwest tip of Corsica and 
in the Straits of Ctranto At this latter position, a submarine ineffect- 
ively attacked convoy KT "6 " 

No reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean? 

According to several" intelligence reports from reliable agents 

received via Ostrew, there' are increasingly strong indication that an 

operation against Sardinia and Corsica which was planned to begin, at the 

earliest, after the fall of Messina, will be started inmediatsly For 

particulars, see teletype 1855 ■> 

■ - •■ 

2 Own Situati on Mediterran ean /Sea Transport Si tuation 

3 PT boats have moved from Taranto to Crotone in order to attempt 
to break through the Straits of Messina to Salerno „ 2 other PT boats have 
sailed from Naples to l-iaddalena 

The BRA.NDENBURG and POUMuflN are loading at Spcziafor the next mining 
operation in the Crulf of Gaeta Q 


19 Aug e 1943 .CONFIDENTIAL 


Torpedo boat TA ,! 9 ; ' and TA ll UL" hare left Toulon for Leghorn, the 

first en ."'.3 August' and the second on 19 Aug us t A naval landing-craft ran 

aground near Cannes on 18 "Augusts 

Rearward transport by naval landing craft along the west coast of - 
Calabria' was continued undisturbedo •: Advise SG "14% 4 motor-mine sweepers and 
5 nayal landing craft were attacked on 18 August by enemy fighter-bombers 
while en route through the Straits of Messina to Naples 4 °f the attacking- 
planes were shot do'wn = 

2 destroyers., 3 Italian torpedo-boats, 4 submarine chasers, 1 anti- 
aircraft corvette, 2 auxiliary minesweepers rand 2 naval landing craft were 
engaged in escort service a -A. total of 10 steamers/ 2 tankers,; 1 motor- ■• 
ship and vsr freighter KT "31" were escort ed 

Commander j, Submarines, Italy has forwarded a report from 29th Sub- 
marine Flotilla to the effect that the boats are not equipped with data on 
the mine situation on the Southern French Coast The order reached the 
base on 14 August Commander , Submarines, Italy will, if possible, advise 
the boats at sea as soon as the material is received^ (See teletype 1840 ) 

German Naval Command, Italy has requested permission to send 2 
troop transports and 4 other ships from Trieste to Durazzo unaccompanied, as 
neither the German nor the Italian Navies can provide convoy escorto Air 
Force Command Southeast has been asked to supply air cover c Naval Staff ( 

has no objection to this plan. and has ordered that an attempt be made to 
provide convoy escort on the southern part of the-route c 


3o Area Naval Gro up Sou th 

Aegean, Sea '• 

On 18 August enemy planes made a low-level attack on Heraklion c The 
Bay and harbor have been closed .due to* ^suspected mines „ On the evening of 
17 August Milos was ineffectively attacked by 1 enemy plane Bombing and 
strafing attacks east of Prevesa on 18 August were also ineffective D 

• .. . 



In the Gulf of Volos, the rebels' have withdrawn -from the coast 
into the hills. Coastal patrol h^s. -therefore been cancelled^ Giving to 
stormy weather, the escort service was. delayed c 

B lack Sea 

Enemy Sit uati on 

On the morning of the 18th, enemy aircraft landed en the water for 
several minutes off the fishing village of Ruskaya in the Sea of Azov 2 




19 Aug o 1943 . . . . . CQNF 3DENTIAL 

enemy boats carried off 2 fishing beats and captured 6 Russians * Additionally, 
mines were laid by 2 enemy boats south of Taganrog Convoy Mariupol-Taganrog 
was attacked by 4 enemy ground-attack, pianos, of -which one was shot down 

.' ' '■'-:".;■'.■. ■ . ' JJJ 

Ovn^ituation . > . *\L-.- .... . &:ij " 

o; On - . 19 August our patrol line, in the inner Temrjuk- Bay, consisting of 
naval artillery barges ML "8" and MA.I; ''H 11 and one naval landing craft, had 
an engagement with 1 large and 2 small enemy motor gun boats at a range of v • 
3,000 meters , which resulted in no damage to either side 3 Pursuit of the 
enemy was unsuccessful due to the inferior speed of our vessels > Other- . -:: 
wise, our naval forces undertook no attack operations during the nights 

Submarine • U ;i 9 n has transferred 'from Galatz to Corinth e . 

Supply and ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch was carried 
out according to schedule and without incidents 

In view of the augmented transport demands of the Army and the 
increased activity of the enejiy Air Force, Group South had requested on 1 
July the reinforcement of the anti-aircraft defense of Sevastopol, strongly ■_■ 
advocating that the anti-aircraft defense of this fortress should be taken 
over by the Navy by the transfer of two naval anti-aircraft detachment s 
In agreement with.. Commander in Chief, Air : Force, Operations Branch, Liaison 
Staff, Naval Staff advised Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command on 
19 August that the anti-aircraft defense of Sevastopol was inadequate and 
did not correspond with the importance of this supply base and transit port n 

In the first, six months of 1943* 306 ships of 243,000 CRT, equal'. to ' ;.•: 
10% of the total amount of shipping going to the east, were- handled at this '- ■ ■•- — 
porto .... .''-.. . ■.. • 

The geographical location of the port calls for air defense that is 
not only strong. but also covers a large aread 'The Air Force has stated that 
it is opposed to further reinforcement of Sevastopol,, The Navy cannot take wi'5 
over the air defense, but, on the other hand j . can' only, carry ...out the supply : . ro s ;■ 
tasks that it has mainly taken over from the- other two services provided the. ' 11 . 
existing part installations and transport, facilities are protected,. Naval 
Staff has therefore reported that, in the interests of all the services, it: 
is essential that the air defense of Sevastopol be immedi:ately reinforced* 

. ; ■ ;_• ' !/.- ' "_ 

V III. Situation East Asia 

, ; . . ■ . i :, • ■- ,. ,'.30 ; j... - . ■'. 

Nothing to report* ?: >"t •« ■• • •' j - ■ . ...' - 

'...-•■- ■ . ■ ' ■ . vi- 



20 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Items of Pb-litic al Importanc e: ' 

ifi-5 - : 

The British j Minister of Information announced in Quebec that a statement 
would be issued at the end of the conf erence, 3 The war was going very well 
for the Allies but would last a long time and would be very hard* 

According" to '-a' press report from Ankara, Soviet circles there have so 
far demonstrated* -an indifference in regard to the conference which borders 
on hostility c : 

The Exchange" Telegraph reports that the following matters were up for 
decision at Quebec: 

1 Invasion plans, including matters concerning the troops concen- 
trated in Englandc 

2, The appointment of a Supreme Allied -Commander for the European 
Theater, for which General Alexander is said to have been selected* 

3o Appointment of a Supreme Allied Commander for the Far East, 
charged with regaining a land route to China, fcr which the American 
General Stilwell is said to have been selected 3 

:: ?..jZ:i?. i : ■ ■ .■ 

Ao Redistribution of the British Fleet after the final overthrow 
of Italy, •;•'.'■ ' 

:• !;:-..' - .-. \. 

In the political:. theater, the problems which would result from the : .. 
collapse of Italy and from the rise of a "New France" in Algiers were to' be 
reviewed It" is .-obvious that the question of Germany's future must have beenijan 
important iteirf'Jat Quebec and it may be assumed that a formula acceptable to' -. 
all the Allied Nations will have been worked out. This would include a » 

study of the Soviet standpoint 

According: .to Heuter, the British Ambassador in Madrid will visit General 
Franco on 20 August at a place near Coruna where he is on vacation,; 
Special importance is attached to this meeting a It is evident that as the 
military situation of the Axis becomes more difficult, British pressure 
on Franco is increasing There are already definite indications that Spain 
is abandoning the political attitude she has held to so far 

Conference on the Situ a tion with Chief, Naval Staff 

Io The following orders from the Fuehrer and from Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, South, in commendation of the forces in the Italian area, 
were intercepted by Naval Staff on 19 August from radio traffic with 
Commander, Submarines, Italy ; 




20 Augo 1943 CONFID ENTIAL - 

The Fuehrers 

"The battle of Sicily and the evacuation of the island form a page 
of glory in the annals of the troops and their commands- Both may pride 
themselves on having been -able to withstand so overwhelming a superiority;. 
The enemy did not capture the island but the general Mediterranean 
situation compelled, its surrender? The gallantry and performance of 
the Command and the .troops merit my highest commendation -.Adolf Hitler c " 

Commanding General, Armed Forces, South; 

"In the battle of Sicily,. : the forces subordinated to German Naval 
Command and to Commander, Submarines, Italy, gave an outstanding performance 
in supplying the fighting forces and the evacuation of troops, and 
material. Against manifold enemy superiority at sea and. in the. air, 
they . continually demonstrated an intrepid fighting spirit conforming to. 
the., best traditions ...of the German' soldier and seaman,, They may be proud 
of their success in battle and of having fulfilled the other tasks assigned, 
just as I am proud in the knowledge of having such soldiers fighting 
under my commando , I .especially commend the Chief of Sea Transport 
and Commander.? Sea Transport, Straits of Messina, Commander Baron Von 
Liebenstein and. his gallant men of the ferry flotillas and combined 
operations landing battalion, by whose untiring efforts, the withdrawal 
of their Army and Air Torce comrades to the mainland was made possible.^ 
Our battle in Sicily was not fought in vain c History will some day 
reveal it,s significance Q t ; signed: Kesselring, Field Marshall" 

II. Quartermaster General, Naval Staff 


a 3CO tons of smoke acid have been placed at the disoosal of the Air 
Force from the naval stores at VJarnemuende, as requested*, 

b In reply to a question by Chief, Naval Staff as to how shipping" 
space was to be obtained for the Eastern Mediterranean, Quartermaster 
General, Naval Staff,, reported on the measures already in course for trans- . 
portation by land or via the Danube a The barge program in Southern France '■. 
is to be cancelledo . ■' ■ -' >'• 


Chief, Naval Staff ordered that the- matter should be handled .on a 

grand scale c : : • . ' • 

• • >' 

IIIo Chief, Naval (Ship) Construction Division reported on the results- of 

model trials with "Schnorchel 1 ^ improvements, 

IV o Chief, Naval ^Intelligence Division reported amongst r pther things .. 

on the status of American- aircraft carriers and presented, sketches of the . 
Japanese battleship ...YAMAMCTO- based on telegraphic reports from ths Military 
Attache. Tokyo a , , ■ • 


20 Aug, 1943 - - -ITIAL 

It. a highly res tr icted Circl e 

V. Chief, Naval Staff pointed out to Chief, Naval Communications 
Division that special security is necessary on the subject of experiences 
regarding the' self- radiation of the met ox apparatus, in view of the large 
number of civilians now working on this subject As only a comparatively 
sr.all number of^ submarine s b^^ now at sea^ the enemy would not detect the 
absence of 'the-metox immediately by his o\n observations alone 3 


VIo Chief of Staff , Naval Staff reported that Group South considers 

it necessary to send the officers appointed for the Adriatic coast at 
once and to attach them as required to the Naval Transportation offices^ 
German Naval Command 'Italy should advise the Italian Navy High CcmmancJ that 
Naval Staff plans to send\Naval transport officers to the Adriatic ports 
as, after the closing of - €he Straits of Messina, the sea- sup ply route via 
the Adriatic to the • Balkans yard especially to Greece, will gain in . 
The duty of these officers will be to contact the corresponding Italian 
authorities and cooperate with them in all matters concerning German 
transportSo Group- £>6u£h~ should be instructed to discuss details direct 
with local Italian authorities^ Chiefs Naval Staff approved. Corresponding 
instructions will be issued by l/Skl 23404/43 Gkdos, For coDy see T .Tar Diary, " 
Part C, Volume XIV, 

...... :. 



Vile Chief, Operations Division, Naval Staff reported that Armed Forces 
High Co:;jrand plans to settle the question of command in the Mediterranean 
theater so that in the Italian area the High Command will be in Italian 
hands and in the Greek and Southern France areas it will be in German 
hands 6 


Special Items 

Io. Mediterranean Theater 

1 3 Commanding General;, Armed Forces, Southeast reports that Field- 
Marshall Earon von Meichs 'will relieve him on 26 August and will assume command 
of the entire German Southeast operational area <> Office designation will 
be Commanding General, Armed Forces ; Southeast (High Command Army Group 
F ) Headquarters2 Belgrade. The present headquarters of Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, Southeast at Salonika will, on the same date, renounce that 
designation and become High Command, Army Group E, assuming command over 
Greece including the islands 3 ^rmy Group E is subordinated to Commanding 

General, Armed Forces, Southeast (High Ccimand, army Group F,) 

-- ■ ■ ',' ' ' ' 

2 German Naval Command, Italy has been instructed to keep in mind the 
possibility of transferring single FT boats and motor minesweepers ; that 
are not required for already assigned tasks, through the Straits of Messina 
to the east when weather permit s Transfer 6o the -east has priority over 

•• ; m:t: . :::m-i 


-- . - : 

20 Augo 1943 CuNFIDa^T3AL 

^ ■.-'., ., ... "• 
Corsican and Sardinian traf fic PT boats now east of the Straits of Messina 
are to be left there? '■■"■. 

3 All the measures arranged- and initiated by Quartermaster Division 
for the, transfer of escort vessels and transports to the Adriatic and'" " 
Aegean by land from Germany and the Western Mediterranean ■ (as it 1st no: 
longer possible to send then from there by sea since 'the .evacuation of. Sicily), 
. have been issued by Naval Staff, Operations Division as orders to Quarter- 
master. Division, so that, in cooperation .with;. Group South, preparations 
and execution may be : completed, with the greatest possible speed,, For copy 
of relative order. l/3kl I op 21, 9 4/43 Gkdos, Chef.s see "Jar Diary, Part-C^ 
Volume XIV ■ .--■-: ■;,, ,-.- ..■:' . 

4- Naval Staff, Operations Division has advised Quartermaster Division 
of new information on the distribution of Italian naval forces in the 
ports of Northern Italy, by letter l/Sk* - 1 23296/43 Gkdos For copy see 
I Jar; Diary, Part. ~p, , Volume XIV „ \ \\ . .;■■ ,;; c^.rp.av-ic ■'• 

5e The German Liaison Officer with the Italian Commander, Submarines 
has forwarded an order of the day for 16 August issued by the Italian Min~ 
■ ister of Marine setting out the necessity for -the Navy to; devote itself with 
a resolute will to prosecution of the war • : } 

Admiral, Fuehrer headquarters has been advised thereof by Naval 
Staff, The text of the order is given in decree,; l/Skl 9 24757/43 geh 
in War Diary, Part C, Volume XIII» At his request the Italian Admiral 
attached to the Naval, Staff has also been given- a copy of the text, 

60 Intelligence Division has forwarded a report dated 13 August from 
a long standing and reliable agent, in Rome with. good contacts in the Vatican, 
This states; ., ' z.i ■ 

The Allies are demanding amongst other things, that the Italian Fleet 
be handed over undamaged The King, on Grand! [ s advice and contrary 
.to Badoglio's, is planning to ; conclude peace as quickly as possible 
before he is forced to do . so by the populaces ■ The possibility of .the 
Fleet being handed over and suddenly sailing to Allied- ports in- North 
Africa is not to be excluded., The Italian Government will probably 
claim this to be the arbitrary act of the Italian Commander in Chief, 
especially as allied propaganda' within the' Italian Fleet is doing 
everything to achieve this.endo 

IIo In accordance with Naval Staff's instructions (see War Diary 18 August) 
r> Group North has submitted its views on the commitment of our naval forces 
'in case of an enemy operation in the Norwegian area or Jutland,, The Group 

does not expect an invasion of Southern Norway or , Jutland on a decisive 

scale but thinks it possible that raids from the sea and air for diversionary 

' ■ . ■ 

f-.ii; • r - — 




. - 


.go.; 1943 CqIFIDjIJTIal • 

purposes 'or for the temporary occupation of key points may be made. In any 
enemy action against Norway, however , there will certainly be a strong 
naval and air campaign. in the Skagerrak and Kattegat against our supply 
line to Norway c .Commitment of our naval forces will therefore be dependent . 
on the execution of continuous air reconnaissance of .the enemy jpcrts. 
The extent to which this. is possible is subject to the judgement of Naval 
Staff * In any- ease , the group considers that, .with the short enemy approach 
route> our. naval forces, will be unable to intervene until the enemy has 
already reached his target area. The mission of the naval forces to be ■ 
committed will be to attack the enemy supply traffic and to attempt to re- 
establish the situation by, attack i~igl the enemy forces that have penetrated. 
into the Skagerrak and Kattegat or to reinforce the defensive power of our 
existing coastal defense forces c With the present dislocation of combat 
forces in the Baltic and, if necessary, those in the channel, it will 
take about Lfi - 72 hours to bring then into action. Untimely exposure of 
the Norwegian north flank might jeopardize any effective action against the 
enemy's main landing places if the operation against South Norway should be 
merely diver sionary* 

Some of our naval forces could speed up defensive measures by transferr- 
ing isolated formations to the threatened areas for the duration^ for example, 
the PT boat training flotilla to Oslo and the occasional transfer of 
large numbers of combat submarines to Bergen and Kristiansand South The 
Group requests Naval Staff's decision in this regardo Currently available 
for committment are the training formation with the SCHEER, PrtINZ EUGEN, 
and EI DEN; the torpedo-boats of the torpedo school and submarine training 
formation; some destroyers and torpedo-boe.ts detached for training: the PT 
boat training flotillas; parts of 8th and 9th PT Boat Flotillas; some of 
the submarines of ■Commanding Admiral, Submarines; and finally the PT boat 
Flotilla. -.from the Channel area 

Offensive combat against enemy landings and enemy naval forces cf all 

types will devolve principally oh. the submarines, destroyers, torpedo and 

PT boats and submarine-chasers. which by exploiting our own minefields and 

the geography of the coasts can operate under favorable conditicns 

rt from their lack of training^ the- larger ships could be used only for 

support and as a resource,, In certain -cases it might-;.. he advisable to 

transfer them to the assembly area (Copenhagen, Oslo, or Aarhus). 

'Xi. •'*'■ _, . 

The Group does not consider it possible to set up a definite operational 
order as the details depend entirely on the situation ..and the initiative 
lies with the enemy . Combat readiness and "concentration in assembly areas " 
could be effected by code-word- order" and '"the"', whole, apparatus of supply, and 
transport devoted to this'.taskrf. Also, control .of the' normal shipping 
traffic must be turned over to -the Group viieri the .codeword is given~~so 
that it may dispose of escort forces for naval"movements e Group North/Fleet ' 
will initiate preparatory measures of this kind and, if the c-ccasicn requires, 




20 Aug, 1943 ' ; " Y: 

will take over the commitment and supreme command of the three. Naval Commands e ' 
and boats of Commanding 'Admiral/ Submarines assigned to them, as soon as , ; . ; 
Naval Staff 's' approval is received,' Questions concerning- the" command of" '-,' 
the various formations and preparatory details willtheri'be arranged with' 
the three Naval Commands and Commanding Admiral, Submarines,, Finally, 
the Group requests information as to the extent to which the Air Force 
could be reinforced in case of needo 

III, Owing to the death of Chief, Air Force, General Staff , the" requested - 

conference between him and Commander in Chief Navy, on the use of mines 
with new firing devices, which the Reichsmarschall had arranged for 19- 
August could not take place. As, with the present establishment of the 
Air Force, and especially the numbers' and range of the IX Air corps, the 
mine operation, in the form considered necessary by Naval Staff , cannot in 
any case be started at the end of August, Chief, Naval Staff has decided 
to postpone the start of the operation provisionally to the Septembers - . *•- 
new moon period* A conference is to be held with the Reichsmarschall en 
26 August after appointment' of a new Air Force Chief, of General Staff, 
and a new Chief of Operations Staff Chief, Naval Staff has advised Chief 
Armed Forces High Command accordingly^ A note on this matter, as per l/Sklo 
I E 2468/43 Gkdos is contained in War Diary, Part C, Volume VI, 

Group IJest has been informed of postponement of the mining operation and 
has been instructed to examine the' possibilities of using the new firing 
device to hinder or prevent a British landing on the continent, i-J^s 


In and off the ports of assembly,, 

........ . ju \ ' • -.-'-' : 

b c On the routes of approach and supply a - " i " '■'■' 

c. In and off the landing ports and places on the French coast 
- - ■ ■ --... ■ 

IV o In' conformity with Naval Staff ^s suggestion regarding common 
training for naval and air force formations, Naval Staffs Quart ermast,er 
Division has appointed the Air Instruction Staff to be a central organization 
for common training and requirements, to parallel the establishment of the 
Air Force Training Command Baltic - as. ordered '.'■ by Commander in Chief, kir 
Force The Staff's mission will' be to establish' what possibililities exist 
for joint navy and air force exercises, to make arrangements and to make 
use of them in closest cooperation with the Navy training authorities and 
the Air .Force Training .Command,' Baltic. Evaluations of the joint exercises will 
remain for the present in the hands of. the competent' commanders The Air instruct 
ion Staff will transfer to the eastern' Baltic area. 

Chief of Operations Branch, Operations Staff, Commander in Chief, Air 
Force has been advised accordingly by Naval Staff , Operations Division© 



20 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTI AL 


Vo The Naval Liaison Officer with High -Command, Army has submitted;, 
as cf 7 August;, his -considerations on -the prosecution 'of the war by. the 
maritime powers, which' have been handed to Naval. Intelligence 'Division for 
review* For copy as -per i/Skl. .2310/43 Gkdoso Chefs see ^Jar Diary,. Part" 
C, Volume a 3 

Si tuation o n <£, August 1943 

**? ' ^ 

Io War in Foreign T fe.trers - 

1. Enemy Situ atio n- 

According /to an intelligence report from Las Palraas of .19 August a 
convoy from Port Fjtienne was to sail t-hat day for Casablanca a 

' ' •• 
2 « Own Situation 

Ship "2£ ,! has received the following directive: 

a e Due to unforeseen losses, it will be impossible to s end a supply 
dbipto the Facific in time* You will therefore operate as your fuel 
stocks permit and then return, to Japan via North Facific, 

b c Naval Staff, calculates that you will arrive in Japan not before 
the end of September It is left to your discretion to stay longer 
at sea if possible 

c e If possible, plan to &ay in Japan only for short engine overhaul 
and re-equipment o 

d c After the call in Japan, it is planned for you to operate in 
the Indian Ocean or South Pacific according to you suggestion,, These 
plans will depend on the report to be sent from Japan on the ship's 
operational readiness The "length of the operation will depend on 
whether it is possible to return to home waters , 

e„ Contrary to teletype 2317/18, the expected time of arrival in 
Japan, not the time of departure, is to be reported- whai opportunity 
-ffers a 

Ship "28" has also. been informed by radio that, from the latest 
findings of our submarines, our radar sets emit strong self -radiation 
which can be used by the enemy for -taking bearings and' for approach 
without any evident use of listening devices ' 

Naval Attache Tokyo reports that th« BRAKE again arrived at Balikpapan 
on 15 August for bunkering and left on 19 August -with d^esel and lubricating 
oil for submarine supply She is expected to arrive in Djakarta en 22 Augusta 


(. . -. 




20 Augc 1943 CONFIDENTIAL >j 

II, Situation__- If: SG - I -^, ca . . i ' r -' 

1° Eneni.Y . "Situation .", , , 

■ ■ ' ' ■ ■ o 

Lively reconnaissance over the Bay of Biscay up to 19 west was 

observed in the afternoon^ with no special time concentration One British 

vessel was located in the afternoon in AM 7160. and one in -AL -6327 o 

• :.■■,..■ 
Our air reconnaissance reports: 0600,, 1 destroyer in BE 9&31 on 

course 170°; 0931> 1. destroyer in BE 9512 on course 150 J J 0945 > 1 heavy. 

cruiser in BE 925& on course "l60 5 and '1105/ 2 light cruisers and 4 escort 

vessels in BF. 7624 on course 30Q° o ..The.: Group belie/es. the escort vessels 

to be destroyers o 

At 192-4 th'ere were 6-8 small" me rcbant_ ship sy on a wester ly &ovp?&j 
east of Anvel point Q 

2 a Own Situation 

Atla ntic Co ast 

One, ELM/ J mine was, swept off La tallica and five ELI-l/j mines off- - , • 
St Nasa-ire* \ ... A 

The exercises of ,4th.. Torpedo Boat Flotilla .have so. far gone accord- 
ing to plan ' 

Group South reports that 4 type 39 torpedo boats have been. • detailed ■ 
to bring in the FLLEDEii as their .anti-aircr r a.f,t armament- is stronger than 
that of the destroyers and as it will also economize fuel as they will 
operate out of Brsst while , the, d 3 oyer would .operate out of the Gironde a 

The Group requests approval of this modification of the - original 

Naval Staff has left the use of torpedo boats for th e ' "FLTEDER"' 
at the Group's discretion but, ha. 3.-. order ed. that- -the destroyers -should stand 
by at short notice to support- the.', torpedo 'boat^s against enemy destroyers • ■ 
and cruiserso' . "/:■ .'.'" 

Channel 1 Coast - 

Commander, 2nd' Motor' Hine'sweeper Flo;tilla : . has reported further .details 
on the fighter-bomber attack on t^e". night ..'of .19' August, , For cop^y see tele- 
type 1720o A noteworthy' fact is that the,- attacks were, made from an altitude 
of 20 to ; 30 meters,; probably, with rocketVbombs. A straight; trajectory,, j 
smoke and a bright "glow" 1 Of fire before 'impact, was observed,,,, The anployment ■« 



20 Aug„ 19^3 CONFJDENTiAL 

of new types of heavy caliber rocket missiles flying with a long fiery 
trail and loud hiss, and sending up a high column of water on impact., was 
observed between 0103 and 0225 in fear low-level attacks against 36th 
Minesweeper Flotilla off Calais in which minesweeper M "3636" was hit by a 
bomb on the stem 

The vessel that struck a mine off Ostend on 19 August was Motor 
minesweeper R "29" not Motor Minesweeper R "92, ,! 

■One ELM/A and four Mark XIX mines were swept east of Dunkirk, 

During the night of 20 'August, 3 PT boats will transfer from Hook 
to Ostend and 2 PT boats from Le Havre to-. Boulogne,, 4 boats of 9th PT boat 
Flotilla will also transfer from Boulogne to Le Havre and proceed from there 
to Cherbourg with. PT boat S "&3 " 

III. No rth Sea, Norway, Northern Waters 

North, Sea 

It is additionally reported as of 19 August that 2 enemy planes were 
shot down by naval anti -air craft guns at Flushing and 2 by the Maas Flotilla 
12 enemy planes bombed Flushing in the afternoon of 20 August 

A fishing cutter was damaged off the Imuiden breakwater by a heavy 
explosion c 

1 1 

Two ELM/ J mines were sept Nil of Borkum on 19 August Q Two ELM/j mines 
were swept off Terschelling and one near Norderney on 20 August 

Convoy and escort traffic ./as carried out without incident „ 

N orway / Northern Water s 

l e Enemy Sit uation • < ■■■ ■ '■ 


Moderate reconnaissance activity by 14 planes was detected over the 
North Sea Radio intelligence detected 3 Russian submarines in operation T 
along the Norwegian Arctic Coast, A Russian patrol, .boat' was' sunk by a "direct-" 
bomb hit from one of our planes off the SE point of- the Ribachi peninsula,. 

According to our air reconnaissance at 0700, there were 2 patrol .....'.^ 
boats and 6 small freighters on a southerly course 20 miles west of Kahin 
Noss; at 0900 P in the western outlet of the Jugor Straits, 3 merchantmen- 
and 3 escorts on a NE course; and at 0920 r .1 large "-and 2 smaller merchantmen 
at anchor in the Straits of Jugor One enemy. reconnaissance plane was 
reported in the Kirkenes area and one in the Vardoe area 



-:■'> " 

i '■ 


20 Augc 1943 CONFIDSNTIAL 

Artillery on both sides was- in operation -in the Pet same area 18 • 
ships were escorted to the north and 15 to the south 15 ships were 
held up in the Arctic Coast area due to lack of escort „ 

, .' In reply to an inquiry from Naval Staff } . Quartermaster Divi si on , 
the 'Task Force reported that, it is not expected that the speed, of the 
TL2PITZ will be increased to ap.y great extent after her boiler cleanings 
. .axium speed is 2S knots ,\ maxium economical speedy 26 knoti & 

The BV 13S plane which was making refueling tests made an emergency 

landing .at about 1600 west of the northern tip of Noyaja 3eml,ja g The. plane 

was found shortly after midnight on 20. August in AT 2521 by one' of our 

One of cur 'submarine's also reports that the passage north of Ncrdenskjoeld 

Archipelogo is free of iee 

At the request of Group North / Fleet,, Commander, Submarines Norway 

has reported on the assessment in the Kara Seas According to the reports 

so far received from submarines, shipboard radio' intelligence has detected. 

only river traffic and. traffic with the east Air reconnaissance, by F\T 

planes has so far been flown four times No new information has b^en receive! 

in regard to the ice limit Commander, Submarines presumes that no important 

convoys. are under way and does not yet think it advisable to change the 

scheduled submarine dispositions <> Another BV." plane reconnaissance flight, 

is planned for 21 August, weather permitting ' For security reasons, it 

is considered inadvisable to require s it ua ti on ; reports from. submarines in 

position, _ especially since one. submarine believes that it has already been . 

located from'' its weather report Commander, Submarines, intends, to wait '"; 

until new facts have been obtained by submarines' or by BV olane reconnaissance.* 

■? .' " ■ s 

Group Noriph has approved the plans cf Commander, Submarines.. His 
statements' cor x^espond with the Group's' own views -j 

5th Air Force tias k suggested to - ' Submarine Division, Naval . Staff 
that, in order to facilitate the protection 'Of 'convoys between - Kirkenes and *-■ 
28-. 5 east, a radar. - .equipped submarine be detailed with the task of re- 
porting enemy "planes on the fighter plane; radio -telephone net... Group 
North recommends - rejection of the proposal in view of the shortage of sub- 
marines and, more especially, of the' su1&arines ; Vulnerability 'to air attack 
which would greatly restrict their performance . of the required task- In 
the opinion of the Group, the only satisfactory solution would be to re-* 
inforce our destroyer and f ighter'forc'esc - ' ; '''' *■ '" ' ' ; i- " >' ; '" 

Naval Staff l>'.3 instructed Group North to reject the -'proposal o£... 
5th Air Force on the above-mentioned grounds and has advised. Submarine 
Division accordingly,, 

■ o 

*, -■<.. -. 


20 Augo 1943 • CONFIDi-NTIAL 

IV, Skagcrrak, Balt ic S ea Entrances, Baltic Sea ■ 

— — — ™ ■ " i — ■ ■ ■ — ■■■ — - I ■ - i » * — - ■ m . — ■■ ■ ■ .i ■■! n .i i ■ u u i »u ■ .-m T m — j ■ ,» ,■■■ .i ■ i»i ... i M w 


1 En any Si tuation 

Lively air activity; was observed in Kronstadt Bay and. in the island 
area 3 Several bombing and strafing attacks were made on the coastal area and 
against our formations,, Two raids on Tallin caused only slight damage, 
One barge, in an eastbound convoy north of Schepel, was sunk by a Finnish 
PT boat the night of, 19 Augustc After the sinking Russian patrol boats fired 
on each other 3 The Finnish PT boats returned undamaged, 

At 0900 > a plane with Swedish markings dove down towards the wreck 
of the steamer GNELSMAU and circled it twice '■•evidently to take photographs 
The plane was firedcn without effect and withdrew to the NE„ 

2 Own Situation 

Cn the night of 19 August, schooner ANNA HELTNE, which is operating 
on German account;, was blown up by sabotage in' Svendborg yard The quarters 
of the naval guards at Odense were also destroyed by a Danish mob 

Naval Command, Baltic has advised Naval Staff, for information; of 
a directive to Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic in regard to the execution 
of intensified Norway traffic in the area of Commanding Admiral , Defenses 
Baltic-, It states that_j in order to provide continuous fighter protection in 
the Skagerrak to and from Oslo, 5^h Air Force has sent 2 squadrons to 
Frederikshafen and 1 to Bardufoss P whose forces will be requested direct by 
Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic, No reconnaissance to the west can be 
counted on until the beginning of October^ (see Teletype 1651)0 

The Naval Liaison Officer to 5th Air Force reports in this connection 
that the squadron .has not been sent to Bardufoss but to Fcrnebu and that the 
new squadrons sent* will be under the operational command of Commanding General 
Air Force Center (see teletype 2210) 


A 100$ searching sweep of the fleet training formation.' s exercise ■ 
area in Danzig Bay and '-of the, torpedo- firing range NW of riixho eft:, lias been 
started by 3 motor-minesweepers in. each 1 case •'•'• t $& *' 

No special incidents have been reported from the areas of Commander, 
Minesweepers, Baltic and Admiral'-; Baltic Countries " 

Vo Submarine 'Warfare 


lo Enemy Situation _...■■ " .-•*■ 



20 Au go 1943 • ; . CONFIDENTIAL 

According to an intelligence report, 15 British 1180 ton submarines 
have been transferred to the Thames- for special operations against the 
German coast to coincide -with the start of the offensive against the 
continent a ."•.'■.. • • 

2« QfriR Situation, 

No special reports have been received from the Atlantic or the 
Indian ucean 

VI, ■ A er ial T jar far e 

British Isles and Vicinity. 

66 planes of 3 r cL Air Forces were in operation in the T , 7 est Area and 
10 in the Mediterranean 

During the forenoon, single enemy planes carried out reconnaissance 
in the Reich area as far as Eisenach In the afternoon, small forces 
protected by fighters attacked the aircraft construction section at the 
Schelde yard .in Flushing* Some sheds were destroyed., Our fighters went up 
but did not contact the enemy* Another raid was directed against Abbeville, 
where one of the attacking planes was shot down There is nothing to report 
on the night of 20 Augusts •. . ■ 

Mediterranean T heater 

■ ■ . . . 

Our Air Force carried out reconnaissace in .the 'Central. ; Mediterranean ,,..•. 

At noon the enemy attacked. the airbase at , Capua and destroyed 3 ammunition 
trains 14 enemy planes were shot down by fighters and 2 by naval anti- 
aircraft guns* . ..' : . '. ■ '■'■' 

.; . : . -. '•:■ . • \ . .;-•, .. • ; ' • .- : - , 

Harassing flights^ -without attacks, were reported from Rome, ,• Naples, 
Milan and. Genoa during the night of 20 August . .-. Seven planes.' flew into. Greece ' 
to supply the rebels. 

Eastern .Front V. .-../• ■. -. /•;'•• 

11.5 enemy planes were reported shot down, on the Army front on 19 Augusts .,• 

VII a . Warfare, in the Mediterranean . and , Black Sea 

1 Enemy Situation Mediterranea n. 

' .;• -\. 

Tlie ILLUSTiiluUS-class aircraft carrier which has been in Gibraltar 
since the end of July; left dock .at 0800.' Both of the ILLUSTRlOUS-carriers 



• -273- 

20 Aug. 1943- CONFIDENTIAL 

and an auxiliary- aircraft carrier left porx, with 8 destroyers at C930 
towards the Mediterranean, 'At 1035 ' . . a sighted 1 j US carrier a 
3 destroyers headed 'toward the Atlantic According to an Italian report, 
this was the carrier which had left drydock. At 1730,. the arrival in 
Gibraltar of an ILLUSTRIOUS- class aircraft carrier, an auxiliary aircraft 
carrier and destroyer escort was reported. These vessols had evidently - 
served to holp in screening the depart ure to the Atlantic of the carrier 
which had left dock. 

There also arrived in Gibraltar from the Atlantic: 2 destroyers, 
2 USA coast guard cruisers, 3 gun boats; from the Mediterranean, 8 minelayei s„ 

At 1220, a west bound convoy of 32 large freighters vdth 8 escort 
vesels was observed from Ca e Tres Forces, This convoy was seen from 
.-MLboran in strength of approximately 30 vessels. ~ 

The large convoy which entered the Mediterranean in the evening of 
18 August was agc^-ui detected at 464Q, 55 i&iles NE of Cran<> 

On 19 August at 153 £>■ - cruiser ar.d 3 auxoli-ry aircraft carriers or 
tankers were sighted on a westerly course L& , miles west of Bougie, At 1805 
on the same day, the third ILLUSTRI^US-class aircraft carrier which left 
Gibraltar on 18 august was again detected with 4 destroyers north of Cape 
de Fer on an easterly course, probably making for Malta, 

In the sea area of Sicily at noon, there were a few light vessels en 
patrol positions off the west and east sectors of the north coast and off 
the center of the east coast, 15 miles north of Cape San Vito > 7 apparent war- 
. ships on an easterly course were sighted at 1130 and at 1140, 20 miles west 
of Trapani, '.2 cruisers. and 2 , destroyers en westerly course. 

The large east bound convoy reported on the evening- of 17 August 
north of Djidjelli was again detected at 0730, 30 miles west of Malta on 
course 70°, in .the strength of 20 large and 20 medium merchantmen, 2 

destroyers, and 3 escort vessels,, , .. • 

> '. - 

Jur air reconnaissance also sighted an east bound convoy of-13 
merchantmen with 6 escort vessels at 0820, 80 miles NN ■ of Bengasi^ probably 
the remainder of the large convoy which was succes ^fully attacked by our 
torpedo planes on 13 ^ugust in the estern Mediterranean, 

Cn 19 August submarine positions were reported off Brindisi, and on 
2C x-oi^ust west of Leghorn-, souths of Leghorn, west of Ajaccio, HM of * Cape 
Spartivento and south of Toulon, In the lat':er position, a submarine un- 
successfully attacked one of our convoys of two steamers, 

3 sighting reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean, 

v ■ • yy 




20 Aug. 1943 CONFEfcNTIAL 

According to an intelligence report, a smaller aircraft carreer jWith 
28 planes, 3 destroyers, 2 torpedo boats, 18 large landing vessels and a tanker 
arrived in Bengasi from Alexandria on 17 Augusts 

Another intelligence report states that there were 2" French destroyers, 
3 submarines, 2 freighters^ and 4 motor launches in Beirut, 

2 ° Qyjn Situat ion Med i terranean / Sea Traasport Si tuate. on 

Due to engine and armament breakdowns, our 3 PT boats have abandoned 
the attempt to break through the otraits of Messina and have returned to Tar- 
ant.Qo A few boabs'are to transfer from Naples to Maddalena. 

The B^NDiIiNBtMG and POi-iMEiliN .sailed -in the morning from Spozia to 
continue mining the area off Gaeua 9 According to radio intelligence, they 
were picked up by enemy reconnaissance at 1530, 20 miles south' of Leghorn = 
At I'555.> an enemy' torpedo plane squ .dron received orders to ^t'tacko 

Early on 19 August, 6 of our ferries had an engagement with the enemy 
vessels off Paola '2 of the ferries were lost., Oxi the same day, a tank barge 
en route from Naples to Leghorn was heavily damaged by bombs,, 'Another 
barge ran aground SZ of Civitavecchia, 

3 Italian torpedo boats, 1 corvette, 1 anti-aircraft corvette, 3 sub- 
marine-chasers, 2 auxiliary minesweepers, and 2 naval landing craft were 
engaged in escort service, 11 steamers, 1 tanker, 1 auxiliary vessel, and 
war freighter KT "31" were escorted in traffic between' 1 the islands and off 
the west Italian coast. No incidents were reported. ; ,. 

According to a report from Chief ,. Supply and Transport, Italy the' 
f ollowing transfers w>= e made across the Straits of Messina from Sicily 
between 1 and 17 August: . 

35,125 men, h ■ 

4 .>444 wounded, 
9,605 vehicles, 

94." guns, • ■.- • .- 
47 tanks, \ ; ... •— ,: • ■ - ; 

&$& l tons of ammunition, 
910 ... tons- of fuel ; andj , : ) :r •■'"■■ ''- 
15^285"' - ; 'tbns' of equipment .••:-.... 




/This 'was accomplished' by: Parts .of; the 2ndy 4th, and 10th Landing 
Flotilla and parts of a combined operations landing battalion Employed 
daily were: 3 - 7 naval landing craft, 6-10 Siebel ferries, 3 combat 
ferries, 2-4 combined operations Siebel. ferries : y 11 submarines,' 'and 10., 
combined ,ppe;rati'ons r aanding ooats.. Barge.s were not' used, Command • of the whole 



20 ^ug, 1943 MWTEWnXL 

ferry transportation was in tho hands of Chief, 2nd Landing Division., Parts 
of -.the naval ships anti aircraft detachments we re brought up to protect the 
berthing sites 

- 3 a Area Laval Gr oup South 

Aegean Sea 

On 16 august, a "Greek motor-sailing vessel struck, probably, one 
of our own mines and s:nk west of Patras c An enemy bomber was shot down 
by shipboard anti-aircraft guns in the port area of Missolonghi on 19 
./dgust, The port and roadstead of Prevesa were ineffectively bombed by 
enemy planes on 18 August On 19 August several air incursions over Rhodes 
and the area of Prevesa/iiissolonghi were reported,, No damage was reportedo 

As rs^-el activity has again broken out in the Gulf of Volos, patrol 
of those waters has been reinstitutedo 

Convoy traffic was greatly restricted by stormy weather c 


E nemy Situation 

Nothing to rep or to 

Own Situation . . 

The steamer VaRNA (2041 GRT) was sunk by an enemy submarine at 
0740, 22 miles west of Eupatoria, in spibe o£ strong escort by 1 destroyer?, 
1 submarine-chaser^ 3 mot or-mine sweepers, and 2 naval landing c-raft a3 well 
as air cover,, About 60 men are missingo The submarine hunt has so fap 
been unsuccessful but will be continued,, The planned towed convoy Sevas- 
topol - Odessa has been postponed for 24 hours 

Taganrog was attacked by 6 enemy planes with phosphorus incendiary 
bombs and gunfire on the evening of 19 Augusts Enemy land batteries shelled 
Taganrog on 18, 19 and 20 August; the navy suffered no damage 

During the night of 20 August, 1st' PT boat Flotilla had 2 boats in 
operation in the sea area off Gelendzhik and 3 boats between Gelendzhik 
and Noworessisk while 3 boats of Uth PT boat Flotilla were in operation 
off the beachhead. 11th PT boat Flotilla had to discontinue operations 
due to engine trouble c ■ (i 

r.'ine sweeping operations IM of Sevastopol were continued by 4 
motor-minesweepers. One mine was cleared near Giurgiu on the Danube by 
minesweeper plane,, 


-276- — — 


20 Aug. 1943 CuHFJD^iTlA L- 

Naval artillery barges IAl' ' n l'' - ,I 4 iI are in Mariupol, I_,L "g" - 
"11" in Temr^xik; and k.L l! 9" and "10" in Kerch. Supply and ferry traffic 
across* the Straits, of Kerch isas "carried out without incident a 

_.&roup South reports that preparations for mining the Dardanelles and 
Bosporus* Straits have been made in case of a change in Turkey's political 
attitude or the threat of an Anglo Americans -breakthrough" by force in the 
Dardanelles o However , th'e' long approach route and the limited number of 
minelayers would make any sudden and effective action by naval forces 
impossible,, In View of the decisive importance of the Straits in future 
warfare in the Black Sea and on the land fronts in the Crimea and the 
Caucasus^ the Group believes that, in case of emergency, a sudden and. concentrated 
mining operation by the r^ir Force in. the Straits and in the Sea of Marmara 
will be urgently necessary, in ,'whichy owing to the great water- depth, 
suitable mines could be used instead of the unsuitable ground mines,, As 
Air Co: miand,- Southeast has stated several times that, after thorough 
investigation , a mining operation by the Air Force in the Bosporus and 
Dardanelles is cut of the question , the group points out that, due to the 
importarice. of the matter which might affect the whole war situation,, 
appropriate., mine and. plane material must be made immediately available in 
time for the ' imminen b task... '*. r 

VIII. Situa tio n_East Asia 

3ha detailed Situation Report, the Military Attache, TckyC states in 

The Japanese rearmament is being (Concentrated; on strengthening 
the Air Force and making up the shortage of shippings The efiiciency of 
Japanese industry is limited. The economic exploitation and reorganization 
of the occupied southern area is going on well, the population having 
been won over by a generous Japanese policy Thorough exploitation is 
difficult because of the shortage of shipping* The raw materials of the 
southern area are also available to Germany to the extent of the existing 
European transport space A German Japanese exchange of technical 
devices would be especially welcome to the Japanese,, Of these, the most 
valuable would be a me^ns of rendering the Anglo - American locaticn 
gear ineffective « 

The Japanese are tying down in the East Asian war theater 35 USa 
divisions, 4*000 planes, and nearly the whole USa Fleet „ By the organi- 
zation of native armies and by making use of bases, many British 
troops are being held in India e In regard to Russia, it will be attempted 
to prevent the reinforcement of the Red shipping fleet by vessels from 
the USa, in so far as is possible. 

The heavy German defensive battle^ are fully appreciated by the 


20 Aug, 1943 


Japanese o The German decision,, to restrict themselves to defense on 
. -the eastern front and even to give ground, in order that the liedit er rariean 

forces may be . strengthened, is welcomed by the Japanese General Staff* 

It is considered important to hold Italy as a defense against Anglo- 
. American landings .in ;the Balkans and for the air defense of SE Europe. 
- If. -Turkey should enter the var or Britain should violate her neutrality, 

there would be an opportunity for German and Japanese policy to 
-..concentrate, on bringing about. an Anglo-Russian break 


-The most serious concern is, caused to the. Japanese General Staff by 
the fact that the European air situation is developing unfavorably for 
. Germany <> 

Finally, the military Attache reports that both he and the ■ 
Japanese Army consider that the only direct threat, to the Japanese home- 
land" comes from the Russian Far Eas-t^ Kamchatka, the Aleutian Islands 
and Midway, and they therefore feel that, as soon as the general 
situation of Japan permits, the Japanese should make a preventative 
'surprise attack on Far Eastern Russia^ This would also provide valuable 
relief for the German eastern front which the Japanese ^my also hopes 
" may be reactivated* Besides the effective holding of Anglo-American 
forces in ^ast Asia, Japan is supporting Germany's struggle by concen- 
trating on merchant ile warfare 


■■ r 


-: . . 

> * * 



: .:'•• 



21 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Items of Political Importance 

Russian publications are again demanding the establishment of a real 
second front in Europe, According to foreign press reports, the Soviet 
Government's demands to the Allies on this subject are becoming increasingly 

■ Still no definite information has been received on the Quebec conf erence c 
A Swedish newspaper reports from New York, evidently with some truth, that 
the conference is probably connected with a major allied dispute The news- 
paper correspondents have been allowed to make their own speculations on 
the military results According to a radio report from London, the British 
Ambassador in Madrid delivered the Allied peace t jrms for Italy to the 
Caudillo on 20 August 

Bomei reports that Japan has concluded a treaty with Siam in which Japan 
recognizes the incorporation of a number of Malayan States into the Siamese 
State and will withdraw its administration from this area within 60 days 8 


Chief, Naval Staff is ;■ absent from Berlin on an inspection of the-. Vlil- 
helm -haven area. 

Chief of Staff, Naval Staff, attended the funeral of Chief of Air Force 
General Staff, General Jeschennek, in East. Prussia,, 

Io Mediterranean Theater 

I, . | , ■ .1.1..! . ■ ■ I I ■ - - I ■ .. 


1, Naval Attache, Rome has forwarded information from the Chief 'o'^ 
Staff of the Duke of Aosta, Admiral Varoli, stating that the Duke will place 
himself at Germany's disposal for the handling of our political -and military 
plans and intentions in Italy :, The Duke would have to be suitably briefed 
by Germany as our plans were not known to him,, He considers that the only 
road for Italy's future lies in close cooperation with Germany and prosecution 
of the strug le against the Angle— Americans. Strong measures by the German 
Command in the Italian area were unavoidable and necessary. The present 
tension in the relations between the German Armed Forces high Command and 
the Italian Armed Forces High Command must quickly lead to a tragic end 
for Italy, Therefore, it is necessary for there to be immediate intervention 
in behalf of the German plans' by the Duke 'who is Padoglio's greatest enemy 
and whose ideas have only been approved in part by the Marshal, Ideologically 
he feels" himself se jarated from, the Royal family. The. Naval Attache 
believes the offer to be entirely serious and that it is not unlikely that 
the Duke might ; be the future successor of Badoglio. Naval Staff has informed 
operations Staff, Armed Forces High. 'Command, Navy and Admiral Fuehrer Head- 
quarters as .well as Armed Forces High Com.and, Foreign Countries, .For 
teletype- l/Skl" 2491/43 Gkdos, Chef's, Scj frfeft? Diary, Part C, Volume ' XIV „' 

: ' -*" CUMFID^NTLxL 

• 1 

21 Aug, 1943 CONPIftiNTlAL 

2 Naval Attache Rome has also forwarded a query from the Japanese Naval 
Attache there as ^o whether the G^erman navy is jonsii: ig steps to prevent 
the Italian Fleet from falling Into enemy hands. This would be bound to have 
an effect of decisive importance on the position of the Japanese Wavy. 
The Japanese think it would be possible for us to lay hold of the fleet by 
moving it to ports in Southern France, under Italian Command if possible, 

it, if necessary, by force, i.e., under Air Force pressure,, The Naval 
--.'~ache point ed out to his Japanese colleague that the Japanese Naval 
Attache, Berlin attached to Naval $taff would be able to obtain information,, 
adding that the Italian navy had so far cooperated loyaly with us and that 
Hi.ccardi had so far taken a strictly honorable stand that, in the last 
resort, might result in the scuttling of the Italian fleet,. Cur Attache gained 
the impression that the inquiry was inspired by Naval Staff, Tokyo* 

3. In view of the critical shortage of escort vessels in the Adriatic 
and Aegean, Naval Staff has ordered, that the question of how met :r- minesweepers, 
PT boats, etc, could be transferred direct from home waters to the Adriatic 
Sea. be investigated,, The transfer of foreign - built motor minesweepers to 
the Uestern Mediterranean has been stopped as a precaution, in order that 
these boat,s too may be held available for transfer to the Adriatic^ Naval 
staff has advised German Naval Command, Italy accordingly (see teletype 21£ 

4o Group South reports that it is necessary to appoint sea transport off- 
icers for Argostoli, Prevesa, Corfu, Valeria, Durazzo, Spalato, Sebenicc ; 
and Trieste and has as' ed German Naval Command, Italy to advise as scon as 
the Italian Navy High Command has been informed of the pertinent directive 
of Naval Staff 

II. Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command has ordered the 25th 
Tank Division to be immediately transferred from Norway to the west with the 
greatest possible speed. « The division will be subordinate to Commanding Gen- 
eral, Armed Forces, est and is to be stationed in the Channel Area, 

Naval Staff has advised ..'aval Command, Norway, Naval Command Baltic and 
Com landing Admiral) Defenses 3altic accordingly e 

III. It is not Planned to Use Ship "5" as an auxiliary cruiser in the 
Atlantic, for the present and probably not until the fall of 1944 o Quarter- 
master Division-, Naval Staff, has therefore been instructed to complete the 
ship as an auxiliary cruiser so that she is fully navigational and her 
armament ready for use. The artillery fire-control equipment, which is 
not yet completed, is therefore to be installed., Use of the ship as a 
school ship has been approved, the camouflage work and the installation for 
3achstelze plane required for auxiliary cruiser functions, to be made at 
discretion, either before or after her use as school ship 

17. In accordance with Chief, Naval Staff's directive (see ",'ar Diary 


-280- ' — 

21 Aug*. 1943 _. . .. C^SIj JKTIaL 

for^l8. August) th-atg with a view, to -tire requirements of- submarine j warfare, 
the construction of-.BV 222 planes cannot be dispensed with, Naval .-.Staff ', 
Operations Division has written to Operations' Staff", Commander, in Chief, ;. 
air Force and. Jeich Idnistr.y, Air/Force-/ For. copy of directive as per l/3kl 
I L 22610 /( ; 3 Gkdo's, see ;Jar Diary, Part C, Volume V . .. 

V . - According to'-an intelligence report of 6'' August, from England, the; 
following information has been learned on the conferences of the three 
services in London on 30 and 31 July;. 

1,. Developments in Sicily ind Italy vail be a-.-aitefl". The planned 
diversionary pincer operation against the Channel Coast/Bay of Biscay 
will meanwhile- be postponed. '• ■ ""•--' ' ' ' '■ ' • • '-■ 

2 C The ' Army and the Royal 'Air Force 'formations prepared for that' 
action will be left in full readiness strength at, their present bases-- 

:_• % Operation -Viking (major action against Norway) will be postponed 
..until the next conference of the Combined War Council probably on 10. 

- August o ' • • • . '■ 


4o The decision on operation "Black Prince 1 '' will be made by a special 
, \.e commit 'tee ■ ■'-. ■. -■;•-• ' < '.' • ■* 

^ft ■ Situati on on 21 August 1943 "... . 

I o • . ' - -, .a r i n Fo re ign v Via 1 3 r s "• -* • ,f l i •• •'-..>.■ 

1 ° ^nemy Si tuat i on 

■'. - ... r. v-\ .>.- .<'•" . : . ' :■': ".-no* ■•:''■' 
Nothing to report 

'-'- ' 2° c ' //n Situation -.1. .;• • ■.-■.• • . ' • ' ■ 

Supplementary to radio message 2124 dated 20 August Ship '128^1 and" 
Naval Attache Tokyo have been instructed, by radio message I846, that the 
radar .apparatus,- whose self -radiation has. been detected- at a range cf 90 
miles is on no account to be-, used,- any-more j. -'that the blockade runners- 
must be advised accordingly; and that the natter is to be classified Top 
Secret o ..,••' 

.- •;FU4*w — *** * ****** ■ '--.'■•■ ..... .*- . ... - .. .._.... 

Naval Attache Tokyo, has been informed by radiogram 1800, that sub- 
marine U "178" and AQUILA 6 have been ordsred to make for point 05* 5 40' and 
94° 00' easto He is requested .to advise; the'..ERITREA 

II« .y, . Situati on . 'Uest ■A rea-,-" ' •' -1 j' '■> ' 

lo Enemy Situation 


- -■--- .... -281~ 

21 .._,. i- i :::.tiu n.-j. 

r air reconnaissance reported at 0720, 1 cruiser and 2 destroyers 
se ISC ir. _T 41c5; at C750, a destroyer on course 90 c in 3F 429 : 
-. IS -"-. Lestroyer qd course 60 in '~7 4454. fee British vessel was 
loc in ir 4730. Atrl331* esccrt vessel 31 ieb iad alrea er. 

loc 1? and 19 August in 27 632C and 3Z 9&31 respectively, was 

bed in CG 2115. •-- British vessel was also located at 150C in 3F 731C . 
at 1 : . - in 3 . 64IC, cr.3 at 2C1& ir. BE 2370, arid or.e at 232C in 33 726C. 

~. , • r. ;3i--.:j.ticr. 

- . — I - — _/ '^ *-JC o ^ 

After completing their exercises according to plan, 4th Icrpedc Beat 
Flotilla arrived in St, Naaaire at 090C. Torpedo boats T ,l 23" and T "24" 
continued their v t int ^re they arrived at 1130. destroyer Z ,! j 

tic : .:_: - :-: - - 1200. 

is 2C August there were 292 fishing vessels at sea in the northern 
area c: the Say ci Biscay and 11C in the southern area. lorpedg l>oat Z 
"ii_ and the PAI££ were transferring from Brest to La Pallice during the 
y.t of 2: August, 

Iwc ELM J mines re cleared off the Sironde cy inesweepor plane, 

"cur -7_" '.."ere cleared off Jstend by 10th l-.otor Minesweeper 

ring to the bright r.oon-lit night, convoys sailed only in the 
Channel Island area. 

One PC boat transferred from Boulogne to Cster.i ar.d t ~ 1 I ooats fr 
Boulogne tc Flushing, Four 37 boats for delivery to Spain Left Cherbourg 
a- : -1^5 for Bordeaux. 

7^r r~ z~ ~ .r.i'L _ral 3 Defensejs ."est en a new type of 

:et ban lsed by enemy fighters, see teletype 1145, 

--I. '.'.z:-z:\ ~ea., h.or-.-ay, 3srth---m haters 

North hea 

lit" is en route from Kook to El'c e. 

f ire t le barrack was hit by four bonbs in the raid on Flushing 
qd 3C . r further details, see teletype 0727, 

_ 2- ""'" 

21 Aug, 1943 CONFID ENTIAL « 

Numerous acts' of sabotage between 1850 on 20 August and 0715' on •• 
21 August are reported from Esbj erg Several cases of arson recurred in 
the port and traffic installations,, A wooden box factory in the fishing' port 
was burned down. The fire spread to other sheds containing fishing gear > 
causing considerable- damage a Most of the fires were- extinguished by the 
speedy intervention of the detachments of our Armed Forces stationed in the 
porta Although called upon/ very few Danish police appeared,, 

Norway / No rthern Waters .... , 

1« Enemy Situation 

17 planes in operation were detected over the' North Sea One 
reconnaissance plane was reported in the area of Banak on 19 August and two 
in the area of Alta on 20 August of which one was shot doxvn by a. fighter 
plane At 0330 on 21 August there were two PT boats in the Boemmelenfiord 
which were shelled by patrol boats after identification and were reported 
to be withdrawing to the open sea on northwesterly course at 0500c Due to 
deteriorating .weather, air reconnaissance produced no results ■> 

2o Own Situation ■"•' ' • 

26 ships were escorted to the north' and 17 to the south „ 11 ships 
w^re held up in the area of the Arctic Coast owing to lack of escort 

IV*. Skag errak, B a ltic S ea E ntrances, Baltic Sea 

lo Enemy Situation ■•■'•. 

No new inf orma-ti on Air' ■reconnaissance was -lively as usual 
Three aerial mines were observed to be dropped west of • Talinn 6 

2 ' Own Situation* ' ■'- 


First degree of alarm was ordered at 1100 in the Danish area c 

9'#.« ■ »«*•* . :•' > i 

Nothing of special interest xvas reported from the area of Co.manding 

Admiral, Defenses Baltic 

* .... _._ 

A lead-hooded' riin£ was exploded-" by rifle fire northwest of -Ruegenwalde, 
Leave transport and convoy traffic was carried but without incident 
throughout the area of the; -.Baltic Sea*.-.-. •' 

In the area of Commander, Minesweepers, Baltic,' 1st Motors-mine^ 
sweeper Flotilla was attacked by enemy planes in the Seeigel submarine- 
chasing area Slight damage was caused to one of the motor minesweepers 


21 Aug P 1943 co::: mm j :m,_ 

Cne "attacking plane was shot dovKu A few casualties were suffered on a 

minelayer in an air raid en the patrol in the Seeigel minefield., 

Naval Command, Baltic reports that it is quite impossible to 
equip the units to be set up in that area with small anas, as ordered by 
Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff For details „ see teletype 12AC Quarter- 
master Division, Naval Staff will follow up the matter 

V. Submarine "Warfare 

Nothing to report 

VI » A erial l arfare 

British Isles and Vicinity 

60 planes of Jvd. Air Force were in operation in the "Jest Area and 1C in 
the Mediterranean theater 

One Liberator plane was shot-dovai in a free chase in the Bay of. Biscay c 
During the day, the enemy made only a few strafing attacks with weak forces 
c: railway trains in the coastal area e One enemy gttame was shot down No 
special reports have been received concerning the night of 21 August? 

Mediterranean Theater 

Cur Air F^rce carried out reconnaissance, -ineiuding photographic reconnais- 
sance of 3izerta 

Shortly after noon, 70 enemy bombers attacked Maples and three airfields 
in Southern Italy causing some damage- 11 of the attacking, planes were 
shot down 'by our fighters Harassing flights ; but no bombing, by single 
planes were reported from the Home area c Monte Corvino east of Salerno was 
bombed during the night of 21 August The ccmmunicaticn lines were destroyed* 

In the Balkan area, 10 planes supplying rebels were reported* 

la stem Front . . - 

90 enemy planes were shot down on the Army Front en 2C August 

V II, Marfare in the Medit errane an an d B3.ack S ea 

1. Enemy Situation Mediterrane an 

A CAI.10- class cruiser and 2 c destroyers. arrived in Gibraltar on the 
evening of 20 August from the Mediterranean „ The US Task Force which arrived 


21 Aug, 1943 COI^IDE IITIAL 

in Gibraltar from the Atlantic on 20 August left again in the evening for 
the Mediterranean o On 21 August 16 ships , including 7 freighters, 1 auxiliary 
cruiser, and 4 escort vessels , and another 5 ships, 1 cable layer and a 
corvette arrived from the Mediterranean , These were evidently parts of a 
large convoy leaving the Mediterranean of ^hich 37 ''freighters, 3'- tankers, 
and 5 escort vessels sailed direct- for the Atlantic at 0920 

According to a report .from German" Naval Command, a convoy, en which 
no details could be obtained pa ss.ed through the Straits of Gibraltar, towards 
the east, at 0400 Q .There is no, .further confirmation of this reporto No 
other sighting reports have been received from the Western Mediterranean 
or from the Sicilian area 

On 20 August one submarine position was still reported 90 miles south- 
east of Iladdalena; on 21 August at 0115 one position 25 miles northeast of; :md at 0335 > °ne 70 miles' west of Marseilles,, 

Presumably the same .-large east bound convoy as was detected near . 
Bengasi on 20 August was again. spotted early oh the morning 35 miles north- 
east of Derna (composed of . 24 merchantmen) on an easterly -course c 

According to a survey by Naval Intelligence Division, the -following 
naval forces were assumed to ; .be in the Mediterranean: 6 battleships, 3 
aircraft carriers, 3 auxiliary aircraft carriers, about 17 cruisers, 65 • 
destroyers, and 50 submarines G Most, of these forces are at Malta where 
there are 4 battleships and probably 2 aircraft carrier s' Q One carrier and 3 
auxiliary aircraft carriers are at Gibraltar - 'Of the cruisers, 6 are 
assumed at 3izerta,."3 at Malta, 4 in Eastern Sicily, 2. in Northern- ... 
Sicily, and 1 at Gibraltar -• 

Of the total number of landing vessels, 'amounting to. 133 i^T and - ,. 
466 LCT/L.CI,. 70>o of the L3T are in Bizerta, 20% of the LCT/LCI in Algeria, 3 
in Tunisia and 20% in Sicily / Malta ' The remainder has not been located,, 

. Shipping space, which,' is calculated to total 582 ships of 3,370 ; 0CC 
Gj.iT, is distributed approximately as follows; 









Tunisia , 



Sicily , 



Malta , ; 



Eastern Mediterranean ' 

' 800,000 


Not located 



Some shipping, may have been withdrawn to the Indian Area The 
latest sinkings are not taken into account in this survey c The small 




21 Aug, 1943 - ' GX3NFJDEITCIAL 

number of troop transports, amounting to 20 at the most,, is confirmed "by-. : ; 
."lotographic interpretation. 

. ■ "■■■ - : ' ■ ■• 

According to an estimate of the situation made by Naval Intelligence 
Division, the enemy's forces are mainly concentrated in the Central Mediter- 
ranean in about the same strength as before the start of the Sicilian 
operation About 50$ of the total number of vessels are assumed' to be in 
the area of Eastern Algeria and Bis-erta* The present low number of landing 
craft on the east and north coasts of Sicily could be quickly changed,, In 
the same sea area, there is about one million G^T of shipping space avail- 
able D Estimates in regard to the number of troops for new operations are 
unchangedo About 5 Free French Divisions, 2 of -which are fully equipped, 
are also standing by in the Algeria area c Of the combat troops engaged in 
Sicily, 2 Tank and 2 Airborne Divisions as well as about 5 Infantry Divisions 
should again be ready for action,, In the Eastern Mediterranean, there 
are no definite indications of an iramin.ent large-scale Handing operation. 
The overall estimate is that the prerequisites for a major landing Operation 
to .be started at any time from the Central Mediterranean area exist, although 
there is no concrete indication of the direction in viiieh the thrust would 
be made. An 'increasing number of recent reports which are impossible to 
confirm, allude to an operation against Sardinia - Corsica in about the 
second half of August o Besides this, mention is made of plans for landing 
in Southern -Italy (south of Naples, Calabria, Gulf of Taranto and the 
environs of Foggia) and plans against the Ionian Islands^ ' 

Naval -Intelligence Division, Naval Staff has forwarded the correspond- 
ing Situation Report to Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command;- 
Commander in Chiefy Air' Force; General Staff of army/Foreign Armies T Jest as 
well as to the Group Commands, German Naval ...Command, Italy and Commanding 
General, .armed Forces, South For copy as per l/Skl c 23492/43 .Gkdo's see 
War Diary "Enemy Situation Report by Naval . Intelligence Division.)" •' 

According to an intelligence report from Bulgaria dated 20 August, 
the enemy will attack .the bases at fleggio, Leghorn, 'Naples and Corsica 
Italy will be passed over The attack is to be made on Durazzo, Albania 
and along the Dalmatian Coast',,. The British are expecting a German withdrawal 
from Thrace and plan, to break the Bulgarian resistance, and bring up their 
fleet formations to the southern coast of Bulgaria to bombard the coast B 
The Anglo-American format^onVare said to be standing ready in Tunisia 

According to.a^o/i^er. intelligence report ''from Spanish sources^ dated 
20 august,' ail thei a^ai'laple 'French- divisions in Oran and Algiers were 
embarked and dispatched on i$ Augusts -Their destination is believed _he 
Corsica. There were allegedly 6 divisions of virion 3 consisted almost 
exclusively of Corsicans 

No special reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean 


21 Aug, 1943 CONFI DENTIA L 

2 n O^-Jn Situation Medi terranean / Se a and Trans port Situati on 

On 20 August, an Italian submarine sank one destroyer off the Straits 
of Messina and probably hit a second destroyers Italian assault boats 
destroyed an enemy submarine off Genoa en the morning • of 21 August „ • ■_-;•-.. 

3 boats of 11th Motor Minesweeper Flotilla left Toulon for Marseilles 
5 boats of this Flotilla will transfer, from Marseilles t,Q Genoa for cor.TC.y-:--. 
and escort service and 2 will go from Toulon to Maddalena on similar duties^,. 

Minecarriers BRAND-J\f3URG and POl^MRN have completed their task in 
the Bay of Gaeta- according to plan,,- The torpedo plane attack which, accord- 
ing to radio intelligence, had been ordered against these- vessels on 20 .. 
August' did not materialises The boats are en. route to Toulon to take en. . . . 
a new load* 


Aviso SG "10", 2 submarine chasers, 2 patrol boats, 1 Italian torpedo 
boat, and 2 Italian corvettes were engaged in escort nsrvicc. 6 steamers, 
1 tanker, and war freighter KT u 8" were escorted in traffic between the islands, 
In the Adriatic Sea, the steamers KNUTSEN and 3EGINA have left Trieste for 
Pola escorted by a torpedo boat'.., . . . 

.According to the Situation Report from Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South, the General on special duty with Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South has been sent to Calabria with special authorization, in order 
to improve the transport situation there which has been seriously affected 
by enemy air raids 


3o Area Naval Group S outh 

Aegean Sea 

Rebel activity near Volos has subsided,, A tug in Piraeus was damaged 
by sabotage by means of an adhesive mine and is laying in shallow water P 
An enemy air raid on 18 August on ports on the western Greek coast caused 
only slight damage Q Otherwise there is nothing to reporto 

Bla ck Sea 

Enemy Situati on 

Radio intelligence detected one destroyer in the northeastern part 
of the Black Sea and another one with three PT boats in the area south of 
Gelendjhiko Probably these last mentioned vessels shelled the Anapa sea- 
plane base shortly after midnight on 21 August Altogether 7 submarines were 
detected at sea a Shortly after midnight on 20 August there were 6 enony 
vessels, probably PT boats, 2-3 miles off the coast; upon being shelled, 
they put up a smoke screen and withdrew. On 21 August the town and port of 
Taganrog was again attacked from the air and bombarded by artillery,, 


21 Augo 19A3 CUMF3DSNTIAL 

Own Situa t ion , . -. . _ 

Neither of two. groups of .1st PT- boat Flotilla sighted the enemy in 
their operational areas during the night of 20 August c The .Gelendjhik 
group was ineffectively shelled while homeward bound from the Myschakcw 
area. Operations "against the enemy formations returning from the bombard- 
ment of rinapa were .unsuccessfula The group was attacked by enemy fighter 
-ombc-rs -with rocket missiles and gunfire at 0345 s A smoke container en 
board a- PT boat was dacegocla 

Submarine U "IS" left Constantsa at noon for her third operation 
against the enemy D Submarine U "19" has had to turn back from the operational 
area as her attack periscope is cut of action* Two Italian midget submarines 
are occupied at all times in submarine hunting on the south coast of the 
Crimea , 

Cne FZ mine was. swept in the Straits of Kerch „ 

■In the period from 11-20 August, the ferry traffic across the Straits 
of Kerch was nob.,£ully utilized owing to a partial reorganization of load- 
ing and shortage of* cargo. During this period, a total of 37*173 tons was 
transf ered to the Gotenkopf of which 26,033 tons were handled by the Navy, 

VIII c Situa ti on East- A sia 

Nothing to. report c 



22 Augo 1943 CuNFIDENTIaL 

- . 
Items of Poli ibi-galvIgip ortanGe . ^ 

LitTinov has been dismissed from his post as Ambassador in T .Iashington c 

Fifty Finnish politicians of -various parties hav e addressed a letter 
to the President demanding an investigation of the possibilities of ensuring ,-,-■ 
independance, freedom, and peace for Finland j- 


No authentic information has been received in regard to Quebec conference 
which is nearing its end Press commentaries give special prominence to 
the problems of the second European front ■ demanded by Ru'ss'ia'o 

According to an intelligence -report from an agent -believed to be 

reliable, there exists, at the Vatican,, a peace negotiating committee 

presided oyer by Cardinal MagIione The Allies are said to be represented by 

a special delegation, but the Italian Government is not represented,, The 

Holy See is using Grandi ~as an intermediary with the Italian Government a 

The American proposals are said to be considered honorable 5 and acceptable 

by both the Vatican and the Italian Government, -'while the British terms 

are unacceptable.' Besides the total occupation of Sicily, the British demand 

ohe surrender of several strategic positions, Under British pressure _, the 

Americans are said to have demanded the right of free passage through Italy ■ 

The demand is meeting with only conditional resistance from the Italians, . 

The way in v&ficlj the Americans are negotiating seems to indicate that they want 

to reach an agreement as soon as possible even at the cost of renouncing certain , 

demands, Petain is trying, through Cardinal Suhard, to get a clause. inser bed • 

in the treaty, under which France's-' settlement with Italy as laid down in 

the armistice Treaty of 19 /.Q would -'be -declared- vo id »..'' De' Gaulle is said to 

have submitted a similar formula to. -the conferences ■ 

■ • ■" ' • .... .'-■• 

....... j • . t ■- 

Specia Items - . .. ,. .,. , - - 

I. M editerranean Theater ' .... 

lo Supplementary to the directive on the future combat command of . i 
German troops in Southern ..Italy, (sea "Jar : Diary -of "18. August), Operations Staff, - v 
Armed Forces High .■ Conmand, ■ Commwni cations Service has' ordered that .'-inter- 
establishment: communications are to be' taken care of'" by Army Group -B in 
mutual agreement- with:. Commanding.' General, Armed Forces A South and 2nd Air 
Force. '• . - 

2 In regard to the . directive of Quartermaster Division, Nav4l Staff on 
organization plans in 'Northern Italy in case of "Achse," German. Naval Command, 
Italy has reported plans- concerning the organization of the coastal area > 
For copy of report as per l/Skl. 2483/43 Gkdos Chefs see filP l/SklL I 
op II/17. This shows an evidoit misunderstanding of the directive of 
Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command concerning the future combat 

c^:fidj;ti al 


22 A ug. 1943. CONFIDENTIAL 

command in Southern Italy In order that the matt =r. may be. cleared up. 'by. 
Naval Staff, Quart-roaster Division, Naval Staff , Operations Division 'points 
out that, .there are two possibilities to oe consider ad: 

a Italy drops out of the war (case "Achse"): in which case, Southern 
and;. Central Italy will be. evacuated, and only Northern Italy will be held 
along the already established area limit of Anny Group B/ (Line Pisa - 
Arezzo - Ancona). Only for this case are preparations to be made for 
the, German Navy to take over the ccasts c . . 

b Italy continues to fight with us; in which case Central and 
Southern Italy and the islands will behold or evacuated only under enemy 
pressure,, - In this case, assumption of responsibility for the Italian 
coastal sectors by the . German Navy is entirely out of the question;, 

In no case, therefore, will the organization demanded by German Naval 

Command, Italy for Central and Southern Italy and the islands be necessary a 

s c In adaptation to the development of the situation with reference to 
the directive on measures connected with codeword "Achse" (see war Diary of 
1 august, Item III, proceeding as per l/Sk! 2179/43 Gkdos Chef's in Jar 
Diary,,. Part C, Volume XIV and in fi.le I op Il/l6 U 25/26) Operations Staff, 
Armed Forces High Coi.mand has ordered, amongst other things, that operation 
"Kopenhagen" will be dropped as soon as uninterrupted passage of the fron- 
tier-is guaranteed. # and "chat operation ''Schwarz" in its present 'form will 
be dropped, new orders to be issued later* In the field of transportation, 
all preparations are to be made in order to prevent disruption of /railway 
facilities by the Italians and to. facilitate their immediate 
seizure and further operation by German forces.., All railway installations 
in the areas to be evacuated are to be effectively destroyed. All supply 
trains, including fuel trains for the Italian Armed Forces and industries, 
are to be routed, if possible in such a way that they go exclusively into the 
areas available to the German troops „ For copy of corresponding directive 
as per l/Skl, 2490/43 Gkdos Chefs see Jar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV. 

4c In regard to the occupation of the. Ionian Islands, in .case of "Achse", 

Naval St.aff ; has reported to Operations Staff ,. Arm.ed Forces High Comma/wl 

that occupation of Corfu is also regarded as absolutely necessary, since its 

excellent -harbor ■ could be used by us as a convoy assembly, and escort vessel 

base and would be of special value to the enemy as jumping- off point against 

Western Greece and a base for the blockade of the Straits of Otranto 

(Compare- with ','orld ./ar I„i914/l8 a ) If • the island were not occupied 
by the Army, the following "navy .measures would have to be revoked;. 

a The installation of two 15 cm batteries, of which one is already 
being mounted and one is en route from; Germany «>•. . ^ .."' 

(.■.■■ r 

b The immediate dispatch of a sea. "transport officer « 



22 Angc 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

o . , , 

Co -In case of "Achse" 5 establishment of a Port Commandant with' a 
Port Captain and Pert Control Off ice 

Corresponding teletype as per l/Skl- I op 2488/43 Gkdas. Chefs*, is filed 
in . r ar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV [ 

lie The Directive of Operations Staf f , . Armed Forces High Command on- the 
transfer of the 25th Tank Division (see V/ar Diary of 20 August) has been 
supplemented as follows: 


"Details regarding execution of transfer are to be arranged direct 
between the establisliments concerned,. High Command, Navy /and -.Commander .JLn 
Ghie.f.Air Force will make the necessary arrangements to protect the sea 
, i>}?a'iftports a n 

III.- Submarine Division has' advised" Ope oat ions Division, Naval. Staff of 
the request made by Chief, Naval Staff to Air Force Commander', Atlantic that, i 
in view of the scheduled departure' from Western France on 23. August of a" .: ' 
number of submarines, anti-submarine warfare should be immediately resumed 
by DO 217 planes equipped .with "Kehlgeraet," against the patrol forces .in 
the Bay of Biscay,, without waiting for an opportunity to attack a convoy - 
Corresponding teletype as per l/Sk„ 2489/43 Gkdos„ Chefs, is in War Diary, 
Part C, Volume II b„ ■'._.-•■ 

In this regard, Group' .est reports that, according to the directive of 
the rteich Marshal, the "Kehlgeraet" is first to. be r used against a large 
convoy, and 4th Air Force has therefore requested a decision from the Reich ■ • 
Marshal,, ■ . 

•' '•. .'"',<" •■ 

Operations Division, Naval Staff has advised Operations Staff, Commander .-. ■ 
in Chief, Air Force accordingly with copy to Group West and Submarine Division 
with the comment that this operational use made it necessary to send the 
DO 217 planes to Air Force- Commander Atlantic and must have-: priority over 
actions, against, convoys viiich, in any case, begin to evade in an;area : beyond • 
the range, of DO 217 planes. An immediate- .decision and information - on tfiis .o^ 
subject was requested-. For decree l/Skl* I. a 2492/43 Gkdos c Chefs; see 
Uar Diary, Part C, Volume II b 

IV, In order to provide the necessary accommodation for cadets in. the./ 

training formation, Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff has directed that; 

1. The use of GNEISEN..U and HIPPER as training hulks be counter- 
mand ed a 


2 HIPr^A is to be re-equipped as a- training ship by 1 April 1944* 

... p -' 

3o Cruiser KOMLN is to be placed into service as a mobile vessel 
of the training formation by 1 April 1944» 


22 Aug. 1943 OuNFPiflMAL 

4„ SCHLES1JIG HOLoT^IM is to be p].aced into service as a mobile 
vessel of the t-_ining formation by 1- April 1944 o 

5o The 3 above mentioned ships will be avilable to the training 
formation as from 1 May 1944o 

6, The sailing school-ships aLB-jJT LEO SCHlAG-^i and GEuHG FOCK 
will be used for cadet training as 'from 1 February 1944c 

Situation on 2 2 August 1943 

L, j'ar in Foreign waters 

1° Enemy Situati on 

according to an intelligence report from Lisbon , a convoy of 76 
transports and freighters with 15^000 men left Savannah Georgia on 17 August 
for Gibraltar Similar convoys are to leave from Norfolk,, Boston and 
Portland in the next few "weeks for the coming operations „ A convoy consist- 
ing solely of transports carrying 20^000 Canadians^ is to join the convcy 

from Portland and sail to England 

2 Own Situation 


Naval. Attache j Tokyo reports that the instruction to hold back the 
aQUILA 3 W9,& not recieved until the afternoon of 21 August. It v/ill be . 
attempted to delay AQUILA 3 on the pretext that she is to sail together with 
A^UILrt. 2. It is estimated that this boat will be ready to sail in 14 da;ys 
The iSOGuT.s. will be held in Singapore The Italian Naval Attache has agreedo 
It will be difficult to find pretexts for delaying the boats any longer 
without arousing Italian suspicions c 

Naval Attache, Tokyo also reports' that it is no longer possible to 
alter the reception point and requests that the boats be instructed to go 
to 06, 10' north and 94° 50 east, where the ErtITPu-A and Japanese forces 
will be standing by early on the 26 august© 


All vessels in foreign waters will be informed on the enemy sr&aation 
by teletype 17+22 

II. ".."est A rea 

^- c E nemy Sitation 

71 planes were detected over the Uuter Bay of Biscay up to 43° north 
and 12 west, mostly between 16C0 and 2300„ Eight bearings en one British 
vessel each were made between 1540 and 2342 in BE and BF Our. own reconnaissance 
reported at lp05 one FIJI-Glass cruiser in BF l687."pn course $Q and at 1730, 
one destroyer in BF 7436 °n course 180 o - 


22 Aug, 1943 CONFIDjjNTIAL 

2 ° Situ at ion 

Atlantic Coast 

The.FALii and torpedo boat T "IV arrived in La' Pallice on the 
afternoon,, k rT boats pass.od Le Verdon en route to Bordeaux,, Destroyer Z 
,! 23" transferred from Pauiilac to floyan. 

Submarine .Division has advised Operations Division^ Naval Staf.V,, 
by copy,, that Group Uest has been informed of, Chief- " 9 Naval Staff's order 
chang.lng the FLIEDEftls reception point to 3F 8682, (see Teletype 1450)-. 

Channe l Coast 

Enemy planes made a surprise bombing and strafing attack on 3 PT 
boats off Oye at 2255 en 21 August but without results,, Otherwise no special 
incidents were reported,, 

IIIo North Sea g N orway, Northern .latsrs 

N orth Se a 

3 ELI-i/j mines were swept north of Ters ensiling Convoy 116? Hook - 
Elbe was carried out without incidento 3 ^T beats transferred from Cuxhaven 
to Hook; 1 PT boat from Flushing to Ostendq 

Several acts of sabotage were carried out at Esbjerg during the 

night of 21 August c Two transformer stations were completely. destroyed* 

. ■ -■ • 

Norway / Northern .'aters " " 

1 c Enemy S ituation 

Radio intelligence detected 3 Russian submarines ir* the Arctic area 
and 16 planes in operation over the North Sea a 

Nine air incursions were reported on '20. August from- the area of 
Petsamo and Vardoe and one on 21 august from the Altafiord.- 

Two PT boats were sighted at 0650"west of Kinn and two at 1228 off 

Our submarines sighted 5 freighters in Ao 2773 (off war drop) on an 
easterly course at noon on 21 August. Contact was lost owing to fog, 6 
batteries were located on Dickson Island., r The sea area is being patrolled 
by air forces. 



• • 

22 Aug. 1943 tXMffroiNTIAL 

2. Q^_Si tuat ion 

The escort service accompanied 29 north bound ships and 33 south 
bound ships o 10 ships were held up by lack of escort, 

With approach of the dark season. Naval Command,, faorway anticipates 
a further increase of the already lively enemy PT boat activity, and has 
again requested that the possibility of sending suitable vessels to reinforce 
the defense be -investigated* ■ 

The assignment of a PT boat flotilla and a motor-minesweeper flotilla 
and the allotment of armed traxvlers with 3-" cm guns is considered specially 
urgent If it is still .impossible to reinforce the Norwegian forces > the 
Naval Command suggests that at least the B'ch PT boat flotilla should again 
be made available upon completion of docking and that a larger fuel quota be 
provided so that the available forces may be fully utilized. 

The crew and the equipment of the 3V 138 plane vhich made an emergency 
landing were picked up by one of our submarines. The wrecked plane was sunk 
in AT 2513 . 

IV. Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entranc es, Batlic S ea 

1. Enemy Situation 

^ir activity in Kronstadt Bay was especially strong on 21 and 22 
August o At times , up to 60 planes were observed, 5 of which were shot down 
by naval, air and army anti-aircraft guns. Losses in material and personnel 
were small, however* Parachute shock troops were landed south of the 
coastal air strip. Kronstadt Bay was for a while screened by smoke probably 
to protect important shipping traffic. Patrol boat traffic between Kronstadt 
and Leningrad, was heavy 

An engagement took place between Finnish and Russian patrol boats 
northeast of Seiskari. A Russian convoy was attacked by Finnish P.T boats 
east of Seiskari without" results being observed 

. According to a Finnish report, there were 1 submarine, 4 mine- ... 
sweepers, 10 motor-minesweepers, and 8 patrol boat's on a westerly course east 
of Lavansaari at 2005 on 21 August* 

2. Own Situation 


A sea - rescue boat was damaged by an explosive charge in Copenhagen., ' 
A cable was also destroyed* " """ 

One ELM/ J mine was sv.ept off Fredericia 



^| 22 Aug, 1943 CuNFID J ^TIaL 

The wreck of the GN2I3E1\UU was again circled by a low-flying ' 'Swedish 
plane at 2006 on 21 August,, warning shots were fired and it flew off. 
Coastal Defense West has been requested to report why the plane was 'not 
shelled vigorously. 

One EDi/j mine was swept north of Sassnitz, 

- ■ ■ ... . . I. 

The approach channels to Helsinki have been closed due to suspected 
. mines , 1st Motor-mine sweeper Flotilla has completed the lOO^o sweep "west of 
the Seeigel minefield. A total ' of three mines were- swept south of Tytters 
and north of Tallin. 

Vr Submarine Warfare 

a : 

Nothing to report,, 

VIo Aeria l W arfare ■ ' •' 

British Isle s and J2£i££& 

Cne Mosquito plane was shot down 120 miles wes;t of Brest and one 
Wellington plane 130 miles west of 0rtegal o 

During the day, the enemy attacked airfields in the Jest Area with' 'fighter 
bombers,, fighters, and light bombers „ 7 Spitfires were shot down, 6 of them 
by fighters o 

316 enemy planes flew into Reich territory during the night of 22 August » 
..A small group ..'laid mines "in the area of Schiermonikoog / Heligolandr' Approx- 
imately 300 planes raided various places and industrial plants^in the Rhine- 
land, Damage was slight. 5 enemy planes were shot down. 

14 ME..410 and 7 fighter-bombers -were sent out to attack airfields in 
.the Cambridge area. 

•i . 

. ^ Mediterranean Theater 

—~ — --• — • • .-. -. ...,,.. 

Our Air Force carried 'out reconnaissance '; 'An action by 4 'planes' against 
ships northwest of Bizerta was unsuccessful. 

At noon, 60 enemy planes attacked, the railroad and main roads near 
.. Salerno, Our fighters shot doim; 13 enemy- planes. At the- sane time, small 
enemy forces attacked' Prevesay losing" 2 'more planes, Salerno was again 
.raided during the night of '£2 August , 

9 planes were engaged supplying rebels in the Balkan, 

- . ■ 


22 Aug. 1943 - OONFIDMTIAL 

" E aster n Fr:r.: 

102 enemy planes were shot down on the Army Front on 20 August 

VI I, "fa r fare in the Mediterr anea n and Black Se a 

. o special reports have been received from Gibraltar and the ~ "ester r. 
Kediterranean, .-according to an Italian report, a DIDC-class cruiser arrived 
in the afternoon from th-3 Atlantic. 

according to final interpretation of photographic reconnaissance of 
Bizerta made on the morning of 21 August there -were present; 1 monitor 3 5 
light cruisers, 4 destroyers, 9 MSB, 2? MTB, 229 landing craft including 69 
1ST j several auidliary naval vessels, 62 freighters for 279*000 GiCT. and 11 
tankers of 51,000 GRT as well as one passenger ship of 5,00C 13T C 

Cur air reconnaissance reported 5 ships en a southeasterly course 4C miles 
rtheast of Cape Bon at 1330 o 

The east bound convoy off the coast of Cyrenaica was again spotted at 0626^ 
19 miles northwest of 3idi 3arani in the strength cf 15 steamers and 3 tanker s< 
Part of this convoy probably entered Tobruko 

Air activity was remarkably slack and, according to radio intelligence; 
was limited to the Gulf of Genoa and the arsas east and west of Corsica 

Submarine positions were reported in the Straits of Ctranto and 20 miles 
south of Toulon, /it the latter position, the 5rU3D&NBUrC and PGMiiSHN were 

unsuccessfully attacked by a triple spread of torpedoes 

2, Q-./n Situation Mediterran ea n / Sea Transport Situation 

No special reports have- been received from our surface naval vessels,, 

Submarine U "431" contacted a formation of two AUBQt&— class cruisers 
and 3 destroyers 65 miles north-northwest of Palermo, and torpedoed a 
cruiser viiich was brought to a stop e Five minutes later ^ the submarine picked 
up the sound cf another explcsion 

3n 2C .vugust, ship's anti-aircraft on the German steamer PORT DS BOUC 
tot down 2 energy planes at Tcrre Annunziata e Enemy planes unsuccessfully 
attacked war freighter KT "S", 10 miles northeast of-'Bastia during the 
night of 20 August and tanker LANGANffial .off Civitavecchia in the afternoon 

if 21 August* 

- ■ 

1 Italian: torpedo beat, 2 corvettes, 2 anti-aircraft corvettes, 3 
subnariJG.a- chasers^ and 4 motor-minesweepers were engaged in the escort service- 



22 Aug. 1943 CuSFjD ^.TIAL 

13 steamers , 3 tankers, and war freighter KT "8" were escorted 

Enemy torpedo planes ineffectively 'attacked a Sardinia convoy 
shortly after midnight on 23 August 30 miles south of Bastia, At noon on 
22 August air raids were made on Salerno and Avellino . 

According to a report from Chief, Supply and Transport, Italy, the 
figures on transportation across the Straits of Messina have 'risen to: • 

38,836 soldiers 
5,069 wounded 
10,356 vehicles 
110 guns 
47 tanks 
1,122 tons of ammunition 
970 tons of fuel 
15,736 tons of equipment 

3 • Area Ilaval Gr oup South 

Aegean S ea 

Specially active enemy air reconnaissance over the Aegean Sea and 
Greek area was observed during the day and night of 21 Augusta Two Italian 
ships were damaged in two attacks on Prevesa on 21 August, Our defense 
was ineffective „ On 22 August, Italian anti-aircraft guns shot down 2 
planes in another low level attack on Prevesa, 

At 0615, the steamer OrllOK was damaged by sabotage in the port of 
Piraeu and sank to the bottom,, Otherwise, there is nothing to reportc 

B lack Se a 

Enemy ^Situation 

According to radio intelligence, there were 2 destroyers 20 miles 
southeast of Adler at 0500 probably returning from the area of Novorcssisk 
to the southeast o Altogether, 4 submarines were observed in the Black Sea 
Cooperation between submarines and aerial reconnaissance was observed in 
the northwestern part of the Black Sea 

Own S ituat ion 

In the morning, submarine U "24" sank a tug by gun fire southeast of 
Adler, As the gun went out of action, two more smaller craft were blown up 



22 Aug, 1943 CQNFID^TIAL 

The boat is returning to Thecdosia with 6 prisoners on board. No other 
special incidents were reported,, 

VIII. Sit uat ion East A si a 

Nothing,- to report. 



23 Aug. 1943 

Tteins of Political Importance 

Nothing to report. 

c: t ..'il 

-.- j 

Coniarence on the Situation with Chiefs Naval Staff -'was' cancelled owing 
to the meeting between Commander in Chief, Na"vy and Chi3f, Armed Forces 
Hirh Common i. '• ' " 

Saecia.l Items 

;-.j- ^^-••- - 

The Naval liaison Officjr attached to Italian Comma Rder, Submarines, 

Bordeaux report bi 

vo' '. ,. ; 

1. according to the Italian engineer attached to the formation, 20 
midget submarines were under construction in August. -An order "for another 
series of 60 boats will be issued in September. .-. . 

2„ The new Under-5ecr3tarv of State for the Italian ?Javy, Admiral 
Ferreri, is generally regarded with favor, as he is known as a straight •" '» 
forward and energetic of ficer. \ '. 

-• : 

3. Officers who have recently returned from Italy report a stiffening 

in the relations between the Armed Forces and the population. The conviction 
that it is necessary to continue fighting is growing among Italian officers 
but, at the moment, this feeling is subdued due to the obscure situation which 
is felt to exist bstween the two- government s> The idea Germanv hav little 
inclination to cooperate with the 3adoglio Government, obviously put .'about by 
enemy propaganda, is gaining ground, Grossi and many more of' the best Italian 
officers are deeply concerned at the rumors and the effective enemy propaganda 
in regard to the alleged activities of Farinacci who is.isaid to have spoken 
over Radio Munich. \ connection is seen between this and the .order from 
Rome for the confiscation of all private radios. Qrossi stresses" the great 
danger of such rumors with r^s^ect to the fighting spirit of the Italian 
officers who are backing the government cat, this lecisive .moment in which X 
all good patriots are Jhopinr on IV for concentration of effort n nd continuation 
of the strucrle. Sven pro-Fascist officers who favor the idea of a Fascist 
form of government at a later date, are at the moment, opposed "to any 
internal political disturbance b Tr Fascism and especially by Farinacci, ^s-. , . 
.it, would result in Italy's military collapse. It is therefore hoped that - 
CJermariV will help to take steos :; gainst these rumors whose effect is increas- 
ingly dangerous. 

Operations Division, Naval Staff has forwarded the rerort to Operations 
Branch, Armed Forces High Command, Navy and Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters 
adding that Commander in C u ief , Navy is anxious for the Fuehrer to be 


. • ■-'- ■ • ' " ' 



23 Aug, 1943 CuNFID£UTI. tL 

situation en 23 August 19 A3 

Ig ". ar in Foreign '.a ters 

1 o Enemy S ituat ion 
Nothing to reports 

2« Own Sit uation 

Naval attache j Tokyo reports that the QUITO arrived in Fenang on 
20 august after having been unsuccessfully attacked by a submarine south of 
the port 3 ( See P a ^ e 308 for the remainder 3f- this category). 

II. Situati on ".."est Area 

1 Enemy Situa tion 

57 planes were observed over the outer Bay of Biscay up to 43 north 
and approximately 15 "west- concentrating between 1000 and 1500 c 6 British 
vessels were located during the course of the day in AL, AM, BF and E3„ 
In addition, radio intelligence picked up several British reports on the 
sighting of and attacks by our planes „ 

Our air reconnaissance reported at 1635* 4 British torpedo boats on 
course 60 in BF 7923 and, at 1640, 1 cruiser and 3 destroyers en various 
courses in BF 7915 ° Both repcrts evidently refer to the same format! on 
2 British FT beats were also sighted at 1935 on course 210° in BF 1927o 

2 Own Situation 

Atlanti c Coast 

On 21 August, one ELil/j mine was swept off Lorient, on 22 August one 
ELft/j mine off La Pallice and two ELM/J off St„ Nazaire 

Operations Staff, Commander in Chief, Air Force reports that Commander 
in Chief, Air Force has given permission for the use of the "Kehlgcraet" 
as requested by Naval Staff (see -Jar Diary 22 August) and 3 r ^ Air Force has 
received corresponding orders for 23 August,, 

Channel Coast 

Nothing to re port 
III, North Sea, Norway, Northern r . "at ers 


^ 23 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

North Sea 

One ELM/j mine was swept off Terschelling, one off Borkura, and one 
off Heligoland,, 

At 2200 on 22 August while leaving from Helder, Minesweeper M ,! 3414" 
ran aground owing to engine trouble u 

At 1040 on 23 August, 8 enemy fighters attacked 34th Mine sweeper 
Flotilla and harbor defense boats engaged on salvage \-rork, causing heavy 
casualtieso Ii±nesweeper"M "3414" "ws-s towed into Den Helder, At 2100, -an -■ 
enemy fighter strafed the sick quarters of the port medical officer at Dun- 
kirk,, without any great effect*, 

6 boats of 13th Patrol Boat Flotilla with motor minesweeper escort 
Sliip ELBE transferred from the Elbe to the Hock taking with thorn the "HOHLSTAB 
241" in-towo 

Noryj ay / Northern . atcr s 

1 Kftoay Situation- , • 

20 planes in operation were observed over the North Sea At 
fc 0415 } Russian batteries fired 345 rounds at a convoy putting into Petsamo 

Air activity by small forces was reported in the evening of .22 August and on 
23 August from the areas of Kirkenes andVardoe, southwest of Stavanger and 
north of Haugesund 1 plane was shot down by our Air Force near Kirkenes ^ 

According to air reconnaissance, there were 2 small merchantmen on 
a southerly course off Kan in Noss, 1 merchantman south of Kolgujew, and 1 
freighter on an easterly course west of the Kara Straits In ad. it ion ; 
2 patrol boats were seen off Kanin Noss and 1 patrol boat on an easterly course 
south of Kolgujew In the western area of 5th Air Force, 1 steamer of 2,000 
G.iT was detected off Jan. May en and another steamer of about the same size 
with a plane on board, off the east coast of Greenland,, : .nile approaching 
the latter position, our plane was shelled by the ship and by shore batteries 

2 Own Situati on 

One Russian type M 31 mine was cut on the south coast of the Varan- 

The convoy putting into Petsamo reports one man killed and :u wounded 
by enemy fire„ One of our submarines stationed east of the Straits of Den- 
mark has been ordered to operate against the vessels reported by our air reconn- 
aissance off Jan i-ayen and off the east coast of Greenland,, 



23- ;.u--. 1943 CCNFTD-lT.TL.L 

ather bservation ship KOBURG has arrived in- Narvik. . 

The TIRPITZ, with Common in.- kdmirai, Cruisers -on b arl, carried out 

f irinc { ro ctice in the Altaf iord during the day. 

24 ships 'wer: escorted to' the north aftd 19 shirs t> the south. 
Owin- to lack of escort, 16 ships were 'held up in the area t>£ the Arctic 

T.', Ska o^rrak, Baltic Sea En trances, Baltic Sea 

1 • Snerry S ituation 

The internal p litical situation in Denmark has been a^cravatei by 
the outbreak of strikes at Frederikshavn, Sevendb^rr* Odense, and Aalborr. 
At 1630, a clash tvecurred between a mob in Frederikshavn arid Glorma.n sol. Hers 
who were obliged to use their fire arms several tines. After strong sh^ck 
troops ha 1 ^een brought up, calm was restored at 2300. The steamer NORDEN 
(962 CRT) was damaged by a magnetic explosive charge in t.hj port jT Ska^en. 

Detailed Situation Reports were made "at. noon and in the ev^ninr by 
mandinr Admiral, Denmark, For copies as per l/Skl 23^27 and 23697/43 Gkdos. 
see > r ar Diar37", Part C, Volume III. - Commanding Admiral, Denmark concludes his 

rer >rt statinp that the Ibvy's increasing responsibilities in and after takinr 
over power are being tackled in close understand in r with Commanding General, 
Arm rces and Command in.r- Admiral^ Defenses' Baltic '- 

There was very heaver harassing bombardment in Kronsta It Ba,y and 
lively ! iair activity in the coastal ares, From 1900 - 2200, Uritzk, Lenin~ra '., 
and the Karelian Coast were heavily smoke-screened by alanes. Attacks 
in c ~- any strength- were made at about 1900" north of the Uritzka front, 
after artillery preparati ns- and aerial bombardiaent. The attacks wore repulsed. 

■Several air attacks were made on our bar rare patrol forces in the S^ei- 
1 area and on our mine sweepers in the islariA area. .?• . ■ 

: T ~v^l Command, Baltic concurs in and has forwarded the following 
Situation Report from Admiral, Baltic Countries: : 

"The repeated r^^cent -sffioke-scre^ninr of the .sea area between 
Kronstadt, Leningrad, and Oranienbaum with similtaneous heavy bombinr 
attacks n coastal battery positions and artillory bombardment of the 
astal are; arid hinterland with'-' the. aim f silencing our batteries by 
y and nirht, indicate that iSfcft&Hw&lit shipping traffic, 'is eroin/r on 
in this . It has not been"? *ss±ble to observe -the direction or 

jodoent >f the traffic. ■ Ito is therefore possible that' there have boon 
vements into >r out of the Oranienbaun ^ock^t. Furthermore, an 



23 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

increase in t we-- traffic from Kronstadt to" Lavarisaari has recently ' een 
•bserved*. Nearly every soond day, 5 : ta 8 tugs with barges nut into 
Lavansaari with strong' mine sweepers., patrol boat, and rioter-minesweeper •■; '• - 
esc rt. At the. same time, more planes have lately -been coming in -and , nr. 

jut^of- Saiskari -airfield. The Russian Air Force^n more active .-. 
in ths sea area of Tyutyars / Hogland (numerous attacks by large forfrati >ns 
on >ur naval forces), According to an agent's report received by '■'■ '■ 

Army Group North, the Russian 71st Naval Rifle Brigade has been holding 
landing exercises on Lake Lyubenska inside the Oranienbaum ] "^cket, 
allegedly training sh ;>ck troops for use against the coast or the islands. 
All these, signs indicate -that the enemy appears to be planning operations 
to be carried out, if _ necessary, in connection with actions at other 
places. admiral, Baltic Countries has ordered, an- increased alert in 
his coastal area and. for the island of Tyutyars.-'. ^ ,_ • 

2. Own Situation 

-.11 tasks were carried jut according to plan in the area of C.jmmandinf! - 
;.±riir?l, Defense • Baltic. , 

Owing to a collision with target ship BOLKOBURG, submarine U "670" 
sank in the Bay of Danzig, ; at 2330 on 20. August.. 21 men , are missing. . 

100% sweep of the exercise area for the Training formation Fleet 
west :>f ..Rixhoeft was continued;,. 

Fifteen mines and three explosive floats-have been swept since. 21 

August in the . submarine- chasing area west of. Seei^el by. Finnish boats and -bv 

1st rotor Minesweeper Flotilla, 

-. . t ■ 

The Finns report the loss of the mine shin RIILAKTI.- during the night 
of 22 August f)ll:>wing an attack by 6 enemy PT boats off H'.KLand. ' Ah" 
engagement took place between Finnish and Russian patrol bo.ats near Deman- 
steinbank. Hits were observed on the enemy vessels.' 

Naval Command, Baltic has requested permission .-to use 5.50 gjMG . •. v . . 
mines from existing stocks and a new allotment of 700 buoys with anti- 
sweep, cutters for the necessary ■ reinforc^menti jf the Seoirel barrages. 

. . . JoJ ■■<:■:. ':. • ; , '• ' I \J 
Naval Staff has approved the plans and has ordered that 130 UMB 

mines, 3,69 ET'C mines,,, 138. M 12. mines ^ and. ^23 FKC mines be : drawn fur this 

purpose, .from the. Naval' Command's stocks 'arid, the additional .allotment of, 

700 buoys with .anti-sweep".. cutters,' as ' request e. ''. 

V. ouomarme Warfare 

, „■.■ - ..... ' 1.? , ,r ,' - •» fr :■: . . -■ 

1. anemy oixuation ; 

■'j^'-Z '■/ i«. '. . :r . ... ■ 



23 Aug. 1943 cckfiih-:ti.-.l . 

k group of several destroyers , joined occasionally by a cruiser, 
3 for several days been cruising on varying courses off the northwest 
ccrne*' of Spain at a distance of 20 to 200 miles from the coast (Ccmpar& 
Situation "est .-j?ea ) This is evidently the patrol group Which is directed 
by planes in attacking our submarines. Action against them with the 
Kehlgeraet 11 has been ordered (see Situation "est Area) u 

2 Own Situation 

Submarine U "197 :l is unable to submerge after an enemy air attack 
en 20 August in KQ 825C Two submarines in the vicinity have been sent 
to assist her Submarine U "664" and tanker-submarine U "525" must 
unfortunately be considered lost© The supplying of altogether 9 boats has 
had to be taken over by submarine U "647" a nd will be carried out in 
DF £635. 

An experienced naval officer and a "Hagenuk" apparatus were put on 
board the incoming Japanese submarine FLXEDEH by submarine U "l6l" accord- 
ing to plaa« 

.-.3 expected, no reports of successes in the Indian Ocean or the 
Atlantic have been reoei^edo 

Operations Division, Naval Staff has advised Submarine Division 
of the experiences in anti-merchant ship warfare in J ihe Indian Ocean 
forwarded^ upon request, by the Japanese Navy through the Japanese Liaison 
Officer, For eepy of decree as per l/3kl I cpa 23683/43 Gkdos 3 see ~..~ar 
ir-y, Fart C, Volume I 

71 « serial "Jarfare 

Brit is h Is l es and Vicinity 

142 planes of 3rd Air Force were engaged in the West Area and 14 
planes in the Mediterranean „ 

2 enemy planes were shot down by Ju 8S during the morning in the sea 
area 170 miles north -north west of Cape 0rtegal o 

During the day, enemy air forces in medium strength flew into the 
occupied western areas, making a bombing raid en St, Omer and gunfire attacks 
on 34th Minesweeper Flotilla between Texel and ymuiden. One reconnaissance 
plane was reported in the afternoon in the Giessen / Cassel ares. 

During the night of 23 August, about 300 - i|00« 4 engined aiemy 
bombers, which flew in 7 waves over the Baltic Sea entrances at 223 r >, 
carried out a heavy raid on Berlin, The attacks were concentrated en the 


23 Aug. 1943 C ONFIDEN TIAL 

residential areas at'S^eglitz., S-e-hoeneberg, T . : ilmersdorf , Tempelhof f Lank- 
witz, and Suedende Industrial plants at, Mar iendcrf ?iere seriously affected,, 
rlail installations in the Potsdamer: and ' Ari i alter districts were also put out 
'of action c " According: to reports so far received 50 planes were certainly 
shot down,' mainly by night fighters. .This figure however is probably not 
final c The enemy evidently scattered bombs systematically over a wide strip 
from the Teltow area in -the south to the north , which included the above- 
mentioned traffic lines at the .Potsdamer and . Anhalber statd ns, but did not 
go as far as the governmental district The Navy is affected mainly by the 
••-^i- damage to the precision-tool industries.) the power plants and engine- building 
works o Some of the establishments of High Command, Navy located in the 
west of the city were also more or less seriously damagedo 

10 of our fast .bombers were seav., yx: > at tack. air fields in the 
- : ' -Cambridge area during the night of 23 .Augusta- . 

Medit err anca n Th eat er 

On. the night of .22 August? 95 of our bombers attacked Palermo where 

■ hits were scored on 11 vessels totaling 55..000 GRT and on 2 destroyers 

and 1 probable cruiser Of ^ese^ 2 vessels for 9^000 GRT and 2 probable 

destroyers were probably sunk. Further damage was caused to 5 vessels 

for 22,000 GRT and 4 vessels. for 24,000 GRT and a probable cruiser Large 

fires among the- port installations .were notedo. Our Air Force also carried . 

"out reconnaissanceo 

<c •' ' y 

About 70 enemy planes made mainly isolated attacks during the 'morn- 
ing on Southern Sardinia, and, .about,. noon .strong .enemy .bomber formations 
approached Naples ; but were .driven off by, our "fighters before dropping any 
i bombso The number, of planes shot down has, not yet. been reported. In 

addition^ the airfield at Monte Corvino, northeast of Salerno, was attacked 
by 32 planes, "*"* ;t ' n " MX: "'■'" 

In the afternoon, Bari was attacked by enemy force's 'whose strength 
is not yet known,, A four-engined enemy plane flew over Rome during > '4:he 
night of 23 .'August, without ^attacking, .and 2 planes .flew, over Savona dropping 
oamnhlets. ' ' " ** ••-■•■'•'- 


o c 

■ v - ' ;'/.- : ' . " .:"• '\. 

Easte rn" Front '-;. , . , _ '_' 

••■•-■' ..;•;, ; .■ l i&v - , ; . . ■ ■ . . ■ . . r 

98 enemy planes were shot down on the Army Front on' 21' August, 
VII o "vJarfar e-i in;. the Mediterranean / and Black Sea 

1 Enemy Situa . tion Medite rranean 

; • i ■ - 

The large convoy which was approaching the Straits of Gibraltar 

. . 



23 Aug, 1943 C^PIPJflTIAL 

from the Atlantic on the evening of 22 ^ugust was spotted and reported from 
Tangier s and Cape Spartel in the strength of about 70 vessels. According to 
a report from Ceuta, 11 freighters, 1 auxiliary cruiser* and 1 tug from Gibraltar 
joined this convoy. On the other hand;, 1 transport,. 8 freighters and 1 ' 

tanker from the convoy put into Gibraltar-, This large convoy was reported 
at 1400 south of Alboran in strength of 79 merchantmen, i cruiser, and 10 
escort vessel-So .V" 

'■•'-••.''•'; l ; ■ ■■'.•■ 

At 0600, a convoy of 15 transports (from 14,000 to 22,000 G^T ': 
each) with I, destroyers and 3 corvettes passed -east-wards from the Atlantic ' 
through the Straits of Gibraltar Of these, 4 transports, 1 auxiliary air- 
craft carrier, and 3 destroyers entered Gibraltar -Hie rest of the convoy 
passed south of Alboran at 1530, 

3 freighters with a fee escort vessels from a small convoy which was 
reported to be making for the Mediterranean off Cape Spartel at 1G00, pro- 
ceeded into the Mediterranean, while a fourth freighter put into Gibraltar » 

A. CAIrtO-class cruiser left port for the Mediterranean at 0800, 
and an aircraft carrier of the ILLUSTiTlIuUS-class, 3 auxiliary aircraft 
carriers, a'DIDO-class cruiser p and 6 destroyers left in the same direction 
at C945o «.t 1730 the group re turned to- port 

At I848, 60 miles east of Alboran, our air reconnaissance spotted 
3 aircraft carriers., 2 cruisers, and 8 patrol boats en an easterly course, 
proceeding at high speed, evidently going out to meet a convoy coming from 
the easto 

, - - • < * ■ 

No sighting reports have been received from the Western, Central, 
or Eastern Mediterranean „ According to aerial photographs, there were 
13 freighters, 1 tanker, 1 hospital ship, ani a few landing vessels- in Syracuse 
at noon on 23 August „ 

■a. One submarine was reported at 0845* 15 miles nor th -north vrest of 

2, Own Situation Mediterranean .-/ Sea" Tr anspo rt Situation 

■■»■■- ■ ■ ■■■ ■ 1 ■ 1 . , ■ - ■■■*■ ■ - ■■ — ■- ■ r « ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ 11 1 11 ■ ■ I 1 ■ ■ mi ■ —■■■ ■ ■ ■ 1 w 1 ■ nn 

Submarine U "380" sank a freighter' of 6,000 GftT at 19-27 in CJ 8687* 
This is one of our two submarines stationed north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian 
Sea, The third boat of this group has been transferred to the Western 
Mediterranean +.....■ 

The B^DENBUfG/POMMExftl mine operation has been delayed due "to the 

delayed arrival of the mines*.. 

■ ■ - . . 

Convoy traffic was carried out according to piano • -'-On the night of 


-80C-: - 



•qurod §urq.aaui pajjaouBo aqq. jcj a^-era TITq.g ^eai gauTJBiiqns aqq: 

q.Bqq. A'q.TTrqTggod aqq. jo paiuojur aq audja Ja qq. • pTTioqg gaojcj agau-ed^f aqq. pu-e 

V3FI.IH3 8 "-l^ f a-[qT99od JI^[ aq "TITM- gnoAzapuaj aqq. q.Bqq. paaquBjienS aq q.ouu-eo 

Ti 'VTldjY 9T Q uo ^iTBT'oadsa 9uoTq.Tpu6-6- SuTATaoaj' otpbj p-eq-oq. anp 'qjeqq. q.nq 

'quTod t^utSTjo aqq/q-^ 9ndAzapuaJ oq. pauapjo >jaaq aA-eq gauTJt^uqns aqq. q^qq. 

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^61 °Sn V C Z 


24 Aug. 1?43 CCNF1DB» T :IAL 

Tt_ms'cT Political Importance 

Accor&ing to the' United Press, it is being persistently rumored in 
Quebec that the Allies are asking Turkey to allow 'naval' ships to pass bhrou 
the Dardanelles so as to enable them to send reinforcements to 'the Russians 

in the Black Sea. 

i . 

It. is very probable that the Russians would not welcome foreign nav 1 
'forces' in the , Black Sea., 'especially British. It ■• is -learned f rom Anglo- 
American sources that the purpose of Hoare's meeting -with Franco was to demand 
that Spain should maintain an attitude of strict neutrality. This was not 
an. ultimatum but a warning. 'It is also believed that the problem of Tangiers 
w-s discussed. :i . ..-. 

Conference ! on the Situation with Chief of. Staff, Naval Staff 

1 *: : : — r 

No special reports or decisions were made. 

Aft.r the Conference on the Situation, Chief, Naval Staff left for 
Fuehrer "eadquarters . 

Special Items - Mediterranean Theater 

j. J - 

a. In accordance with the views of Operations Division, Naval Staff 
(see War Diary of 22 August) on the occupation of the-. Ionian Islands- 
including Corfu, Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command ha. s decided 
that : 

1. Cephalenia M nd Zant'o :are already or will be ^mediately occu 

2. L-vkas -nd 'jCorfu will be occupied in operation "Achs..." 

e o'r.'li ".pf- 

3. Since we have onlv a limited number of forces in the Balk- 
area, the occupation of the islands will also have to be on.-a. limited 
seal.. Therefore only 2 battalions are scheduled "for Corfu'."' — 

4. Commanding General^ ..rmod Forces, South has been "informed by 

Operations Staff , Arm id- Forces .High Command. _ Special notification of 
Croup 36ut'h''is therefore unnecess-'r^, ; ; ,-j ■•- 

. i :' • ' . ■ ;■'..'■■: 

b. German Naval Liaison Command Toulon has reported to-- Group ' est': 

According to a letter from; the Royal Italian 4th Army High Comm-nd, 
forwarded me by Ilariprovenza, (Italian Naval Command, Provence) the 
Italian troops will withdrew. to., the oast bank of the River Var (iu*».r 
• oic'j) --.t. the beginning of September, ; Only the Italian 1st Army Command 
with several: ..coastal divisions will remain west .of the Var at . Grasse . 
and will be subordinated tor the 4th Armv. T /Jhile remaining in Toulon' 1 

■ - : .; ' -. -■ 

C0 T : \L 

24 Augc 1943 CQivTID ZUTIAL' 

with its present fu: c ions and strength, Mariprovenza is to be removed 
from the authority ;f the 4th Army, and is to be subordinated to 
Aj-my Group Felber .v b Naval Group ."est,),," 

Group West rei 0: bs on this subject: 

"Immediate c^ itact made by Chief of Staff, Naval Grcuo West vdth Chief 
of Staff, Comma j iug General, 'est revealed that they had received a 
similar report ? aci that Commanding General, Armed Forces, ". T est had at 
once proposed t > Liaison Staff, Armed Forces, that Toulon should come 
entirely under Jterman command. Group West supports this view, partic- 
ularly because of the importance of the Toulon submarine base, and 
plans to reinforce the coastal defenses after Commanding Admiral, Southern 
French Coast has been established^ Group Test requests that this demand 
be firmly supported vdth Operations Staff, Armed Forces » n 

Situation on 2k August 1943 

X War i n Forei gn T-aters 

1° Enemy Si.-ti iati . on 

Nothing to report,, 

2 a Own Situation 

Naval Attache, Tokyo reports that AQUTLa III is being held back 
and recommends that it would be advisable not to inform the Japanese on the 
plans for "nichel" until after crossing the equator as it is possible that 
they may object to a passage through the North Pacific* 

II. Situation ".'est Area 

1. Enemy Situation 

50 planes were detected over the uter Bay of Biscay up to 12° 
west, mainly between 21CC on 24 August, and 0400, on 25 August,, One British 
vessel was detected at 2215 in BF 8490, one at 2346 in BF 1440 and one at 
2347 in &£ 9520 

Our air reconnaissance reported: 

At 1135* 1 American coast guard cutter of the CAYUGa- class and 2 
Spanish freighters on a southerly course in BF 7867, at 1145/ 4 torpedo boats, 
1 corvette and 1 merchantman on course 40 in BF 7946; at 1224, 2 destroyers 
on a southerly course in BF 7867; and at 1900, 1 cruiser and 5 destroyers, 
probably identical with the formation reported at 1144, in BF 7121 


24 Aug 1943 C0NFIDEUT3AL 

riccording to an intelligence report, fishermen from La Corufia ob- 
served 6 American wax-ships 20 miles off the coast on an easterly course 
at 1200 o This report may also refer to the formation observed by air 
reconnaissance at 1144 and 1900 „ 

2 Own Situation 

Atlantic Coast 

One ELM/j mine was swept off the Gironde on 23 August P At 1130 on 24 
August in Rouen-, the staamer jSTFxtlESL&ND (6,000 GAT) was damaged by fire 
started by welding work. The fire was extinguished by flooding, 

Channel C oast 

The Channel Island convoy was unsuccessfully attacked by enemy planes 
during the night of 23 August 

III, North Sea, Norway, Northern Uater s ••.-.•■ — ■ 

lo North_Soa •■ • .---••-- 

One iXM mine was swept off Terschelling on 23 August. One SLM/j 
mine was swept on 24 August off Schiermonikoog and one off Norderney 
Aerial mines are suspected to have been dropped between Borkum and Norderney 
during the night of 24 August, 

Convoy and escort service in. the area of Commanding Admiral, Defenses 
North was carried out according to plan 

On 23 august at 2017., mineswaeping groups •■ of 13th and 20th Patrol 
Boat Flotillas were bombed and strafed by 24 enemy planes prot acted by 12 
Spitfire fighters in AN 8317o .'Phosphorus incendiary bombs exploded about 
50 meters above the sea 3 All. the boats were slightly damaged,. 5 me n were 
seriously wounded and 11 men slightly wounded,, 3 of the attacking planes 
were shot down. For brief report, see teletype 0900 

Details of another enemy air attack on 23 August against boats of 
34th Minesweeper Flotilla south of Texel are contained in the Flotilla ' s 
brief report. Copy as per teletype 0850 In this case too, several boats 
were slightly damaged and there were some casualties 2 of the attacking 
planes were shot down 

Patrol boats 1314/15 'had an ineffective engagement with enemy PT 
boats off Helder at 2020 While putting out from Ymuiden at 2248 on 24 
August, 34th Minesweeper Flotilla sighted 4 vessels of destroyer size 
7-8 miles away When asked for recognition signals, the boats withdrew 


• !943 i " ---"~~ 

Fie res - :•_ fir Hit revc 1 n. ig. 

In the ---.ruj:: forces jf Heligoland Bi " ight er Conn 

20 to 30 rr.jtjr vessels with sails pnd nil r t>. ts, protected 
~.r pi . in -AN 6530 arid. 6610. ; vessels w^rc : U and s. 

7 lis i 2vid -■■ t ':r-:; c rescue actdon jr an exchange 
of Danish ltSj _>r b_»th. There might well be * Large-scale sys1 

air-sea rescue operation und in ion -with the^^ is 

ir r n id on Berlin. Our planes were sent out tj attack the y -3, 

sinking 1 2nd Inma^ing 6. Further operations .- forcee jf -.1 .1 

Fighter Cjomand are planned fjr 25 august. Naval Cjtmaand Njrth~fias 

i :j:c. tj patrol the se* ^r;u between 54 J and 56 J ::, .2-> end 7;E 
for th xt few ch?ys 3 in jrd«r tj find out the enemy's plans." 

Ir. the sarly rr.jrning h^urs jf 2L ^ugust, single plrnes attacked 
Hoemur. 'r.i "esterland with limited success. Hangar I jf the air base 
re was badly damaged, several planes were burned, the anti— aircraft 
t /:;r was completely destroyed r r.i the 2-cm r ircr-ft s fcrerc 

jut jf action. 7hr:3 men were killed. 

2. Norway / Northern 

, _ ■ C" 

-r.~-r." 5i~u"~ ion 

Thirtv— five planes in operation were detected over the Njwrth Seai 
- PT-boat jn 3terly cjurse was sighted in the 3ntr?nee~of the Byfioi 

ring the nie-ht jf 23 August. In the morning, s reconnaissance plane f] 
jver the Cslofiori at high altitude. 

Cv.r. 5itur~~ior. 

Six ships were ascorted tj the north r nd four tj z'r^ sjuth ir. the 
n of admiral, ' : .~j :. = -., "Jj 2jrr:j-- traffic was carried ju: in the sr 
jf the "jrth Cjast. Nj reports have been received from the Arctic Cjast 
hie to breakdown of comnninicati jns. 

r H "5209" ran aground at noon jr. 23 august, south jf 

arine U "63<6" has reported completion jj her in 7 1 sk i: 

ixroUf Korth Fleet sntirely -/•_ 5 iir. the as of enei 

vaj. GoHfiianjdj ijrv.i;- ~nd supoorts the rrjijE^.l -j 
fo] . escort forces jLn view jf th ; in n;:~s^ in shipping traffic saused 
illation jt - .sit traffic throur jden. 77- most suifabl: vessels 

"j be Type 2+0 mines*.-/ rs and mot or-minesweepers, r = 77- 

. I blc fjr patrol w, 7 consumption for tjrpjdj 


CC [FIDE n/i 

24 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

boats in constant action would be too high. PT-boats however could probablv 
be used to great advantage against the cruiser and destroyer raids into the 
Stadtlandet area that are anticipated in the winter. The group therefore 
recommends that a PT-boat flotilla be allotted as well. 

Naval Staff has decided as follows: 

a. Reinforcement of the Norwegian forces would bo possible only 
at the expense of other areas. Enemy activity, however, is increasing 
squally in all areas, so that any displacement of forces is impossible. 

b. It is planned to use Sth ?T-Boat Flotilla in the Channel. Mo 
decision has yet been taken in regard to transferring the 9th PT-Boat 

' .- Flotilla to Norway. 

c. While the request for a higher fuel quota is admitted to be 
fully justified, it cannot be met because" of the critical fuel situation 
caused b^ r the urgent and increased requirements elsewhere* 

Group North/Fleet reports that there is no change in the assessment 
of the situation in the Western Siberian Sea as on 20 August. According to 
submarine r;ports, the West-East traffic is expected to start and is already 
assumed to be passing through the Wilkitzkis Straits. No West-East traffic 
has yet been observed. The total amount of traffic is so small that the 
prerequisites for operation "Dudolsack" have not yet bean established j 
especially as the activity of our submarines has still had no effect. 

IV. Skagerrack, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

1. Enemy Situation 

according to the Situation Report from Commanding Admiral', Denmark, 
work has been resumed in Odense and Sveridborgi Strikes continue in Aalborg 
and Frcderikshavn. More clashes occurred in the evening of 23 August 
in Frcderikshavn, four German soldiers were injured. For further details, 
see teletype 13 00. 

There was the usual artillery activity in the area of Admiral, 
Baltic Countries. Air activity was less strong.' 2 planes were shot down b~ r 
naval anti-aircraft guns. In the attack on 21 August on our coastal mine- 
sweepers, KM "6" and KM "30" were sunk, Coastal minesweeper KM "28" was 
beached. 6 men were killed, -ind 10 v/ounded. 

One plane was shot down during an air attack on the Seeigel barr 

Fur mines wjrc swept by the Finns in Hogland - LUppi channel. 


24 Aug. 1 

CC : L 

__ Siturti 3 

.. magnetic mine was located by the Danes east of Kjelsnor, and atl 
o_ being t recover it. Off Copenhagen, a sh minesweeper swe] 

: SLM/j mine at ? iepth of 7 meters. 

Submarine U"3Vj which was sunk in the Kernel deeps, has been refl 
and docked. 

The 1005 clearance sweep of the are; west of the So igel barrs : 
where mines w 3 r^ suspected, has been completed without any further results 
being btained. Minesweeping in tho Straits of Irben has been re umed. 

The approach chonn^ls to Helsinki have been reopened to traffic. 
3C men, including the commander were lost with the Finnish minelayer RII- 

la :::. 

o planes from the enemy formations returning from the big raid 
rlin (over the Western Baltic and Baltic Se? entrances) were shot down in 
nif ^rie Bay and near Schleimuende. 


Submarine Warfare 

special reports have been received from the Indian Ocean or th< 


Aerial T . : 

1. British 


ss and Vicinitv 

Lively air activity prevailed during the day in the occupied 
3t £r$ . In the morning, 75 Fortresses attacked the Merignac air station 
but without results. One plane was shot down. 200 Fortresses with strong 
fighter protection flew into the Paris area in the afternoon. The targets f 
Pttc .: were the airfields at Villa Coublay ^nd Conches and the lummy airport 
at - "■:. Considerable - was lone at Villa Coublay; ^ ^ u planes were 

str ye i nd others ± i. 

Small forces carried out nuisance raids in the -Berlin area during 
it- of 24 August. The coastal rrea of the Heligoland Bi ht was appar- 
- by 10 planes. 

2. . , -it^rranesn Thert^r 

Our Force carried >ut reconnaissance. 

16 bombers attacked ships in the port ->f Augusta during the night 
f 23 August scoring one direct hit .n a merchant ship. 



24 Aug. 1943 CO KFIDiNTlAL 

During the day, 30 enemy planes attacked Castro Villario 

3 , E astern Front 

&5 enemy planes were shot down on the Army Front on 22 August 

VII. Wa r fare in the Medit erranean and Black Sea 

1 E nem y^ituatipn ^ d i tjBrra nean 

In Gibraltar, there were, at noon, 1 ILLUSTRIOUS- class aircraft 
carrier , 4 auxiliary aircraft carriers, 1 DIDO- class cruiser, about 13 
destroyers, 19 corvettes and escort vessels, 4 transports, 54 freighters, 
8 tankers, and. a total of 212 planes 

Our air reconnaissance reported: at 0725 > a large convoy of 80 
ships and 1 heavy cruiser on an easterly course, 24 miles northwest of Oranj 
at 0737.J convoy of 13 transports with 2 steamers, 2 destroyers, and 7 escort 
vessels on an easterly course northwest of Cape Tenez; At 0745 9 a west- 
bound convoy of 6 large transports with 10 small naval vessels 50 miles north 
of Tenezj at 0930* two probable destroyers on a southerly course 38 miles 
northeast of Cape Bon; at 1000, 10 transports and 3 patrol boats on an easterly 
course 50 miles northeast of Algiers. (These vessels had either put out from 
Algiers or were part of the large convoy \iiich entered the Mediterranean on 
23 August.) 

The convoy allegedly consisting of 3 aircraft carriers, 2 cruisers, 
and 8 patrol boats which was reported at I848 on 23 August, 50 miles west 
of Gran, has not been picked up again German Na V al Command therefore 
believes that it was a mistaken 'report of the transport convoy. 


East of Sicily, only 3 PT boats, 30 miles east of Catania were 
detected,, 2 light cruisers and 2 destroyers were in Augusta in the momingo 
Othenvise only a few ships were in port. 

Photographic air reconnaissance of Bizerta in the afternoon of 
23 August showed an increase, compared with 21 August, of about 150 landing 
craft, making 115 LST and 185 LOT so that 80% and 40^ respectively of the 
estimated total number of landing craft in the Mediterranean, are in this 

Commanding General, Armed Forces, South assessed the situation in 
the evening as follows: 

a t Concentration of landing craft in Bizerta is being continuedo 
At present, 65. -> of all the landing vessels in the Mediterranean 
(which, before the start of the operation against Sicily, were in Tunisian 
ports) are mainly in Bizerta. No accurate reports have been received 


--'-"• : ' ' CONFIDENTIAL 

in re *a_rd to loads,.. Some of th- vessels, however, -re known to be* 

There fire - practically no landing craft in the ^r 
Bizerta. 5;= of the total is extimated to be there. 15/6 of thu total 
is est od to b~ at various ports in the Sicily - Malta area; Due 

the — jfenso, it has not been possible to pike reconnaissance 

of the Tripoli are?, for* a long-time, but no landing cr*ft worth mentioning 
are believed to b~ there. Repea. ted. reconnaissance of t v . stal 

sectors in the Eastern Mediterranean,- has' revealed next tc r. Ian i 
craft. - listribution of landing vessels therefore indicates very 

■ iced state of preparation f ^r a new operation-. te iistributi n 
of enemy naval forces does not yet show this definite concentrati 
4 battleships, 2 monitors and 1 or 2 aircrat carriers are str'll believe 
to be in the Sicily - Malta area., and 2-3 battleships pyi p osibly 1 
:: carrier in the Algiers - Oran area. 

1 monitor is in Bizerta and 1 aircraft carrier and 4 auxiliary 
aircraft carriers in Gibraltar. Not until those forces, especially 
the- 'aircraft carriers pre more closely assembled, is an enemy pe ration 

be regarded as\imminont. 

b. The cresent saatus of enemy Army forces fir a landing operation 

is as follows: 

- After completion of the transfer of 3 American infantry divisions 

from s.ast to 'West Sicily, it ma^ r be assume! that the 2nd Tank Division and 
parts of the American 82nd . irborne Division, ?:hich havi so f - r been 
occupied on patrol and coastal iefense tasks in West Sicily, .ill be fr 
for ations. Besides these ;two divisions, there are believed to 

be r_- r action in Sicily parts of the .British 1st Airborne Divisi ,:., 

1 British tank division* n ni 3-4 American / British infantry JLyisions, 
so that an actual operational strength of 2 tank divisions, 3-4 li^ht 
infaj divisions, and parts of 2 airborne divisions must bo count 

upon. Fr §* large number of American, British, and French iivisions in 

i-frica, it is estimated that there are 3 tank divisions, 9-10 
infantry divisions, a:d 2 airborne divisions -specially trained for landing 
3pt?rations and ready for action. It rust, of course, be expected that, 
as in the-' attack on Sicily, trie enemy will brinF up forces from a remote 

area} i.e., England, o.ire.ct to--the landing sector. ; 

* ■ • - ■ ■ 

o. 'To change has 'been : n.d - in the listribution of ynemy air i res. 
It must be taken to correspond to possible enemy operations. 

d.i Sumirr rizinr,dit ' can-be stated that ah dperati a c ulil be launch- 
short notice with the enemy Amy forces now in Algeria and Tunisrd. 
art , particularly those of the aircraft carriers, will be - -ood 
in lie iu-'is ; abotitNro^st^t ;'"'-- W ■wevir?* if bl - _-.:.- Afrav f res 

becoming -vailablo' into Sreal^ '- ro to "'ETe' used 'in the first wave* ' -r 

:■' ''.prep-' ration.' will '• [uirfeilras it ov-ill be necessary i befihsfhr 

a considerable -mount' >f sniprdn-- spae^ dod Sici'l-'. 

-316- C0NFIDd TT TIdL 

24 Aug. 1943 CuKFID-iCTLtL 

Naval Staff concurs in this assessment 

No sighting reports have been received from the Central or Eastern 

On 23 August, one submarine was reported 20 miles south of Otranto, 
On 24 Augus b one submarine was reported at 1720 6 miles east of Bari and 
one at 1800 8 miles south of Toulon,, The latter was attacked with depth 
charges by submarine-chaser "6072 " 

2° Own Situation Mediterr anean / Sea Transp ort Situatio n 

No special reports have been received, 

9 steamers and 1 tanker -were escorted,, Convoy tanker ALB^dO 
was attacked by enemy planes at 1335* 43 miles southeast of Elba 

3 „ Area Naval Group So uth 

Aegean _ Sea 

One enemy submarine was sighted at 1820 on 23 August, 50 miles 
west- northwest of ifcodes. One of our Q - ships is in the same area a 7 
enemy planes were reported supplying rebels in Greece during the night 
of 23 August,, Escort duties were carried out according to plan-, 

Black Sea 

E nemy Situation 

Only limited PT-boat activity and movements of small shipping were 
observed on the Caucasian Coast „ 

Mariupol was bombed in the evening of 23 August 3 From 0330 to 
0A00 on 24 August probable gunboats shelled the coast near Achilleon in 
the northeastern Kerch Straits „ 

Own Situation 

Result of PT-boat operations during the night of 23 August: 

a<> The group off Wulantal sighted no enemy forces,. They were 
attacked continuously by enemy planes from midnight to 0300 and were 
thus driven off from the No damage has been reportedo 

b. The Group off Cape Doob sighted 3 enemy PT- boats at 0100 
but was prematurely detected from the land, so that no engagement took 


24 Aug. 1943 . C0NFIDA'TI;X 

place. On the return voyage, the Group was attacked c itinuotisly from 
0445 to 0500 by the enemy Air' For'Ce (10 fighter-bombers ^n I ground attack 

s) with rockets, fra -mentation bjmbs, gunfire and phosph ^rus 
shells. PT-boat 3 "46" and S "49" were slightly damage ri . • One rf the 
attacking planes was shot down by our fiphter protection, and another 
was damaged,, 

;c. The rr oup ~>ff Anapa' 'made * an - unsuccessful torpedo attack on 
the Ayschako land inn: place. 


The patrol lino in the Bqv of Temryuk had a brief and unsuccessful 
engagement at 233Q on 23 ^urust with a Russian g'unb oat which withdrew. 

During mine sweep inn - Dperatioris in the minefield rap off Sevastopol, 
3d Motor Minesweeper Flotilla cut 13 type M 26 mines equipped with anti- 
sweep device. T . T "rk in the ■ northern part of the minefield has been Completed, 

One mine was cut north of Sulina. 

Submarine U "19" has arrived in Constantsa. Submarine U "24" is 
en route from Theodosia to Constantsa. Italian midget submarines CB "1" 
and "6" have arrived in Eupatoria Bay after a submarine chase. 

3 boats of 1st PT-Boat Flotilla are-" assigned as protection for the 
Theodosia - Kerch convoy in the reconnaissance strip east of Theodosia 
for the night of -24 jourust. 

Supply and ferry traffic was carried out according to plan an 1 
with out incident . 

Special Items 

■ - 

1. Gr .up South reports as of 20 August: 

If, in the. course' of shortening: the front as planned, the .■ 
G-tehkop'f is evacuated, the' Sea of ksov isolated. In >rder 
to be able to get an idea of the remaining or new requirements there 
and to make careful provision therefor, inf onn.ation is requested as 
to where the right wing of the Army will be located in this case. 

.'.f tor •furthdr inquiry ?fev^d. Stoff answered on 24 Auoust: 

ovacuation o-f Ctotenk onf leponds- •■ oho the .devol .-pmsnt of the whole 
situation jf Army Group South. ' . M .d^eisi >n hps. yet been made re.rarl- 
ing the right owinp- ©£ the Army. 

2. The f .'11 )V/inr telephone message, was received from ^dnir.^1 Wi£thoeft 
(Hermann Goring A r r-ks, inland shiV r dhr): n- 


24 Aug, 1943 CuNFIP.^ITIaL 

Director Freitag, Deputy for Gsman oea Transportation in the South- 
eastern Area, has reported by teletype that the closing of the Danube 
above Giorgiu due to mihos, has not yet been count ermandedo Oil trans- 
port especially is being hampered,, A large number of barges, ready to 
be towed up the Danube, are being he3.d up Director Freitag again 
requests that the Hungarians be persuaded to turn over at least some of 
their 10 mot cr -mines weepers for clearing operations on the Danube. 

Admiral Witthoeft has been advised by Naval Staff that steps are being 
taken by the Foreign Office to get hold of the Hungarian motor-minesweepers, 
but little success is expected from this action,. Admiral Witthoeft also 
reports that Director Freitag had received instructions to deal direct 
with Naval Group South in Sofia in regard to mine-sweeping on the Danube 
It has been pointed out to Admiral Witthoeft that this procedure was the 
only one with any prospect of success 

VIII o • Situation East Asia 

Nothing to reporto 



25 --u-. 1943 "' : " CO'':-::. ~.,l 

It ems : f ? 3l: t ical I: it ort ancc 

i I ■ i i ■ — - . h — 


According "~ o art As'sbcip'ted'''' Press ' report , the American Amba.ssador at 
ill be recalled *fr is post in the near future. Ir. hirurton 
it is emphasized tKat Litvinov'' s re ca 11 and that of Stgndley -re to be 
judged iiff srehtly. 

A statement by Churchill pnd Roosevelt on the results of the Quebec 
Conference has been ; issued which, according to Reuters, re in part as 

follows: . . 

le necessary le c is ions' have been taken to guarantee snerretic 
action by the Fleet. s, Armies,; and Air Forcos of 'both notions. It is 
assential that, -t the climax of the war, complete unity of aim and . 

! shoul" be ensured. Further confe-rentces Will probably be necessj ry, 
it shorter intervals than v ef;re, as the investment of the 3nemy sxtonds 
in range and iepth. The decisions reached cannot be published as this 

JLd not be ' neficial to our fightinp troops. It may, however, 
stated that the military conferences of the Chiefs of Staff have 
covered the war against J°pan and the provision of effective help for 
China in sjreat letail. 

The Chinese 7 rei an Minister S >ona is said tc have been a partner to 
the negotiations. In this field, =s in the European area, Churchill and 

sevelt were able to accept an" a; rove the unanimous recommendations of 
the Combined Chiefs if Staff. An agreement is also said to ha v.. been 
reached )n political questions. Apart from any Throe-Power Conference 

ich mijrht be anreed upon with Russia, it was resolved t hold a second 
Anrlo-^American c nference before the 3nd of the year. A complete re rt on 
the resolutions insofar as they affect the war against Germany and Italy, 
will 3 ra a-. 3d tc the Russian Government. The natter f relations with 
the Free French Committee received special consideration. In the course "f 
this week, -■ number of epvernoents will issue statements ~ai this subject. 

Ace rdinf to Reuters, this terminates >nly the Cansxlian phase of the 

srican conference. Churchill an Eden will nroba 1 Iv zo on to 
in dvon. From the communique it is obvious that complete agreement on 
not yet been reached : stween Great Britian and the USA 

that 3j far vain attempts to ret Stalin to the conference table 
1 be e ntinued. 

Cnf.raa. r. th, Situation with Chief of Staff, ::av~l Staff 

". '■ hirhly restricte: 1 , circl 

jr Division, Naval Staff ani Chief, Bureau f Naval An it, 
ice Branch proposed that the sche :•!■: r ri i for 

-320- CCPTTD-TTLl 


25 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

destroyer Z "25' 1 o.nd torpedo boats T "20" and T "21" be adhered to and 
requested a decision in the matter <, Chief , Engine Maintenance Branchy Bureau 
oi Naval armament gave details of the seric as effects that would result to' 
other dockyard schedule? if the postponements now contemplated for operat- 
ional reasons, were permitted 

After thorough investigation of all factors, Chief : of Staff, Naval 
Staff approved the proposal, without prejudice to the pr:Ln'ci pie that "military 
requirements should not be subordinated to dockyard convenience.. Group 
North/Fleet- Admiral, Northern 'iaters, Commanding Admiral, Cruisers and 
Command er> Destroyers have therefore been instructed that the three vessels 
are still to be transferred home for docking in August,, 

No other special reports or decisions were made c .... . j... 

I, •■ , Mediterranean .Theater 

." '0 ' ' >:■ ' ' . ' ';' 

1 With reference to Group testis/' report on information received.v 
from the German Liaison Command, Toulon (see '. r ar D.rary Of 24 August)/ Operat- 
ions Division, Naval Staff has been advised -by Operations .Staff , Armed Forces 
High Command that no agreement regarding Toulon has yet been received from 
the Italians in reply to the • German-;: proposals on the Southern France area 
occupied up to now by the Italians ,In conference with Operations. Staff 
it was agreed that the German claim to take over complete, command of defenses 
also in the Toulon area should be maintained in full© 

.'■•'. - ' • 

Group "est has been advised accordingly by teletype l/Skl I op; 2511/ 
43 Gkdoso Chefs, For copy sea "ar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV • ,• 

2 German Naval .Command, Italy reports that the Italian Armed Forces 
High Command has been advised by Admiral De Courten of Naval Staff ! s plans 
regarding organization of command in the western Greek area and has agreed 
in principle with Naval Staff T s suggested solution, A written. reply was 
promised and will be forwarded,, .■■■••. 

II o The Italian Admiral attached to Naval- Staff 5 .Vice Admiral Bertoldi, 
has advised that urgent organizational requirements necessitate his return 
to Italy o Command of the Italian Liaison .^taff will be assumed by the 
Naval Attache, There is no means at the moment of assessing the significance 
of this step 8 admiral : Bertoldi. is evidently ' both surprised and concerned. 

Situation on -25 August 1943 f • 

In ,'.."ar in F oreign. -Waters . - :-. .-. 
lo Enemy ;■ Si tuation 


- . 

25 *ug, 1943 CONF IDENTIaL 

Radio intelligence intercepted a radio message from New York to 
Cairo and London on 11 August, concerning the shipping situation in the 
Persian Gulf. All ships in foreign waters have been informed by teletype 

2 Own Situation 

No reports have been received concerning our vessels 8 

There is nothing special to report in the correspondence with 
Naval Attache, Tokyo 


II, Situation ".'est Area 

1. Enemy Situation 

53 planes were detected over the Bay of Biscay up to approximately 
14° westo Six British vessels each were located between 1657 to 2345 
in 3F 79, six in BF 76, and six in BF 74* 

Our air reconnaissance reports: 

At 1005 > 3 destroyers on a southerly course in BF 7267 $ at 1024, 1 
FIJI-class cruiser on course 320° in BE 69S65 at 1045 > 1 cruiser, 3 des- .; 
troyers, and 1 submarine- chaser apparently adrift in BF 7921 

According to radio intelligence, a British vessel in the area 
110 miles west-northwest of Cape Ortega! reported planes shadowing the 
.-."Talbot" formation at 1030 and at 1145 o Several reports on planes shadowing 
the formation between 1040 to 1345 in the area of BF 7921 were picked up 
At 1444^ the same vessels reported 16 or 20 of our planes and at 1515; 
an air attack 

According to a check-up by Air Force Command Atlantic, the 2 
.j.-:troyers reported at 1224 on 24 August in BF 7867 were identical with the 
US Coast Guard cutter and 2 Spanish freighters in the same grid square 
In addition to the light cruiser and 5 destroyers reported at 1900 in BF 
7921, the Spanish cruiser ALhLt\k T TE CERV_,iL and 2 Spanish destroyers were 
sighted on course 220° at 1905 in BF 7931 • 

Group ."est deduces from the reports of the last few days that 
submarine chasing is being carried out by 2 enemy formations, i e 8 the 
"Talbot" formation consisting of 3 destroyers and the "Rivet" or "Porter" 
formation consisting of 1 cruiser and 5 destroyers According to photographic 
interpretation, this formation consists of 2 destroyers and 5 escort vessels 

The air reconnaissance report -of .1045 must refer to "Rivet" and the 
report of 1005 to "Talbot " 

-322- CuNFIDJ-ITIaL 

25 Aug, 1943 Cu RFIDE HTIaL 

2 „ Own J5 i tag.tion 
Atlantic Coast 

One Eili/j mine was swept off Lorient and one AT mine was cleared 
a the minefield- south, of Arcaohch Otherwise n. thin •'"' to reports, 


Channel Coast 

Mining task ''Tellereisen' 1 has been completed according to 'plan, 

Otherwise nothing to report „ 

II L^ North- Sea »•• Mori :ay, Northern Wat err 

North Sea 
1 B Enemy Situation 

■ ■■ ■ • ■ . . . 



Enemy PT boats were located at 0047 in AN 858A0. According to air 
reconnaissance made by 3rd Air Force, altogether 24 fishing vessels with 
Danish markings were sighted 100 - 150 miles north of Texel^ most of them 
sailing east, and some sailing west . ..' ' 

2 » Own Situa tion 

Enemy mining activities on the night of 2/ 4 August resulted in the 
sweeping of 11 ELL/J mines in. the area between Terschelling, Norderney, and 


■ *j 

Convoy 1169 Hook - Elbe will leave at 0500 on 26 August'/ 

Admiral, Denmark points out that Danish fishing vessels try to 
traffic with the ^neiiy regardless of the declared mine areas, and attributes 
the increase in cases of sabotage to the importation of British explosives 
and the landing of British agents in Denmark « In view of the aggravated 1 ' 
domestic political.. situation in Denmark,. Admiral Denmark believes that it 
will be attempted to increase this traffic by every means and therefore 
deems it necessary^ again to prohibit Danish fishermen from traversing the 
declared areas and, in case 'of non-observance, to use the Air Force against 
them,, -. Naval Cohimand, North shares the views of Admiral, Denmark and 
proposes that Naval Staff ' s order of 12 June 1943 to the contrary effect,, 
be revoked and that the Air Force be given permission'' to use arms against 
vessels in and west of the declared area The coastal patrol on the west 
coast of Denmark has been instructed to search incoming fishing boats with 
special care in .the ■'• J 


N orway / Northern ji 'aters 



25 Aug, 1943 CuNFIDENTliL • 

1. E nemy Si tu ation 

19 planes. in operation were detected over the North Sea Limited 
air activity was observed in the areas of Vardoe, Petsamo and Hammerfest 
It is unlikely that the shipping berths in the Altafiord were spotted,, 

Group North/Fleet assumes the situation in the Western Siberian Sea 
to be unchanged as no new reports have been received, 

2 Own Sit uation 

'2fShips were escorted to the north and 25 to the south 8 ships 
were held up in the area of the Arctic Coast owing to lack of escorto 

5th Air Force reports that 15 Fieseler Storch planes were used in 
the skerries and- off shore area a 

IV o Skagerrak, Baltic Sea. Entrances, Baltic Sea 

1 9 E nemy Situation 
Nothing to report a 

2 Own Situation . 

The German steamer MIND-.N was sabotaged in the yard at Helsingoer 
Damage report has not yet been received* No other special incidents are 
reported from the area of Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic 

According to a report from the commander of the KAISER, 10 planes 
flew out of the sun over the mineship formation near Vinga The planes were 
fired on but firing was halted when they were seen to have Swedish markings c 
The formation was 2 miles outside Swedish territory,, 

The recheck of the torpedo firing range near Rixhoeft has been 
completed, A probable ^li./j.mine exploded in a trawl net off Putzig 
The transfer of Dock C from Kie : l tor "Gdynia is going according to piano 

In a heavy enemy. air attack on the' barrage patrol west of Seeigel^ 
4 of the attacking planes were shot down by 3rd Minesweeper Flotilla and 
by a heavy artillery barge On our side, 3 wounded were reported,. 

Naval Staff h°s advised Naval Command, Baltic and Admiral, 3altic 
Countries that the Naval Liaison Officer attached to Army General Staff 
has been instructed to present Naval Otaff 's views /on the establishment of 
rear positions in case of a withdrawal of the Easterri~Front (Eastern Wall) 
as follows : 

_32Zl — 


25 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 


a. From the standpoint of naval warfare, it is desirable that 
the East Wall in the area of Lake Peipus - Gulf of Finland should be 
planned so as to deny the use of Luga Bay to the enemy, and retain 
the Kurgolowo Peninsula for our own use, (artillery protection for the 
sea area between the coast and Tytaers Island). 

b. It is not intended, however, that these considerations sh~>ul" 
interfere with the requirements of the East Wall from the standpoint of 
land warfare. 

V. Submarine Warfare 

Nothing to report. 

VI. Aerial Warfare 

1. British Isles and Vicinity 

At 1040, 20 miles west-northwest of El Ferrol, 12 Do-217 planes 
attacked a force of 1 cruiser and 1 submarine- ohaser using the "Kehlgeraet" 
for the first time. According to photographic interpretation, the formation 
consisted of 2 destroyers and 5 fast escort vessels. Owing to a number of 
technical failures and faulty operations only five near misses were scored 
on 2 destroyers. Most of the bombs went wide. 1 destroyer stopped, emitted 
a plume of white smoke, and blew up at 1450. 

Lively incursion activities by the enemy during the day are reported 
from northern and western France. Bomb and gunfire attacks were made in 
the areas of Le" Treport, Dieppe, and Rouen. The stores of the naval 
surveyor at Rouen were damaged. The shipyard was not damaned. In addition, 
strong forces attacked the Triqueville airfield. On the night of 25 August, 
there were only nuisance raids in Reich territory, carried out bv small 
forces. In Western France, a total of 79 incursions was reported, most of 
them probably laying mines in the Gironde estuary and the area of St. Nazair.3, 
A total of 4 enemy planes was shot down in the West Area. 

2. Mediterranean Theater 

Our Air Force carried out reconnaissance. In the morning, strong 
enemy forces attacked airfields in" the Fogg ia- area. 31 of our planes 
were destroyed on the ground, 15 were seriously damared, and 26 slightly 

9 planes were noted supplying rebels in the Balkan area. 

3. Eastern Front 



25 Aug. 1943 COMFIDEHTIAL 

120 planes were §h«t down on 23 .August on the Army Front. On 
24 August, 4th Air Force noted 17 troop landing boats in the harbor of Gelend- 
zhik and 15 in the port of Tuapse of similar construction to the 3ritish 
and American landing craft. 

"II. Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

.1. Enemy Situation Mediterranean 

13 freighters and 8 escort vessels left the Mediterranean and" 
Gibraltar in the evening of 24 August for the Atlantic. The number cf ships 
in port at Gibraltar at noon was substantially unchanged. The east-bound 
large convoy in the Western Mediterranean has not been sighted again. Our 
air reconnaissance reported: at 1045* off Oran, 3 large transports on a 
southwesterlv course and 2 cruisers and 3 destroyers on a northeasterly 
course; at 0814, a convoy of 28 ships, apparently landing boats", leaving 
Syracuse, and a little shipping traffic off Marsala; at 0655, 104 miles 
east-southeast of Malta, 2 merchant ships making for the island. 

Morning reconnaissance between the Ionian Sea and the Balearic Isles 
produced no sightings. In the afteraoen, 4 naval vessels on a southerlv 
course were observed at 1600, 25 miles south of Messina. Otherwise, no 
enemy forces were sighted off the Calabrian coast, the e=st coast ©f Sicily, 
or in the sea area between Sardinia and the Balearic Islands. 

The east-bound convov of 26 LST's, reported 30 miles east of Bizerta 
at 1210 on 24 August, has not been seen again. The scheduled reconnaissance 
of M^lta was not accomplished due to the defense . 

According to final photcgranhic interpretation, there was in Bizerta 
at noon on 24 August a total of 391 landing vessels, including 89 LST's, as well 
as 2 troop transports, 14 tankers, 46 freighters, 4 special ships, and 1 
floating dock. 

No reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean. One 
submarine each was reported off Bari, off Marseille, and south of "Toulon" 
during the night of 24 August. 

There was unusually little air reconnaissance of our supplv routes. 

2. >wn Situation Mediterranean / Sea Transport Situation 

An enemy minefield, evidently laid by submarines, was located 
40 miles southwest of Genoa between Callinare and the mainland. 

The BRANDENBURG and P0MMERN left Toulon in the evening to perform 
mining task in the Straits of Bonifacio. Before"" leaving they carried cut 
a submarine ch^se off Toulon. The formation will be orotucted by 2 Italian 



25 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENT! . L 

corvettes in the western entrance to the Straits of Bonifacio and by 2 
of our motor-minesweepers while laying mines. The shirs will return to 
Leghorn via Maddalena upon completion of the task, (see teletype 2115). 

Aviso SG "14" was sunk by a direct hit from a fighter bomber during 
an enemy air attack on Sapri 80 miles southeast of Naples at 1646 on 24 
August. 2 of the attacking planes were shot down. & men were killed and 
20 wounded. 

2 Italian PT boats were in operation off the southwest corner of 
Sardinia between Tore and Cape Teulada. 

7 torpedo boats, avisos SG "10", SG "11", 7 mot or- mine sweepers, 
4 submarine-chasers, and 3 patrol boats were engaged in escort service 
protecting 10 steamers, 2 tankers, and war freighter KT "8." No special 
incidents occurred. 

The Adriatic traffic was also uneventful. 

3. Area Naval Group South 

Aegean Sea 

During the night of 25 August, a total of 9 enemy planes flew over 
the Rhodes-Leros area and 9 more flew into the Greek area to supply the 
rebels. A motor sailing ship was ineffectively strafed northeast of Rhodes. 

In the Aegean Sea, escort service was carried out according to 

plan and without incident. 

The port of Heraklion has been reopened to shipping. 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence, no large vessels were at sea. 
4 submarines were detected in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and 
the area of Eupatoria and two more at unidentified positions. On the evening 
of 22 August, our battery position near Petruchino, southwest of Taganrog, 
was simultaneously shelled by heavy land batteries and by motor-gunboats 
at sea; no damage was done. 

Own Situation 

Submarine U "23" sank an enemy patrol boat by gunfire at 2325 on 
24 August, 22 miles south of Suchum. At 1608 on 25 August, 56 miles south- 
west of Suchum, the submarine fired a torpedo at a Q-ship but missed. 



25 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Another submarine spotted an enemy convov on a northwesterly course at 
2046 15 miles south of Suchum. 

The fifth midget submarine C "2" has arrived in Sevastopol from 
Constantsa. Midget submarine CB "4" left Sevastopol f Dr a submarine hunt 
in the Bay of Eupatoria. 

3 boats of the 1st PT-Boat Flotilla sighted no enemy vessels east 
of Theodosia durine the nirht of 24 August. 

A total of twelve mines was cleared in channel sweeping of the 
southern entrance of the Straits of Kerch ?s far as to anapa. 

The Anaoa transports are still held up bv lack of cargo. 

Other supply and ferry traffic was carried out according to plan. 

VIII. Situation East Asia 

Nothing to report. 



26 Aug. 1943- • CONFID.r'iL.L 

Items 'f Political Imp orb in ce • 

According to a report on his visit' to Moscow just published by the 
British Trade Union Leader, Sir Waiter Citrine, the Soviet representatives 
demanded the signing of a joint declaration to the effect that a sec md 
front >n the European continent would definitely be opened this year. 
Citrine and his followers are said to have been willing to admit the 
desirability of a second front but to have promised onlv to inform the 
British Trade Union Congress of the Soviet views on the subject. 

This is another demonstration >f how the Russians are leaving no stone 
unturned in their efforts to lure the Anglo-Americans out of their hesitancy. 

Amongst "other thin~s, Churchill told the press at 3ue":ec tliat the great- 
est emphasis of the conference had been laid on the question of o verthrowing 
Japan; that was why other states that were not at war with Japan hai not 
wanted to attend the meeting. The world could look forward to another 
major action, 

On this subject, Roosevelt stated that hard fighting still lay ahead. 
The conference had covered far greater matters than Japan, and had em- 
braced the east and the west as well as the areas above and below the 

Chief, Naval Staff left Fuehrer Headquarters on the evening of 24 August 
and has returned to Berlin, as he intends to visit submarine bases in 
Western France (La Pallice and Angers) early on 25 August as well as Paris. 

Confere nee on S ituation with Chief of Staff, Naval Staff 

I . Chief , Naval Communications Division, Naval Staff reports 

Study of the British code system reveals that the "one way code" is 
in prevalent use. This code is impossible for us to decipher so that 
the only way to break it is bv treachery or canture of complete lata. 

II. Chijf, Naval Intelligence Division 

Lord Mount iattai has been appointed Commander in Chief of the newly 
established Southeast Asia Command. 

In a Highly Restricted Circle 

III. Chief, Operations Branch, Naval Staff, 0> rations Division 

a. Operations Staff- Armed Forces High Command has issued a proposal 

via the German General attached to Italian Armed Forces High Command in 


26 Aug, 1=43 CCAFIAA'TIAL 

regard t the regulation of relations between the German Italian 

Armed Forces in Italy, Southern France, and the Balkans' and considers 
iat Italian consent may be expected except in regard to Toulon. The 
Italian High Command's counter-proposal, however, indicates very important 
live r --. r.cies, 

In Southern France, according to this counter— proposal, the Italian 
units stationed between the old Italo-French frontier and 2 line between 
the rivers Tema . Var, as well as the units under the Navy in Toulon, 
will be subordinated to Commanding General, Armed Forces, "./est without pre- 
judice to any armistice or post-armistice questions. 

In re t the Navy, it is stated: 

An agreement exists regarding the subordination to the Italian 
vy High Command through German Naval Command, Italy of German naval 
units stationed in Italian waters. 

An agreement likewise exists regarding the subordination of Italian 
naval units stationed in the area of Southern France and of German Naval 

?r up Command West (except for the technical side of armistice and post- 
armistice questions affecting Toulon) . 

Insofar as units of the Italian Navy in the Balkan area and the east 
are concerned, the Italian Armed Forces High Coi has nc jection 

their operational subordination to the Qerman '."oval Group Comman S 
South provided they are units normally stationed in the area coming 
un-ler the 11th Italian Army, or in Crete. All other units on the 
A riatic Coast (Albania, Dalmatia etc.) and those. .in the, Dodecanese 
will henceforth be subordinated exclusively to the Italian Navy 
Hi ■': Command. 

This wording would imply rejection of the German proposal regarding the 
c rganization f Marimorea and Mariegeo. 

With regar to the withdrawal of the Italian 4th Army from S uthern 
France, Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff has. instructed Naval Gr o. West 

the corresponding directive of Operations Staff, Armed Forces High 
Com to Commanding General, Armed Forces, 'Jest at the latter' s headquarters, 

All necessary measures fir execution of the move are to be prepared in 

ice, but the withdrawal of the designated troops from their present areas 
is tc await r iers. 

c. Operati ns Staff, .. r-ces High Command, has vis wal Staff, 

r information, of the iirective to Commanding General. Arme I Forces, 
itheast, re- ' ng the F r's approval of the .1- transfers on 

and Zante ani the partial occupation of Levkas K y the 104th 
Infantry Division in the c^sc of operation "Achse." 2 battalions of 

n troops assigned. for the Epirus will occupy Corfu. Copy as per l/5kl 
2521/43 Gkdos* Chefs, in War Diary, Part C, Volume XIV D 

: " r :: .. aa. .i 

25 Aug.. 19.^ CONFIDENTIAL 

do It should be noted that, in the future, all teletypes addressed to 
Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command, Navy are to be submitted to 
General Uarliment as per instructions . 

Special Item s 

I. Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command has advised Naval Staff 
for information of the following directive to Operations Staff, Commander 
in Chief, Air Force: 

1. The following report has been received: 

A specially large Allied convoy passed through the Straits of Gibral- 
tar on 23 August . It comprised about 13 merchant ships for approx- 
imately 800,000 tons, 1 aircraft carrier, and 5 cruisers. It was 
carrying about 70,000 men end their equipment. 

A convoy of 40 ships passed Gibraltar on 21 August. At the same time, 
the troops which moved out from Morocco to the Algerian coast have started 
to embark. According to military opinion thesa movements appear to in- 
dicate one single operation against Corsica, Sardinia, or Calabria. It 
appears possible that, under Soviet pressure, the Anglo-Americans are 
preparing for an invasion of the continent. 

2. Commander in Chief, Air Force is requested to institute continuous 
and complete reconnaissance. 

3« If the reconnaissance results reveal departures from the Bizerta base, 
they are to be reported without delay to Operations Staff, Armed Forces 
High Command via Commanding General, Armed Forces, South, 

The directive is an outcome of the Fuehrer's statement that former 
views regarding an imminent action against Sardinia/Corsica were* no longer 
tenable since the mention made by Commanding General, Armed Forces, South, 
in his Situation Report, of 25 enemv divisions ready for action, not counting 
thos^ in Sicily. 

II. In compliance with Naval Staff's order (see War. .Diary of IS August: 
1/Skl. 2303/43 Gkdos. Chefs, in War Diary, Part C, Volume III) Naval Command, 
Baltic reports: 

' Preparations and discussions with Army, Air Force -^nd Commanding 
Admiral; Defenses Baltic are more or "less completed. .'Execution 
is assured with the exception of the Isefiord where the following 
difficulties arise: 

-331- * 

2^ Aug. 1943 cc :: VIAL 

a. Owing to lack cf forces, the Army is unable to disarm the • 
Danish Army on Zealand simultaneously a 

b. Garrison Holbaek on the Isefiord, with about 50 mobile field 
guns, cannct be occupied until the second wave. 

c. It will therefore be impossible tc carry cut surprise naval 
actions in the Isefiord since it is going to be difficult even to 
occur" the 'Niels Juel' so long as the Holbaek garrison is able tc give 
support < 

d. Well-timed mining of the Isefiord outlet is thus extremely 
important. Commanding Admiral, Defensss Baltic can furnish support 

if the equipment - about 30-40 ground mines - is made available. The 
Air Force has at present no suitable forces; it has only, for Copenhangen: 
3 Ju S8's with bombs, 8 37 13?'s with six 50-kg. bombs and guns each. 

~F-r Isefiord: 

2 heavy fighters with bombs, 9 fighters with guns. 

e. Basic approval and delivery of mines at Helsingoer (the Danes 
will be told they are for the Sund barrage) is requested. Teletype as 
per 1/Skl. 2526/43 Gkdos, Chefs, in War Diary, Part C, Volume III. 

It has been arranged to deliver the mines by 27 August. 

III. Naval Staff has been advised, for information, of an exchange cf 

teletypes between Group North/Fleet and Admiral, Northern Waters and the 
Task Force on the possibilities of executing Operation "Zitronella. " 
Teletypes as per l/Skl. 2507 and 2523/43 Gkdos. Chefs, have teen entered 
in file l/5kl. I op "Spitsbergen." 

view that, in case the desired early action by the whole 'Task 
.- falls through due to the fuel shortage, . it would be equally in 

interest of Commanding Admiral, Cruisers for the action to be executed 
by destroyers with Task Force supoort, is held cri~ by Sroup North /Fleet. 
Lef, "aval Staff and Naval Staff are of the opinion that only an action 
by tl 3 whole Task Force is feasible. 

I7_. . iit€ rran -an Theater 

1. In compliance with an order of 23 August, Quartermaster Division, 
Naval Staff has reported to Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command 
in regard to the organization of -the Southern r r.r:ch Coast: ,! Th- following 
commands and establishments are in operai: nSl status in the area in 


26 Aug. 1943 CuMF IDENTIC 

v a„ Naval Shore Counand., French Riviera, presently'- entitled 2nd 
Naval Artillery itegimefttj with subordinated Naval Artillery Battalions 
612 and 682 « 


b. Light Naval Artillery battalion 689, as arsenal guard at Toulon, 

Co Coastal Patrol Formation North, for miming the harbor commands 
and harbor offices designated^ 

d. A few technical establishments for equipment, communications, 
shipyards and armament s 


a c Appointment of an Admiral , Southern French Coast as per 1 
September 1943 (already ordered) „ 

b Redes ignation of Comoander ,2nd Naval Artillery Regiment as 
Naval Shore Command, Frencn Riviera (upon order of Armed Forces High 
Command) c 

Co Immediate assembly and equipment of the remaining commands and 
establishments designated in the relative areas and re-establishment 
of marching readiness* Transfer to the operational area upon order 
of Armed Forces High Commando" 

2» Naval Attache Rome forwarded on 24 August the following extract from 
a report by the German General, Rome to Army General Staff on a conference 
with Italian Armed Forces High Command on 21 August in regard to defenses 
of the islands of Sardinia and Corsica: 


1. Army: It is requested that another German Division be trans- 
ferred to Sardinia in order to set up another mobile reserve group 
The Italians are transferring a few more coastal batteries to Corsica 
General Ambrosio has asked CoLinanding General Armed Forces, South to 
increase supplies to both is lands 

2. Air Force: At the suggestion of Commanding General, Armed 
Forces, South, arrangements have bjen made to destroy 3 airfields 
on the southern tip of Sardinia forthwith,, 

3. Navy: It is planned to use the 3 battleships and 5 cruisers 
from La Spezia against the enemy transport fleet in case of invasion 
of Sardinia, the Gulf of Naples, or Salerno. Due to the shortage of 
destroyers, protection will be supplied by Italian fighter plane s 

It is planned to use the Taranto battle group against enemy landing on 
the South Coast of Calabria or in the Gulf of Taranto «, 

~" 33 ""' " CONFIE.uNTIAL 

26 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTI AL 

For text of the German General's report as per l/Skl. 23948/43 Gkdos. 
and for summary- of extract from -Naval Attache Rome,, as per l/Skl. 23948/43 
Gkdos, see War Diary, Part C, Volume XIV, 

V. An, abstract of the report by Chief, Air Force General Staff on 

Air Force operations against Great Britain and at sea (see War Diary, 

.-.ugust ) has been forwarded by .Naval ..Staff- to the Group Commands; Admiral,, 
Northern Waters; Commanding Admiral Cruisers; Commander, Destroyers; Commander, 
PT-3oats; and Commanding Admiral, Fleet in Foreign Waters, with the following 
comments: . . 

As the report indicates, the Air Force operational commands 
lay great emphasis in their target planning on the campaign against 

It may be assumed that this policv of the High Commands will also 
affect the lower commands and will gradually result in a greater con- 
centration on sea warfare by. the individual Air Force Commanders., 
As the plans, of the Air Force General Staff, which currentlv refer 
only to the West Area, have been made knoxvn to only a limited circle, 
it cannot be expected that all points of friction in regard to mutual 
cooperation will disappear at once, especially since most of them ?re 
due to the ^ir Force's current lack of planes, Naval Staff believes, 
however, that with this basic planning, the Air Force has taken a de- 
cisive step towards a real understanding of the necessities of this 
war paving the way for the best possible cooperation. 

The - Air Force's effort to adapt their training program to the 
requirements of flying at sea will be supported to' the greatest possible 
extent by the Navy by instructing the- Training Staff for Air Affairs to 
cooperate with Air Force Training Command, Baltic. Corresponding 
orders were issued by the High Command under Ski Qua I a 10731/43 Gkdos, 
dated 16 August, 

It is requested that dissemination of the Air Force plans be limited 

Commandinr Admiral, Submarines was already advised on 15 August. 
Chief, Naval Communications Division, Naval Staff and Naval' Training 
Staff for Air Affairs have also been informed of the Air Force plans. 

For copy of summary, as per l/3kl. 2487/43 Gkdos. Chefs, see War 
Diai"/, Part C, Volume V. 

71. Transit Camp North- reports 

vtem^hts from prisoners' indicate that Beaufighter planes with rocket 


-334- . 

26 Aug. 1943 CO NFIDENTIAL 

missiles were observed at Tain, North Scotland during exercises by 415th CC 
with the British Fleet at the end of Hay 1943 • Each plane carried 4 rockets 
on each wing, beyond the engine s ; in cradles attached to the underside of 
the wing running fore and aft parallel to the fuselage. The rocket missile 
consists of a heavy steel cylinder about 24 en long and about 16 cm in dia- 
nater, which holds the explosive charge, and a shaft about 75 en long and 
about 6 en in diameter, with short fins on the end, carrying the propellent 
charge. The end plate of the steel cylinder is flat On it is screwed a 
cap with a propeller of about 7 on diamater c The missile is dropped in a 
dive fron about 120 net-ore altitude, directly on to the target The weapon 
is expressly intended for use against ships,, Interrogation produced no 
information on t lie discharge distance Due to its high explosive power the 
charge is not inserted until after the rockets are attached to the plane 

VIIo xiadio intelligence report No<, 34/43 contains a summary of reports 

on the enemy by radio decoding and radio intelligence between 16 and 22 August 

VIII. In an evaluation of reports on foreign navies , 3rd. Echelon Command,, 
Naval Intelligence Division reports as of 21 August on the use of ships' guns 
in support of the landing in the Licata (Sicily,) area, on the basis of captured 
operational orders of an American Infantry liegiment which confirm the already- 
described tactics' of cooperation between the invasion fleet and naval forces 
in coastal attack/ and, as of 24 August, on the functions of the American 
Navy and Naval Air Force in carrying out landing operations c 

For copy as per l/Skl 25744 and 25743/43 geh„ see 'Jar Diary, Part E, 
"Evaluation of reports on the enemy - Foreign Navies " 

Situation on 26 August 1943 

_Io '.Jar in Foreign T . r aters 

1 -- Enc::.^^ Si tuation 

On 24 and 25 August itadio intelligence intercepted submarine warnings 
from Commanding Admiral, Southeast Pacific via "Surmit" ^Cor. the areas of 21 
south and 177° west, 16 south and 169° 30' west and 21 41' south and 
167 ° 43' east 


Ships in foreign waters have been informed by teletype 1947, 
2„ Own Situation 

Nothing to report* r 

II. • Situation Jest Area 


26 Aug; 1943 COriFID^'TLI, 

1. Enemy Situation - 

41 planes were detected over the Bav of Biscay mainly between 46 ' 
30' to 50° CO' north and 09® 00' to 10° 00' west, . One British vessel was 
located at 2233 in BF 3120. 

Our air reconnaissance reported: .at 0935 > 2 destroyers in 3F.4325 
on course 230°'; at 1815, 6 de-strove rs in BF 7831 on course 330°. 

For a 'detailed report" by Air Force: Command,, Atlantic on reconnaissance 
and combat activities in the Bay of Bis cay > dated -25 August see teletype. 1000. 

"'"'. - ■ - * 

Transit Camp North reports that, according to prisoners' -statements., 
= continuous patrol is maintained by flights (of about 5 planes each) of 
squitoes, Soitfires and Beaufighters along 7° w^st at about 600 meters 
altitude, for the protection of the naval forces which are on continuous 
patrol in a rectangle about 70 miles wide lying across 7° west between 49° 
30' and 45° 00* north. - In the northern and southern sectors of the patrol 
area, 2 groups of 3 destroyers or sloops each,, with an occasional cruiser, 
are sa r id to be in continuous -operation. A 3~letter. code for direct air- 
craft-to-ship communication is said to have been in use since 1 Julv 1943. 
The ships only use- optical signals.- -For further details see teletype 1800. 

". r ■' ; 

2. Own Situation ! 
Atlantic Coast 


Two ELM/ J mines were cleared by minesweeping planes on 24 August off 

Two submarines sailed from St. Nazalre. 

Destroyer Z "32" transferred from Pauillac and D-js trover Z "37" 
from ELaye to Le Verdon. 

Channel Coast ' 

Three PT-boats transferred from Ostend to Boulogne. No other events 
of importance were reported. 

' . . 

III. North Sea, Norway, Northern Waters 
North Sea 

■ - 

Three ELM/J mines were swept northwest of Terschellirig and south of 
Heligoland. Two ELM/j mines were swept north, of Ihuiden and north of 



2.6 -ug. 1943- - Cu^?IDL\ 7 TIrtL 

Convoy 1169* with five steamers, arrived at Den H elder at 1415 
according to plan and proceeded eastwards at 1800, Minesweeper K "131" was 
heavily damaged in a collision vdth a beat of 2Cth ratrol-rBoat Flotilla 
off Hook after the departure of the convoy. 

A' Dutch motor-cutter, vdth 15 Dutchmen attempting to escape tc 
England _, was captured by 7th Line sweeper Flotilla eff 'Scheveningen, 

Minesweeping in the- area of Comr.anding Admiral 9 Defenses North was 
hampered by bad weather „ ' 

Naval Command,, North has forwarded the following comments on the 
meeting of Danish fishing vessels with suspected British sea-rescue vessels 
and the -simultaneous presence of British planes, as noted by our -dr reconn- 
aissance on 24 April: 

1. -The British are using the Danish fishdng vessels tc take agents 
and sabotage material into Denmark so as to stir up unrest It is 
possible that British fishing vessels are also 'used for this purpose, 

2. The British make use of the Danish fishing vessels returning 
vdth their catch from the Dogger Bank and from inside the German declared 
area for their sea-rescue operations. This enables them to cover the 
greatest possible sea area, and they can thus count on a great many 

of their aviators vfoo cone down in the North Sea being rescued and 
■returning to duty. 

3. The presence of many vessels within a small area inside the 
declared area also leads to the suspicion that the British recon- 
nojtei? and sweep channels through the declared area for the purpose of 
using them in possible invasion operations. 

i>aval Command, North plans the f ollcwing_, provisionally limit I 
measures: :; "-'-...- . ,. 

- 1.' Air reconnaissance 'patrol of the sea area in question. . 

2, Restriction of permission to fish to the established Danish 

fishing' area-' east of the declared .area, : .;•-.. .- ,, 

3» authorization of the Air Force to use arms against vessels 
outside 'the-' area as-'ifl 2 ' .: .'"■> -. 

••'-'• w m: 

4. 'Strict control of all ' fishing avesg els. leavings and entering* Danish 
ports. . :■ ,.. - -. - ■' ■, 

5. Patrol of the fisheries in the ; Danish fishing area by escort- 

- •• ... -337- CONFIDENTIAL 

26 Aug: 1943 CONF IDENTIC, 

No rway /Northern ' erg ' 

lo Ene my Si tu atio n 

1 . . ; • • 

According to radio intelligence the Russian submarines S "14'% "103", 
and "104" appeared in the White Sea the first tine, on 25 August 10 planes 
were detected in operation over the North Sea 

Several incursions by single planes were reported on 25 August 
from the area of Qbrefvbad and Skudesnes and at forenoon on 26 August 1 enemy 
plane was reported approaching north .of Bergen 

Search for enemy PT- boats in the s'kerries and fiords produced no 
tactical results* Photographic reconnaissance of Scapa was broken off owing 
to technical dis t"jrbance fl As 'Material on the Enemy Situation, Baltic - 
S^ctm Soviet Union/Arctic Sea/' 1 by Naval Intelligence Division contains 
information on coastal forb'-f ications, bases for naval forces, mined areas, 
air bases and rc.dio stations on the coast of Murmansk and in the entrance 
to the White Sea, illustrated with 11 maps<> The statements are based on 
material available upon the outbreak of war, on very comprehensive aerial 
ItDgrjphic material and on the reports of prisoners of war For copy as 
per l/Sklo .25745/43 g f "h see War Diary, Part B, "Material en Enemy Situation " 

2« Own Situa tion 

It is additionally reported as of 23 August that the Russian battery 
fired 355 rounds on an incoming Petsamo convoy and 40 rounds on battery Liina- 
hai'iari.. Our battery responded with 107 rounds We suffered a few casualties 
at-Xiinahamario . 

Minesweeper M "401" was damaged at 0207 on 26 August in a collision 
with a mot or ship. off Langneseto 

In the area of the Arctic Coast, 6 ships were escorted to the north 

and 9 ships to the south „ 11 vessels were held up due to lack of escort 

No escort" reports have been received from the other areas of Naval Command 

Norway. . • ■ .... 

• • .... . . » , 

Group North /Fleet reports the situation in the West Siberian Sea 
to be unchanged* • , . 

Group North/Fleet has submitted as of 17 August plans for further 
mining operations by submarines and TI-C mines. in the area west of 
Nowaja Seml'ja. The operations are not expected to start before the end of 
September o It is not planned to carry out further mining operations with 
.j, and TKC mines in this area before suxier 1944° The plan comprises 11 
operations to be carried out according to the nu.iber of submarines available 



26 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

The order of precedence will be decided by Adniral , Northern Waters and 
Colander, Submarines, Norway in accordance with the situation and the 
ice conditions o 

Minefields are planned; 

1. In the western sscfcb of th** Juger Strait or, alternatively, 
the inner Straits of Kostin* 

2 Northeast or, alternatively, north of the western exit of the 
Petchora estuary 

3, Southwest of the Island of Sengeiski, or, alternatively, the 
area north of KelgujeWe, 

4« Off Kan in Noss, or alternatively, north of the Senowaja River. 

5. Northwest, or alternatively north of the western exit of the 
Petchora estuary© 

6, Northwest of Husski Savorot, or alternatively, northwest of the 
western exit of Petchora Bay, 

7o North of the eastern exit of Petchora Bay, or alternatively, 
north of the eastern exit of the Petchora Bay Q 

$o North of Jermak bank; or, alternatively, west of Katwjejew P 

9, East of natwjejew, or alternatively, in the outer Straits of 

10, North of liatwjejew, or alternatively north of the Pachtusew 
bank „ 

11, East of Kan in Noss, or alternatively, west of Kolguj'iWo 
IV. Ska gerrak. Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

1, Enemy Situation 

ComiBnding Admiral, Denmark reports no essential changes in the 
internal political situation in Denmark, Apart from a little local shooting 
and a number of sabotage acts the night passed quietly in Copenhagen and 
in the countryside. Twenty cases of sabotage were carried out in Aarhus but 
no naval interests were affected*. For copy in accordance with teletype as 
per l/Sklo 23933/43 Gkdos. see tfar Diary, Part C, Volume III. 

> -339- 


26 Aug. 1943 COrFID.-J.'TIAL 

In Kronstadt Bay, 2 artillery carriers with patrol boats putting 
out from Leningrad into the sea channel at 07j>5> put up a smoke screen when 
fired up?n by. pur batteries • and returned to port. Enemy air activity 
was strong. The number of planes shot down on 25 August by ""See igel'' barrage 
patrol has been corrected to 3 instead of 4. Minesweeper M "18" suffered" 
casualties and was slightly damaged. 


2* .. Own .3 it uat ion 


The strikes in Denmark are affecting 4 of our patrol boats and a 
towing loop gear tug in Frederikshavn, 2 patrol boats in Aalborg, a mine- 
exploding vessel j a. patrol boat, and a tug in Aarhus. Delay in completion 
of these Vessels is unavoidable, 

A Danish fishing 'boat was' damaged by a mine explosion off Anholt, 

29th Mine sweeping Flotilla, on minesweeping work in the Skagerrak 
declared area., observed suspicious fishing vessels in the area prohibited 
to fishing, on the evening of 24 August . After the vessels had been driven 
off by warning shots on the morning of 25 August s 5 more vessels flying 
the Swedish flag were encountered, in the evening of the sajne dav,' at 
the same place It was noticed that only one of the 7 light buoys laid on 
the previous night by the minesweeper flotilla was still alight, while of the 
others, some were missing .^nd some put out of action by unscrewing the switches 
and removing the top marks. After that the boats, which withdrew to the 
northeast across the- German minefield, were shelled and 2 of them were sunk. 
The ether 3 escaped in the darkness. In view of" the minefield, further 
pursuit and rescue work was not possible. Due to the ordered radio sil- 
ence, the Flotilla Commander's report was not made until after arrival in 
pert on 26 August, A striking point is that none of the boats carried 
sweeping gear and they all had a speed of 12. to 13 knots. Seven men were 
seen jn one of the cutters and there was apparently ammunition on board. 

Naval Staff has reported the incident, which has already been given 
extensive publicity in the Swedish press, to Operations Staff, ^rmed Forces 
High Command, Navy; Admiral, Fuehrer Headquarters; Armed Forces High Oommand/ 
Foreign Countries; the Foreign Office and to Ambassador Ritter. Corresponding 
publication in Armed Forces Press has been suggested. The Swedish Naval 
Attache, Berlin and the. .German Naval' Attache,.. Stockholm have been .informed 
on general lines with the comment that reservations are made as to further 
steps in view of the entirely incomprehensible behaviour of the, Swedish 
fishermen, Copy of decree l/Skl. 23966/43 Gkdos. in War Diary, Part C, 
Volume III. For further "details see War Diary, Part C, Volume VlH e 

Otherwise -no, special reports have 'been received from the area of 
Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic. . • ••■ 

Owing -to weather -conditions, barrage sector^'jo-ov^e'i. Via" has not vet 
been laid. Minesweeping also had to be cancelled in the Irben Strait 
due to stormy weather. 



26 Aug. 1943 CJTT t 1,1 

V. Submarine Warfare 

No special reports have been received from the Atlantic or the Indian 

VI. Aerial Warfare 

British Isles and Vicinity 

From the sea area 120 miles west of Brost, Air Force Commander. 
Atlantic reports that 4 Beauf-ighter planes were shot down and 1 Liberator 
plane effectively damaged. For results of reconnaissance, see Situation 
Report Vest Area. .. ■■•■ ■ 

There was lively enemy air activity in the afternoon in the occupied 
West Area. An airfield in the Rouen area was attacked. Areas off the Gironde 
mouth and between Brost and St, Nazaire were mined in each case by 20 planes 
during the night of 26 August. No other events of importance were reported. 

Mediterranean Thoater 

Our ground attack planes were in action off Augusta on 25 August 
and scored bomb hits among a concentration of landing boats. 7 ground- 
attack planes attacked ship targets off Catania on 26. August and reported a 
hit on a merchantman of 3,000 - 4,000 GRT. 

The enemy attacked airfields on Sardinia and north of Naples. 
4 MS -109 planes were destroyed, 4 were heavily and 3 slightly damaged. 
4 enemy planes were shot down during alerts. The railway station of Taranto 
was destroyed in a heavy raid during the night of 26 August, The Bari - 
Brindisi and Bari-Naples railroads were interrupted. The Italian naval 
vessels in Taranto were undamaged. 2 airfields, 1 s.teel works, /and a railway 
station in the Naples area were attacked during the same niriitA 'A large 
number of flares, were also observed off the coast as well as an attack on 
>nc of our convoys and ; on the .coast al railroad. 

Our planes attacked ships in the port of Algiers during last nirht, 

' • ■ '■ . 

Eastern Fron t 

114 planes were shot lo'wn ori' theftAjjmy, Front on 24 August. 



VI J. ,-,• /v „Uarfare, m the Mediterranean and Black Sea,.,,. Enemy .Situati n Mediterranean 

An ILLUSTRIOUS-cla^s : ai'r.craft.iE^rr^r, :: ,^. auxiliary aircraft carriers^ 
and % ieatrpyers, were at sea throughout the lay east of' Gitralt; 

• J "• •■■ « '£>■ ■'■'■■ ■ U ■ 

,ar and returned 

■ • ssv e ^ 

26 aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL ': 

to port at 1800 8 The steamers G-IULIO CAESA*lu and DUILIO (the second 
group of Italian repatriation ships from East Africa,, arrived in Gibraltar 
from Las Palmas a 

According to photographic interpretation as of the evening of 
25 August , there were 66 ships in Oran and Mers el Kebir. There is little 
change in comparison with the beginning of July* 5 freighters, 2 tankers 
and 20 landing vessels of different types were" in Arzeu u 5 steamers and 
30 landing vessels of different types were at Mostaganer.u Numbers in 
the port of Bone showed only a slight increase in small naval craft 
and were otherwise unchanged as compared with 15 August D 

Only a little west bound traffic vjas observed in the sea area of 
Algiers/Cape Bon in the evening of 25 August by our air reconnaissance 
Reconnaissance on 26 August revealed remarkably little shipping traffic 
throug out the Mediterranean Complete cover during the morning of the 
Southern Sicily/Balearic s area and west of Algiers to Philippeville, 
produced no sighting s The Bay of Algiers was not covered. An east bound 
convoy presumably put into a North African port except for a section of 
8 to 10 ships which was off Biscrte at 1830 on 25 August and, according 
to radio intelligence,, was to proceed,, Air reconnaissance reported at 
103 5 > 3 transports off Oran on a southwesterly course and 2 cruisers and 
2 destroyers on a northeasterly course,, 2 more transports were on an 
easterly course at 0818, north of Cape de Fer Air reconnaissance off the 
North and East Coasts of Sicily was al-so without tactical result s There 
were 2 light cruisers, 1 destroyer, and 1 landing boat on an east-south- 
easterly course 10 miles north of San Vito„ According to radio intelli- 
gence there were 1 battleship and 8 steamers with escort on a westerly 
course in the area of Bougie / Algiers^ They were detected at 1100 approx- 
imately off Cape Tenez but not confirmed by air reconnaissance 

2 , Own S ituation Mediterranean / Sea Transport Situation 

One of our submarine s sank 2 steamers and damaged a third in an east 
bound convoy 40 miles north-northeast of Bone, 

An Italian corvette sank an enemy submarine at noon east of Brindisi< 

The BiiANDSNBUxG and PGfcfriiiflJ have completed their mining task accord- 
ing to plan and are now en route Maddalena - Leghorn, 

Three of our ?T-boats were damaged in a heavy air raid on Taranto 
and are out of action --■ 

In the escort service, 5 steamers, 2- tankers, and war freighter KT 
"8" were accompanied without incident by a total of 2 Italian torpedo boats, 
1 anti-aircraft corvette, 4 submarine chasers, 1 naval artillery barge, and 
1 mot or-r. d. neswe eper 

-342- CONFIDpTlAL 

C • ) 



26 Aug. 1943 

3« Krea Naval Groun Sout h ■ -'- 

^egean S e* . , 


; * ,v* — -^ •-• 

Submarine-chase was started by escorts off Cape Sunion in the after- 
noon of 25 August, after a periscope had been sighted. 
•i "" - ■ ;-'-• t' c 

12th Motor-Minesweeper Flotilla reports as of 23 August that two 
. mines were caught in the -err and exploded off the Dardanello-s-t"— ■ they 
were from our own minefield. One floating mine was exploded thr u -!\ -in- 
fire by Torpedo-Boat TA "10," 

The net-laying formation moved from Piraaus to Salonika on 25 August. 
Convoy traffic was carried out according to plan and without incident. 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

According to radio intelligence, there was 1 destroyer at sea in t> 

southeastern part of the Black Sea. Landing vessels wore spotted in Gelend- 
shik and Tuapse for the first time by photographic reconnaissance. In the 
afternoon 30 planes attacked Temrjuk port with hirh explosive and phosphorus 
bombs and gunfire. 5 of the attacking planes were probably shot down, 
V/e suffered little damage. 

According to a report from the Naval Attache, Istambul sevoral sub- 
marines have recently been sighted off the Bosporus entrance. A Turkish 
motor-sailing boat was sunk by gunfire from a submarine in this area on 
24 Aura st. 

Own Situation 

Italian midget submarine CB "4" definitely sank an enemy submarine 
18 miles west of Eupatoria at 0114. 

Submarine U "9" has left Constantza for the operational area. 
Clearance of the Sevastopol barrage rap was continued but no mines were 
swept. Otherwise, no special incidents were reported. 

Naval Staff has advised Naval Group S outh and Admiral, Black Sea 
of the order issued to Naval Liaison Officer attached to Amy General Staff 
to present Naval Staff's views on the establishment of rear positions in case 
of a necessary withdrawal on the Eastern Front (East Wall) as follows: 

a. From the standpoint of naval warfare, it is desirable that the 
East V/all in the Sea of ^sov - Saporosche area be so located that the 



26 Aug^.1943 C^-l.rZL 2? ZL~L ■ 

port of Berdjansk vd.ll not be available to. the ene:.:y c 

b This, however, is not to interfere with the Amy's requirements 
for the list .all from the standpoint of land warfare* 

For Copy of teletype l/5kl e I cp 2521/43 Gkdos. Chefs, see .ar Diary, 
i art C, Volume XIV a a 


Situation East Asia 

Nothing to report, 


27 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

I tems of Polit c al Importance 

Comment on the Quebec communiques in the An/?lQ-American press reveals 
xily .qualified satisfaction. Unconcealed concern in regard to unity among 
the Allies is evinced in several cases. The neutral press emphasizes the 
fact that the Russians still reserve a free hand to themselves for their 
post-war policy. Interesting disclosures on this point are made, ace r iing 
to the United Press, in the news sheet published by the Russian Embassy in 
Washington which demands a leading role for the USSR in the organization 
:>f the post-war world and which rejects the planned Eastern European Fed- 
eration which is aimed allegedly against Germany but in fact against Russia. 

Kin a Boris of Bulgaria is seriously ill. 

The Free French Committee has been recognized by Great Britain, the 
United States of America and by the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 
with certain reservations, varying in each case. The Russian recognition, 
which acknowledges the Committee as the diplomatic representation of the ■ 
French Government, is the most complete. 

C reference on the Situation with Chief, Naval Staff 

I. In the course of the Situation Report on the Mediterranean, Chief, 
Naval Staff remarked that the major enemy action anticipated by Operations 
Staff, Armed Forces High Command would probably not be directed against 
Southern France. The decisive importance of air supremacy would be the 

main consideration in selection of the target. The North Coast of France would 
therefore seem to be specially threatened . The systematic bombardment of 
airfields and traffic installations there also seems to point in that direc- 
tion. Chief, Naval Staff therefore ordered that the 20$ reduction of .personnel 
in the Channel Area be revoked and also that the withdrawal of coastal 
batteries from this area not be carried out. 

II. Chief, Naval Ordnance Division, Bureau of Naval Armament report 
that about 14^000 workers had left the' naval construction industrv since 
April of this year; attempts are being made by Naval Instrument .Constructi .in 
Department to provide replacements. The- Ministry of Armament and War 
Production has not : r et given permission for the employment of laborers 

and skilled workers available to the Naval Commands. Commander in Chief, 
•Navy ordered that the work be started on nis responsibility. It is not 
yet possible to make an accurate statement on the industrial dajna 
affecting the Navy done in the big attack on Berlin (Mariendorf ). The 
main difficulty is the procurement of -living quarters for the -laborers 
in the re-opened industries. 

In a highly ■ restricted Circle 

III. With reference to the report from Naval Attache, Rome rogardin ; 


27 tJa -. 1 1 -1 71 ll 

[ . f Aost see far Diary f 21 A nist : teval Att : rts 

t the ssador in fl me has claimed that the it phis 

^uris iictijii 3, ing. t 3 l . 1 :.. i : r-; ;.:: : :r 
rtinc on li* ilar j irelv I bt .rs, 

in ief, favy rdered th I b . .7- die, H 
t : ntinue rej artin : re. .~t tl: ~: 

ff, Airaed Forces High Sorai : 5 in: rt. : -.1. S reign Minister 

"ill r bably ippr : the 3 jr in the atter. In the - jsent situation- 

2n military matters are 5: str -1- affecte " Litical attitudes, it 
is essential for the service commanders tc have fii informati n >n 

liticrl - :. jenaan-ItaliBn relations it 

Lately 1 ssible t separate political and military matters. 

7. I.-; rt by l..i:l; Operations i_: :1, '. lr;.l i~. •.::". " .-:":: r.; Iivi.-i r. 

a. Armed Forces Hig mand has issu e i. 11 wing jrder t 

sex ins. Seneral, Armed Forces j West: 

1. ! nstant rts 1 th 3 iefense preparati ns in the Italian 
fi itier are reparations for blastings, constructi n : fense 

sitions) require the greatest attenti n whj sh old not :: : .": 
rently very friendly attitude :>f the Italian officers. 

2. All 5::: :•- " rt 5 must therefore be re- - : . ill accurate 
inf rmati pted-t *ether with the n £ t s ffj :._ guaranteeine 

■•=ricii" = : ~ ncr. bservations may be used s . basis for 

rrr^::-.:E.::_n: t" th- Italian 7 rc-_-s Y.Lr'r. Innnani. 

GePOU] West has f 01 rded this >rder tc German Naval C .... Toul 

v tc [>perati ns Division, ffaval Staff. - r teletype l/Skl 
2522/43 led s/ Chefs, feu Da ry, Part C , Volume Il~\ 

. I ;.l.- instructions fr a I _r :i ns Staff, tinned Forces lira 
:..- : tion : pea svaouated by the It . 4th 

. .. final 5 yet --.; :.n-:-rnin."* Sulon. 

c. Vi ".-.. t te t 3hief -f Staff, Maval Staff offering to 

Le t ■'.' pi for transportation tasks ; _r 

.-. Vic- . d pal Abe 3hief, Naval Staff, 

per . Divi;i .... 1st (a - kl I p£ 2517/43 .Gk s. 3iofs). 

, • 1 . 

rider in Chief, Navy h th like the J vy in rial 

t Vice-A 1 , Copy of letter 1 Ski I 2529/43 

rr-y ■ ., ■ 1 1 . 


27 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENT!.!, 

V. Chief, Operaticns Division, Na val Staff called attention to the 
panese deliveries enumerated in the above-mentioned statement dat^d 

24 August, the value of which was specially underlined by Commanding 
admiral Yokoi. "fhoy consist mainly of an oxygen torpedo, an apparatus for 
stabilizing the depth control of a submarine and at the same time saving 
power, and of the realization of the principle tested in Japanese midget 
submarines for the absorption of batter:/ gasjs, whereby the batteries ar 
so strongly charged that the beat can attain a speed of 24 knots c 

VI. Operations Division, Naval Staff presented appreciation of the 
situation (l/Skl I b 2474/43 Gkdos. Chefs), 

Special Item s 

I. Denmark 

1. Up to 40 ground mines have been alloted. to. Naval Command, Baltic, 
as requested, for use in the Is^ficrd. Choice of mines and firing devices 
is optional according to the quickest possibilities of delivery, 

2, Naval Command, Baltic reports the following plans for operation 

1. 1st PT-Boat Training Flotilla with 8 boats, and LUED^RITZ 
are ready for action at .Swinemuende.. They arc expected to 
transfer to Copenhagen at" 1600 on 28 August. 

2. M "515" and K "575". (minelayers) and M "504" and M "509" 
(Minelaying Experimental Command), combined, into Flotillr 

ZAAGE for mining Isefiord upon issuance codeword "KoMenorgaenzen, " 
will be made ready for action and will load min^s at. Kiel- 

3. Torpedo-Boats 'T "107," T "108," and T "111" (Torpedo Training 
Flotilla) will be made ready for action at Torpedo- 
Boat T "8," T "13," and T "17" will be mad 3 ready for action 

in Kiel. Torpedo- Boat T "4," T "5;" and T "72" maxk, ready 
for action in' 'Swinemuende. 

Tasks Include: 

■ a, Actions against Danish training and mine sweeping groups 
in waters south of Svondborg. 

b. Support of forces of Commanding .'dmiral, Defenses Baltic 
in measures outside the ports. 

4. 10th Patrol Boat Flotilla (6 boats )' returning from escort 
of Floating Dock "C" to route 76 position 1,, were ordered at 
about midnight to reinforce the patrol at the southern exit 
of the Sund. 

-347- CONFIDENT! T. 

27 k\ig« 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Operations Division, Naval Staff has advised Operations Staff, Armed 
Forces High Command,, Navy accordingly, 

3° Commanding .admiral Denmark reports that the night of 26 August was 
generally quiet at all stations though agitators were active everywhere 
so that military forces had to be continually sent out to deal with demon- 
strations, as the police could not control the situation. The same applied 
to the occupation of war industrial plants, Further and speedy deteriora- 
tion of the situation is to be expected. Work is going on in the yards in 
Copenhagen, Odense, Nakskov and Korsoer; no work is being done at Fred- 
erikshavn, ^alborg; Helsingoer, and Svendborg, Ssbjerg is quiet , 

4= Naval Command Baltic reported in the evening: 

At the conference held this afternoon with Commanding General, 
armed Forces, Denmark and the Reich Commissioner, the latter stated 
that he had received verbal orders from the Fuehrer that, in respect of 
the events of the past week in which the honor of the German Armed 
Forces had repeatedly been offended, he was to demand immediately 
from the Danish Government the declaration of a state of emergency, 
compensation for damage, and the institution of the death penalty for 
certain offenses. In case of refusal, the resignation of the Scaven- 
ius Government may be automatically expected* This would necessitate 
the assumption of full powers by the Army and Naw through the troop 
commanders together with "Safari." On my protest, the Reich Commissioner 
postponed his step for 24 hours, that is, until Saturday noon. I 
protested because, in the desire to avoid unrest, the Danish Navy has 
suddenly made various changes in disposition and has issued orders 
restricting entry into the ports, which means that some of our 
"Safari" preparations are useless and, in the present situation, must 
be carried out by naval forces as the Danish ships now have no more 
communication with the shore. This applies especially to the area 
south of Fuenen. On the other hand, in Korscer for example, there 
are more than double the former ■number of ships, as the boats have been 
withdrawn from Nyborg. This makes it necessary to augment the shock 
troops considerably. With the present distribution, the Danish Navy 
is spread over not less than 18 ports. Commanding General, Armed 
Forces supported my protest as he will be able to obtain some re- 
inforcement for his weak forces on Zealand from parts of the 25th 
Tank Division which arrives tomorrow and which he can call on in case 
of need. Consultations on operations are under way with Commanding 
Admiral, Defenses Baltic and also with Coastal Sector Commander Danish 
Isles and the Port Commanders principally concerned. In the present 
situation, operation "Safari" may be expected to take place at 0400 
on 29 august. 

Operations Division, Naval Staff has advised Operations Staff, Armed 
Forces High Command accordingly. Teletype l/Skl 2548/43 in War Diarv, 
Part C, Volume III. . 



27 Aug.. 1%3 CONFIDKTI.I 

5. Admiral Denmark has forwarded the disposition of Danish war ships. 
Copy as oer l/Skl 24063/43 Gkdos. in ir ar Diary, Part C, Volume III. 
according to this, the armored coastal vessel NIELS JULS is in the Ise- 
f i rd and armored coastal 'Vessel PETER SK'R/iM in Copenhagen. 

lie Mediterr a nean Theater 

1. In Enemy Situation Report Mr. 14/43 dated 18 ,-oigust, Army General 
Staff, Foreign Armies, West comes to the conclusion that the enemy command 
will be forced by general developments to take daring and comprehensive new 
decisions and that they dispose of the means to carry them cut, A major 
operation in the Mediterranean and Atlantic is therefore anticipated. After 
deducting an adequate number cf occupation and escort forces, the enen 
still has available for use in the Mediterranean area. 37 infantry divisions, 
12 1/2 tank divisions, and 5 1/2 airborne divisions. These figures are 
expected to be increased in the coming months, even without bringing further 
Frjnch formations into operational status. There is enough shipping space 
for the simultaneous embarkation of $ - 6 divisions in landing vessels and at 
least 4-5 more divisions on sea-going vessels. At the moment, Foreign 
Armies West considers the main enemy target is still an attempt at a decision 
in the Balkans which is probably strongly opoosed b:y Russia. The military 
difficulties are still considered to be the lack of permanent air bases 
Presumable prerequisites for a Balkan operation are the occupation of the 
Aegean or Southern Italy, 

. Foreign Armies West finally points out: 

Insight into the enemy's plans is incomplete aue to lack cf enemy 
contacts and captured data, and to the enemy's effective blocking of 
operational bases, so that accurate and timely information as to the 
start of the operation cannot be counted on. This increases the danger 
of the enemy command's being able to achieve surprise as to time and 
place. This danger can only be averted by intensive air and - to a 
certain extent - naval reconnaissance (submarines). Local weakening of 
combat forces •■ in favor of reconnaissance will have to be tolerated. 
The decision will be reached in land battle; whether our defense for- 
mations are at the right place at the right time will depend essentially 
'.n the information gained by reconnaissance, Sicily was an example of 

2. Armed Forces High Command, Foreign Countrios describes the situation 
in Northern Italy as follows: 

•The activities of Italain troops in' Northern Italy in the past' f e*w 
days has been characterized by three facts: 

a. An increase in the dispatch of replacements for the division 



27 Aug . 1943 ; 1 CO' IF IDEM HAL 

engaged in the frontier area and renewals by formations from the Eastern 
Front . 

b. Execution of certain defense preparations, with protective mea- 
sures towards the north 

c At some places, formations outside Italy ; both from the east 
and from the west, have started to move into Northern Italy from where 
some are proceeding to the south. 

The total strength of the replacements which have arrived in the last 
seven days is estimated at approximately 8,000 :nen. The main transit area 
Brenner - Bozen - Verona is nearly free of troops, but large concentrations 
are to be -.noted in the side valleys and smaller adjoining valleys„ Blasting 
preparations and isolated known cases ef defense preparations might be 
interpreted as precautionary measures indicating continued Italian suspicion 
of a sudden German seizure. The same applies to the rumors on preparations 
for the evacuation of Northern Italy. The actual state of affairs is hard 
to establish. In any case, it may be assumed that, in the face of Italian 
war weariness, none of the measures are of great defensive value or importance. 
To the contrary of the above-mentioned defense activities, it may be noted 
that the Italian measures against an enemy attack on the coast are inadequate 
and incomplete. The Italian theory of a main defense line further inland is 
wrong. To summarize, the impression still obtains that the Italians want to 
continue to fight on the side of Germany,, Cooperation with the members of 
the Italian commands has been easier and relations between the subordinate 
ranks have improved . 

Chief of Staff , Naval Staff has been advised accordingly at Fuehrer 
K .idquarters. 

3> Group West has forwarded a report from German Naval Liaison Command, 
Toulon on unusual defensive measures started a few days ago by the Italians 
at Fort La Malgue, the command post' of the Italian Commanding Admiral, Toulon, 
Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command will be advised by Naval Staff. 
Commanding General, Armed Forces, West has been informed direct by Group 

III. Northern Area 

Group North/Fle^t reported on 26 August that) owing; to the advanced 
season and indications from air reconnaissance and radio intelligence that 
the shipping campaign on the Siberian route has started. Commanding Admiral, 
Cruisers considers that the precaution should be taken of stationing the 
LUETZOW in a waiting position. At the same time it was suggested that, 
if the fuel situation should require, LUETZOW 5 s escort be reduced to only 
two vessels , 


27 Augo 1943 CO NFIDENTIAL 

Group North/Fleet has not yet approved this suggestion, as it is not 
justified by the so far meagre information and, due to frequent enemy air 
reconnaissance of Alta, it is probable that the limited measure of tactical 
surprise to be gained by putting out ahead of time would be lost Group North/ 
Fleet desires that in any case, the results of further reconnaissance espe- 
cially by plane should be awaitedo For the rest, Group North/Fleet considers 
that an escort of 2 destroyers, but not torpedo boats, would be sufficient 
for LUETZQU'o A combination of operations "Dudelsack" and "Zitronella," 
as suggested by Admiral Northern Waters^ is at present out of the question, 
as "Zitronella" depends on very different circumstances and it is to be 
hoped the -'-Dudelsack" will come off before "Zitronella," After the withdrawal 
of destroyer Z "25" and torpedo boats T "20" and "21 ; " the number of destroy- 
ers for "Zitronella" will unavoidably be reduced to 9<> Naval Staff agrees 
with the views of Group North/Fleet, 

Sit uatio n on 27 August 1943 

Io "liar in Foreign Water s 

Nothing to rep or to 

II o Situation West Area_ 

1" Enemy Situation 

58 planes were detected over the Bay of Biscay mainly between 1400 
and 2030 o One British vessel was detected at 1430 in BF 8426, one at 1515 
in CG 2540, and one at 2255 in CG 1657. 

Our reconnaissance again spotted a submarine- chasing group of 3. 
cruiser and 4 destroyers in the sea area off Cape Villa no The formation 
was also detected several times by radio intelligence up to 1515 between BF 
7859 and CG 2550 They were attacked by 14 of our bombers at 1416, In 
this attack, 1 destroj/er was sunk and the light cruiser was damaged 

Our air reconnaissance also reported at 08/+0^ 5 destroyers on 
varying courses in BF 7856, Group Jest suspects that this was 1 destroyer 
and 4 escort vessels A hospital ship was sighted at 0915 in Ha 9628 on 
course 170 

2o Own Si tuation 

Atlan t ic Co ast 

It is reported as of 25 August that one iLM/j mine was swept off 3ay- 
onne and as of 26 August two ESM/j mines east of Belle lie and off La Pallice 



27 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Torpedo-Boat T "14," the FALKE, and the KC8DGR will transfer 'at noon 
from La Pallice to Royan, They are scheduled to sail again from there 
for exercises with 8th Destroyer Flotilla at 0600 on 28 ,Vu~ust. 

Three submarines have left Brest and 2 have left La Pallice for 
operations against the enemy, 

Channel Coast 

Fighter bomber attacks were made on 2nd and 10th Motor-Minesweeper 
Flotilla, iurin? the night of 26 Aurust off Calais, in some of which rockets 
were again used, A few casualties were suffered. Otherwise nothing to report, 

III. -North Sea, Norway, Northern Wa ters 

•North Sea 

Four ELM/J mines were swept north of Terschelling. Convoy 1169 
sailed from Helder to the Elbe without incident. Minesweeping and escort 
services of Commanding Admiral,, Defenses North were carried out during 
the day according to plan. Minesweeping was cancelled during the night ...- 
owing to weather conditions^ - : ' 

Naval Staff has given the following decision on Naval Command, 
•th's oroposal regarding measures against Danish fishing vessels: 

1. Before any steps in connection with the incidents -of 24 August 
can be permitted arainst Danish fishing vessels on the Dop£=r Bank, 
further information must be submitted as to the type, number, position, 
and activity of the sighted vessels. 

2. According to statements so far received, the greater part 
of the sighted vessels are believed to have been British sea-rescue 
boats which were in operation on the Dogger Bank during and after the 
big raids on .Germany. 

The a riate moment for new measures, which would also concern 

the Danish fishing boats, would be upon the further appearance of English 

sea-rescue formations. Further reconnaissance of the sea area is there- 
fore necessary. 


o r way/N o r t h e rn Wa t e r s 

1. Enemy Situation 

14 planes in operation were detected over the North Sea. .Two 
issian mines type M-31 were swept in the southern part of the Varanger- 
f: >rd. One mine was swept north of Vardoe. 


According to ohoto graphic reconnaissance, there were 6 freighters 
'"'-f 39*500 0RT, 6 submarines, 1 submarine supply-vessel, 1 minesweeper, 


27 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

and 1 tanker in Moldtovskj 8 freighters of 22,000 GRT, 1 tanker of 8,000 
GRT, 1 destroyer, and 2 naval vessels of unidentified type in «.rchangelsk, 
which was only partly covered. 

During the course of 26 August, 2 planes flew in between Sogne and 
Nordfiord and 1 plane southwest of Stavanger. 

2. Own Situation 

The salvage of Minesweeper M "5209" had to be abandoned as h >peless. 

On 26 August, in the area of Admiral, North and Vest Coasts, 12 
ships were escorted to the north and 15 to the south, and on 27 August in 
the whole area of Naval Comman 1 Norway, 20" ships were escorted to the 
north and 21 ships to the south. 

11 steamers were held up in the area of the Arctic Coast 
due to lack of escort. 

On the afternoon of 26 August, one of our west-bound convoys of 
5 steamers, 1 minelayer with 9 patrol boats, A minesweepers, and 4 
submarine- chasers was a.t tacked off the Baasfiord ^y 30 to 40 torpedo pianos. 
Our air cover consisted )f two BV-138 planes, 4 heavy fighters, and 6 
fighters. The aerial torpedoes were evaded. Concentrated runfire drove 
off the attacking planes. Our air escort scored an outstanding success 
by shooting down 26 enemy planes. 

At 2120 Submarine U "354" sank one steamier in AS 2722 and torpid 
a Second. In addition, 4 steamers were sighted in this area on course 
50°. The submarine reports that the presence of 7 new minesweepinr vessels 
has been detected in radio traffic with Dickson Island. 

According to another submarine report, the ice barrier runs approx- 
imately 230 miles off the north of Novaya Semlya. in a direction of 50°. 

Admiral, Northern Waters reports, that meteorological operation 
"Rassgei;-e" will start at 0400 on 28 August with the departure of weather 
observation ship COBURG from Narvik for 76° 35' north and 06° 00' east. 
The point of destination sh oul 1 be reached at about 1000 m 30 August. 
The vessel will be escorted by Submarine U "355" as.f-r as the ice barrier 
and will be picket up a^ain at the same spot for return vo;- r ape via the 
same route. 

IV. Skagerrack, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 

1. Enemv Situation 


27 Aug. :-43 con id; t :ial 

Thore was only limited artillery activity in the Bav of -Kronstadt, 
In the sea channel, 2 artillery carriers, protected by numerous patro.l 
boats Wore forced to withdraw by our fire, under heavy smoke screens. 

Air activity was lively in the are? if the islands. 

2. Own Situation 

Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic has forwarded another report 
from 29th Minesweeper Flotilla )n the sinking }f the two Swedish fishing 
vessels in the Skagerrak declared area with the comment that the procedure 
of Commander, 29th Minesweeper Flotilla was unimpeachable. For copy of 
report from Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic 4070 Gkdos. see War Diarv, 
Part C, Volume III. 

At the request of the Swedes the German Navy has agreed to make 
a search on 28 August for survivors of the sunken vessels. For further 
details on this point, see Teletypes 1620 and 2000. For related information, 
l/Skl 25850/43 geh. to Naval Command, Baltic; Commanding Admiral, Defenses 
Baltic; and Naval Command, Norway see War Diary, Part C, ^olume III. 

No other special reports have been received from the area of 
] mraanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic. 

According to a report from Commanding Admiral, Denmark, the 5 nior 
Officer at Copenhagen ordered a maximum degree of alarm at 0135* The order 
was ac-ain revoked in the course of the morning. 

The tow of Floating Dock "C" was north of Rixhoeft at 1800. 

Salvage of the 3 coastal minelayers sunk in an air raid on 21 Aug- 
ust has been started. No other special events have been reported from 
the area of Commander, Minesweepers, Baltic and Admiral, B a ]_tic Countries. 

V, Submarine Warfare 

No special reoorts have teen received from the Indian Ocean :r 
from the Atlantic. 

VI. Aerial Warfar e 

British Isles and Vicinity 

For reconnaissance and combat activity of Air Force Command, Atlantic, 
?e Situation West Area. 

Durinr the da"y, strong enemy 'forces flew into the occupied west 
• attacking airfields and industrial plants between Boulogne and the 
Somme mouth and causing considerable damage. For details, see Daily 
Situation Report. 5 of the attacking planes were shot down. 

300 - 400 f our-engine bombers flew into Southern Germany on 
the I 27 August, and raided Nuernberg, damaging numerous industrial 


27 Aug. 1943 


plants. The output of the heavy Industrial plants attacked will be little 
affected. Besides Nuernberg, the airfields at Ansbach and Heilbronn 
were also attacked. According to reports so far received, 51 attacking 
planes were shot down, 

On the same night. 10 harassing planes were in action in the 
ifttine/.Iestphalia industrial area and 2 planes in the northwestern German 
coastal area In addition 20 planes probably mined the area of Cherbourg/ 

Losses in the big attack on Berlin on 27 August are caLculato 1 at 
400 killed, 1200 wounded, and 65,000 rendered homeless, 

Mediterranean Theater 

A raid by 76 of our bombers on the port of Algiers during the night 
of 26 August was rendered difficult" by a heavy smoke screen. Hits were 
probably scored on 7 vessels and 1 warshl . 2 of our planes failed to 
return. The bomber formation sighted an enemy convoy of 24 transports 
and several escort vessels at 0552? 80 miles south -southeast of Kallorca„ 

In the morning, the enemy attacked Naples and airfields and road 
bridges in the southern Italian area 7 °£ the attacking planes were shot 
down, 35 enemy planes attacked Salerno late in the. evening <, 

Eastern Front 

26 enemy planes were shot &o\m on the Army Front on 25 August «, 

5th ^ir Force reports that in the successful engagement with enemy 
torpedo planes northwest of Vardoe on 26 August* 26 planes were shot down by 
fighters and another by ships' anti-aircrafto 


Uarfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

1 • Enemy Situation L editerr anean 

An ILLUST/tIO US-class carrier, 1 auxiliary carrier, and 6 destroyers 
were again at sea east of Gibraltar throughout the day and returned to port 
at 1730 . The Italian repatriation steamers DUILI0 and EEULIO CESAxffi left 
during the morning towards the east c 

A westbound convoy of 15 merchantmen and 10 escort vessels was sighted 
in the afternoon of 26 August* 20 miles northwest of ?hilippeville Several 
convoys travailing in both directions .were sejn on the same day off the 
North Tunisian Coast „ The oast', un.' convoy which was attacked by one of 
our submarines on the evening of 26 August was spotted again at 0655 °n 



27 Aug. 1943 confidential 

27 August 8 miles northeast of Bizerta in the strength of about 50 ships. 
At the same time, approximately t.2Q freighters, and a few naval vessels left 
Bizerta sailing towards the convoy. No further observation of the convoy was 
reported during the day. • 

According to radio intelligence, Commanding Admiral, Task Force H 
was at sea in the Western Mediterranean. 

In the Sicily -sea area, only light traffic of small naval vessels 
was noted. 

Submarine positions were reported at 0900 and 10A0, 40 to 50 miles 
north-northwest and east-northeast of Brindisi respectively. ... . 

No reports have been received from the Eastern Mediterranean. 

2 . Cwn Situation Mediterranean / Sea Transport Situation 

German Naval Command, Italy is assembling all operational PT-boats at 
Maddalena for offensive actions during the new moon period. 

Naval Liaison Officer to ^rmy Group 3 has forwarded to German Naval 
.miand, Italy, a request from .Commanding General, Army Group that as many naval 
coastal as possible be installed in the Gulf of Genoa. German Naval 
Command, Italy has therefore requested assignment of the batteries formerly 
scheduled for Calabria, and in particular railway battery "Gneisenau. " 

Escort service was carried out according to plan. No special reports 
have been received. 

In a personal telegram to Commander in Chief, Navy, Field Morshal 
Kesselrinr has renewed the . request that more submarines be sent to the 

■ iiterranean in view of their continued successful employment there. 
Ke hopes in this way to intensify the campairn against enemy shipping and 
to relieve the present naval situation. by forcinr the enemy to increase 
his escort forces which are at present very small. 

3. Area Naval Croup South 

A - m Sea 

In the afternoon a submarine hunt for an enemy submarine sighted 
off Heraklion was started by the Air Force. 

Motbrship MbROSINI arrived in Piraeus from Pat-ras. Motorship 
.LETTA is repairing .in Northern Italv. Two of our Q-ships- are putting in 
to Piraeus from the -operational area , Escort service was carried out with- - ? - 
:ut incident. 


27 Aug, 1943 -U ■-.■ . CO I^FIDCNTIAL ■ 

Black Sea 

E n any Situ ation 

Several PT-fc'oats were sighted in. the sea area of Geiendjhik in the 
morning, and 14 vessels off the landing area of i>Ioworcssisk in the evening,, 

Several vessels, presumably cruisers, destroyers and patrol boats, 
were in the sea area of Suchum, according to radio intelligence,, 

According to Amy Group A's assessment of the enemy situation on 
the 17th Army -front, there are indications that the* attacks on the Kuban 
bridgehead are to be resumed. For particulars, see teletype 1U0 The 
a.rmy Group believes a large-scale attack concentrating on both sides of 
Krymskaja to be imminent, probably to be directly followed by a landing 
operation against the south flank of the bridgehead in combination with an 
attack from the beachhead The Army Group thinks it equally likely that a 
landing attempt may be. made in the area of Temrjuk after a possibly success- 
ful break through' the German line „ This theory is supported by the fact 
that Marshal Timoschenko is known t'o.'have been present in the area south- 
west of Krasnodar since 25 August* 'Our incomplete long-range re connai seance 
favors a' surprise landing operation 

Own Situ ation 

The PT-boat operation scheduled for the night of 27 August had to 
be postponed for 24 hours due to bad weather » The enemy Mius Front was 
bombarded at 0345 on 27 August by Naval Artillery Lighters MAL »»1" and "2" 
according to plan and with good observed results Counter-action was slight, 

Submarine chase was carried out off the south coast of the Crimea . 
by Italian midget submarines C3 ,I 2" and "6," and in the area off Eupatoria 
by the XANTEN and 2 submarine -chasers, 

After being sighted by long-range reconnaissance, convoy ZkR F jPJD- 
INaND was unsuccessfully attacked at 1245 by 7 enemy torpedo planes 25 miles 
south- southwest of Odessa, 

Supply and ferry traffic across the Straits of Kerch was carried out 
according to plan and without incident,, 

Group "..'est reports on the status of mine sweeping on the Danube 
as follows: 

lo Between Galatz and Sulina, on the Danube mouth, 1 mine-exploding 
vessel, 1 steamer and 2 Romanian vedettes equipped with towed loop gear, 
'1 tug equipped against mines with anchor cable, and 2 sloops with MP 

.357- Cui'FID^TIaL 

27- Aug. .1943 


gear jTr^N^ special gear for motor pinnace] are being employed. 

2, In the sector between Braila and orsova preparations are being 
made on which High Command, Kavy has been kept informed o "One Bulgarian 
vessel has been equipped with towed loop gear 

3» The German Danube Flotilla is furnishing escort protection 
between Orsowa and Belgrade c Equipment of bases and installation of 
gear is un lorway. 

Group South has reported on the conference held, on the -recommendation f 
the Italian Navy High Command (see T Jar Diary of 17 August), on 20 August 
in -Athens between Marimorea and mariegeo in regard to a unified command 
for anti-submarine warfare in the Aegean, The practical results were nil, 
as the Italian representatives had strict directives but no power to make 
any definite agreement and were strongly opposed to a unified commando 

According to a report from Admiral, Aegean 5ea ; Group South- has 
therefore ordered that the submarine reporting network with newly allotted 
radio apparatus be set up with German personnel only and Admiral, Aegean 
is conducting anti-submarine operations as if a unified command for the whole 
area had already been ordered though without denying the Italian right to 
use their own anti-submarine forces in their own areas "When evidence of 
mistakes in their anti-submarine operations is available, the experiences of 
Admiral, Aegean will be presented to them c Two misconducted operations are 
already known of and could be used as examples at the expected ..conference 
between Ca.u.iander in Chief, Navy and Italian High Command, Navy„ For 
copy of report as per l/Skl 240C6/43 Gkdos, see Jar Diary, Part Cj- Volume 


Situation East Asia 

N:thin~ to report 

. . . 


.- «.. • j 



28 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

It ens of Political Inr-ortance 

.No special information has been received. 

.' ■ " ■ 

Chief, Naval Staff left, together with Chief of Staff, Naval. Staff, 
for Fuehrer Headquarters and returned to Berlin in the evening. 

Chief of Staff, "aval Staff will return to Berlin on 29 August. 

Chief, Operations Division, Naval Staff,' Mine Warfare Section, 
Anti-Submarine Section will ioin him en route to discuss matters in 
connection' with 1 ' Navy: and. Air Force mining operations „ 

Special Items 

_ -. 

1. Situation Southern France 

Chief of Staff, "Naval Staff has forwarded the following order from 
Fuehrer Headquarters: 

Owing to the critical situation in Italy and in vie 1 .; of indications 
that the Italians are preparing to resist us at Toulon, the Fuehrer, 
has ordered that Army troops are to march into Toulon immediately. The 
Navy is to take similar steps. Naval Group West has still received no 
instructions from here and is to act in agreement with Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, West. The Reich Marshal has promised anti-aircraft defense 
for Toulon. 

"The teletype was forwarded without delay to Group West wh; c.nfirmed 
receipt as instructed and reported that Commanding General, Armed Forces; 
West would launch the operation ordered on 29 August' after contacting Armed 
Forces High Command. 

■ - " ■ t\ t 

.-• ■ ■ - 

Group West has advised Naval Staff, for information, of the following 
instructions' issued to 21st Naval Artillery Regiment: - 

1. Commanding General, Armed Forces, West plans to replace the 
Italian formations in the area between the present tactical boundary 
and 'the line of the river Var west of ;Nice by the 19th Amiy Corps, 

-starting on 29 August. 

2. A ruling in regard to Toulon has not yet been received. 

3. It Is not known whether or not the Italian Naval establishments 
- in coa-stal places outside the Toulon area will remain. 

4. Orders are issued for the designated Port Commanders, who are 


2S Aug, 1943 CQi'.FID- i-.?TLvL 

to report. to the 715"th Infantry Division,, 

5„ The function of these officers is to move inconspicuously 
with the .Amy troops in order to find out the plans of the Italian Naval 
establishments and to report the results. They are to do nothing else, 


The question of whether the Navy should immediately occupy the Ital- 
ian batteries in the Toulon area or whether they should abstain for the tine 
being so as not to prejudice a peaceful surrender as planned by Commanding 
General, Armed Forces, ""est was discussed over the teletype by Chief, 
.Operations Branch, Ilaval Staff and Chief, Operations Branch, Group West at 
about 2300 „ (Copy as per l/Skl 2571/43 Gkdos Chefs, in .ar Diary Part C, 
Volu-.e XIV) . The group was persuaded that the express agreement of Command- 
ing General, "est to the implementation or otherwise of these measures must 
be obtained and was requested to advise . Operations Division, Naval Staff 
of the orders issued by Commanding General, Vfesto For copy of incoming 
teletype, as per l/Skl 24152/43 Gkdos„, see "Jar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV, 

II. Defense insta llations in the "Jest Are a 

Commanding Admiral, Group West reported on 23 August that the task 
assigned by the Fuehrer, i e c reinforcement of the Channel and Atlantic 
Coasts so that any enemy landing attempt could be repulsed, can be only 
partially fulfilled with the forces at present available in the West Area., 
For detailed explanation as per l/Skl 2525/43 Gkdos a Chefs c , see 'Jar Diary, 
Part C, Volume X, This reveals that Commanding Admiral, Group West is more 
concerned over material than personnel,, Details will be handled by Quarter- 
master Division, Naval Staff T 'ith regard to the basic questions of 
setting up strong points, Chief, Naval Staff has already decided that no 
more forces are to be withdrawn from the area of Naval Group West (see War 
Diary, 27 August under "Conference on the Situation" with Chief, Naval Staff) 
Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff has initiated the necessary measures 

III. Chief of Staff, Naval Staff has forwarded the following order 
from Fuehrer Headquarters: 

Situation demands immediate support of the Southern Section of the 
.-ius Front by naval forces „ The Fuehrer has therefore ordered the 
immediate dispatch of all available naval artillery lighters, motor- 
mine sweepers , and PT~b.oats for operations in the Sea of Azov. 

Group South and Admiral, Slack Sea have not yet been informed. 

For copy of teletype as per l/Skl 2564/43 G-kdos . Chefs, see Uar Diary, 
Part C, Volume XIV a 

IV.. Denmark 


28 Aug, 1943.. . • •■: CONFIDENTIAL 1 

■ Admiral Denmark reports as of 1530 on 27 August that due to the sudden 

and serious aggravation of the internal Political situation in Denr.ark it 
will pribatly be necessary to carry out operation "Safari" within 40 hours,, 
as ;ur naval forces are not adequate for the necessary elimination of the 
Danish naval forces and cannot count an effective suo ort from our Air Force 
in the Danish" area due to its limited means'' and the uncertain we'atKerd; ■ 
Admiral Denmark requests that an adequate number of PT-boats or motor- 
minosweeoers with mines be placed immediately at his uisnosal for mining t.^sks 
in the Isefiord r as well as adequate naval forces for actions south of Fuenen. 
The Army will not be in a position to block t"he exit from the Isefiord by 
artillery until the second day. 

Another report from C ;>mmanding Admiral, Denmark at 1115 states that 
according to information . received by the Deoutv 'from the Foreign Office, the 
Army High Command insists on the immediate disarmament if the Danish Army 
even at the risk of influencing: unfavorably the present attitude of the 
Danish Navy. Admiral, Denmark reoorts that, in his opinion, it is out of the 
question to disarm the Army only as the Banish Navy would most certainly not 
remain inactive if their king were arrested. 

The interviews at Fuehrer Headquarters attended by Chief, Naval Staff 
and Chief of Staff, Naval Staff produced no confirmation of the fact that the 
disarming of the Danish Armed Forces was due to a demand fr^m the Armed Forces 
High Command. 

It has been learned from reliable sources that Danish ships and • 
vessels have been placed at 15 minutes readiness. 

At 1930, Naval Command, Baltic reported': 

1.. On the basis of the events of recent weeks -in Denmark in which, 
above all, honor of the German Armed Forcos has been seriously offend. 
several times, the Fuehrer authorized the Deputy to demand from the 
Danish Grovernment. at noon today declaration of a st'te'of emergency 
and a series. of strong in dividual '.me a -.The time limit for accept- 
ance was set at 16Q0„ The Danish Government has refused. It is there- 
fore probable that Commanding General, Armed Forces, Denmark will 
receive orders from Armed Forces High Command to assume full powers sn^ 
to disarm all Danish Armed .Forces immediately„ Codeword "Safari" 
will give the date and hour for the start of these measures. 

2, In cooperation with the Army ant 1 , air Force in .Denmark, Naval 
Command, Baltic has initiated the following- measures for disarming 
the t Danish Navy or preventing its '--escape t> Sweden: 

a. At -17-00, Flotilla Zaage will leave Kiel with Minesweepers 
M "515,',''' M "575," M "504," and M."509." They will proceed first t 
Korsoer Roadstead from where thev will leave about midnight to mine 
the Isefiord exit upon codeword "Kohlenergaenzen. " 


28 Aug. 1943 COKFID-i-ZTL-X 

b At 1500^ Commander x J T~Boat Training Flotilla will leave 
rinenpaen'Ie with 2 boats for Copenhagen At 1700, 6 more boats vd.ll 
follow with depot ship LUEDErilTZ for tasks in the Sund. 

Co At 1700 > Commander 3rd Torpedo Flotilla will leave Kiel 
en board Torpedo Boat T ,; 17" with T "18;" Torpedo Boat T "13" will 
follow at 2200 for tasks in the area south of Fuenen 

d a At 2000, the Torpedo- Boat Training Flotilla will leave 
under conmand of the senior commander on board Torpedo Boat T "108," 
with Torpedo Boat T "107" and T "111." The task will be assigned 

e At 1700, Flotilla "Dehnert"' will put out The senior commander 
en board Torpedo Boat T "5" will go with T "4" and T "7" to Swine- 
muende Task to be assigned 

f. 6 boats of 10th Patrol 3oat Flotilla will approach from 
the east to reinforce the Sund patrol „ It is estimated that they will 
not raach "Gruen 3" until 2000 on 29 August e 

g. Also enployed: all vessels of Commanding Admiral, Defenses 
Baltic not actually engaged in escort service or channel sweep ing e 

h. Reinforcement of the Skagerrak patrol to prevent Danish 
ships from evading to the west 

i, Danish ships to be prevented under any pretext from leav- 
ing Baltic ports, as from now, 

k, 5th Air Force has been requested to carry out morning and 
evening reconnaissance to the westc 

3. Kaval Command, Baltic will be in commando Detailed execution 
will be by Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic or by Admiral, Denmark 
in cooperation with Commanding General, Armed Forces, Denmark and 
General of the air Force, Denmark » 

The following order was issued by Op -rations Staff, Armed 
Forces High Command at 2245: 

a as the German demand of setting up civilian martial law 
was challenged by the Danish Government, the Commanding General of 
German Troops in Denmark was instructed to carry through his reported 
plans of disarming and disorganizing the Danish Armed Forces, setting 
up martial law as per I A Nr. 13/43 G.Ko Chefs, dated 27 August, The 
execution of all measures of the Branches of the Armed Forces was in 

-362- CuN FID^ITIaL 

28 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

the hands of Commanding General, Armed Forces, Denmark. 

b. The required parts of the 25th . Tank Division to carry out 
this operation were at the disposal of C jmmo.ndlnp General, German 
Troops, Denmark, The quickest dismissal after execution of their task 
should be guaranteed. 

Co Execution should be ranorted by teletype. 

Chief, Naval Staff was informed of imminent measures in Denmark by 
Operations Branch, Naval Staff, Operations Division after his return from 
Fuehrer Headquarters at 1930. He issue! orders to inform Naval Command, 
Baltic that the three submarines U , -309," U "643/' and U "841" were at 
their disposal if needed. The boats left Christ iansand-South in the mornin 
of 28 August in a northerly direction. Chief, Operations Branch, Naval 
Command, Baltic received orders by telephone to ask for the position of 
boats at Group North and/or Commanding Admiral, Defenses Baltic if the 
need should arise. 

Situation on 28 August 1943 

T_. War in Foreign Waters 

1. Enemy Situation 

Nothing to report. .. .,_,_ 

2. Own Situation 

Naval Attache Tokyo reports: 

The-;- BRAKE left Djakarta on 26 August j oassed "Lilie" on 26 Aufrust 

at 2100 Japanese time, ani will presumably arrive at the western boundary 

at "Tiergarten" on 7 September. Leaving Djakarta the boat carried 3*220 

tons of own fuel and 2,000 tons of fr^sh water. The number of days at 
sea possible will be 128 days at 13 knots, 167 days at 12 knots, and 193 ■ 

days at 9 knots The boat will sail on a oo.urse via "Gelb Caesar/' 
"Teich," and "Suomin." 

II. Situation West Kraa 

1. Enemy Situation 

Unusually little activity (only four planes') was detected above the 
Bay )f Biscay. One British vessel was detected in CG 1840 at 2355.. 

Our air reconnaissance reports one cruiser in CG 1323 on course 


28 Aug. 1943 CUvTIDSNTIaL 

340° at 0800 According to an unconfirmed report by f is] n from La 
C ru:::^ five British naval ships were sighted on a southern course off the 

lay of I ait os at 0900 

2 o O wn S ituation 

A tlantic Coast 

One Eh/j nine was swept off Lor lent on 27 August. 

The 8th Destroyer Flotilla as well as the FnLKE, RONDOS, and 
Torpedo Boat T "14 !! left Roya.n for maneuvers, at 0600 which were carried 
out up to now according to plan 

For report of success from Air Force Command Atlantic against 
enemy cruisers and destroyers in BF ?853 see teletype 1011 of 27 Kugusto 

Channel Coa st 

Patrol Boat V? "205" was hit by a bomb in an enemy air raid directed 
against Patrol Boats W "205 !i and VP "206" off Grand camp, One man was 
killed and four were wounded c 

Bscort and patrol tasks of Coumanding Admiral, Defenses "Jest were 
carried out according to plan. Patrol boat positions were not occupied 
owing to weather conditions 

III» North S e a , , No r way, Northern "Jate rs 

North Sea 

For det ils of the findings established by air reconnaissance of 
the 9th Air Corps in the declared area on 26 and 27 august see teletype 
2353« Danish colors were located on all recognized fishing steamer s 

Convoy 457 mlbe - Hook left Blbe II Light Ship with two steamers at 
1200 and entered Borkum due to weather conditions 

For the sane reasons channel sweeping and minesweeping activities 
had to be postponed. Patrol boat positions were unoccupiedo 

Seven boats of the 12th Patrol Boat Flotilla were placed in 
..sbjerg at the disposal of Coastal oector Cormander Southern Jutland,, 

The 21st nine sweeper Flotilla will start its journey to the north 
at 2100 to strengthen the patrol off the Danish western coast as well as 
the 20th ratrol Boat Flotilla which will leave at 0600 on 29 August 


- . 

28 Aug. 1943 CONFIAAr~I J, 

Norway / Northern Waters • 

1 . , Enemy Situation . 

Thirteen planes in action" were detected above the North Sea. Cur 

t\ ■■' ■ ■ ■ ■ 

own air reconnaissance reuorts at 0703 on 27 August one freighter (1200 
GRT) on course 340° in AN" 1340; at 0710 one freighter (400 GRT) on course 
3^0° ,in tM. 3260; ( at 1145 two FT-boats in the Pummanski Bay; at 1550 one 
patrol boat in AF 4120; ' at 1600' two coastal vessels on course .140° in 
AE 6330; and at 1620 two patrol boats in AF 4410. 

2 . Own Situation 

Searching operations were continued in the PorsanperfiordA;* No 
results were established on 27 and 28 August on the island of Rr-lvsoey 
and in the area between Boemmelon and Selbjoernefiord. 

Minesweeper M "274" ran aground off Edoe at 2330 on 27 August but 

was afloat again at 1100 on 28 ^.usrust through the assistance of a tu^. 
The DIZI ran'' aeround- at 0616 near Lebos. 

■ . : 

Destrover Z "25," Torpedo-Boat T "20/' and T "21" started the home- 
ward voyage from Alta'at 1410 on 27 August. 

Thirteen ships- wore escorted' to the- north' and eleven to the south 
in the area of the Arctic and Northern Coast on 27 August. Fourteen shirs 
did not obtain an escort in the area of the Arctic Coast. 

••■'■• -: : - .:. -.i :•, ■ • ', 

Ten ships were escorted to the 'north ana' fourteon to the' south ' 
in the area of the Western Cc ast on 28 Aupust, 

Submarined "3(32" reports -at 1701 the sinking of ine vessel of 
typo' DICKSON : -{2, 900 CRT) from a J group oJ f our- Vessels sighted in XA 7542.. 

*w ■ ■ • ■■ - ' : A ■ . - ■ J. , 

Submarine U "639" and U "960" completed mining tasks according to 
plan in the Ob-estuary and in the Straits of ; 'MatOschkin. 

■ -AJ'-V. - .< : ■ ;o - ; ,.. j * . .A 

IV. Skafsrrak, Baltic Sea Entrances, Baltic Sea 


1. Enemy S itu ati on 

Artillery harassing fire was directed at our own coastal area in 
the Bay of Kreristadt . -Patrol boat activity was v^ry' lively but little 
shipping traffic was noticed. Tyutyars was attacked at 1823 by ten plane's 
with high explosives and phosphorus containers. 

. . 
2 Own Situation 


— M * 

78 Aug. 1943 • " CuKr INITIAL ' 

Due lo weather conditions the 29th nine sweeper Flotilla and two 
ooats of the l6th Patrol Boat Flotilla left the declared area of the 
ikagerrak and entered HirtshalSo The Danish steaner XEftlft (141 GiiT) sank' 
at 1930 en 27 August in au 763.1 after striking a mine, one tug was 
damaged in the dredger dumping area north of Laboe due to an ELM mine 
detonation c 

One ground mine zc "hwas cleared by a nine-exploding vessel in A0 
9579 and 9813 at 0331 and 10/+2, 

Floating Cock ; 'C"moored in Gljnia at 1000, 

The eastern part of minefield Seeigel VI a was laid according to 
plan. Besides this nothing to report, 

7. Subma rine "/arfare 

Several submarines equipped with Hagenuk apparatus left the western 
French ports without being attacked. From the radio monitoring service 
it is understood that the sudden stepping of the submarine Metox radiation 
induced enemy planes to use their own air— to -surface radar sets more 
frequently,. Numerous attacks started by planes on air— to -surf ace radar- 
set detections were called off „ From this it can be concluded that the 
radiation of the Metox apparatus was a much better indication of th . posit- 
ion of a submarine than their detection by airborne radar 

The passage of submarines close under the Spanish Coast is a 
success. During the period of report only one boat was lest in the Bay 
of Biscay, 

A noticeable improvement in the critical situation in the Bay of Bis- 
cay has been noticed since Metox apparatus were switched off t \~ith this, 
one, if not the main danger to submarines was removed 

It was planned to send the r^s^ntly- le ?rtin"' submarines,, equipped 
with Hagenuk apparatus, against convoys in the Worth Atlantic 

Submarine U "84" which should have met another vessel did not arrive 
at the meeting point. Most probably the boat was lost 14 days earlier in 
a bombing raid south of the Bermudas, 

Submarine U "847" supplied eight boats and is now waiting for the 

71, Aer i al arfare 

Britis h Is l es an d Vici nity 


28 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTLY 

Seventy-one planes of the Third Air. Force were in action in the 
. st Area and eleven planes in the Mediterranean. 

Air Force Commander Atlantic reports one Liberator plane shot 
:n eff Cape Finisterre. Weak forces of the enemy attacked with gunfire 
freight trains end traffic installations during the day in the Belgium - 
Northern France. Two canal barges were sunk near Ghent. That route is 
closed to traffic „ 


No hostile air penetrations were reported during the night Df 28 

Mediterranean Theater 

Twenty-seven of our own bombers attacked ships during the day in 
the area of Augusta and damaged three freighters and one landing vessel. 

The enemy displayed lively combat activity. An approach of 50 to 
80 planes against Sardinia was warded off by our own fighters. The bombs 
were dropped at sea. Three enemy planes were shot iown. Strong bomber 
formations attacked during noon hours the industrial plants at 'iterbo and 
Terni, Can cello nea.r Naples and Capua were attacked in the afternoon. 
Eight enemy planes were shot down in these two attacks. At least 40 olanes 
raided Taranto during the night of 28 August of which particulars were not 
yet known, 

Eastern Fr.nt 

Seven enemy planes were shot down at the Army Front on 26 August. 

The. 4th Air Force reports reconnaissance activity in the northeastern 
part of the Black Sea and in the Sea of Asov. 

VII. - Warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

I. Enemy Situation Mediterranean 

Nine transports, two freighters, one cruiser of the DIDO-class, 
)ne cruiser of the CA.IR0-class, and six destroyers arrive! at 0800 in 
Gibraltar from the Mediterranean. The transports continued vovage to the 
Atlantic at 1300. One aircraft carrier of the ILLUSTRIOUS- class, 4 
auxiliary aircraft carriers, 3 cruisers, 21 destroyers, 6 corvettes, 6 
transports, 53 freighters, 7 tankers, and numerous smaller vessels as well 
as a total of 260 planes were in Gibraltar at 1300. 

Our air reconnaissance intercepted in the Western Mediterranean at 
0950 40 miles north-northwest of Algiers a presumed battleship, four destr - 
ers, and two merchantmen on an easterly course. The report is unreliable „ 


28 KUg, 1943 CONFIDa'TI 1 

Six smaller 'transports and one escrt vassal iore ro 1 -rtcd on a north- 
3asterly course at 1555? 40 miles west o£ Alriars. 

The; large east-bound convoy reported 3n 27 August off Bizerte 

. is not seen a vain. . Most nr bably it is destined for the eastern Kediterran- 

A ConYoy of three tinkers, four freighters, and a hospital ship which 
loft Bizerte- on tho afternoon of 27 August was reported by our air reconnais- 
sance at 2350 on 27 Aurust to be 25 miles northeast of Cape Bon. 

One of our submarines reports a convoy on course to Palermo at 
0900 on 28 August ten miles north of Cape San Vito. 

According to photographic reconnaissance 2 light cruisers, 3 
s~r yers, 4 escort vessels, 8 motor-gunboats, 7 PT-boats, 15 auxiliary 
vol vessels, 21 LST's, 203 landing vessels, 4 transports, 3 tankers, 1 
freighter* and a floating dock were in Augusta at noon on 27 Augusts No 
ships were in the ports of Catania and Messina. One ship :>f 20,000 GRT 
was sighted off Syracuse, No reports were received from Malta, as our own 
roc;nr_aissanco plane was shot down. The continuous strong fighter defenso 
above this port indicates a larger concentration of ships. 

according to. aerial photographs taken at 1443 on 28 Aueust .1 tho 
rt )f Palermo, the following vessels were located in port: 2 light 
craisers, 2 dest rovers, 10 patrol boats, 9 PT-boats, 1 submarine, 1 floating 
dock, 2 tankers, 16 freighters, 1 LST, 9 LCT's, 7 LCM's, as well as other 
smaller vessels. 

One submarine was reported at 0705 south-southeast of Bastia, one 
at 0920 north >f Crotone, and one at 0730 west of Valnos. 

No reports were received from the Eastern Mediterranean. 

According to the opinion of German Naval Command, Italy the strange 
quiet which began after the arrival of the large convoy in the Mediterran- 
ean indicates a final fathering for new operations, in which case it 
remains to be seen whether or not ships will > ecu py Malta and the ports on 
Sicily. Sh mid this be the c^s^, the direction of the attack could be- 
expected against Southern Italy; otherwise against Sariinia. Our air 
reconnaissance is seriously lacking due to a. shortage in planes, 

2„ Shipping and Transport Situation 

The railway installations wore especially seriously damaged in the 
last heavy air raids directed against Naples and Caserta. No damage was 
ne to the port and ships. The naval supply and clothing : 3 t were set 
in Caserta. 

In addition, it was rep or 1 , 3d that a tank barge was a complete loss 
tho running aground* south of Sapri n 21 August. 


28 Aug. 1943 COI TIPS' 17I-X 

The steamer R/.STRELLO (1550 GRT) was sunk by an enemy submarine at 
0900 on 27 August 48 miles north-northwest of Brindisi and steamer CITTA 
01 . J IA (2474 GRT) at 1047, 40 miles east of Brindisi. 

Anti-aircraft ,-un corvette Aviso SG "10" Was sunk at O65O n 28 
August 46 miles southeast of Bastia by an enemy submarine with two torpedoes. 
The commander, two of f iceis,, and 119 enlisted men and FCO's of the cr 
\^ere rescued, 

Two Italian corvettes, three submarine-chasers, and four motor-, 
minesweepers were engaged in escort service, Eleven steamers and cne tanker 
were escorted,, 

According to an Italian statement the battleships stationed at 
Taranto will be transferred in ---roups to Trieste or Pola. 

Two naval landing craft left Toulon in the afternoon for Genoa, 

With regard to the barge action and patrolling of the French 
waterways, Group West reports that, sabotage plots ware constantly increas- 
ing on Frjnch waterways. Only the Burguncl Canal was still passable at the 
time, which also, will n ~e out of use after September due to the low water 
level. Military guarding of the canals is Dnly carried out on a. limits 
scale and will shortly have to be cut down further. Attempts will be 
made to use the French police or other French organizations. The value f 
this seems doubtful pw! further sabotage- riots and far-reaching delays must 
be expected in the transfer of barges. 

3. Area Naval Group South 

Aegean Sea 

The submarine chase off Iraklion was not successful, 

The DR.". CHE and BULGARIA ' left Piraeus during the night of 27 August 

to carry out mining tasks off the coast of Thrace 

Escort service was carried out according to plan without incident • 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation 

The vessels detected by radio monitoring in the area of Suchum 
withdrew in a south-easterly direction. Presumably two destroyers left 
during the night of 27 August. 

According to jur air reconnaissance three enemy destroyers were 
185 miles east-northeast of the Bosporus entrance at 0815 and were observed 
in this area until 1845. 

-369- otfidsutial 

28 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Romanian destroyers ani two motor-minesweepers were therefore re- 
called to C:>nstantza. 

Also two submarine- chasers were withdrawn t . Varna from the area 
n rth of the Bosporus. 

The departure of the steamer TISHE was postponed from the Bosporus. 

Flotilla-Leader KHARKOV was sighted en a western course at 1705, 
74 miles southwest of Adler. 

wn Situation 

Submarine U "9" was employed north of the isle of Burun and off Poti 
n the return route of the enemy destroyers. . 

Submarine-Chaser "2306" opened fire on a surfacing enemy sub- 
ine at 0130 six miles north of Sevastopol without observing results. 
The su' .^rine chase is continued by two submarine-chasers and the XANTEN, 
Presumably the same enemy submarine attacked at 1810 our Odessa - Sevastopol 
ivoy )ff Cape Lufcull and t >rpedoed the freight-train ferry HAINBURG which 
3 then towed to Sevastopol. Submarine-Chaser "2303" claims to have 
jstroyed the boat at 1945. 

The 1st PT-Boat Flotilla left with 7 beats at 1300 to operate 
in Tuapse and Cape Utsch-Dere. 

The transfer of Hungarian minesweepers, desire:; by Naval Group West 
for . srations on the Lower Danube, will not be authorized by Hungary. 
The relevant request was already rejected by the Hungarian Honved minister 
when vis it in/7 Germany. Presumably no objections will be raised against 

3 :>f Hungarian minesweepers in the Hungarian Danube area. Therefore 
Group S .uith received orders from Naval Staff to nresent proposals for the 
inclusion of the Hungarian Danube Flotilla in the work of the Danube Mine- 
sweeping Service, should direct consultation of the Group vield no results. 
(See' teletype 1717). 

VIII. Situation Bast Asia 

Nothing to report. 


2 V Aug. 1943 CONFID.Sr T TI 

Items cf Political Importance 

The Finnish Embassy at Rome contradicted the report about efforts tc 
establish a separate peace with Russia. From st^tement.s of the Finnish 
General attached to High Command, Army, regarding the nuestion of a separate 
peace, Intelligence Service understood that the Army and especially forces 
at the front were in excellent spirits and vailing to continue the strug^l^ 
against Russia c The best remedy to extinguish once and f or ail any desire 
for a separate Finnish peace treaty and to induce Finland to continue in 
the war would be ?ja operation resulting in the conquest of Leningrad. 

Close attention is being given ' to a report that Maisky is on the way to 
London. The possibility of a Three Power Conference with Stalin is raised 
by this report, 

According to Reuters, Knox declared that the main cart of the U.S, Navy 
and Air Force will be employed even furthor in the Pacific until American 
troops have landed on the coasts of Japan, and that nost of the new battle- 
ships ;tc to be emploved in action against the Japanese. 

Special Ite ms 

I. Concerns Denmark 

Naval Command, Baltic issued instructions to prevent the departure 
cf Danish, ships and fishing vessels from ports of the German sphere by 
delaying clearances and by using other excuses* 

Operation "Safari" was ordered by Naval Command, Baltic at 0101 
for 0400 on 29 august. 

During the course of the morning 'a number of reports were received 
about the 'execution of the operation t These were recapitulated by -Commanding 
Admiral, Denmark at 1245 as follows: 

Action against the Danish Navy was carried out according to the 
"Safari" plan. Serious resistance was mot only in the occupation of . 
the naval arsenal at Copenhagen and in the attack on .NIELS JUJL. 
a large -number of Danish naval forcjs; were taken. Coast guard cutter 
PET2R 3KR..N and a number of smaller vessels scuttled themselves .in 
shallow water inside of the Copenhagen port. So far as now known, 
one small torpedo-boat got away to Swedish territorial waters. The 
Commanding Admiral of the Danish Navy accepted the German demands- for 
the surrendering of ships and other matters. Danish naval vessels 
still at sea received orders to enter certain Danish ports under the 
escort of German naval forces to complete disarming. German casualties 
as far as known are thrje men seriously wounded and four slightly wounded.' 


29 AU-. 19-- Cu.-'U.l.IL^L 

The d3.-£.nds_, which were received by aiiiral Vedel were: 

lo The use of radio installations on ships and on land is at once' 
prohibited. Ships at sea should enter the nearest port. 

2. Danish naval ships vdll enter the following ports: South of 
Fuenen, ships will oieet off 3lsehofe(in Fveldborg) and vdll be escorted 
to Aarhus by Torpedo-Boat T "108," 

a Danish ships in Nakskow will asse: ble near Patrol boat VP 
"9C3" in the Great 3elt (Albuen) and will go to Aarhus, 

b. Danish ships in Korsoer will stay at Korsoer, 

c. Danish ships in Kronenberg will assemble near Minesweepe g-. - 
"L" and will proceed to Aarhus, 

d Danish ships in the Isefiord will asse ble near Torpedo-Boat 
T "l?" and vdll proceed to Copenhagen, 

e, Danish ships in Kjoege vdll stay at Kjoege or vdll proceed 
respectively to Copenhagen, 

3o A. .unit ion, s:all ar:.s, breochblock-o.echanis: o parts, and^, 
if- the need should arise, engine parts, reserve parts for weapons, and 
...chines should be given to the port captain or port co. ..ander. 

4. Strict instructions should be issued that no sabotage plots should 
be :-ade or prepared on board ships or on land, 

5. Instructions about the . .oving of officers and : :en will follow, 
.AcLAral Vedel placed hi ".self at our disposal to wind up the affairs of 

the Danish Wavy, 


according to. -reports fro:. Intelligence Station Copenha en, :iost of 
the Danish ar:.yand Navy garrison at Copenhagen stayed on their posts 
after centers of . resistance w^re broken up. Casualties were suffered on 
both sides. The .garrison of 'itoskilde,' Flaggelse, Pdngskad, Korsoer and 
Odonse are in our hands. Ko special incidents occurred on Jutland, 
Ger. .an guards were stationed at the residence of the King and Crown Prince, 
st of the Danish Generals are in protective custody 

inistry officials that did not hold key positions were meeting 
with leading politicians. The resigning .govern; lent see: s to have issued 
insto ctions for civil servants to carry on their duties. The transport 
situation is nor. .al up to now. 

■ . reports at 1430 fro:, ytockhol . that six Danish naval ships 

Co .-FID^KTIao 

29 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

arrived in Mal.ioe, including gun and torpedo- boats 

Naval Command, Baltic reports at 1753 that suitable defense measures 
had been taken in ports to prevent sabotage and scutt lingo 

Naval Co. ; .and, Baltic transmitted at 2253 a su mari zed report on 
the outcome of operation "Safari" according to reports available there 
Copy as per l/3kl 24222/43 Gkdos, in War Diary, Part C, Volu..e III The 
report closed with the statement that complete peace prevailed throughout 
the country, It is expected that "work will again be started on 30 August 
in all towns now on strike „ 

Naval Staff, Operations Division transmitted the report to Navy 
Section, operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command and Naval Liaison 
Officer with the Commander in Chief, Air Force 

No accurate facts could be received at first about the fate of 
NIjLS JIEL The ship,, which was in the Isefiord lurid should have been blocked 
by mines, left the fiord at 0801 and it was necessary to use planes to force 
the boat to return o The Coast Guard cutter ran aground west of the exit 
of the Isefiord at 1530 while en route to Copenhagen under escort of Torpedo- 
Boat T "17" and four PT-boats 9 According to the report from Naval Co. ..and, 
Baltic of 2322 hours, the crew was taken off e Salvage work was started, 
(See teletype 2322) 6 

lie Concer ns mediterranean _Th eater 

1 Naval Intelligence Division presented the following opinio;-, on the 
situation as of 27 August: 

The large forces, whose strong point and probable point of depart- 
ure is the Bizerte area received' new reinforcement s Action can be 
expected to start very soon The direction of the thrust is obviously the 
southern Italian area, as the assenblirtg of forces in North Africa goes 
beyond the requirements necessary for an operation against Sardinia/ 
Corsica, . An attack against Southern France "is not ruled out but in this 
case the long route of approach for aircraVft has to be' taken into 
consideration,. Exact details on enemy plans are lacking,, Copy as 
per l/Skl 24111/43 vGkdo So in ar Diary, file "Enemy Strength, 

■ o 

2 Q According to a report from Foreign Amies West, German troops narch- 
ing into Italy via Tarvis, Faistritz,. and Laibach on 26 August, encountered 
no difficulty in negotiations with local Italian com .ands except at Feistritz. 
Yet even there the passage was not prevented,, At a conference in Laibach 
on 26 August, the Commanding General of the Italian Second Army cat* to 
amicable terms with regard to the co. .pie ted occupation, but pretested 
mildly against the participation of Geri'^n troops in defense measures. 


- -^. L%3 CO" " "■ ' _ IAj 

■--' . r mm-mial conr :: with the Italian sector cr o . id probably 

svant orders from the Italian High ad, there appeared a 

jle relaxation in the .previously stand-offish attita f the 

Italian conanands. 

Relations Italian troops and civilian population was general!^ 

good and especially 3~ in the Tarvis area. The establishment of combin 
guards and the placing -of explosive charges in museums were done in mutual 

Reported Italiar. troop movements on a small scale in Horthsrr. 
Ital,'' are tc be cons ide red as nor m al in view of the reinforcement, and 
reest abl ishment in .-'-.frica and Russia of defeated units , The expected trans- 
fer of Division "Julia" into the Brenner— Pass area was not confirmed. 

The underlined sentence is remarkable in that it completely 
itradicts the Situation Opinion of Armed Forces High Command/Foreign 
entries. (See War Diary of 27 August). 

Group South was informed by Operations Division, Naval Staff of this 
Anion, Copy relevant to decree as per teletype 01GC. 

3, Commander in Chief, Navy answered the radiogram of Commanding 
General, ^rmed Forces, South concerning transfer of further submarines 
to the Mediterranean theater with the following personal radiogram: 

Dear Kesselring, As soon as I am in the position to do so I shall 
transfer submarines to the Mediterranean. My wishes are the same as 
yours . 

A. he Italian Admiral with Naval Staff transmits a written statement 
from the Italian High Command, Navy in which the planned establishment of 
-rman Naval Command along the Greek West Coast was accepted, according 
to which- the Chief of this, Command will also become Chief of the German 
Staff, Aarimcrea. The Italian High Command, Navy requests that a name 
such as German Naval Command Western Greece be chosen instead of the name 
Gen [aval; Command Greek Western Coast so that there will be no doubt ab^ut 

the coastal jurisdiction. Copy of letter as. per l/Skl '2A2A9/43 Gkdos. Copy 
2 in War Tiary, Part C, Volume' XIV. 

5. test informed Naval Staff of the order of 25 August to German 

and Toulon directing Captain Montigny together with Commander, 
c~ Formations and Commanding Officer of German Troops, to call 
on admiral aacci as soon as possible, and to place the naval troops 

disposal for active service with "the coastal artillerv Toulon., 
visit the question should be raised as to which Coastal battery 
11 be taken over by, the trained German naval artillery personnel. 


-37 'A- :: :?iia:tial 


29 -'ug. 1943 CJ 'rJD.; T TI L 

If the action should develop amicably and th:; Italians should refuse to 
hand ovor batteries, sharp demands should be nuvdo. If A.dmiral attoucci 
is not friendly to those demands, the whole matter should be handled by 

GenoTil .""aulen'oach with the consent of the Fuehrer. 

Concerning tho results of the conference with drdrnl I'atteucci, 
: v 1 "roup '..est reoorts that tho Italians were ready in principle to hand 
ovjr those coastal batteries to the German riaval ^oniaand Toulon that are 
outside the command are? of CI ?-i 1. The establishment of German com-iand 
over the batteries iriside the Italian sphere of cenmand or their occuoation 
bv naval artillorv grouos was refused with the remark that the batteries 
were manned by well-trained Italian naval artillery formations and that no 
orders had b.:-3n received concerning the handing over of these batteries,, 

'-aval Group est is of the opinion that drairal • attoucci will 
obey orders from his superiors to hand over these batteries. It is 
necessary to cleer vn this unsettled situation. 

aval Staff ixpects that this case ivill be settled between Group 
est and ^omnanding General, irm.eid Forces, est without the interference 
of : aval Staff , 

6 In regard to preparations for operation " .\chse," Herman "aval 
Comrand, Italv rooorts that contrary to the present information (see 
letter of 4 > ugust iron Cons-Cnder :n Chief, Mavy to Chief of Staff, German 
aval Cor»iand, Ital^J Herman troons could not occupy Specia due to barrage 
zone between oestri Levante and Viareggio, which runs ct a distance 40 
miles off Specia* ,\s a result, the naval t?sks in operation n ^chso" seen 
to Ger ian 'aval eonnand to o^ seriously endangered,, 

In its organizational pirns, uarterraster Division, *:?.val Staff 
has estaolished the boundary of conirand between Gsrman "aval Command, 
Italv and Qroup South at a line wast of Trieste, ,'n ed Forces I'igh Command 
has no - ., drawn the boundary botx/eon Army Groups ; J and F near Fiume. 
In the opinion of Operations Division, ['aval itaff the "avy shoula idopt 
a frontier between the German r av3l Conrand and n rou ■* iouth similar to that 
between the two '\rrny Groups, fin overlapning of areas seems to he undesir- 
able so long r s coastal defense duties have priority. .• change In the line 
of competence between <Ymy Grouos : 3 and F v/ill not be unaer consideration 
before oneration " ..chse" is executed. i central transportation co'.Tiand in 
the .driatic Sea, ?*hich Croup South X'eels would be of great value, can be 
provided by subordinating the v^d Forces Transit Staff Trieste in all 
operational, questions, to the Commander in Chief, Southeast as well as 
Croup South 's authority to 3s3ue orders to Sea transportation Office rrieste, 

's soon as operation "chse" is Carried oat, bhe tine would be 
ripe to change the overall or ization of the .driatic iea thoroughly. 


-375- « 

29 ~ugc 1943 - C ONFIDENTIA L 

•■..;• a . ~ — ~— ' . 

In accordance with the opinion of Operations Division;, Naval Staff , 
Quarter, .aster Division <n ll order the change of frontier's in, the area 

Situ ation on 29 .A u gust 1943 . , 

■ — ' . ' ' " ■!• . . it :■.'>. i 

' : . ■ • -; F • | + 

I. Tar in F oreign Waters ', . . ' ' *' 

' ■ . :' : ' A J f 

l s .- Enemy Situati on ./'■', • ," 

, Nothing to report o r . : . . 

2 , Own Situation 

Naval Attache Tokyo reports the arrival of submarine U "178' r on 27 
August in Penang, and radio contact with AQUTLA. VI by EiilTiffiA, as well as 
the arrival of the SCHLIEhANN in Yokohama on 2tf August 

Naval Attache Tokyo received the following directive: 

l a Adairal Abe reported on 24 August that Japan intends to dispatch 
one submarine each in and October with raw material according 
to the German request^ 

2 9 In agreement with Wohltat the first priority will be given to 
shipping rubber., followed by w.olf ran ore and then tin. The number of 
people knowing this secret will be strictly limitedo 

3a The code naie for the first boat is "Tanne," for the second "Kie- 
fer„" Recognition signals and instructions concerning communications 
and operations will be the sane as for operation "Flieder," 

II., Situation '.est Area 

1. Enemy Si tuation .] 

A group of eighteen planes- was detected over the outer Bay of Biscay 
between 1300 and 1600 hours, as<.far as 43° 30 * north and between 01° 30 5 
and 11° '30 ' west One British vessel was detected at 2045 in BE 88?0 

Our air reconnaissance reported, at 1710 one light cruiser, on course 
260 in B^ 9644o The saie cruiser was reported in B^ 9596. at 1712, steering . 
course 200°, 'i > ; , • • . 

2-> O wn Situation : ; 

Atlantic Coast 


^ 29 Aug. 1943 ' C ONFIDENTIAL 

It was reported that on 26 August one. additional ELA"/J mine was 

swept off La Pallieo^ and on 27 August one ELM/.'J mine off La Pallice^ and 
one off the Gironde, 

The maneuvers of the 8th Destrover Flotilla were carried out accord- 
ing to plan,' The destroyers have arrived back in port, Torpedo-Boat T "19*" 
■ the MQEWE, KONDOR, and JAGUAR transferred from La Pall ice to Brest, in the 
afternoon. The JaC-UhR was rammed, by Mine swee per "136". at 2330 in BF 6469 
and received orders to proceed to Nantes «. 

Three submarines left La Pallice for operations against the enemy.. 
Group West submitted on 26 August the operational .order -for the 4th Torpedo- 
Boat Flotilla to escort to port the Japanese submarine J "8" (Flider). 
Copy as per l/Skl 2578/43 Gkdos, Chefs, in War Diary, Part C, Volume 
lib. The 4th Torpedo-Boat Flotilla with "Torpedo-Boats T "22" through T 
"25" left Nantes at 1530 to .carry out this task. Due to engine troubles 
Torpedo-Boat T "23" had to break off this operation and will go to Brest 
with the 5th Torpedo-Boat Flotilla.-- ■• 

Patrol positions were not occupied due to weather conditions. One 
French motor barge sank at the. southern coast of Jersey due to sea damage. 
Besides this no special incidents were reported. It is planned 'to transfer 
3 PT-boats fmm Boulogne to Brest during the night of 29 August. 

IIIo North Sea, Norway, Northern Waters 

North 'Sea ' . 

The 9th Air Force completed the report on reconnaissanca results 
on 28 .Aigust and reported also o on the posit ions._.p freight Danish fishing cutters 
in the area west of -the-- declare d""z one. To support the patrol tasks of the 
21st Minesweeper Flotilla and 20th Patrol-Boat Flotilla on 29 August, the 
9th Air Force will carry out reconnaissance in the sea area between 55° and 57° 
north and from 04° 30' e st to the Danish west coast. The first-mentioned 
Flotilla is stationed with five vessels in the offshore area between 
Ringkjoebingf iord .and Limfiord; the latter in the area cf "route blue" 
to 56° 15' north. The patrol was carried out according to plan. There were 
no special incidents. 

One ELM/J nine was swept off Heligoland and one off Borkum.; 

Convoy 457 continued its journey from Borkum to the Hook at 183 0. 

It was reported that two additional enemy planes were shot down 
en 28 august in the Flushing area and one harassing balloon was captured 
o on Texel. 


29 Au go 1943 co;:/::- ::,x 

rway / j ^ orth. r: ^:urs 

1 , E rier.v 51' .; . tier. " 

Three Russian su ^marines were at sea off the ^.rctic Coast according 
- idle intelligence- n planes in action were detected in th . a eff 
:ot land/ice la: d. It was reported that one plane entered the* 
Pan :i:rd on 27 August c drop pamphlets and that an aerial torpedo attack 
it 1036 on 28 August against our convoy in the Baasfiord* Four 
-re fired without result. One Boston plane was shot down. 

2, C'-t. Situation 

"The steamer DIXI was floated again on its own power. For a short ti 
- sweeper K "467,". with steamer RABAT, was grounded in the area of Admiral, 
Arctic Coast Beth ships continued their voyage to the north. 

Destroyer Z "25* n Torpedo-Bcat T "20," and T "21, " - continued their 
journey from Narvik to the south after refilling bunkers. 

Twenty-four ships were escorted to the north and 19 ships to the 
th. Thirteen ships were delayed in the area of the Arctic Coast due to 
shortage of escort vessels. 

Group North/Fleet submitted on 13. ^ugust operational orders fcr 
teorological observation mission "Sinsiedler;" 11 " "Kreuzritter, " and "Schatz- 
graober." Copy in file l/Skl I Nord. There is nothing further to be added 
regard to these orders. 

V. Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrances , Baltic S^a 

1. 31r.e.r." Situation 

'vements of ships in the Bay of. Kronstadt were as usual, 

All reconnaissance over the. mine patrol "Seeigel" is increasing. • 

Five Russian mc tor-mine sweepers advanced during the night of 28 
gust to the south of Pukkic and three PT-bcats tc the northeast of Hogland, 

. - ' 

2 O wn Situation 

• The disarming of the Danish i.rmed Force was carried out at 0400 
wording to plan, with the exception of the mine plant in the Isefiord, 

to the weather, the minelayers cannot arrive in the Isefiord until noon. 
tails of this operation as well as a general summary \\rere included under 
"Special Items, paragraph I." 

::: : : :_:::. .1 


9 Aug. 1943 . CONFIDENTIAL 


Besides this no special incidents were reported from the area of 
Commanding Admiral, Defenses ^Baltic, 

: Owing '.'to weather conditions minesweeping work had to be cancelled 
in the Irben Strait, "The Finns cleared three more Russian mines in the 
' Hoglsnd/Luppi channel,, 

Minesweeper M "30" and M "17" 'were damaged in the air raids directed 
against mine patrol "Seeigel," Four men were killed and two wounded on board 
Minesweeper M "17." With regard to these new losses, Commanding admiral; 
Baltic reports that the 1st Air Force is not in a position to supply the neces- 
sary fighter protection. Nor is the Finnish Air Forc^ able to support Commander, 
I inesweepers, Baltic with increased fighter protection aven though they 
have made such promises to the 1st Air Force.-, Strong enemy air attacks were 
multiplied in the last week and have caused the disablement of 50$ of the boats 
as well as serious personnel casualties. Our own -forces were further weakened 
by the withdrawal of the 25th Minesweeper Flotilla and by the insufficient 
anti-aircraft-gun armament and the lack of protective . shields . Commanding 
Admiral, Baltic reports will be impossible to hold position "Seeigel" 
any longer" if sufficient" fighter protection is not given at once by the Air 
Force. The situation is ""similar west of "Seeigel"" and off Nashorn. Therefore;' 
an urgent strengthening of the fighter forces is requested for the whole 
Finnish Bay. 

Operations Division, Naval Staff- is approaching Operations Staff, 
Commander in Chief, Air Force with an appropriate request. .. ;._£ ' ■'■ 

V. Submarine Warfare * e • '-' - 

Nothing to report from the Atlantic or Indian Ocean •«• ; .- 

VI „ Aerial Warfare-: '■".. . '■.■■■■-■ 

British Isles and Vicinity 

•\ m ~ i 



/ - 1 

According to photographic evaluation and the*" reports, of. the 
returning planes, one destroyer was sunk, . one light cruiser was badly damaged./ . i 
and another '-destroyer was damaged in the attack against British naval forces.., •■.;-'-••' 
in the Bay of Biscay on 27 August. 

Single "enemy fighters .^nd fighter-bombers enter jd thei-West Area" on 
29 August' and carried out gunfire attacks against anti-aircraft gun positions 
and single target s»... f Anti-aircraft artillery shot down one plane.'" Six briery 
planes carried out' weak harassing attacks in the-- Ruhr area to the -north of ; . 

Cologne during the night of 29 August, . . 

- . i . . 

No reports were received regarding our missions „ 


29 Aug. 1943 

Mediterranean Theater 


Our Air Force car_led out photographic reconnaissance, Reconnaissance 
-: Cyprus was prevented by four eneny fighters which fomed a barrier above 
the west part of the islando No landing vessels were seen in the area of Morphu 


Twenty-five of our own fighter-bonbers attacked ships during the day 
in the port of Augusta and reported sinking a tanker and damaging another 
and two freighters. The report about the types seems to be questionable as 
no tankers were located in Augusta according to photographic reco.nnaissance 

A unit of one large naval ship and one light cruiser, which were 
located by our reconnaissance at 1930, was attacked by five To-217 planes 
with rocket missiles north of Alboran en course "90° Direct hits were scored 
on both ships „ 

The ene:.y attacked the town of Orte north of done at 1030, Six of 
the attacking planes were shot down by Italian fighters. Other raids were 
oade on Castellaoare and Cosenza, T\rc> eneiy fighters were shot down by two 
T-er.ian fighters near Cape Spartivento, Harassing attacks were cade by single 
planes in the Naples area during the night of 29 August, 

stern Front 


Fifty enemy planes were shot down at the amy Front on 26 August, 
Marfare in the Mediterranean and Black oea 

1, Mner.iy Situation Mediterranean 

One aircraft carrier of the ILLUST-tlOUS-class, four auxiliary air- 
craft carriers, two cruisers of the DIDO-class, and ten destroyers left 
Gibraltar in the norning for the Mediterranean a The fomation returned to 
port again in the evening with the exception of the two destroyers t 

Protected by seven US destroyers, one tanker and ten freighters left 
in ballast for the Atlantic in the afternoon c «JLso, 19 freighters and 5 
tankers left Ceuta on a westerly course aodi joined the convoy which left 
Gibraltar, Five freighters and ten escort vessels arrived in Gibraltar fron 
the Mediterranean, 

Five transports with troops on board were loc-ted in the port. 

Our air reconnaissance intercepted one battleship and one presumed 
light cruiser on an easterly course at 1930, 20 miles north-northwest of 
Alboran; and approximately six ships at about uidnight, 45 miles north of 



29 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Tabarca (course andxispeed not mentioned). A light cruiser was also sighted 
on a northwesterly course at 1419 off Cape Serat and a transport with escort 
vessel .on an easterly course at 1635, 55 miles northwest of Bougid. Might 
reconnaissance over the entire area found about 20 ships between Sicily and 
Calabria at 0205 , 20 miles north of Termini (course and speed not mentioned). 
A reconnaissance flight in the morning sighted nothing. A landing craft 
landed 200 men at 0420 eight miles east of Melito in Southern Calabria 
presumably to carry out a reconnaissance in* 'force. The boat was probably 
sunk. The; troops that landed were annihilated. Three smaller shock trocp 
detachments have been placed east of the, landing point. 

Photographic reconnaissance of Augusta -at 1140 showed that the follow- 
ing ships were in port: 2 light cruisers, 3 destroyers, 14 patrol boats and 
mot cr-mine sweepers, 26 PT-boats, 1 transport, 4 freighters, 13 LST's, '22 LCT's, 
31 LCJ/LCT's, 116 LCM/LCP's, as well as 1 LCF and 1 LCG C Photographic recon- 
naissance of Syracuse at 1153 showed that 5 patrol boats and motor-: 
nine sweepers, 1 transport, 17 freighters, 2 tankers, 1'/ LCT's., 39 LCM's ; and 
5 loading jetties were located, in port, 

k slight increase in landing ships and merchantmen was noticed in 
the port of Bizerte. 

Due to a shortage in forces it is not possible at present tc carry 
out. reconnaissance of Malta, the east coast of Tunisia, or Tripoli. 

At 2247 on 28 August a submarine was suspected to be located 45 
miles southwest of Naples,, 

No sighting reports were at hand from the Eastern Mediterranean with 
the exception of those concerning the reconnaissance. of Cyprus.. 

according to Intelligence Division, there were many troops in Suez 
on 24 August. Among many other ships, 5 large transports and. an aircraft 
carrier were sighted. Embarkations .were going on during the whole day 
and were allegedly loading maneuvers, a11 ships left Suez during the night. 

according to another intelligence report datad 24 August extensive 
preparations wore underway in all ports along the North African Coast between 
Algiers and Tunis. These indicate an invasion of Sardinia and Corsica. or 
of Southern France. The latter was supposed to take place on the beach 
between Port Bou and Genoa . , 

Mr. Churchill was expected in Palermo on 3 or 4 September according 
to further intelligence reports. 

2. Own- Situation Mediterranean /"Shipping and /Transport Situation 

Submarine U "596" sank a steamer of 4*000 CRT and four sailing vessels 

30 miles north of Beirut. 

-381- " 


29 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL - 

No damage was caused to our navy jn the air raids made against the 
port installations of Naples and Taranto in the afternoon or night of 28 
August. One barge was set afire and ran aground at the west Calabrian coast 
on 28 august.. 

Four Italian torpedo-boats, one submarine- chaser, two motor-minesweepers, 
three auxiliary minesweepers, and on« naval artillery barge were engaged in 
esccrt service,.. Eight steamers, two tankers, and ore motor-ship were escorted. 

Commander, Submarines, Italy; Commander, Submarines, 'Jest; German 
val Command, Italy; and Group West received the following instructions: 

1, Should special circumstances render it impossible for Commander, 
Submarines, Italy to direct his submarines in the Mediterranean, this 
task will be taken over temporarily by Submarine Division., Naval Staff, 
using itg.own radio stations. The relay stations at Athens and Toulon 
will continue to work as at present* Orders concerning entrances and 
departures will be given later by 29th Submarine Flotilla or admiral, 
Aegean Sea. 

2. Command will be transferred on the request of Commander, Submarines, 
Italy or on the order of Commander in Chief, Navy. 

3n Control of Mediterranean short-wave-bands one and two, as well 
as the circuit of Naval Communications Officer Rome will be transferred 
to Naval Communications Officer Bernau 

4. Long-wave radio service will be continued as usual by Naval 
Communications Officer Toulon. 

5c Further instructions will follow. 

Chief, Naval Communications Division was requested to present, if 
possible at once, facts on which to base instructions for the command of 
these Naval Forces. Copv as per decree l/Skl I m 2587/43 Gkdcs. Chefs, 
in War Diary, Part £ y Volume XIV e 

3 . area Naval C roup South . . • 

Aegean Sea 

One of our planes sighted an enemy submarine at 1615, 40 miles west- .... 
northwest of Lemnos. 

The DR. CHE and BULGARIA were carrying out mining tasks off the coast 
cf Thrace One submarine and three •motor-minesweepers were protecting them., 
Two of our 3- ships arrived at Piraeus from their operational area, 


*fc 2? Aug. 1943 CONFIDENT! .. 

Escort service was carried out without incidents , 

Black Sea 

Enemy Situation ' ' '■' 

The four destroyers, probably including the CHARKOW, which were 
reported on 28 ^ugust, were seen by one of our submarines (from a distance 
of 10 miles) entering Batum at 0510. One of our long-range reconnaissance 
planes reports a presumed torpedo-boat 68 miles west-northwest of Batum. 
Radio intelligence detected a total of ten submarines at sea during the 
night of 27 August. 

O wn Situation 

The town and port of Taganrog was under artillery bombardment on 
27 August and was simultaneously attacked by planes, damage was caused in 
the port area. The commander of Naval Artillery Bargo MAL "/;./' two* NCO's 
and one EM were killed. The commander of Naval Artillery 'Barge MAL "2" 
and the port captain of Taganrog were seriously wounded. The pert of Mariupol wa 
was attacked with bombs and gunfire early on 28 Migast. One tug was' destroyed. 

Taganrog will be evacuated during the; night of 29 August according 
to information from General Staff 3 Aimy. Naval Staff informed Group South. 
Admiral, Black Sea received the same information from the 6th Army at l630 e 
Orders for Army reinforcement of Mariupol / Taganrog were superseded by this. 
A convoy en route to Taganrog was recalled to Mariupol. 

Troop formations presently surrounded near Taganrog are fighting 
their way. back to the west. Troops left behind in Taganrog or along the 
coast will be evacuated by sea so far as possible- Sufficient vessels' are 
available for this purpose. Therefore, Admiral, Black Sea has ordered that, 
in addition to the six naval landing craft already in Mariupol, only the 
seven naval landing craft which are already en route be transf erred to Mariu- 
pol, and that barges and tugs be directed to Berdyansk.,.- -Moreover,, the four 
boats of the 1st PT-Boat F Lot ilia now in operational r^-diness will be trans- 
ferred to Mariupol on 30 ^ugust, while the three boats that are not ready 
are not to follow . 

Five naval artillery barges and one motor-minesweeper were in a 
patrol-line off the Mius Front during the night of 29 --aigust ready if the 
need should arise to take on beard scattered troops,. Five naval landing 
barges, Motor-Minesweeper R "30," and Motor-Minesweeper RA "5A" of foreign 
construction, will leave Mariupol at 2230 and proceed toward Taganrog in 
order to pick up any troops scattered along the coast. 

It is planned to continue on 30 august the missions of concentrating 


2S . ..:,-. 1 

L forces tc : : L flank of the Army i. to t?ke on board 

ig troops. Hie' flank "will be rt *ain£ laval J by 

PT-bc I nd oo1 - in i . 

The Naval ff directive af 28 August, cc t ions of 

v I fore upport the Mius Front, t -030 by 1. 

ELacl .2. It was too late for the tr fer t : rt the. PT-boats which h: 

left - 1300, Operatioi taff, Armed Forces High Con and Admiral, 

Fuehrer He; rs wsr- irftrrted by Dperations Division, Naval Staff. 

: teletype 1100. 

The seven boats of the Is: ? I- 3c 21 FlotilL which wej iting 

3n the night cf 28 August, did not sight the enemy. On the return^ t 
for id strafed by Russian ground attack planes 50 miles 

t of Feodosiya. Cur Dwn fighter protection wj s withdrawn at 06[ 
~- i-i :h: I ::' ..sov. rherefore, all boats were jed. Twc 

were killec and two were seriously wounded. [ iree beats reed repairs. 

Anti-submarine warfare was carri t "::~~ Italian midget submarines 

: — ""■' and C3-"6, n the sub- chaser UJ-"22Q3," and :i ! 7 """ in the ■ ff 

Biij at : ri 

ine U-"18" sank a "Q" ship, 34 miles south of Suchum. 

Supply and e = c:r: traffic was 2trri^d out iccoi ling tc pi n ind 
ut in 

z't.2 ft:- I rtiring plans for the HLack Sea. 
\ : tended tc js<= I, : ." ; EMC md 13CC UMB "ires, bcth types squipped wi 

leters long. Proposal as per 1/Skl 2579 fk: :s. 

fs, is in file l/Skl I E, Dperati ns Division, Navai i'^.ii believes it 
I it to" si EMC and U! i mines wit aag" linos in :as< 

.. - should nee further to the west.. 

""III. - :.~. t ~i:r. last ..sia 

Nothing tc re'pc rt 

-384- conf:__ 

♦ 30 Aug, 1943 " C ONFIDENTIAL 

Items of Pol itical Impor tance 

Concerning the extremely important question of where and when the 
Allies will launch -the next large scale attack against "Fortress. Europe," 
the "Sunday-Times" writes that the goal of the Soviet advance is probably 
directed at the oil fields of Rumania, If Allies want to reach the same 
target via the Balkans they will have to start soon e The "Sunday Observer" 
writes that the Allies, as well as the Russians, would have six more \;eeks 
to start the campaign, before the heavy fall rains set in After these six 
weeks, victory would be in reach for both of them or a serious crisis. in 
confidence would develop between Russia and the "lestcrn Allies a 

Conference on the Situ a tion with Chief , _N aval Staff 

I. \ 7 ith regard to the situation report on "Safari," Chief, Naval Staff 
complained that the impression was created in yesterday's report that 
the NELS JUEL was en route to Copenhagen, The reported intention to 
transfer the ships there from the Isefiord was precarious, in the face of 
the combat strength of the coast guard cutter, and should have been opposed. 
The obvious irtent was not to transfer the ship until she had been disarmed 
or boarded c While attempting to leave her anchorage., the ship was damaged 
by the Air Force and x^as forced -to return, Tr hen attempting to s ail on 
the afternoon under escort of Torpedo-Boat T "14" she ran agroundo 'Whether 
this accident was caused by opening the rjea— cocks or whether these were 
destroyed by the Danish crew after the stranding is yet to be established. 
Our forces, which now man this ship, are investigating the ship's condition 

Admiral Denmark reports ; 

It is planned to demobilize the reservists called up by the 
Danish Navy at once since accommodations ashore are lacking and a 
retransf er to sea duty' undesirable. To make full use of the active 
personnel as well as the impounded 'Danish naval vessels for minearweep- 
ing, I recomr;.end that we propose- to. the Danes in the future (as they 
are really worried over food) 4>hat they enter German service as civilians; 
With the men acquired in this way- -we could man the ships* The posts of 
coi.mander and executive officer, would have to be filled by Germans to 
prevent desertion These could also perform their military service by 
sweeping the 'routes as civilian 'employees of the Jehrmacht. These ships 
■would sail under the national ensign, as the naval flag would be undesir- 
able because of the many civilian s„ I request a decision as to whether — 
I should prcceed on this basis „ I have already worked out demobilization 
measures with Admiral Vedel which will come Into force in different 
stages. In consideration of my position, I request authority to proceed, 
A decision is urgent p as Commanding General, .^rmed Forces already, is 
working on proposals for Armed Forces High Command „ ' 

Naval Command, Baltic took the following position on this matter: 


r. 194j :: -i 

it] far be the reservists. 

k - ive tc resui rice their earliei i 3> 

specially i . s is _• _ landing admiralj s } 

iral"j ei-ark : re in the pc sit ion t assist Jveft for a 
— i ri.i ~i ti Besides Danish -coast _ brafficj on whose 

re tl 3s the Danish & r hitherto concent r I's cenvev operal 

of. -.decisive p tc the supply :: the country. : 

c > He proposes be enlist volunteers since it sue -X 

iled correct." y 

He rejects the pre- asal tc h rman conranders or ether Qei 

rsonnel ids cf availability and undesirable consequences, 

r. rh€ flag question is primarily one of deciding whether the Danes 
ill be permitted tc continue flyin ir sqlors at all, .-.:'- furl 

ST. 1 wait this decision, Whether the crews should we^.r :-'vil- 

ian el -r military uniforms will have to be decided by higher 

autl rity. 

f. 7_ the sxtent that the Danes an. reemployed in the tasks 
ntioned in b. above 3 they will be under the command cf Admiral^ 

Denmark . 

g. Naval Cc: . Baltic agrees with the last sentence las ir.-- 

iralj Denmark of this. He requests : ncurrence. 

Lefj pees tc Naval Staff's itting i proposal ._ 

lines t , .:•"•. I re 3 High Command , with amphasis the :i':i2isn:"" 

il~r :: The wator rraarol police. 

rough further discus^ a [Safari" It is apparent that aart 

_ :■ . :::!: Naval tasks in the -aai; \ ::a' 
ble, as i aval St fi ^onsgLstantly maintained Naval Staff 

Leaj : s decision to pi L in detail with t] 

zution of "Safari 3 d.„ at this time. 

■ ■. '.■;■-■ 

Chief. Naval Intelli Division repcr - - s th 1 ing tc [ilitary 

v to the situation since the death of King Icris is ahe 

i that loval and cooperative conduct on the part af the . rr_i Forces 


ding tc- studies vai Intelli . Division^ the number 

-: ting in iterranean during the month of 

was nearly unchar 34. It £ ?siimat 

■ - \ :■- to h: t - re replc cejd regi Ly. 

• - - 


30 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

_n A', Highly Restricted Circle 

IIIc Naval Attache Section'; Naval Staff reports on the special injunction 
of the Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding the report of Naval Attache 
Rome on the AuSTa Affair The proposed letter to Armed Forces High Command 
was ap .roved by Commander in Chief; Navy c There is no reason to change the 
orders to Admiral Loewisch, since nobody has ever presented such a -request 
to the Commander in Chief, Navy 

' ■ - 

IV, A report from Chief, Operations Branch; 

a Reports the readiness of forces for operation "Zitronella" (see. 
War Diary of 27 August, Special Items > Item II) 

b Refers to possibilities of occupying Genoa and Spezia in the event 
of operation "Achse, " and also to our own weakness at Taranto, where all 
PT-boats- were out of action* . 

c 3 Concerns the report "from Naval Group, .'est on the question; of 
occupying Toulon 

V Chief, Naval Staff approved the Situation Report of Naval Staff, dated 
20 August Zj3, copy as per l/Skl I b 2474/43 Gkdos* Chefs e in War Diary, 
Part C, Volume a 

The report should be transmitted for. personal cognizance to the Group 
Commands; Naval High Commands; German Naval Command, Italy; Operations Staff, 
Armed .Forces High Command, Navy Section; Naval Liaison Officer with High 
Command, Army; Naval Liaison Officer with Commander in Chief, Air Force c 

VI.- '. Chief of Staff, Naval Staff completed and signed the minutes of 
discussions of Commander in Chief, Navy and Chief of Staff. Naval -Staff 
at Fuehrer -Headquarters on 28 and. £9 August '.Copy ,as per l/Skl 2614/43 
Gkdcs. Chefs in '.Jar Diary .Part C, Volume VII -. ' 

■ . " * . • r ' n. , • •• •- ■---.■■ ♦ -v" 

According to the results of conferences on the employment of "A 105" 

equipment* the mine offensive with tne new priming device is limited to the f 

southeastern coast of England as of 15 ■ September 

-....--•. ■ • ■ - ■ '- 

— ■ - 

The points were also dealt with or touched upon: 

a The employment of Naval Forces at the Mius front or in the Sea 

of Asov i - 

b . .Occupation of Toulon ■■"' ' 

.V- i * 

... < <* 

Co .-.Situation'- on the Eastern Front 

" .. . •' 
do Anti-aircraft artillery -defense of Toulon 

.i. .. . . ■<* 





, -■ . T? "> 



Trvnl nn 


1 Uli_L<J< 1 


- - 


30 Aug . 1943 cu:^ i:_.:tial 

e 3 The sinking of Swedish fishing cutters 

f. Developments in Denmark ("Safari") 

g Situation in southern Italy 

h Relationships between Navy and Air Force 

i u Anti-aircraft artillery defense and air reconnaissance 

Special Items 

1^ 1 .e dit e rr an can Theater . 

la Naval Staff informed German Naval Command, Italy that because of 
an imminent Anglo-American invasion, Commanding General, ^r.ied Forces, Uest 
moved his forces on 29 August to the west of Nice, as agreed with the Italian 

imiral, to strengthen the coastal defenses <> He reported that the Navy 
would take similar steps. 

2. The request made by German Naval Command, Italy to transfer the guns 
prssently planned for Calabria (see War Diary of 27 August) was turned down 
by Naval Staff, Operations Division on 29 August with the remark that the 
withdrawn batteries were already employed and that at present no other guns 
were available, 

3» Kaval Staff", Quartermaster Division, Organization and Mobilization 
Branch has- informed the forces preparing to replace Italian forces in 
guarding the French South Coast that the coastal sector east of Cape Antibes 
will continue' to be held by the Italians,, See T'.'ar Diary of 26 August e For 
pertinent directives see file l/Skl I op II, 17 » In accordance with the 
new situation, part of the proposed commands will not be set up yet,. The 
rest of the designated forces should be sent on tieir way at once, 

4o German Naval Command, Italy reported on 27 August that, according 
to recent conf erences, Commanding General, ^rmed Forces, South will only 
be able to occupy at the present time Brindisi and Bari>in order to neutral- 
ize the Italian war and merchant ships there c German Naval Command believes 
the execution of these tasks at Leghorn risky, as there are no army formations 
available but only alarm units, 

5o In the middle of August, Commander, 6th Escort Flotilla received from 
Group " est the order to discuss with the Italian Admiral Matteucci, plans 
for . Lg off the South Coast of France,, According to the report from 
Group "est, agreement was reached on the priority and positions of the mine- 
fields, but not about the depth setting. As it was further apparent that 
some of the mines would first have to be brought up from Italy and the 
Italian admiral would then' want to get the consent" from Italian High Command, 


30 Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Navy, the execution of the minefield plans in the next few weeks is uncertain, 
even if the minelayer GUEPxJ were ready f.or action by the end of August. 
With regard to the change in the situation, Group West opposed further steps 
to accelerate Italian measures. A pertinent report from Group West as per 
1/Skl 2592/43 Gkdos. Chefs, is in Tar Diary, Part C, Volume XIV. 

6. In. connection with the situation report. from Commanding General, 
Armed Forces, South dated 29 August, Operations Staff, Armed Forces High 
Command ordered the retransfer of the bulk of the •LXXVIth Tank Corps to 
the Scalea line, north of Castrovillari ~ Taranto - - Brindisi, so as to be 

in position to oppose an enemy invasion in Puglia.. - . .' 

7. German Naval Command, Italy reports on the older from Naval Staff of 
29 nUgust as follows: 

Should the operations division in Santa Rosa with Italian High Command 
Navy become no longer operative, they should at once be transferred, 
including the Captain, U- Boats, to the Operations Staff Frescati as planned. 
Should command be impossible even from-there, Commander 7th Escort Divi- 
sion Leghorn will automatically take over the command of our. surface 
forces. The radio stations are prepared. The setting-up of command 
post, Northern Italy, was started in agreement with Commanding General^ 
Armed Forces, South and Army Group B, 

II. Northern Area 

Group North/Fleet reports on 28 August that the task force, includ- 
ing the Army troops, was reported ready for action on 27 August for 
operation "Zitronella. " Instructions concerning the sailing date will be 
issued by Commanding Admiral, Cruisers after operation is ordered due to 
local we? the r assessment,, 

III. Denmark ("Safari") 

a. The following directive was received at 18t>5 by Operations Staff, 
Armed Forces High Command: 

The Fuehrer decided that the members of the former Danish Armed 
Forces are to stay in their quarters under German guard until further 
notice/ Their further service will not be decided until peace is complete- 
ly restored in the country.. Those who could be -convicted of 1 atrocities 
against Germany should be separated and, as for as no other punishment 
is involved, should be treated as prisoners of war. Demobilization of 
organizations belonging to the Danish Armed Forces should be started. 
The entire stock of materiel should be taken over, by appropriate branches 
of the German Armed Forces, under supervision of Commanding General, 
German Armed Forces. 




b From Commanding Admiral, Naval Command ., Baltic, Naval Staff has 
received an information copy of the following order: 

1, The operation in the Danish area will uresumbably be finished 
en the evening of 31 August,, Units and vessels assigned to other areas 
will again be at the disposal of cc mmande ~s and inspectors for scheduled 
tasks o The PT-Training Flotilla will be withdrawn to Swinemuende, 

the minesweepers to Kiel, Commander, Destroyers and the Torpedo-Boat 
Inspectorate were requested to report to Commanding Admiral, Defenses, 
Baltic the destination of their vessels as soon as possible, 

2, I appreciate the quick and energetic action taken and the 
boldness shoxvn by officers and crews in handling this task despite the 
rigors of training „ 

IV o "J est Area._ 

' In accordance with order from the Chief of Naval Staff 9 the Quarter- 
master Division, Organization and Mobilization Branch made the following 
report to Operations Staff, Armed Forces High Command, Army with copy to 
Group "Jest and German Naval Command, Italy t 

Due to the present situation it is no longer possible to carry 
out the planned withdrawal of two Naval artillery divisions from the 
Channel and Atlantic Coast areas for operation "Achse" in Northern Italy, 
• Other German Naval forces that were here for this purpose are not avail- 
able. It is proposed to hold in readiness Army coastal artillery for 
the North Italian area D S iould the committed coastal batteries be 
needed, the choice could be made with the approval of Naval Staff 
Request immediate decision,, 

V, Quartermaster Division, Naval Staff made a detailed and intsresting 
report concerning the sinking of the British submarine SPLENDID by destroyer 
HEitt'iSJS on 21 April 1943 a nd transmitted this to operating commands „ 

Copy as per l/Skl 24243/43 Gkdos in T ?ar Diary, Part B, Volume V, 

VI, Quartermaster Division, Naval Sta.f presented the summary for July 
of planes shot down by anti-aircraft guns of the Navy, Copy as per l/Skl 
26204/43 in 'Jar Diary, Part' C, Volume X. It confirms 1980 planes shot 
down since the ' outbreak of war. In the period covered by this report, 

13 planes were shot down in July and 115 in the preceding months. The ace 
of this period is Commanding Admiral, Defenses North, with 33 planes to 
his credit. 

S ituation on 30 August 1943 

I_o 'Jar in Foreign Waters 



30 .Aug, 1943 - OWIVWSIAL 

Nothing to report. 

The B3AKE received the following order from Naval Staffs 

l r Naval Attache Tokyo reported the departure of the BRaKIj from 
Djakarta on 26 August 

2, As of 8 September proceed daily toward "Jasmin 11 at 1400 hours 
local time and await darkness -within a ten-mile radius, Should no 
meeting take place,, proceed in and out from darkness to 140C next day 
within a 200 mile radius of "Jasmin^ 1 

3<> In good weather, a clothes-line with washing should be hoisted 
from the after mast, to the stern as a. special identification signal 
for submarines; in bad weather, fire-extinguisher hoses 'should be hoisted 
'' 'on the after mast 

■ \j 


4a The supplying of 'five boats can be expectedo After completion 
of supplying, further orders should be awaited according to weather 
conditions or traffic in " Tier gai ten" or ''Schlossparlo ;! 

...... Submarine Division, Naval Staff will be furnished copy of this order 

by Operations Division,, Naval Staf f 

rtj Situation test Area 

1 o Enemy Situation 

Fifty planes were located in the 3iscay area as far as 12 west ; 

most of them at night One British vessel was detected at 1647 hours in 

BL 9260, one at 2109 hours in Bu 9190, and one at 2246 hours in CG 1340o 

One Sunderland plane was shot down -at 1219 by our planes -120 miles- north— 

west of Cape 0rtegal u 

2 . Own Situati on 

Atlantic Coas t 

Two ELK/j mines were swept off the Gir'onde, and one off La Paliice, 

Destroyer. Z" 23" and Z"24" arrived in the Gironde. Destroyer 
Z"32" dropped anchor at the Verdon shipyard. 'Torpedo- -oat T"I4" and' 
FADE" arrived *in Bayonne; MOSIE^ EoiJBda and Torpedo--? oat T"23" -arrived 
in Brest; and JAGU^i in Nantes, 


30 u -. 1943 co ::dj tj l 

Our air reconnaissance spotted the 4th Torpedo-Boat Flotilla with 
oats at 0742 hours, in BF 8686 meeting FLLjDSR, By dead reckoning 
it is estimated that rendezvous with a minesweeping escort will take place 
at 0630 hours on 31 .-urust in "Bruno 1." 

For a brief rjpjrt regarding the maneuvers of the 8th Destroyer 
Flotilla and the 5th Torpedo-Boat Flotilla in the Discay area, see teletype 

Channel Co ast 

Lneswee^ing activities were cancelled due to stormv weather, Patrol 
boat positions were not occupied. Escort service was conducted only in 
Channel Isle traffic, i ines were planted and ready for action jn the 
beach off Ostend, Battery Hundius, and ; ray Coastal Battery 1/738* 

The 5th Torpedo-Boat Flotilla with three boats continued its 
passage to Le Havre on the evening of 30 August. 

Due to the danger of invasion along the French "orth Coast, Oroup 
Vest reports plans to start lavinr minefields .during the new moon reriod at 
the end of August. The first minefield will "be laid as a protection for Dieppe 
and the mouth of the 3omme Six minefields, I to VI, are planned., The mine- 
fields will be laid as close as possible to our coast so that it will be 
possible to control then and impossible for the enemy to clear them* In 
addition, they should protect our routes and prevent the enemy's operational 
freedom of movement, It is planned to lay the mines according to the succes- 
sion of their numbers, I and II will be laid bv four boats of the 5th 
Torpedo-"' oi t Flotilla prior to 4 September at the latest, 1 ine fields III 
to VI will be laid during the new moon period at the end of September. 
The Group urgently requests permission for the laying of minefields I and ■ 
II as well as the release ' of 368 j&'iC mines. 

"aval Staff agreed in principle with olans of Grouo ' est and released 
the requested 368 Si C mines for minefields I and II, 

III, ".orth Sea, "orway, Northern v ?ter s 

'orth Se a 

Three i£LI mines were swept off Schiermonikoog and Fjrderney 
ahead of Convoy 457 Elbe / Took. In addition to this, four :,12 /J mines 
were swept off Ameland, Schiermonikoog, and Terschellingc Due to weather 
conditions, the convoy dropped anchor in Ben Welder. 


. inesweeninp and escort activities were severely limited in the 
area of Commanding Admiral, Defenses North * due to weather conditions. The 
20th Patrol Boat Flotilla and the 21st Kinesweeper Flotilla continued 

CO I : tt/.l 

-392- • — - — — 

30 Hug. 1943 *' CONFIDENTIAL 

patrolling the Danish west coast., n Tdfpe'do--^ oats : "26" and T "27" left 
Cuxhaven for the west at 1715 hours. 

Norwav / Northern \Jaters.. . «■ ' •' " . 
1« Enem y Situati on 

In the morning;, seven planes were detected- in, action over the North 
Sea, and twenty in the afternoon. At 1821 radio- monitoring intercepted .- 
the report of a Russian minesweeper on the" sighting of a submarine in the 
western exit of the Kafca Strait '(AT; 8467) . 

2 Own Situation 


The search of the 210th. .Infantry Division through the interior . of 
the Varanger Peninsula resulted in the arrest of three escaped Norwegian 
agents A radio set was confiscatedo 

Fifteen ships were escorted to the north, and 22 ships to the south, 
Fifteen ships were detained in the area of. .the Arctic Ocean due to a short- 
age of egcort vessels*-' -' - ; . 

■ 1 '.■■""'.-■ ■ , 

Group North/Fleet reports the situation unchanged in the Western 
Siberian Sea„ ( . -, -.-... 

Naval Command,, Norway intends to stop the laying of minefield "Nl J 
12 "due to the shortage of mines, as the defense seems to be sufficient 
for ships in port at Narvik. (See teletype- -16150 

IV. Skagerrak, Baltic Sea Entrances , Baltic Sea 

lo Enemy Situation 

Unusually heavy artillery and air activity was directed against, 
our own coastal positions during the night of 29 August „ Artillery activity 
decreased during the course of the day. There was very little shipping.-., 
traffic. " - - '■«- . 

2 Own Situation • . . . -., . 

To date,,. 206 officers and 2,222 members of the Danish 4fevy have 
been taken prisoner in the area of'. Admiral, .Denmark in the- course of 
operation "Safari*" Danish fishing and domestic shipping traffic > includ- 
ing government vessels, were again released. The dismissal '-'of the PT-coat 
Training Flotilla, boats of the '2nd and '3rd Torpedo-^oat Flotilla?,, -.vui 
minesweepers from the Danish area, was ordered for 31 August, as well as 
the withdrawal of the submarines from the declared area of the Skagerrak » 


30 Aug, 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

» . t 

The NIELS JIL-.L is aground in shallow water of- the Nykoebing Bay e 
Salvage -work has started,, 


According to a report from Commanding Admiral,, Defenses Baltic 
the date of execution for mining operation "Lithium" will again have to 
be postponedo 

The Danish tanker DL^Na collided with steamer TAT I during the night 
of 29 August and- was towed to Warnemuende 

Two naval landing craft were sighted adrift north of Hela without 
landing-It amp s . Tugs were ordered to assist. Torpedo-Boat l Mi 7" was rammed 
and badly damaged by the Swedish steamer ituS^ SCHMIDT at 2305 hours on 23 
August while leaving Swinemuende, but stayed afloat," 

A Russian Boston bomber , which was forced by Finnish fighters 
northeast of ISulinn to make an emergency landing, was raised and brought 
into ra4-j-5nn.,;;i 

For the first time, the mining of the Kronstadt sea canal was 
attempted on the night of 29 August „ Because of a brush with the enemy, 
the operation had to be postponed. One enemy patrol boat was destroyeda 
Three of our minesweepers were sunk; other boats were damaged,. No casualties 
were suffered,, As a repetition of the mining does not seem to promise 
success, some of the boats together with the material were withdrawn to 
TaHJiiii; others will be engaged in patrol duties in the Luga Bay e 

No other reports were received from the areas of Commander, Mine- 
sweepers, Baltic and of admiral, Baltic Countries 

Vo Submarine J'arfare 

No reports were received from' the Atlantic or Indian Ocean. 
VI. Aerial "Jarfare 

British Isles and Vicinity 

The enemy's attacks in the .[est Area were weaker during the day^ 
with fighter-bombers and fighters using bombs and gunfire against single- 
ship targets A special installation of the. Army near Watte n was attacked 
at 1930 hours by a strong bomber formation, protected <by fighters, with 
numerous high- explosive bombs. Damage and casualties were slighta 

The enemy attacked. industrial towns in- the Rliineland. during the 
night of 30 August « The attacks were especially concentrated on Munich- 
Gladbach and iihnydt. For details see Daily Situation i^eport. A total of 

■ ■ 


■ - 

T>.-. -; ? 


30 fiug. 1943.- CONPIDiffTI L 

twenty industrial plants were seriously damaged. According. to present 
reports, 25 of the attacking planes were shot down. 

• ■• : " ■. . ■ - 

In the; evening, the array installation near Watteri was- again attacked 

without success. . 

Mediterr anean Theate r 

Concerning the attack made by five Do -217 's of the 3rd- Squadron jf 

the 100th Combat Force _>n 29 iOigust, it is reported that the planes were 

in action against .the .carrier unit that had left Gibraltar.- As soon as 

this unit reversed course and returned to Gibraltar, the planes were directed 

to approach an enemy unit near Alb or an, which was reported to be a large 

vessel or battleship with a light cruiser. 1 ' The attack was launched with 

bombs at late twilight between 2105 and 2130 hours from an altitude of 

6500 meters. . Due the _ remarkable breadth of the large vessel, she was 

believed to be a battleship. This ship suffered a direct hit starboard 

aft and stopped. Another hit was scored on the cruiser 'aft, which resulted 

in a- cloud of fire and smoke. Another bomb missed the cruiser by about ten 

meters „ Further observations, could not be made due to darkness. The 

position of the hits scored indicates at least that heavy damage was done - 

to both vessels. The enemy fighter protection was approsimately 1000 meters 

below our own planes during the attack. " 

j. ■ .... - 

Thirty-seven of jur bombers' raided the port of: -Augusta during the 
night of 29 August sinking two vessels and damaging four more. Two ships 
were afire when they returned. . The ships in the po"""t of Augusta were 
again attacked by our bombers during the • day. ' One "direct hit was. scored,, 
Again tyij ships were afire when they returned. The rest of our Air Force 
was engaged in reconnaissance,, 

. .;•• -During the. day, the enemy raided the air base of Viterbo where serious 
damaged was caused to. material. Three Ju- -88 planes were destroyed, three 
more were seriously damaged, and 17 were slightly 'damaged.- Railwav ins tall a-, 
tions were completely destroyed in an attack against Grucinano, . north of . . v . 
Naples, Our fighters shot down 25 enemy fighters and one bomber. 

**~ *"*** " ~ -* — ■*— • -■- .*,, . -■•*• ' 

"*'-■-■ . 

S ; ingle planes dropped a number of high-explosive bombs and "numerous 
flash-light bombs over Rome during the night of 30 August. 

Eastern Front ' • , - r 

. . Forty-eight enemy bombers were shot down at the Army Front on 
28 ^ugust. 

VII. . .• warfare in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

C0 NriDJ!MTI;tL 


30- Aug. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

1. Enemy Situation 

Four freighters and two cruisers of the DIDC-class left Gibraltar 
for the Mediterranean. Sixteen freighters arrived from the Atlantic. 
Twelve ships passed through the Straits of Gibraltar in an easterly 

.v. Twenty merchantmen were sighted off Bizerte at 0745 • 

The enemy force of about 400 men that landed east of Melito on 2? 
August has been wiped out. According to an intelligence report based on • 
the conversation of an agent with representatives of the Allied Military 
Government in Catania on 25 August,, the attack against Italy will soon be 
launched from the direction of Sicily, 

A slight decrease in landing equipment was observed in Augusta 
New arrivals were observed in the morning a 

Photographic reconnaissance on 28 and 29 August confirmed an almost 
unchanged situation of merchant shipping in the ports of: • 

Bone, (estimated at 170,000 GRT) 

Bizerte, (estimated at 400,000 GRT) 

Augusta, (estimated at 75,000 GRT) 

Syracuse, (estimated at 90,000 GRT) 

According to a sighting, report, one monitor was in Augusta. 

Two submerging submarines were reported east *if Cape Colcnna. at 

lv)25 on 29 August o 

• >•-■'• ■ .: ■ 

No new clues were received from the Malta area or from the Tunisian 
coast. One transport and four freighters were observed on east-northeast 
course at 1115-j 70 miles north-northwest of Benghazi© 

2 Own Situation Mediterranean (Shipping and Transport Situation) 
'.» 'i ■ ■ 

One of our submarines sank a steamer of 8,000 GRT from a small 
west-bound convoy composed of 4 steamers, 1 tanker and 3 destroyers 30 
miles east of Bone. One of the steamers was a vessel of 8,000 GRT e Two 
hits were observed on the tanker. 

Two minefields were laid by the Italian Navy on 28 and 29 August 
within the Gulf of Naples. 

Five of our own PT-boats have been transferred from Haddalena to 
Cagliari and two others from Taranto to Pola, for motor overhauling. 


30 Aug, 1943 CuNFIDiiNTIAL 

The Army Supply Depot, water supply and electricity supply were 
destroyed in an enemy air raid directed against Tar ant o on 29'Augusto 

Escort service was carried, out without incident,, 

3 • Area N ava l Group S outh 

Ae gean Sea 

DxiACHE and BULGArilA arrived in Cavalla after finishing their first 
mining task. The second task will be carried out during the night of 
30 August,' ■., .. 

At 0335 hours after an explosion presumably caused by sabotage, one 
tug sank alongside the shipyard mole. 

Escort service was carried out without incident 

Black Sea 

Enemy, S it uat ion 

At 0330 ; 30 km east of Mariupol in the rear of our lines motor- 
gunboats landed approximately 100 men who embarked again as soon as our • 
counter-attack was launched^ Planes attacked a group of our naval artillery 
barges in the afternoon of 29 August en route to Taganrog and lost two 
planes in this attacks 

Own Situ a tion 

A combat and transport unit consisting of 5 naval artillery barges , 
5 naval landing craft, and 5 motor-minesweepers was off the coast west 
of Taganrog during the night of 29 August. In the early morning 'hours' 
there was a brush with six enemy gunboats., Two enemy gunboats were sunk 
by naval artillery barges, and seven prisoners were taken The whole 
formation assembled off Taganrog at 0600 on 30 August*-- -One- group of naval 
artillery barges forced its way into the port of Taganrog at 0630 i No 
German troops were encountered; the harbor was not yet" occupied by the 
enemy. Civilian volunteers were evacuated from Taganrog, then the unit 
started the return voyage to Mariupol and arrived at 18360 Enemy air 
raids were sustained while on the return voyage Motor-' Minesweeper R 
"30" was damaged. Further losses or damages were not reported. 

Escort forces which left Mariupol at 1800 had an engagement with 
three enemy gunboats at 1930. He suits of this engagement are not yet 



30 .;ug. 1943 CONFIDJ.'TL.L 

....- One officer, one warrant officer, four sergeants, -and 24 enlisted 

men with ten trucks and twj combat cars were cut off by the enemy while 
en rjute frjm Taganrog,, Communications were interrupted. 

On the Bosporus-Varna rjute the steamer THISB2 (1,782 CRT), escorted 
by two destroyers, two -motor-minesweepers, and two submarine-chasers, was 
sunk by an enemy submarine four miles northwest of the Bosporus exit at 
1835 on 30 ^ugust. The motor-minesweepers were en .route to Burgas with 27 
survivors and 4 seriously wounded. The destroyers started their return 
voyage to Constantsa, The submarine- chasers remained at the place of 
the sinking to fight the submarine. 

according to the incoming action report from- Submarine-Chaser 
UJ n 2103" and commander of XANTEM, the destruction of a submarine is believed 
to have taken place at 1945 ^n 28 August, five miles south of Cape Lukull 
(north of Sevastopol). 

Nj other results were reported . 

Group South reports: 

1. In consideration of the development of the situation in the Sea 
of Asov and possible enemy operations against the Kuban bridgehead, 
an increased and expeditious allotment of urgently-needed artillery 
naval landing craft is requested, as they are the only sufficiently 
mobile arid battle-worthy artillery carriers. The need is the greater, 
. as under certain conditions it is possible that the naval artillery 
carriers might be cut off. 

2 The possibility of further development at the Mius Front and 
in the southern army wing cannot be overlooked at this time. Information 
jn concrete plans and instructions from the southern wing and Kuban 
bridgehead is requested as long-term measures for evacuation have to 
be made and suitable dispositions are necessary to avoid irreparable 
loss. .. ' ■ . •;• ■ ,:.:—;• '■' . ' - I '-; 

r VIII. S ituation E as t -^sia . 

> Nothing- to report. - : 


confide: :tl-x 


31 august 1943 j - CO NFIDSKTInL 

I t 3ms of Political Imp or tanc e .. <- 

Minister of Production Littleton stated, according to Reuters, 
that the total production in armament for the Navy, Air Force, and .^rmv 
increased by 25/S in the second quarter of 1943 as compared with the same 
quarter in 1942. T ith regard to construction and weight in the plane 
industrv .the increase amounted to l+k%'» Especially satisfying was the 
fact that the goal was reached in production during the first half year. 
A further increase in plane production was planned for the next twelve 
months as well as for certain types of naval craft and scientific instru- 
ments necessarv for warfare on naval ships, 

Mr. Eden will meet I r. Maisky and the American Ambassador, Mr. 
Winant, on 31 August according to a statement from the Foreign Office. 
The Exchange Telegraph writes that if negotiations develop favorably • 
with Mr. Maisky, !< r ashdngton will probably announce this week the time and 
place of a Three Power Conference, It is said that Stalin remains adamant 
but that he gave his consent to a personal meeting. 

A noteworthy article concerning Anglo-American-Russian relations 
is in the Tim es of 30 August. A detailed report is in the Foreign Press 
Report I, 2 c. 


The Japanese confiscated the former British River Gunboat SIAH on 
18 August in Portugese Macao. More than 20 Portugese policemen were said 
to have been killed in this action. . 

Conference on the Situation with Chief, N aval Staf f 

I. In consideration of the Fuehrer's decree issued on 30 August with- 
regard to the treatment of members of the Danish Armed Forces, the intended 
teletype to Armed Forces High Command dealing with questions of the Danish Navy 
was redrafted as follows: 

• • 
la. Up to now the Danish } ] avy has carried out independent minesweeping ttj 
operations in accordance with German instructions on the ferry route 
Nyborg - Korsoer; in Smaaland waters between Great Belt and Groensund; 
in the western and eastern exits of the Svendborg Sund; and in-. the channels 
to- Odense, ■ Uakskov, and Isefiord. ... • .-,'■■ 

This work, which was carried out. by six large minesweepers, 
eight to ten motor-minesweepers, and several fishing cutters is indispensr ■ 
dole for the continuation of supplying the countrv, for the transporta- 
tion of materiel, and for other purposes. These duties cannot be taken 
over by us and will have to be executed in the future* bv Danish craft 
and Danish personnel. If this is not done a t once , German escort forces 
will have to be withdra\n from the Norwegian Convoy Service, which 
would then be detained. For proposals see paragraph III. 
... - . ■ ■ 



31 ..;:. 1943 C0ITID2- T TI -.1 

b. In addition, the Navy must stress the importance of _ taking oyer 
suitable Danish naval vessels (for example, torpedo- boats for use as 
torpedo-retriever ships in submarine training) and manning them with 
German crews. 

II. Naval Staff proposes that the Danish naval vessels not be treated as 
prizes but rather left in the hands of the Danes as their property, ^hey 
should be operated in support of the common struggle for Europe, with certain 
restrictions placed on their owner's rights. 

III. In accordance with paragraph la. above ^ it is planned to return to the 
Danes the vessels used up to now in mine sweeping and encourage them to 
continue the service as before. If there are no objections from the armed 
Forces High Command or the Foreign Office, it is proposed to let these units 
sail under Danish colors as naval forces. The continuation of the remaining 
forces of the Danish Navy is also recommended, as the shipyards, Lighthouse 
Service, Sea-Marking Service, and so on would best be carried out under 
Danish management, since there are no Herman forces available to take over 
these duties. If this arrangement is not oossible, the Danish mine sweeping 
vessels should be employed under the Danish public service flag after 

being reorganized into harbor and river police forces. There are no 
complications in this solution so far as international lav; is concerned, 
since these shins would only sweep mines in Danish waters. 

TV. Danish merchant ships and fishing vessels will also have to remain 

in the possession of the Danes. Naval Staff will begin the shipping and 
fishing trade previously carried on ?s soon as the situation is again 
completely quiet, and will prevent as far as possible the escape of Danish 
merchantmen to Swedish ports by placing German anti-aircraft gun crews on 

Chief, Taval Staff agreed. 

He The FLIED3R docked in Brest at 101$. The uneventful passage of the 

beat through the Bay of Biscay is extremelv pleasing and especially so because 
of the impression made on the Japanese. 

III. Based on a report from Naval Staff, Quartermaster Division, Organiza- 
tion and Mobilization Branch, and with reference to the remarks of Operations 
Division, the Commander in Chief, 7r avy rejected the proposal from Naval Command, 
Baltic that the Coastal Defense Commanders in the Baltic Sea be promoted to the 
rank of Commanding Admiral. 

In a highly restricted circle 

IV . /-.rmy Situation 

The defensive strength of the Russians has not diminished. Our 
resistance demands the utmost in energy and resourcefulness. Our Eastern 

■ 00- CONFILiTTI -L 

31 Aug.. 1943 """" C ONFIDENTIAL 

Frcnt has ; several times been penetrated: .in -the south part as well as the 
center •'and a':. complete withdrawal' seems unavoidable. The situation must, 
be looked -upon. as being very serious and tense. The complete war situation. 
is affected by this to a very large degree* , 

-:-.-.. '■ . ...... 

V . •' : - Re port by Chie f, Operations Branch, Opera tions Division, Naval Staff 

a. This comments on the "transfer of forces of German' Naval Command, 

Italv a ^mentioned. .in the Var Diary for 30 August. ■" . 

9'a ' . '"' 

"-?• - ■ - . . 

b. On 30 August, Armed For ces High Command established new regulations 

for operation "Achse" in the light of developments in the Kediterranean. 
and the Italian Operations Staff ■ • 

- ' - 

A copy as per l/Skl 2609/43 Gkdos. Chefs, is in the r ar Diary, Part C, 
Volume XIV. With regard to the tasks of the Navy it is mentioned in paragraph 
\j unat i 

All Italian naval and merchant ships within reach should be taken, .oyer. 
•On, all occasions care should be taken to prevent their going over to the 
enemy. The transports evacuating forces from Sardinia, should "continue to 
operate. Essential sea traffic 'should continue. Naval coastal defense 
functions in areas formerly occupied by the Italians should be ^assumed. •-. 
The Army should be supported in the occupation of the Islands around- 
Kaddalena, the isle of Elba, and probably other islands in the area of 
Commanding General, Armed Forces, Southeast. 

Naval Staff-presented an extract of the directive to Group South. 

German Naval- Ccmmr.nd, Italy -nd Group (J-vest r-^---ivei the-, order W become 
familiar with the orders of Commanding General, Armed Forces, South; and 
Commanding -General, Armed Forces, "est. The German Naval Command should report 
its intentions to Naval Staff by courier. a- 

.. I-' - -;- 

1 ■ 

.VX. . "_. Chief j Operations Division, Naval- 'Staff 

\-.-r : •_ > ;.: ■ • ., . " -'•" : ■ 

The, Japanese Liaison. Off icer reported' that the Japanese- Navy will detain 

the AQUTL,A~Wats but the Japanese Naval Staff -has requested an assessment of the 

situation for the next three months. 'Chief, Operations Division; Naval Staff 

stated that the uncertain Italian situation is the cardinal point. Chief, Naval 

* St a£f. agreed. '■ . 

■ ' ' ' - - ' ,' 

The verbal. inquiry of Japanese Naval Attache, Berlin was* answered 
as follows: 

.' '' * ■• 

An 'assessment on the 'attitude of Italv for the next three months 
(the.t'ime required for a submarine passage between Japan and Germanv) 
cannot be given. Even if the present Italian Government is willing 

- . 

• • _/ oi_ CON? IDA; TI 'L 

31 ^ugo 1943 C uLFIDENTIAL 

to continue the war on the side of Germany and to accept great sacrifices, 
it must be expected that the well-known war weariness of the Italian 
population may mean that the Government will lose control and endanger 
the Armed Forces, Therefore a sudden change in course is possible,, 

This uncertainty in the attitude of Italy is the basis for Naval 
Staff's request that the Imperial Japanese Navy detain tfr-j kQUILA boats 
under pretexts, the choice of which could be left in the hands of the 
Japanese Baper'ial Navy.. Should an AQU-IL., boat enter an Allied harbor 
after the collapse of Italy,, not only would a cargo and boat valuable 
to Japan and Germany be lost, but important data on submarine operations 
in this area would be delivered into the hands of the enemy. 

According to another report from Naval Liaison Officer, Admiral Yokoi 
will leave Europe with the FLIEDEii and will be replaced by Admiral Koiima c 

Sp ecial Xfcec ys 

I.. Naval Command, Baltic has reported on. the disposition of the 
Danish Fleet. Twelve ships totalling 18A0 tons and 36 smaller craft 
were seized by us c Twenty-eight ships totalling 15^097 tons were scuttled, 
and four ships (1450 tons) were damaged,. Two ships (180 "tons) were in 
Sweden Unknown is the fate of three ships totalling 230 tons 6 For details 
see teletype as per l/Skl 26162/43 g«^ in War Diary, Part C, Volume 


II. Based on the conference at Fuehrer Headquarters on 28 August 
concerning the use of mines with a new kind of priming device, Operations 
Division, Naval Staff ascertained the following information with regard to 
that provided by Operations Staff, Air Force and Inspectorate of Aerial 
Mines : 

1.1. The Air Force is limiting the use of mines to the eastern coast 
of the British Isles as no mining can be carried out effectively in the 
: ports of the west coast due to a shortage in long range planes and 
forces c In the absence of decisive and large-sc^.V operations on the. 
■Test Coast the possible compromise of the new priming device is not justi- 
fiedo T i T ith the forces available, the planting of at least 1500 mines 
per month along the east coast is now guaranteed,, 

2. For operations in restricted target areas that promise success, 
the use of priming devices will be limited by the Air Force to such 
mines for which we have developed sweeping techniques (A-105, MA-2)„ 

3. The Navy is also going to avoid the use of the priming devices 
(pressure magnetic fuze box combination with Tiestton) on mines Wiich 
cannot be sweyt and is going to allow their use only in single tests 


31 Aug. 1943 CONFID-ffTL'X 

at th3 front after -taking into consideration special safety' Mnd secrecy 
measures. The areas' chosen • will be those for which radio intelligence 
can verify the effect of the new devices, 

II. ^fter the Fuehrer agreed to the above-mentioned' operational' restric- 
tions, the details of tactical execution were provided to the Operational 
Staffs of the Navy and Air Force. The' principle of using the new "devices 
suddenly and in large quantities is maintained in these instructions „ 

At least the following number will be used oer month: 

By the Navy: 500 mines ; by the Air Force: 1000 mines; (this number 
was reduced from the figure in paragraph 1.1. as a result of the' final 
conference on 29 August). 

IIIo' Naval Staff recommended that Naval 'Or oup Vest and the 3rd Air ^orce 
be authorized to execute the operation in accordance with the above-mentioned 
. directives, after informing the Inspectorate for Aerial Lines, and providing 
that operations begin during the new moon period in September (20 September 
1943 - preparations will be completed on 15' September 1943 )* Should consent 
be given, Naval Staff requests teletyped confirmation and authority for Lhe 
3rd Air Force to make necessary arrangements with Naval Command, 1T est. 
Group West received the following directive: 

•- 1 Results of conference with the Reich Marshal: 

a. As the Air Force will not have sufficient long-range planes 
available in the hear future : to mine -ports on the west coast, operations 
will be made only against the ports of the east coast. The Air Force 
will be limited to- the use of A-105 and NA-2 mines. 

bo Navy operations using the new priming device developed by 
us (HA-2) will also be limited. Detonating devices (DM-1 and AA-l) 
which cannot be swept will be used at the front onlv experimentally 
and after adopting special safety and secrecy measures. The areas 
used will be ones where the results can be checked by the radio "intelli- 
''gence service. 

2* Other plans: 

a. authorize Group West and the 3rd Air Force to undertake 
operations as outlined in paragraph 1 and inform Inspectorate for Aerial 



b The two branches of the Armed Forces should start minelaying 
suddenly and on a large-scale in the September new moon period. 

3r A joint conference should be held in Paris at the end of the week 


31 Aug. 1943 confidential 

with members of the Naval Staff present, if Operations Staff, Air Force 
agrees with the proposals in paragraph 2 and gives appropriate authoriza- 
tions to the 3rd Air Force. 

In addition, Group West was informed of the letter from Naval Staff 
to Operations Staff, Air Force and instructed that as soon as consent was 
received from Operations Staff, Air Force and instructions issued to the 
3rd Air Force, it should be proposed to 3rd Air Force that a joint conference 
be held to formulate the operational plans. The starting cf an advance offen- 
sive, principally using anchored mines, along the English south coast and the 
northern part of the east coast is left at Group best's discretion. Such 
an advanced offensive would serve to divert enemy defense forces from the 
later operational areas. The date of the conference should be such that 
members of the Naval Staff can participate. The general operational plan 
worked out with the 3rd ^ir Force should be submitted to the Naval Staff. 
It is only necessary to submit those detailed operational plans that relate 
to the experimental combat use of priming devices DK-1 and AA-1. Naval Staff 
desires to reserve for itself the granting of permission for such operations. 

Bureau of Naval armament, Underwater Obstacles Branch was informed of 
the situation and asked to urge the manufacture and continued readiness of 
the MA-2 priming device c The further manufacture of DN-1 and AA-1 devices 
for the Navy could be immediately restricted. 

III. lifter the report of 30 August was made on the construction of FT-bcat 

pens, Commander in Chief, Navy decided: 

1. The complete pen installation, including the annexes (communication 
and ammunition shelters), must be fitted into the general plans for naval 
construction, but will be given a special priority. Commander in Chief, 

:y believes it to be correct and necessary to give the same priority to 
PT-boat pens as to submarine-pens. Due to the many tasks of Organization 
Todt, it is not possible to deal with the construction of PT-boat pens on 
a special and individual basis. 

2. The construction of shelters in Holland (Rotterdam, Ymuiden, and 
Den Nelder) which were started or will be started on the initiative of .the 
navy will be expedited. 

3. Included in the general plans of Organization Todt, therefore, 
were the following: 

a. The construction of 20 berths at Cherbourg 

b. The construction of 14 berths at Lezardrieux 

c. The construction of 14 berths, probably at Brest 


-404- ~ 

^ 31 &ug.'I9E3 CONFID? : TIML 

The shelters requested by Commander, PT-Boats at L'Avervrach 
have caused sDecial construction difficulties. Aside from the fact that 
it is difficult to supnlv materials to the new site, there is major rock 
and hydraulic a rchiiectu^l work involved. Therefore, Commander in Chief, 

ivy ordered a study on the possibility of -enlarging the submarine pens at 
Brest in such a fashion that the necessary 14 berths could be procured 
there. If this works out, it would only be necessary to camouflage- the 
berths at L'Avervrach. 

4. Commander in Chief, Navy agreed with the' const ruction 'of the 
Rhone tunnel (18 PT-boat berths) at Marseille. 

5* Commander in Chief, Navy also agreed that the requested shelters 
for Feodosiya and Ivan Baba (8 berths) should be built. With regard to Ivan 
Baba, a study of the possibilitv of tunnel construction was ordered. 

IV. Maval Intelligence Division has commented on the eastern situation 

report number 3/43 » Included are comments on submarine protection against 
contact and controlled mines; the presence of submarine M-200 in the 
Northern Arctic Ocean; the rsnamig of the battleship PARI3KAYA KOM?!UNA to 
SEVASTOPOL; and on the enlarging of the port of Poti. Copy as per l/Skl 
26225/43 geh. is in w ar Diary, Part C, "Enemy Material. " 

^ V. Concerning the operational plans of the Allies, report of the 

Intelligence Service from Ost row dated 14 August was- received on 30 August 
and is allegedlv based on information from the American Liaison Staff that 
was established at Moscow in the -middle of July. According to this, if the 
claim made .by. the, Russians on 8 August that the German Eastern i'-irmies are 
heavily besieged is found to be correct, it is planned to launch immediate 
and large-scale attacks against the northern coast of France, in the south, and 
possibly also in, the. Aegean Sea. All other operations would be set aside and 
the- most serious casualties would- be accepted. To; execute this plan, it would 
be necessary to utilize all shipping .available, including the cargo tonnage now 
allocated to the Pacific. No serious counter-offensive is at present expected 
from Japan, Copy of report as per l/Skl. 26185/43 geh. is in ' f ar Diary, Part D, 
"Anemy Material." 


Another intelligence report from Portugal dated 30 August reports the 
following enemy plans: 

: ■■* .1 

1. Before an attack is launched against Northern Europe, Cherbourg, 
Brest , Le- Havre, and Rouen will be bombarded. 

2. Ships and troops will be concentrated at: 
a. Lerwick (for Bergen). 

. b. In Scapa Flow and Humber. (for Stavanger). 


31 Aug. 1943 C 0UFIJ3£T. t TIaL 

c, From Plymouth to the east of Portsmouth (for northern France 
and probably concentrating on the area between Abbeville and Le Treport). 

3. The Lofoten Islands will be scouted by parachute troops and at 
the same time sabotage will be carried out by rebellious Norwegians 
against railwav communications. 

S ituation on 31 August 1943 

I. ".ar in Foreign "laters 

1. iPnemy Situation 
Nothing to report. 

2. Own Situation 

V r ith regard to A'^U'HJ boats, Naval Attache Tokyo received the 
following instructions: 

lo after we requested that the AQUILA boats be detained, the 
Japanese asked for an assessment on the Italian situation. Our answer 
is as follows: The cooperation between the Government and the Armed 
Forces is good. Hoivever, the population is very war-tired and it is 
uncertain whether Italy can hold out. The AQUILA boats are of special 
importance to the combined warfare of Germany and Japan not only for 
carrying cargo but for their potential use in carrying passengers. ■ 
To prevent probable losses, it is necessary to delay the boats further. 
The Japanese Navy was asked to give their support in this. Admiral 
Yokoi has received a copy of the request. 

2. Inform Vohltat confidentially that due to the stringent 
blockade in the Bay of Biscay it is presumed not to be possible to bring 
as many blockade runners through as was planned. This directive was 
given with the consent of Special Staff for mercantile and Economic 
"arfare, Armed Forces- High Command. 

Copv of radio pram l/Skl 2606/43 Gkdos. Chefs, is in ar 3iary, 
Part C, Volume I. ■ 

The status of the a iUIL boats may be summarized as follows: 


,. JJIu. Ill: Arrived at Shonan on 13 July, and was ready to 
sail after 11 August. An order was issued to Naval Attache Tokyo on 
3 August to detain /iQUJLh boats under pretext and to sail them only 
after receiving sailing orders from Naval Staff. Information from Naval 
Attache Tokyo was received on 16 August' that he would sail the AQUILA 
III on 26 August. On 19 August a report was received from Tokyo that 
the departure would take place on 21 August instead of 26 august. 
As a result "aval Staff renewed its order to stop the boat from sailing. 

CO f .;?ID^ T TIAL 

31 Aug. 1943 CaJFIDflflTIAL 

According to a Japanese report, however, the appropriate directive arrived 
from Tokyo too late c 

The AQUILA III was first contacted at Sabang.and Is presently 
detained there under the pretext that she should continue her voyage 
in company with the AQUILA lie 

' AQUILA II: Arrived at Shonan on 1 August and will be ready 
to sail again.. on about & Septenber 

AQUILA. VI:" Passed'^efjiang on 27 August and should arrive at 
Shonan on '29 Augusts The confirmation of arrival has not yet been 

i ■* . 

AQUILA. IV' and AQUILA IX; -These ■ boa ts %ave comple ted loacb" ng 
and have been ready to sail since 2 August but were detained in the 
Gironde under pretext 

The official mail^ which was already on board, has been taken 
offo Only raw materials are aboard the boats new' in Southern Japan 
However 3 the AQUILA boats in the Gironde have secret weapons and 
armament parts on board according to the Special Staff for Mercantile 

and Economic Warfare Details about these are not known, . .. 

Naval Attache Tokyo asked: 


1 Were AQUILA boats 9 equipped with radar interception sets, if so 
are they .instructed not to use them? *;*."'*■ 

2 Was submarine .U-iy^^-inf ormed about this? If not',, a directive is 

II- Situ a ti on We_st ^rca 

1° ^i^3r_Srbuation 

Sixty-six planes were detected in the outer Bay of Biscay out 
to 15 west and were especially active between 1300 and 2000 » Obviously the 
Hagenuk set has provided a new situation for reconnaissance, since the 
detecting of the numerous submarines now in the Bav of Biscay, whose departures 
must surely be known to the enemy,, is rendered more' 'difficult The effective- 
ness of our planes has thrjis £>e eh ' remarkably strength ened„ 

One unidentified vessel was. detected at 0752 in BE 8330 / 8620 „ 

No sightings were made by our air reconnaissance in. the Bay or 
in the Atlantic, 



31 -ug 1943 G0NFIDENT3AX 

Navel forces were located in tho Channel en a continuous, basis 
by a long- range camera atELaic Nez, by Detecting Center Channel Coast, and 
by radio bearing from 0900 to 1730 between BF 3322 and 3327. Our air reconnais- 
sance of 6 l'3-lC9's sighted in the fog ten large ships escorted by three 
destroyers and with fighter ~ protection which prevented accurate observations,, 
The ships were fired^on by battery "Friedrich August" and "Todt" from 1407 
to li+27 and from 1726 to 1740 ^ Twenty-one shells were fired at a range of 
36,000 meters o Some of the ships were hit by well-aimed shots. One ship 
retiring to the west was observed to be on ; fire a Our batteries identified 
the targets as five destroyers and two small or vessels and reported that 
as soon as the first shots were fired the ships laid a smoke screen and 
retired Otftia westerly course 

The Intelligence Service traisar. itted from Spain on 29 and 30 
nugust reports from extremely reliable sources in England concerning invasion 
preparations" along the English Southern Coast, according to these reports 
landing craft are concentrated at Dover and Folkestone and plans for large- 
scale air raids and an extensive artillery bombardment across the Channel are 
being prepared. The civilian population has been mostly evacuated from the 
southern coast and strong Canadian, American, and British troop formations 
brought into the area An attack from three sides against Brittany may be 
expected soon after the return of Kr Churchill, Many casualties are expected 3 


Operations Division, Naval Staff has informed Groups ".. r est and 
North, as well as Naval Command, North „ (See teletype 2345 of 29 August 
and teletype 0205 of 30 August,. 

According to another intelligence report dated 26 August invasion 
attempts will be made this week in the area between Le Havre and Antwerp:. 

2, O wn Situation 

Atlantic Coast 

One ELM/j and one ELM/A mine were swept off Brest, 


one submarine was escorted out from La Pallice and one from 

the Gironde, 

The FLIEDEii arrived in Brest at 1000 under escort "of Torpedo-Hoats 
? " T"2 M '25." 

Destroyer ZV3& in Le Verdon and Destroyer 2 in Pauillac have 

been transferred to Bordeaux.. 

Four boats of the former 9th FT-Boat Flotilla left Bordeaux in 
a southerly direction,, They were flying -Spanish colors* 


31 Aug. 1543- L=: C0»:FID?1!TIA L 

Torpedo-Boats T"25," T"19, " MOE'li, and KOIIDOR will leave Brest . 
for the Channel at 1900 in order to carry out mining tasks. 

Group Vest proposed to overhaul the JAOUAR in connection with her 
y^.rd availability period at Brest c The time required will be approximately/ 
six weeks (see teletype 0205). In connection with this, the Group asked that, 
contrary to the present intentions of Quartermaster -Division, Naval Staff, 
the possibility be examined of scheduling yard peri.ods_. f or 
destroyers and torpedo-boats, in. the West Area,. For reasons, t 5ea teletype -1243. 

Channel Coas t 

Mining Operation "Leimrute" was carried put according to plan. 

f, • .... . . 

PT-Boats S"100," S n 138," and 3 M 140" transferred from Boulogne, to . .. 
Cherbourg. Torpedo-Boats T"26" and T"27" were en route to Boulogne where they 
were expected' to arrive 0630 on 1 September \ - 

Only limited escorted traffic was carried out in the Channel Island 
area due to- storm;.'" weather.' Mln addition, mine sweeping and escort activities 
of naval forces were cancelled in.. the Channel area. 

Commanding General, Armed Foroes : , West presented an assessment; 
of the situation in the Channel as of 15 August, dated 18 August, .as of that 
time, the Group was of the opinion that a large-scale invasion along the Channel 
Coast could not be predicted in advance with any certainty. The overall 
situation suggests that enemy activities will be concentrated in : the Mediterra- 
nean , However, division-strength operations of a limited nature might be 
possible in T ''est Area. .:■' ' .... 

- ■. ' As the, enemy -knows of our. lack of operational army reserves and 
our insufficient air strength, the coast must be i, -prepared for , major defense 
tasks despite these weaknesses. In this sense, the situation is now serious 
so far as a large-scale enemv invasion is concerned. 

. It; .■ The • artillery defense of, the . Channel Coast has- rot improved 
essentially during the year. Artillery installations are insufficient in . , 
number and, compared to earlier times, wea,klv manned. Due to the weakness 
of otir Air- Force > the enemy.; is.;f us- into -■• t.pnl" during the day 
but als:6 increasingly on :tbe bright -moon '-lit fights .-(nearly half .of the 
nights in each -. month, )..;:: DAiring^the se periods* -ye are^- forced, to abandon to the , 
enemy the Channel up to our own coast line. The shortage in ibrcos, -the 
inferiority of our radar equipment, and the absence of effective radar-directed 
gunfire complete; the': situation. j-But_ most^dec^sive of all, is- the. serious 
reduction in army . an de^irur Force .(whose fighter strength was recently weakened) 
forces which cannot "be_--eancealed from the -.enemy. ■. Copy of this report as .per 
l/Skl 23737/43 Gkdos; > 'wi^h, i tlte remarks of Naval "Staff, see ^/ar Diarv, .Part' C, 
Volume II b. ' • 

-409- C0NF T TAL 

31 Aug, 1943 COUFIDENTIAL 

III. North S ea 9 N orway, No rth ern Hater s 

North _Sea 

1. Enemy Situ at j on 

At 0830 our air reconnaissance sighted in Ipswich: 4 destroyers, 
3 escort vessels, 16 minesweepers, 1 tanker 7 2 coastal freighters, 1~J port 
•and coastal vessels, 14 barges and landing boats, and 14 smaller craft© 

2 B 0wn_ ..Situ ation 

Cne ELM/ J mine was swept north of Ameland «, Because of stormy 
weather, Convoy 457 remained in Den Helder„ The voyage to the Hook was planned 
to be continued at 05C0 on 1 September, 

Torpedo-Boats T"26"and T" 27" will transfer at 21C0 from the Hook 
to Boulogne 

The hospital ship STxUSSBUffe (17,000 GRT) left the Hook for the 
Elbe at 2100 o Seven minesweepers and nine motor-minesweepers were escorting 
her 3 At 0043 °n 1 September the vessel struck a mine off Egmondo An attempt 
will be made to tow the boat to Ymuiden 

Norway / N orthern VJaters 

le Enemy Situation 

Three submarines were detected operating in the area of Admiral, 
Arctic 0cean o Three planes were detected during the morning in the a^ea 
north of Iceland, and later fourteen planes were observed One Mosquito plane 
was ov«r the Aasenfiord at noon* 

2 6 Own Situation 

No special reports were received from the area of Naval Command, 

Admiral, Northern Haters reports that the planned rendezvous of 
the meteorological observation ship C0BIHG and the escorting submarine did 
not take place due to weather conditions The C0BIEG continued its voyage 
Independently 3 

The Task Force proposed on 28 August that the readiness for "Husar" 
be cancelled on 5 September in favor of operation "Zitronella." 5 September 
is said to be the latest date for a successful passage through the Straits of 
T Jilkitzki 8 However, Group North /Fleet claims that meteorological data shows 
a passage through the Straits is possible from the east up to 25 September 

-410- — — 

31 Aug. 1943 CONFIDE "TI..L 

and under especially favorable conditions even later. The Group requested 
that naval Staff study this matter and make a decision. 

The Kydrographic and Meteorological Division has studied avail- 
able data and reports that the. Straits of 1/ilkitzki- .is passable on the 
average until the middle of September. Since the ice can accumulate very 
quickly, an accurate and reliable date for the, blocking of the Straits cannot 
be- given, even if aerial reconnaissance is used. 

Naval Staff informed Group "J'orth/Fleet of these vievtfs . and 
stated that it was not vet prepared to cancel the; alert for Operation "Husar. 11 
A copy of this decree, l/Skl I op 2576/43 Gkdos. Chefs, is in '.'ar Diary, Part 

C, Volume II a o 

r . actio-:;; 

j . . . 

IV, Shagerrak, Baltic Sea, Antrance s y- Baltic Se a 

1 . Ene my Situation 

Artillery activity in the Bay of Kronstadt was very lively but 
there was' very little air activity. It was observed that magnetic mines 
were being swept'Aby a tug (towing a barge) north of Kronstadt. 

2. Own • S&tfesj&iDoia- '■ 

According to a report from Admiral, Denmark, everything was quiet. 
•'ill shipyards were operating. The Commanding General, Armed Forces, Denmark 
intends to slowly re Ic.x martial lav/. Only one case of sabotage was reported 
in the last two days. This occurred aboard the Danish steamer VEDBY (4500 
CRT). A demand was transmitted to the Danes requesting that they take steps 
to guard their steamers against sabotage plots. 

Since the resignation of the Scavenius Government, government offi- 
cials have, been carrying on their duties and internal administration has 
proceeded .as At>ef ore. In agreement with Admiral Vedel, the . A T aval High Command 
is continuing" .to;' cooperate with Germany in the administration of the Coastal 
Light Se" ,.: the- Hydro graphic Chart Center, the;-$!e"tearoioglcai Institute, 
and the Pilot and' Lifeguard Service. 

The 0rlo<7 Yard at Copenhagen is bein~ inspected to determine 
how it "can .be used for our forces and for the repair of Danish naval vessels. 
According to the Fuehrer's decree, the officers and men taken prisoner will 
remain in their quarters for the time being under the guard- of German soldiers. 
The total number of naval -prisoners taken we re - r - 211 officers and 2476 enlisted 

■.. ~ ■ 

Further seizures of Danish naval units were concluded after 
searches were made qf the Smaaland waterway and waters south of- Fuenen in 
without results. 

t. - a ■ • m ' - • - ' 

•-■': i f '■:■ ' 





31 ayg. 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

The forces placed at the disposal of Commandi g Admiral, Defenses 
Baltic have been reassigned to their noma! units, . 

Two anall Danish minesweepers arrived in TreZ.l ".Jorg e 

Nothing special was reported from the area of Commanding Admiral, 
Defenses Baltic a 

One Swedish fighter plane flew over Fehmarr. and was fired at 
without success by one of our patrol boats, 

Nothing of importance was reported from the area of Commander, 
Minesweepers^ Baltic and Admiral, Baltic ries. 

V. Merchant Shippin g 

according to Naval Intelligence Division >a large increase 
in merchant shipping is noticeable to the Near East as a result of stepped- 
up departures from the United States in August Compared with the 44 ships 
(273,000 C-RT) sighted in November 1942, 59 ships (367,000 GRT) have been 
observed so far in August- In July there were 27 ships (178,000 GRT) e 

Vic Submar i ne M ar fare 

There is nothing to report from the Atlantic or Indian Ocean a 
VII „ serial Marfare 

British Isles and Vicinity 

There was lively enemy air activity above the occupied area 
during the day« Air bases and other installations were attacked by strong 
bomber formations v/ith fighter protection*, Serious damage was done in some 
cases. For details, see Daily Situation Reporto 

Strong enemy bomber formations were over German territory 
during the night of 31 August Together with weaker raids on Leipzig, Dres- 
den, Halle, and Dessau, a large-scale attack was made on Berlin which 
concentrated on the southern and southwestern parts* Damage was done to 
several railway stations and installations. Forty-six- planes were estimated 
to have been shot down. For details, see Daily Situation Report. 

Mediterranean Theater 

Our aerial reconnaissance reported negative results. On the 
night of 31 august the enemy attacked Leghorn, Pisa, Cosenca, Escara > Salerno, 
and Crotaglio and concentrated on surrounding air bases and other installations,, 
Serious damage and casualties resulted from the raid on Pisa For detS-ils, 
see "Daily Situation Report." 


31 rt ug. 1943 CQM^iDrjTi l 

Eastern Front 

Forty-five enemy planes were shot down on the Army Front during 
29 August. 

VIII. Situation in the Mediterranean and Black Sea 

1 . Enemy Situation Mediterranean 

According' to a report from the Intelligence Division, our present 
naval observation post on the African side of the Straits of Gibraltar 
was closed by Spanish request which was made under Allied pressure. Intelligence 
Division intends to -continue their work in. another fanhion. 

Battleships RESOLUTION and R;WEKTrt£ arrived in Gibraltar with 
six destroyers during the morning,- probably having come from the Atlantic. 
Two Large. transports, 2 freighters, and 3 destroyers arrived from the 
Mediterranean. Five freighters left for the Atlantic. 

• One auxiliary aircraft carrier and 3 destroyers were at sea dur- 
ing the day east of Gibraltar. Another auxiliarv aircraft carrier and 3 
destroyers left port heading east. At 1300 there were in port the 2 battle- 
ships mentioned above, 1 aircraft carrier of the ILLUSTRIOUS- class, 2 
light cruisers, 3 auxiliary aircraft carriers, 7 transports, 56 freighters, 
and 8 tankers. 

Air reconnaissance reported at 1830 a convoy of 20 to 25 
merchantmen and a tanker 35 miles north of Philippeville on west-northwest 
course. One of our submarines reported a destroyer on an easterly course, 
and an anti-aircraft cruiser on a westerly course 30 miles north-northeast 
of Djidjelli. Both ships were attacked without success. 

Two ships, probably heavy cruisers, were on westerly course at 
0730 off Cape Blanc "near Bizerte . 

Three battleships and 9 destroyers were seen on course 350°, 12 
miles southwest of Messina cruising at high speed. The area north of Re.Tgio 
was bombarded by a large naval force at 1137. This force was observed at 
1200 (18 miles north of Catania) withdrawing to the south. Four landing craft 
were seen on the beach at noon 10 kilometers east of Kelito. I-Iuch merchant 
shipping was observed off Augusta and Catania in the morning. Twelve ships 
on a northerly course were observed east of these ports. 

Evaluation of photographic reconnaissance of Palermo, Catania, 
Augusta, and Syr a cure on 30 August reveals onlv minor changes in the number 
of ships in port as compared with earlier evaluations. A total of 251 land- 
ing craft were counted in Augusta, Catania, and Syracuse. The Commanding 

-413- CO" •" i'IAL 

31 Aug. 1943 -.. I:-l.IL,L 

General, Armed Fprcesj South believes there is sufficient shipping in the 

East Sicilian ports to carry a total of about tnree divisions. 

Nc submarine sittings were reported, No sighting reports were 
received from the Eastern Mediterranean • 

2, a-ji Situation Mediterranean (Shi.j inp and Transsorb Situation ) 

Five boats of the 3rd PT-Boat Flotilla operated during the night 
-i" 3Q -ugust between Cagliari and a point 22 miles northwest of Tarbarca 
..ithout sighting the enemy. Operations were limited due to weather conditions, 
- missions were planned for the? night of 31 August due to weather conditions 
md due to the fact that reconnaissance reports were not available. 

Escort service was carried out without incident. 

The shi.:s 'SI C&ESAatEE and DUILIO, carrying repatriates, arrived 

in Taranto. 

German Naval Command, Italy requests the services of Mot or-L line- 
sweepers rt"l90"aad R "191, "which were stopped on their -way to the south 
by Grouj: VJest. These boats are urgently required in the Italian ^rea for 
escort and mines./eeping tasks due to the fact that two valuable escort vessels 
(.vis os .._'.■'. :. ye been lost in the lis- week. 

3. n r^a Ma-^.1 Group South 

Aegemi Sea 

The DRA.CHE : nd the BUL&lxilA carried out their second mining 
operation off the coast of Tnrace. The minelayers were protected by an Italian 
or^edo-boato Italian anti-aircraft guns shot down an enemy reconnaissance 
lane in the Preresa area on 30 .^ugust. Escort service was carried out 
without incident- 

31e c k Sea 

Enemy Situation 

One destroyer and one other ship were detected by radio intelli- 
oce at 2050*2 5 miles west of Poti, probably on a southeasterly course. 
Four submarines were detected at sea. 

Ovrn Situation 

Cne of our submarines had a surface engagement with a submarine- 
chaser at 1943 on 30 august north-northwest of Poti, The enemy turned away 
and was ssen to be smokingo The ship was not observed to sink. 


31 Aug„ 1943 CONFIDENTIAL 

Four boats of the 1st PT _ Boat Flotilla, had an engagement with an 
enemy gunboat north of on the night of 30 August „ The gunboat was 
sunk at 0245 without damage to curt elves The 11th PT-Doat Flotilla was 
engaged during the night of 31 August off Cape Utrisch Two mines were cleared 
during sweeping operations west of Sevastopol on 30 August,, Besides this,, 
there is nothing to report 

ISU . Situa tio n East Asia 

Nothing to reports 



- r r ,- ■